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  1. I just finish VIIR but not the VII. They say that VII has different endings in VIIR I dont know and go to memories, pictures ,and skills there are 3 pictures that are lock (2nd to the last up to 4rth to the last) Please tell me how do I gets this I want to finish this game I love it. Help please. I brougth it I thought they are the same way on how to finish it.

    User Info: EvilLevi

    EvilLevi - 2 months ago


  1. VII does indeed have different endings than VIIR. The 3 pictures you're missing are most likely the CGs tide to the 3 DLC characters: God Eater, Arthur, and Nitroplus. You must have them and view their events through story progression to eventually unlock their CGs. Make sure you're following the "True End" route.

    User Info: SairentoZ7

    SairentoZ7 - 2 months ago 0   0

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