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by Suprak the Stud

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Suprak the Stud

Version: 0.95 | Updated: 03/19/19

Additional Information and Secrets

Special Areas

There are a handful of locations in the game that will actually grow and develop each time you visit them. They usually have some sort of story associated with them, and some objective you can complete for money or other rewards. While completing these won't get you any closer to your Total Completion percentage, they're still worth checking out for people looking to see everything the game has to offer.

Appleseed Timber Company

West Elizabeth, northeast of Strawberry by the train tracks.

Phase 3: The timber company will have done a bit more work this time, and a lot of the trees have been cleared out. When you get close and talk to the foreman, though, you find out things aren't progressing quite as fast as he'd like. Workers have been "not clearing timber" and are "lazy" lately because some of these big ol' crybabies keep getting eaten by wolves. The nerve of some people. The foreman needs your help clearing them out because he is very busy doing foreman-y type stuff.

Go to the highlighted area, and once you're there use your Eagle Eye to find two areas of interest. From here, you can track the wolves. Do so and follow the path a little further where you'll find another worker being totally lazy on account of being eaten to death. Get close to the bodies, and three wolves will attack. Run back a bit and enter Dead Eye. Go for headshots and kill these three as quickly as possible. Dead Eye is definitely recommend because of how fas the wolves are and they will be on you almost immediately if you aren't using Dead Eye. When they're dead, ride back and talk to the foreman to get your reward.

Central Union Railroad

New Hanover, just south of the "E" in the Hanover text on the map.

Phase 1: When you first visit this railroad station, you'll find a bunch of Chinese immigrants being worked to death on the railroad. Sadly, your objective here won't be to save them. Go and talk to the foreman, up near the top of the tents, and he'll explain someone is stealing money from the camp and he needs your help tracking them down. You can either accept or refuse at this point, and if you accept you can continue back down to where all the workers are. The foreman told you to keep an eye on anyone leaving the camp, because he's sure the money is being stored somewhere nearby but not in camp directly.

Head down to where the workers are, and watch them for a little while. The Junior Foreman will excuse himself to go use the little Junior Foreman's room, and start walking down the trail. Follow him at a distance, being careful not to alert him to your presence. As long as you are a bit further away and don't get into his line of vision, you should be fine. He'll lead you to a tree, where he'll start reaching his hand in. Walk over and confront him, and when he tries to blame the other workers, threaten him. He'll fold quickly at this point, telling you the money is in the tree and promising to leave if you don't kill him. Retrieve the money from the tree, and then head back over to Percy. Hand over the money, and for your trouble he'll let you keep $50.