Why is my elle and joel blue?

  1. The characters are dark blue. Why? How do I fix it?

    User Info: NavyCharioteer5

    NavyCharioteer5 - 2 weeks ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Turn

    "High contrast display"


    User Info: ImMaximusOz

    ImMaximusOz - 2 weeks ago 12   1


  1. maybe color blindness settings are set wrong

    User Info: bluehightwind

    bluehightwind - 2 weeks ago 9   4
  2. You have/had the accessibility set to high contrast. The accessibility features are meant for hearing and vision impaired gamers.

    They aren't the traditional game setting functions like camera speed, movement ect. Those are sperate.

    User Info: Greymind

    Greymind - 2 weeks ago 2   1
  3. Are you wearing blue tint glasses?

    User Info: roos1046_Reborn

    roos1046_Reborn - 2 weeks ago 4   13

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