Anyone else picking up alcohol and it not registering?

  1. I keep picking up objects when they are fully depleted and they don't register...specifically alcohol. Anyone else encounter this?

    User Info: sprinklersteve

    sprinklersteve - 2 weeks ago
  2. Are you saying you haven't been able to craft anything? Has this been happening since the beginning or did it start part way through? And if it's part way through, which part are you at?

    User Info: BaldPrincess77

    BaldPrincess77 - 2 weeks ago


  1. Never heard of anything like that....

    Unless you've missed the fact that when picking up supplies you rarely get one full item per pickup. It's usually a quarter, half, or three-quarters of a full item. Parts of a full item is presented as a grey area inside every items's symbol.

    If that's the case I'd suggest you turn on pickup-notifications in the options -> hud. It'll make things more clearer/spelled out.

    User Info: Quaddo1

    Quaddo1 (Expert) - 1 week ago 0   0

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