How can I redo Missed the westen market locker puzzle?

  1. Hi

    At the beginning of the game, Ellie and Dina go to the market to clear out the zombie. There is a employee of the month locker puzzle. I thought I will get the clue somewhere in the building. Now after crossing the wall and being outside, how can I get back to the puzzle and open the locker?

    User Info: chamajid

    chamajid - 3 weeks ago


  1. Back tracking isn't really a thing in this game nor the previous one. I'm afraid it's gone till your next playthrough

    User Info: neb519

    neb519 - 3 weeks ago 1   0
  2. Get in the habit of manual saves. That way when the game gives you choices of where to go next, if you choose one that leads to the next area and you can't get back, just reload a save that's only a few minutes old.

    User Info: BaldPrincess77

    BaldPrincess77 - 2 weeks ago 1   0

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