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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

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                                                       Blitz Knight Stunt Presents:
                                      ####L,                                f
                                     .tW######Df:.G#L,,:  D  K      G##W#L###.
        DLC FAQ/WALKTHROUGH           W#W#####tGED#K##K##Wf#########WGDK#########
                                      ####### ####GDK#ELEffLDffEE####DELL####WDGW#
             ~ BY BKSTUNT ~         :##K####:#WW#KKLG#tKGGjfGjLGDG##WfffG###f:  t
                                      ###jD######,.    D,    :fEEL##f  KW##E
                                      W#########  E    .         :f#  ####,L
                                      E########                   :#  ###,, 
                                      LD######     K j             #:###; #
                                      iED### L      .              W:### #
                                      ,GG###j       W              ;###Kt
                                       DD###                       #W##.
                                       :E###         K            ##L##
                                       DKW#K         D           ###j#W
                                       K#W#          .           ##iW#
                                       ##.           :           W#;D
                                      K#             Lj         .K#D#
                                   .  f               :         #W#;#
        _____          _     _            _           jL       j####.
       | ___ \        (_)   | |          | |           #       W####
       | |_/ /___  ___ _  __| | ___ _ __ | |_          t       ####j
       |    // _ \/ __| |/ _` |/ _ \ '_ \| __|                W###:
       | |\ \  __/\__ \ | (_| |  __/ | | | |_           j    ;W###
       \_| \_\___||___/_|\__,_|\___|_| |_|\__|           ,   DK##,;
                      _____ _   _ _____ _                .   #### #
                     |  ___| | | |_   _| |                '  E# ##
                     | |__ | | | | | | | |                   W#DD#
                     |  __|| | | | | | | |                  ;##jG
                     | |___\ \_/ /_| |_| |____              ###LG
                     \____/ \___/ \___/\_____/              K####
                                                          .L## ;
                            _  _     _                     f#G 
                           | \| |___| |_   __ _            j#.,
                           | .` / _ \  _| / _` |            E#
                           |_|\_\___/\__| \__,_|            .#
                             _  _ ___ ___  ___               #
                            | || | __| _ \/ _ \               #  j
                            | __ | _||   / (_) |              f:
     ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
                Platform:   PlayStation 4
                 Version:   1.00
            Last Updated:   1/06/2018
                   Email:   FAQs @ bkstunt .com
                Web Site:   http://bkstunt.com/
           Facebook Page:   http://www.facebook.com/Bkstunt
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    |   / _|  / /        T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S         |
       (-NOTE-) Press Ctrl+F and enter in the code to skip to that section.
     - Introduction.......................................................[RE-INT]
     - Controls...........................................................[RE-CON]
     - Game Basics & Tips.................................................[RE-GBT]
     - Resident Evil 7 DLC: Not a Hero....................................[RE-WLK]
     - Trophy List........................................................[RE-TPH]
     - Version History....................................................[RE-HIS]
     - Credits............................................................[RE-CRE]
     - Last Words.........................................................[RE-LST]
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    |   / _|  / /               I N T R O D U C T I O N            |     RE-INT
     Hello everyone!
     Bkstunt here, back with a DLC guide for Resident Evil 7, this time for the
    long-awaited (seriously...) free DLC "Not a Hero". This DLC was actually
    advertised at the end of Resident Evil 7 (which came out in the beginning of
    2017) and only came out recently, towards the end of 2017, so yeah, we've been
    waiting awhile for this!
     Thankfully, this is a pretty good addition to the game, especially when you
    remember that it is free. This DLC features Chris Redfield chasing after Lucas,
    shortly after the events of Resident Evil 7 ended. Since we all know how tricky
    Lucas can be, this guide will be very helpful! Hahaha! 
     Anyway, enough rambling. I'm happy to be here, working on this DLC guide
    and I hope you all find this guide useful! Many thanks to everyone who's
    cheered me along to this point and all my returning readers! And if you're
    not a fan yet, consider stopping by my Facebook page and saying "Hello!".
    Interaction with fans is literally the reason I'm still here, writing
    guides after all these years!
     Now... let's go get scared silly!
     ~ Bkstunt
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    | _ \ __|__  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    |   / _|  / /                   C O N T R O L S                |     RE-CON
                   _,.--.,_                                _,.--.,_
                  |  _____ |                              | _____  |
                  |-'     `'.____________________________,'`     `-|
                ,'    __     `.   _  |          |  _    ,'    .,.    `.
               /     |  |      \ | | |          | | | /     (/_\)     \
              !   __  \/  __    | ¯  |          |  ¯ !  ,-.  `-'  ,-.  |
              |  |__ >  < __|   !__  '----------'  __| ([_])     ( O ) !
              !       /\        ___`-.  ::::::  ,-'     `-'  ,-.  `-'  |
              |\     |__|     ,'   `. \  ::::  / ,'   `.    ( X )     /|
              | `.           /       \ | SONY | /       \    `-'    ,' |
              |   `-.____,-. \       / |______| \       / ,-.____,-'   |
              |           ,'\ `.___,' /        \ `.___,' /`.           |
              |          /   `-.___,-'          `-.___,-'   \          |
              \         /                                    \         /
               \       /                                      \       /
                `.__,-'                                        `-.__,'
     (-NOTE-) You are currently UNABLE to change the control scheme (unless I am
              just REALLY blind), so get used to these controls quickly!
    |- L analog  | = Moves Player                                                 |
    |- R analog  | = Moves Camera                                                 |
    |- L1 button | = Guard (With either hands or weapon)                          |
    |- L2 button | = Aim Weapon                                                   |
    |- L3 button | = Run (Light Sprint... it is indefinite at least...)           |
    |- R1 button | = Use First Aid Med (Be careful with this button!)             |
    |- R2 button | = Fire Weapon (Yes, you can fire without aiming)               |
    |- R3 button | = Duck / Stand Up                                              |
    |- D-pad     | = Select Weapon (Weapon Shortcut - Can Assign in Inventory)    |
    |- Options   | = Pause Menu                                                   |
    |- Touchpad  | = Map Screen / Files Screen                                    |
    |- X button  | = Examine / Perform Action / Confirm                           |
    |- [] button | = Reload Weapon / Move items in Inventory                      |
    |- /\ button | = Open/Close Inventory                                         |
    |- O button  | = Perform Quickturn (While Pressing Backwards) / Close Menus   |
     ___ ___ ____ ________________________________________________________________
    | _ \ __|__  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    |   / _|  / /        G A M E   B A S I C S   &   T I P S       |     RE-GBT
     You can find a few game basics and tips here. General things that will help
    you survive the horror that is Resident Evil 7. This section is... a little
    less-needed for this DLC to be honest. Many of the tricks in the first game
    don't really help here. You won't have to do item runs, for example, and the
    game is so short that save runs (saving, then seeing what is up ahead) is
    pretty pointless. I'll keep some tips in, but this section is a lot shorter
    than what the main game had!
     Now, onto the basics and tips!
     (-NOTE-) SOME of these tips can be considered SPOILERS. If you want to go
              all-in without spoiling things you can skip this section.
     o Chris is a physical BEAST. Always try to stagger enemies with a head
       shot and then punch them to do major damage and save ammo at the same
     o Scared of what's in the darkness? Try turning up the game's BRIGHTNESS
       in the menu. I won't think less of you!
     o Not every enemy needs to be killed! NO ENEMY drops items, so using ammo
       on them isn't beneficial unless they are in your way. I point out a few
       times you can skip enemies in the guide, but I guarantee you can do it
       more often than I note! Also, remember that the MOLDED enemies CANNOT
       OPEN DOORS. Use that to your advantage!
     o The "STEROIDS" item is fantastic. Not only because it increases your MAX
       HEALTH, but because it also heals all your lost health at the same time.
       Use them when you are low on health and you can save a couple of healing
       items easily! Very nice!
     o There are certain times when you can backtrack for items (usually when
       you get some key or something). It is very much worth your time to do
       these sections, especially if this is your first run through the game.
       Be aware of lockpicks as well, as they often lead to great ammo rewards.
     o Keep your controls in mind! I know I needed to be better at this, but
       don't forget you can BLOCK DAMAGE with L1. If you know you are going to
       get hit, ALWAYS block. Also remember that you can also do a QUICK TURN
       by pressing BACK and CIRCLE. Very helpful at times.
     (-NOTE-) Have some more (General) tips? Send them in!
     ___ ___ ____ ________________________________________________________________
    | _ \ __|__  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    |   / _|  / /                   ~ NOT A HERO ~                 |     RE-WLK
    (-NOTE-) This walkthrough was written for the game's NORMAL difficulty
             (which is the hardest difficulty initially available).
     Enjoy the opening cut-scenes as the DLC starts. We'll gain control of Chris
    soon, as we begin our hunt for Lucas, titled "Operation Lurking Fear", which
    I'm going to outline below (you can find this file in your inventory after you
    gain control, if you want to see it):
      o Primary Mission: Extract Lucas Baker
      o Location: Dulvey, Louisiana, USA
                  Baker Estate
     o Threat Profile: "Molded": Alpha variant, others
                       Anti-personnel traps (lethal and non)
     o Notes: Due to the lack of intelligence and the number of unknown factors
              involved, Chris Redfield of the BSAA will act as a bioweapons
              specialist on missions.
              Location Update: Recent intel has confirmed that Lucas Baker is
              holed up in the mines near the Baker Estate.
     o Profile - Lucas Backer
                 Suspected associate of criminal organization The Connections
                 (role unconfirmed). Holds vital intel regarding said organization.
     o Profile - The Connections
                 Criminal organization producing bioweapons for sale on the
                 international black market. Limited intel on size, market share,
                 and members. They are the prime suspects implicated in the
                 production and distribution of the E-Series bioweapon.
                 E-Series model "Eveline" is present and active at the Baker
                 Estate. Lucas Baker seems to be monitoring her and reporting
                 on her activities.
     After you gain control, I highly recommend you check your inventory to get
    a feel for what Chris can do. As you can see, we are coming in reasonably
    equipped for our mission with the "Samurai Edge" handgun (a series staple,
    although they stick in a joke about Albert Wesker here) and the "Thor's
    Hammer" shotgun. We also have a tactical knife and some grenades, along with
    a healing item and ammo.
     Of special note are the two documents Chris has. Namely the "Briefing Document"
    outlying our mission and the "Letter Regarding Umbrella's Goals", which will
    explain why we saw Chris arrive in an "Umbrella" helicopter at the end of the
    main game. Well then... onto our clean-up mission it is!
     o Objective: Apprehend Lucas
     o Objective: Find the missing 3 soldiers
     Head forward and you'll come to a familiar room (we're entering from another
    direction, I think. Keep going until you're forced to drop down and get ready
    for your first fight. It's just a regular molded, but there's a tutorial here:
    "Press R2 to punch staggered enemies".
     The best way to take advantage of this is a quick shot to the head and then
    move in for a punch. Try it on this enemy and then the next one to the right
    once you take this one out. If you remember, the cubby straight ahead is a
    dead end, just like the left, so head right towards the tunnel to continue.
     You'll have to fight another molded foe as he drops down here, but there
    is also a Shield Molded who comes from the tunnel (one of his arms is shaped
    like a shield). I actually shot and punched the first molded when he got close
    and took them BOTH out. Yeah, that was weird. You may not be as lucky (I was
    shocked) and may have to gun them both down. Do so and continue on through the
    familiar territory, going left down the tracks to the lab area. Go UNDER the
    walkway here to find a [_GRENADE_] on the barrels in the back left, then go up
    the stairs to the lab.
     Inside the lab we'll get a scene with one of the soldiers. Enjoy! I'll admit
    that I didn't really expect that to happen! Once you regain control, head in
    further towards the lab. DO NOT LOOK AROUND! The room we are in (and the next
    few rooms as well) all have contaminated air being pumped in, and we have no
    time to look around. Just trust ol' BK that he did the looking for you. In the
    third, smaller room before the exit, you can find a [_MED INJECTOR_] on the desk
    so grab it and get out to pure air.
     In the main game, we took a left right here, but that path is blocked, so we
    have to head forwards instead. But let me tell you now: be ready to RUN. We are
    in the contaminated gas again, so RUN through this first area to the second room
    and then quickly kill the monster to the right. After that, hit the elevator
    button nearby and IMMEDIATELY get in (there's no wait time here).  You'll get
    out of the gas as the elevator descends, while also having a conversation with
    HQ about Umbrella. Interesting.
     We'll be let off in a HUGE room. Thankfully, there's no monsters in here. You
    will want to thoroughly explore the right side of the area. Specifically, look
    at the top of the barrels as you push inward and you should be able to find some
    [_HANDGUN AMMO x4_] on one, another [_HANDGUN AMMO x4_] twice. The big prize
    here though is the [_ANTIQUE COIN 1/10_] just past the shipping crate on the
    right (it is also on a barrel). Head inward a bit more and you'll find a place
    to store items and save. Nice!
     There's a weird button to the left that you can interact with, but we need an
    item to do anything with it. We'll have to come back later. Head to the left of
    the console and up the stairs to find a [_GRENADE_] and two locked birdcage
    items. We'll need to come back here once we find enough coins!
     o 3 Antique Coins = [_STEROIDS_]
     o 5 Antique Coins = [_STABALIZER_]
     OK then! I should note you can go up the stairs to the right of the console
    too, but there's nothing up there. Time to explore more thoroughly! From the
    save point, head RIGHT and go through the red shutter door. This hallway looks
    to be empty. As you pass the barrels on the right though, check to your right
    to find [_ANTIQUE COIN 2/10_]. Further ahead is a locked door with one of our
    squad mates behind it. He's tied up and Lucas is obviously taunting us. Grr...
     o Objective: Look for a way to open the cell door
     Head past him for now (nothing we can do) and enter the elevator, letting it
    take you up to a new floor. There's a blocked path in front of us, so we're
    forced to go right. As you reach the wide-open area though, you are about to
    be assaulted!
     Seriously, you will be attacked by waves of molded enemies (normal and shield
    varieties). 7-8 of them in total. The key here is to back up into the tunnel and
    let them come at you (as that makes sure you'll never be attacked from the sides
    as you fight). Try and go for head shots and punches, but be ready to whip out
    the shotgun if anything gets too close to you. You can also grenade them if they
    group up with three or more enemies. I will add that if you do go for a punch,
    you should be aware of any enemies that are nearby and retreat quickly (always
    keep the enemies in front of you).
     Near the end of this fight, one smaller molded will come out (this is the four
    legged kind), so aim low and get some good headshots with your pistol (ideally)
    or use your shotgun when he gets too close.
     With all of the enemies dead, head forward. There's a path down the middle and
    a path to the right. Keep your pistol out and go straight forward, grabbing the
    [_MED INJECTOR_] from the barrel and destroying the box on the left. Another
    small four-legged molded will show up here, so take him out. The room is now
     Go back to the path split (back to the tunnel) and go right, following the
    train tracks down to a corner. Search the corner here for [_ANTIQUE COIN 3/10_]
    (very nice) and then keep following the tracks, nabbing the [_HANDGUN AMMO x3_]
    from the cart on the left. At the end of the track (near the cart full of rocks)
    you can search around for a [_GRENADE_], a [_GEAR_], and [_HANDGUN AMMO X3_],
    all near the cart.
     Head up the path to the left and you'll see a gearbox. Now, note to the left
    there is a KEY in a box full of mannequins. Go ahead and put the gear into the
    gearbox. This seems counter-intuitive as the key box gets raised into the air,
    but that would have happened if you tried to take the key. Now, walk towards
    the key box to the left and on the left is a barrel and some wire spools. You
    can pick up some [_NERUO-STUN GRENADE x2_] and a [_CRANK_] here. That crank is
    just what we need. Go back to the gearbox and use it to lower the key.
     Doing this, as you'll see, will spawn a White Molded Fat Guy. This is a new
    variety of molded that is resistant to our weapons, as if you try to fight him
    you will be told by HQ. What I would recommend here is to throw a grenade at
    him, which will stun him, and then go grab the [_CELL KEY_].
     With that in hand, we have no choice but to retreat. Head back to the elevator
    and go back to the cell. Enter and watch the scenes that happen here. Just...
    brutal. As soon as you regain control, get the filter off of the mask, as our
    air gauge is undoubtedly super low. You'll get the [_HIGH-GRADE FILTER_], a gift
    from our comrade.
     Head back out to the hub area now. You should have three Antique Coins, so if
    you wish you can buy the steroids, although pay attention to the note below:
     (-NOTE-) Save your steroids for when you get low on health, as using them
              will actually restore all of your health as well as giving you
              that health boost.
     OK, out next stop is the GREEN SHUTTER, on the left side of the area. Head
    in and go down the steps, making your way to two doors. Like the other area
    we were in, the clown door here is locked (something tells me we will be
    revisiting these doors). Head into the other one and we'll be in a gas-filled
    area that appears to be a catacomb of some sort.
     Yeah, this is spooky. Lots of bodies. I should note that in this are you can
    be attacked by a WHITE MOLDED. The ones you can't kill, which means we may be
    chased a bit. I say "maybe" as I've done this twice and it didn't spawn in the
    same area the second time.
     (-NOTE-) Generally, if you run away from the white molded (1-2 turns away)
              and return, it will de-spawn. Handy since we have no way of dealing
              with them right now.
     Head forwards down the path (many doors are locked) and keep your eyes open
    in the second "body storage" room for a [_GRENADE_] on the shelf to the left.
    This is where the white molded spawned for me the first time. You need to keep
    pressing forwards though, which is pretty easy as the path is linear with
    locked doors funneling us onward.  You'll be in a room with several buckets
    and crates soon and forced to go left.
     This room is handy! You can find [_ANTIQUE COIN 4/10_] to the left of the
    small cart here. There's also some [_NERUO-STUN GRENADE x2_] on the crate
    here. This is another place the white molded may spawn as well, so be ready
    if it does! 
     Straight ahead of us is a door with a booby-trap on it, so continue into
    another body storage room. Things are looking worse and worse. The path is
    still very linear, so push onward to another body storage room (the white
    molded can spawn nearby here) and past that as well. The path becomes somewhat
    dark as you continue, but press onwards to a door (the path beyond the door
    will warn you that you need night vision equipment).
     We'll be inside a storage room (the backup power room). There's a LOT of
    goodies in here. Near the door you can find [_INCENDIARY GRENADE x2_] and
    on the right side (heading inward) there's some [_SHOTGUN AMMO x6_]. The real
    treasure is in the back though. You've got [_RAMROD AMMO x3_], a document next
    to the (the "Anti-Regen Ammo - Ramrods" document), a [_MED INJECTOR_], the very
    important [_NIGHT VISION DEVICE_] and the "Night Vision Device" document right
    next to it.
     So we got TWO very important items here. Those RAMROD bullets will let us take
    out the white molded while the night vision is very much needed to continue! We
    are set up now! Go to leave and an alarm will go off. Take a right from the door
    to see your new night vision at work and in the back room break the boxes for
    some random items. Drop down the hole here to continue (as bad as an idea as it
     We'll be in the sewers now. No enemies though, Continue to the far corner here
    to see some switches. You want to make them read UP, DOWN, UP, which means you
    need to hit the 2nd and 3rd ones. Head down the path now and a new enemy will
    show up: SMALL MOLD CREATURES. These things are a pain and not worth your time
    or ammo. I highly recommend you run past them and into the room on the left. Hit
    the button here to summon the elevator. This elevator arrives slowly, so run
    around the room to stay safe (the small things like to leap at you, like an
    Alien Facehugger) and take the elevator when it arrives.
     We'll be back up in the catacombs, but a new area. Shoot the small molded up
    ahead and check the left barrel in the corner for [_ANTIQUE COIN 5/10_]. Nice.
    In the next body room you can find some items, which you'll definitely need: a
    [_MED INJECTOR_] and [_SHOTGUN AMMO x4_]. This next hallway is DANGEROUS! Lucas
    has set up MACHINE GUN TRAPS and if you just walk out there you'll be seen and
    shot (I had to use that injector...). The key to not getting shot is to DUCK and
    get through the area via ducking.
     (-NOTE-) These machine guns are a blessing and a curse. They target EVERYTHING
              including the molded and will kill them all (except white molded of
              course). Use them to your advantage.
     To illustrate that note up above, as you try to leave this area two molded
    will arrive. Lead them back to the guns to take them out while saving ammo and
    press onward. You'll reach a door you can unlock as you go forwards, leading
    to a path split. Note that there will be several molded that attack from the
     What we want to do is go left though (which is kind-of back the way we came...
    don't worry, there's a good reason for this!). You're close to the hallway with
    the crates and barrels, but it has a machine gun so duck through it (anything
    following you will die). We want to head straight to where with locked door is
    (red line on your map), but there's a white molded guarding it. Take it out and
    open the door (we couldn't do this before, for the record).
     You'll find a nice prize just after the door: some [_HANDGUN AMMO x16_]. Wow.
    That's not the big prize though. Continue onwards past the long hallway (watch
    out for a decapitated big molded... one shotgun shell should take him out) and
    near the path split ahead ANOTHER white molded will show up. I used the last of
    my RAMROD ammo on him. Take the left path though (the path with the boxes),
    destroying those boxes for random items (hopefully). On the left shelves, you
    can also find a [_NERUO-STUN GRENADE_]. Head to the back for the big prizes
    here though: to the right in this dead-end space is a [_LOCKPICK_] and up on
    the boxes is [_ANTIQUE COIN 6/10_]. Very nice!
     Head back but on the way you'll be attacked by a couple of molded. Take them
    out (punch them if you can) and head left, which leads to another body storage
    room. There are a TON of molded here. FOUR of them come out here, but note the
    red barrel, which you can use to explode two of them at least (making things a
    bit easier). Continue down this path and you'll come to a path split. Left is
    our way out, but note the machine guns to the right (they were stopping us a
    bit earlier). Anyways, follow the left path to exit the area and return back
    to the hub area where you can save and store items.
     Well, TWO doors down, one left to explore. This time we have to head into the
    BLUE shutter. This one required night vision if you ever tried to go in it
    before now. You really want night vision though, as once you enter you should
    see some PRESSURE PLATES. Stepping on one of these will do EXTREME damage (It
    will take you from green to red, easily), so stay away from them.
     The good news is that a coin is nearby! Head into the cubby on the right in
    here to break the boxes and find [_ANTIQUE COIN 7/10_] in the back. Not bad.
    Continue on down the path and head left, watching out for those pressure plates
    scattered everywhere. This left cubby doesnt' have much, but to the left is a
    box you can use your lockpick on! Do so if you wish to gain [_RAMROD AMMO x2_].
    Head back and continue on. I'd recommend ducking for the rest of this area as
    there's some lasers and wires designed to hit you if you aren't ducking, so
    just duck and continue back to the door.
     We're in the "Departure Yard" now. Huh. Nothing to do here except kick the
    cart through the wood which opens the path forwards (there is a door here, but
    it is locked on the other side). A fat molded will show up after you do this,
    so be ready to take him out. Follow the path to the "Holding Yard" where several
    more carts are. We need to push these in a certain order, but first check out
    the upper left corner for a [_MED INJECTOR_].
     OK, cart-pushing time (whee!). From where you entered from, push the cart in
    front of you (back towards where you entered from). This frees up space. Now,
    again from where you entered at, push the cart to the right. This brings out
    another big molded, so be ready for him. Now, go push the cart in the lower
    left corner. The one with balloons in it. This breaks the wood barrier and pops
    a ton of balloons in the area it opens. Ha! There's a door over there too that
    you can use to continue.
     That door actually leads to a hallway with a CLOWN DOOR (that is locked of
    course) and a regular door. Take the normal door to the "Repair Yard", where
    you'll see the clown robot in the middle of the area. Ugh, bad memories! Poor
    Clancey! You can find some goodies on the shelves in the corner here though:
    some [_SHOTGUN AMMO x6_] and another [_MED INJECTOR_]. Continue on and take a
    left, going past the tracks and head STRAIGHT for the stacked crates against
    the wall to find [_ANTIQUE COIN 8/10_]. We've almost found them all!
     Head forwards and get the [_CLOWN KEY_] now (yes, you have to!). Grabbing it
    will spawn a four-legged molded from the door we came in at who will jump over
    at us (a surprise, for sure... I definitely took damage here but perhaps this
    guide will save you that fate). As you leave you'll be attacked by two more of
    these four-legged molded and a white molded as well (this is a good one to run
    past). Out in the hallway is another four-legged moulded so kill him and head
    into the clown door.
     We'll be in a hallway with plenty of laser traps now. You can duck under the
    first one and go down the steps but the next ones are tricky. You can weave
    through them, but you can also shoot the small black transmitter and make it
    that much easier to get through them too.
     Enter the next room which has a TON of lasers. You should also note the
    third soldier to the left, on the planks. We have to get to him! Duck down
    and head forward, going to the RIGHT to get around several lasers. After you
    drop down and head forwards, look to the right for [_SHOTGUN AMMO x6_] past
    the barrel, and pay special attention here!
     DO NOT INTERACT WITH THE SOLDIER! Doing this will result in a game over!
    Instead, what you need to do is head to the right and work your way to a cubby
    on the left. You can hit a switch over here to turn the power off on all the
    lasers. Go inspect the soldier after that to get a scene.
     Follow the man to the exit and watch what happens. Yeah, you could have guessed
    that was going to happen, right? Lucas will actually contact us on our comm.
    device now and tells us he's tired of playing games (I don't believe it!), and
    he'll then activate the bomb on our arm, giving us 10 MINUTES to do something
    about it!
     OK, stay calm and check the left corner here for [_ANTIQUE COIN 9/10_] inside
    the box. Very nice! Head up the ladder now and unlock the door. We're headed
    back to the hub area, as Chris talks about his situation. 
     Since we're on a timer, we need to hurry. On your way back to the hub area,
    you'll be faced with multiple molded enemies (and the occasional white molded).
    Honestly, I recommend just running past all of them. I stopped to shoot a
    four-legged molded on the way (those things can jump quite a ways and are just
    a pain generally, so a close shotgun blast will do them some good) but other
    than that just run back to the hub area. Don't stop and fight!
     Once you get to the hub area, you'll get a radio call from HQ. They've
    identified some liquid nitrogen in the mine shaft area that we can use,
    telling us to go through the red door. Our goal here is the "Clown Door" in
    the red shutter area, and we're still being timed so hurry! Once again, I
    recommend ignoring the molded in your way. We don't have time to stand and
    fight, so run through these first areas to the elevator and take it up to
     Run to the big area now, where more molded will show up. The direct path has
    a fat molded on the left fork and a four-legged molded on the left AND right
    fork (two total). I would run past them all and use the clown door ASAP though.
    It takes awhile to open, so be ready to spin around and hold out for a few
    seconds with your shotgun (the four-legged molded will catch up to you), then
    enter to leave them all behind.
     To the left in here are some [_INCENDIARY GRENADES x2_], so grab them and head
    forward through the next door. To the right, by a big piece of machinery is a
    box you can smash, but the real prize nearby is left of the machinery. You can
    find a piece of wood here you can DUCK UNDER to reach a dead-end area full of
    goodies! To the left down here is some [_RAMROD AMMO x3_] and a [_NERUO-STUN
    GRENADE_]. On the right side you can find [_ANTIQUE COIN 10/10_], some
    [_SHOTGUN SHELL x12_] and some [_STEROIDS_]. Holy crap, what a haul! The timer
    is still ticking though, so head back under the piece of wood and continue on
    (hurry, hurry, hurry!).
     You'll come to a rather large area with a large truck in the center (and
    various trucks here and there). There's three boxes in this area you can
    destroy for random items, but pay attention to the central truck as well, as
    you can find [_GRENADE x2_] sitting on the back of it and on the front (the
    front right bumper, to be exact), you can find a whopping [_SHOTGUN SHELL x12_].
    This should give you a SHIT TON of shotgun shells, which you'll need. Try and
    head forwards now and some boxes will fall down, sparking a "boss fight".
     This fight is against a "Mama Molded", which is a larger-than-usual fat
    molded that is also white. That means you want to start this fight with a
    RAMROD shot and then attack from there (remember the RAMROD shot makes it
    susceptible to other forms of damage). The best things you can use here are
    your grenades, as after shooting it with a RAMROD shot the Mama Molded will
    kneel down in pain, a perfect opportunity to unload grenades on it. I did this
    two times in fact, unloading 5-6 Grenades and two Incendiary Grenades.
     That isn't enough to kill it though, as this monster has a TON of health.
    The general strategy here should be to use your excessive shotgun ammo
    inventory (seriously, if you are following this guide you found 24+ shells
    before this fight) and just unload into the beast. Watch out for its puking
    attack and use the central truck and its corners for safety. I should note
    that "Mama" also creates several small molded enemies during this fight, so
    be ready to duck and weave around them while you fight (I would only kill
    them if I really had to). Keep focusing on laying damage into "Mama" and
    you'll take it out soon enough.
     Once the battle is over, remember that you are still being timed! Head to
    the boxes that dropped down and you'll see you can move one. Do so and head
    to the Liquid Nitrogen for a scene. Just in time, it seems!
     After you've got the bomb off, you'll be told of a hidden room behind the
    Shield Machine, giving us our next objective:
     o Objective: Turn on the Shield Machine
     Go forwards now and hit the lever you see on the left to open a shortcut
    back to the elevator, then make your way back to the hub room. BEFORE you
    interact with the middle console though, head to the  GREEN SHUTTER and go
    to the Clown Room down the path. You can find a [_STABALIZER_] behind the
    door (use it!) and some boxes as well.
     Go back to the hub now (save if you wish) and use the middle console. This
    juts the middle room out, which you can get into with the stairs on the right.
    By the box here you can find [_SHOTGUN SHELL x20_], an [_INCENDIARY GRENADE_]
    on the metal crate, and a [_GRENADE_] and [_MED INJECTOR x2_] in the green tub
    nearby. Grab them all and continue to the dark area inward.
     This will start a few waves of enemies. The area starts off very dark, but
    does get a lot lighter soon, so don't worry too much. The first wave is from
    the front, with several normal molded and a white molded. I recommend having
    your RAMROD ammo ready to go and use that glut of shotgun ammo you just got,
    although it's easy to throw out a grenade or two if you wish too. Note that
    straight ahead, on the left, is some more [_RAMROD AMMO x2_] if you need it.
     There's two more waves before you're done with the fighting, so be ready
    for enemies appearing from the right corner, the left (they break some of
    the crates nearby once they come from that direction) and the far right
    corner near the end. There will be plenty of normal, shield-arm and even some
    four-legged molded, so keep blasting away with your shotgun and use any of
    your grenades if you wish. Keep your health up, blocking when you need to and
    using health when you need to (we got two health injectors, so don't hold up).
     Once the end nears, enemies will break the back barrier to barge in, opening
    the path to the back once you defeat them. Lucas will also start talking to us
    again once we defeat the enemies, but go explore back there when he does that
    to save some time. There's not much back here, but if you go up the stairs you
    can find some boxes you can smash, as well as some [_RAMROD AMMO x4_] and
    [_SHOTGUN SHELL x12_].
     Lucas will then start to threaten to burn us alive. He's going to do it too!
    What you need to do is find a FLOOR GRATE to get through. There's two grates
    near the stairs which you can check really quick, but the grate we want is back
    by the entrance, to the left of the door. You'll spend extra time on this one,
    but Chris will eventually be able to rip it off so we can jump down (he's not
    quite "Resident Evil 5" Chris, but that's still impressive!).
     Move through this linear under-belly and you'll get to a vent you can kick
    out to escape. We'll be past the secret room now, so head forwards to a door
    to find yourself in a lab. Wonderful.
     o Objective: Search the Research Facility
     Well, let's explore. To the left is some stairs and a door that is locked,
    so ignore it and head forwards, entering the room on the left when you get
    to it. It's a lab of some sort, with two obvious white molded in a nearby
    room. There's some things you can find here though. First of all, on the
    middle table (behind the big machine) you can find some [_RAMROD AMMO x2_],
    which is handy. There's research around here as well to check out. Head into
    the next room to continue.
     Get through the decon room and into the holding toom, killing the two white
    molded to make things safe. There's a normal molded that will appear from the
    central bed area as well, so be ready for him then we can loot the place. The
    table by the bed has a [_MED INJECTOR_]. There's also some... weird dolls in
    the corner you can check out, with a photo and file to the right of them. Be
    sure to check out the far wall of the room as well for [_RAMROD AMMO x2_].
     Head back through the decon room and back out to the hallway now. Head up the
    stairs now and kill the molded sleeping on the table here (a good time for your
    normal pistol shots). This little cubby area has a letter about Lucas sticking
    out of a locker, and to the right of that [_GRENADE x2_] in the cabinet. There's
    also [_HANDGUN AMMO x8_] in the right corner as well.
     Grab it all and continue to the next hallway, looking to the right for some
    more [_HANDGUN AMMO x8_]. Up ahead you'll see something moving... and it's...
    Lucas! He seems pre-occupied! The door he's just past needs power, so head into
    the other door here on the left to find a power room. How handy! Go ahead and
    turn the power on here and exit to see Lucas quickly exit. We've definitely
    caught him unprepared for us!
     Enter the door near him now and then into the room on the left. You can find
    some [_INCENDIARY GRENADE x2_]  in here, as well as a file and the computer he
    was playing with. This room is really a SAVE ROOM though, so be sure to save
    and use the box as needed.
     Just to the right of the save point you can find a [_LOCKPICK_]. Very late in
    the DLC to give this to us, but you can go back to the toolbox at the start of
    this lab area if you wish and get some [_RAMROD AMMO x2_], just pay attention
    to the note below:
     (-NOTE-) When you head back, use the door PAST the save point. It unlocks
              back towards the area we entered from. Note that there's a new gun
              turret near the toolbox as well, but the gun turret doesn't work.
     Past the save point, you can also find a note on the wall, as well as some
    more [_HANDGUN AMMO x8_], as well as a door that unlocks leading back towards
    the start of the lab area (just like the note above mentioned). 
     Now that you've saved and took care of that last lockpick, it's time to go
    after Lucas. Head back to the hallway (the hallway past the un-powered door you
    powered up) and go left, past the machine-gun turret that doesn't have any ammo.
    You'll reach a large room that you'll have a final boss fight in, so be ready
    for a scene and a battle afterwards!
     |                    ~ BOSS ENCOUNTER: MUTATED LUCAS ~                       |
     |                   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                       |
     |                                                                            |
     |   Much like his father, Lucas will end up mutating into a large,           |
     |  deformed creature to fight us. This is really the only proper "boss       |
     |  battle" in the game, in my opinion, and it's a pretty straight-forward    |
     |  fight as you'll find out.                                                 |
     |                                                                            |
     |   Before you start focusing on Lucas, I recommend you take some time       |
     |  and LOOT THE AREA we are in. There's a couple different items that can    |
     |  help us out. For example, in the middle of the area, on the side of the   |
     |  machine (to the left) you can find [_RAMROD AMMO x2_]. The other items    |
     |  are along the back wall, on the desks. Go back there to find (right to    |
     |  left) some [_STRONG MED INJECTOR x2_], [_HANDGUN AMMO x48_], and some     |
     |  [_SHOTGUN AMMO x20_]. As you can see, this is a LOT of ammo that will     |
     |  help you out! Also note that there's a couple of boxes in the boss room   |
     |  that you can break open for random items if you wish (may as well).       |
     |                                                                            |
     |   Now, onto the fight with Lucas himself. This boss fight is pretty        |
     |  simple, but can get quirky near the end. After Lucas transforms, you      |
     |  will see he is still fairly "human" shaped. He's got a head, two very     |
     |  large arms, and a chest that's protected by a carapace. The idea here     |
     |  is to shoot his head until you stun him, which makes him throw his head   |
     |  back and open up his chest cavity. You can then target his chest (which   |
     |  is his weak point) until he re-covers it.                                 |
     |                                                                            |
     |   Along the way though, you'll have to dodge his attacks. Those limbs of   |
     |  his are LONG, so they can hit you from 6-7 feel out easily (keep your     |
     |  distance). He can also put his limbs behind himself and jump forwards     |
     |  quickly, so be wary of being in his direct line of sight as well. The     |
     |  last thing to watch out for is the fact that he will use the middle       |
     |  machine in this room and jump on top of it to try and catch up to you.    |
     |  You should be using the middle machine as well, to put distance between   |
     |  the two of you and shoot at Lucas from an angle.                          |
     |                                                                            |
     |   Remember that this is the final fight, so go all out. Use those          |
     |  grenades and all of that ammo to open up his chest and lay into him       |
     |  with the shotgun from there!                                              |
     |                                                                            |
     |   Once you take Lucas to about half health (hard to judge), he will        |
     |  start to emit overwhelming noxious gas. This will overpower even your     |
     |  high-quality filter and makes your tank go down. When this happens,       |
     |  stay calm and fight like normal, but once your oxygen gets LOW, search    |
     |  the sides of the room for an oxygen station and use it to refill (there   |
     |  are two of these things on the walls). Keep at this strategy and keep     |
     |  the gunfire on Lucas and he will fall in time.                            |
     |                                                                            |
     |                                                                            |
     Enjoy the cut-scenes after defeating Lucas as the game comes to an end.
    It's pretty clear that this is only the very beginning of Chris's involvement
    with "The Connections", so here's hoping the universe is expanded in the
    future with (hopefully) another title. Resident Evil 8, perhaps? Either way,
    you've completed this DLC. Congrats!
    (-NOTE-) You will get the "Mission Accomplished" Bronze Trophy here for
             finishing the DLC on EASY or NORMAL.
    (-NOTE-) I hope you've found this guide helpful. Be sure to give the guide a
             recommend using the link up at the very top if you've enjoyed it.
             Also, be sure to swing by my Facebook page (Facebook.com/Bkstunt)
             and say Hi, or shoot me an email! I appreciate it!
        ~ UNLOCK BONUSES! ~
     Once you beat the game, you will unlock a few items (and, of course, a
    harder difficulty mode). Here's what you can get. Note that the items you
    unlock will APPEAR IN THE STORAGE CONTAINER on a new playthrough. Very handy!
    (-NOTE-) I'm pretty sure there's an item for running through this DLC
             quickly (like a speedrun). Typing up a guide makes me VERY slow
             though. I'm read the item you get is the "Easy Deflect", which
             let's you avoid monster attacks easier. I haven't personally
             verified this, unfortunately.
     o UNLOCKED: PROFESSIONAL MODE DIFFICULTY - (Beat the game on Normal Difficulty)
     o UNLOCKED: [_THOR'S HAMMER PART B_]  - (Beat the game on Normal Difficulty.
                                             This is a shotgun sight that ups the
                                             damage at the cost of accuracy.)
     o UNLOCKED: [_FAST WALK_] - (Collect all Antique Coins. This lets you... walk
                                  a bit faster. Not run. Walk. Kind-of worthless.)
     ___ ___ ____ ________________________________________________________________
    | _ \ __|__  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    |   / _|  / /                 T R O P H Y   L I S T            |     RE-TPH
     Here you can find a list of all the trophies in the game. This is the
    complete list, and is sorted just as it appears on the PlayStation Trophy
     So, yeah... there's only two trophies for this DLC, and yes, this DLC does
    appear on its own under the game (it isn't bundled in with other mini games
    or anything). Two trophies is just kind-of... well, underwhelming. They could
    have added trophies for the coins at the very least, I feel. Bah!
       .——————————————————————————.                               .————————————.
     __|   Mission Accomplished   |_______________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Complete Not a Hero on Easy or Normal difficulty.
      How to Obtain | This is the trophy you get for beating this DLC. Yep, just
                    | one bronze! Follow the guide for help, and check out the
                    | crazy trophy below.
       .—————————————————————————.                                .————————————.
     __|   You're the Hero Now   |________________________________|   Silver   |__
        Description | Complete Not a Hero on Professional difficulty.
      How to Obtain | You can select Professional once you beat the game. They
                    | only give you a knife. It's pretty hardcore. I haven't
                    | done it yet (played a bit until I died). No advice here,
                    | sorry!
     ___ ___ ____ ________________________________________________________________
    | _ \ __|__  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    |   / _|  / /                        C L O S U R E             |
     Every good thing must come to an end my friends. I've got all the closing
    items in this section. Boring stuff like version history, credits, last
    words... all the stuff that no one ever reads! Heh. Wait, you're reading this?
    Looks like I was wrong!
     -- V E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y                              |     RE-HIS
     Version 1.00 December 27th - January 6th, 2018
     Well, Capcom said they'd get this DLC done in "2017". I suppose they kept
    their promise, but just barely. JUST BARELY. They scrapped the DLC once, to
    be fair I guess. Hey, this was free DLC, so I can't be too mad...
     I may do a "Document Section" and "Antique Coin" section in the future.
    Don't know if I'll to Professional, as I got rolled pretty bad when I tried
    it (I may need to speedrun it first for that evade item). We'll see though.
    You never know!
     -- C R E D I T S                                              |     RE-CRE
     .~ Bkstunt ~.
     o Big thanks to Vinheim, A Backdated Future, Absolute Steve, Krystal109,
       BacterX, Thnikamanl33t, noz3r0, and Haeravon. All of my past and present
       FAQING brothers (and sister) in arms. I appreciate you guys!
     o Thanks to my family for giving me the time to work on this. Love all of
       you girls!
     o Thanks to the people who make GameFAQs what it is. The contributors who give
       of their own time to try and enhance and help others. Unsung heroes of our
       time that truly make gaming better.
     o My friend Nicholas Misiak for getting me this game ON TIME (and generally
       being awesome). Many thanks Nick, you are a big reason I got this guide
       done a bit quicker! (Nick got me the original game on time... I still very
       much appreciate him for that!).
     o Maybe you? Send in a correction or tip and you can find your name here!
     -- L A S T   W O R D S                                        |     RE-LST
     And so we reach the end of Resident Evil 7 free DLC "Not A Hero". I think it
    is a good way to introduce a series staple character back into the universe,
    but I'm more interested in seeing where they go from here (lore-wise, that is).
    That and I want the "Resident Evil 2 Remake" already! Can't wait!
     If you've found this guide helpful, I'll once again stress that I'd love to
    stay in touch and talk games in the future. You can find me on Facebook fairly
    easily (Facebook.com/Bkstunt), so feel free to stop on by and post!
     With that said, much love to all my fans and friends and I hope to see you all
    for further guides and walkthroughs! Yours,
              __  __                 __  __                        _
        _____|  \/  |_______________|  \/  |______________________|·|
        \ \  | \  / | __ _ ___  __ _| \  / |_   _ _ __   ___O  O  |·|_________
         \ \_| |\/| |/ _` / __|/ _` | |\/| | |_| | '_ \ / _ \_____|·|xxxxxxxx||
          \__| |¯¯| | (_| \__ \ (_| | |¯¯| | |_| | |_| |  __/_____|·|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
             |_|¯¯|_|\__,_|___/\__,_|_|¯¯|_|\__,_|_| |_|\___|     |·| (BKSTUNT)
    THIS ENDS,                                          Document © Bkstunt_31, 2018
    AND IT                               Resident Evil 7 "Not A Hero" © 2017 Capcom
    ENDS NOW!                                         E N D   O F   D O C U M E N T

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