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  1. I think I have this right so correct me if I'm wrong. It goes

    KH final mix
    KH re chain
    KH 358/2
    KH 2
    KH birth
    KH re coded
    KH dream
    KH x back cover
    KH .2 birth
    and then KH 3 when it comes out. I've heard that 2 and 358/2 are interchangeable if so which should I play first?

    User Info: Miamisfinzest1

    Miamisfinzest1 - 8 months ago

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  1. Personally I recommend playing them in release order. 358/2 and KH2 both spoil things about each other but I think 358's spoilers are bigger so I recommend playing 2 first. Other than that the order you've posted is pretty solid.

    User Info: Jerrynsteph4eva

    Jerrynsteph4eva - 8 months ago 1 0

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