Will an artifact appear in my haversack if i use chapter select to go back get it?

  1. I used chapter select to get a missed artifact, why doesnt it show in my haversack when i continued the story?

    User Info: adrianlimhb

    adrianlimhb - 1 week ago
  2. My guess would be because you had to go back so you saved as a different game so as to not overwrite your further ahead one, so now the artifact is on a different save file. I think the game counts it when it comes to trophies (could be wrong, someone please correct me if i am) because it did in the original. But you won't see it if you're on a different save.

    User Info: BaldPrincess77

    BaldPrincess77 - 1 week ago
  3. Going back via chapter select will update your artifacts for trophy purposes, but it does not add to your backback for other saves.

    User Info: bandit__74

    bandit__74 - 5 days ago


  1. Using chapter select will only count for the trophies. It'll will not update your inventory retroactively.

    User Info: Quaddo1

    Quaddo1 - 28 minutes ago 0   0

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