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by Suprak the Stud

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Suprak the Stud

Version: 0.95 | Updated: 03/19/19

Additional Information and Secrets

Secrets and Other Fun Stuff

This is the "I don't know where else to put this" section. These things don't add to your Total Completion percentage and they don't go in the Compendium anywhere. Some of these things will give you treasure or other good loot, while others are just...weird. Fun and strange Easter eggs are all over this game, with plenty of weird creepy stuff thrown in along the way too. I'll list everything I find here, but feel free to send me any information I might be missing!

Black Sheep

There is a single black sheep in the game! It doesn't do much of anything, but there may be some lore behind it hidden elsewhere in the game. If you go to the Heartland Overflow (near the "A" and N" of New Hanover on your map), go a little north from the small lake in the northwest of the region. In between this lake and the railroad will be a wandering sheep. It doesn't count as a different species of animal, but for some reason it is dolled up a bit. If you kill it, you can loot its body to find a gold wedding ring. Why is a sheep carrying a wedding ring? It could be on its way to a hot date, or it could be some hinted at piece of lore to something else.

Carolina Parakeets

This will show up as a mission when you start it, but it doesn't count towards any sort of mission counter in the entire game. While all these sorts of missions are "optional" this is truly OPTIONAL in that it gives no reward, counts nothing towards completion, and doesn't affect anything in the entire game. Well, other than being kind of a jerk, I guess. This is an actual species of bird that went extinct in the early 1900's and now we know the actual cause. YOU.

These birds will randomly spawn in certain spots in the Bayou Nwa region in Lemoyne and along the southern Lemoyne coast. The first time you kill one, a message will activate telling you that the Carolina Parakeet is an endangered species. It will also activate a mission called "Hunt Carolina Parakeets". This will have three stages. Once you kill one, the mission will be activated. Once you kill 15, you will get another notice saying they are close to extinction and at this point they will start spawning in smaller flocks and the times when they do spawn will become really rare. Once you kill 25, you will complete the mission and they will stop spawning entirely as they've gone extinct. HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY, YOU MONSTER.

While hunting these guys, you only need to check a handful of specific spots (that I've listed below). These are the only places they will ever spawn, and they're very easy to find because of their bright green color. You'll definitely notice when they take to the air. They don't spawn every time, so if you do not see them you may have to check another spot or return at a later time and try again.

House Explosion

Once you reach New Austin, you can actually watch a house blow up if you want. It is west of the bottom of the "C" from the Cholla Springs text on your map. Go west over the railroad track and continue until you are pretty much right on the dotted line indicating a border on your map. There is a house here when you first approach it. As soon as you get fairly close the first time, though, it will explode. Debris and fire everywhere and the remains will actually continue to burn for another ten seconds or so.

Inspect the ruins and you'll find what looks like it used to be a moonshine distillery. Apparently someone didn't vent the pressure or something, but all the stills are just sort of sitting around for you to look at. This doesn't count as a shack and it doesn't add anything to any part of your completion, but it certainly looks fairly cool from a distance. You can however find a lockbox right by the edge of the remains of the house that contains a pamphlet for Explosive Slugs and some ammo. You probably have already bought these from a fence by this point, but if you haven't here is a free way to pick it up. There's also a burnt up corpse right in the middle of the house, but they don't have anything on them to pick up.

Saint Denis Saloon's Rat Problem

If you go to the northern saloon in Saint Denis in the first three chapters of the game, you'll find the owner has a bit of a problem. A rat problem. A huge, enormous, disgusting rat problem. Like, there's like thirty of them in there and I'm pretty sure they're unionizing. He doesn't want to deal with them himself because they're gross and who would, so he offers to pay you to take care of them for him. You can refuse and things will eventually take care of themselves, but you get a decent amount of cash for a roughly 1 minute side mission. You can even come back later (prior to Chapter 4) and the rat problem will be back AGAIN giving you a second opportunity to earn some easy cash. Go inside and kill all the rats with a sidearm both times. The saloon owner will call out once you've finished the task, so go talk to him to collect the cash.

Strange Statues Puzzle and Solution

There are actually two parts of this, both in Ambarino. More information can be found in the Collectables section of the guide under Points of Interest, but for this puzzle you will need to visit both the Strange Statues and the Strange Statues (Cave Painting) locations in Ambarino. The cave painting can be found at Window Rock, right by the Granite Path (star on the left on the map below). It will be directly west of Fort Wallace and across the Dakota River, if you aren't familiar with the first two points. The Strange Statues themselves are to the east of Donner Falls, inside a crevice on the rock wall (star on the right on the map below). The statues can be kind of hard to find, as they're inside a cave. You'll need to go around a fairly large rock to find the hidden entrance (shown below the map).

There are two different ways you can get the clues to solve this puzzle (or, if you just want the solution, jump to the end of this section). You can use the cave painting, but it will be more work because you need to go there first, get the information, and then travel to the Strange Statues themselves. It is a bit of a waste because it is essentially the same information, but presented slightly differently. It acts to confirm the information from the statues more than anything else, so only go here if you are really, truly stuck and want to figure it out on your own. The important bit of information from the cave painting is the number of tail feathers each of the seven birds has, which will correlate to something you find in the Strange Statue room.

To solve the puzzle, first check out each of the statues. There are two things to note about all of them. The first is that each one of them has a switch in the front that you can push to activate it. You can push it back in again from the backside if you think you've made a mistake. The second is that each one of these statues is holding up a different number of fingers. Get close to the statues to check it out. Now, go to the statue in the middle and look to the statue he's looking at. This statue should be holding up four fingers. Now, go around in a clockwise fashion and count the fingers for each of the seven statues. You should see, in this order: 4, 6, 2, 4, 5, 8, 3.

There is one more important thing to note about the statues (and this is where the painting would provide a clue if you're stuck). It is that one of the statues is missing an entire arm, so the number of fingers it is holding up isn't quite right. If you go to the corner in the southeast of the cave, you will see the dismembered arm (it might be hard to find as it is the same color as the rocks). It is holding up three fingers, which means the actual numbers being held up by the statues are, going clockwise from the statue the center statue is looking at: 7, 6, 2, 4, 5, 8, 3.

To solve the puzzle, you want to press in the switches for only the statues holding up a prime number. These would be 7 (the one with one arm), 2, 5, and 3. After you press these in (assuming the others are not pressed in), a small door will open in the statue in the center. There are three gold bars inside for your troubles. So grab them and then head out to enjoy your winnings.

Weird Points of Interest and Strange Things To See

There are a ton of points of interest in this game, things you can inspect that Arthur will then draw in his notebook (or his map). And then there are things that seem like maybe they should be points of interest, but aren't. These are unique or strange things on the map that might be worth checking out, but aren't collectables and don't add anything to the experience other than another thing to see in Red Dead Redemption 2. These are for the ultimate sightseers that really just want to see everything they can in the game.

ObjectLocation and Notes
Mass Grave Marker

Something very bad happened in northeastern Lemoyne some time ago. This is right along the border with New Hanover in the northeastern corner, just slightly to the east of the western of the two railroad tracks in the area. The gravestone has a bunch of people on it (marked as anonymous workers) but not much else. SPOOKY.


There is a weird sundial on top of Mount Shann in West Elizabeth. It is all the way on the top of the mountain, and if you take one of the nearby paths to the very top you can off-road a bit and find your way to the sundial. It sticks out quite a bit so it should be easy to find when you're close. There is a lot of debate surrounding this thing, and what exactly it means. There are seven arrows around the base which seem to indicate various times during the day or the night and might point in the direction of other mysterious rocks. As of now though, no one has quite solved what this means so more digging is probably needed.

Catherine Braithwaite After Chapter 3 (SPOILERS)

You can return to the Braithwaite Manor after Chapter 3. As you would expect after the events of the chapter, the house doesn't look too great (and neither does Catherine). You can find her right in the middle of the mansion if you want to see what happened to her. Loot her to find an emerald brooch. Additionally, if you go to the east and look around the wreckage, you can find a hidden gold bar inside a lockbox. THERE WAS GOLD HERE AFTER ALL!

End Game Characters (SPOILERS)

Don't read through this section until you've completed the game. During the end credits, you will see some characters that used to be in Dutch's gang out in the word doing some normal stuff. These are the handful of people that didn't wind up getting murdered at some point in the game, and you can actually go and talk to them if you want. They don't add too much, but it is nice catching up with old friends. These characters are all detailed below, along with their location.

CharacterLocation and Notes
Charlotte Balfour

So, she wasn't really part of the gang, but there is a special end game scene you can get with her. This is dependent on Arthur meeting her previously and following her stranger mission all the way through to the end (Charlotte Balfour, Widow - Part I through III). If you didn't do this, she will not be available to talk to. But, if you helped her, you can return during the second part of the epilogue. Go back to her house at Willard's Rest (in the far northeastern corner of the map) and John will inform her of Arthur's passing. She lets you loot her house as a thank you. This will be the second time in the game she'll tell you to take stuff from her. I'm a bit worried she has a problem. Note that if you didn't start this mission chain with Arthur, John will be able to do the whole thing in the Epilogue.


She can be found a the Valentine train station. Go to the south side of the train station, facing the tracks, and you will find her on a bench in the middle of a platform. She's become a successful novelist and even hands over a unique item, The Lady of the Manor, before boarding her train.

Mr. Pearson

He will be running the general store in Rhodes. You can go in and buy stuff from him, although the jerk isn't even nice enough to give us a discount. We were friends, Pearson!

Rains Fall

This is a bit less happy than the other reunions, especially considering why Rains Fall is visiting. He can be found in Annesburg, at the Annesburg train station. Go to the side of the station facing the tracks, and he will be on a bench towards the south side of the building. Things didn't turn out all that great for him or his people, but he's surviving at least. He'll bid you one last farewell before he boards the train.


Tilly can be found in Saint Denis, getting ready to board a trolley. If you go to the "T" of the Saint Denis text on your map, you will arrive at a park. On the east side of the outside of the park are a couple of benches, and Tilly will be sitting on the one just north of the entrance to the park. She's pregnant! And married! And not dead! Three great things. She promises to write after you tell her your address, and you actually will receive a letter from her later at your house.