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  • One of Dutch van der Linde's aliases is a reference to a character from Grand Theft Auto IV: Aiden O'Malley.

    Contributed By: Yamagi2008.

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Famous Quote

  • [when antagonizing Jack:]
    Arthur: How's the weather down there, little feller?
    Jack: What does that mean?
    Arthur: Hope you start growing soon, kid.
    Jack: Don't bother me no more.
    Arthur: You'll need to stand on a box to reach manhood at this rate.
    Jack: I hate you, Uncle Arthur!

    Contributed By: Shotgunnova.

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  • Bill: So what do they eat in Germany, Strauss?
    Strauss: I'm Austrian.
    Bill: So what do they eat in Australia?
    Strauss: It's a miracle you don't fall over more.

    Contributed By: Shotgunnova.

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  • Arthur: How old are you anyway?
    Uncle: Let's just say I was born sometime between the fall of '49 and the fall of Rome. My second wife always used to describe me as ageless, though she did leave me for a younger man.
    Arthur: Maybe we should cut you open and count the rings of whiskey.

    Contributed By: Shotgunnova.

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  • [when antagonizing Pearson:]
    Arthur: So what's for dinner? Dysentery again?

    Contributed By: Shotgunnova.

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  • [when antagonizing Bill:]
    Arthur: You're so drunk these days that you're Uncle in training.
    Bill: Now don't you start.
    Arthur: Except half the charm and twice as lazy.
    Bill: What's wrong with you?
    Arthur: Unless you're hard at work inside studying to be a halfwit.

    Contributed By: Shotgunnova.

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  • John: Just once I'd like to find you workin'.. Just once!
    Uncle: It's a fatal condition I got
    John: I'll give you another fatal condition

    Contributed By: neb519.

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  • [when antagonizing Susan:]
    Arthur: Susan Grimshaw, you sure passed your prime at full gallop.
    Susan: Oh, shut up, Arthur!
    Arthur: Left it in the dust!
    Susan: When are you going to act your age?
    Arthur: Used to bring the men running. Now...they're running the other way.

    Contributed By: Shotgunnova.

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  • [Arthur has beaten Thomas Downes into submission and pinned him against the fence]
    Arthur: You borrowed money from my business partner Herr Strauss. You owe him. You took the money. He wants it back. What's not to understand?
    [Thomas coughs and spits in Arthur's face by accident, unwittingly passing his tuberculosis onto Arthur, who becomes fazed a bit before continuing]
    Arthur: Where's our money?
    Thomas: I don't have it.
    Arthur: [disappointed] Sell your place.
    Thomas: We already owe more than it's worth.
    Arthur: Then sell your wife, or your family, or something. We ain't your idea of charity. Is that clear?
    [Thomas coughs again before Arthur sighs and drops him to the ground, to the point of near death]

    Contributed By: angeldeb82.

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  • If you ain't gonna to be civilized about this...

    -Dutch van der Linde before the shootout at the Braithwaite Manor begins.

    Contributed By: Yamagi2008.

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Connection to Other Media

  • Brian Dechart voice actor for Connor in Become Human


    Contributed By: shelbi805.

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