The student surpasses the teacher
Unlock all of the game's trophies.
From all sides
Finish Kovac's first challenge while keeping the pylon intact.
In Kovac's footsteps
Successfully complete half of Kovac's challenges while keeping the pylon intact.
Kovac's pride and joy!
Successfully complete all of Kovac's challenges while keeping the pylon intact.
The last survivor
Reach the maximum level with your character.
Serial killer
Kill 1,000 infected humans.
Kill 10 infected animals of each species.
Night of the living dead
Kill 50 nocturnal infected.
Elite survivor
Successfully complete all of the elite quests.
Kill anything that moves!
Kill 5,000 enemies (of all types).
Kill 500 infected with a critical shot.
Anti-wereinfected measures!
Kill 100 infected with silver bullets.
Old school combat
Kill 100 infected with flint-tipped fletched ammunition.
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Home Run!
Kill an infected with a charged attack for the first time.
Two birds with one stone!
Kill 2 or more enemies at the same time with a melee weapon.
Kill at least 2 infected with one arrow or crossbow bolt.
It's a trap!
Kill 100 infected with traps.
Strength born of despair
Kill 50 infected during a last stand.
Butterfly effect
Kill 10 infected with a Bomber explosion.
Master of survival
Have all "Survival" skills at the maximum level.
Veteran killer
Have all "Weapon" skills at the maximum level.
Marathon man
Have all "Stamina" skills at the maximum level.
Human Swiss army knife
Have all "Special abilities" skills at the maximum level.
Adrenaline junkie
Have all "In Danger" skills at maximum level.
Indestructible fortress
Have the camp at maximum level.
5-star chef
Cook every type of recipe.
A+ in potions class!
Prepare every type of potion.
Fashion designer
Make every type of armor.
Professional weapon manufacturer
Make every type of weapon.
Thanks for helping out, bud!
Finish your first co-operative quest (local or online).
Together forever, and even longer
Finish 15 co-operative quests (local or online).
United we stand
Finish Kovac's first challenge in co-operative mode (local or online).
This outfit really brings out my eyes, don't you think?
Customize your survivor for the first time.
What would become of you without me?
Help an ally in trouble 30 times.
Make sure to give it back!
Give an ally an item for the first time.
I hope the other kids will be nice to me
Join a public camp for the first time.
Welcome to Kovac's!
Enter Kovac's bunker for the first time.
Pick at least one of every type of plant.
Hi, I'm your new neighbor!
Meet every character in the game.
Weekend handyman
Upgrade a weapon with modules for the first time.
King of DIY!
Upgrade 10 weapons with modules.
Party animal
Finish each of the game's festive quests.
Amateur alchimist
Prepare a first potion.
The Good Samaritan
Finish every quest.
PED Survivor
Drink 50 potions.
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Fashion is for clowns
Wear the Jester's hat for the first time.
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Oops! Think they heard?
Hit a car under alarm with a trash can.
Aaw, he's sooooo cute! What should I call him?
Equip a pet for the first time.
I thought that only worked in the movies!
Pick a lock for the first time.
Cat burglar
Pick 20 locks.

Originally Contributed By: Mookiethebold

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