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What kingdom hearts game should I play first? 4
Will you be able to transfer saves from the ps3 to the ps4? 3
Can you transfer saves from PS3 to PS4 for this game(s)? 2
What specifically happens if I choose "Load Game" instead of "Continue" in Kingdom Hearts 1 final mi 2
Help beating Mushroom XIII No.11 under 15 seconds to S-rank on Standard? 3
So how beneficial is the chain of memories game in terms of story? 1
Do you get themes after you beat each game like in the PS3 versions? 1
Stuck on first 4 worlds? 1
Finding rare heartless? (Chimaera, Jet Balloon, etc.) 2
How do you unlock all the secrets in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (PS4)? 1
Recent Questions Answers
How Do I Beat Mysterious Figure In Birth By Sleep Final Mix? 0
How do I beat Data Final Xemnas? 0
Cure card disappears when used? 0
How to unlock hades cup? 3
Kh RECOM Where can I get level 9 potions and cures? 0
Does Lady Luck increase (rare) drop rates for enemies? 0
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Unresolved Questions Answers
How do you unlock the secret episode in kh birth by sleep? 2
Possible to Transfer Saves from PS3 Remixes to PS4? 2
get Orichalcum+ from moogle shop please help? 2
Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 ReMIX PS4 Wallpapers? 1
Why didn't undefeated pop in kh1.5? 3
Anyone having Birth by sleep crash for terra? 2
Is critical mode too hard/frustrating? 1
Can't beat Data Battles? (i seriously hate that you have to put a question mark in the title) 1
Why can't I unlock Blank Points in Birth by Sleep? 1
Thundara G? 1

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