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How do i get the orson orchards portal pls help? Main Quest
What so I do about Lag during Halloween Event? Side Quest

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Can someone tell me where this portal is? General 2 2 months ago
What if I lose a quest object? Main Quest 1 2 months ago
Why th all watcher don't give to me what I need? Enemy/Boss 1 2 months ago
I left stuff on island 20 when doing a mission now the island has gone will it reappear? Tech Support 1 1 year ago
How are parties set up? Tech Support 1 2 years ago
Is there a way to access characters between consoles? Tech Support 1 2 years ago
Playstation 4 it freezes and lags for about 20 seconds? Tech Support 1 3 years ago
How do you save progress in this game??? Tech Support 1 3 years ago

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