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by Suprak the Stud

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Guide and Walkthrough by Suprak the Stud

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/13/2019
FAQ of the Month Winner: April 2019 | Official GameFAQs Guide Official GameFAQs Guide


Welcome to the main walkthrough for Red Dead Redemption 2. This is an absolutely massive game so I'm hoping you didn't have any other plans for the next couple of months. This walkthrough is divided up into sections, where every single mission in every single chapter is fully detailed. This will tell you the easiest way to get through the mission with tips for all of the hardest parts. Afterwards you will also find a "Going For Gold" section for each mission. These give you tips for finishing a mission with a gold medal. Each mission has several requirements for getting a gold medal. Getting less than half of these will get you a bronze medal, getting half or more (but not all) will get you a silver medal, and getting all requirements will get you a gold. Some of these levels are very easy to get gold on. Others are borderline impossible. Here you will find tips for all of the missions. There is no need to get gold on all of them, so view this as only an optional challenge for those that really want to get the most out of the game.

Also in each section you can find a brief summary of other stuff you can (or should) do during the chapter. There are a lot of optional missions, called stranger missions, that appear throughout the course of the game. You can do these at any point, but I'll tell you when they first become available. There are other optional things you can do or find, and I'll point out some of these things during the chapter. They'll usually be stuff that is close by the camp location and while you can explore the map at any point, I tend to keep things localized the stuff that isn't too far from you. This doesn't mean you shouldn't go exploring, and really you can start searching the map as early as Chapter 2.

Note that the main walkthrough won't actually include locations on any of the many hidden collectables in the game nor provide information on how to beat or find the many stranger missions in this game. To find those, you will need to check the 100% completion section of the guide. The section will detail all of this, and is divided up into the same sections your actual in-game 100% completion screen is. If you're looking for information on that while playing, please refer to the appropriate section of the guide.

Beyond that, just have fun! I have included some general tips to follow, but the most important thing is to just sit back and enjoy things as they happen. This is a game all about the story and experience, so take time to enjoy them instead of just trying to rush through everything. Good luck!

Dead Eye

Dead Eye is going to become your best friend in combat in Red Dead Redemption 2, and it will make even the most difficult fight a lot easier. Pressing in the right analog stick will activate Dead Eye, which slows action down to almost a complete stop and lets you get in a lot of easy shots on your hapless foes. Your Dead Eye will level up and change during the course of the adventure, evolving once you hit specific missions in the story. First, you won't have any at all. Then, its it first stage you can activate it and it will automatically lock on to whatever part of a body you move the cursor over. Next, you'll be able to lock onto these body parts yourself, allowing you to more specifically target specific body parts or regions. And, finally, critical regions of your target will light up in red, letting you know where you can hit your target to kill them in a single hit.

You will have a limited amount of Dead Eye to use, but it can easily be refilled by dead eye restoring items (chewing tobacco, snake oil tonics, various provisions) or by resting at camp or at a hotel. You absolutely want to learn how to use this as quickly as you can because it is deadly. To save Dead Eye, center on a target of your choice first, and then aim at them. This will automatically aim at their torso. You can activate Dead Eye now and quickly move up to their head to help secure a head shot. When you reach the stage where you can manually target body parts with your Dead Eye, this technique is deadly and it won't even use that much Dead Eye. You can clear out whole groups of enemies this way, and Dead Eye is far and away the most powerful skill at Arthur's disposal. Learn how to use it early, and then use it often.

Eagle Eye

This is a lot like Dead Eye, but for tracking down clues and not for the express purpose of murdering everyone around you. There are a lot of reasons to use Eagle Eye, but you will likely find yourself using it more frequently while hunting down certain animals. When in Eagle Eye, you can focus in on a specific animal track and then those tracks will become highlighted and easier to follow. This is great if an animal runs from you while hunting, and it can also help you locate some animals in the area if you're having a hard time finding them. Eagle Eye will also cause certain items to glow slightly, but these are relatively faint and can still be hard to see. Other points of interest, like rock carvings and legendary animals clues, will brightly light up with a small pillar of sparkling light. It makes these a lot easier to find, and it is worth it to activate Eagle Eye when exploring sometimes just to see what's around.


A lot of the action here will be broken up into a series of gunfights. Some of these may be against just a handful of guys you run into while exploring the countryside. Others may take place in huge gang shootouts when you're killing thirty to forty guys in a single mission. You'll want to learn how to be effective with a firearm because you're going to be using it a lot during the course of your adventures. A lot of the mechanics here are fairly straight forward. Aim at a target, pull the trigger, and the bullet comes out. It controls similar to most other shooters you've played in the past. But there are some interesting differences here that we can use to our advantage.

Cover will be a lot of help during the game. You can of course just sort of Rambo it, walking right out in the open and shooting everyone you come across. This is a good way to get killed, so it is especially effective if Arthur has lost his will to live. Instead, you should try to use cover whenever possible. It is very easy to pop out of cover by aiming, and it will allow you to fire off a few quick shots before dropping back into the safety of cover. When you're in a mission involving a long, drawn out gunfight, one of the first things you should be looking for is good cover to protect you from incoming shots. There will be cover all over the place, so find something that shields you from the direction of incoming fire.

The first thing you should know about actually shooting at targets is that when you aim at a target it will automatically lock on to the person closest to the center of the screen (unless there are no targets nearby). There is an auto-lock functionality to the controls here, where even if you aren't centered on a target when you start aiming, the game will assist you by bringing the targeting reticule right over the torso of your target. This also works coming out of cover, so if you are in cover and center the screen on a target, when you aim you will automatically lock on to the enemy and be able to pull off an easy shot to their torso before dropping back into cover. This is actually one of the techniques you want to learn to use and use effectively as it will carry you through the entire game.

Because of this, it is strategically advantageous to drop aim between targets. Aiming at one guy, shooting him, and then moving the aiming reticule over to the next target wastes time and leaves you open to being shot. Instead, aim at a target to lock onto him, shoot him, and then drop aim. Center on your next target and aim at him to immediately lock onto them next without having to slowly move the cursor. This is the quickest way to quickly move through enemies. Again, Dead Eye can make this even more effective, and quickly moving through enemies and using Dead Eye to secure headshots is a great way to clear out entire groups of enemies without even getting hit.

Locking onto enemies like this is also a great way to get headshots without using Dead Eye. Aim at an enemy to automatically lock on to their torso. You can adjust the aim at this point, and if you quickly move the right analog stick at this point you will bring the cursor over the target's head. Pull the trigger and you can get a very quick headshot. This is a high level technique in this game, but once you master it you are basically unstoppable. Aiming at a target automatically locks on to their torso, so what you need to master is figuring out how to flick the right analog stick up just enough to move the cursor over to your target's head. It will take practice, but you want to use a quick flick followed by an immediate pull of the trigger. This isn't always needed during the main game, as you can and should be abusing Dead Eye as much as you can. But there are gold medal replays and other times where you may not have a full Dead Eye core, and here is when this technique is absolutely essential.