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by Suprak the Stud

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Suprak the Stud

Version: 0.75 | Updated: 01/17/19



Below is a list of all the plants you can find in the game. Most of these can be found frequently in wooded or grassy areas in the game, so you will just need to get out and explore a bit. There are some exceptions of some rarer plants that only appear in specific locations, but that will be detailed below.

Alaskan Ginseng
This is a relatively high abundance plant, particularly found in forests or near moisture. It is typically found in Ambarino or northern West Elizabeth. It is also in the New Hanover region, and can be found nearby the rivers running through the area. It can both be crafted into medicine or eaten directly to replenish the Health Core.
American Ginseng
American Ginseng is a very common planet, and can be found around the edges of forests or in grasslands from West Elizabeth through New Hanover. They'll first appear just outside of the Horseshoe Overlook camp. Can be consumed raw to replenish Health Core and it can also be crafted into medicine.
Burdock Root
This plant can be a bit harder to find, as it primarily grows along rivers or railroad tracks. It is also fairly exclusive to the western side of the Great Plains region, and is always really close (or in) one of the rivers going through this area.
Another mushroom, these are fairly easy to see because of how big and chunky the yellow mushrooms are. They are most typically found in grassy areas, outside of actual forests, and are localized mostly in the Lemoyne or easter New Hanover regions. Consuming one will partially refill your health core, and they can also be crafted into Herbivore bait.
Common Bulrush
The Common Bulrush is located all throughout the game, and will be along most rivers or lakes you come across. It tends to be very close to the body of water, so you should not have to travel far to find some. This is poisonous by itself, so do not consume. It does have utility in crafting for Horse Ointments.
Creeping Thyme
This is a rather hearty plant, so you're going to find it pretty much anywhere in the game except in locations covered by snow. It commonly appears near rocks or river banks, but you will also find it in some grassy areas as well. Consuming it by itself replenishes your Dead Eye Core, and it also can be used in a lot of recipes for seasoning.
Evergreen Huckleberry
These are common along the Kamassa River in Lemoyne and New Hanover, but not really anywhere else. They can be found a decent bit from the rive to the west, but are more abundant the closer to the river you get. Consuming these replenishes your Health Core, and they can be crafted into predator bait if so desired.
Golden Current
These can be somewhat hard to find as they only grow in a couple specific areas. You'll need to check either along streams in West Elizabeth or in the northeast portion of New Hanover. The don't grow around Horseshoe Overlook, for example, and you'll need to go quite a bit away from camp in Chapter 2 to start finding these in the New Hanover region. Consuming these by themselves will refill your Dead Eye core, but they can also be used to make Snake Oil.
Hummingbird Sage
Hummingbird Sage can be kind of tricky to find, even though the plant itself is really easily visible. It is a bright purple flowering plant that grows quite large. This can be found usually in heavily forested areas in shady regions. In terms of locations, they are most common in Lemoyne, the west side of West Elizabeth, and along both banks of the Kamassa River in New Hanover.
Indian Tobacco
Tobacco can be found all over the map, but is most highly abundant in woodlands or savants in West Elizabeth, Ambarino, and Lemoyne. You can find some near New Hanover, however, and you'll first come across this in woodlands outside of Valentine early on in the game. Consuming this alone will increase your Dead Eye Core, and it can also be used to craft some really useful tonics.
Milkweed is not as abundant as some other plants in the game, but you can find it fairly frequently around river banks, particularly nearby Bayou Nwa and Dewberry Creek in Lemoyne. It can also be found elsewhere, including the Heartland Overflow in New Hanover or other areas nearby a water source. Eating it directly will fill your Health Core.
Oleander Sage
This plant is fairly localized, and can only be found near river banks of Bayou Nwa. It is one of the easier plants to spot, because it has five bright pink flowers on it. Do not consume this yourself as it is poisonous. Its main use is in crafting, and it is a key ingredient in poison arrows.
Oregano is a fairly common herb, and can be found all throughout the game. The first place you can encounter it is just outside of Horseshoe Overlook, including a good amount just north of the camp. It will also increase your stamina core.
Parasol Mushroom
This plant can be found throughout the game, and will grow nearby essentially any wooded area. Do not consume these raw as they are poisonous. They will begin appearing as early as Chapter 2, and can be found all around Horseshoe Overlook.
Ram's Head
These mushrooms aren't as high abundant as some of the others in the game, and you'll only find them growing in forests of West Elizabeth and Ambarino (although there are some also located in the northernmost area of New Hanover). Consuming by themselves will refill your Health Core, and they can be cooked into Herbivore Bait.
Red Raspberry
This is another early game plant, and if you go looking around the bushes nearby Horseshoe Overlook or Valentine you should find a good amount of bushes with Red Raspberry. Consuming these replenishes your health core, but it can also be crafted into bait for certain animals.
Vanilla Flower
The Vanilla Flower is highly localized, and can only be found growing on trees in western Bayou Nwa. They tend to be of highest abundance nearer to the Kamassa River, although they can be found growing a bit further out from the river as well. Consuming this replenishes your health core, and it can also be used for crafting.
Violet Snowdrop
This is definitely a regional plant, and you won't find too many growing outside of Ambarino. There may be some in the northern regions of New Hanover, but your best best is looking around Ambarino if you're desperate for some of these. Consuming this by itself will increase your Stamina Core, and it can also be crafted into herbivore bait if wanted.
Wild Carrot
Carrots will be all over the map, and you can find them by their long white clustered flowers sticking above the ground. You can find these almost immediately after leaving your camp in Horseshoe Overlook, but do not worry about missing them because you'll run in to these very frequently. Consuming this alone will increase your Health Core, but they are also very useful for crafting into meals for your horse.
Wild Mint
Mint is another plant that shows up all over the map, and it is particularly abundant near marshes or streams. You tend to find it just a little ways a way from any body of water, so start looking there if you're having a hard time finding some. Consuming it by itself will increase your Health Core, and it can also be used in a variety of cooking.
Wintergreen Berry
This berry is located in northern New Hanover and Ambarino. It grows fairly commonly in forests and woodlands in these two regions, but it is not found commonly in Ambarino where there is no vegetation. Eating one will replenish your Health Core.
Yarrow is another common herb and is in the fields all around Horseshoe Overlook in the early game. It is throughout most grassy regions as well, and it is useful because consuming it replenishes health core.
Acuna's Star Orchid
The rest of the plants are rare, exotic flowers that only grow in limited areas. This one specifically has only ten spots in the entire game it will appear, and these spots never change from playthrough to playthrough. All of these are found in the eastern Bluewater Marsh region, and the vast majority are east of the lake in the middle of the swamp. An easy one to find is just south of the "H" in Bluewater Marsh on your map, around the edge of the small swamp that surrounds Canebreak Manor.
Cigar Orchid
This is another rare plant. It is found entirely in the eastern portions of Bluewater Marsh and Bayou Nwa. It is another of the rare plants that grow on trees, so you'll need to look for it on tree trunks in the area. One such flower can be found to the southeast of the "T" in Bluewater Marsh. It is just to the north of a nearby road, and just to the west of another.
Clamshell Orchid
A rare orchid localized in the islands to the southwest of Saint Denis. They'll be found to the east of Shady Belle, primarily. An easy one to find is to the southeast of Shady Belle. There is a road that runs through these islands on your map, and you will want to travel to the island that the road runs through that is the furthest to the south. This orchid can be found on a tree along the southern shore of the island, near the middle of the shoreline.
Dragon's Mouth Orchid
This is another rare plant that only grows in predetermined specific locations throughout Grizzlies East. You can also find them around O'Creagh's Run. This is an extremely small plant, so even if you know where they are at you may want to use your Eagle Eye to help pinpoint exactly where they are at. You can find one just southwest of Martha's Swain cabin in southeastern Ambarino. It will be right along the road. The easiest place to find one, though, is along the shore of O'Creagh's Run. If you go to the east coast and about halfway up there is a small peninsula that sort of sticks into the middle of the lake. The flower will be right near the tip. There are several others throughout the region though so you may find some elsewhere.
Ghost Orchid
A rare plant that can only be found in Bayou Nwa, Lemoyne. It grows only in shaded areas, and can actually be found growing along the trunk of a tree or on the ground. You can occasionally find these north of Shady Belle, so sometimes when you're riding through it is a good idea to just repeatedly use your Eagle Eye to make sure you don't miss it.
Lady of the Night Orchid
Another rare plant, with only twenty possible spawn locations. These flowers can all be found either on the northeast of the Caliga Hall property or in the west/southwest of Bayou Nwa. One possible location is near the very north point of the Caliga Hall property. It will be slightly north of the northernmost road in the region, nearby the riverfront.
Moccasin Orchid
One of the few rare flowers you actually find outside of the Lemoyne region. A lot of these are located right around the Butcher Creek town in eastern New Hanover, but you will also find a couple north of town and five or so that are south of town. Around half of them can be found right around the perimeter of town though, so search there first. One easy one to find is right on the south side of town, just to the west of the cemetery that is down there.
Night Scent Orchid
There are only a handful of these you can find in the entire game, and they're all located around the Bayou Nwa region in Lemoyne. They will actually be growing on the trunks of trees, so if you're going through a forested area in the region you may want to turn on Eagle Eye quickly and see if you see anything highlighted. You can find one south of Old Harry Fen, and to the east of where the drawn rabbit is on your map.
Queen's Orchid
These exotic flowers are located in the Bayou Nwa region of Lemoye. They are almost exclusively found at the waterfront of the largest lake in the swampland area, which is the body of water to the northeast of Lagras. One can be found on the northeast tip of the peninsula that runs from the northeast of Lagras. Please refer to the Collectables section of the guide for a complete list of Queen's Orchid locations.
Rat Tail Orchid
Another rare exotic flower, these can only be found in the Bluewater Marsh or Bayou Nwa regions of Lemoyne. Most of these grow on tree trunks, so when in Eagle Eye inspect any tree trunks you find that are lighting up. One can be found just to the west of the "E" in Bluewater Marsh on your map. Please refer to the Collectables section of the guide for all Rat Tail Orchid locations.
Sparrow's Egg Orchid
These are very rare out in the wild, and if you find one save it as it is part of a stranger quest later in the game. It is only found in Roanoke Ridge, in New Hanover. This region is in the northeastern portion of the map if you haven't discovered it yet. It is usually found close to streams or rivers, although it can also be found a little bit away in more wooded areas. One of these can be found right along the east of the Kamassa River. Check your map and you should see a road that leads right to the "K" of the Kamassa River text. Go just north of the eastern end of this road and you can find one of these flowers.
Spider Orchid
The final of the rare orchids, these are entirely concentrated in western Bayou Nwa. They are all located between the "B" of Bayou Nwa on your map and the Kamassa River. There are only ten spawn locations in the game, one of which is directly north of the Bayall Edge shack. It will be right along the waterfront of the small lake in western Bayou Nwa.