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Does it sound like I'd be able to upgrade all my weapons? Main Quest *new* 1 9 hours ago
Do burned enemies drop items? Enemy/Boss *new* 1 1 day ago
Are there any training manuals that show up only once? Main Quest *new* 1 1 day ago
Does ammo and resources reset when you control Ellie in S.B.? Main Quest *new* 1 1 day ago
Help, I don't have the trophy for getting all the training manuals? Main Quest *new* 2 2 days ago
Are some of the training manuals in the safe? Main Quest *new* 3 2 days ago
Why was the surgeon in LOU1 Black, now he's white? Plot 4 2 days ago
Anyone experiencing the cutscene crashes with digital version? Tech Support *new* 2 3 days ago
Why are my cinematics broken? Tech Support *new* 1 3 days ago
Does PS 4 have cheat codes? Enemy/Boss 5 3 days ago

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