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FAQ/Walkthrough by arcaneja

Version: 0.6 | Updated: 04/02/03

 __                                              ____
 | |     _            _____             ____    /  __| 
 | |    | |    __    |  _  \ _      __ | ___|  |  |  ________       
 |  \___/ |   / _\   | |_|  |\ \   /  /| |__    \  \|___  ___|
 |   __   |  / /_\\  |  _  /  \ \_/  / |  __|    \  \  |  |
 |  /  \  | /  __  \ | | \ \   \    /  | |___  ___|  | |  |
 |__|  |__|/__/  \__\|_|  \_\   \__/   |_____||_____/  |__|
              _     _    ____   _____   __    __
             / \   / \  / _  \ /  _  \ |  \  |  |
            |   \_/   \ ||_|  || |_|  ||   \ |  |
            |          \|     ||      ||    \|  |
            |   /\   /\ \ ____/\_____ /|  |\    |  
            |__/  \_/  \__\            |__| \___|

                   SAVE  THE  HOMELAND


Title : Harvest Moon : Save the Homeland

Publisher : Natsume

Developer : Victor Interactive Software

Platform : Sony PlayStation 2

HM STH faq (c) 2001 arcaneja (arcaneja@hotmail.com)

Important notice : Please put Harvest Moon Save The Homeland or HM STH in 
the topic when writing to me. 

v 0.6 - now being hosted on RPGamer.com in addition to GameFAQs.com. Also, 
information on the Likes/Dislikes Section. Also ran the whole thing through 
a spell check. ^_~

Sunday, March 30th, 2003


A CRY FOR HELP - If you have beaten EITHER of the Treasure Hunt endings of 
this game, PLEASE email me with the correct information to get the events 
that end the game. Treasure Hunt I or II only please, I DO know how to get 
the Fishing Ending, but until I get it myself, I'm going to refrain from 
posting the sequence of events.

If you are going to email me information about these events, please list it 
with proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and try to put it in a similar 
format like the ones I have used for the endings in this FAQ.


Before Reading This FAQ/Walkthrough, read this!
I am going to assume that everyone who has this game has the instruction manual 
for it and has read it. This means, basically, that you know what all the 
buttons on the controller do.

1) Table of Contents :

	1) Table of Contents

	2) Places
	3) People

	4) Animals, and how to get them

	5) Housing extensions

	6) Growing and selling crops

	7) Harvesting wild produce

	8) Recipes

	9) Daily Walkthrough + Nine ways to beat the game - Walkthroughs

	10) Secrets + Playing Tips
	11) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

	12) The big THANKS! + Contact Info

	13) Copyright Info + Version History


2) Places :

Farm : A barn for cows and a horse. A chicken coop. A pasture land with grass. 
A place to grow crops.

Ronald's Supermarket : One screen north of Farm. Open 8 am - 6 PM, closed 
on Sundays. Buys Potatoes, Tomatoes, Corn, Breadfruit, Very Berries, 
Cranberries, Blueberries, Cheese, and Yogurt.

Louis' Tool Shop : One screen north of Ronald's Supermarket : 10 am to 6 P.M., 
closed on Wednesday and Saturday. Buys Moonlight Ore, Rare Metal, Copper Ore, 
Medicinal Herbs, and Milk.

Lyla's Flower Shop : One screen north of Ronald's Supermarket : 9 am to 5 
PM, closed on Sunday. Buys Potatoes, Tomatoes, Corn, Moondrop Flowers, Pink 
Cat-Mint Flowers, Herbs, and Limestone.

Brownie Farmer's Store : One screen north of Louis/Lyla : 9 am to 5 PM, closed 
on Thursday : Buys : Cows, Chickens.
Clove's Villa : One screen east of Brownie : 8 am to 6 PM, closed on Sundays 
(and if there is no one in the Kitchen). Buys Potatoes, Tomatoes, Corn, 
Breadfruit, Eggs, Milk, Herbs, Cheese, and Yogurt.

Carpenter's Shop : One screen south - east from Ronald's Supermarket. Opens 
Early. Closed on Tuesday and Thursday. Buys Blue Rocks, Rare Metal, Copper 
Ore, Iron Ore, and Limestone.

Cafe/Bar : One screen south of Carpenter's Shop. Cafe 12 noon to 5 PM. Closed 
Mondays. Buys Herbs, Breadfruit, Eggs, Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, Very Berries, 
Cranberries, Blueberries, and Jams. 

Bar open 6pm to 12 Midnight. Buys Very Berries, Cranberries, Blueberries, 
Walnuts, Mushrooms, Fish, Cheese, Potatoes, Tomatoes, and Corn.


3) People :

Farmer. Birthday : Spring 1st. This is the character you control.

Nic, Nack, and Flack. Birthday : Unknown. These Sprites help you and the 
Harvest Goddess to Save the Homeland.
Favorite Food : Mushrooms, Produce
Exclamation/Heart : Mushroom 
Flack : Fruit Flan

Harvest Goddess. Birthday : Unknown. She grants wishes for you.
Favorite Food : All
Exclamation/Heart : Vegetables

Ronald. Birthday : Spring 11th. He runs the Supermarket north of your farm. 
Favorite Food : Cake
Exclamation/Heart : Gold Egg

Wallace. Birthday : Summer 1st. He owns the Cafe and Bar next to Harvest 
Goddess Lake.
Favorite Food : Fish, Herbs
Exclamation/Heart : ? - Not known yet, if you know, please E-Mail it to me.

Katie. Birthday : Fall 29th. She is Wallace's granddaughter. She works at 
the Cafe/Bar.
Favorite Food : Cookie, Cheese
Exclamation/Heart :  Cheese, Special Cheese, Full-Moon Berry. Also, after 
you give her the recipe in the "Cake" ending, she will also give Hearts for 
Gold Milk and Gold Egg.

Louis. Birthday : Fall 2nd. He owns the Tool Shop. He is also an inventor 
and a musician.
Favorite Food : Eggs, Herbs.
Exclamation/Heart : Gold Egg, Gold Milk

Lyla. Birthday : Spring 27th. She owns the Flower Shop. She likes dogs and 
Pink Cat-Mint Flowers.
Favorite Food : Blueberries
Exclamation/Heart : Pink-Cat-Mint Flowers, Special Cheesecake, Full-Moon 

Parsley. Birthday : Spring 16. He is a botanist who travels the world in search 
of rare plants.
Favorite Food : Herbs
Exclamation/Heart : Pontana Root

Bob. Birthday : Summer 1st. He runs the Farmer's Shop. Likes sweets and 
Favorite Food : Cake, Egg
Exclamation/Heart : Gold Egg

Tim. Birthday : Fall 12th. He is Bob's little brother. He wants to be a 
treasure hunter.
Favorite Food : Egg, Cake
Exclamation/Heart : Gold Egg

Gwen. Birthday : Summer 8th. She helps her grandpa Woody run the Carpenter's 
Shop. Don't give her flowers. She likes animals.
Favorite Food : Cranberries, Blueberries, Very Berries, other foods.
Exclamation/Heart : Gold Milk, Homemade Jam, Full-Moon Berry.

Martha. Birthday : Winter 25th. She's an old maid who cares for Dia.
Favorite Food : Special Cheese, Egg, Yellow Flower
Exclamation/Heart : Special Cheese

Gina. Birthday : Fall 20th. She is also Dia's maid.
Favorite Food : Fish, Egg
Exclamation/Heart : Gold Egg, Full-Moon Berry.

Dia. Birthday : Winter 9th. She's a rich girl who studies a lot. She is very 
Favorite Food : Blueberries. She also likes Blueberry Jam.
Exclamation/Heart : Blueberries, Full-Moon Berry.

Woody. Birthday : Winter 2nd. He runs the Carpenter's Shop.
Favorite Food : Produce
Exclamation/Heart: ? - Not known yet, if you know, please E-Mail it to me.

Joe. Birthday : Summer 10th. He's a Carpenter's Apprentice. This one loves 
to fish and would like a job as a fishing guide.
Favorite Food : Fish
Exclamation/Heart : Cooked Fish

Kurt. Birthday : Winter 10th. He's a Carpenter's Apprentice. This one is 
interested in Nature and gardening.
Favorite Food : Tomatoes, Produce
Exclamation/Heart : Tomatoes


4) Animals, and how to get them :

Note : The Status screen in your house is your best friend for all animals. 
It will tell you the development and health of every animal you have. Just 
hit X facing your Journal, then select "Status".

Chicken - Either buy one (500 g) from Bob at the Brownie Farm or buy a fresh 
egg (50 g) from Ronald at the Supermarket and place it in the incubator in 
the Hen House.

To care for Chicken -

Sunny Day - Leave it outside all day (at the very least from dawn until dusk). 
Pick it up and talk to it with SELECT button to find out how it is doing. 
From adult chickens you will get an Egg. From really healthy chickens that 
are outside on sunny days there is a chance that you will get a Gold Egg.

Rainy Day - Put it inside the night before it is going to rain. Feed it with 
Chicken Feed bought from the Brownie Farm. Make sure you put the food in the 
correct box for your chicken. Use the X button to see if the chicken's name 
is on the feed box, then using Square fill the food box up. Do this for every 
chicken you have. Pick it up and talk to it with SELECT button to find out 
how it is doing. From adult chickens you will get an egg.

Cow - Buy it at Brownie Farm (2500 g) or get a baby from Cow Miracle Potion 
(2000 g, Brownie Farm).

To care for Cow -

Sunny Day - Leave it outside all day. Talk to it with the X button and brush 
it. You can milk adult cows. The size of the milk depends on how well you 
care for your cow. If your cow is really happy there is a chance that it will 
give either Gold or Large Milk. You can not milk Baby or Pregnant cows.

Rainy Day - Push it inside the night before it is going to rain. Talk to it 
with the X button and brush it. Make sure to give Fodder to each cow. Use 
the X button to see if the cow's name is on the feed box, and then put the 
Fodder in. You get 1 fodder for cutting 3 pieces of grass in the pasture. 
You can milk your happy adult cows. The size of the milk depends on how well 
you care for your cow. You can not milk Baby or Pregnant cows.

Horse - Get it from Bob at the Brownie Farm. You must work Part-Time Job on 
Sunny Days before 3 PM. Make sure to talk to and brush all 5 horses, talk 
to, brush, and milk the Cow. Also go inside the barn and put fodder in all 
the food boxes. When all the animals start to trust you, Bob will show up 
at your house the next morning and give you a horse.

To care for Horse -

Sunny Day - Leave it outside all day. Talk to it while you are near the head, 
and brush it. When you can ride it, be sure to whistle every day and take 
him for a ride.

Rainy Day - Make sure to ride/push it into cow barn the night before it is 
going to rain. Talk to it with the X button while near the head, and brush 
it. Make sure to put Fodder in his food box. You can whistle for him and ride 
him indoors for exercise.

Dog - Put any food (Very Berry is good) into the dog dish every day. When 
you see a dog on your farm, approach it slowly. If it runs away fast, you 
can't pick it up yet. It should take all of Spring and probably some of Summer 
before the dog will let you pick it up. When you do pick him up, you can name 
him. There are two different dogs, a big wolf-dog with a blue bandanna, and 
a small bloodhound dog with a red bandanna. You can choose which one you want.

To care for Dog -

Sunny Day - Leave it outside all day. Pick it up and talk to it with the SELECT 
button. Make sure to put food in the dish. When you can whistle for it, make 
sure you do that every day. Also if you get a flute from Louis it can be taught 

Rainy Day - If you don't have a dog house, bring it inside your house the 
night before it rains. Leave it in your house all day, but remember to still 
put food in the dish. If you have a dog house, don't worry about it. Just 
put food in the dish.

Tricks - The dog has a variety of tricks, depending on how many hearts it 
has. Equip the Magic Flute and press Square. Hold X and press the directional 
button to play the flute.

Sit - Up, Left, Down
Lay - Up, Down, Down
Heel - Left, Right, Right
Run - Right, Left, Right
Jump - Left, Up, Right
Up (Sit Pretty or Sit Up) - Down, Up, Up

Place your dog in the pasture with the cows and use RUN (Right, Left, Right). 
Your dog will herd all the cows into the barn very quickly. This is very useful 
if it is going to rain the next day.


5) Housing Extensions :

If you have enough money you can buy a house extension. Go to the Carpenter's 
in Maple Forest early. It is closed on Tuesday and Thursday. Select BUY from 
the options on the table/counter. You have two choices.

Kitchen 10,000 g. This comes with a bathroom, toilet room, and kitchen. The 
kitchen part comes with an Oven, Pot, Frying Pan, and a Refrigerator.

Dog House 5,000 g. This is a small house for your dog. If you have this you 
can leave him outside in the rain.


6) Growing and selling crops

To grow crops, first you need to till the soil near your house with the Hoe. 

Buy seeds from the Florists. There are four kinds : Potato, Tomato, Corn, 
and Breadfruit. Tomato, Corn, and Breadfruit are best because they have 
multiple harvests per each seed. Potato only has one harvest and then you 
have to replant it if you want more.

Plant the seed in the tilled soil only on a Sunny Day. It will help if you 
make sure the next day is Sunny as well by watching the TV in your house. 
It will help the crop even more if you check the calendar in your house and 
make sure the weather is either Yellow (mild) or Red (hot) for the rest of 
the week. If you plant it on a Rainy Day, the seeds will wash away.

Water the seeds with the watering can. Make sure to water every single crop 
every Sunny Day. You do not have to water on a Rainy Day.

When the crop grows, harvest it. Place it in your rucksack with the L1 button. 
Make sure to water renewable crops.

To sell it you must take it into town. Check the Places list to see which 
places buy which produce.

To harvest fodder for your Horse or Cows, cut the long grass in the pasture 
with your sickle. It takes three sections of grass to make one fodder.


7) Harvesting wild produce

There are many kinds of wild produce that grow around the town. The two best 
places to look for wild produce are Walnut Forest and next to Clove (Dia's) 

Spring -

Very Berries
Medicinal Herb
Moondrop Flowers (Yellow)

Summer - 

Very Berries
Medicinal Herb
Moondrop Flowers (Yellow)
Pink-Cat-Mint Flowers (Pink)

Fall -

Full Moon Berry (Behind the Cafe, every other day)
Medicinal Herb
Pink-Cat-Mint Flowers (Pink)

Winter -

Medicinal Herb

To sell them, follow the same instructions as for Crops.


8) Recipes


Utensil - Ingredient 1+- Ingredient 2 + Ingredient 3 = What does it make?

Oven - Egg + Small Milk + Breadfruit = Cake
Oven - Honey + Breadfruit + Egg = Honey Cake
Oven - Milk + Breadfruit + Berry = Fruitcake
Oven - Gold Milk + Gold Egg + Breadfruit = Cheesecake
Oven - Special Cheese + Milk + Breadfruit = Special Cheesecake (I've only 
used Gold and Large Milk, but this recipe is great!)
Oven - Egg + Milk = Flan
Oven - Very Berry (or any fruit) + Egg + Milk = Fruit Flan

Pot - Blueberry + Blueberry + Blueberry = Blueberry Jam
Pot - Very Berry + Very Berry + Very Berry = Very Berry Jam
Pot - Cranberry + Cranberry + Cranberry = Cranberry Jam
Pot - Blueberry + Very Berry = Mixed Berry Jam or
Pot - Blueberry + Cranberry = Mixed Berry Jam or
Pot - Cranberry + Very Berry = Mixed Berry Jam or
Pot - Very Berry + Blueberry + Cranberry = Mixed Berry Jam
Pot - Small Milk = Hot Milk
Pot - Medium Milk = Yogurt
Pot - Large Milk = Cheese
Pot - Gold Milk = Special Cheese
Pot - Milk + Mushrooms = Cream of Mushroom Soup
Pot - Milk + Tomato = Cream of Tomato Soup
Pot - Milk + Corn = Corn Soup
Pot - Milk + Potato = Creamy Soup
Pot - Fish + Tomato = Bouillabaisse
Pot - Egg = Boiled Egg

Frying Pan - Gold Egg = Sunny Side Up
Frying Pan - Egg + Milk = Simple Omelet
Frying Pan - Cheese + Egg + Egg = Cheese Omelet
Frying Pan - Egg + Egg + Very Berry (or any fruit) = Fruit Omelet
Frying Pan - Egg + Egg + Tomato (or any vegetable) = Vegetable Omelet
Frying Pan - Egg + Mushroom = Mixed Omelet
Frying Pan - Small Fish = Cooked Fish
Frying Pan - Large Fish + Herb + Milk = Special Fish
Frying Pan - Breadfruit + Milk + Egg = Pancakes
Frying Pan - Bread (from Ronald's Shop) + Cheese (or Tomato) = Sandwich

Note : There can be variations on recipes. (Examples : Using Regular Egg 
instead of Gold Egg, Using different sizes of milk, different veggies, 
different berries.)

Note : Some of these recipes may not work as I haven't tested them all out 


9) Daily Walkthrough + Nine ways to beat the game - Walkthroughs

Section A. - Daily Walkthrough

You start the game with some simple tools and potato seeds. How do you turn 
that into a profitable farm? Here are some ideas.

First day - (1st of Spring)

Today is just a free day to meet the Goddess, the Harvest Sprites, and name 
your character. NOTE : This day will automatically be skipped if you are 
starting over. You will automatically start on the second day.

Check the weather. If tomorrow is going to be sunny, make sure you plant your 
potato seeds today.

Run around town and meet everyone. Make sure to harvest some wild produce.

Buy an egg and place it in the incubator.

Make sure to put some food in the dog dish to attract a wild dog.

Write in your diary before going to sleep.

Every other day -

Wake up, check the weather. 

Go outside. Put food in the dog dish, take care of your animals, water your 
Check your inventory. If you have enough money to buy seeds or another egg 
(if the incubator is empty), do so. Tomato and corn are the best things to 
plant, as they have the highest profit margins.
Make sure you have enough fodder and chicken feed for your animals. At first, 
just buy a tiny amount of chicken food in case it rains and you have to put 
your chickens inside, and cut only a few pieces of grass to make fodder.

If the day is sunny, go to Bob's early in the morning and work for him all 
day. Brush all the horses and the cow, and milk the cow. Put fodder in all 
the stalls in the barn. You get paid 50g per hour, so try to stay on the farm 
as long as possible. This is a fast way to earn a lot of money, plus you get 
to keep the Milk from the cow. (The Size increases as you care for the cow 
more, just as if it were your own cow!)

If the day is rainy, go harvest wild produce. You can sell it, or save some 
to put in the dog dish. It's a good idea to do all your shopping on rainy 
days, and you can sell your produce for money. Rainy days are excellent days 
to give gifts to villagers.

At night, dig on your farm to find ores to sell.

If tomorow is going to be rainy, put the animals inside after the sun sets 
and the music stops.

Write in your diary before going to bed.

Tons of money scheme -

Do your daily walkthrough as listed above.

Make sure you have a dog and the Magic Flute. This way you can keep your cows 
outside and bring them inside with the dog trick RUN (Right, Left, Right) 
if it is going to rain the next day.

Once you have enough money, buy a cow. Keep buying cows or making cows with 
the cow miracle potion until you have five.

Buy a kitchen. You can turn Medium Milk into Yogurt, which sells for a lot 
more than Medium Milk. You can turn Large Milk into Cheese, which sells for 
a lot more than Large Milk. Once you have 5 cows that produce large milk, 
you can get a maximum of 2500 per day from cheese.

Section B. - Endings Walkthrough.

Note : I'm trying to keep this as spoiler free as possible. This is a listing 
of all the crucial events on each path to beating the game. If the events 
refuse to advance, keep giving presents to the people involved and give it 
some time.

1) The Treasure Hunt I

Description : Shiver me timbers! Tim found a treasure map! He's always wanted 
to be a treasure hunter, but who would have thought that a stash of treasure 
was buried in this tiny burg? Maybe this farming gig is the wrong career 

Make friends with : Your dog, Tim, Bob, Woody, Kurt, Gwen

Events :

1) Tim will show up at your house one morning with a treasure map. He asks 
you to help. Choose "Okay" to dig up an old treasure chest.
2) Tim comes by with a new treasure map. The clue is "Find the Gate to the 
Sacred Land in Praria Forest".
3) Talk to all the townspeople, the Sprites, and the Goddess about the Sacred 

I'm having trouble finding the exact times for events to happen with this 
ending. I THOUGHT you were supposed to bring your dog to Clove Villa on 
Thursday around 2PM (when Tim is there). If you have beat the game in this 
way, PLEASE contact me on how to get this ending.)

More later on this!

2) The Treasure Hunt II

Description : Did you know that your pet is a real treasure hunting dog? Yep, 
good ol' what's-his-name can sniff with the best of the bullion bloodhounds, 
provided that you always treat him (or was it a her?) extremely well.

Make friends with : Your dog, Tim, Bob, Dia, Martha

Tip : It is very important to make friends with Dia as soon as possible.

Tip : Try to wish for "Girl" from the Goddess as much as possible, as there 
is a 20% chance that she will make Dia like you better if the wish succeeds.

Events :

1) Tim asks you to dig up a treasure with him. Choose "Okay" to help him dig 
up a treasure chest.
2) Tim shows up at your farm with a new treasure map! He even makes you a 
3) Ask around town about it.
4) Dia will search her house for more information for you.
5) I can not stress this enough, talk to Dia every day if you can. Give her 
lots of Blueberries. Talking to her while she is outside is important. She 
wil ask you to lend her an ear. Select yes to hear her life story.

I'm having trouble finding the exact times for events to happen with this 
ending. I THOUGHT you are supposed to wine and dine Dia until she finds the 
blueprints, but I AM NOT getting the events for this. If you have beat the 
game in this way, PLEASE contact me on how to get this ending.)

More later on this!

3) The Cake Contest

Description : Hey good lookin' whatcha got cookin? Folks in these parts take 
their country cuisine seriously. Why, Grandma used to make the best cake in 
four counties! That probably explains why Katie wants those recipes...

Make friends with : Katie, Wallace, Gwen, Louis, Dia

Events :

1) The Cafe - Katie will explain why she wants the recipe. Go outside, and 
Gwen will tell you what she thinks the real reason is
2) Find the Recipe - It's in your house... somewhere
3) Give the Recipe to Katie - The Cafe
4) Get Golden Milk and Golden Eggs from your Cows and Chickens
5) Go to the Cafe to test the cake (You can and should do this at various 
stages of this path to beating the game)
6) Get the book about Moon Drop Dew from Dia (Clove's Villa)
7) Give the book to Katie - The path diverges here... she may tell you a day 
to show up at Goddess Lake at 9 PM or she may tell you that she will handle 

If she tells you to show up at Goddess Lake at 9 PM on a certain day, DO IT. 
This is the way to Make Moon Drop Dew.

If she tells you that she will handle it, keep going to the Cafe every day 
until there is a scene with Louis (or, another Male character, it was Louis 
in my game).

8) Either make (Goddess Lake) or wait for Louis (Cafe) to make the Moon Drop 
9) One Final Cake Test - Katie Leaves for the Big City
10) One week later, go outside your door for the ending!

4) A Fishy Story

Description : If you've been down to the lake recently, you probably know 
that Joe the apprentice is completely hooked on fishing. Get to know him 
better and he'll tell you about the rare fish roaming the depths of the lake.

Make friends with : Joe, Kurt, Louis

Note : You should be spending all your time fishing and giving presents to 
Joe, Kurt, and Louis if you want this ending to the game.

Note : If you have the fishing rod already, skip straight to event #2.

Events :

1) Joe gives you a fishing rod. (Maple Lake)
2) Catch 3 fish
3) Joe tells you about the Silver Fish. (Maple Lake)
4) Keep catching fish!
5) Joe asks you how your fishing has been, tells Kurt and Louis that you need 
a better fishing rod. (Maple Lake)
6) Buy a better fishing rod from Louis

More later on this!

5) The Bluebird

Description : In the evenings Louis likes to play his flute and feed the birds 
at the lake. Once he saw a rare bluebird, a species Woody says is extinct. 
If bluebirds exist, the developers could never build here!

Make friends with : Louis, Lyla, Woody

Note : If you have the Magic Flute already, skip straight to event #2.

Tip : The key to seeing these events is to show up at Walnut Lake on Saturday 
when Louis is already there.

Events :

1) Watch Louis play for the birds - Near Walnut Lake - He will give you the 
2) Help him feed the birds - Near Walnut Lake 
3) Eavesdrop with Lyla to him playing the flute (Walnut Lake)
4) Help him play the flute to summon the Bluebird (This is a cool minigame)
5) Go up to Walnut Lake on a Saturday to see the ending.

6) The Azure Swallowtail

Description : Kurt and Lyla know about an endangered butterfly that used to 
inhabit these parts. If you found the rare blue flower that attracts the 
butterfly, this endangered species would save the village from development.

Make friends with : Kurt, Lyla, Parsley, Louis

Events : 

1) Kurt will ask you about the rare butterfly
2) Talk to everyone about it, especially Lyla
3) Keep making friends with Lyla and Parsley and one day they will come to 
your door with more info
4) Go to Louis' shop and see the camera he is making
5) Keep making friends with Lyla and Parsley and they will bring the Blue 
Mist seed
6) Plant the Blue Mist near the Goddess Lake, and water it every day until 
it blooms
7) Visit it often after it blooms, one day the Butterfly will come
8) Visit it after the Butterfly comes (about 1 week after) and enjoy the 

7) The Goddess Dress

Description : While one glance in Dia's cluttered closet at Clove's Villa 
might leave you with the impression that she already has enough to wear, Gina 
wants to surprise her with a one-of-a-kind outfit for the upcoming Flower 

Make friends with : Gina, Martha, Dia, Katie, The Goddess

Events :

1) Gina shows up on your farm asking about the dress
2) Katie shows up to make a drawing of it
3) Talk to the Goddess about it
4) Ask around for the Silk Thread and buy it from Louis
5) Give the Silk Thread to the Goddess
6) Katie and Gina at Clove's Villa
7) Goddess delivers the fabric to you
8) Give the fabric to Gina
9) Katie, Martha, Gina, and Dia have a big scene, Dia becomes the model for 
the dress
10) Dia and Gina stop by your farm to show off the completed Goddess Robe.
11) A week later, the game ends.

8) The Endangered Weasel

Description : Something big and white is terrorizing the Harvest Sprites! 
Truthfully, everything seems rather big and scary when you're no bigger than 
a plump tomato. Luckily for you, Gwen is around to explain what's really going 

Make friends with : The Sprites (Nic, Nack, and Flack), Gwen, Woody

Events :

1) The Sprites wake you up to tell you about a creature that's terrorizing 
2) Gwen stops by your farm but still is not certain about helping
3) Gwen stops by your farm with a camera, and tells you to meet her at 7 PM 
at Goddess Lake that night.
4) Go to Goddess Lake at 7 PM, but the weasel is not there...
5) Gwen stops by your farm and tells you to meet her at 7 PM at Goddess Lake 
that night.
6) Go to Goddess Lake at 7 PM, and the weasel will come.
7) About 1 week later, the game ends.

9) The Horse Race

Description : Do Gwen and Bob really have the fastest horses in the entire 
countryside? If you think you can do better, perhaps you should take them 
on at the Brownie Farm Stable and horse track. Of course, you'll need a horse 

Make friends with : Your horse, Gwen, Bob

Events : 
1) Get a horse from the Brownie Farm (see Getting Animals, above)
2) Gwen and Bob show up when you can ride
3) Gwen and Bob show up when horse can run
4) Beat Gwen's time at the Brownie Farm Racing Track (Talk to Bob and under 
"Part-Time Job" there is a new option "Time Trial")
5) Beat Bob at horse racing, then Gwen. If you lose to Gwen she is available 
to race on Tuesday mornings at the Brownie Farm.
6) When you beat Gwen, they will tell you the big horse race is in two weeks, 
so be prepared (Don't let your horse get sick)
7) One week later, Bob will stop by your farm to remind you the horse race 
is in one week
8) A few days later, Gwen will stop by your farm to give you her Lucky Charm
9) Right on time, Bob comes to pick your horse up...
10) The next day, go outside and enjoy the ending!


10) Secrets + Playing Tips

Power Berry locations -

1) Cut down grass on your farm's pasture with the sickle.
2) Get from the Harvest Sprites after you become good friends with them. You 
must have a dog. This is a cut scene that triggers when you come back to your 
3) Fish this one from the lake.
4) Get from the Goddess. Give her a vegetable every day to become friends 
with her. First, throw in a flower or something to summon her, make your wish, 
then throw in a vegetable.
5) Dig it up in the Sacred Land of Praria Forest with your hoe.
6) Dig it up on your farm with your hoe.

Fix the weather -

When save your game, wake up, and the weather forecast for the next day doesn't 
look good, just reset your game until the weather forecast changes.

Cheap Chicken -

Buy an Egg from Ronald at the Supermarket and place it in your incubator. 
In a few days you will have a chick. Take good care of it and in a few days 
you will have an egg laying chicken. You can use the eggs to make more chickens 
for free.

Free fodder -

Accept the part time job from Bob at the Brownie ranch. After taking care 
of the horses and the cow, go inside the barn. Go to the fodder spout and 
take out fodder with the X button. Place it in your rucksack with the R button.

Choose your horse -

When working at the Brownie ranch, you can pick which color of horse you get. 
Just talk to and brush the horse you want first every day you work there. 
It might help if you talk to and brush the horse you want and ignore the other 
horses a few times too.

Full Moon Berry -

Every other day in Fall, a Full Moon Berry appears behind the Cafe/Bar. Go 
around to the side where the entrance to Katie's room, rotate the camera angle 
with the right analog stick, and you should be able to see it. This is an 
ideal gift for a girl.

Crops -

Don't plant a ton of crops. Only plant somewhere between 8-16. If you plant 
too many crops, you will spend your whole day on the farm, which is not good 
in this game. The idea is to Save the Homeland by becoming friends with 
villagers and seeing different events.

Mini Games - Fishing, Time Attack, and The Magic Flute

Fishing -

Once you get a fishing rod, go to Walnut Lake. Stand on the shore of the lake, 
make sure your fishing rod is equipped, hit SQUARE, then hold X until you 
pull the fishing rod all the way back. Let go. There should be a something 
near the end of your line (a shadow). Use the directional buttons and X to 
hook the shadow. Once the shadow is hooked, you will see four arrows. Hold 
the directional button of the arrow that is flashing while reeling with the 
X button. If the fish jumps, quickly let go of both buttons, then press them 
again once the fish stops jumping.

Time Attack -

After seeing two scenes where Bob and Gwen come to your farm, you can now 
do the Time Attack. Go to the Brownie Farmer's store any day that it is open 
and sunny. Talk to Bob from across the counter and choose "Time Attack" from 
the menu. You go out to the racing track behind Bob's store. To get a fast 
time, try to stay towards the fence on the right. Hold up on the straight 
parts, and when you get to a corner, quickly veer to the right. Do this when 
you race Bob and Gwen as well, making sure that they don't get on the inside 

To make your horse faster, ride him every day.

The Magic Flute -

For the Bluebird ending of the game, you must complete a mini-game with Louis. 
This is probably the hardest mini-game in Harvest Moon : Save the Homeland. 
The best advice I can give you is to stay calm. Louis will take you to Walnut 
Lake to play the Flute together. Basically, all you have to do is hold X and 
press the proper directional key for each colored note.

Up is Green
Left is Pink
Down is Blue
Right is Red
Press the proper directional key just as the music note passes over the left 
side of your character's head. 

You can keep playing all day to practice, and the reset your game to try it 
again. Just keep practicing until you master it.


Note : I don't use gameshark. I don't like gameshark. If you use these codes, 
you do it at your own risk.

From gameshark.com

Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland

Master Code(M)Must Be On  ECB7FBB014468B5C
Never Tired  1CB1FB58F87AE781  

Infinite Money  1CB1FB8C17E9C70C  
Infinite Fodder  3CB1FB601456E788  
Infinite Potato Seeds  3C1425FF1456E788  
Infinite Tomato Seeds  3C1425041456E788  
Infinite Corn Seeds  3C1425051456E788  
Infinite Breadruit Seeds  3C1425021456E788  

Have Sickle  3C1425581456E776  
Have Super Sickle  3C1425591456E777  
Have Hoe  3C1425561456E778  
Have Watering Can  3C1425571456E771  
Have Potato Seeds  3C14255C1456E7D0  
Have Tomato Seeds  3C14255D1456E7C9  
Have Corn Seeds  3C14255A1456E7CA  
Have Breadfruit Seed  3C14255B1456E7CB  
Have Fishing Rod  3C1425601456E772  
Have Brush  3C1425611456E773  
Have Milker   3C14255E1456E774  
Have Miracle Cow Potion  3C14255F1456E76D  
Have Animal Medicine  3C1425641456E76E  
Have Flute  3C1425651456E76F  
Have Super Fishing Rod  3C1425621456E770  
Have Silver Fish Rod  3C1425631456E769  

Have Potato  3C1425681456E7A5  
Have Tomato  3C1425691456E7A6  
Have Corn  3C1425661456E7A7  
Have Breadfruit  3C1425671456E7A8  
Have Egg  3C14256C1456E7A1  
Have Golden Egg  3C14256D1456E7A2  
Have Milk S  3C14256A1456E7A3  
Have Milk M  3C14256B1456E7A4  
Have Milk L  3C1425701456E79D  
Have Golden Milk  3C1425711456E79E  
Have Very Berry  3C14256E1456E79F  
Have Cranberry  3C14256F1456E7A0  
Have Blueberry  3C1425741456E799  
Have Walnut  3C1425751456E79A  
Have Mushroom  3C1425721456E79B  
Have F. Moon Berry  3C1425731456E79C  
Have Herb  3C1425781456E7B5  
Have Medicinal Herb  3C1425791456E7B6  
Have Small Fish  3C1425761456E7B7  
Have Medium Fish  3C1425771456E7B8  
Have Large Fish  3C14257C1456E7B1  
Have Pontata Root  3C14257D1456E7B2  
Have Rice Ball  3C14257A1456E7B3  
Have Sandwich  3C14257B1456E7B4  
Have Soft Bread  3C1425801456E7AD  
Have Honey  3C1425811456E7AE  
Have Yogurt  3C14257E1456E7AF  
Have Flan  3C14257F1456E7B0  
Have Cheese  3C1425841456E7A9  
Have Cake  3C1425851456E7AA  
Have Cheesecake  3C1425821456E7AB  
Have Pancakes  3C1425831456E7AC  
Have Cooked Fish  3C1425881456E7C5  
Have Plain Omelet  3C1425891456E7C6  
Have Boiled Egg  3C1425861456E7C7  
Have Sunny-Side Up  3C1425871456E7C8  
Have Creamy Soup  3C14258C1456E7C1  
Have All Purpose Medicine  3C14258D1456E7C2  
Have Very Berry Jam  3C14258A1456E7C3  
Have Cranberry Jam  3C14258B1456E7C4  
Have Blueberry Jam  3C1425901456E7BD  
Have Mixed Jam  3C1425911456E7BE  
Have Hot Milk  3C14258E1456E7BF  
Have Cream Of Corn  3C14258F1456E7C0  
Have Cream Of Tomato  3C1425941456E7B9  
Have Cream Of Mushroom  3C1425951456E7BA  
Have Cheese Omelet  3C1425921456E7BB  
Have Mixed Omelet  3C1425931456E7BC  
Have Fruit Omelet  3C1425981456E7D5  
Have Bouillabaisse  3C1425991456E7D6  
Have Fish w/Cream  3C1425961456E7D7  
Have Grilled Fish  3C1425971456E7D8  
Have Fruit Flan  3C14259C1456E7D1  
Have Special Cheese  3C14259D1456E7D2  
Have Special Cheesemuffin  3C14259A1456E7D3  
Have Fruit Cake  3C14259B1456E7D4  
Have Honey Cake  3C1425A01456E7CD  
Have Nasty Food  3C1425A11456E7CE  
Have Weed  3C14259E1456E7CC  
Have Moondrop Flower  3C14259F1456E765  
Have Pink-Cat-Mint  3C1425A41456E766  
Have Copper Ore  3C1425A51456E767  
Have Iron Ore  3C1425A21456E768  
Have Blue Rock  3C1425A31456E761  
Have Rare Metal  3C1425A81456E762  
Have Moonlight Stone  3C1425A91456E763  
Have Lime Stone  3C1425A61456E764  
Have Fodder  3C1425A71456E75D  
Have Chicken Feed  3C1425AC1456E7CF  
Have King of Lake  3C1425AD1456E775  
Have Blue Mist Seed  3C1425AA1456E75C  
Have Tim's Map  3C1425B01456E75E  
Have Grandma Recipe  3C1425B11456E75F  
Have Magic Book  3C1425AE1456E760  
Have Lucky Charm  3C1425AF1456E759  
Have Silk Thread  3C1425B41456E75A  
Have Rainbow Fabric  3C1425B51456E75B  
Have Magic Petal  3C1425B21456E787  

Season Modifiers   

Season Is Spring  3C14251B1456E7A5  
Season Is Summer  3C14251B1456E7A6  
Season Is Fall  3C14251B1456E7A7  
Season Is Winter  3C14251B1456E7A8  

Time Of Day Modifiers   

Time Is Midnight  4C14251C1456CFA5  
Time Is 1 AM  4C14251C1456E6A5  
Time Is 2 AM  4C14251C1456E5A5  
Time Is 3 AM  4C14251C1456E4A5  
Time Is 4 AM  4C14251C1456EBA5  
Time Is 5 AM  4C14251C1456EAA5  
Time Is 6 AM  4C14251C1456E9A5  
Time Is 7 AM  4C14251C1456E8A5  
Time Is 8 AM  4C14251C1456DFA5  
Time Is 9 AM  4C14251C1456DEA5  
Time Is 10 AM  4C14251C1456DDA5  
Time Is 11 AM  4C14251C1456DCA5  
Time Is Noon  4C14251C1456E3A5  
Time Is 1 PM  4C14251C1456E2A5  
Time Is 2 PM  4C14251C1456E1A5  
Time Is 3 PM  4C14251C1456E0A5  
Time Is 4 PM  4C14251C1456D7A5  
Time Is 5 PM  4C14251C1456D6A5  
Time Is 6 PM  4C14251C1456D5A5  
Time Is 7 PM  4C14251C1456D4A5  
Time Is 8 PM  4C14251C1456DBA5  
Time Is 9 PM  4C14251C1456DAA5  
Time Is 10 PM  4C14251C1456D9A5  
Time Is 11 PM  4C14251C1456D8A5  

Date Modifiers Day of the week will also change.  

Date Is 1st  3C14251A1456E7A6  
Date Is 2nd  3C14251A1456E7A7  
Date Is 3rd  3C14251A1456E7A8  
Date Is 4th  3C14251A1456E7A1  
Date Is 5th  3C14251A1456E7A2  
Date Is 6th  3C14251A1456E7A3  
Date Is 7th  3C14251A1456E7A4  
Date Is 8th  3C14251A1456E79D  
Date Is 9th  3C14251A1456E79E  
Date Is 10th  3C14251A1456E79F  
Date Is 11th  3C14251A1456E7A0  
Date Is 12th  3C14251A1456E799  
Date Is 13th  3C14251A1456E79A  
Date Is 14th  3C14251A1456E79B  
Date Is 15th  3C14251A1456E79C  
Date Is 16th  3C14251A1456E7B5  
Date Is 17th  3C14251A1456E7B6  
Date Is 18th  3C14251A1456E7B7  
Date Is 19th  3C14251A1456E7B8  
Date Is 20th  3C14251A1456E7B1  
Date Is 21th  3C14251A1456E7B2  
Date Is 22th  3C14251A1456E7B3  
Date Is 23th  3C14251A1456E7B4  
Date Is 24th  3C14251A1456E7AD  
Date Is 25th  3C14251A1456E7AE  
Date Is 26th  3C14251A1456E7AF  
Date Is 27th  3C14251A1456E7B0  
Date Is 28th  3C14251A1456E7A9  
Date Is 29th  3C14251A1456E7AA  
Date Is 30th  3C14251A1456E7AB  

Equipped Item Modifiers Use one at a time.  

Sickle Equipped  3CB1FB6C1456E776  
Super Sickle Equipped  3CB1FB6C1456E777  
Hoe Equipped  3CB1FB6C1456E778  
Watering Can Equipped  3CB1FB6C1456E771  
Potato Seeds Equipped  3CB1FB6C1456E7D0  
Tomato Seeds Equipped  3CB1FB6C1456E7C9  
Corn Seeds Equipped  3CB1FB6C1456E7CA  
Breadfruit Seeds Equipped  3CB1FB6C1456E7CB  
Fishing Rod Equipped  3CB1FB6C1456E772  
Brush Equipped  3CB1FB6C1456E773  
Milker Equipped  3CB1FB6C1456E774  
Miracle Cow Potion Equipped  3CB1FB6C1456E76D  
Animal Medicine Equipped  3CB1FB6C1456E76E  
Flute Equipped  3CB1FB6C1456E76F  
Super Fishing Rod Equipped  3CB1FB6C1456E770  
Rod For Silver Fish Equipped  3CB1FB6C1456E769  


11) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is there Marriage in this game?

A. No.
Q. How many animals are in this game?

A. You can have One Dog, One Horse, Six Chickens, and Five Cows.

Q. How many crops are there in this game?

A. Four. Potato, Tomato, Corn, and Breadfruit

Q. What happens when you beat the game?

A. First, you should watch the ending, and then save the game when it prompts 
you to. You can start all over again from Spring 2nd. There are some things 
you keep, like your animals and their affection ratings. You keep all your 
belongings and house extensions. You keep your tools except for Super Tools 
(Sickle, Fishing Rod). You lose all your Key Items. You also lose the trust 
and friendship of all the villagers.

Q. What happens if you don't finish the game by Winter 30th?

A. You get a bad ending, but are allowed to save and start over again, just 
as if you had gotten one of the "good" endings.

Q. I was working on a path to beating the game, and it stopped! Why am I not 
getting events anymore?

A. Probably because you started getting events for another path. Don't worry 
though, just keep giving gifts to the people involved in the path you were 
originally on to beat the game. Also, you can not see some events for a path 
and still beat it. Example : I only saw the events 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 on the 
Goddess Dress ending, then events 7 and 8, and then events number 10 and 11. 
So, even though I skipped events 6 and 9 I was still able to beat the game.

Q. My Chicken keeps getting sick. Why?

A. Because it is not eating. You must leave a chicken outside during a sunny 
day until it goes to sleep for it to be full. When the Chicken is inside, 
make sure you are feeding it in the right food dish. Use the X button while 
facing the food dish to see if the Chicken's name is on it, then fill it up 
with Chicken Feed.

More later...


12) The Big THANKS! + contact info

Gameshark codes from http://www.gameshark.com

Thanks to the people who have contributed to the recipes - 

Chimpokomon Master
Gamergirl87 (http://www.hmfarm.com)
psych0midget aka My court Jester, with much love ^_^ See you in FFXI, of 
Tim Jeter (cid61@hotmail.com) - Sandwich Recipe (not yet tested)
Numerous people - for telling me that Parsley likes Pontana Root. ^^
DSakaKK - for giving me detailed information on the "bad ending"

And everyone on our Harvest Moon : Save the Homeland message board.

Thanks to Natsume + Victor Interactive Software for making and publishing 
this game.

Some of the Info in this FAQ is from the guidebook included in the game case.

CJayC for creating GameFAQs

Moderators for helping keep our message boards clean.

arcaneja can be reached : arcaneja@hotmail.com

PLEASE put Harvest Moon Save the Homeland or HM STH somewhere in the TOPIC 
of the message if you email me. Now that I have two FAQs about two different 
Harvest Moon games it is just too confusing.

Or visit the Harvest Moon Save the Homeland message board at GameFAQs


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