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by Suprak the Stud

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Suprak the Stud

Version: 0.95 | Updated: 03/19/19

Additional Information and Secrets

Special and Unique Collectibles

Below is a list of all special and unique collectibles you can find in the game, along with their location.

Abalone Shell Fragment

In Lemoyne, on the north end of Rhodes. There is an abandoned house to the north of the general store. It is a yellow house with a red roof, and you can enter through the front door on the porch. The shell fragment is found on the counter in the back of the entryway.

NotesIt looks pretty. More importantly, it is an important ingredient in crafting. There is only one of these in the entire game, so hold on to it once you find it.
Ancient Viking Comb

Found in northeastern New Hanover, near the Roanoke Valley area. There is a point of interest here called the Old Tomb that is south of the "R" from Roanoke Valley. It is a small hole in the ground with a tomb right in the middle. If you head directly north from the altar, you'll enter an underground area of the tunnel. Turn left down the first path you ca go and immediately look to your left. You will see four skulls on a shelf. Shoot the skulls, and behind them on the ledge will be the Ancient Viking Comb.

NotesThis is a fairly interesting trinket, but it doesn't serve much of a purpose in the game. You can sell it for some extra cash when you go to a fence, but beyond that there isn't much point to having it in your inventory.
The Case of the Shrew in the Fog

In Lemoyne, in the middle of the Bayou Nwa region. Just south of the "O" in Bayou Nwa on your map is a building. You can actually enter this building through a couple of the doors around the house. In the middle of the room inside is a table, and the book is on top of the table.

NotesRequired for an item request in camp. Hosea will request this book at some point in Chapter 2, 3, or 4 if he sees you pick up a book near him. If you give it to him he'll give you some predator bait.
Cat Skull Mask

In Lemoyne, in a collapsed shack in Lakay. This shack is in the northeast corner of the town, directly north of the "L" from Lakay on your map. To get it, you will first need to climb on the roof and then fall through the hole. The mask is all the way on the back wall of the room.

NotesVery spooky mask you can wear afterwards. Makes all cutscenes 100% more interesting.
Catherine's Broach

In Lemoyne, right in the main building of Braithwaite Manor. You cannot collect this until after Chapter 3. Loot the person in the middle of the floor.

NotesWhat a fine trophy for your collection! It doesn't do much, but it sells for a decent amount.
Civil War Hardee Hat

In southeastern New Hanover, inside Fort Brennand's basement. The fort is found to the southwest of Van Horn, and is almost directly north of the second "R" from the Kamassa River text on your map. Go into the fort through the northern entrance, and if you look to your right you will see a small ruined building inside the fort. Go into this building, and check behind the crates to find a ladder. Climb down the ladder to get into the basement. Go to the south west corner of the basement and this hat can be found next to a cabinet.

NotesAn old, dirty hat. Hooray?
Erotic Photograph
LocationThis is one of the last treasures you can find in the game, and it is found along the northern border of New Austin. Travel directly north of the first "S" from the Cholla Springs text on the map until you are almost at the edge. There are some small caves here, and inside one of them is a chest that has a rare weapon and five saucy pictures.
NotesThis is the treasure we've been working towards the entire game, folks. Otis Miller's hidden pornography stash in the middle of the desert. Nothing too saucy, mind you, but saucy enough that apparently he had to hide it in a cave.
Female Fertility Statue

Far East of New Hanover. The location is marked on the map as the Roadside Brothel, a small shack to the northwest of Van Horn.

NotesA statue that possesses the power to grant female fertility. It isn't clear where it went to medical school.
Fountain Pen

Osman Grove, a shack in the middle of New Hanover. This can be found to the southeast of Emerald Station and is close to being directly south of the left edge of the "V" on the New Hanover text on your map. Go into the shack, and you will find a nightstand next to a dead woman in a chair. Ignore the dead woman (sorry dead woman) and open up the nightstand drawer as the pen can be found inside.

NotesThis is required for an item request for Mary-Beth in Chapter 2. You'd assume there would be plenty of fountain pens in the game, but you'd be wrong. Fountain pens are rarer than gold bars in this world. Grab the precious fountain pen before leaving.

In southern New Hanover. If you go east of Flatneck Station, you will find a small cabin. You'll actually visit this cabin as part of The Noblest of Men, and a Woman stranger quest. It is near the middle of southern New Hanover and south of the southernmost railroad track. Go inside the cabin and turn to your left to find a shelf. The harmonica is on there.

NotesThe rancher who lives here won't be too happy to see you barge in his house, so be prepared for a fight. The harmonica is part of an item request mission you get from Sadie sometime in either Chapter 3 or Chapter 4.

Far East of New Hanover. It is found actually inside the Meteor House point of interest, which is west of Brandywine Drop in the Roanoke Vally area. Go inside the house and it can be found right in the middle of the huge hole in the floor.

NotesA meteorite. In the meteor house. Probably how the house gets its name! You can sell this for a good amount of cash.
Naval Compass

At Braithwaite Manor in Lemoyne. This is found in the boathouse, which is the building on the water on the northwest corner of the area. If you go inside you can find it on a table just inside the entrance.

NotesThis is required for a companion item request you can get in Chapter 2 from Pearson. He gives you rum in exchange which, honestly, isn't all that great of a reward.
Old Brass Compass

At Francis Sinclair's cabin, northeast of Lake Owanjila. Note this is a mission specific item, and you cannot pick it up until after you complete Geology For Beginners - II.

NotesYou will need this to craft one of the special talismans in the game. Unfortunately, to pick it up you will need to find the location of all ten rock carvings in the game and send them to Francis Sinclair. After he invites you to his house, go and visit for a brief cutscene. Go back inside afterwards to find this on top of the table in the middle of the room.
Otis Miller and The Arabian Prince

Clawson's Rest, a small shack in the east of the Grizzlies West region in Ambarino. It is to the northeast of Cattail Pond. If you go inside the shack and look to your left you will find the book on a small side table right in front of the beds.

NotesThis is a book. There are a lot of books in the game, but this is one of the few you can steal and put in your inventory. Everyone inside the house is dead so they won't miss it. In Chapter 2, there is an item request from Jack to collect a book for him. There are five different books that fulfill this requirement, and this happens to be one of them.
Otis Miller and The Black-Hearted Lady

Osman Grove, a shack in the middle of New Hanover. This can be found to the southeast of Emerald Station and is close to being directly south of the left edge of the "V" on the New Hanover text on your map. Go into the shack, and you will find this book on a small end table right next to the dead woman in the chair.

NotesAnother one of the five of the books you can give Jack to fulfill his item request in Chapter 2. You only need to give him one, so the rest are yours for the keeping. What can you do with it? Read it! Duh. Reading is FUNdamental, everyone.
Otis Miller and The Boy From New York

Pleasance, an abandoned town in Lemoyne. The town itself is just north of the "O" of Lemoyne on your map. The specific location is in the schoolhouse, which is the building in the southeast of the area. The book is located on the desk in the back of the room.

NotesAnother book. Arthur seems to like these Otis Miller books as they are pretty much the only ones he takes. Again, this is one of five books that can be given to Jack in Chapter 2 for an item request.
Pagan Ritual Mask

In the far west of West Elizabeth. This mask can be found at the Pagan Ritual point of interest, adorning the corpse in the middle of it all. The ritual is to the northwest of Lake Owanjila, and can be found directly west of the space between the "T" and "E" of the West Elizabeth text on your map.

NotesThe mask doesn't really do anything other than look pretty. But, hey, it's nice to look at and you can probably throw it on the next time you need to intimidate someone.
Pig Mask

In Butcher's Creek, a small town in eastern New Hanover (right by the "R" of New Hanover on your map). There is a structure in the center of town, just to the southwest of the "R", that looks like a sort of makeshift slaughterhouse. If you go to the east side of the structure, you can find this mask hanging on the side of one of the poles.

NotesThis is a purely aesthetic collectable. It makes you look like you are about to star in your own cheesy 70's horror movie.

Vetter's Echo Cabin, a shack in norther West Elizabeth. It is found just to the north east of the "W" of West Elizabeth on your map. There is a grizzly bear inside when you arrive, but you can kill it and then enter the cabin. The pipe is on the desk in the front right corner of the room.

NotesIt belongs to Dutch. It isn't clear on why this random guy in the forest had it, but you can take it back to him for an Item Request mission in camp.
Ram Skull Mask

Rathskeller Fork, a ranch in the far northwest corner of New Austin. It is right along the edge of the map, located all by itself northwest of Cholla Springs. Once you reach the ranch, look in the eastern corner of the area. The mask will be hanging right at the corner of the wall, on a post that makes up an animal pen.

NotesA mask made out of a ram skull. Perfect for intimidating your enemies or for summoning evil spirits. If you're going to wear one mask made from an animal skull, make it this one!
Tricorn Hat

On Flat Iron Lake, there is a large island that is almost directly west of Rhodes. There is a crashed ship ashore right near the middle of it. If you go inside, you can find a lockbox. Go past the lockbox to the back of the ship by climbing over some debris. The Tricorn Hat is back there amongst the rubble.

NotesAw yeah new hat. Impress your friends with your fashion sense. Why wear a bicorn hat when you can wear a tricorn one?
True Tales of Frank Heck, No. 102

In the middle of New Austin, near the southern shore, is a small lake called Lake Don Julio. There is a small house on the south shore of the lake. Go inside the house and check the nightstand next to the bed to find this book.

NotesThis book doesn't seem to be connecting to anything else, and there is no real reason to pick it up. But, on the other hand, free book! Steal it so the owner will be confused when they get home.
Viking Helmet

This is found at the Old Tomb point of interest. If you haven't already discovered that, it is almost directly south of the "R" from Roanoke Valley. It is almost directly north of the three way intersection that is also south of the "R". Drop down into the Old Tomb and take the tunnel directly north. Turn left down the side tunnel when you can, and the viking helmet will be on one of the skulls on your left.

NotesWhy be a cowboy when you can be a viking? This is one of the spiffier of the new hats you can find for Arthur, but sadly it does not give you a +3 to your armor like it should.
Wild West Heroes, No. 132

In the far west of the New Hanover region. It will be southwest of Valentine, in the westernmost building you can find in New Hanover (called Downes Ranch on your map). Go into the actual house part of the ranch, and you can find this book sitting on the nightstand next to the bed.

NotesAnother book. This one can be turned in to Jack as part of an item request mission during Chapter 2. He'll ask for a book to read after you complete A Fisher of Men, and this is one of the ones that count towards that.