• Trophies

    AdventurerFinish the game on Adventure.Silver
    All TrophiesCollect all available Trophies.Platinum
    Answer Riddles in AmberAnswer all riddles correctly.Bronze
    Battle MageHave an Archmage reach Level 6.Bronze
    Battle WizardHave a Grey Wizard reach Level 6.Bronze
    BOOM!Kill a boss in one hit.Bronze
    BruiserLevel the Ogre Irongut to level 8.Bronze
    CasualFinish the game on Casual.Silver
    ChieftainHave a Marauder reach Level 6.Bronze
    Cleanser of ReiklandComplete the final quest in Reikland.Silver
    Critter-cisedKill each type of Critter.Bronze
    FanaticPerform 7 consecutive Deathblows.Bronze
    Forest StalkerLevel the Wood Elf Waywatcher to level 8.Bronze
    Friends Like These...Knock a friendly warrior down by going berserk.Bronze
    Giant SlayerLevel the Dwarf Trollslayer to level 8.Bronze
    Green-skinnerKill each type of Orc & Goblin.Bronze
    GutlordLevel the Ogre Irongut to level 6.Bronze
    GuttingLose a Level 6 Warrior in Hardcore.Bronze
    HardcoreFinish the game on Hardcore.Gold
    Heads UpComplete the final quest in Averland.Gold
    Hero of AverlandComplete all settlement quests in Averland.Bronze
    Hero of ReiklandComplete all settlement quests in Reikland.Bronze
    Hero of StirlandComplete all settlement quests in Stirland.Bronze
    HunterLevel the Witch Hunter to level 6.Bronze
    I Cannot Tell a LieAdmit that you failed to kill the Necromancer.Bronze
    IronbeardHave a Dwarf Ironbreaker reach Level 6.Bronze
    Keeper of KeysLevel the Bright Wizard to level 8.Bronze
    Legends No MoreKill each type of Skaven.Bronze
    LongbeardLevel the Dwarf Ironbreaker to level 8.Bronze
    LoremasterLevel the Archmage to level 8.Bronze
    MerchantSell over 200 items.Bronze
    Mighty BlowA Warrior loses all of their wounds from one hit.Bronze
    Much At StakeLevel the Witch Hunter to level 8.Bronze
    My BadKnock a friendly warrior down instead of healing them.Bronze
    One of ThreeComplete the final quest in Stirland.Silver
    Onwards and UpwardsLevel any warrior to Level 7.Bronze
    Orc's BaneKill 500 Greenskins.Bronze
    OrcologistUnlock all Orc & Goblin journal entries.Bronze
    Pest ControlKill 500 Critters.Bronze
    Protected by the GodsA warrior is saved from permanent death by the Ring of Jade.Bronze
    PyrologyLevel the Bright Wizard to level 6.Bronze
    Roamer of AverlandVisit every settlement in Averland.Bronze
    Roamer of ReiklandVisit every settlement in Reikland.Bronze
    Roamer of StirlandVisit every settlement in Stirland.Bronze
    RodentologistUnlock all Skaven journal entries.Bronze
    SavageLevel the Marauder to level 8.Bronze
    Servant of UlguLevel the Grey Wizard to level 8.Bronze
    Shadow DancerLevel the Shadow Warrior to level 8.Bronze
    Shadow SentinelHave a Wood Elf Waywatcher reach Level 6.Bronze
    Shadow WalkerLevel the Shadow Warrior to level 6.Bronze
    SigmariteHave a Warrior Priest reach Level 6.Bronze
    Skaven SlayerKill 500 Skaven.Bronze
    The Best DefenceComplete an entire adventure without healing any warriors.Bronze
    TheogonistLevel the Warrior Priest to level 8.Bronze
    True SlayerHave a Dwarf Trollslayer reach Level 6.Bronze
    ZoologistUnlock all Critter journal entries.Bronze

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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