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by codebreak1337

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Guide and Walkthrough by codebreak1337

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 04/06/2020


We are a fun-loving bunch of gaming geniuses who have dedicated our lives to video games ever since we saw our first pixels.---

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Codebreak Guide - Gamefaqs.com

Shovel Knight is an amazing game. I would not lie to you all, I only play and write guides on the best games. The guide will be up on gamefaqs.com this monday. But also check out mighty no9. which is also amazing. One other note Axiom Verge. Now onto shovel knight!

Buy it, the game now has three playable characters with a fourth coming soon, and hopefully more. Each character plays completely different to the next. My current favorite is plague knight and he uses bombs, as well as Arcana, customizable jumps and more.

The game sometimes has a Castlevania/Megaman feel. The jumping and in game mechanics are amazing. I can't stress how good this game is! I just started specter of torment as specter knight. He has new "curios" that are upgradable, as well as several other new moves. Once again this game rules, and I apologize but right now I can't put it into better words. Get it, it's on all platforms and my guide will say the rest.

Plague Knight - Alchemy Section Completed -