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by Suprak the Stud

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Suprak the Stud

Version: 0.95 | Updated: 03/25/19

Version History

Version 0.95 - 2/8/19 - Almost all missing information has been added, including all but 11 of the challenges (7 of the 9 challenge pathways are fully completed). Big additions to the Compendium and most of the 100% completion guide is now complete as well. Final update should occur over the next week and will add every thing I'm missing to the compendium, the last challenges, and all pictures and maps.

Version 0.90 - 1/30/19 - Epilogue: Part 2 is finished, thus completing the full game walkthrough. Final bounty mission was added. Additions to the Compendium to include a good chunk of the missing stuff.

Version 0.85 - 1/27/19 - Epilogue: Part I is fully complete. All collectables from West Elizabeth and New Austin have been added, meaning most collectables in the game are now included in the guide. This means all dinosaur bones, points of interest, rock carvings, and cigarette cards have been added. All stranger missions (outside of those associated with collectables) are complete. All bounty mission except one is complete.

Version 0.80 - 1/18/19 - Epilogue: Part I is about halfway completed now. Collectables in the West Elizabeth region are slowly being added as well.

Version 0.75 - 1/17/19 - Chapter 6 is now fully complete, and the Epilogue has been started. Minor additions made to the compendium or 100% completion sections as well.

Version 0.70 - 1/14/19 - All collectables in New Hanover have been added. This includes all of dreamcatcher locations and the majority of dinosaur bones and cigarette cards. The Chapter 6 walkthrough is nearly complete as well, including all optional honor missions in the game.

Version 0.65 - 12/28/18 - All collectables in the Lemoyne region have now been added. This includes over 100 of the exotic flower locations and roughly 50 cigarette cards. More unique items, dreamcatchers, and dinosaur bone locations have also been included.

Version 0.60 - 12/21/18 - Chapter 4 is fully complete, and most of Chapter 5 is as well. More stranger missions have been completed, and almost all camp activists have been documented.

Version 0.55 - 12/18/18 - Chapter 4 is nearly completed, with only six missions left. All of Ambarino has been searched and documented. This includes all collectables and rare or unique items. 11 more challenges have been detailed. 15 new stranger missions have been included. Major updates to the Compendium, including half of all the Legendary Animals.

Version 0.50 - 12/7/18 - Chapter 3 is now finished, including all optional missions up to this point. All stage coach robberies have been finished. 41 out of 90 total challenges are detailed. More information added to the compendium, including a couple of sections that had been missing.

Version 0.45 - 11/27/18 - Several new main quest mission and over ten stranger missions have been added. Several treasure solutions are included. A bunch more points of interest and stranger locations have been added. Several new sections of the guide have been added, including information on fish and gangs. Ten of thirteen legendary fish locations have been included. Many more challenges included, including completed information for the gambler challenges. Plenty more information added to compendium.

Version 0.40 - 11/19/18 - Chapter 2 is now finished, and Chapter 3 has been started. Eight stranger missions have been added. Two more bounties have been added. A lot of stranger locations, points of interest, and shack locations have been included. Big updates to the Compendium. Approximately 10 more challenges have been added.

Version 0.35 - 11/11/18 - More main story missions have been added. More additions to the Compendium and several new points of interest, shacks, and treasure maps have been added to Total Completion in the appropriate sections. Updates provides on approximately 10 challenges.

Version 0.30 - 11/07/18 - Chapter 2 is almost complete now, and a lot of additional content has been added to Total Completion and Compendium sections, including several new stranger quests, new collectables, and lots of new items or weapons.

Version 0.25 - 11/04/18 - Seven new main story missions added to Chapter 2. Three more Stranger missions have been added in addition to a home robbery. Big additions to multiple sections of the compendium and total completion, and a new camp section was added although it is incomplete.

Version 0.20 - 11/01/18 - Several more missions added to Chapter 2. Major updates to the Compendium and Total Completion sections of the guide, including more Stranger Missions, robberies, and various other information. Reformatted and added images to much of the existing guide.

Version 0.15 - 10/30/18 - Chapter 2 now has six missions complete and a bunch of new information was added to the Compendium or 100% completion sections. This includes a lot of new animals, equipment, and plants in addition to various special characters or scenes you can find.

Version 0.10 - 10/28/18 - Chapter 1 is now complete, in addition to two missions in Chapter 2. Sections of the Compendium were also started up to this point in the game.

Version 0.05 - 10/26/18 - First three story missions completed. Basic skeleton of the guide put together with rough outlined of needed sections.