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by Suprak the Stud

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Suprak the Stud

Version: 0.75 | Updated: 01/17/19

Additional Information and Secrets

Secrets and Other Fun Stuff

This is the "I don't know where else to put this" section. These things don't add to your Total Completion percentage and they don't go in the Compendium anywhere. Some of these things will give you treasure or other good loot, while others are just...weird. Fun and strange Easter eggs are all over this game, with plenty of weird creepy stuff thrown in along the way too. I'll list everything I find here, but feel free to send me any information I might be missing!

Black Sheep

There is a single black sheep in the game! It doesn't do much of anything, but there may be some lore behind it hidden elsewhere in the game. If you go to the Heartland Overflow (near the "A" and N" of New Hanover on your map), go a little north from the small lake in the northwest of the region. In between this lake and the railroad will be a wandering sheep. It doesn't count as a different species of animal, but for some reason it is dolled up a bit. If you kill it, you can loot its body to find a gold wedding ring. Why is a sheep carrying a wedding ring? It could be on its way to a hot date, or it could be some hinted at piece of lore to something else.

Strange Statues Puzzle and Solution

There are actually two parts of this, both in Ambarino. More information can be found in the Collectables section of the guide under Points of Interest, but for this puzzle you will need to visit both the Strange Statues and the Strange Statues (Cave Painting) locations in Ambarino. The cave painting can be found at Window Rock, right by the Granite Path. It will be directly west of Fort Wallace and across the Dakota River, if you aren't familiar with the first two points. The Strange Statues themselves are to the east of Donner Falls, inside a crevice on the rock wall.

There are two different ways you can get the clues to solve this puzzle (or, if you just want the solution, jump to the end of this section). You can use the cave painting, but it will be more work because you need to go there first, get the information, and then travel to the Strange Statues themselves. It is a bit of a waste because it is essentially the same information, but presented slightly differently. It acts to confirm the information from the statues more than anything else, so only go here if you are really, truly stuck and want to figure it out on your own. The important bit of information from the cave painting is the number of tail feathers each of the seven birds has, which will correlate to something you find in the Strange Statue room.

To solve the puzzle, first check out each of the statues. There are two things to note about all of them. The first is that each one of them has a switch in the front that you can push to activate it. You can push it back in again from the backside if you think you've made a mistake. The second is that each one of these statues is holding up a different number of fingers. Get close to the statues to check it out. Now, go to the statue in the middle and look to the statue he's looking at. This statue should be holding up four fingers. Now, go around in a clockwise fashion and count the fingers for each of the seven statues. You should see, in this order: 4, 6, 2, 4, 5, 8, 3.

There is one more important thing to note about the statues (and this is where the painting would provide a clue if you're stuck). It is that one of the statues is missing an entire arm, so the number of fingers it is holding up isn't quite right. If you go to the corner in the southeast of the cave, you will see the dismembered arm (it might be hard to find as it is the same color as the rocks). It is holding up three fingers, which means the actual numbers being held up by the statues are, going clockwise from the statue the center statue is looking at: 7, 6, 2, 4, 5, 8, 3.

To solve the puzzle, you want to press in the switches for only the statues holding up a prime number. These would be 7 (the one with one arm), 2, 5, and 3. After you press these in (assuming the others are not pressed in), a small door will open in the statue in the center. There are three gold bars inside for your troubles. So grab them and then head out to enjoy your winnings.