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Guide and Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 05/03/2015
FAQ of the Month Winner: July 2014 | Highest Rated Guide

    ^        _____________________________________________________        ^
  ^/ \^   .'¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯'.   ^/ \^
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                                                   Blitz Knight Stunt Presents:

        ,-----. ______  ______   ____  _______  _____ __________ _____ 
      ,^  ___  ``-. .'  `-. .' ,'    `.`-.  ,' `-.  ,''-.  ___  |`. .'
     (   (   `. | | |     | | / ,'¯¯`. \  \ \    / /    | |   \ | | | 
      `.  `.  |/  | |     | || |      | |  | |  | |     | |_/| \| | | 
        `.  `-.   | |_.'._| || |      | |  | |  | |     |  _ |    | | 
      .   `.   )  |         || |      | |  | |  | |     | | \| /| | |    . 
 ___,' `._/   /   | |¯`.'¯| | \ `.__,' /   | |  | |     | |___/ | |  \_,' `.___
 \          .'   .' '-.  .' '-.`.    .'    | |  | |    .'       |.'           /
  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯       \ \/ /     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
__________ ________________________________  \  /  ____________________________
`---.  .-' `-.  .---------------------------  \/  ----------------------------'
    |  |    /  /______ _____ _______    _______ ______  ______  ____________
    |  |   /  / `-.  .'`. .' `-. .-'  ,'  ___  |`-. .'  `-. .' |   _    _   |
    |  |  /  /    | . \ | |    | |   /  ,'   `.|  | |     | |  | ,' |  | `. |
    |  |,^  /     | |\ \| |    | |  /  /  _____   | |     | |  |/   |  |   \|
    |  '   {      | | \ ' |    | | |  |   `--. |  | |_.'._| |       |  |     
    |    .  \     | |  \  |    | |  \  \     | |  |  _   _  |       |  |
    |  .^ \  \    | |   \ |    | |   \  \___.' |  | | `.' | |       |  |
    |  |   \  \ .-' '.   \|  .-' '-.  \       .'.-' '-.  .' '-.     |  |
    |  |    \  \¯¯¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯     |  |
  .-'  '-.   \  `--.                                              .-'  '-.
  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯                                              ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
            Platform:   Nintendo 3DS
             Version:   1.10
        Last Updated:   5/3/2015

               Email:   FAQs @ bkstunt .com
            Web Site:   http://bkstunt.com/
       Facebook Page:   http://www.facebook.com/Bkstunt

  This document is best viewed using a FIXED-WIDTH font, such as Courier New.
    If the ASCII above/below and the charts used throughout the guide look
  strange, please change your settings to display text in a FIXED-WIDTH font.
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
                                    _____     _     _               __ 
                                   |_   _|_ _| |__ | | ___    ___  / _|
                                     | |/ _` | '_ \| |/ _ \  / _ \| |_
                                     | | (_| | |_) | |  __/ | (_) |  _|
                                     |_|\__,_|_.__/|_|\___|  \___/|_| 
                                    ____            _             _ 
                                   / ___|___  _ __ | |_ ___ _ __ | |_ ___ 
                                  | |   / _ \| '_ \| __/ _ \ '_ \| __/ __|
      .'/           \`.           | |__| (_) | | | | ||  __/ | | | |_\__ \
    .' /             \ `.          \____\___/|_| |_|\__\___|_| |_|\__|___/
   (  (               )  )         
    \  \ ___________ /  /  THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE YOU PLAY
     \  ) )       ( (  /
      ¯¯¯|         |¯¯¯     - Introduction.............................[SK-INT]
         |         |        - Controls.................................[SK-CON]
         |         |        - Game Basics and Tips.....................[SK-TIP]
     /  //_______   ||\    MAIN WALKTHROUGH: ACT I
    |  ||        ||_// \     
    \||         `--'   |    - The Plains................................[SK-00]
     |             __.-'    - Village...................................[SK-01]
      \          _|         - Troupple Pond.............................[SK-02]
       \--.--.--|           - Pridemoor Keep............................[SK-03]
       _| / _!__|           - The Lich Yard.............................[SK-04]
      |  / |                - Forest of Phasing.........................[SK-05]
       \/  |           
        |  |_/|            MAIN WALKTHROUGH: ACT II
      |  _____  |           - Iron Whale................................[SK-06]
       \ \___/ /            - Encounter: Reize..........................[SK-07]
        `-. .-'             - Armor Village.............................[SK-08]
          | |               - Encounter: Baz............................[SK-09]
          | |               - Explodatorium.............................[SK-10]
        __| |__             - Lost City.................................[SK-11]
       /__   __\            - Knuckler's Quarry.........................[SK-12]
          | |               - Encounter: Black Knight...................[SK-13]
          | |               - Hall of Champions.........................[SK-14]
          | |               - Encounter: Kratos (PSN)...................[SK-15]
          | |              
          | |              MAIN WALKTHROUGH: ACT III
          | |               
         _| |_              - Stranded Ship.............................[SK-16]
        |     |             - Encounter: Phantom Striker................[SK-17]
        |     |             - Clockwork Tower...........................[SK-18]
         `. .'              - Flying Machine............................[SK-19]
           V                - Frigid Flight.............................[SK-20]
                            - Tower of Fate: Entrance...................[SK-21]
                            - Tower of Fate: Ascent.....................[SK-22]
                            - Tower of Fate: ???........................[SK-23]
                            - Feats....................................[SK-FEA]
                            - Version History..........................[SK-HIS]
                            - Credits..................................[SK-CRE]

 Hey everybody, Bkstunt here with a guide for one of the most charming
titles I've ever played: SHOVEL KNIGHT!

 In short, Shovel Knight is a memory of games long past. A memory of a
generation of games that those of us in our late 20's (and maybe even early
30's... *looks around nervously*) remember so fondly. It borrows from such
hallmarks as Mega Man, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Duck Tales to name a few. It
is absolutely filled to the brim with charm and nostalgia... as well as a
soundtrack that rivals (and even surpasses) many of the classics. 

 I've been doing this guide-writing thing for awhile now, so hopefully we've
played together in the past at some point (If you regularly read or follow
walkthroughs that is). So... welcome back! I say it a lot, but the only reason
I keep pumping these things out (besides loving the games) is because all of
the awesome fans out there that contact me. So if you enjoy my work be sure to
come say "Hi!" on Facebook! 

 Now... For SHOVELRY!

 ~ Bkstunt


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~ Bk
 Here are the controls for Shovel Knight!

               /      []    _________________________    []      \
               |           |.-----------------------.|           |
               |           ||                       ||           |
               |           ||                       ||           |
               |           ||                       ||           |
               |           ||                       ||           |
               |  .......  ||                       ||  .......  |
               |  .......  ||                       ||  .......  |
               |  .......  ||                       ||  .......  |
               |  .......  ||_______________________||  .......  |
               |      []   '-------------------------'   []      |
              /\____________| |_________|       |_| |____________/\
             |-----------. ..-----------------------.. .-----------|
             |    ___    | ||                       || |  __   __  |
             |   '---'   | ||                       || | '--' '--' |
             |    .-.    | ||                       || |           |
             |  __| |__  | ||                       || |    (X)    |
             | |__   __| | ||                       || |  (Y) (A)  |
             |    | |    | ||                       || |    (B)    |
             |    '-'    | ||                       || |           |
             |           | ||_______________________|| |           |
             |           | |                         | |           |
             |___________| |_________________________| |___________|
             |               |mic                 ||               |


 |                                                                        |
 | Analog Stick / Direction Button: Move Shovel Knight                    |
 |                                                                        |
 | B Button: Jump. Charge Attack (With Upgrade). Confirm (In Menus).      |
 |                                                                        |
 | A / Y Button: Attack. Go Back (In Menus).                              |
 |                                                                        |
 | X Button: Inventory.                                                   |
 |                                                                        |
 | START: Open the Menu.                                                  |
 |                                                                        |

                             GAME BASICS AND TIPS    

  o One of the relics in the game, the Phase Locket, makes you invincible
    to attack for about 3 seconds. You can even survive on spikes with this
    thing. It is incredibly broken and will undoubtedly serve you well as
    you play, so be SURE to get it. I'd also recommend having it equipped as
    your "default" relic.
 o The game has two Chalice's which act much like bottles in Zelda. Be sure
   to buy them ASAP and use them at the Troupple Pond whenever you can. I
   also personally believe the Renewal Ichor (which restores ALL health and
   magic) if by far the best choice to fill those chalice's with.
 o Always dig up your campfire dirt!
 o The fishing pole will more than pay for itself as you play the game, so
   be sure to get it!
 o Note that you can break checkpoints throughout the game. This gives you
   more money but also takes away that checkpoint. Throughout the guide I
   will, at times, mention whether or not you should break these but it is
   ultimately your call and your personal comfort level.
 o Here's the GOLD amounts for the game (important to know... so you can
   determine if it is worth risking life and limb for!).
   GOLD:  Grey Gem:    1 Gold
          Blue Gem:    5 Gold
          Green Gem:  10 Gold
          Yellow Gem: 20 Gold
          Red Gem:    50 Gold
          Pink Gem:  200 Gold 
 o Always spend money if you can! You'd rather spend it than lose it after
   all. Much like Dark Souls series, I suppose.

 o The downward shovel attack is awesome, but at times it isn't needed
   multiple times in a row. You can attack like normal to cancel your pogo
   like downward attack.
 o You can repel MANY projectile attacks with your shovel. Try it out!
 o If you miss a relic in the level you can buy it afterward from the relic
   shop in the village. Or just go after it again I suppose. You can follow
   this guide and find them all I suppose.
 o This game is CHOCK FULL of hidden items. Many of them are easy to spot
   though as there are icons or something on most walls that just scream
   "HIT ME!".
 o A note about "Grouping up Feats" in single runs. Some of this game's feats
   are quite hard, so it makes sense to group some of them in runs together if
   you are crazy enough to go after them. I haven't done these personally yet
   (although I likely will at some point, for the Shovel Knight Platinum... I'm
   a bit of a trophy fan...), fellow gamer Bryan sent me this tip:
   It sometimes makes sense to do a "run" in which you get mutiple feats. I
   grouped the following together into a single run:

   Hurry up!
   Perfect Platformer

   This makes since because if you die, you are going to reset the game and
   try again. Checkpoints are useless in a run like this where you don't plan
   on dying, so might as well destroy them along the way.

   I also grouped these together during another run:

   Penny Pincher
   True Shovelry

   Since you can't get any relics, might as well not buy anything else so you
   can knock them both out. Luckily you still get 3 free meal tickets at
   bonfires, so as long as you can defeat the knights with just the shovel,
   you should be ok. 

                                  THE PLAINS          
| Playing: 'Strike the Earth' |


 Here we are, free at last! Get a good feeling for the controls here. They are
very tight and feel good, right!? You can jump and press down for a downward
attack (which undeniably feels like Zelda a bit, right?) and you bounce off of
enemies (which feels a lot like Ducktales!).

 Head forward and dig up the dirt for money. You'll run into your first enemy
here, so stomp it. Easy. Keep going for more beetles and another dirt pile.
There are blocks of earth too that you can dig up for more money. Continue on
to the right and destroy the blocks leading to the next screen. Here use your
downward attack to clear the way, kill the enemy and collect the dirt pile. On
the next screen, wait for a bubble to show up and then use it to bounce off of
to get to the ledge (which you can't jump to unless you bounce off said bubble:
I really like how the game is MAKING you learn by yourself!).

 In this next screen you'll find a checkpoint, which lights up when you touch
it. Head up the ladder and use the platform to continue (get the gems). Kill
the enemy and head to the next screen. Pretty much the same thing over spikes
here. Destroy the dirt on each side and get the gem of course.

 The next screen has a GIANT dragon! This guy will spit bubbles at you which
hurt if you don't destroy them! He will also advance if you don't hurt him.
Just jump up and down on his head over and over to defeat him though, and claim
your reward and head down. There's a skeleton down here. Defeat him with a jump
and destroy all the heads. Destroy the dirt and continue downwards.

 Here free the gems from the pile and hit the right dirt wall. It will collapse
and free up some gems! Follow the path up and hit the next dirt wall. This one
has two slimes. Be careful as they jump at you, but defeat them both and head
down. The next screen has some spikes and two enemies. Kill them both but DO
NOT go right. Go and hit the left wall instead and you'll find a secret room.
Head in, free the gems and collect the [_MUSIC SHEET_]. Our first hidden item!
Note the wall by the entrance has a deposit on it as well!

 Head back to the right and continue on. Before you destroy the dirt in this
next screen, hit the deposit off the wall and break it for gems. Now destroy
the dirt and monster. Next up is a gem in the air with a small dragon flying
nearby. Here you have to use the dirt on the right, jump OFF the dragon and
grab the gem. Not too hard, but you are learning some good movement techniques.
Now, climb up the dirt and hit the wall at the top for a PINK GEM, which nets
you 200 GOLD. Nice. Now feel free to destroy the dirt here. The plate down
here has some [_TURKEY_] which restores health if you need it. To the next

 Here use a bubble to jump the gap. The slime here will kill itself if you
let it. Dig the dirt and continue up. Here there are two platforms and a
dragon. Get on the first one and use the dragon to hop to the second. Jump
to the far right ledge and hit the wall to uncover another secret area. Out
here there are TWO BIG gaps! Bubbles will come up though, letting you hop
across them (Don't look down!). You can destroy the dirt in the middle as it
isn't needed. At the far end is another [_MUSIC SHEET_]. Heck yeah! Grab it
and head back!

 You'll find a dragon and a ledge here. Hit the bottom right wall to uncover
a skeleton and some gems. Go kill it and cash in. Jump up to the ledge now
(the dragon is not needed) and hit the right wall again. Another skeleton and
a deposit! Kill it and cash in again, then jump up to the uncovered right
ladder! This leads up to a closed-off [_CHEST_]. Break the lock and swim in
the gems! Head back down when you're done and kill the dragon (money) and
head up.

 Here just head right and jump over the gaps. There will be dragons flying
by (kill or ignore) and a slime by the grass). Make your way right and to
the next screen. Now you must break the dirt and defeat the large bubble
dragon near the pit. Bouncing on its head is still the best way to kill it
but watch out for the pit (better to err to the right). Once it does die,
watch for gems heading to the pit and try to nab them all (easier typed then

 The next screen has some pits and a skeleton. This area is dangerous! Stand
next to the edge of the pit to watch the skeleton suicide if you wish. That
is the careful path. There's also a tricky one-space jump here to reach the
ladder. Head up once you get it. This next room has some dirt leading down,
but be sure to get the dirt to the left (you need to shovel swipe after you
bounce to stop bouncing!). Head down now and kill the slimes (two of them),
then go get the deposit. Hit the floor under the ledge to find another big
pink gem, then take the ladder up.

 Here bounce on the left dragon and head LEFT. This new screen has a one
space platform again (ugh) but head left and use the bubble to jump the gap
and find another [_CHEST_]. Another big payday for you! Head back now and
head right. The last checkpoint is here and beyond it the first boss of the

 | Boss Battle -               The Black Knight               - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: Yep, it is a Black Knight. Original, I know, but  |
 |   he dares to stand in our way and call us a coward! Bah! We must beat   |
 |   him for it! The black knight attacks with a shovel in much the same    |
 |   way you do, but he's also got two special attacks (see below). For     |
 |   the most part, you just want to avoid his special attacks and wait     |
 |   for him to come try and swipe at you with a shovel. Counter that by    |
 |   bouncing on his head. Do that enough times an you'll emerge the victor |
 |   for sure. Have at thee!                                                |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Shovel Swipe: The knight will come up to you and swipe his shovel at   |
 |   you. Yes, apparently TWO people are crazy enough to fight with some    |
 |   shovel. This is the attack you want to punish by leaping on his head,  |
 |   so do so!                                                              |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Energy Shot: The Black Knight will make his shovel glow purple and     |
 |   then release an energy shot at you! Jump over it to avoid it. It is    |
 |   really that easy! Note that you can also hit it back to him.           |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Downward Strikes: A very dangerous attack. The knight will leap HIGH   |
 |   into the air and come down at you. He does this four times in a row in |
 |   total, so you must evade all four pounces. You COULD strike him as     |
 |   soon as he lands on the fourth pounce, but it is risky since he can    |
 |   also strike at you VERY fast. Best to wait for the normal swipe.       |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |

 After the battle you'll have a dream of the Shield Knight, who is falling.
You must catch her. Follow where Shovel Knight points and leap into the air
at her when time slows down to complete the dream.

 Once you wake up, use you shovel to put out the campfire. It not only gives
you gems, but is good common sense!

(-NOTE-) You will get the feat "Only You" for putting out the campfire! Good

| Playing: 'No Weapons Here' |

 Go ahead and enter. A guard will stop you and say no weapons, but seeing how
you don't have a WEAPON, he'll let you in. Here you can talk to the villagers
that walk by. There's some good knowledge here!

 Head to the right and talk to the Bard. He'll remark that all his music
sheets have disappeared and will see you have two of them! He'll offer up
500 Gold per sheet, so sell them for 1,000 GOLD! Very nice!

 Now let's go spend some of that gold! Head to the right and you'll see the
market. We can extend our Health and Magic here, but for now let's go down
the stairs. The four people you meet here all have something to say, but go
right for the good stuff. Croaker here thinks he's a riot. *Sigh* Talk to the
man on the barrels (the Troupple Acolyte) and buy both Chalices. That will set
you back 3,000 Gold. Ouch! Next talk to the man beyond, Chester. He is the
Relic seller and will offer up some items. For now buy the Fishing Rod. You
will be close to broke now, but should have enough for a Meal Ticket (1,000 G)
still. Before you go, attack the left wall here for a [_MUSIC SHEET_] and then
up above further for a PINK GEM. Nice!

(-NOTE-) You will get the "First Purchase" Feat for, well... buying an item.

 There's something else unique we can do. Head to the left and then go break
the left wall (lower left wall) past the witch. Er, lady. Inside is Mona, who
runs a mini-game. For 100G she will drop gems and you can hit them on certain
portions of the wall for points.
 Go ahead and play. You are almost guaranteed to make money here at the
very least (I've never lost money even on my first try). Aim for the ceiling
tiles of course as they are worth 10 points. Much better than the side tiles!

 Once you score above 150 points, Mona will add in a [_MUSIC SHEET_] to your
reward as well. Very nice!

(-NOTE-) If you can get a score of 150 or more, you will get the "Juggler"
         feat here. Hurrah!

 After all that, head back up and go right. You'll come to the last part of
the village. Out here is a kid with a hoop. You can bounce on this hoop, and
if you can do it for five seconds you will get a feat. There's not much to this
but bouncing on the right or left will make the hoop go that way, so keep that
in mind.

(-NOTE-) If you do the hoop challenge, you will earn the "Hooper" feat.
 Now, onto important things! To the right is a chest and music sheet up on a
roof. We can reach it by waiting until the water-carrying lady moves over to
the right, then jump on her stick (you monster, you) and then the shack. Use
the shack to reach the roof for a [_MUSIC SHEET_] and a [_CHEST_]. Good stuff!

 Now with all that extra dough you can go sell the sheets and go buy a MEAL
TICKET from the Goatician and even some extra magic from the Magician. All
your choice, of course. Once you are done check out the note below (to make
sure you are at full health and magic) and continue on!

(-NOTE-) Need some health or magic? On the first screen jump onto the ledge
         on the far right and hit the health/magic sign. This will drop magic
         and health for you! Hurrah!

                                TROUPPLE POND        
| Playing: 'Waltz of the Troupple King' |
 If you took my advice and bought the chalice items in town, this should
really be your next stop! Here the Troupple King will sense your chalices
and offer to fill them up, if you should ask for aid (and of course you
should by all means)!

  Ichor of Renewal: Refills all Health and Magic
  Ichor of Boldness: Become invincible for 10 seconds.
  Ichor of Fortune: Absorb nearby treasure for 60 seconds.
 I would recommend getting two of the health fill-ups. Pretty much just like
two ETANKS, right!? Heh. Before we leave, be sure to try fishing from the hole
between the dock planks. Doing so will net you a [_MUSIC SHEET_]. That and a
shocking reaction from the Troupple King! With that done, let's head to our
first real level choice: Pridemoor Keep!

(-NOTE-) By visiting the King you will obtain the "Troupple Acolyte" feat.

                               PRIDEMOOR KEEP          
| Playing: 'In the Halls of the Usurper' |


 Oh man, the sky here is really cool. I'm digging the castle environment as

 Head to the left FIRST and destroy the lower dirt block. Jump up on the
remaining dirt block and jump on the right platform as it comes up from the
pit. Ride it for the gems and jump off. NOTE THE SPARKLES HERE! Stand by the
ladder and equip your fishing rod, then use it. Wait for the "!!" to show up
above the Shovel Knight's head and press B once it does to fish up a [_GOLD
FISH_]. He's worth 350 gold! Nice!

 Jump to the left now and hit the wall. It will crumble revealing a ton of
gems and in the middle of an area a [_MUSIC SHEET_]. The symbol here is that
of the developer, Yacht Club Games. Neat. A nice little easter egg. You can
hit the statue heads off and bounce on them for more gems. Do so and then
work your way back to the starting screen!

 Head forward and hit up the gem deposit, then jump the pits and kill the
beetles. Dig your way down to a new area and be ready to face a new enemy. I'm
going to call this thing a jouster, because he basically charges you with a
lance. You'll obviously want to attack him from above. It's also worth noting
that he will ram into things and kill himself, if possible. Take him out and
hit up the deposit. Nearby are ceiling traps dumping lava out (or oil, since
this is castle-themed and all), so get by them carefully and watch out for
another jouster before you exit the screen.

 Here there is another lava trap. Destroy the dirt and jump to the cubby when
you can, then when its safe up to the gems on the left. Be slow if you must
(best to be careful). Jump the gap and kill the beetle, then get the gem
deposit. This gap also has the sparkles, just like we saw before! Go ahead
and use it here to fish up another [_GOLD FISH_] (worth 350 Gold). Not bad,

 Continue on to a new screen. There's some dirt here and a new enemy:
Helicopter Rats! Wha..!? Hehe, ok. Take them out as they slowly approach you.
The traps here are set up so you have to take out the dirt in the middle to
be safe. Take out the dirt quickly and stand where it was to be safe, then go
up the ladder to continue.

 You'll now be in a narrow corridor. Kill the Rats (both of them) as they
come down and the beetle, then head right to get up above. There's a deposit
here and a new enemy throwing fireballs at you. I'm calling this guy a
magician. Seems natural! Jump over them and beat him up. Alternately, you can
smack his projectile right back at him if you wish (In cast you didn't know,
Shovel Knight can smack all sorts of projectiles throughout the game!) Be sure
to smack the lower left wall here for a hidden red gem before taking the ladder

 Your first checkpoint is here. Starting with this level you can actually
choose to DESTROY these checkpoints if you wish. This is of course a tactical
decision: you won't be able to use it as a checkpoint if you destroy it. But
there's 210 gold in it if you do! Really your choice on how comfortable you

 You can jump up to the higher level to find a statue (you can break the head
for gems) and a turkey lunch if you need it. Continue on to find a new enemy:
the Knight, waiting for you. He has a sword and shield and will lunge at you
so be wary. He also uses his shield to (smartly) cover his head if you try to
attack from above. You can still get some hits in but he's pretty good on
defense. Still, watch out for his lunge and you'll be ok. To be cheap you could
just wait for his lunge and hit him with a downward strike. Very effective!

 In the next screen are two more jousters. You can bounce off the second one
to get to the ledge and get the gem (exit the screen to the left and re-enter
if you miss it). Carry on and you'll see another checkpoint. Use it or break
it. The chandeliers here (that are shaped like crowns) will try to fall on you.
Get the first one to fall and defeat the beetle. Note that the chandelier may
do that for you (it can kill enemies). Get the deposit and head right. Bait the
next two chandeliers to fall and jump the gap. Run under the next one and then
use the lower one to jump on and jump to the upper right ledge for some gems.
Kill the beetle down below and use the ladder to carry on.

 Head down and you'll see a tricky platforming section to the left. HAHA!
Moving platforms with a lava trap in the middle. You need to jump on these as
you head left. You can ride them a ways and get the gems but be sure you don't
go down the pit (the gems should be a low priority: we can get them on the way
back)! Jump to the left and be careful of the lava/oil and you'll get to the
wall with your icon on it. Line up Shovel Knight to fit the space and you'll
be whisked away to another room! Here you'll see a bunch of chandeliers!
Before jumping on them, try to jump up and hit the dirt above you for some
goodies. Now feel free to jump over to the [_VENDOR CHEST_] by using the

 Notice I called it a "Vendor Chest!?" This is because CHESTER is inside the
chest, and offers to sell us what he found! Ha! Well, damn. He'll off a
[_FLARE WAND_] for 1,000 Gold. Go ahead and buy it (you should have more than
enough money).  Hurrah, we can now shoot fireballs! Now use the lower
chandeliers to get back and ride the platforms back to the ladders. Go up the
right ladder to continue.

 You'll find yourself in a big room with three magicians. Kill the right two
with your shovel and collect the magic and food. The left one you can either
hit his projectiles back to him or use your new Flare Wand.

 Head left and start breaking the dirt to get to the statue but DO NOT break
the upper left dirt blocks so you can still reach the ladder. Climb up to find
a magician waiting for you in the hallway. Be sure to hit his shots here and
grab the deposit, then kill him off. Hit the upper left wall here to break it
for some gems, then hit it AGAIN to break it for a [_CHEST_]. Sneaky! Climb
the ladder now and head along the roof. Break through the dirt here and then
kill the jouster. Use the checkpoint as you wish and get the deposit as well. 
Be sure to check behind the curtains for gems! If you are wondering, going down
would lead to the three magician room, so continue to the right once you are

 We'll be in the open air again. There is a Griffith in the distance. This is
a dangerous foe, but only due to the pit here. He fires fireballs in a sine
wave, so you can stand in certain places and be completely safe. Wait after
an attack and jump the pit (you don't want to be hit while above the pit) and
then you can stand on the right side of the pit and be safe. Between his
attacks you can attack him and return to safety. You must aim for his head
since he has plate armor on! Heh. Once you kill him you'll get some health
and gems.

 Continue to the right and you'll have another check point. Tons of rats will
be here. Let them come to the left so you can get the gem rewards instead of
losing them to the pit. Head to the right and get over the pits. Here, note
the UPPER WALKWAY. Two more rats will come along but instead of killing them
draw them to the left. When you can, bounce off of their heads to reach the
upper walkway and head right to a (semi) hidden area.

 Here kill the beetle and jump down. Note that the banner to the left covers
a hole in the floor, so jump it for the gem and then take out the two
magicians. To the right climb the ladder and get the gems and don't forget to
hit the right wall for a hidden red gem. Down below the LONG banner hides a
wall, so take the upper path and break the dirt blocks and kill the beetle to
reach the magician and the [_CHEST_]. Loot it and then see the right wall? Up
at the top is another wall facing the right wall. Smack it for some red gems
Tricky, since there was no icon! Now head all the way back to the previous
screen. Drop down below and take the lower  path. Don't forget to break all
the dirt and find the gems behind the three banners.

 In this new screen, ride the chandelier down and jump to the right for a
bunch of gems. Go down and take out the jousters, then hit the left wall up
above to reveal a red gem. Continue on and grab the gem by the pit if you can
(no big loss). Down below is another knight on a bed of dirt. Be sure to smack
the deposit off the right wall before fighting him if you can, and try to
harvest it. You can fight on the dirt but there is ground underneath you so no
harm if you fall. Try to break all the dirt nonetheless (gems!) and then once
the knight is dead break the lower right wall for a hidden gem before going on.

 You'll run into another checkpoint here. Break it if you wish (there should
be more gems than normal if you've been breaking them - but note that there is
a somewhat tricky jump coming up so save it if you want to be safe!). Down
below hit the left wall for some gems and a hidden room on the left. Go ahead
and enter. Here you can break the statue if you want but note the platforms to
the left. They circle around in a giant circle with gems scattered about.
There's also two rats here, so be careful. Ride the platforms and grab the
[_MUSIC SHEET_]. Hurrah, more music! Return to the previous screen now.

 Here hit the giant book (bounce off the top) and magical platforms will
appear. Use them to continue. In the next screen is another book, but more
importantly is a pit with sparkles! Yes, time to fish!

 This time you'll pull up a fish that will offer you a chance for an
[_TROUPPLE FISH_]. I believe this is an Ichor of Boldness, but it could
just be random for all I know (not 100% on this yet).

 After that, jump on the book and cross the platforms. As a tip, you should
bounce on it until you are ready to cross. Cross both fire traps in one go
here. Hit the next book now and make your way over the pit o' death to the
next book. Bounce on this one until you are ready to head past the next fire
traps. Note the one-space book here. Those dastards! Jump quickly to the
ladder and up to safety.

 Here beware of the chandeliers up above and gather up the food and gem
deposit, then head right. Another Griffin is here. Right to the right of the
left wall is a safe spot, so take him out and continue on. Soon you will face
the boss of this level!

 | Boss Battle -                  King Knight                 - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: After some banter about who is royalty and who    |
 |   is a knave, the fight will be on. King Knight is a good first boss,    |
 |   as he isn't too hard to damage and has very dodge-able attacks. You    |
 |   of course want to check out his attacks below, but as a general tip,   |
 |   try and get off multiple hits. Before and after his dash attack and    |
 |   during his trumpet attack (ESPECIALLY during his trumpet attack) you   |
 |   can get off 3+ bouncing attacks. Also, during the fight spam your      |
 |   flare wand whenever the king is out of your reach (which will happen   |
 |   since he has that dash attack. Keep on the attack and if you ever do   |
 |   get low on health use a health chalice and you should easily come out  |
 |   on top.                                                                |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Scepter Slam: The King Knight will, by default, jump around twice in   |
 |   a row. You can run under these jumps of course, but every now and      |
 |   again he will pause on the second jump and slam down his scepter. If   |
 |   you are on the ground when he does this you will be stunned, so be     |
 |   sure to jump when you see him start to do this and you'll be OK.       |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Dash Attack: King Knight usually only does this when he is to the far  |
 |   right or the far left of the screen. He will squat down a bit and then |
 |   zip across the screen. You can get in a couple of bounces on his head  |
 |   when he does this move. Just don't stand around and do nothing!        |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Trumpet's Blow: Very likely his most dangerous move. The King Knight   |
 |   will call forth trumpets from each side of the screen. After blowing   |
 |   these, confetti will rain down. You can destroy these small pieces of  |
 |   confetti, but there's quite a few and I find it easier to just dodge   |
 |   them. This move is the BEST time to bounce off of the King Knight's    |
 |   head multiple times. Make it so!                                       |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |

 After your victory, you'll get the normal campfire scene. No dream this
time, so be sure to put the campfire out once you are able. Back on the map
you'll see an enemy has shown up. It will likely show up at the Plains of
Passage. Head over there and fight. You'll go through a small area where you
will fight slimes, dragons and some skeletons. Pretty easy, just note that
here the dragons will divebomb you so be sure to be on stead ground and kill
them off. Hit up the deposits and avoid the pits and you'll be OK.

 After the enemy fight you MAY see a gem appear on King Knights stage. This
event means a side-scrolling chance for treasure! Head in and start grabbing
treasure ASAP. The screen will scroll right but there are no enemies. There is
one point where you'll have to choose between upper, middle and lower paths.
You really only have time for one, and I'd choose the middle path for the gem
deposits along the way. At the end you'll see a bush you can knock up and
bounce off of. That bush will actually come into play a lot during our next
knight stage! Heh.

 After that, head to the village. Here you should buy the [_ORB OF CHAOS_] from
the relic vendor.  I would also buy a health upgrade and TWO Magic upgrades.
Don't worry too much if you can't buy all of that, but the main point here is
to reduce your wealth down a bit. We can also go talk to the "Deposed King"
to let him know the good news. And yet, he still hangs around. OK...

 With all of that done, let's head to The Lich Yard to face the next knight!

                                THE LICH YARD          
| Playing: 'La Danse Macabre' |

 This level is slightly harder than King Knight's. Head forward and you'll see
some bushes in the ground. These are instrumental: you can dig them up and
BOUNCE off of them. Try it here for the gems. The green blob here is a frog
actually, so be sure to kill it. It hops around and will try to electrocute you
at times. Somehow you can still kill them even when electricity is flowing. It
must be an insulated shovel! Heh!

 Continue on and kill the next two frogs as you head over the hill. Note that
the right side of the hill has a breakable upper wall, so destroy it for a
red gem. Soon you'll see some grave markers. These things can spawn GHOSTS if
you bounce on them. Ghosts, as you may imagine, are immortal. You can "kill"
them but they'll just dissipate a little and then come back to life. Dig up
the deposit here and then bounce on the right one here for the gems, then use
the bush to get to the screen exit and continue.

 Down here you'll see a food platter. This thing has a BOMB in it. Throw it
to the left to break open the nearby blocks. The chunks of blocks here are all
breakable. The middle one has a platter and a bomb in it though. Kill the
skeleton down here and then to the left break the upper wall then the lower
wall. Now, use the skeleton here to jump up to the upper platform and claim
the [_CHEST_]. Feel free to kill it afterwards and continue to the right.

 There is a checkpoint here (destroy it if you want: you are near the start
anyways) and a skeleton trapped between dirt. Bounce off of him to reach the
ladder up above. Here there is a wandering ghosts, plenty of grave markers and
a gem deposit up above. Bounce up there and dig it up while defending from the
ghosts if needed. Be sure to smack the left wall of this area before heading
back down for some extra gems. Head down (kill the skeleton and dirt if you
want) and head right.

 In this screen you'll fight a skeleton and a new enemy: the GIANT SKELETON!
Ha, this guy looks awesome. Watch his lantern: it will glow as he re-animates.
He will then jump around and after awhile his lantern goes out. Use this time
to bounce on his head to hurt him a ton. You can use your relics when he isn't
opening himself up to easy attacks. Kill him and head up.

 Up here you will see three frog enemies. Take out the bottom two and use
the bush to get on the platform and grab the items to the left before heading
right. The next screen has a trick in store: pure darkness! BWAHAHA. Well,
mostly darkness as lightning flashing in the background will light up the
screen briefly at times. Kill the first two frogs carefully and then the ghost,
then destroy the dirt to the left of the drop and get the gems. You can hit the
wall to the left again for even more gems.

 From here I would recommend jumping back up to where you were and then to the
right for the items up on the ledges. There is a skeleton down below with some
dirt blocks. You can take them out if you want (do so if you are comfortable
fighting in the dark... or the orb of chaos is great here), then head right but
be VERY careful of the two holes in the ground on your way to the right.

 This next screen has another checkpoint (I would save this one) along with
a TON of skeletons and a platter. This platter has a bomb. Try to hit it into
the skeletons to kill them, then hit the right wall to destroy it. There is
some food here and a ladder. Go ahead and head down and you'll see three grave
markers over some water leading to a ladder. We need to bounce on these to the
ladder to claim the [_CHEST_]. Hit the right wall now to uncover a skeleton and
our way back. Fight your way to the right and head back up to the previous
screen, then up again.

 Up here you will face a small challenge: how to get up to the top of the left
wall! Heh. The two bushes here are the key. Hit the left one once, then AGAIN
to make it go HIGH. Now, hit the right one once and jump off of it and the left
(higher) one to make the jump! This screen to the left is dark, so be careful.
There are platforms here with gems on them and to the far left some [_MUSIC
SHEET_]. There is a ghost here to give you trouble and the darkness stays on
the screen for AWHILE. Carefully make your way to the left. Going there is
rather easy since you can see the gem icon as you pick it up to note where you
are. Getting back is tougher. Kill the ghost when it revives and make your way
back when the light comes to return to the previous screen.

 Head right now and you'll see a unique floor in front of you. Stepping on this
new type of ground makes it sink. Try it out. You can always jump to make it
rise. Kill the skeleton here and get past the obstacle, then let the platform
rise once you are on the right so you can reach the gem deposit. Jump to the
next platform and knock the skull off to continue. The next big platform has
spikes at the top. Kill the frog and be sure to keep the platform low.  A
skeleton shows up soon, so take him out and continue to the right and head up.

 Here there are some spike pits. Yikes! Jump over the first one and shoot the
enemy to the left with your wand (we're being safe!). Jump over and climb the
ladder. The platform here moves left and right but there are four dirt blocks
in the way, so when you jump to it break the dirt ASAP lest you fall to the
pits, then make your way to the right.

 Kill the frog you run into and head right, then hit the skeleton head to the
left, to the first sinking platform you were on. With the head it will sink
down. Kill the frog in the middle and hit the gem deposit on the wall. Once
you are done with it, destroy the middle dirt blocks here and head down (stay
in the middle for gems). 

 Now, in this room you'll be attacked by skeletons. DO NOT KILL THEM! Use them
to head up and to the left (the platter has a bomb so don't hit it!). Here you
can head left and find the [_VENDOR CHEST_]. Hurrah! Chester will pop out and
offer you another treasure: the [_PHASE LOCKET_]. SAY YES! This item makes you
invincible for a short period of time. It does mean a SHORT TIME though. Still,
when it comes to spikes and avoiding enemy hits, THIS IS THE ITEM to have on

 Break the dirt block and go on a frog-killing spree, then return to the
previous screen. Kill the skeletons here and then use the right platter to
heal if you need it and carry on to the right. Here hit up the checkpoint
(destroy at your own discretion) and head right. Bounce up to the skeleton
head and hit it to the left and onto the sinking platform. Head to the left
quickly as it sinks to reach the [_CHEST_], which actually turns into a
[_MUSIC SHEET_]. Very nice! Head to the right now and kill the frog and the
skeleton that comes down. Jump up to the upper right ledge now and get the
ore deposit, then bounce off the grave marker to the UPPER RIGHT and continue
to the next screen. You'll find some gems here. Gather them up and head back.
Hit the skeleton onto the platform and watch the two skeletons die from the
water, then get on yourself and take it down to the next screen to the right.

 Here get the gem and jump to the high platform. The floor between the two
high platforms is NOT THERE, so gather all the gems here before heading down.
Use the ghost and bush if you must. Down below we'll fight another giant
skeleton. He can't crush you if you are in the holes, so take him out. Be sure
to hit the left wall here to reveal a [_CHEST_], then had up the ladder to
continue to the previous screen and hit up the checkpoint. I recommend not
destroying this one! You'll see why coming up!

 Head to the right and you'll see the screen goes dark again. Kill the frog
here and get the gems. A second frog will likely come say hi, so kill him
too (you monster!). Jump the gap here. There's a grave marker nearby with a
gem deposit under it. Mine it up and note the platforms moving up above.
There is a bush here we must use to get to the left one. This is tricky but
do-able: just go when it comes close. Jump to the next platform and then
note the next two platforms that have skeletons on them. Do downward strikes
on them to claim each platform. The next two platforms are sinking platforms.
One has a skull on it. Hitting it may make the skull go to the next sinking
platform, and the game baits you into doing this with a ghost nearby, so
quickly get past both of them to safe land. Here there is another bush.
Quickly use it to get up and to the right, then kill the ghost and continue.
Easier typed than said!

 You'll find another checkpoint here. Hit it up and continue on to the
boss fight! Spectre Knight awaits!

 | Boss Battle -                Spectre Knight                - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: Well, Spectre Knight surely looks cool. He wields |
 |   a scythe to attack and can disappear at will. He usually only does     |
 |   that during his Scythe Throw attack though. Between his attacks he     |
 |   will just float around though. After smacking him, he will often float |
 |   to the other side of the arena. This often puts him at range, so be    |
 |   sure to equip the flare wand and send attacks after him. Once you've   |
 |   taken away about 70% of his health or so, he will envelope the arena   |
 |   in darkness. The rest of his moves don't really change though, so keep |
 |   up the offensive and he'll be down soon.                               |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Scythe Throw: This is by far his most used move. He will often start   |
 |   the throw up top and disappear. The scythe travels across the top      |
 |   screen and then circles around the bottom screen. The corners are      |
 |   very safe, but I prefer standing near one of the inward ledges and     |
 |   using them to jump up and down from. One more important note: while    |
 |   the scythe throw is USUALLY a "C" formation, he can also do a "U"      |
 |   formation. The corners are still safe but the inward ledge cuts it a   |
 |   a little close.                                                        |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Scythe Dash: Spectre Knight will rush at you and do a horizontal       |
 |   swipe. Ideally you can counter this by jumping towards him and then    |
 |   bouncing off of his head. You won't get many hits in, but countering   |
 |   him is worth it.                                                       |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Skeleton Summon: This attack is pretty self-explanatory. Spectre       |
 |   Knight will summon skeletons. One on each ledge and one down below     |
 |   for a total of three. Sometimes these things will drop magic pots for  |
 |   us, so pray that they do. They go down in one hit anyways, so be sure  |
 |   to take them out.                                                      |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |

 After the fight you'll have another dream of Shield Knight. This time instead
of just needing to save her, you'll have to fight off monsters at the same
time. Skeletons, frogs, rats... they drop good gems at least. Shovel Knight
will still point to where she is coming down, but kill off as many enemies as
you can before she shows up and you go to catch her.

 Once you wake up, put out the fire and check the chest for a [_MEAL TICKET_].
Very nice! Note that the map has opened up! Gah, another castle, a volcano
and a frickin' WHALE. Man I love this game!

 Let's head back to the village now. First, go down to the woman standing
to the right of the king. She'll dance for us now that the Spectre Knight is
dead, which ends up giving us a [_MUSIC SHEET_]. Now go turn in all of your
sheets for some cash. Next, visit the cook for a health upgrade since we got
the Meal Ticket earlier. Now we have to spend some money. I recommend another
Meal Ticket. This is very spendy but will give you EIGHT blocks of health
after you are done. VERY NICE!

 Next, let's head to one of the side areas that have opened up: the Forest
of Phasing!

                            FOREST OF PHASING        
| Playing: 'Strike the Earth!' |

 Talk to the woman here who mentions she wished she could phase. Hey, we
can phase! Hehe. Use it to get past the spikes and open the [_CHEST_] then
continue on. There is a ton of magic here so don't worry about running out.
Continue on and break the dirt. Let the slime come to you, then head up past
the spikes. The dirt up above should ALL be broken, but be sure to use the
locket once you hit the spikes so you don't die. To the right use the locket
once you jump on the platforms down below so the dragons don't hit you. Next
note the breakable wall to the right of the spikes. Be sure to destroy it for
the gems and continue to the right.

 Here use the locket and jump on the spikes. Once you get to the middle, use
the locket again. Down below use the locket to make the jouster pass through
you and fall down. Here there are several small blue enemies. DO NOT try to
fight them. Just jump the gaps and use the locket when you need to. In the
next screen use the locket before jumping down on the spikes and then destroy
the wall to continue onward to the [_CHEST_]. 

                                 IRON WHALE        
| Playing: 'A Thousand Leagues Below' |

 Head inward and step on the bubbles to drop down below. These bubble blocks
disappear slowly once you step on them (and you just KNOW they are going to
play with that later on!). You'll drop down into some water here. Like most
water levels, you can jump further in the water. It feels right, so just keep
your enhanced mobility in mind. Some crabs will slowly come at you. Hit them
from the front and watch how their shell bounces around. After they are dead
destroy the dirt blocks to the left and continue down.

 Here kill the crab and note the new anemone enemy up above. At least, I
think it is an anemone... my underwater wildlife knowledge is a bit rusty.
It shoots shots at you that you can smack around. Go up and kill it. Hit the
shell to the right to destroy some dirt blocks. To the right is another anemone
and a gem deposit. Note how the gems will be in bubbles. Also note the SPARKLE
in the pit here. Time to go fishing! The fish here is a [_TROUPPLE FISH_]. Use
it if you can and continue.

 After that, head to the right and kill the anemone. There is a crab here
and some dirt blocks up above. We need to shoot a shell up to them, but it
is rather hard. The ledge below it and to the left is a good place to hit a
crab from. You can always head left and come back if you need the shell or

 Once you get the dirt broken, you can head up and you'll see three grey
crabs. These things are invulnerable. Use your phase locket to head left
and make your way to the [_CHEST_], then head back to the previous screen
then continue on.

 Here defeat the crab quickly and make some space down below! There is a
new enemy up above called an Anchor Knight (that's what I am dubbing him
anyways) that will be tossing anchors down at you, so making space down
below is a must. You can hit him with a well-timed shell bounce if you are
lucky. Take him out however you can, but stay safe with the anchor throws
and watch out for the lunge attacks. Once he is dead, jump to the right and
be ready to go LEFT once you scroll the screen downwards!

 Go left ASAP once the screen changes and land safely. The crab here is like
the previous ones of course, so don't bother with him. Jump up HIGH to get
past the obstacle and watch out for an eel showing up. Take it out and then
go for the gem deposit. Head left now and another eel will show up. Head right
to take him out, then use small jumps to head to the left (small jumps due to
the spikes) and continue downwards.

 There is a checkpoint here. Break it if you want. The gear platforms here
are special as they will quickly RISE once you step on them (and you KNOW gears
+ spikes is coming up!). Before continuing on, note the lower breakable wall
to the left. Jump on the first gear and hit it, then jump back to the left
quickly. Jump down to the space you made and head left.

 Here hit the deposit off the right wall and collect the gems. Now bounce off
the crabs to make your way to the left and to the [_CHEST_]. There is also a
SPARKLE here so fish it up for a [_GOLD FISH_]. Be sure to grab it right away!
Now we have to make our way back to the right. Jump to the crabs shortly after
they turn the right edge and you'll be ok.

 Head back and use the gears to continue on to the left. Sure enough, here is
some gears and spikes! Do some light jumps to get to the right and kill the
anemone. Note the breakable wall below as well! Further to the right is some
sand and a moving platform, as well as a new (and very dark) enemy. Let's call
her a sea witch (why not!). She floats around freely and shoots green blobs at
you. Use the dirt here to help fight her. Destroy it afterwards for gems and
hit up the deposit down below before moving on.

 In this new screen you'll see octopus arms! Ah! Kill it! Aim for the circle
part. Kill the arm below and to the right. An eel will show up before the jump
so kill it to. Take out the next arm and another eel will show up after it.
You can use it to reach the gem up at the top. Continue to the right killing
tentacles and watch out for the anemone shots. You can get to them as you head
right (take them out) and be sure to hit the wall to their left to find some
food. Now hit the right wall here to uncover a new path and take it.

 You'll see three tentacles here and some bubble platforms. Use the bubble
platforms to get to the [_CHEST_] in the distance and then return by bouncing
off the tentacles. Before you go, fish up the SPARKLE here to find a [_MUSIC
SHEET_]. Very nice! Head back to the previous screen and head down now!

 Down here you'll see a pit and a ton of tentacles! Kill the two to the right
(on safe ground) and watch the tentacles pop up out of the pit. What you need
to do here is bounce on them to reach the left. First the right one and then
the left to reach the platform. One last tentacle comes in from the ceiling
to the left and an eel from behind, but you could just fall down and avoid
them both (or kill them... your choice).

 This new screen has a bunch of tentacles coming in from the right. Here you
want to take out the blocks, then destroy the tentacle down the gap and land
on the platform. Now destroy the tentacle to the right of the platform. Now
you can jump back up and destroy the upper tentacle and then drop down to the
lower one and kill it to fall to the hole. You'll find some crabs down here
circling blocks. Avoid them and gather up the gems, then head to the left and
get the gem deposit. Use the checkpoint as well (break it if you are brave...
I wouldn't though based on what is coming up!). Be sure to break the upper
dirt blocks before heading further down.

 Down here you'll see a blue chest. Open it to see... a giant angler fish!
This starts an auto-scrolling section! As the fish chases you, it will
occasionally spit out blue eels that you will need to dodge. I would
recommend equipping your phase locket here just in case, although you can
bounce off the eels before landing on the upcoming platforms as well.
You'll face some rising platforms and some single platforms as you head
right, but jump off the eels and you'll be OK. The auto-scrolling will
stop soon and the real fight will begin! The angle fish will open up its
weak point here (the chest) and you can now leap up and hit it (watch out
for the eels!). He will dash at you after 2-3 seconds. You can avoid this
by moving back to the upper platform and bouncing off of him.

 After you kill him, the [_VENDOR CHEST_] should drop to the center area.
You can go loot it now to find Chester! Ha, he went for quite a ride!
Nevertheless, he will offer you the [_THROWING ANCHOR_] for 3000 gold.
You know my policy: buy it if you can (you should be able to!). Buy it
and continue to the right.

 You'll hit up another checkpoint here (save it if you had trouble with
the angler fish) and some manta rays. Be sure to break the left wall under
the checkpoint for some food (which I know I needed after that last fight!).
The Manta Rays are fairly unremarkable. Kill them both and continue upwards.
You'll see plenty of anemone here as well as some manta rays. Hit the
anemone's shots back at them. Before clearing the room though, note the
icon on the right wall. Hit it to destroy the wall, then climb up the first
ladder most of the way and fall down to the gap you made to head to a hidden

 Here be careful of a tentacle popping up before jumping to the first bubble
platform. Beyond that is another sea witch! The anchor actually helps quite
a bit here as you don't want to fight on any of the bubbles. Kill her off
and then be sure to FISH off the right side of the safe platform. You will
get a [_GOLD FISH_] here. Continue on to the end of the room now for a
[_CHEST_] that has some loot and some [_SHEET MUSIC_]. Very nice.  The device
up above launches the platform back to the right when you hit the lever, so
use it to return to the previous screen.

(-NOTE-) Fishing this spot should net you the "Master Angler" feat.

 Re-kill the enemies here by bouncing those dang energy balls and work your
way all the way to the left. The left ladder is the only one that leads
onwards of course, but be sure to give yourself some room to fall. The next
screen has another jet-platform. Nab the deposit on the left wall before using
it, then use the next one to continue upward. Here, go SLOW as platforms are
automatically jetting across the screen. Climb up to the top. You have to use
the moving platform here with the top jetting platform to gather the gems and
then continue on to the next screen. If you do fall, you'll fall to the lower
platform, so have your phase locket ready just in case!

 Once you make it to the next screen you'll have to battle an Anchor Knight
down below. The Chaos Sphere and Throwing Anchor help a bit here. Kill him
off and then go get the [_CHEST_]. Now we have to wait until the platform
goes down and hit it to continue. Here you'll see an anchor in the ceiling.
Hit up the deposit and then stand near the anchor to see it drop. These work
as rising platforms, so use it to hit up the checkpoint. This one is fairly
safe to break.

 Continue to the right and use the anchors when you need to. A sea witch
makes life difficult here, so take her out carefully. Further to the right
use the anchors to keep yourself HIGH up and access the ceiling to a hidden
room. Here there are three anemone's up above and an Anchor Knight. Focus on
taking out the Anchor Knight. The anchor relic may help. You can hit the
anemone AND the Anchor Knight if you are lucky. Once you kill him off hit up
the [_CHEST_] for some MAJOR gems, then head to the previous screen. Kill the
Anchor Knight here if you wish and head down.

 Down here there is a TON of dirt. Destroy it all (the crabs help) and mop up
the gems. Save the platter for last to heal up your health and continue to the
right. Break the wall here. Note the platform but don't use it yet. You can
break the wall to the right before activating the platform. Now hit the jetting
platform to head to the right. Stand on the right edge and smack the walls as
you go forward. They may push you back a bit, so be sure to move to the right
and continue smacking the walls. In the next screen you'll hit a checkpoint.
The boss is coming up. Break the checkpoint if you have two healing chalices
and are finding the boss fights fairly easy so far. Let's go face Treasure

 | Boss Battle -                Treasure Knight               - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: Is it just me, or does this guy look like he      |
 |   belongs in Bioshock or something!? Very neat. This fight is fairly     |
 |   easy, especially if you have good reflexes. Knowing his attacks down   |
 |   below help as well of course. Of special note is the knight's anchor   |
 |   attacks. They are like a boomerang as what he shoots out must of       |
 |   course return to him at some point, so watch out for the recoil!       |
 |                                                                          |
 |   Like the other knights, Treasure Knight will add in his chest attack   |
 |   once his HP gets low. I'd also like to deliberately point out that     |
 |   the Flare Wand is the most helpful relic here, but for the sand wave   |
 |   move the Phase Locket helps a ton since the timing is so important.    |
 |   Read up on the moves below and take down this greedy knight.           |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Anchor Shot: This move comes in two varieties. The first is the normal |
 |   shot across the screen. Just jump over the shot and get ready for the  |
 |   Treasue Knight to follow. You can bounce off of him as he comes at you |
 |   to damage him. The second variety is where he shoots the anchor up in  |
 |   the ceiling. From there he'll move across the room and shoot down at   |
 |   you. Avoid his downward shot. He'll stop after the second shot, but    |
 |   it does give you time to smack him a few times after the second shot.  |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Bubble Shots: Treasure Knight will shoot out about four bubbles at     |
 |   you. These LOOK like they have gems in them... don't be fooled and     |
 |   don't try to grab them (I, uh... may have tried...).                   |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Sand Wave. Probably the hardest attack to avoid. Treasure Knight will  |
 |   slam the ground and cause a giant wave of sand to appear at each side. |
 |   You can avoid these by perfectly (and I do mean PERFECTLY) jumping     |
 |   over them. That is a bit hard to do, so the Phase Locket may be best   |
 |   here.                                                                  |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Whirlwind Treasure: This is the move Treasure Knight does when he is   |
 |   low on health. He will throw a treasure chest in the middle of the     |
 |   room which starts a whirlwind. This tries to suck you in of course but |
 |   isn't very hard to outrun. The real challenge comes when he shoots out |
 |   his bubbles as well. These bubbles get spun around by the pressure and |
 |   will be sent flying at you. Jump to avoid them but keep running away   |
 |   from the chest at the same time.                                       |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |

 After the stage, you will be back at the campfire. No dreams this time.
You WILL open up the way to the next village though. There will also be a
new icon appear on the map... a person? Let's go check this out:

                              ENCOUNTER: REIZE         
| Playing: 'Fighting with all of Our Might' |
 Shovel Knight will try to talk to the man here, but will be mistaken for
an enemy. No time to explain now, time to fight a boss!

 | Boss Battle -                     Reize                    - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: Reize is very mobile, almost ninja-like which     |
 |   is neat. However, he has nothing on us! His Boomerang attack is very   |
 |   random, which can be dangerous. Still, up until the last bit of his    |
 |   health he leaves himself VERY open. Use the Flare Wand until he starts |
 |   to use his flame attack, then switch to the Phase Locket or the Chaos  |
 |   Orb. You'll have him knocked out in no time... then you can, uh...     |
 |   explain you aren't a bad guy...                                        |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Dual Boomerangs: Reize will throw his boomerangs at random. Usually    |
 |   one downward and one straight ahead. These boomerangs will then just   |
 |   bounce around normally until Reize comes back in contact with them,    |
 |   which will happen eventually.                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Downward Kick. When he isn't throwing boomerangs, he'll kick sharply   |
 |   downward at you. This is the perfect time to hit him, either with a    |
 |   direct attack or your own downward strike. Be mindful of where the     |
 |   boomerangs are before making your decision.                            |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Flame Circle: Ugh, this is annoying. When Reize is low on health, he   |
 |   will make flame circles rotate him. You can destroy these in one hit   |
 |   but they are still annoying to get through since there are five of     |
 |   them. Use the Chaos Orb to bounce through them all and take him out.   |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |

 After the fight be sure to pick up the gems and [_MUSIC SHEET_]. Well,
that was worth it!

 Now, let's visit the new town we opened up.

                                ARMOR VILLAGE          
| Playing: 'Courage Under Fire' |

 Here talk to the locals if you wish.

 Go to the end of the screen to the left. See the fashion sign? Strike it
with a downward strike to get on top of it, then jump to the right and use
the rooftops to reach the [_MUSIC SHEET_]. You can now jump to the ladder here
to reach the BLACKSMITH and SHOVEL SMITH  above (Shovel Smith... that's a word
now, right?!). Check out their shops for some upgrade choices (save your money
for now!):

     |                     —=—   SHOVEL SMITH SHOP   —=—                      |
     |                                                                        |
     |  o Charge Handle: 4,000 Gold                                           |
     |    Description: Hold your attack to unleash a powerful charge slash.   |
     |                                                                        |
     |  o Trench Blade: 3,000 Gold                                            |
     |    Description: Dig up a whole pile in one mighty motion.              |
     |                                                                        |
     |  o Drop Spark: 6,000 Gold                                              |
     |    Description: Slash to spark the ground when you're at full health.  |
     |                                                                        |
     |                                                                        |

 Let's check out the armor shop as well:

     |                      —=—   BLACKSMITH SHOP   —=—                       |
     |                                                                        |
     |  o Stalwart Plate: 0 Gold                                              |
     |    Description: Your original armor. Simple, but sturdy.               |
     |                                                                        |
     |  o Final Guard: 3,000 Gold                                             |
     |    Description: Drop half as much gold when you fall in battle!        |
     |                                                                        |
     |  o Conjurer's Coat: 4,000 Gold                                         |
     |    Description: Sacrifice some protection for a higher magic limit,    |
     |                 and harvest magic from defeated foes!                  |
     |                                                                        |
     |  o Dynamo Mail: 6,000 Gold                                             |
     |    Description: Perform two consecutive shovel drops to unleash a      |
     |                 powerful charge slash!                                 |
     |                                                                        |
     |  o Mail of Momentum: 6,000 Gold                                        |
     |    Description: Heavily plated. Keep your footing when struck by       |
     |                 enemies, but stopping may be a problem!                |
     |                                                                        |
     |  o Ornate Plate: 8,000 Gold                                            |
     |    Description: Flashy! Acrobatic! Useless!                            |
     |                                                                        |
     |                                                                        |

 For now, don't buy anything. Head down and enter the fashion shop to the
very left. Make sure your Ichor's are filled up and you are ready for a fight.
Pay each of the people in here 1,000 Gems to help them with their purchases,
then the one that remains, Mr. Hat.... will attack!

 | Boss Battle -                   Mr. Hat                    - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: AHHH! Why does he like our helmet so much!        |
 |   Well, despite his unhealthy obsession, we must defend ourselves! Mr.   |
 |   Hat has two major "modes" of attack. His sword mode and his, um...     |
 |   "Gentleman" mode. Look them both over below. He changes between the    |
 |   two modes during the fight, so be ready for either. The best relic to  |
 |   use is probably the Flare Wand again, as you can hit him at extreme    |
 |   range. Note that it can't go through the swords that will get stuck    |
 |   in the ground, so use it wisely and beat this hat-obsessed freak!      |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Swordsman Hat: Mr. Hat will start off in this hat. He'll take out his  |
 |   rapier and try to slash you. You can easily bounce off of his head     |
 |   when he does this though. He'll also throw red swords out, which land  |
 |   in the ground. He'll then run at you and slash the swords on his way   |
 |   to you, so be careful. You can hit the swords as well, Just don't get  |
 |   hit by their angled arc.                                               |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Gentleman Hat: This one is funny. He'll put on a hat and then bounce   |
 |   around. When he is across the room he'll throw tea plates at you,      |
 |   which you can jump through. He'll also toss tea cups after the plates  |
 |   to ensure you don't get too close. The Flare Wand helps a ton here.    |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |

(-NOTE-) For helping out all the moochers in the shop, you should get the
         "Nice Hat..." feat.
 After the fight you'll get all your money back and then some. 5,000 gems!
Now, head outside and note Mr. Hat will be on the sign. Get up there and
talk to him for another 1,000 Gems! Heh. Now, head up into the airship and
find him on the screen to the left. Talk to him again for ANOTHER 1,000 Gems.
We're really making him pay!

 Now that the fight is over, I would recommend buying all three of the
shovel abilities. You may have enough for some armor too. I bought the
Dynamo Armor here as well as all the shovel abilities. If you need some more
cash remember you can go sell your music sheets!

(-NOTE-) If you've been spending money wisely after each stage, there is a
         very good chance you'll get the "Hey Big Spender" Feat here.

(-NOTE-) If you bought all the shovel upgrades like me (not that you HAVE
         to...), you will get the "Master Shoveler" Feat here.

                               ENCOUNTER: BAZ         
| Playing: 'Fighting with all of Our Might' |

 Now that that is done, exit the village and you will (may... should) see
another human icon out on the map. This is another boss battle, so once you
are ready go meet it head on!

 | Boss Battle -                      Baz                     - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: So... Baz wants to be in the order of knights...  |
 |   And thinks that defeating us will do it! Let him try! Baz reminds me   |
 |   of the "Castlevania IV" version of Simon Belmont. He attacks with a    |
 |   rope in a whip-like manor (jump over it!) and uses the rungs hanging   |
 |   from the ruins up above to swing from. Lovely. Check out his attacks   |
 |   below to see what he'll do. If you bought the shovel upgrades, note    |
 |   that you can launch sparks from where you are at full health. You may  |
 |   as well do this as long as you can and avoid the whip. After that,     |
 |   you may as well use either the Anchor or the Flare Wand. Baz isn't     |
 |   too tough, so take him out.                                            |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Whip Attack: This is Baz's standard attack. Just jump over it and you  |
 |   should be safe. There's not much to say about his whip, really. He'll  |
 |   use it to swing around as well but that's more annoying than dangerous.|
 |                                                                          |
 | - Lightning Slam: Sometimes after swinging around, Baz will jump down    |
 |   and punch the earth. This causes lightning to shoot in both directions |
 |   that you have to jump over. Not too dangerous.                         |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Dark Lighting: This is the most dangerous attack... and Baz really     |
 |   isn't doing anything. Once you've hurt him enough he'll cry out and    |
 |   cause the sky to go dark. He'll then start getting hit by lighting     |
 |   automatically. When he gets hit it doesn't hurt but the shot will      |
 |   then splinter off in the NW, NE, SW and SE directions. This isn't      |
 |   hard to avoid, but when you combine his swinging and tendency to at    |
 |   times be in close proximity it can be dangerous. The Phase Locket is   |
 |   a good idea here, or just press on the full attack and bring this      |
 |   battle to a close!                                                     |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 Time to go to a new knight stage. Next up: Plague Knight! Let's do it!

| Playing: 'Flowers of Antimony' |

 The first thing to note here (besides the awesome atmosphere) is the
yellow tiles on the ground. These things sprout flames at you once you step
on them, so be ready (unlike a certain guide author...). Run to the right and
jump up to the gems quickly then circle back to safety. Jump up and take the
dirt down. Wait for the beetle to come to you, then run on. Down below jump
the beetle. The rat here is green and is indeed special in some way: he will
EXPLODE after being hit. Keep it away from you and continue on.

 Dig up the deposit and then USE the dirt to hit the upper left wall to reveal
a [_CHEST_]. Head down now and defeat the exploding rats. To the right you'll
be bombarded by a flying raven dropping explosive vials. Just ignore it and
dig up the dirt to the right. You can dig up the dirt higher up if you want
although it is more dangerous thanks to the flame urns. Make your way to the
right and you'll see a SPARKLE. Fish up a[_GOLD FISH_] here, then use the
platforms going up and down. The down ones are SLOW, but use them to get the
gem down below before going on.

 Ah, our first checkpoint.
 This room is full of breakable walls and exploding mice. Go to town. You
should uncover a ladder to the upper right, a hole to the left and a platter
to the lower right with some health in it (which I needed!). Head UPWARD
first. You'll find a room with a chest in the distance. Stay high on the
ladder then drop down and run when the left platform starts its turn. Jump on
it then jump on the next left platform that comes by and you'll reach the
[_CHEST_] with ease. You will find a [_MUSIC SHEET_] in this chest. Returning
is easy, so do so and take the hold to go further down.

 Down here you will find a new enemy. He dances around and throws out vials
that explode. Figures. I'm calling him a Chemist. Take him out and destroy
the dirt. There's a gem deposit on the right wall as well. Gather everything
before continuing.

 You'll see some barrels in this next room with a new enemy: the Spirit Bunny.
Yeah... may as well call him that. They do die in one hit though, cute as they
are. Get close and they'll try to bite you a ton. Use the barrels here to
gather up the gems and continue on. Beware of the spiked barrel of course.

 We'll be in a LONG area now with ton of barrels. Use them to continue to the
right and kill the bunny. Soon you'll have to be patient so they don't ram you
up into spikes. Just watch the patterns from safety and go when it's safe. Near
the end of the area is a gem deposit and bunnies. Kill them and get the gems.
Now, BEFORE going on, go back to the left a bit (be safe) and make the right
bunnies respawn. This time, use them to head upward by jumping on them. Destroy
the dirt and get the gems, then bash in the right wall for a hidden room.

 Here go fight the new Green Knight. This one adds in downward attacks to the
regular knight's moves, so be very careful. Try to downward attack him after he
tries to get you! Once you defeat him, break the block and continue to find the
[_VENDOR CHEST_]! Hooray! Chester will sell us the [_ALCHEMY COIN_] her for
3,000 Gold. Buy it! Try it out on the creatures down below to have them turn
into gems, then run across with the coin and cash in. Return to the previous
screen and head down.

 You'll find a new enemy here: a Poison Spider. This thing walks along and
spits out poison at random. Use the Flare Wand to take him out and then check
the platter to heal up. Grab the gems on the left before going down again.
Here we are in for trouble. There is a VERY HARD TO GET item coming up,but
let me tell you how to get it even if it will take a few tries and, well...
deaths. To the right is a series of pits and breakable walls. You can get
through this entire area by breaking EVERY wall and killing all the enemies,
but in order to get the item we have to get ON TOP OF all the walls and
platforms. The raven dropping vials makes this hard. On the last wall before
the fire urns, we need to bounce OFF the slime, then OFF the Raven to the

 Now, that is MUCH harder to do than to type. If you fail the walls will
likely be broken, so you won't get a second chance... and there's no way to
make them re-appear. Instead, I recommend going to one of the first pits and
dying: your gold will be easy to get back and you can try again... as sucky
as that is.

 Once you DO get to the ceiling you can break the floor and grab the treasure
we tried so hard for: a [_MUSIC SHEET_]. Defeat the chemist here and break
all the blocks for a platter to heal up before continuing.

 You'll find a mini-boss here. Let's call him the Master Chemist. Sounds neat!
He'll stop at the vial rack and start tossing vials everywhere. Go up to him
and hit him or use the Flare Wand. Eventually he'll find the vial he wants
and change into a MONSTROUS BEAST. Stay on the ledge now and bounce off him a
ton when he gets near. I'd jump back to the left ledge afterward, but you could
be brave and stay on him. He picks up speed and will likely hit you though.
After that the master chemist will change shelves and repeat the process. Keep
at him to defeat him.

 Beyond him you'll see a new type of flame pot. This one spurts flames out
every so often, so it is timed. Grab the platter here and magic. There is a
SPARKLE in the pit! FISHING TIME! Fish up a [_TROUPPLE FISH_] here and get
some Ichor if you need it.

 Continue on for the gems and then head up the ladder. In the middle of the
flames up above you'll battle a green knight. What a terrific fighting spot!
Take him out and be wary of the flames. Once he is dead time the next two
jumps and fall down when its safe. For the three pot area, I used the Phase
Locket to ensure I got to the ladder (use it while landing down on the second
pot). Now, BEFORE going up to the ladder go down and hit the right wall to find
a secret room.

 Here you'll see flame pots from the top and the floor. Use your Phase Locket
here again and hit up the gems and magic on the way to the [_CHEST_]. This
chest has a ton of gems in it and is totally worth it! Make your way back to
the previous screen now and head up to continue.

 The next room has ladders and flame urns. Ugh. Get past the first one and
kill the bunny coming to you. Now get to the top and bounce down at the last
rabbit coming at you. The platter here has some food. Head down once the top
urn is finished and get past it. Drop down once its safe. Use the ladder and
head up now to the gems and then time your next ascent to the next screen.

 Hit up the checkpoint here and check out the Shovel Knight clone. Great,
they are cloning us now. Drop him and hit the left wall for a platter with
some health. Head left and two more clones. The top one will likely drop down
toward you. Kill him off and head right. Up the ladder wait for the clone to
head left and you can use your spark to kill him, then continue on to the next
screen. Knock the deposit off the wall and to the right you'll see plenty of

 Walk under them and the clones will downward thrust, so be ready to fight
the first one. The next two jump the pits so the clones fall to their death.
We don't need fights by these pits. A spider is up next. Use your phase locket
here if you need to and continue on. Kill the clone that drops down and ride
the barrel up watching out for the chemist (again, the phase locket is your
friend). Fish up the nearby SPARKLE for a [_GOLD FISH_], then continue.

 You'll be at the screen before the boss now. Hit up the checkpoint (I would
destroy it if you have two health chalices) and then destroy the lower left
wall for a full meal platter. Onward to the Plague Knight!

 | Boss Battle -                 Plague Knight                - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: This guy looks like an old-world doctor, and he   |
 |   is also the hardest fight we've done so far! Heh. Definitely go over   |
 |   his attacks below, but of particular note of this fight is how utterly |
 |   mobile he is. Plague Knight is ALWAYS jumping around and/or throwing   |
 |   SOMETHING. He DOES NOT stay still. For that reason, the best relic     |
 |   for this fight has to be the Phase Locket. Use it when you know that   |
 |   unavoidable damage is incoming. And of course near the end of the      |
 |   fight, have a Ichor of Renewal ready just to be safe. Also note that   |
 |   his arena is full of breakable rocks! Yikes! Don't worry too much      |
 |   about this though: there is solid ground underneath! Now check out     |
 |   his attacks and take out this infestation.                             |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Vial Shots: This is by far the Plague Knight's go-to move. In fact, it |
 |   works with other moves down below and even has a couple of versions to |
 |   it (I separate one version into a new move called "Gattling Vial" down |
 |   below. Anyway, his standard vial attack is very similar to the Chemist |
 |   enemy: it explodes and causes damage. However, the shot can also end   |
 |   up releasing green waves that travel along the ground and even up the  |
 |   walls. Talk about annoying!                                            |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Gattling Vial: Every now and again Plague Knight WILL stand still for  |
 |   awhile. However he only ever really stands still to do this move,      |
 |   where he will take his vials and throw them one after another VERY,    |
 |   very fast. He'll try to cover the area opposite of him when he does    |
 |   this so you'll often be in harm's way. A good time to phase locket     |
 |   and smack him.                                                         |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Test Tubes: Once he's lost a bit of health he'll start using this.     |
 |   The Plague Knight will cause tubes full of chemical to appear at       |
 |   random spots in the arena. You can walk and these just fine. They      |
 |   really aren't meant to hurt you, but if the Plague Knight hits it with |
 |   one of his vials (and he WILL), the explosion will be much bigger than |
 |   normal. More of an added danger!                                       |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Chemist Fire: Once his health is down below half, he'll throw in this  |
 |   move. He will start to cause chemist fires to burn in-place. At least  |
 |   three of them in random locations. These fires are single-block width  |
 |   but are dangerous nevertheless. Avoid them and keep the attack on as   |
 |   they are a sign you are almost done!                                   |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |

(-NOTE-) After this fight (if you have been following THIS guide, anyways),
         you should have the "Halfway" Feat. Halfway done with the knight's!
 After the fight the Plague Knight lock will break and you'll be back at
your campfire. No dream though. Dig it up when you're done. Time to take on
the Mole Knight! BWAHAHA!

                                  LOST CITY        
| Playing: 'An Underlying Problem' |

 Whoa, look at the Flame Slime! Neat. I guess we can expect some lava in
this stage after all! As a note, do NOT use a downward strike on these things
as it will hurt you instead. On this first screen we have the option of going
DOWN or or RIGHT first. Head right and then jump over to the [_CHEST_] in the
distance. The music here is pretty good, right? Next, drop down, get the items
to the right, and then its time to fish at the SPARKLE! This is actually a
[_TROUPPLE FISH_], so use if if you can!

 Now you can go back to the left and dig up the upper layer of dirt here for
gems and kill the flame slimes. Just be sure to leave yourself a path/staircase
back up to the left and you'll be ok. Return to the previous screen and destroy
the dirt and head downwards.

 Down here you'll kill another fire slime. Note the lava drips here: they can
turn a regular slime into a fire slime. There' a new enemy down below with a
horse face racing back and forth... I really can't make this stuff up. He is
immune to downward strikes, but you can use it to get behind him and destroy
him from behind. Do so and continue to the right, but be careful of the lava
drips and lave pits before going down again. Destroy the walls to the left
here for gems and a platter. Below are some of those blue wisps we saw earlier.
They take quite a few hits to kill so a phase locket isn't a bad idea just in
case. I recommend downward strikes on them. Kill the two wisps and the horse
face, but be sure to get the floor deposit and the wall deposit before
continuing on downward.

 You'll be on a huge beetle now! Ha, time to go for a ride! This thing is
walking over the lava, so be very careful not to fall in! Note that your
Phase Locket DOES NOT protect you from lava! On the beetle the green section
will launch you up in the are while the front doesn't it, so you have jumping
options! Avoid the lava at the start and jump up for the gems.

 Jump up on the ledge here. If you don't need the magic just skip the enemy.
Up ahead are pillars of dirt. Break them ASAP for the gems and use them to
stand between when the lava drips. Coming up you can bounce up and destroy
the dirt leading up to a gem deposit. If you can't do it fast enough, the
second best option is the grey blocks for the good gems they drop. Soon the
beetle will come to a stop. Hit the lower right wall to find a hidden
[_CHEST_], then bounce off the back to continue to the right.

 Here you'll see a BIG new enemy whom I'm going to call the Lance Giant.
He spits fireballs out in a sine and co-sine wave (meaning there are safe
spots to stand in) and will thrust his lance forward every now and again.
Drop down when its safe and smack the left wall to find a platter. Don't open
it unless you need it. If you stand to the far left you will be safe from the
shots. You COULD just Flare Wand him to death if you feel cheap. Just to the
left of the bridge is a great place to stand. Or just go crazy... you do have
that food, so take him out as you wish and continue on.

 Hit up the first checkpoint and the deposit after it. It's pretty safe to
break this checkpoint, for the record (just watch your jumps!).  A mole will
come out of this deposit, so be ready to kill it! Watch the gaps in this area
as drill fish will leap up. Very odd looking fish! Make your way to the right
carefully watching out for lava drips and the gaps (and the beetle... I guess).
You'll come to a fight with a RED KNIGHT soon! This knight is fairly similar
to others you have fought... he does do a double-thrust, but it really doesn't
have that much range so take him out like normal. Once he is dead, jump the
gap and get the gem deposit then continue on.

 We got another checkpoint here. Yes, already. Break the first wall here and
kill the flame slimes. Now DO NOT break the next set of platforms. Use it to
head up and to the right to a hidden screen (not very well hidden, but you
know...). Here you'll see a ledge and drill fish... what we need to do of
course is bounce off the fish to the platform, then keep bouncing off the fish
to the moving platforms. Not too hard, really, just watch out for the height
on your jumps and trust the fish will be there! On the big gap I would actually
recommend jumping OVER the first fish. You can get over there bouncing on the
next three. You'll reach a [_CHEST_] here that contains a [_MUSIC SHEET_].
Hurrah! We have to head back now, but it shouldn't be too hard. Break the
right blocks now on the previous screen to uncover a horse foe and a platter.
Use it if you need to and continue down.

 Here do NOT bounce on the left blocks. Feel free to break the big grey
blocks, but land safely on the smaller blocks to the left. Once you break
these, it will start a CHAIN REACTION and break the blocks in order. Just
hold to the left and make your way to the hole to be safe. This is a good
learning screen: you KNOW more complicated things are coming up!

 The next screen isn't too hard. Drop down and hit the left block to open
up the screen and kill the slimes. DO NOT bounce them. Next break the upper
left blocks and jump to safety. Down below is green goo! Argh, we can jump
off it! Do so and break the obvious wall on the left to reach a hidden room.

 Here there is a [_VENDOR CHEST_] with an awesome item! The [_DUST KNUCKLES_]
for 3,000 Gold! Buy buy buy! Use this awesome item with the right shoulder
button and punch your way through the earth to the left. Awesome, right? You'll
make your way to a [_CHEST_] at the far end. Drop down and kill the flame
slimes, then destroy all the dirt on your way to the right and a second
[_CHEST_]. More money! Gather it up and exit the hidden room.

 Hit up the checkpoint and gems here on your way to the platform. Grab that
nice gem under the platform as well. To the right you must use the green blob
to bounce upward. In the next pit kill the flame slimes. The green blob here
is too far away from the next pillar, so hit it to the right (you can move
these green blobs) and use it to carry on. CARRY ON, SHOVEL KNIGHT, CARRY ON!

 The next screen here has some lava and more green blobs. Time to learn
something new about blobs! They can turn lava into jelly pits! Well...
temporarily at least. Try it out by hitting the blob down to the pit and
watch it turn. Jump down and hit the left wall now to find a [_CHEST_].
Loot it and hit the blob into the lava again to continue to the right
platform. The next blob can be hit to the left to goop up the lava underneath
you or to the far right to goop up that lava. Get the gem down below and head
back up, then hit it to the right. To get it over there, you actually have
to hit it to the platform where it will drop onto the lave. We can jump over
there now. Get on the platform as it heads right and jump to safety. Hit the
dirt here to make the lava safe and the next blob to the right while you are
jumping. Now hit the next blob to the stair-like lava (take note of that), but
to get the gems up above hit ANOTHER blob to the right and use it to get to
the gems.

 Now take the lave up to the UPPER RIGHT CEILING and proceed right to a
hidden room. Here you'll see some music in the distance. Excellent. This
room is pretty easy. Jump to the platform and hit the blob to the right
lava, then go nab the [_MUSIC SHEET_]. Easy. Stay here and hug the left of
the platform. Hit the falling blob to get the lava to be safe then jump to
the next platform. One more blob hit and its safe to go back to the next

 Break the blocks here and land safely down below. There is a red knight here
with a very dangerous room: you CANNOT use downward strikes recklessly here or
you'll die. To play it safe, you can just jump the knight and break the upper
left blocks to kill him. Fight if you are truly wanting some gems, I suppose.
Further down is another Lance Giant (I knew we'd see him again). Hit the blob
down and head to the right. Get the deposit and use the Flare Wand to destroy
the giant then head down.

 There is a checkpoint here (save it for convenience) and a beetle, as well
as a destroy-able wall to the left. Break it and equip your Dust Knuckles.
Use them to head to the left for a [_CHEST_] and then back to the right (use
the knuckles as you jump).

 Now it's time for another ride across lava. Jump on him and then back up.
Ride to the right and break the blocks, watching out for the wisps (just jump
over them if needed). Watch out for lava drips now! Further to the right is a
TON of blocks. Break the top layer just to be safe (or if you are brave/skilled
get that lower gem) and continue on to another couple of dirt blocks. Jump to
them for gold and continue on.
 Last checkpoint! If you are full on ichor, it's fairly safe to break this one.
Be sure to use the dirt hear to break the wall for a full life platter, then
break them on your way to fight the knight of this Lost City!

 | Boss Battle -                  Mole Knight                 - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: Ah, Mole Knight. He looks really cool, actually.  |
 |   And then he had to go laugh at our shovel! Grrr. Moke Knight does his  |
 |   best to act like Plague Knight in the fact that he is almost always    |
 |   on the move. His movement is fairly predictable though and with some   |
 |   skill and good timing you can actually hurt him significantly when he  |
 |   is on the move.                                                        |
 |                                                                          |
 |   Check out his moves below to see what I'm talking about. As far as     |
 |   relics go, this fight has a lot of walls and/or single-hit projectiles |
 |   so things like the Flare Wand and Orb of Chaos are rather... poor      |
 |   choices. The Phase Locket is a better choice, but use whatever you     |
 |   feel comfortable with and take Mole Knight out!                        |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Wall Dash: This is likely the Mole Knight's signature move, since it   |
 |   involves well... digging. He'll burrow into the ground and then dash   |
 |   across the screen several times. You can actually get in some damage   |
 |   here by anticipating his attack. You know he is coming, so jump up     |
 |   ahead of time and downward strike. You'll hurt him every time! Later   |
 |   on in the fight (one he's lost some health) he'll throw in some dirt   |
 |   blocks before this move. Dig out of them quickly and go back to        |
 |   jumping on the Mole Knight.                                            |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Treasure Trove: Another attack Mole Knight will do after burrowing     |
 |   is this one. He'll make four treasure deposits appear and then hide    |
 |   in one of them. You can actually tell which one by his visor. After a  |
 |   second he'll burst out and all deposits will shoot out fire, so try    |
 |   and dig him up quick (or at the very least, dig up some of the other   |
 |   deposits.                                                              |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Power Slide: One last move after burrowing! Because why not!? This     |
 |   time Mole Knight will burst out and slide along the ground. He will    |
 |   make sparks fly out as he does this. You should be bouncing off of     |
 |   him of course but be sure to avoid the sparks. Easy damage, really.    |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Wall Crush: This is a very interesting move. Mole Knight will make     |
 |   several walls of breakable blocks appear and slide them at you. The    |
 |   rocks here are those ones that are easy to destroy, so just jump and   |
 |   slash every one of them to avoid being crushed. If you are lucky, you  |
 |   can actually get above/behind him when he is doing this move and then  |
 |   bounce off his head to REALLY put the hurt on him.                     |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Lave Power: This can be thought of as Mole Knight's power move! He     |
 |   will actually stay in place for awhile (go figure) and then get hit    |
 |   by a lava stream! Agh! He'll then start spewing out small particles    |
 |   of flame all while lava drips down from below. All of this can be      |
 |   fairly hard to avoid, so have the Phase Locket ready at the very least |
 |   and avoid all the incoming damage.                                     |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |

 After the fight you'll be at the campfire, like normal, but Shovel Knight
will dream again, meaning we'll need to save Shield Knight!

 This fight is much more hectic. You'll face knights here but soon wisps
will come in. There'll be quite a few wisps as you fight, so consider your
relic choice well (Orb of Chaos / Anchor). Ravens dropping acid flasks will
also show up, as well as those weird bunny things. Kill as much as you can
for gems and be sure to catch Shield Knight when she falls!

 Once you wake up put out the fire like a good friend of the forest and hit
up the chest for another [_MEAL TICKET_]. Good stuff.

 After the fight it's time for some map fights. You could go fight a random
encounter enemy, but definitely go spend some dough. Also, be sure to save
at least 5,000 Gold for an upcoming area. The only real other thing of note
is that each area now has a catapult in it (you can also access an area to
the right that says "Shortcut?"). Be sure to use the catapult in the village
(it is on the final screen) and it will shoot you to the top of the airship
at Armor Outpost. This let's you nab a [_MUSIC SHEET_], so it is worth it for
sure. Next up you can either do the Knuckler's Quarry or the Black Knight
fight. Do it in either order (I'm doing the Knuckler's Quarry first).

                              KNUCKLER'S QUARRY         
| Playing: 'An Underlying Problem' |

 Now that we have the Dust Knuckles we can actually complete this place!
Hurrah! Enter and talk to the man... horse thingy and use the knuckles on
the dirt to make sure you have a feeling for how they work. You'll need it
as you cross the lava: you'll drop after the top dirt but continue right
away over to the [_CHEST_] and the right screen.

 Here dash through the dirt to the platform and continue to the right.
Pretty fun, right? You'll drop to the next set of dirt blocks but watch
out for the lava drip. On the next screen head up ASAP and kill the chemist
enemies before they destroy too much dirt. You'll need it to get that pink
gem to the upper right! After that you can take your time and get the gems
down below. Head down now and you'll see a bubble in the middle of the dirt.
Yep, we have to punch through it, bounce off the bubble (aim for the gems of
course) and punch through some more to a slime. Getting challenging! Heh!

 Continue down to a [_CHEST_]. Note the dirt to the right with the magic
pot. We're going to land on it, so head right, land on it, and then punch
straight through the next sets of dirt to the bubbles, which you can use to
bounce to safety. Feels good! Hit up the [_CHEST_] here for a [_MUSIC SHEET_]
and gather up all the gems on your way out of this area!

                           ENCOUNTER: BLACK KNIGHT          
| Playing: 'The Defender' |

 Now let's face the Black Knight again. A little intrigue before the fight.
Us, the imposter!? Bah. Let's do this!

 | Boss Battle -          The Black Knight (Part II)          - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: Here we are facing the Black Knight again! He     |
 |   has more health of course but also packs a few new moves (not many,    |
 |   but I'm sure we'll see him again). See his attacks below. The energy   |
 |   dig in particular is probably now his toughest attack. It should also  |
 |   be noted that he now has a tendency to hit projectiles back at you,    |
 |   so even if you hit something at him be ready to hit it back again.     |
 |   Have at thee!                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Shovel Swipe: The knight will come up to you and swipe his shovel at   |
 |   you. Still his basic attack, but he'll take you off guard if you       |
 |   take it for granted.                                                   |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Energy Shot: The Black Knight will make his shovel glow purple and     |
 |   then release an energy shot at you! Jump over it to avoid it or hit    |
 |   it back at him. You may very will get in a volleyball war if you do    |
 |   hit it back, so be ready!                                              |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Downward Strikes: A very dangerous attack... or well it used to be     |
 |   when we were new to this game! By now you should be able to feel       |
 |   confident enough to jump up at him as he comes down and hit him in     |
 |   the air. The only new thing to note is that he can initiate this move  |
 |   from across the screen and get above you fast, so be careful.          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Energy Dig: Yes, a new type of energy attack! The Black Knight will    |
 |   dig into the earth and throw four purple energy balls at you! Either   |
 |   use your Phase Locket or retreat a bit to get in between the balls     |
 |   easier. I wouldn't bother hitting these back at all, just avoid the    |
 |   attack.                                                                |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |

 Of course the Black Knight will run afterwards, but we got some gold
nevertheless, so I guess we're good. As you can guess... this isn't the last
time we'll meet this particular knight. Until then!

 Let's go ahead and do the Hall of Champions. We need 5,000 gold to enter,
so make sure you're good on ichor and head on in!

                              HALL OF CHAMPIONS        
| Playing: 'The Donor's Despair' |

(-NOTE-) PS4 players will encounter something new in the Hall of Champions,
         although it is hidden. We'll find it though! It actually unlocks
         the hidden Kratos boss fight! Keet this in mind, PS4 players!
 Go talk to the woman here who will offer us admission for one for a whopping
5,000 Gold! Sheesh, really!? Well, let's pay it I suppose. Go ahead and enter.

 Once you enter you'll be TRAPPED! Ugh, go figure. The man here will
confirm it. Nothing to do but head up I suppose. We have a number of ways
we can go here, but let's go left first.

 Gather up the gems and avoid the ghosts as you make your way to the left.
Our entire goal in this place is to rid it of ghosts. We're not leaving until
we do, after all. Once you get to the left jump near the ladder (to reveal one
more ghost) and then destroy the lower left wall. Here there is a large light
ball that can actually DESTROY ghosts. Like, permanently. You need to hit it
at them though. Do so here for some good gems and, once all the ghosts are
dead the lights will turn on and the room will be clear.

(-NOTE-) After a little research (why the hell didn't I back this!?!), I can
         confirm that these pictures are (likely) another Kickstarter reward
         item. Neat!

 Head up the ladder and destroy the left wall to see a secret room. The upper
platform here has a number of holes in it. Not very easy to describe in text,
so get through it with trial and error (It won't take long! Hey, don't be too
mad that I'm phoning this one in! Remember all the tips I've given so far!?).
You'll reach a [_MUSIC SHEET_] and [_CHEST_] here. The woman down below will
yell at us for destroying the wall. Heh. Use the food if you need to and head
back to the previous room.

 Here use the white balls to start destroying ghosts. One spawns up above
and one spawns after you destroy the walls underneath the central platform
area. You can also use the white ball to get to some gems on the right side
of the room. Kill all the ghosts and head to the right.

 Talk to the patrons if you wish and continue on to the right. There are two
white balls here: one on each side of the large wall. Kill the ghost on the
left and head to the right. Here kill the top ghost first and then the bottom
one. That will clear the room, so head down the ladder to the room below and
then destroy the lower right wall for another hidden room!

 Here the patron will think they are safe due to the solid wall... except we
just opened a wall dude! Heh. Hit up the platter here for a full meal (or
save it, up to you) and go get the [_CHEST_] for a tone of gems and the
[_MUSIC SHEET_]. Very nice.

 But wait, PSN (PlayStation) players have something else to look forward to
here! In this hidden room there is ANOTHER secret! Head to the right wall and
do a downward strike, which will break the floor. Head over to the right screen
and collect the floating [_CURIONS MAP_], which has the God of War Omega Symbol
right on it. Nothing else to do for now, go ahead and beat the rest of this
stage and we'll cover the Kratos Fight after this stage.


 Head back to the previous screen now. Destroy the ghost here (you'll likely
have to get him to re-appear) and hit the top of the divider to open the room
to the left. Over there is another orb and two more ghosts. Destroy them both
and clear the room. We can now face the boss of this area: just head left to
meet the Master Ghost!

 | Boss Battle -                 Master Ghost                 - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: All of the ghosts that we killed seem to come     |
 |   together here and form a GIANT ghost. We are also given two white      |
 |   orbs here... yep, you know what to do! Hurting the ghost is only       |
 |   possible of course with the white balls, but the Master Ghost is so    |
 |   big that it is rather easy. He does have a tendency to float up        |
 |   rather high, so you'll need to hit the orb twice to get it up high     |
 |   and hurt him faster. Check out his moves below and chuck those white   |
 |   orbs like crazy!                                                       |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Phase Dash: When he isn't floating around aimlessly, he'll phase out   |
 |   and dash at you, then repeat 4-5 times in a row. Not very hard to      |
 |   dodge and gets the ghost close to you meaning you can hurt him with    |
 |   the orb easier.                                                        |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Ghost Shield. Master Ghost is a bit of a monster... he'll use his      |
 |   fellow ghosts as a shield! Well, not only as a shield but also as an   |
 |   offensive weapon, as if you don't take them out fast enough the        |
 |   small ghosts will spread out. Still, the Master Ghost PLUS all of the  |
 |   small ghosts are very easy to hit, so you can take out many of them    |
 |   in one go.                                                             |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Skull Fighters: After losing about half of his health, Master Ghost    |
 |   will summon two green skulls to hover up in the air. These things      |
 |   just hover back and forth and drop smaller skulls downward that you    |
 |   just have to avoid. They are annoying and don't go away, so just       |
 |   dodge them and you'll be OK.                                           |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |

 After the fight the hostess will thank you and apologize for the, uh.. ghost
problem. She'll state that that's what you get for PAYING for something in
advance! Really!?

(-NOTE-) This is a joke on anyone who paid money for the game's Kickstarter
         drive. Heh. Thankfully the game is really good!

(-NOTE-) After you clear this area, you should get the "Hall Champion" Feat.
         Very nice!

 Time to start in on the new set of levels, I suppose. OR, if you are a PS4
player, we have an additional fight to undertake. Here we go!

                              ENCOUNTER: KRATOS         
| Playing: 'Fighting with all of Our Might' |

 (-NOTE-) This fight is a PSN exclusive. Shovel Knight is out now on PS4 and
          other PSN consoles (PS3 and Vita as well, I think... I bought it
          again on PS4). So with that said, hopefully you can enjoy this fight
          as well! If not, just skip this section...
 The God of War is offended by our presumptions, and challenges us to a fight
even though we lack a weapon! Oh my, what did we get ourselves into!? Let's
do this!

 | Boss Battle -                    Kratos                    - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: So, we face the Blades of Chaos. This is a very   |
 |   cool special fight, as Kratos is animated brilliantly and has quite    |
 |   a few attacks to punish us with. However, he is still fairly slow      |
 |   overall and can be taken down rather easily, especially by attacking   |
 |   his head (so you will want to do a lot of shovel-bouncing in this      |
 |   fight in particular...).                                               |
 |                                                                          |
 |   To make up for that, Kratos is not taken down easily. While you may    |
 |   things are TOO easy by the time you nearly have him down, he will      |
 |   actually break the pots in the background, absorb the health orbs,     |
 |   and continue the fight! Hah! These first two health bars are rather    |
 |   standard, as you'll face his attacks below in a safe arena. Still, do  |
 |   your best to play things safe and conserve any healing items... for a  |
 |   reason!                                                                |
 |                                                                          |
 |   To top things off, if two lives weren't enough upon "downing" Kratos   |
 |   for the second time the ground will give way and round three will      |
 |   start! OK, this fight is EPIC at this point! Here you will have to     |
 |   fight Kratos as the pillars fall, forcing you to continually jump up   |
 |   to higher pillars and avoid certain death below. To make up for that,  |
 |   your jump is much higher which gives you more time to get to safety.   |
 |   Plus you have a little grace time when the pillars go offscreen, but   |
 |   not much: if you fall you WILL DIE and fail the fight. Of course,      |
 |   Kratos can fall down too but if he does he'll just re-appear at the    |
 |   top of the screen.                                                     |
 |                                                                          |
 |   While Kratos is indeed vicious, you can really punish his attacks by   |
 |   staying slightly away from him and being quick. The only attack you    |
 |   really need to watch you for is the Cestus Punch, which is one of his  |
 |   faster moves but with quick reflexes you can punish even that. Check   |
 |   out all his moves below and take down the Ghost of Sparda...           |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Blades of Chaos Combo: Kratos' default sword attack combo. This is a   |
 |   three-hit attack with some range thanks to the chains Kratos uses.     |
 |   With good timing you can jump and bounce on his head at least twice    |
 |   during this attack as he always does the full three hits. He CAN turn  |
 |   around in mid-combo though, so don't thing you are safe if you get     |
 |   behind him (that's why bouncing on his head is the best).              |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Olympic Ascension: If you are close to Kratos or are approaching him   |
 |   from the front, Kratos may try this attack. In it he swings his blades |
 |   upward in front of him and if he hits you with it you will be sent     |
 |   flying upwards. He will then jump after you and slam you across the    |
 |   screen, taking a full circle of health. Vicious.                       |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Blade Whirlwind: Probably Kratos' best-looking move for sure. At times |
 |   Kratos will leap slightly up into the air and do a whirlwind attack    |
 |   with the blades. This has very good range in front of and behind him,  |
 |   but when he swings it is at an angle. This means that the area right   |
 |   above him is unguarded, and since you are likely trying to do a lot of |
 |   bouncing on his head, this move equates to a ton of free hits for you. |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Cestus Punch: Kratos will whip out the fist weapons he likely obtained |
 |   from Hercules in God of War 3 (see, I've played a bit of GoW!) and     |
 |   dash across the screen quickly, trying to punch you. This is a quick   |
 |   attack, but you can get in a bounce hit if you are fast. If he does    |
 |   this move after his "health re-fill" stage, he will also knock some    |
 |   pillars lose from the column, so be wary of following him up for a     |
 |   counter-attack during that time.                                       |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Column Whip: During the "ground phase" of the fight, Kratos may use    |
 |   his chains to whip from one column to another. This is dangerous as he |
 |   often does it multiple times in a row, back and forth while moving up  |
 |   or down (a bit like Sigma in Mega Man X). During the "health refill"   |
 |   part of the fight, he will add in the effect of pulling out blocks     |
 |   from the opposing column, whipping them at you. Be ready to dodge the  |
 |   flying column pieces when he does this. If you can, try to bounce on   |
 |   his head when he pulls the column blocks as you can get two plus hits  |
 |   in easily.                                                             |
 |                                                                          |

 Once you have defeated Kratos (congrats, Ghost of Shovels!), Kratos will
give you a gift: the [_GRAVE DIGGER'S SHOVEL_]. We can't equip this at all
of course, but the game tells us to visit a smithy! Note that you can attack
Kratos as he walks away, but all it does is makes him put his hood back on!

 Head back to the ARMOR OUTPOST now and talk to the Shove Smith. He can't do
anything with it though. Now talk to the Armorer and he'll take it... and then
break it! Bah! Bad news: he broke it. Good news? He made it into armor! This
becomes the [_ARMOR OF CHAOS_].

 Try out your well-won armor. This gives you a Kratos skin and turns your
attacks into a three-hit combo, ala the Blades of Chaos. Your downward attack
also adds some fire to the attack. It kind-of weakens the mobility of the
attack but is awesome. You can also store a charge attack when you kill enemies
that lets you send a fire shockwave out. Very cool and powerful. The game also
has orbs now as you play. Definitely a great armor.

                                STRANDED SHIP         
| Playing: 'A Cool Reception' |

 Here's our ice level! Haha, you knew it was coming! Kill the beetles here and
destroy the lower right wall. Nab the gem and get out before the bomb goes off
then carry on. The next screen has an upper and lower path. Stay on the upper
path as you head right. There's a new wolf enemy here. He'll likely take you
two hits to kill, and has a tendency to charge head first. There's more of them
up ahead. They'll likely kill themselves in the pits here. Stay on the upper
level and kill them as needed to reach a [_CHEST_]. You can drop down from here
(or break the last block to the right) to get the gem deposits. The right one
has a mole in it! You can also go break the lower blocks to the left for some
gems if you wish, just be careful of re-spawning wolves. Head right when you
are ready.

 Here you'll see a wolf and a new enemy. Let's call this guy a Barbarian.
Why not!? You can bounce off his head to get the gems here (which I suppose
is their way of teaching that), so get the gems and kill him off afterward.
To the right are some ice blocks and a SPARKLE in the pit. Save the bottom
ice block and fish off of it to find a [_GOLD FISH_]. Kill off the barbarian
now and watch out for the wolf that will likely come in. To the right is a
third barbarian. Take him our (the Flare Wand works wonders) and hit the wall
that was behind him. Watch out for the bomb and loot the [_CHEST_]. Break the
grey blocks now and drop to the right to continue.

 This next room has our first checkpoint. First, note the Ice Magician up
above. He shots out ice balls that drop snowflakes. Fun. Dig up the deposit
and head right watching out for the snow. Head up and kill the magician and
then gather up the gems as you head left and up. There's some more horse
enemies here. Ice versions, of course, but they die in the same way as
previous horses so hit them from behind or utilize the Flare Wand and continue.

 The next room has a number of ice blocks in it with a new type of dragon-type
enemy. These things have pouches on the front of them that is their obvious
weak-point. Destroy the upper layers of ice here and beware of bombs falling
down. The bombs may just take care of the dragons for you. If not take them out
manually. Clear out the ice and head downward.

 You'll be in a room where you will hit some soft ice and fall down to the
spikes below! ARGH! This is a bit freaky, but the ice here is meant to show
us that we are safe... and explains how this ice works! Be sure to get the
ice block to the right for the gems and head down again.

 Down here there is an ice horse jumping around on the bottom level. We need
to bounce off him and destroy the upper left wall to get to a hidden area.
Here break the upper ice blocks and look for a bomb at the end. Down below an
ice magician will shoot his ice ball. You can knock it out of the sky, shoot
him with the Flare Wand, or just avoid the snowflakes on your way to the
[_CHEST_]. Kill him afterward and destroy the wall behind him for a gem, then
head back to the previous screen.

 Kill the horses here and drop the soft ice. Get the gem below from the right
just to be careful. Also, the upper wall to the right has a gem (and a bomb)
in it! Nab it and then continue on to the right. Hit up the checkpoint here
and hit the weird statue. This thing MAKES PATHS for us, but does rise when
given a chance. We'll be using it through parts of this level. Hit it to the
right and stand on it to go down. Now hit it to the left for gems and go back
right to the next screen.

 Another ice platform! Hit it to the far right and rise. Kill that pesky
magician and break ALL the blocks to the left. We need to then get back on
the platform, hit it to the left, and let it rise up through the gap. You
can hit it to the right now and bring it down. Keep heading right and gather
up the gems. You will see two barbarians to the right. You can use this ice
platform to cream the top one. Hehe. Drop down and take out the last barbarian
so we can continue on!

 Jump on the ladder here and destroy the blocks to the right. Climb up and
destroy the barbarian (he will likely be jumping back and forth... it's easier
to kill him on the left side) and then break the left wall. Do it twice for
some food. To the right is a bunch of pits with an ice dragon flying back and
forth. He will try to dive at you here. Use him to reach the gems in the air,
then kill him while watching out for the pits of course. One of the pits has a
SPARKLE, so clear away the ice and go fishing! You will find a [_TROUPPLE
FISH_] here. Use if if you need it of course.

 The next screen has barbarians on ladders.... ladder barbarians! They are
fairly dangerous actually as this is a pit and a wrong hit can send us to
our death. Kill the first one normally and the second one with an anchor
(our trusty Flare Wand doesn't work here). Now make your way to the far right
watching out for projectiles. Kill the last ladder guy. Hit the lower right
wall here for a bomb and a turkey platter, hit up the checkpoint, and then
make your way upward.

 Here hit the left wall for a hidden room where you'll see... the [_VENDOR
CHEST_]! Yes! Make your way over there by dropping the soft ice and open it.
Chester will offer you the [_WAR HORN_] here for 4,000 Gold. You know my
policy! Buy it! Have it ready to use and jump to the right. Four bunny
creatures will come out and attack. Wait for them to get close and blow the
horn to kill them all, then head back to the previous screen.

 Head to the right and kill the ladder guy, then head onward. Try out the
horn on the horse and knight here. So powerful! Oh, I can't wait to use this
in a dream! Break the block and let the wolf dash to it's death, then
CAREFULLY break the next blocks by the pit and fish at the sparkle. You'll
get a [_GOLD FISH_] here. Hurrah! Head up now and break your way to the right
(let the wolf suicide) to the ice platform. There is a ton of ladder guys here.
I recommend ramming every one of them. BWAHAHA. I feel like a monster. You can
go back for the gems if you want before continuing on to the right and the next

 Here, do not try to kill the dragons. Use them as bouncing platforms. Get the
gem to the upper left and then when they rotate back to you  use them to bounce
to the right. Hit up the checkpoint and head up.

 Defeat the ladder guys here (the Anchor helps) and make your way to the top
left ladder. You can drop and get the gems, then head up. Make your way past
the dragon to the left and go down slowly. Get the mana and head down the sand.
It's scary, but you'll land on the dragon down below. Use it to hop over to
the ladder and head up again. Kill the ladder guy, jump to his ladder, and
continue to a new screen.

 Here head up and kill the magician. Head left now to a not-so-secret room.
Here there are a number of moving ice platforms and plenty of gems. Keep
your Phase Locket ready and navigate the platforms to the end for that lovely
[_MUSIC SHEET_]. Nab it and head back to the previous screen.

 Now go back down and take out the right blocks. Kill the wolf to reach the
[_CHEST_]. Head back up now and use the soft ice to continue. Don't kill or
hurt the dragon yet... continue to the right knocking down ice (use the phase
locket or at least have it handy... I would ignore the next magician) and
you'll see a gap soon with the music sheet up above. Now use the dragon to
jump off of and get up there to claim the [_MUSIC SHEET_]. Continue to the
right now watching out for another dragon and magician and make your way to
the exit.

 Hit the checkpoint here. You can break it if you have enough ichor for the
upcoming fight. Jump the gap and prepare to face... Polar Knight!

 | Boss Battle -                 Polar Knight                 - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: So, our old pal Polar Knight is the enemy now it  |
 |   appears. There's probably a good story there, but now is not the time  |
 |   for stories, it's the time for battle! Polar Knight attacks with a     |
 |   snow shovel! Ha! However, his move pool is fairly limited. Despite     |
 |   the limited moveset, Polar Knight is VERY deadly. This is mostly due   |
 |   to the stage design: at one point Polar Knight will start DIGGING up   |
 |   the stage in various spots and revealing SPIKES. I kid you not, there  |
 |   are instant-kill threats in this fight! Scary, right!?                 |
 |                                                                          |
 |   That fact alone makes the Phase Locket the go-to choice here. We       |
 |   don't want to die instantly after all. Don't worry, the spikes aren't  |
 |   permanent by any means, but you'll still appreciate having the locket  |
 |   ready to go. Next, we want to end this battle quickly. The locket can  |
 |   also help with that (man, its such a game-crutch). Check out his moves |
 |   down below and get plenty of bouncing hits in to take this behemoth    |
 |   down for good. Bury him!                                               |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Snowballs!: This is really Polar Knights main attack. One of his       |
 |   only ones, really. If you let him, he'll stand back and just hurl      |
 |   snowballs at you. These things can be hit back, broken or jumped on.   |
 |   If you head towards him, he'll start to move across the screen,        |
 |   gathering the snowballs and flinging them back at you. Like the orbs   |
 |   in the Black Knight fight, getting farther away makes it much easier   |
 |   to dodge these. To get some good safe damage in, jump on his head as   |
 |   he moves the snowballs across the screen.                              |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Dig 'er up: After loosing a bit of health, Polar Knight will start     |
 |   digging up the floor. In the middle of the area this means SPIKES are  |
 |   going to start showing up. Like we talked about earlier, have the      |
 |   phase locket ready. When he loses even more health, he will start to   |
 |   fling smaller snowballs as he digs the floor up (around that time you  |
 |   should be in full-on kill mode!).                                      |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Icicle Drop: After destroying a good chunk of the ground, Polar Knight |
 |   will jump up off the screen and come back down with a number of        |
 |   icicles. These icicles are soft ice and will cover up the spikes.      |
 |   They don't cover them all up though, so be careful nonetheless!        |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |

 After the fight, enjoy your sleep. No dream. Aww, I wanted to try out the
War Horn too... remember to put out that fire before you continue!

                            ENCOUNTER: PHANTOM STRIKER          
| Playing: 'Fighting with all of Our Might' |

 Right about now a new icon should show up on the map. Another human? Another
battle, no doubt. No point in putting it off, let's go face this person head
on and see what's up!

 | Boss Battle -               Phantom Striker                - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: Another day, another wandering warrior to fight.  |
 |   The Phantom Striker is a bit harder than the others though. Don't      |
 |   worry though, things are easier if you know what to do. Still, the     |
 |   Phantom Striker makes things difficult with his wind move, so be sure  |
 |   to read his moves down below. As far as relics go, they are all        |
 |   fairly easy to use here. The Phase Locket is of course broken. I'm     |
 |   rather fond of the Chaos Sphere and the small pits as well. Time to    |
 |   put yet another challenger in his place!                               |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Lightning Stab: The Striker fights with a rapier... an electrified     |
 |   rapier. It has some good range on it, so watch out if you stand near   |
 |   him. Not that you'll be doing much standing around...                  |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Lightning Slash: May as well keep the lightning theme going! The       |
 |   Phantom Striker will raise his rapier to get it charged, and then      |
 |   send lightning waves at you. He will usually send out two smaller      |
 |   ones and one high one. You are bound to get hit by this if you don't   |
 |   do one of two things. And yes, one of those things is the phase        |
 |   locket. The other way to avoid the high shot is to get to the high     |
 |   step on either side of the area and jump over it. Fun!                 |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Lightning Orbs: More lightning! Bwahaha. At times, the Phantom will    |
 |   charge up his rapier and then disappear (instead of shooting out       |
 |   those lightning waves). He'll then re-appear in the air and shoot up   |
 |   to four lightning orbs at you. These travel to wherever you WERE, so   |
 |   keep on the move and dodge them.                                       |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Wind Change: This move can make... dodging rather hard (which is its   |
 |   purpose, I'm sure). It's a simple nuisance, but effective. Phantom     |
 |   Striker can make the wind go either way he wishes and can change it    |
 |   at will. I should have called this "Lightning Wind Change"... What?    |
 |   Keep with the theme, right!?                                           |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |

(-NOTE-) After defeating the Phantom Striker, you will get the "Well Met" Feat.

 Time to continue on I suppose. Go spend some dough if you can and then let's
take on another knight level. This time it is the Tinker Knight! Let's do it!

                               CLOCKWORK TOWER       
| Playing: 'Of Devious Machinations' |

 This place reminds me of the old Castlevania NES games. Note the conveyor
belts here... you can bet we're going to be challenged with these things
later. Use them to get to the ladder in the upper left and continue.

 Up here is the first enemy. The rats here take a couple of hits and try to
fling themselves at you. Very graceful, fellas! Kill the first one and then
destroy the wall to the right for some gems before heading down. Kill the one
on the left as well and destroy the wall underneath it for a gem then head
right. There's a conveyor belt here. Jump on it to the platform and break the
dirt for gems. Down below break the lower right wall and kill the rat that
shows up, then get the gems. Up above is a new (yet familiar) foe: the GEAR
WIZARD! Bahaha. He shoots gears that follow the floor. You know they'll use
him cleverly at some point, but for now just jump and kill easily. Jump down
from here onto the conveyors and carefully head to the left (it will try to
dump you to the left) and smack the gem. Continue to the right now and once
you get to safe ground run right under the conveyor to avoid the giant gear.
Now, there is a sparkle here but let's go around to get it in a bit.

 Head up and grab the gem. As you go to the right more giant gears will come
at you. I'd recommend just phasing through them, then getting the deposit to
the left. Be sure to hit the upper right wall here to reveal a ladder to a
hidden room. Head up and you'll see a gear traversing the spikes. Yep, we
gotta jump on it! Use it to get to the [_CHEST_] to the left and then again
to go back to the previous screen. Head down now, break the dirt and head
left to the sparkle. Here you can find the [_TROUPPLE FISH_]. Use if if you
can of course and continue on!

 A Gear Wizard will be above shooting gears at us here. We need to take out
the dirt blocks and head down here, just be careful as you do so. Take too
long and you'll have a bunny to deal with. Down below before destroying the
blocks, check out the platforms below. Notably the left one will push you
right off to a pit, so get to the right two ASAP. Bounce up to the ladder to
get back to the gear wizard. Kill the bunny, hit up the checkpoint and take
out the wizard. Continue on to find a new enemy here: the Welder. This guy
moves back and forth (slightly... note that the conveyor doesn't seem to
affect these guys) and shoots out a gear that travels in a large circle and
then drops downward. Take out the lower right wall for some food and then use
your Flare Wand to take out the left welder. Go take our the right one next
and proceed into the right room.

 This is a dead end but has some goodies for us. Note the rat and kill the
bunny as he comes at you. Take the upper path for the gems and to get the
drop on the rat, then take the lower path for the [_MUSIC SHEET_]. Nice.
You can go the opposite way as well, but the rat has a tendency to jump at
you and may knock you off if you aren't careful. Gather up everything and
head back. Take the ladder upwards now.

 Here missiles will come in from the left and right, so have your phase
locket ready. Fall off to the right and jump to the far platform. Hit the
upper wall here to reveal a ladder and head up. There's gems up here but if
you hit the left wall you'll also get a [_MUSIC SHEET_]. Very nice!

 Head back down and go up the middle ladder now. Take out the rat and fall
down to a platform. Use this to get to the far left ladder and head up. Here
head up and destroy the left wall to find a hidden room. This room is certainly
interesting. Jump to the left and follow the path to the [_VENDOR CHEST_]! Heh!
More goodies for us. Here you can buy the [_MOBILE GEAR_] for 3,000 Gold! This
handy item CREATES a gear out of thin air and gives us a riding platform AND a
step when needed. Go down below and use it to the left. This extra step lets
you reach a [_CHEST_]. Go back down and place one to the right, then hop on and
watch your new gadget take care of you. HECK YES! Be sure to jump for the
ladder at the end of course!

 Take out the red knight here. He's tough to fight given the small vertical
space. You could just phase through him. To the left is a wide open pit with
several moving platforms. You can get down below to the meal and gems if you
wish: just be patient and see what they do before dropping down. From there
use the extending platform to reach the platform and continue to the right.
Watch out for torpedos here. The upper platforms here are hard to get to, but
they do have a pink gem. Get to the right safe zone and then fish up the
SPARKLE for a [_GOLD FISH_] before continuing on.

 The next screen has a checkpoint on it as well as some weirdly-colored
spinners. You can actually jump up INTO these things and they will slowly
drop you. Use them to reach the upper ladder. This room has a ton of spikes
in it. Use your new toy to head to the right, but jump  on the platform along
the way (it has sawblades underneath it!). Continue to the right (if you can
do it in one mobile gear, you sir or ma'am are smooth!) for the [_MUSIC SHEET_]
and then head back down to the previous screen.

 Head to the right now. Once you step on the platform it will start moving to
the right (I actually had to re-enter the screen, as THAT took me by surprise).
Head to the right quickly and use the spinners to get the gems, then head down
lest you get squished. As you head right you'll have two knights dropped on
you (I used the War Horn for an easy kill here). Continue right and kill the
bunny. The ride ends soon with the grey knight (who tries to jump on you,
remember). Defeat him and head upwards.

 Destroy the rat and hit up the checkpoint, then take out the magicians
before heading up again. Hit the wall to the left on your way up for a health
platter and kill the welder. Head down here. A tad tricky but not too bad:
destroy the dirt to jump to the platform when it comes. The bottom left screen
has three pits that each have large gears coming down. Jump the first one
and fish at the SPARKLE for a [_GOLD FISH_]. Continue to the ladder and use
the spinners to make it across the pits yet again and head up.

 There are two welders here. The anchor is surprisingly useful, but take them
out. Note that you COULD destroy the left wall, but all it has is a bunny
enemy so don't bother. We get the [_MUSIC SHEET_] either way! Continue on to
the right once you got all the gems. Here you'll see a ladder heading down:
this leads back to the previous path split so don't bother. Kill the knight if
you wish and continue to the right.

 You'll be in a scrolling section here where we have to race upwards! Quickly
head to the right and get up that ladder. Watch out for the torpedos here...
they are only at this bottom area at least. Get on the platforms and keep up
with them, heading up when you can. There's also conveyor belts here: jump in
place when you are on them to stay up. Once you see the spinner, get to the
right ASAP to get to the gem deposit, then head up. We are nearly done: just
use the platform extender to get to the upper ledge and then to the right.

 Break the wall here for a meal and hit the switch multiple times to make
your way down to the industrious Tinker Knight.

 | Boss Battle -                 Tinker Knight                - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: Ah, look at the little guy! After some perhaps    |
 |   poorly chosen words from Shovel Knight, Tinker Knight will attack.     |
 |   Consider this fight... a warmup. You're reading a guide for this       |
 |   game, but I'm not spoiling much by saying this is a two-part fight.    |
 |   Do your best not to lose too much health here and take the little      |
 |   feller out!                                                            |
 |                                                                          |
 |   Also, thanks to a reader (thanks, Bryan!) I now know that if you use   |
 |   the mobile gear on this first form, you kill Tinker Knight in ONE HIT, |
 |   which is... just so unfair! Poor little guy! Use it if you wish!       |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Wrench Throw: Tinker Knight's basic attack. The wrench acts like a     |
 |   boomerang, so be wary of any return trips. Just bounce on him as much  |
 |   as you can as he does this move. Note that he'll occasionally trip     |
 |   over himself even. No mercy, my friends!                               |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Wrench Shower: Tinker Knight will stop every now and again (once he    |
 |   is low on health) and start launching wrenches up in the air like      |
 |   crazy! Get back when he does this move and just bide your time.        |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |

 Well, like I mentioned, this isn't the only thing Tinker Knight has in
store for you! You'll fall through the floor and end up facing the Tinker
Tank! Oh boy...

 | Boss Battle -                 Tinker Tank                  - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: Well this thing is huge. The only weak point is   |
 |   up at the top too, where you can see Tinker Knight's tiny head poking  |
 |   out, meaning the name of the game is how to get up there. First, note  |
 |   the drill here is made out of that weird spinner material so we can    |
 |   jump on it and through it. Now, there are two attacks (see below, of   |
 |   course) that you can use to reach his head. We'll use these to get     |
 |   up there, but once you are up there you will need to go between        |
 |   bouncing on his head while dodging his shoulder missiles (which come   |
 |   out of the holes on his shoulder). You won't be able to do this for    |
 |   the entire fight as the tank WILL push you down at some time, but by   |
 |   returning to his shoulder after the second missile shoots you can      |
 |   jump over the third missile and go back to hurting him. This is a      |
 |   very safe way of hurting him, even if it is a little slow.             |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Large Missiles: This is one of the two ways to get up to the Tinker    |
 |   Knight's head; likely the most obvious way. He will fire three large   |
 |   missiles at you. You can stand on these like platforms, so jump your   |
 |   way up to the drill, watch out for the below move, and attack!         |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Small Missiles: These are the small missiles that are constantly       |
 |   being fired from the shoulder cannon. They are more or less designed   |
 |   to hamper your progress to his head. They always fire from left to     |
 |   right so use that knowledge to make your way to the head and attack!   |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Explosive Balls: This is the second way to get up to the head. The     |
 |   Tinker Knight will fire explosive balls at you that bounce around and  |
 |   explode. As they come at you bounce off of them and you'll get the     |
 |   height you need to get up to the head.                                 |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Tank Change: This move happens when you've been up on the shoulder     |
 |   damaging him for awhile. He'll rear back into the wall, which may      |
 |   very well push you off (you CAN stay on by balancing on the drill and  |
 |   being ready for the charge). After that he will charge forward into    |
 |   the left wall. He will also launch a missile barrage. These missiles   |
 |   will cover the left-half of the screen. Overall, this move is designed |
 |   to get you OFF of him. Can you blame him!?                             |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |

 After the fight you'll be at the campfire as normal. Still no dream. *Sigh,
of well. Onto bigger and better things I suppose (aka the next Knight level).

                                FLYING MACHINE         
| Playing: 'High Above the Land' |

 Well, here is our notorious air stage. NES + "Air Stage" has historically
meant plenty of frustration. Heh, don't worry too much, we're doing this
together after all! On the first screen jump off the jellyfish to the ladder
and head up. Now the blue platforms you see will fall as soon as you step on
them (they give you a second...). Jump from platform to platform. On the fourth
one ride it down and jump to the ladder at the end.

 Here, jump into the fan and break the upper left wall to reveal a chest.
Now, bounce on the jellyfish when it's not sparking, land on the blue
platform and then jump to the [_CHEST_]. If you mess up you can go down the
ladder and try again. Afterward, kill the second jellyfish, destroy the dirt,
and continue up the next ladder.

 There's a new enemy here up above. The Wind Mage. May as well keep up our
naming scheme. He shoots a green orb that splits when its above you, sending
out shots up and down to hit you. If you aren't below the orb, it'll just break
when it hits something. Kill off the beetles to the left (shoot 'em) and jump
through the fake walls. Be sure to jump up for some hidden gems. At the far
left break the lower left wall and walk straight over to the hidden room. You
can drop back down if you need to: just walk straight to the left to make it
past the wind.

 Here you'll see a chest and a SPARKLE. This is a [_TROUPPLE FISH_]. Use it
if you can, then use the fans now to kill the jelly fish and make your way
to the [_CHEST_]. make your way back to the previous screen now.

 Head up and go kill the mage if he is still there and head to the next screen.
This screen has a constant wind stream going right. Drop down below, kill the
beetle and break the dirt for gems. Now break the wall to the left for even
more gems. Continue to the right and jump off the jellyfish for the higher gem
and land by the gem deposit. There's a new enemy here. We'll call him a
propeller knight. He hovers near you and tries to blow you away, so watch him
near ledges and kill him off.

 Bounce off the next jellyfish to get to the upper right ledge. Try to grab
the red gems along the way. There's a pink gem here behind the statue too.
Drop down and continue on. Your first checkpoint is here. To the right is
another new enemy: an Axe Knight. He has some flare too him! He'll flip around
and try to strike you. He has a long range as well! He even has a propeller if
he falls into a pit. Fight him in the middle of an area as you don't want to
be knocked down into a pit.

 In the next screen you'll see giant cannonballs. Fun. Follow the big ones
to the upper area for a gem deposit then bounce on the small ones to the left
block of dirt. The next screen has giant cannonballs we'll need to use. Kill
off the propeller knight and make your way past the spikes (have the phase
locket ready just in case). Next up are three upwards cannons. They are
firing alternating shots, so use the cannons as platforms and continue down.

 This room has a ton of helicopter rats. The walls here are all fake of
course. Kill the rats as they come and at the far left (remember, fake walls!)
be sure to hit the dirt block and nab the gem that comes out as you fall to
the lower screen. Here there are cannons firing from below. Watch where the
cannon balls hit to determine where the upper platforms are, then head to the
[_CHEST_]. Break the dirt now and use the alternating cannons to jump to the
left and downward.

 This area is BIG... and DARK. Not good signs. Walk forward and the mini-boss
will appear. It's an airship! Ah! It's being piloted by three knights like a
bicycle! Heh. This thing will fly up a bit and slam down. Jump when it comes
down (you'll be stunned otherwise) and bombs will come out. Hit the bombs
back at the ship and then smack its side. Keep up this pattern and it will
fall, letting you carry on.

 Use the cannon ball to reach the checkpoint. Now, break the upper and lower
walls to the right for a [_CHEST_] and food respectively. Very nice! Now we
can use the cannon ball to reach the ladder. Next up stand near the ledge to
see a propeller knight show up. Use his wind to make your way past the gap
when its safe, then onto the ladder. Note the lower window here. Now, climb up
the ladder and fall down to the lower screen while pressing RIGHT to get to the
window and a secret area.

 Head up and nab the gems. Watch the wind streams by the spikes (have the
phase locket ready) and continue to the right. You'll soon come to the
[_VENDOR CHEST_], which contains the very cool [_PROPELLER DAGGER_]. This
thing lets you fly through the air, dagger first! Very neat. Try it out to
the right to get the gems and get onto the ledge. Take the ladder down and
fish at the sparkle for a [_MUSIC SHEET_]. Kill the Propeller Knight here
(the dagger helps) and continue on. Use the platforms to get up high and fly
to the left. You can now use the falling platforms to the left to gather up
the gems, head up the ladder, and return to the initial window screen.

 Head up to the very top and fall to the right for some gems, then get back
on the ladder. The jellyfish here are electrified. Watch them and you'll see
you can jump from the far right one to the far left one in order to reach the
ladder. Now kill the wind mage up here (I use the Flare Wand) and make your way
to whee he was. Hit the right wall to reveal a ladder. Head up to see a big
gap to the left with a falling platform. Use your new Propeller Dagger to get
over there for a [_MUSIC SHEET_]. Now, break the left wall for a [_CHEST_]
with a TON of money in it!

 Head back to the right and go back down, then continue on to the right.
This large screen has a checkpoint. Continue to the right and kill the
propeller knights that come at you. There's three in total, so kill them
all off safely to the left. Now you can bounce off the cannon balls in peace.
Jump late for the gems, but its risky. Continue to the right afterwards of

 This next section is a side-scroller! Agh! This isn't too rough though.
Jump to the falling platforms and follow them. At the gems use the propeller
dagger to reach the gems. On the dirt a Propeller Knight will come in soon
and try to blow you off. Kill him, break the dirt and use the platforms to
get to the grey blocks. Destroy these and use the cannon balls to continue to
the right and the ladder: the end of this scrolling section. See, not too bad!

 Hit up the checkpoint here and use the fan to get up. Wait for the left fan
to stop and then make your way to the ladder. These next few screens are all
connected, so if you fall down you'll just go to the screen below. Head up
and kill the rat. Shoot the next one and use the fans to get to the next
ladder (not hard without the rats). Next wait on the top of the ladder to get
blown to the right block. Above you are two pink gems. Nab them when the wind
stops and wait again. The next time the wind stops, head left and in one go
jump to the ladder using the blocks.

 Up above is a fan blowing down and two safe platforms. There is also a very
dangerous Axe Knight here. I'd recommend phasing through him to where he was.
He has a hard time getting back up there. You can also destroy the right wall
here for a [_CHEST_]. Destroy the Axe Knight (the anchor comes in handy) and
head right. 

 We're at a unique screen now. Get the checkpoint and note the wind rising and
falling here. Stand on the platform above the checkpoint and rise with the wind
then come back down to the platform beyond the jellyfish. Rise into the next
one, then down between the two platforms. Rise up to the top platform and wait
for the next next rising wind to get inbeween the spikes. Head down and 
continue on.

 This next screen has wind going up and right, alternating like before. Head
up for the gems and then right. Fight the wind to the left for the gems and
head right. Kill the rat here with a Flare Wand and then continue to the right
with a long jump. The next screen has small cannon fire and jellyfish, as well
as beautiful scenery! Bounce to the right and once you get to solid ground go
fishing to the left for a [_GOLD FISH_]. Continue on to a checkpoint and break
the right wall for some food. Now it is time to face the boss of this stage:
Propeller Knight!

 | Boss Battle -               Propeller Knight               - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: Propeller Knight is upset that we aren't here     |
 |   for the chitchat! How rude! Oh well, time to battle. This is a fairly  |
 |   easy fight, but like the Polar Knight fight there are some stage       |
 |   hazards. First of all there are the gaps at each end of the stage to   |
 |   be aware of, but also around the middle of the fight Propeller Knight  |
 |   will all in an airship that will eventually use two big cannon balls   |
 |   to destroy two chunks of the stage, meaning you have to be careful of  |
 |   falling in even more!                                                  |
 |                                                                          |
 |   As always, check the moves below and get ready. There's nothing that   |
 |   is super over-powering here, so you should be good. By far the big     |
 |   threat is the pits. Just fight in the very center and be careful of    |
 |   getting hit and you'll be ok. As a side note, the Anchor is very       |
 |   useful in this fight and let's you get the occasional extra hit in.    |
 |                                                                          |
 | - En Garde!: Propeller Knight will thrust forward with his rapier. He    |
 |   can do this multiple times in a row, and has quite the range, so be    |
 |   ready to bounce on his head. You can do it multiple times even, so     |
 |   try and get those extra hits in!                                       |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Impalement: The Propeller Knight will get below you somehow (let's     |
 |   face it: with your jumping it will happen) and blow you up into the    |
 |   sky. As you fall he'll try to stick you with his rapier. Ah! Make a    |
 |   last second move to avoid this! You can also downward strike as you    |
 |   fall. May as well try for that extra bit of damage.                    |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Bombs Away!: Here comes the airship! Aside from calling in the big     |
 |   cannon balls to destroy the stage it will also bombard the area with   |
 |   smaller bombs as Propeller Knight dashes back and forth. Be sure to    |
 |   hit the bombs away (at least one) and try to downward strike as the    |
 |   boss passes by. Propeller Knight can also suck up the bombs from       |
 |   either side of the screen if he wishes, trying to suck you up with     |
 |   the bombs (although that isn't very effective...).                     |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |

 After the fight you'll be at the campfire like normal. Time to dream! We
get to fight here once again! You'll face Barbarians and Axe Knights at the
start. Wolves will come in after awhile. Wait until enemies group up and use
your War Horn. Ah, so nice! Gather up the gems and keep using it (we get all
our magic back at the end after all!). Catch Shield Knight when she falls!

 Once you wake up, put out the fire and open the chest for a [_MEAL TICKET_].
Hurrah! Go turn it in and buy whatever you need to!

 Now that we're done with the Propeller Knight stage, we can use our new
Propeller Dagger to go visit the "Frigid Flight" stage. Let's go!

                                FRIGID FLIGHT          
| Playing: 'A Cool Reception' |

 Talk to the man here if you wish and head right. Fly over the gap for a
[_CHEST_]. Next up is some magic and bushes. Gather up all the gems using
the bushes and your dagger. Use the magic pots when you need them too. The
ice blocks here have pink gems as well. Now, fly over to the jellyfish on
the right (no need for the bush) and bounce off it, then fly to the right
again and bounce to the right exit.

 Here just use the propeller dagger twice and break the blocks. Kill the
skeleton now. To the right are some falling platforms and past that are even
more. Don't worry about the chest for now: jump over to the right set of
falling platforms and use those to get higher on the left platform so you can
fly to the [_CHEST_]. Continue on to the right now to a new screen.

 Here you have to fly over the spikes and bounce off the jellyfish when it
isn't electrifying! Heh, talk about timing. Be patient and you can pull it
off. From the ladders fall down for the gems, then climb back up the right
one. Fall off and IMMEDIATELY jet off to the right to find a [_CHEST_]. Drop
below now and get the gem deposit, then get on the platform and gather up the
gems. Now, this next part is tricky! You have to fly to the right, PAUSE, and
equip the phase locket. Use it to land on the spikes and then nab the [_CHEST_]
for some major gems. Continue on to the exit.

                           TOWER OF FATE: ENTRANCE          
| Playing: 'The Fateful Return' |

 Green skies, dark backgrounds, pouring rain. This can't be good. Head forwards
and watch the pits for drill fish. Jump the gaps when its safe and get the gem
deposit (watch out for the mole in it) and continue to the right. Here jump on
the magic book and follow the path. The pits near the end have drill fish, but
just fly to the ladder and head up.

 Get to the light platform and kill the rat. You can wait for the rest of the
rats if you wish then use the moving platform to get higher up. Head to the
right as soon as possible to get to the ladder. Now drop off the ladder and
bounce off the rats to get to the ladder (pretty fun). Head higher up and you
will see a new foe: a RED Griffin. Yeah. You can stand on the ladder and be
safe. Just kill it from here with the Flare Wand to make things easy, then make
your way over there and gather up the rewards. Note that it drops a bomb as
well, so be careful and head right.

 Kill the chemist here and before breaking the dirt jump up to the top right
ledge and break the wall for some food. There's a gem deposit on the left
wall as well. Break the dirt now and continue to the right.

 Hit the checkpoint here and get ready for some CRUSHING fun. Hehehe. To the
right is lava and some walls crushing the platform. Jump over there as it is
rising and get to the right fast. The pits here have drill fish. Jump to the
middle platform and look at the next crushing segment. As it rises up jump to
the far left part. As it goes down, head inward to the right and get on the
high platform (its the only one that doesn't go down all the way). Kill the
bunny as it comes and jump on the platform to the right using the step just to
your right as it comes up.

 Watch out for the fish and jump to the platform as it heads up and use the
bubble to get higher. Break the dirt here and wait in the middle. As the below
part rises, jump down and race to the right when you can. Wait here until the
next crushing block goes up and race to the cubby up ahead. Next ride it down
to the cubby by the spikes. Hit the right wall here for a [_MUSIC SHEET_], then
ride the platform up and right to the next cubby. Wait once more and be ready
to break a dirt block to uncover the next cubby. Once the platform rises you
can escape and claim the gem deposit.

 That part sucked. Anyways, to the right once you get past the moving wall you
can kill the green knights without fear of being crushed. Take them out (watch
out for their downward thrust) and carry on to the right. Hit up the checkpoint
and kill the bunnies here. Now you can use the chandeliers and barrel to reach
the ladder up above. 

 This next screen has a new enemy in it. Samurais! Bah! These guys can somehow
sink into the floor to escape harm and have a running slash that covers some
really good distance. They are rather fast too! Be sure to hit the left wall
here for a bunny enemy and a gem. Take out all the dirt and samurais here and
make your way to the ladder. Kill the samurai you find and then use the
chandeliers to make your way to the right (or just fly there from the first

 You'll be in a large room now with a new foe: an archer (probably a Kyudoka,
but that's a bit complicated... let's go with archer). Make your way down to
the lower level and hit the left wall for a green rat and some magic. To the
right is another samurai and some food. You could hit the right wall to make a
path to the spikes too. If you want, you can fight your way to the right and
to the upper level for those yellow gems. You can also break the grey blocks
to the right for red gems. Next I would use the phase locket and dig up the
dirt for the pink gem and continue.

 This next screen connects with the last from above and below. Use the phase
locket and hit up the checkpoint. You COULD destroy the upper left and right
walls for platters, but they both have bombs. You COULD also find a pink gem
by jumping on the ice and hitting the lower right wall. Up to you. Continue
on to the right.

 Out here we'll be in the dark. Artistic, right? Definitely indie. Heh.
Continue to the right and kill the foes. At the sparkles go ahead and fish
for a [_MUSIC SHEET_]. Continue past the gap. This knight is a purple knight
by the way, so be careful and kill everything (War Horn!). Break the walls
to continue and then the dirt on the ground. Break the next wall and kill the
knight. Where the rain isn't falling is a path downwards. Kill the knights
here and gather up the gems. The block in the middle can be destroyed but
is unnecessary. Continue to the right.

 Continue past the gap, grab the magic and jump up and over to the platter
for a health refill. To the right use the rain splatter to tell which of
the platforms are safe. There's a wind knight foe out here as well, so kill
him fast (I recommend the War Horn) and continue to the right. Flying is easy!
The last checkpoint is here and beyond... the one knight that's been in our
path throughout the entire game...

 | Boss Battle -          The Black Knight (Part III)         - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: The third time's the charm! Before the fight,     |
 |   the Black Knight will be... empowered by The Enchantress. Lovely.      |
 |   We'll see plenty of familiar moves here, but there's quite a few new   |
 |   ones as well. The Black Knight is also much more mobile thanks to a    |
 |   new move that gives him wings... yes wings. Crazy, right? However,     |
 |   that makes the Anchor the go-to relic in this fight (aside from the    |
 |   ridiculously over-powered Phase Locket of course). Check out his moves |
 |   below and do your best to avoid them. You'll likely need to use at     |
 |   least one of your ichor's here as well, but with some skill you'll     |
 |   take this menace out.                                                  |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Shovel Swipe: The knight will come up to you and swipe his shovel at   |
 |   you. Still his basic attack, but he'll take you off guard if you       |
 |   take it for granted. He really doesn't use this attack much in this    |
 |   fight though.                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Energy Shots: The Black Knight will make his shovel glow purple and    |
 |   then release an energy shot at you! Yep, this attack returns. Although |
 |   instead of ONE shot he leaps around and fires MULTIPLE shots at you    |
 |   from each direction. You can still hit his shots and play volleyball   |
 |   if you wished.                                                         |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Downward Strikes: This attack returns again, although it now seems     |
 |   that the Black Knight can stop in the middle of it for a different     |
 |   attack. You can still hit him while he is in the air. Do so if you     |
 |   can and watch out for follow up attacks.                               |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Energy Dig: This attack also makes a return, but is a bit more deadly. |
 |   Instead of four orbs, the Black Knight now digs up four clusters of    |
 |   orbs. Like before, don't bother hitting them and get away to avoid     |
 |   the attack easily.                                                     |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Feather Shots: After the Black Knight grows his wings, he will now     |
 |   be able to use this attack. He'll pause in the air for a bit and then  |
 |   shoot out feathers in all four cardinal directions and at all four     |
 |   angles. Lovely. If you're close to him there's a good chance you'll    |
 |   get hit. Ouch!                                                         |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Meteor Strikes: In an impressive display of power, The Black Knight    |
 |   will summon in meteor strikes! Wowza! These strikes generally hit to   |
 |   the left and right of the center and hit three times in a row. After   |
 |   the third round of strikes the attack will be over. Note that the      |
 |   last two meteors stay in the ground! Don't touch them unless it is a   |
 |   downward thrust as it hurts!                                           |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Meteor Smash: This attack utilizes the left-over meteors from the      |
 |   previous attack. Black Knight will thrust into the meteor and after a  |
 |   second or so it will blow up, sending meteor pieces to the left and    |
 |   right. You can jump over these.                                        |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |

 After the fight, you'll have some revealing dialog. Well then... time to
go refresh our ichor and get ready for the next part of the Tower of Fate!

                            TOWER OF FATE: ASCENT          
| Playing: 'The Inner Struggle' |

 Jump down and continue dow the hole (Eels spawn, but ignore them). Down
below two more eels will show up. Kill them with downward strikes. Now, we
can go either way to reach the next screen. The right way is the safest.
Jump over to the conveyor platform and drop down. Be ready to bounce on the
jellyfish and aim for the hole to the left. Next up destroy the big dirt
blocks and head to the right. A short jump when the moving spikes go to the
right and breaking the lower right wall gets you to the next screen.

 Hit up the checkpoint here and kill the rats to the right. Some archers are
hiding behind the moving platforms. Kill the top one if you can and throw
anchors to kill the rats beyond him. Continue on and kill the knight, then
break the rocks. The rocks up above don't have anything in them by the way.
Continue to the right to find a ton of slimes and lava drops. Make your way
to the far right and head down, but watch out for slimes coming out of the
dirt blocks by the way. I wouldn't bother killing them to be honest.

 Down here head to the left as soon as you can and hit up the checkpoint.
Drop down to get to a floating ice sculpture. Sweet. Hit it to the right to
kill the flame mage, and continue on to the right to kill another. Further
to the right is a hidden archer. I like to stay high and make him show up,
then kill him. Hit the ice to the right and stand on it to go all the way
down. You can't sink it, so it'll rest at the bottom of the screen.

 Watch the fire and get past it once it is done, then do the same with the
oil pots. Past that get on the platform and kill the very dangerous wind
knight. The sparkle here is a [TROUPPLE FISH_]. Use if if you can of course!

Get back on the platform and continue right. Have your War Horn ready. Get
past the first fire wall and you'll be attacked by a second wind knight, but
with no platform. Jump to the middle of the ice platform and use the war horn
to insta-kill it. Cheap, maybe, but we can continue on to the right. Once you
get past the flame walls be sure to float up to the upper right wall and smash
it to uncover a [_MUSIC SHEET_]. Jump down and continue on.

 Another checkpoint. One step closer. We're going to face a scrolling section
soon, so be ready. Also, have the propeller dagger ready. Head up the conveyor
belts and up the ladder. Now the scrolling part starts! Avoid enemies here if
you can! Head up. You'll have to wait for the platforms to go left before you
can head up more. Get to the left now (use the dagger) and as the platforms go
right get up them and quickly dash to the [_MUSIC SHEET_]. Dash back and here
you can either go up the left or right path.

 Choose either and head up while breaking blocks for yourself. Try not to
downward strike as you go up. You'll run into archers and green rats that
explode, so be careful and keep climbing. It's not too hard actually (the
moving platforms are MUCH harder). At the top climb the ladder and hit the
left wall for a full meal before going right.

 You'll find more platters here. Gather them up and continue on to the boss
fight... or fights... or battle royale...

 | Boss Battle -           Battle Royale (Boss Rush)          - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: Here we have a Battle Royale against all eight    |
 |   of the Order of No Quarter! That's right, eight fights in a row!       |
 |   You will face them in a random order as well. All of these fights are  |
 |   the same as previous fights, so there's nothing I can really tell you  |
 |   that hasn't already been told.                                         |
 |                                                                          |
 |   The most important tip here is that after every fight, you will get    |
 |   a food platter. This platter restores ALL of your health. Now, if      |
 |   you have any health left, start fighting the next knight right away    |
 |   instead of going for the food. Once you get to low health, THEN go     |
 |   for the food. You can be much more reckless this way.                  |
 |                                                                          |
 |   The most dangerous knight in this gauntlet has to be Polar Knight.     |
 |   He still retains his instant-kill move while some of the other         |
 |   knights do not, so be sure to take him out ASAP.                       |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
                             TOWER OF FATE: ???          
| Playing: 'The Forlorn Sanctum' |

 Hit the wall and fall. You'll soon land in a room with lava underneath.
Get ready here and equip your phase locket. Every single one of these tiles
are going to come loose and fly at you, Zelda-style. Stand on one of the
four solid platforms and use the locket when you need to. Soon an opening
will appear on the right and you can continue.

 Fall all the way down and GO LEFT. Here there is a lava pit with blocks that
appear underneath you. That will stop though and they'll come out two or even
one at a time. Go through here carefully and continue to the far left and
you'll come to a hidden room. Here there are [_MUSIC SHEET x5_] (yes, FIVE),
a full health platter, and a sparkle fishing area with a [_TROUPPLE FISH_].
There's also some pink gems. Jackpot, right? Head back carefully to the right

 On this first dark screen the entire floor appears for you, so walk forward
to the next platform and screen. On this next screen you aren't as lucky. Go
forwards SLOWLY and you'll see the blocks come. There will be single blocks
at times, so nail those jumps! Pretty soon just going forward won't be enough
to see the blocks. You can however jump out to see them start to rise and then
land back where you jumped from. Do this to get an idea of where you should

 Keep going slowly until you see candles lighting up by themselves. It is
safe now so just walk forward. You'll find a checkpoint (this room is also
safe), so keep going forward to face the boss of this tower...

 | Boss Battle -                The Enchantress               - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: Fighting The Enchantress herself isn't the hard   |
 |   part of this battle: the stage hazards are. You are fighting on        |
 |   nothing but breakable blocks... and many of the Enchantress's attacks  |
 |   will take advantage of this. In fact, almost every single one of her   |
 |   either take away blocks or add in blocks. Due to this you may find     |
 |   yourself with limited blocks for movement. Although you CAN control,   |
 |   to an extent, what blocks she ends up breaking...                      |
 |                                                                          |
 |   Check out her moves below of course but let's talk about relics. Here  |
 |   I would recommend the Anchor, as most of the fight she will either be  |
 |   floating above you or at times below. You can get in several hits with |
 |   a single anchor if you're lucky. Let me also say that if you find      |
 |   yourself with limited real-estate, the phase locked can help you get   |
 |   more mileage out of your life bar. Let's fight!                        |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Energy Shots (Vertical): At the start of the fight, the Enchantress    |
 |   will just shoot energy shots at you. You can jump these or reflect     |
 |   them back (you should reflect them). Soon she'll move onto other       |
 |   attacks.                                                               |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Energy Shots (Horizontal): The Enchantress is getting smarter. She     |
 |   will hover over you (anchor, anchor!) and shoot a shot down at you.    |
 |   This will destroy the blocks under you. She will often do this at      |
 |   least 2-3 times in a row. Since she hovers over you, you have some     |
 |   control on which blocks she destroys.                                  |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Charge Attack: Sometimes the Enchantress will just start rapidly       |
 |   dashing around the stage. She'll do this at angle's like a ball or     |
 |   something, so depending on your real-estate you can predict where      |
 |   you need to be.                                                        |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Fire From Below: This is the block-restoring move that you'll be both  |
 |   glad and sometimes mad to see. Dark fire comes in from below and       |
 |   restores blocks as well as burns you. Early in the fight she will      |
 |   only call in small patches of fire but later on in the fight it will   |
 |   be large patches. Those large patches are where the Phase Locket may   |
 |   just come in handy.                                                    |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |

 After the fight you will have to do some catching. Good thing you have had
all that practice, right!? Do your thing and enjoy the dialog that follows.
No time to rest though, time for the final boss fight!

 | Boss Battle -                 Chaotic Magic                - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: It seems the dark magic possessing Shield Knight  |
 |   has taken on a physical form of sorts and will go on a rampage of      |
 |   destruction unless we stop it! Here you will be working with the AI    |
 |   controlled Shield Knight. In fact, since the weak point of the boss    |
 |   is it's face, we MUST work with Shield Knight. At times, Shield Knight |
 |   will jump up in the air and hold her shield up. When you see this you  |
 |   must bounce off her shield and onto the magic's head.                  |
 |                                                                          |
 |   Read up on its attacks below to see what you are up against. Pay       |
 |   particular attention to the flame attack as you must be by Shield      |
 |   Knight to dodge it. Also, for relics I would recommend the War Horn    |
 |   (other than the almighty Phase Locket). You can hit the head with this |
 |   thing from a jumping position. It also takes off half a health bubble  |
 |   so if you can get her down to two, two and a half bubbles with full    |
 |   magic you can end the fight on your own (or more depending on your     |
 |   armor). Go for the win!                                                |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Downward Shots: Its basic attack. It sends shots down at you in a      |
 |   wave formation. If you stay in the center you can jump over them       |
 |   rather easily. She will start moving at some point, meaning that the   |
 |   shots will move with her so be ready.                                  |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Flame Attack: Here's an attack! The magical being will shoot energy    |
 |   orbs at you non-stop. If you are near Shield Knight, she will jump up  |
 |   and block it for you, so get behind her. You could also phase locket   |
 |   it I suppose (it is so cheap!).                                        |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Floor Slam: This attack has the being slamming down at a section of    |
 |   the floor and removing it. It isn't quite removed permanently as the   |
 |   chunks of floor come back eventually, but its gone for quite awhile    |
 |   and poses that ugly instant-kill danger.                               |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Triple Shot: This attack is similar to the downward shot, but instead  |
 |   of shooting shots in a wave pattern, the being shoots them three at    |
 |   a time. Still fairly easy to avoid if you have two platforms to jump   |
 |   between.                                                               |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Rotating Shots: This attack is unique. The being will cause the same   |
 |   energy orbs to circle its hands. From there, the being can actually    |
 |   either fire them one orb at a time or all at once at you. Lovely.      |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 Enjoy all of the scenes and credits after you defeat the final boss. Be
sure to stick around after the credits to see a special scene at the end.

 Congrats on beating Shovel Knight! Here's hoping for a sequel, right!?

(-NOTE-) Finishing the game will net you the "Victory!" Feat. Hurrah!

(-NOTE-) I hope you've found this guide helpful. Be sure to give the guide a
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                             SHOVEL KNIGHT FEATS         

 There are a total of 45 Feats in the game. Feats are basically in-game
trophies (since Nintendo can't figure out a way to add anything comparable to
trophies or achievements). Here you can read up on them! I note a number of
these throughout the guide, but some of them are much harder than anything
that I've attempted...

(-NOTE-) This list is in the same order as the game's list on the 3DS.

 __|   Victory!   |___________________________________________________________
    Description | Finish the game.
  How to Obtain | Beat the game! Pretty self-explanatory!

 __|   Music Lover   |________________________________________________________
    Description | Obtain and return all song scrolls.
  How to Obtain | I list all the music sheets in the guide, so be sure to
                | check it to make sure you got them all!

 __|   Master Angler   |______________________________________________________
    Description | Successfully fish 5 sparking fishing spots.
  How to Obtain | You'll get this for sure as you play through the game.
                | You may have to be blind to miss this!

 __|   Decked Out   |_________________________________________________________
    Description | Purchase or unlock all relics, equipment, and upgrades.
  How to Obtain | This does require a bit of money management. If you don't
                | die ALL the time and do a decent job of getting your money
                | back you should be able to afford this.

 __|   Relic Roundtable   |___________________________________________________
    Description | Defeat an enemy by using each relic.
  How to Obtain | Use a relic to defeat each enemy. You'll likely have most
                | of the kills naturally. Don't forget your fishing rod!

 __|   I Scream for Ichor   |_________________________________________________
    Description | Sample each of the Troupple King's Ichors.
  How to Obtain | Pretty easy. Try one of each of the Ichors. You can get
                | this early on if you try.

 __|   Nice Hat...   |________________________________________________________
    Description | Help out all the moochers in the Fancy Shop.
  How to Obtain | Go pay each moocher in Armor Village 1,000 Gold. You'll
                | get this for sure if you follow the guide.

 __|   Reflect Lord   |_______________________________________________________
    Description | Hit enemies with a reflected projectile 30 times.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is a pain to get, but can be done. I haven't
                | done this personally but I'd probably re-fight the final
                | boss stage to increment it.
                | A tip from Bryan Gillespie:
                | This one is easy to get in Pridemoor Keep. Simply go to the
                | room with the three fire mages, and reflect back their
                | projectiles at them until they die. Then leave the room and
                | come back to respawn them.

 __|   Again!    |____________________________________________________________
    Description | Finish New Game Plus.
  How to Obtain | Finish the game again!

 __|   Hall Champion   |______________________________________________________
    Description | Solve the woes of the Hall of Champions.
  How to Obtain | You'll get this feat as soon as you beat the Hall of
                | Champions, which everyone should do!

 __|   Well Met   |___________________________________________________________
    Description | Defeat all of the Wandering Travelers.
  How to Obtain | The wandering travelers are Reize, Baz, Mr. Hat and then
                | finally the Phantom Striker. You'll get it once you defeat
                | the last one.

 __|   Halfway   |____________________________________________________________
    Description | Defeat 4 of the Order of No Quarter.
  How to Obtain | You'll get this trophy as you play, as you may have guessed.

 __|   Hey Big Spender   |____________________________________________________
    Description | Spend a combined 25,000 Gold.
  How to Obtain | A lot of money but you'll spend this easily as you play,
                | assuming you find all the treasure I point you to of course.

 __|   No Damage!   |_________________________________________________________
    Description | Finish any stage without taking damage.
  How to Obtain | The best way to do this is to revisit the Plains or
                | something once you are near the end of the game. I actually
                | recently did this with the Black Knight on the plains on the
                | PS4 release.
                | A tip from Bryan Gillespie:
                | It may be worth noting that you can bring along 2 Ichors of
                | Boldness (Invincibility) for the boss.

 __|   Impossible!   |________________________________________________________
    Description | Finish the game without dying.
  How to Obtain | Yeah, good luck. I haven't done this. I died somewhere
                | around 40-some odd times when I was writing this document.
                | A tip from Bryan Gillespie:
                | This one isn't as hard as it looks. The game only saves
                | while you are on the world map, so if you die during a stage,
                | go back to the title screen and try the stage again.

 __|   Penny Pincher   |______________________________________________________
    Description | Finish the game without spending any money.
  How to Obtain | Another "good luck" one. I guess it's possible and I'd
                | certainly like to try it along with the above feat at some
                | point but I have too many games and writing to do for that!
                | A tip from Bryan Gillespie:
                | Also not as hard as it looks. Just make sure you know how to
                | beat each of the Knights with only the shovel. (BK: That
                | and practice of course! With no death penalties I imagine
                | persistence alone can pull this off!).

 __|   Perfect Platformer   |_________________________________________________
    Description | Finish the game without falling into a bottomless pit.
  How to Obtain | Yet another one I haven't done. Probably best done while
                | doing the "Impossible!" feat. Ugh.
                | A tip from Bryan Gillespie:
                | Again, this one isn't as hard as it looks. The game only
                | saves while you are on the world map, so if you die in a pit
                | during a stage, go back to the title screen and try the stage
                | again.

 __|   Checkpointless   |_____________________________________________________
    Description | Destroy every possible checkpoint in the game.
  How to Obtain | Yikes. This is doable with all the deaths and buying stuff
                | I suppose but I cringe at all the time you'd lose. This
                | means every checkpoint past the Plains, I'm sure.
                | A tip from Bryan Gillespie:
                | It may be worth noting that after destroying every
                | checkpoint, you also must defeat the last boss again to
                | obtain the feat.

 __|   First Purchase   |_____________________________________________________
    Description | Buy your first item.
  How to Obtain | Kind-of a gimme trophy. Just buy something.

 __|   Master Shoveler   |____________________________________________________
    Description | Purchase all available shovel blade upgrades.
  How to Obtain | Buy all the shovel upgrades in Armor Village. I'd do this
                | before the armor, personally.

 __|   Flare Wander   |_______________________________________________________
    Description | Defeat an enemy with the Flare Wand from more than 25
                | blocks away.
  How to Obtain | This can be hard to get. What is 25 blocks!? Who would
                | count that? Thanks to Mega_Rat on the GameFAQs board, I
                | can verify that if you go to Pridemoor Keep in the room with
                | the first chandeliers, there is a beetle off to the right.
                | Shoot at it as it leaves the screen to get this easily.

 __|   Another Dimension   |__________________________________________________
    Description | Collect 2,000 worth of gold lying on spikes, while using
                | the Phase Locket.
  How to Obtain | I'm sure the Forest of Phasing helps here. Just be greedy!
                | You'll get this trophy throughout the game if you always
                | have the Phase Locket ready and aren't afraid of spikes!

 __|   Super Sphere   |_______________________________________________________
    Description | Destroy 5 enemies within 5 seconds using Chaos Spheres.
  How to Obtain | Probably best done in a dream sequence with plenty of
                | magic available and spamming the move. Cheap!

 __|   Knuckle Down   |_______________________________________________________
    Description | Hang in the air for more than 4 seconds using the Dust
                | Knuckles.
  How to Obtain | Haven't done this one yet. I would imagine it is possible
                | in the Lost City. If you have done it let me know where!

 __|   Reflected Riches   |___________________________________________________
    Description | Bounce the same alchemy coin 5 times in a row.
  How to Obtain | This one is easy if you have a little help. Go to the start
                | of The Lich Yard and throw a coin at the first bush. It will
                | bounce it back at you. Now hit it back five times. Easy!

 __|   Arc of Iron   |________________________________________________________
    Description | Defeat 3 enemies with one throwing anchor.
  How to Obtain | Kill 3 foes with one throw! Probably best done wherever you
                | can find helicopter rats, since you can make them gather up
                | together.
                | A tip from Bryan Gillespie:
                | This one is super easy to get in the Stranded Ship level
                |(Polar Knight). Simply go to the room after the second to last
                | checkpoint that has the three vikings on ladders and throw an
                | anchor at the right-most viking

 __|   Flying Feat   |________________________________________________________
    Description | Defeat 3 enemies using the propeller dagger without
                | touching the ground.
  How to Obtain | Also best done with helicopter rats. Get them all together
                | again and kill three of them. Easy!

 __|   Boom!     |____________________________________________________________
    Description | Defeat 5 foes at once using the War Horn.
  How to Obtain | You can get this easy in almost any dream sequence. Let
                | a bunch of enemies come out and kill them all in one mighty
                | blow! Very nice, right!?

 __|   Clearing a Path   |____________________________________________________
    Description | Run over 5 enemies using the same Mobile Gear.
  How to Obtain | Remember the sweet room you got the Alchemy Coin in? Go
                | there and use a Mobile Gear.

 __|   I'm Alive!   |_________________________________________________________
    Description | Finish any stage without dying.
  How to Obtain | Not too hard. Go re-play a stage I suppose, if you have to.

 __|   True Shovelry   |______________________________________________________
    Description | Beat the game without collecting any relics.
  How to Obtain | Ugh. This sounds like torture. If the game came to PSN,
                | I may do this. Until then...
                | A tip from Bryan Gillespie:
                | Again, make sure you know how to defeat the knights without
                | relics. Avoid all optional stages and fights during a true
                | shovelry run.

 __|   Hurry up!   |__________________________________________________________
    Description | Finish the game within 1 Hour and 30 Minutes.
  How to Obtain | Yikes! Now there is a speed-runners feat! It seems like a
                | fun challenge though. Here's an interesting fact: it took
                | Bkstunt about 24 hours of playtime to write this guide (and
                | who knows how many days of typing and formatting). I guess
                | I did leave my DS on overnight at least once...
                | A tip from Bryan Gillespie:
                | Again, this one isn't as hard as it looks. The game only
                | saves while you are on the world map, so practice stages on
                | one file until you can do them really fast, and then on your
                | speed run file beat the stage really fast. If you mess up,
                | go back to the title screen and try again. On average you
                | need to beat each stage in around 6 minutes or less (to give
                | you time to do shopping, and some breathing room on bosses).
                | When I did it, I only got the following relics: Chaos Sphere
                | (for ground bosses), Anchor (for flying bosses), Air Dagger
                | (for obvious reasons), Mobile Gear (for saving time on Tinker
                | Knight's first form and a few various shortcuts).

 __|   Order of Hoarders   |__________________________________________________
    Description | Have 50,000 Gold on hand.
  How to Obtain | Here's a good feat! I suppose you could load up your save
                | file once you beat the game and go through some of the
                | easier stages to get that number up.

 __|   Get the Point   |______________________________________________________
    Description | Destroy all checkpoints in a single stage.
  How to Obtain | Easy to do once you get comfortable with the game. I suggest
                | one of the easier stages like Pridemoor Keep though. Not
                | that dying will stop you from getting this...

 __|   Untouched   |__________________________________________________________
    Description | Emerge unscathed from a battle with any knight of the Order
                | of No Quarter.
  How to Obtain | I never got this on my initial playthrough. Playing after
                | the fact would make this easy. I imagine King Knight is the
                | easiest. Just watch out for that damn confetti move!

 __|   Shovel Economy   |_____________________________________________________
    Description | Finish a level and swing the shove blade fewer than 20 times.
  How to Obtain | This one is neat. Best done with full relics and on one of
                | the easier levels (like the Plains). Use all your relics
                | with the Conjurer's Coat. Shovel is only a last resort!

 __|   On a Diet   |__________________________________________________________
    Description | Finish a level without eating any food.
  How to Obtain | Don't touch food for an entire level. Not too hard. Avoid
                | all platters and all big enemy gem piles (some drop food).
                | Rather easy to do on the Plains.

 __|   Sparker   |____________________________________________________________
    Description | Finish off any boss using the Ground Spark technique.
  How to Obtain | Go back through the plains and get the Black Knight down to
                | one hit. Drink a health vial and use the ground spark to do
                | him in.

 __|   You're Fired   |_______________________________________________________
    Description | Finish off the Black Knight with a reflected shot.
  How to Obtain | Pretty much what the feat says. Reflect his purple energy
                | shot to finish him off.

 __|   Pungent   |____________________________________________________________
    Description | Listen to all of Croaker's Puns.
  How to Obtain | This may be painful, but listen to the frog in the relic
                | seller's room over and over until this unlocks.

 __|   Juggler   |____________________________________________________________
    Description | Impress Mona with your skill.
  How to Obtain | I'm pretty sure that "impress Mona" means "Score 150 points
                | or more". Pretty sure. Not hard to do if you aim for the 10
                | point mark every time.

 __|   Dirt Poor   |__________________________________________________________
    Description | Don't collect any gold for an entire Order of No Quarter
                | stage.
  How to Obtain | Try to do this on Pridemoor Keep. Let all money disappear,
                | skip all optional rooms, and beware of gems behind banners.

 __|   Hooper    |____________________________________________________________
    Description | Bounce on the Hoop Kid's hoop for 5 seconds.
  How to Obtain | Find Hoop Kid on the third screen of the village and take
                | over the hoop. Practice aiming just to the right or left of
                | center and stay on it for this feat and improved shovel
                | handling skills!

 __|   Troupple Acolyte   |___________________________________________________
    Description | Discover the secrets of the Troupple King.
  How to Obtain | Everyone should get this on their first game. BUY THOSE
                | CHALICES! You won't regret it!

 __|   Only You   |___________________________________________________________
    Description | Use caution and common sense around campfires.
  How to Obtain | Dig up your campfire at the end of a stage! Make Smoky proud!

                               VERSION HISTORY         

 Version 1.00: June 26th, 2014 - July 7th, 2014

 Picked this game up on release day and immediately knew I had to do a guide
for it. I may not have been the fastest, but here we are: a complete guide that
I am PROUD to add to my repertoire.

 There's some more polishing to do (cheat codes, upcoming DLC, stuff like
that) but this is a good solid guide that will get you through the game.
Hope you all enjoyed it!

 Version 1.10: April 27th, 2015 - May 3rd, 2015

 Put the Kratos info into this version as the game is now out on PSN (PS3,
PS4, Vita). Also added in a couple of emails I received from Bernardo and
Bryan (thanks a ton guys!). Want to put in a trophy section at some point in
the future and work on my platinum trophy, but lord knows when that will all

 o My good friend Alex 'Vinheim' Kleinhander, for the awesome and iconic
   Shovel Knight ASCii up above and in the Table of Contents. Thanks buddy!
   Hope you love this game as much as I do!
   You can check out Vinheims work on GameFAQs here:
 o Bryan Gillespie for the fantastic tips for various feats in the game.
   Seriously man, thanks a ton! Stuff of legend indeed! And also the run
   grouping tip and the Tinker Knight info, which I didn't know! Much love!
 o AbdallahSmash026 for his Youtube videos. Very helpful as a reference
   to go back and help me remember stuff. If by any chance you ever do read
   this buddy, I gotta say you have a horrible sense of where hidden items
   are. But great video formatting!
 o Yacht Club Games for this masterfully done title. Such adoration of the
   classics of yore is fantastic to see.
 o Mega_Rat for the Flare Wander tip.
 o DarkSymbiote for multiple tips.
 o dolphinmage for the multiple tips. Good stuff!
 o Bernardo Constant for pointing out the Energy Dig mistake!
 o MasterDarken for the phase locket tip (although in hindsight it was very
   obvious, still thanks!).
 o TNTXplosiv for the tips.
 o xVSaNx for the multiple tips.
 o Eatitup86 for the Reflected Rishes tip (Youtube video).
 o My fabulous family for giving me the time to work on this! I love you
   guys! :)

 o Maybe you? Send me an email!

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