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by Suprak the Stud

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Suprak the Stud

Version: 0.95 | Updated: 03/19/19

Total Completion

Missions and Events

Stranger quests will not be triggered until you get close enough to hear one of them talking during your travels. There are a bunch of these, and each one of them is listed below including their location, when they are available, and some tips to help you through some of the more difficult portions.

American Dreams

Arthur finds horrific crime scenes, with mysterious notes left behind by the killer.

Prerequisite: Must complete three murder mystery scenes spread throughout the game, starting in Chapter 2.

This is one of the longer, more involved missions in the entire game. You can start it almost immediately, but it will take some time to piece everything together. Before you start the mission in earnest, you must investigate three different murder scenes and find the clue the murderer left behind. These grisly scenes will all lead you to part of a map, and once you have the whole thing pieced together you can try to find the killer.

The first scene is just south of Valentine. If you follow the train tracks, you can go investigate underneath the first time you find a bridge. You'll find a body (or what's left of it) tied up underneath here with pieces just strewn all over the place. Activate your Dead Eye and you can actually follow the killers tracks. If you go underneath the bridge and turn right (away from where the killer wrote on the wall) you can find a little ridge. Follow the ridge up and at the top you will find a human head impaled onto one of the posts with a note sticking out. Inspect it to grab the note, which is the first piece of the puzzle. It looks very much like a treasure map, or at least a piece of it. Stick it into your pocket for now.

The second scene is in northeastern West Elizabeth, slightly south of Wallace Station. If you travel south on the railroad track from Wallace Station, you will come to the Little Creek River. Cross the river, and then head east once you are on the other side. The murder scene will be close by. Check your map for the "x" denoting a dead body if you are having trouble finding it, because as soon as you are relatively close the game will add it to your map. There is a corpse tied to a rock with a message painted to it, and if you look to the left of this rock you will find the head sitting on another nearby rock. The second treasure map piece is stuck inside its mouth, again.

The final murder scene is in southern Lemoyne. Look for the Scarlett Meadows text, which goes through Rhodes and ends slightly east of Braithwaite Manor. You want to go to the final "S" of the Scarlett Meadows text, as the body will be right on top of it. You can actually see the boy from the road just east of the "S", and it will be tied up to the tree. .You can go check the body, and then walk around to the other side of the tree. The head will be here, with the third and final map pieces sticking out of its mouth.

After you have found the three murder scenes, you can now go to the house shown in the map. You need to travel to Lucky's Cabin, which is just southwest of Valentine (directly south of the "A" and "L" from the Valentine text on your map). Once you get close, you will get the American Dreams mission marker where the cabin is at. Go to the doors leading to the cellar and open them up. Go down the stairs to find the killers chamber of horrors. There are a couple of letters on the desk you can read for some more information. Go to the very back of the basement and inspect the knife to trigger a scene where you're attacked. When you come to, throw the nearby head (yes, head) and then fight off the killer. It is a fairly easy fight, and just block his first attack and then throw a couple of punches of your own to knock him out. Hogtie him and carry him to the back of your horse. Ride into town to drop him off at the sheriff's. He will end up attacking the sheriff after the cutscene (on account of being a crazy person), so shoot him while he's on top of the sheriff. Collect a reward on your way out.

As a final note, you will likely notice there is a combination to what looks like a safe on the map. This might lead you to believe there is some sort of hidden treasure in the serial killer's lair. Unfortunately, this is the combination to open the lock to get into the basement. You may not realize because Arthur will open it up automatically.

The American Inferno, Burnt Out - I

You meet Evelyn Miller, a writer hero of Dutch's, and finds him disillusioned and lost.

Prerequisite: Motherhood (Epilogue - Part 1).

After completing Motherhood in the Epilogue - Part 1, you can find this stranger south of Strawberry, just on the other side of the Upper Montana River. He's in the northeast of the Tall Trees region of West Elizabeth, and is only available from 6 am to 6 pm. You'll meet Evelyn Miller (THE Evelyn Miller). He likes the brief conversation he has with you, and invites you to his house sometime later on. The mission will complete as soon as you are done chatting.

The American Inferno, Burnt Out - II

Evelyn Miller takes John to confront some trappers who have been over-hunting Tall Trees forest.

Prerequisite: The American Inferno, Burnt Out - I

After finishing Part I and waiting 24 hours, you will find Evelyn Miller at Tanner's Reach, which is in southwest West Elizabeth and just to the southeast of the Aurora Basin. He is as distraught as ever, and wants to show John some evidence that civilization is killing the beauty of the wilderness. He wants you to follow him so he can show so, so get on your horse and ride after him. You'll come across an animal caught in a bear trap. Get off your horse and follow the button prompt to free him, and then get back on your horse and continue following Evelyn. He'll eventually lead you to a camp of some trappers, and he does the rational thing and runs up to them and starts shouting crazy things at them. They punch him in the face, and John has to get involved. You can fight them if you choose, or you can take out a gun and shoot one of them and the others will likely flee. Evelyn seems to have his fighting spirit reinvigorated, but John just wants to get out of there. Evelyn will ride off and the mission will end.

The American Inferno, Burnt Out - III

Evelyn Miller has locked himself inside his cabin in order to finish his writing.

Prerequisite: The American Inferno, Burnt Out - II

You'll need to wait around 48 in game hours after Part II for this mission to become active. I had a hard time triggering it for some reason, but was able to fix things by saving and loading my game and then resting at a camp site for the longest amount of time possible. The mission itself is very easy. Travel to Tanner's Reach again to find Evelyn obsessed with his writing. He won't come out for John, so John decides to leave him some food instead. Go to his front door and follow the button prompt to leave some food. It can be absolutely anything you have on you. If you don't have any food, go out to a general store or go hunting and return once you have some. Evelyn promises to get it in a bit, and shoos you off for now.

The American Inferno, Burnt Out - IV

Evelyn Miller has (still) locked himself inside his cabin in order to finish his writing.

Prerequisite: The American Inferno, Burnt Out - III

This is exactly the same thing as Part III. Wait at least 48 in game hours and the game will tell you Evelyn can receive more food again. Good thing we're apparently running a catering service now. Go back to his cabin with food in hand, and drop it off at his door. You can leave after dropping it off.

The American Inferno, Burnt Out - V

John pays Evelyn Miller one last visit, and he has a final request for him to carry out.

Prerequisite: The American Inferno, Burnt Out - IV

After another 48 in game hours, you'll get another message from the game that Evelyn is hungry again. Great. Travel to his cabin, only this time you won't hear him calling out to you when you get close. Force the door open and you'll find Eveyln in less than great shape. You'll automatically pick up his book, where he says he wants to be burned and not buried. Snag the platinum pocket watch next to him on the desk first, and then walk over to the curtains. Follow the prompt to burn them, and then hurry out of the cabin.

Arcadia For Amateurs - I

Albert Mason, a wildlife photographer, has his bag stolen by a coyote while setting up his camera.

Prerequisite: None, available any time in Chapter 2

This mission is available at any point in Chapter 2, and to find it you just need to go southwest of Riggs Station, over by where Blackwater is. The stranger mission indicator will show up on your map when you get close enough, so just walk towards the center of it to find a man fiddling with his camera. He tells you he's trying to attract animals with his bag full of meat, and as he tells you about this it gets stolen by a coyote because it is full of meat. He has left some important equipment in there with all the raw meat (this is why people died in their 30s back then) so go and chase it down. Just follow the coyote and when you get close enough use your Dead Eye to hit him with an arrow. If you can't get to him, he will run off. Fortunately, as long as you are close he will drop the bag himself after a while. Either way, go and pick up the bag and return it to the photographer to finish off the first stage of the Stranger Mission.

Arcadia For Amateurs - II

Mason survives a scare while trying to take a picture of some wolves.

Prerequisite: Arcadia For Amateurs - I

After completing Arcadia For Amateurs - I, wait for two in game days to pass. At that point, Mason's indicator will appear on the map again, this time to the northwest of Wallace Station. Travel to the marker on the map and find Mason, who at this point has decided to up his death wish and wants to photograph wolves. He puts out some raw meat for them and at least four of them will show up looking for it. His photographs wind up just frightening and enraging the wolves, so of course he tries to take one more. After his second attempt, the wolves will attack. Using your Dead Eye here is a great idea, because they will be in real close proximity and can leap forward to tear you to pieces at a moments notice. Use Dead Eye, target a wolf's head, and then repeat. There are only a handful here, but things can get rough since they start so close to you. After you kill the last of them, Mason will thank you and start planning ant even more dangerous animal to infuriate next time.

Arcadia For Amateurs - III

Eager to get a shot of a Silver Dapple Pinto, Mason sets up hs camera in the plains of the Heartland Overflow.

Prerequisite: Arcadia For Amateurs - II

You'll need to wait two in game days after Arcadia For Amateurs - II, but then Mason will appear again nearby Emerald Ranch. You'll find him along the edge of a pond trying to photograph horses, but he's having no look. I'm beginning to think this guy is just a terrible photographer. You volunteer to scare and chase the horses over towards him, so mount your horse and head to the marker on your map. You'll find five wild horses there an you'll need to herd them over to where Mason is at. Ride behind them and shout at them occasionally to get them to move. If one breaks off, loop back around to get it and drive it towards the rest of the herd. Keep riding behind them until you reach Mason's position, at which point he'll take the photo and thank you for your help. He'll even give you a photo he took of the wolves last time to thank you. Time for scrapbooking!

Arcadia For Amateurs - IV

Mason sets his sights on more dangerous animals and needs help to take some pictures of alligators.

Prerequisite: Arcadia For Amateurs - III

After waiting two in game days from the last part of this mission, Mason's mission marker will pop up again. This time he'll be in the Lemoyne region, nearby Bluewater Marsh. His target this time? Alligators. He truly has a death wish. Go and talk to him, and you'll convince him that it is safer to shoot the alligators from a boat. You'll have to ferry him around so he can take pictures of the alligator, and the three locations you need to travel to are all marked on your map. The first two, to the northeast and to the south, are very easy, and you just need to row to the marker and Mason will take the picture. The one to the northwest will take a bit more work, unfortunately. Mason can't get a shot from the shore, so he needs you to go into the reeds and coax the alligator out. It sounds a lot like "getting eaten" but such is the nature of wildlife photography, I suppose. Get out of the boat and walk over towards it. You need to draw its attention somehow, and I recommend shooting nearby it. This will allow you to do it from a distance, and as soon as he turns you can run back to the boat. The flash of the photograph will scare him away, so as long as you're near the boat, you'll be fine. Climb back on and row Mason back to shore. Hopefully his next subject will be less bite-y.

Arcadia For Amateurs - V

Albert Mason almost pays the ultimate price for his work, after tumbling off a cliff edge while trying to take photographs of flying eagles.

Prerequisite: Arcadia For Amateurs - IV

This last leg of Arcadia For Amateurs really isn't much of a mission at all. Wait 24 in game hours after completing part IV and Albert Mason will once again appear, this time slightly south of Valentine. Go visit him, and Mason will kick off the interaction by almost falling to death over the edge of a cliff. He decides to retire back home at this point, which sounds like the best possible idea, actually. Simply watch the scene and you'll finish up this mission path.

The Artist's Way - I

Make a friend in the bar by buying him a drink.

Prerequisite: The Joys of Civilization (Chapter 4)

After The Joys of Civilization is completed, this stranger mission will become available near the saloon in the northeast portion of Saint Denis. Head into the saloon to meet a very French individual named Charles. Buy him a drink and he'll tell you a bit about his personal philosophy. He is a struggling artist, and he repays you for the drinks by handing over a lewd picture he drew. Eh, we've had worse payments. That's all you can do for now, so head out of the bar.

The Artist's Way - II

An angry husband threatens Chatenay, claiming he slept with his wife.

Prerequisite: The Artist's Way - I

After part I, you will have to wait at least one in game day for the next part of this mission to pop up. You can find Chatenay in northeastern Saint Denis, just between the letters "E" and "N" of Denis on your map. You'll hear commotion when you get close, and find a man with a gun yelling at Chatenay for sleeping with his wife. He pulls Chatenay out with a gun in hand, claiming he's going to kill him. You'll need to save him somehow, so pull out a weapon of your own. Fire off a shot to scare his assailant, who will run away rather than fight you himself. Chatenay thanks you for saving him, and invites you to go see his art at a gallery he's presenting at. Uh, not exactly the reward we were hoping for there, Chatenay, but thanks.

The Artist's Way - III

An angry husband threatens Chatenay, claiming he slept with his wife.

Prerequisite: The Artist's Way - II

After part II, you need to wait 24 in game hours before attempting to visit Chatenay again. He will be near the center of the city this time, just north of the "E" in the word Saint Denis on your map. Go up the stairs to find his art show. To find Chatenay himself, go straight ahead to the in front of you, then turn right and go to the back of the room with all the paintings. Chatenay will be there, bemoaning how no one appreciates his work. To be fair, it does look like no one appreciates it because a riot breaks out because of all the butts he painted. Chatenay will flee, and you'll need to fight a proper gentleman in a tuxedo. Something tells me it won't be a tough fight. Just punch him until he goes down, then fight anyone else still standing until the game tells you to purse Chatenay. There isn't much strategy needed to any of the fighting here, and you don't even need to worry about blocking or countering. Just keep punching and you'll be fine. Walk back towards the entrance and you'll find Chatenay hiding. Escort him back to where he plans on hiding out for a few days. The mission will end once you drop him off.

The Artist's Way - IV

Disguised as a prostitute, Chatenay makes his way to the docks to escape Saint Denis, and the angry locals, on a boat.

Prerequisite: The Artist's Way - III

You will need to wait at least two days in game after part III is over. Sometime after that, you can find Chatenay again in Saint Denis. His new objective marker will be just north of the Saint Denis post office. You will see a woman peeking out of an alley. And by "woman" I mean Chatenay in a terrible disguise. He doesn't even bother to shave his beard. He plans on escaping to some island, but he needs your help getting to the boat because he is a wanted man. Escort him to the boat by following him wherever he walks. He'll notice some men that he knows on account of the fact he pooped on their bar. They probably didn't like that, so we have to hide. A trolley will pass by and you will want to run behind it, keeping pace with Chatenay. Once you're far enough away, he'll start walking normally again and you can follow. You'll need to dodge a couple more close encounters, but all you really need to do is walk behind him and you'll eventually make it to the boat.

Once you get there, Chatenay gets jumped by three men. Jeez, this guy has a way of making friends. You'll need to fight them off for him. Keep punching until you see one of them get ready to throw a punch of their own and then block it. After a block, just keep on punching them until they go down. There are three of them here, so it might be a bit difficult but none of them are that tough. You can shoot them if you're desperate. Once they're all down, Chatenay will board the boat and bid his final adieu. Goodbye. America just wasn't ready for you quite yet.

A Bright Bouncing Boy - I

Inventor Marko Dragic has a new and exciting technology, and requires Arthur's help to demonstrate it.

Prerequisite: The Joys of Civilization (Chapter 4)

This is another stranger mission that unlocks after finishing The Joys of Civilization in Chapter 4. You can find this stranger in the southwest of town, near the small lake in town. There is a very angry man here by the name of Marko Dragic that is muttering how the world doesn't understand the genius of his, uh, mechanical toy boat. Arthur is learning about it when potential investors show up. Unfortunately, some jerk in the background walks over and tells the investors that Dragic is a fraud and Arthur is his stoolie, based on the fact he just saw the two of you talking. Not exactly strong evidence, but one of the investors wants to see you control the boat to prove there isn't anything strange going on. Dragic hands the controls over to you at this point, and you can now pilot the boat around.

Your objective here is to destroy the stationary battleships marked by a red "x" on your mini-map. Be careful of the mines, because they will float to you if you get too close. The controls will be shown on the screen, and accelerate will make you go forward while reverse will make you, well, reverse. The trigger will fire missiles out directly in front of you while the analog stick controls direction. Move towards one of the battleships without getting too close to one of the mines. If a mine starts tracking you, either speed up to get away or reverse until you're far enough away it stops following you. It make take a second to get a hang of the controls, but it is not too hard to avoid the mines as they are fairly slow. Sail close enough to the various targets that you won't miss while firing, and then launch a single attack to sink them. Go around the perimeter of the lake, being careful not to attract any mines, and hit each of the four targets before maneuvering back to the dock when prompted.

The next phase will require you to hit moving targets. His assistants will launch four sailboats from the side of the lake, and you will need to destroy them before they hit the opposite shore. Ride right over to where the first sailboat is moving and get close enough to it to make it an easy shot. You want to fire slightly ahead of the boat. They move, but they move fairly slowly so as long as you lead your shots by only a bit, you'll be fine. Stay close to the rowboat and you should be able to hit most sailboats very shortly after they hit the water. It is much easier to do it this way because there are far fewer mines on this end than towards the middle. Just be quick and fire slightly in front of each target, and you should be able to destroy all four sailboats before they even get close to the mines. It is somewhat more difficult once they hit the mines as you'll need to dodge those as well, but it is still doable.

Once the fourth and final one is destroyed, you will be able to return the little ship back to dock one more time. Dragic will try to woo the investors while you excuse yourself. Dragic is very thankful for your help though, and invites you up to his lab if you're ever in the area. I'm sure he has something crazy to show you up there.

A Bright Bouncing Boy - II

Dragic needs help placing conductors in the electrical fields around his laboratory so he can power his greatest invention to date.

Prerequisite: A Bright Bouncing Boy - I

This one is sort of a pain to get started. You must first complete the first part of this mission, and then travel to Doverhill. Doverhill is a small lab in the extreme northeast corner of the map. You should know it when you get close because there is a large tower out back. Dragic will be here, but he isn't open for visitors just any time. You need to come at night, between the hours of 10 pm and 5 am. And there must be an active thunderstorm in the area at the time. I noticed that there were a lot more thunderstorms in the area after this mission became available, so if you are in the region you can camp until night and see how your luck looks when you wake up. If these criteria are met, you can go the back of his lab and open the door.

Once again, he needs your help with his experiment. And, once again, you have no idea what he's talking about. He gives you some equipment and throws you outside. You'll have two different things - a detector and three conductors. You want to use the detector to determine where the conductors go. Aim your detector around and it will flash with different intensities. When you are pointing in the right direction, it will flash very frequently. Go in that direction. You'll know you're doing it right because a yellow objective marker will appear on your map. If you check your actual map, you will notice a small circle within the larger yellow area, right in the center. This is where you want to place the conductors. You can do it the way the game wants you to and use the detector to lead you there, or you can just run to the circle and pull out your detector then to get the confirmation. You will need to find the general area first by rotating around with the detector out, but once you do the exact position for the conductors will be marked by those small circles, making things a bit easier for you. Go to each one of these areas and place the conductor once your detector lights up solid. You'll need to do this process three times.

Run back to the lab and you'll find out what Dragic is trying to do. I don't see any way this won't go poorly, but ok. His experiment will fail, and he thinks it is because of the switches on top of the tower. Climb the tower and you'll find three switches at the top. There will be lights on the ones to the left and the right, but the one in the center is dark. You want to light up all three by flipping the switches, but turning on one will also flip any switches adjacent to it. To solve the puzzle, flip the one on the left, then the one on the right, and then finally the one in the center. Run back to the lab now to see Dragic's machine in action, and just hope it doesn't kill anybody.

Charlotte Balfour, Widow - I

Arthur runs into a widowed woman mourning her husband in the wilderness.

Prerequisite: That's Murfree Country (Chapter 5)

This mission won't be available until the start of Chapter 6, at which point you can find this stranger in the very northeastern tip of the map. The strangest thing about this mission is that it isn't actually named. The stranger icon appears on your map, and it counts as a stranger mission, but it will not pop up as a named mission either after completing it or if you try and save the game afterwards. I just threw the character's name in the mission title in case someone was searching the guide for it, but that isn't the official name of this mission. Several blank spaces and a question mark didn't have the same ring to it though.

Approach the mourning woman, who is next to her husband's grave. Apparently they recently moved out there and he just got mauled to death by a bear. She is from Chicago and doesn't have any expertise when it comes to survival. She can't hunt, she's out of food, and she refuses to move away and abandon her dead husband's dream. Arthur decides to help her out, first by showing her the basics of hunting. Walk to the marked area on your map while you hear more about her backstory. When you arrive, stop moving and wait for an animal to come into view. Aim at the animal to point it out to her and then shoot it. Walk over to it and she'll skin it herself.

Escort her back to her house. Along the way, you'll be attacked by two wolves. Hopefully you have a rifle on you, and if you do immediately go into Dead Eye and target them with headshots. If you get a clean headshot, you can kill them in a single hit. Finish escorting Charlotte back to her house. She'll invite you back another time, but for now you'll get a nice honor boost.

Charlotte Balfour, Widow - II

Charlotte works on her aim with a little help from Arthur.

Prerequisite: Charlotte Balfour, Widow - I

You'll need to wait 3 in game days after the first part, but then you can return to the northeastern corner of the map and find Charlotte practicing her shooting skills outside. She is...not great. Show her how to do it by shooting any bottle you see. She'll fail again, but be less terrible at it on her second try. Help her again by shooting three more bottles. Immediately after this, a rat will appear. Quickly enter Dead Eye and shoot it before it scampers away. Charlotte will now try again and actually hit something this time. Hooray! She celebrates by making you dinner, which you promptly ruin by almost dying. When you come to, she's left you a letter telling you she went hunting and tells you to take some cash for your troubles.

Charlotte Balfour, Widow - III

Arthur makes his way back to Charlotte's homestead for one last check-in.

Prerequisite: Charlotte Balfour, Widow - II

You can return to Charlotte's house one last time after part II. You'll need to wait 3 in game days before the mission will pop up, but after that you will see another stranger mission marker right on her house. This mission is entirely cutscene based, but afterwards she invites you into her house for anything you want. Well, not "anything" anything. But you can steal her stuff, if you choose.

Duchesses and Other Animals - I

Algernon Wasp, a fashion designer and collector of exotic flora and fauna, asks for assistance in tracking down some rare items for several commissions.

Prerequisite: The Gilded Cage (Chapter 4)

Once The Gilded Cage has been completed, you can find a stranger just to the north of Saint Denis. His mission marker will pop up when you are anywhere nearby so he should be easy enough to find. He is an...interesting man who collects...interesting things. It doesn't seem like the two of you will be able to do much business at all, until he brings up the fact that he is currently searching for some exceeding rare items to help fulfill one of his orders and he'll pay exceedingly well for it. Your order will require you to locate 5 Little Egret Plumes, 5 Reddish Egret Plumes, 5 Snowy Egret Plumes, and 15 Lady of the Night Orchids. A list of where to find all of these items in outlined in the Collectables section of the guide. Once you collect all the required items, you will open up the second part of this mission on the map.

Duchesses and Other Animals - II

Algernon has another request for you at his shop.

Prerequisite: Duchesses and Other Animals - I

Return to Algernon's shop and you'll find him as weird as ever. He'll pay $100 for turning over the last batch of goodies, and immediately has another list for you to complete. This time you need 20 Heron Plumes, 7 Lady Slipper Orchids, and 20 Moccasin Flower Orchids. Back to work, guys. Refer to the Collectables section of the guide for information on the best way to find all these items. Again, once you have all of these items in hand, it will consider Part II of this mission completed and the third mission will now be available at Algernon's shop just north of Saint Denis.

Duchesses and Other Animals - III

Algernon Wasp asks you to collect some more Orchids and return them to him.

Prerequisite: Duchesses and Other Animals - II

Your reward this time is a cool $125, which is absolutely not worth the time it took us to track down all those flowers. CURSE YOU ALGERNON. He has another request for you, immediately though. Some awful woman wants alligator eggs. A lot of alligator eggs. You know, maybe it was better when we were just killing rare birds and not things looking to eat us. He'll hand over another request list, and this one includes 25 Gator Eggs, 3 Acuna's Star Orchids, 7 Cigar Orchids, and 5 Ghost Orchids. Again, the Collectables section of the guide will have a full list for each of these detailing the easiest and best ways to find them all. The next objective marker will pop up once you have collected the last of these.

Duchesses and Other Animals - IV

Wasp needs more orchids for a display cabinet that he is making for a girl in New York.

Prerequisite: Duchesses and Other Animals - III

You get a whole whopping extra $25 from last time, bringing the total to $150. And, of course, you aren't done just yet. Algernon needs you to go out and find more rare bird plumes and more rare orchids. So you can either go back to cowboy-ing and shooting and having fun. OR you can pick more flowers in a swampland. Decisions, decisions...

There are even more things you need to gather this time, and the list he gives includes 30 Spoonbill Plumes, 5 Night Scented Orchids, 10 Rat Tail Orchids, and 5 Spider's Orchids. The Collectables section of the guide will provide full information on where to find all of these, or you an try and find them yourself if you have a week to kill. It'll take a lot of time gathering these all up, even knowing where you're going. Once you have them all in hand, you will trigger Part V of this mission and can return back to Algernon's shop.

Duchesses and Other Animals - V

Having fallen for the Contessa, Algernon needs more orchids to woo her.

Prerequisite: Duchesses and Other Animals - IV

Once you return to Wasp, you find he's in a bad state. He's in LOVE. Oh, how he's in love. He pays you a cool $175 for you previous work, but hands over the most important list of all. With these rare orchids, he can impress the Contessa and declare his love for her. What's this mean for you? Well, a whole lot more digging around for flowers. Sorry, your end is less glamorous.

This is the final exotic request, and it is composed of all orchids. This includes 5 Clamshell Orchids, 5 Dragon's Mouth Orchids, 5 Queen's Orchids, and 10 Sparrow's Egg Orchids. If you check the Collectables section of the guide, you will once again find information on how to find each and every one of these flowers. It is going to be a bit of a chore, because you'll need to go from southern Lemoyne to northern Ambarino to track them all down. The good news is there is no randomness to the flowers, and they always appear in one set location. Grab all of the ones you need, and you will get a final mission marker back on Algernon's shop.

Duchesses and Other Animals - VI

Arthur return's Algernon's final request and collects his reward.

Prerequisite: Duchesses and Other Animals - V

Alas, true love was not meant to be, apparently. The duchesses has left Algernon for a postman. A POSTMAN! Did she not see what kind of hats Algernon could make? This final part of the mission is entirely cutscene based, so watch Algernon have a little meltdown and then collect your reward. Your prize for tracking down all of these hard to find flowers and plumes? A cool hat, a cool gun, and some cool cash. Cool. Thanks, Algernon! The best part about all of this, of course, is we no longer need to track down flowers. Hooray!

A Fine Night For It

In Bluewater Marsh, a Cajun needs help defending his property from the Night Folk.

Prerequisite: One of the Night Folk chance encounters in the bayou.

This mission cannot be unlocked until you run into one of the Night Folk chance encounters. Running into one is entirely random, but you will increase your chances of doing so by just wandering around the bayou at night. The description of some of the possible encounters are listed below. Note that there is another chance encounter where you run across a man hung by the Night Folk that doesn't seem to unlock this mission on its own.

  • Spooked Horse - You will run into the body of a dead horse, presumably left behind by Night Folk. While the horse is scared, there isn't much else to do in this encounter so ride away.
  • Stalking Shadows - While riding along one of the roads, a man will dart across it and scare your horse. Follow him, and a little ways in your horse will buck you off and run away. You'll have to fight a Night Folk ambush at this point, so try to use one of your close range weapons (like a shotgun) because they will be on you very quickly.
  • Torch Possession - You will see two men on the edge of a swamp, dumping a body. You can either choose to kill them or ride away without them seeing you.
  • Voice - You will hear a woman crying out somewhere in the swamp. Move around until you find the source of the voice. Walk up to her and try to help, but she will attack and you will be ambushed by Night Folk. Quickly take out your weapon of choice and kill them while they try to descend upon you.

After you do one of these, you can run into a man camping just north of Lagras along the road out of town. He will only appear between the hours of 10 pm and 5 am, and if you go up and talk to him he'll warn you that you're entering Night Folk country. Something he knows because his house is currently occupied by these Night Folk. He asks you to help reclaim his home, and if you say yes he'll lead you to the location. Nothing light fighting off a murderous group of lunatics for a complete stranger.

Follow the old cajun as he slowly moves through the swamp. And I do mean SLOWWWWLY. This guy is going to take his time walking through here, showing you every victim of the Night Folk he comes across. Once you finally get to his house, he'll point them out to you and the go and hide. Brave man. Get some cover behind the tree just ahead of you so you have a good view of the cabin. Use your weapon to get a headshot on the guy closest to you, and then the rest will rush at you. There are only five in here in total, and they are far enough away that you can just enter Dead Eye and pick them all off before they get close to you. Most of them use melee weapons, which can kill you in a single hit but are completely ineffective until they are right next to you. Just kill them all while they're running towards you and you'll be fine.

Move to the cabin now, and reinforcements will arrive immediately. Four more Night Folk will now rush the cabin. The easiest way to deal with them is to have a shotgun handy, and stand a bit inside the door without being out in the open. Keep an eye out on your mini-map to see where the enemies are at, and as soon as they enter the cabin blast them with your shotgun. This will be a single hit kill, and then come in one at a time with enough space between them to give you plenty of time to reload. Just don't miss as they can kill you in one hit. Once the fourth one is dispatched, you'll get your reward: a gold tooth and a muskrat pelt. Uh...thanks?

A Fisher of Fish - I

Jeremy Gill has asked if you can catch and post 13 Legendary Fish to him. They are spread around in various fishing spots. Once caught, the Legendary Fish can be mailed from any Post Office.

Prerequisite: None

Jeremy Gill can be found in the very southern part of New Hanover, right nearby the border to Lemoyne. You'll find him fishing outside, and if you go talk to him he'll tell you how VERY FAMOUS he is and how he knows MANY IMPORTANT PEOPLE and how his apartment smells of RICH MAHOGANY. He needs help though. Apparently his business is selling people stuffed fish, and he can't catch them fast enough. He'll cut you in on the profits if you help out, and he wants you to go out and catch all 13 Legendary Fish out in the wild. This starts another collectible mission, and at the very least he's nice enough to give you a map showing you where all the fish are at. Special bait to catch these extra large fish will now be available in the bait shop in Largas. More details on this quest, including where to find all the fish, can be found in the Collectibles section of the guide.

After catching a Legendary Fish, you can take it to any post office and send it off to Jeremy. You will earn rewards for certain numbers. After one, he will send you a lake lure. After 10, he sends $45 and five succulent fish meat. And after you send all 13, he will send you a special invitation to his cottage. Make sure you read the invitation, as reading it (and not merely receiving it) will actually trigger the next part of the mission.

A Fisher of Fish - II

Jeremy Gill rides out to Rio Bravo to catch a large catfish and prove he is not a fraud.

Prerequisite: A Fisher of Fish - I

After reading his invitation, you will see a new mission marker on his cabin. Ride out to it and knock on his side door (the front door doesn't work for some reason) to start the mission. Jeremy claims to have knowledge of an ENORMOUS MONSTER catfish in the Rio Bravo that he desperately needs to catch. He asks you to ride out with him, promising you'll be handsomely rewarded. You will do so automatically through a cutscene. Once you're in New Austin, ride alongside Jeremy until he leads you to the waterfront. He wants you to take a picture of him, and most of the mission involves you just listening to his boring stories. After a while though, he catches the fish. Get your camera ready, because if you're lucky you can catch the very moment that Jeremy loses the battle. Pick up the special spinner he drops on the ground, which increases your likelihood of catching every and all fish when it is cast. This will complete the mission, and you don't actually have to catch the legendary fish here. In fact, currently there is no known way to catch this fish. It'll be added to your Compendium right afterwards without catching it though, and you'll also get the checkmark towards Total Completion as well.


A woman is collecting donations for homeless veterans. Will your better angels prevail?

Prerequisite: None

In Saint Denis, you will find a woman collecting donations for veterans, and if you get near to her she will ask you to donate as well. She is located just west of the tailor in the northern part of Saint Denis if you are having trouble finding her. From here, you are free to either ignore her, rob her, or donate. The donation is not all that much and it will net you some honor for being a good guy. If you are going for the other route, you can rob her YOU MONSTER. Be warned that cops will most likely chase after you for this, so I hope it was worth the couple of bucks you got. Either way, that is essentially the extent of this mission, and either robbing or donating will count as completing a stranger mission. Since this is one of the easiest ones to do, it is definitely worth checking it off your list whenever you reach Saint Denis.

Geology For Beginners - I

Francis needs you to find some mysterious rock carvings, but he won't reveal why.

Prerequisite: None

You can unlock this collectibles quest by first talking to Francis Sinclair near Strawberry. Sinclair's cabin is to the northwest of Strawberry, not too far from the town. The only difficult part is that the cabin itself is not marked on your map. Talk to him and he will ask you to find ten rock carvings for him that are scattered across the map. The total list of all the rock carvings is in the Collectibles section of the guide, so please refer to that if you are having trouble finding any of the spots. Each time you find a spot, you can go to a post office and send it over to him. Once all ten are collected, wait 24 hours and then return to any post office to find an invitation from Francis Sinclair to meet him by Lake Owanjila.

Your rewards for sending in rock carving locations are listed below, and they will be available for pick up at any post office 24 hours after sending in the required amount of locations.

  • 1 rock carving: Kentucky Bourbon, $10
  • 5 rock carvings: Rock Statue
  • 10 rock carvings: Francis Sinclair's Invitation Letter
Geology For Beginners - II

Upon returning to the Sinclair house in Big Valley, Francis Sinclair's mother answers the door.

Prerequisite: Geology For Beginners - I

Once you've found all ten rock carving and received the invitation, you can find Francis on your map a little to the northeast of Lake Owanjila. Go inside the cabin to meet up with Francis Sinclair. You might notice he looks a bit different. The mission will be completed as soon as the scene ends. Go back into the cabin immediately to pick up the Old Brass Compass on the table. It is a required ingredient for one of the better items in the game, so make sure you don't leave without it.

He's British, Of Course - I

Margaret's animals have all escaped, putting a cramp in his animal taming routine.

Prerequisite: The New South (Chapter 3)

You will find this mission in the northern portion of Lemoyne. The person you're looking for will be a little ways south of the Emerald Ranch, and a little bit north of the Lemoyne text on your map. It is just above the space between the "M" and the "O". Once you get close, you'll see a man sitting on top of an overturned animal cart that currently doesn't have any animals in it. He is a performer who disguises himself as a woman to maximize profit and entertain audiences. Apparently "driving a wagon" was not one of his strengths, because he has somehow crashed it and lost his zebra, his lion, and his tiger. At least they didn't eat him! He is desperate though, and enlists you to help track his animals back down. Time to add "animal control" to your ever growing resume.

He's British, Of Course - II

Margaret's 'zebra' is found on the plains.

Prerequisite: He's British, Of Course - I

The first animal of Margaret's you'll need to find is the zebra. Fortunately, an objective marker will show up on your map pointing out exactly where he's at. His exact location is somewhat vague, and the game gives you a decent sized area to explore. If you go to the center of it, you'll find your zebra next to some trees. Well "zebra". If you study it, you'll find that what Margaret has actually done is paint some stripes on a mule. Calm the mule down repeatedly and then try to pat it once you get close. Once he has been calmed enough, he will follow you. Get back on your horse and trot back to the Margaret's camp by following the indicated trail. The mule will follow right along, and once you drop him off at the indicated point you will complete this leg of the mission.

He's British, Of Course - III

Sally, the animal handler traveling with Margaret, needs help finding the pair's missing tiger. Their first trained lion, actually a pet dog, helps in an unexpected way.

Prerequisite: He's British, Of Course - II

Next on your list will be the tiger. Right after you finish the last part of this mission, the next objective marker will pop up near Rhodes. It is a short ride, and your target will be fairly easy to find once you're there. There is a big wagon sitting along side the road, so go and talk to the woman on top of it and she'll let you know that the "lion" (which is a dog) that they brought to found the tiger also got lost when she released it. Not a great plan, it turns out, to just let an animal go. Head over to the new marker to try and find the dog's tracks. Use your Dead Eye and you'll pick up on it. Keep following it and Arthur will notice a pretty decent trail of blood. The trail will eventually lead you to the dog's corpse. R.I.P. lion dog, we hardly knew ye. The assistant guesses it was the world of the "tiger", which is an actual cougar. Yikes.

Pick up the dog's corpse and head back to the wagon. Go to the back to drop it off, and then go hide next to the assistant behind the log. The cougar will soon wander on over and jump in to finish off its snack. Move to the rear of the wagon once more, and use the button prompt to lock the doors behind it. Climb up on top of the wagon and drive it back to camp by following the trail. Ride back, finding out a bit more about Sally along the way. Once you drop the "tiger" off, you'll get pointed towards the final missing animal.

He's British, Of Course - IV

Margaret's second Lion is eventually found on Emerald Ranch.

Prerequisite: He's British, Of Course - III

You are now tasked with finding the last of Margaret's animals over on the Emerald Ranch. I wonder what kind of crazy thing this "lion" will be this time! Head over to the objective marker at Emerald Ranch, and you'll want to check out the barn need the south side of the ranch. Two men will be pushing a door closed and talking about some sort of cursed beast inside. Laugh at them for being so afraid of a dog, and then head inside. Walk around to the back of the barn and you'll hear a disturbance outside while you're investigating. Burst through the front doors again and you'll find one of the two men mauled to death. Jeez, this is a pretty mean dog. The entire ranch is in chaos now, and you'll need to find the "lion". Run towards the stables at the north end of the ranch to find the missing lion and you'll see it is...

SWEET MOTHER OF PEARL - IT'S A REAL LION! Don't know where they found this guy at, but you have no choice but to put him down. The game will automatically put you into Dead Eye as the lion charges you, and you just need to keep on shooting it over and over until you kill it. You'll complete the mission at this point, but if you inspect the body you can collect your trophy - a lion's paw.

He's British, Of Course - V

Having recaptured the majority of their animals, Margaret and Sally take their show on the road.

Prerequisite: He's British, Of Course - IV

With all the animals accounted for, now you just need to return to Margaret. Head to the objective marker on your map, and he'll still be positioned where you left him last time. While he isn't too happy to learn about the passing of his lion, he still hands over a reward. He gives you an emerald. At this point, we can only hope it isn't an "emerald". Say your farewells as Margaret and Sally ride off with at least some of their missing animals thanks to you.

Idealism and Pragmatism For Beginners - I

The Mayor of Saint Denis, Mr. Lemieux, needs help persuading an art critic that the paintings in his museum are genuine.

Prerequisite: The Gilded Cage

Wait approximately 24 in-game hours after completing The Gilded Cage and you will be alerted that you have a letter waiting for you at any post office. Go and pick it up to find a letter from Henri Lemieux. He thinks you are the one who stole his ledger, but is rather polite about it and even invites you to go to his mansion. You can now visit there between the hours of 9 pm and 5 am. The objective marker will be marked on your map, so go and pay Henri a visit.

Knock on the back door and his assistant will let you in and lead you upstairs. The mayor knows both who you are and what you did, but doesn't seem all that bothered by it. In fact, he promises not to tell anyone as long as you can help him out with one teeny little thing. Some art connoisseur is threatening to expose the fact that Henri has been buying fakes for a museum he's planning to open. Henri doesn't particularly like that, and wants your help convincing him that the paintings are real. He doesn't want him murdered...but anything else is pretty much fair game.

After the scene, you'll be on a wagon with Jean Marc. Follow the trail on your mini-map to find the professor. When you arrive, get out of the wagon and follow him on foot. The game will let you know when he is safe to approach. To convince him of the error of his ways, merely threatening won't be enough. However, if you beat him twice, he promises to relent and you can release him. He runs away crying, and at that point you can return to Jean Marc by heading to the objective marker. You'll get paid for your services, and Jean Marc will ride away.

Idealism and Pragmatism For Beginners - II

Mayor Lemieux wants to convince newspaper tycoon Hector Fellowes that a donation to his new public library will be worthwhile.

Prerequisite: Idealism and Pragmatism For Beginners - I

After completing the first part of this stranger mission, you will need to wait roughly 24 hours. At that point, you will be alerted to the fact that you have another letter waiting for you. Check it out and find Mr. Lemieux is requesting your help once again. Wait until night as the mission will only be available from 10 pm to 5 am, then go to the mission marker at the mayor's mansion. Jean Marc will reluctantly let you in, and the mayor will ask for your help "convincing" a reluctant donor to hand over the cash he promised to help fund a library. Jean Marc loudly voices his opposition to your punchy method of convincing, but the mayor insists and you are sent on your way.

There will be a new objective marker on your map now that shows where the donor will be. Get on your horse and head to it. On the road there, you'll find the carriage. Ride alongside it at a similar speed and you'll be given the option to jump on. Move forward to get to the door and Arthur will head in. Our target here is for some reason not convinced just yet, so we'll need to work a bet harder to convince him. Hold the two shoulder buttons to dangle him out of the coach, and when he still refuses hold them again to dangle him a bit further. He comes to his senses after that. You'll leave the carriage and need to head back to the mayor's house at night to finish things up.

Idealism and Pragmatism For Beginners - III

Suspecting that his assistant, Jean-Marc, is going to report him to the newspapers, Mayor Lemieux seeks to silence him.

Prerequisite: Idealism and Pragmatism For Beginners - II

There is no need to wait for a letter this time, and you can go back to the mayor's mansion any night between 10 pm and 5 am after completing part II. Knock on the door and the mayor himself will answer. Apparently Jean Marc isn't happy with the mayor's recent actions and is out in protest. The mayor is worried he might and go talk to the paper about what he has done. That doesn't really bother Arthur. But Jean Marc also knows who Arthur is and has heard all about what he's done. That does bother Arthur. Looks like we'll need to pay Jean Marc a visit next.

Go to the objective marker to find Jean Marc. He doesn't put up much of a fight, and Arthur can now carry him back to the mayor's house. Unfortunately, you must do so without being seen. Check your map to find where all the lawmen are, and you'll want to avoid being in their line of sight. Immediately run straight ahead through the gates of the house in front of you. There will be a lawmen walking down this way so you want to get in there quickly. There is an opening in the gate to your left, but there will be another lawman there so you can't go that way. Continue instead straight ahead and there will be a second opening in the gate opposite the side you came in from. There is another lawman here, too, but he will be mobile and will walk past the gate. Wait for him to move by a bit and then run out and turn left. Turn right at the next street which will lead right to the mayor's house. Wait when you hit the road right in front of it, because a police coach will come speeding by. Once it is out of the way, run straight ahead to the front door.

The mayor will want Jean Marc brought around out back. Follow him then drop him off when he stops walking. They talk, but they seem to have irreconcilable differences. The main difference being that Lemieux wants Jean Marc dead and Jean Marc does not want that at all. You now have a choice. You can kill him like Lemieux said, and there will be a permanent 10% discount in all shops in Saint Denis for the rest of the game. Or, you can let him go, and you'll get an honor gain. Do whatever you feel is best, but if you kill Jean Marc you will need to drop his body off in the water before the mission will be complete.

The Iniquities of History - I

Jeremiah Compson laments the life he should've lived, and what's become of his family home.

Prerequisite: An Honest Mistake (Chapter 3)

After completing An Honest Mistake, a new stranger mission will pop up in Rhodes. Head over to it and you'll find a drunk old man laying on a bench. Talk to him and he'll bemoan how poorly his life has turned out. He's little more than a drunk now, and the bank repossessed his home and all of his belongings. He used to live at Compson's Stead, and he just wishes he could get some of his old things back to help him get started anew. The mission will end after this, and you're free to either go to his old home and help him out or just leave him in his misery. But...c'mon. You can't just leave him like this.

The Iniquities of History - II

While looking for Jeremiah Compson's possessions inside his family home, the truth of his situation becomes clear.

Prerequisite: The Iniquities of History - I

With the first part finished, you can now ride to Compson's Stead which isn't that far from Rhodes. The house had been locked before if you tried to enter it, but now you can go in freely if you go in through the back entrance. You need to find the watch, ledger, and pistol somewhere inside. There is a lot more stuff you can look at here, though, and doing so will give you a lot more backstory into Jeremiah Compson and his family. You will first enter through the kitchen, and there will be an empty bottle on one of the countertops to your right. More interesting than that are the pictures you can inspect along the opposite wall. There is a photo of a family that has an inscription on the back and a child's drawing little bit closer to the doorway. You'll start getting narration with these, and this is where you'll start learning more about Jeremiah's life.

Now go into the main room and immediately turn to your left. There is a note here that you can pick up and read as well. There is another letter just right of the fireplace on a chair. The first item you really need to get is the antique watch, which is right on top of the fireplace. Move over to the final room which is just past the collapsed stairway. Turn to your left and you'll find another note on a stool next to a stuffed animal. There will be one more letter on the shelves to the right of the fireplace. After you've inspected everything else, go over and check out the fireplace. Inspect the photograph on top of it, you'll notice a trap door in the floor that isn't open just yet.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to open it just yet, because two angry squatters will come in and grumble at you for looting the stuff they were already looting. One of them is holding an old antique pistol, and when he tries to shoot you it turns out that it is so old and so antique that it doesn't work. He pulls a knife instead, and you'll need to fight both of them now. Luckily, they aren't very talented at fighting, and both will go down with a single stab. Dodge their incoming swipes if needed, but otherwise just stab them as quickly as you can. When they're both down, pick up the antique pistol.

Finally, open up the trap door in this room and head downstairs. There are two items of note, and both are right in front of you. There is a diary, which is optional, and a ledger, which is not. Pick up the ledger at least to find out what Jeremiah's dealings were in and realize he probably deserved all the bad stuff that was coming to him. Get back on your horse and ride back to Jeremiah to confront him. After you deliver his things to him, the mission will be completed and you'll be free to leave.

The Mercies of Knowledge - I

An eccentric man is looking for some moonshine. A whoooooole lot of moonshine.

Prerequisite: The Joys of Civilization (Chapter 4)

This stranger is waiting for you in northeastern Saint Denis, right as you would be leaving town. He'll call you over when he sees you and has a favor to ask. He needs some moonshine. 100 gallons worth of moonshine. He won't tell us what he is using it for, other than the most incredible party Saint Denis has ever seen. He promises to pay, so Arthur agrees. He doesn't know where that much moonshine is himself, but he bets the clerk at Rhodes station might have some insight. This branch of the mission is over, so just ride in over to Rhodes when you want to continue with part II.

The Mercies of Knowledge - II

Arthur asks his contact about help locating all the moonshine he needs.

Prerequisite: The Mercies of Knowledge - I

This is available immediately after the completion of part I, so just head to the objective marker in Rhodes when you're ready. Go and talk to the clerk at the post office, and wait until after he introduces himself to target him. You'll have an option to ask about moonshine, and he'll hand over coordinates for a wagon he knows of that will be traveling through carrying a lot of it. Inspect the note to get the location marked on your map.

The Mercies of Knowledge - III

Alden said a wagon delivering moonshine will be coming through here.

Prerequisite: The Mercies of Knowledge - II

After checking out the note, a new location marker will appear in the east of the Bluewater Marsh region. Head over when you're ready to rob the stagecoach. When you arrive, the game will tell you to wait for the stagecoach. Fortunately, it doesn't take long until the coach arrives, and you can either ride over and deal with them directly or wait for them to get closer and launch an ambush. There will be four guards in here in total. Two driving and two others riding on horsebacks as guards. If you approach them without being armed, you can get them to stop by calling out to them. Unfortunately, your attempt to mislead doesn't go so well and they'll just continue on their way. Your best bet is to just shoot them all before they can start shooting back. Go into Dead Eye using a repeater or revolver, and you should be able to hit all four with headshots during the same Dead Eye usage. You can also do them one at a time, but try to prioritize the driver then because you don't want him riding off too fast.

Once they're all dead, climb up on the wagon and drive it back to the destination. It'll be just in the northeast corner of Saint Denis where you fist ran into the professor, so just follow the yellow trail on your mini-map. The professor is very thankful and finally reveals what he is working on: an electric chair. Uh, cool, I guess. He isn't quite done asking for help just yet though, as he wants you to recruit the police chief to help him get someone that the elector chair can be demonstrated on.

The Mercies of Knowledge - IV

Arthur visits the Saint Denis police chief to get a permit for Professor Bell's experiment

Prerequisite: The Mercies of Knowledge - III

After part III, a new objective marker will pop up on your map showing you where the Police Chief is. Ride to it and go into the police station. While you can target the chief from the reception area, you'll actually need to enter the back where the holding cells are to ask him for permission. He grants it, already being familiar with the electric chair, but won't give you a permit for demonstration unless you pay him $100. If you negotiate here, he'll lower the price to $50. You can just leave if you want, but you won't be able to complete the mission that way. Pay the $50 and you'll get your permit, ending this part of the mission.

The Mercies of Knowledge - V

Professor Bell has an idea for a suitable test subject for his invention.

Prerequisite: The Mercies of Knowledge - IV

Follow the objective marker to find Professor Bell. You let him know the police chief has agreed as long as a good subject is found, and it just so happens the professor already has someone in mind. A man by the name of Wilson J. McDaniels is wanted for murder, bigamy, and...immoral animal husbandry. I don't quite know what that means, but I doubt I want to. Make sure you check the poster so his location will be marked on your map, and then you're free to head over at a later time.

The Mercies of Knowledge - VI

Arthur tracks down the test subject for Professor Bell.

Prerequisite: The Mercies of Knowledge - V

Opening the wanted poster will put the next objective marker on the map, which happens to be in New Hanover, north of Emerald Ranch. Unfortunately, he isn't alone. When you get close, you'll see a whole bunch of red warning markers around, and there are approximately five different guys standing guard around the camp. You can try to talk to them, but they only respond with bullets so it is a waste of time. Get your gun of choice out (preferably one with a short reload time) and make sure you stay on your horse. This will be important in a minute. Ride up to the front with gun drawn, activate Dead Eye, and kill the guy standing right out front. From this point, you want to target essentially anyone you see, using Dead Eye every time to minimize the amount of damage you're taking by killing everyone quickly. There are only a handful of enemies here, but it can still be a bit dangerous because they have good cover and you have none. Keep using Dead Eye, though, to slow things down a bit and you should be fine.

Once you kill them all (or if you take too long), your target will run to his horse and try to run away. This is why you want to stay on horseback - it'll be quicker to chase after him. Ride after him immediately and he won't be able to get far. Take out your lasso and drag him off of his horse once you're close. Quickly dismount and hogtie him before he can flee again. Put him on the back of your horse and begin your long ride back into Saint Denis. Arthur will taunt him along the way (which makes for some good fun, at least), but the ride will get eventful as soon as you get close to Saint Denis. Three men on horseback will recognize you as the man that stole the moonshine. As soon as you hear them, take out your rifle and go for headshots. They'll ride in fast, so again do not hesitate to use your Dead Eye. It'll make killing them relatively painless. You can finish your ride into town once the three of them are dead. Now just ride up to the professor's house and drop off your cargo. He'll invite you to stop by and watch the demonstration later on.

The Mercies of Knowledge - VII

Professor Bell demonstrates his invention to the public.

Prerequisite: The Mercies of Knowledge - VI

After finishing part VI and waiting 24 in game hours, you'll finally be able to complete the seventh and final part of this mission. This time the professor can be found at the north end of town, right near the middle of the city. Everything will already be all set up, so you just need to walk up to the professor to trigger the cutscene. It goes about as well as you may expect. You can loot the electric chair blueprint from Professor Bell afterwards, but I'm not sure why you'd want it after what you just saw.

No Good Deed

Alphonse Renaud, a traveling doctor, needs help recovering his medical wagon from a group of thugs.

Prerequisite: American Distillation, any two other missions in Chapter 3

After reaching the aforementioned prerequisites, you will find a man sitting on some boxes in the northeast corner of Rhodes between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm. He is extremely apologetic towards you for no reason, although it may have something to do with the fact he was just threatened and robbed by some other individuals. He is a doctor that was providing cheap, effective medical care and someone somewhere didn't like it (Blue Cross Blue Shield?). The troublemakers stole his wagon and rode off. He points you in the direction that it occurred, and Arthur decides to investigate the matter himself.

Right after starting to leave, a man in town tells you he overhead the thieves telling each other they were taking the wagon to Maccomb's End. Follow the trail on your map to find it. There are six men here, guarding the wagon, and none of them are that friendly. They'll threaten you if you get close, so the best strategy is to just ride up with your gun drawn and shoot the man out front in the head. Get behind some cover and then start picking off the other five. With a little Dead Eye usage here and there, this will be a very easy fight. There is good cover on your end of the area, so stay behind it and just keep an eye out on your mini-map. Someone will come out of the house on the right, so be prepared and don't let him get too many shots off.

After you've killed all six of them, go to the back of the area by the swamp to find Dr. Renaud's wagon. Hop on and start driving it back to the destination. There will be two men on horseback waiting for you on the road back. It will be easy enough to shoot them with your weapon of choice without even needing to leave the wagon. After they're dead, it is a straight ride back to Rhodes.

The Noblest of Men, and a Woman - I

An author needs your help tracking down famous gunmen (and gunwomen) for interviews for his book. Surely, this will go well with no angry confrontations.

Prerequisite: None

This quest is going to be a bit of a pain to complete, primarily because it is going to take you all over the map. You can start it your first trip in to Valentine. Go to the saloon in the northeast of town and you will hear a drunk rambling about something only vaguely coherent and a biographer trying his best to get him to talk about his past exploits. The drunk will pass out soon enough, so go and talk to the biographer, Theodore Levin. He promises you a hefty reward if you can go and find four other gunslingers that can vouch for this drunks reputation. He'd do it himself, but they are hard to get to and tend to shoot people that try to talk to them. He gives you four pictures that might help you find them, though. What a guy!

Go outside the bar and inspect each one of the photographs. Flip them over and read the back, as doing so will put a location marker for all four of these individuals on your map. You can check out your map now, and you'll find that most of them are quite a ways away from you. There is no rush to complete this quest, however, and you can go back and look for these individuals sometime when you're already in their general area.

The easiest target to get to is Emmet Granger. He is south of your camp in Horseshoe Overlook and is almost directly east of Flatneck Station. There is a small hog farm in this area, and Emmet is the surly man standing just outside the pig pen. Walk over to him to start a conversation, in which he tells you he refuses to tell you about the subject of the book unless you help him clean up pig poop first. This isn't a fair trade (AT ALL), but he refuses to help until the pig poop is all cleaned up, so grab the pitchfork just in front of you and walk into the pigpen. There are four piles of poop here, and you will need to pick up each with the indicated button press when you get close to it. Walk over to the wheelbarrow and follow the onscreen prompt to drop the poop off. Do this four all four piles while Granger tells you about all the innocent men, women, and children he's killed. Seems like a great guy!

Once you're done, take the wheelbarrow of poop out to the indicated spot to finish up this rather gross chore. Granger still refuses to talk because he's just kind of a surly jerk. After the scene, Arthur will pick up a nearby stick of dynamite, so head on over to the poop pile to place it and light it. You'll blow poop all over the place, and Granger wants to fight you which, I mean, that's fair I suppose. Lightly hold down the trigger button when prompted to fill up your meter, and then press the trigger button all the way down to draw your gun and trigger a slow-motion aiming effect. Aim at Granger's head (or body really, it doesn't matter) and pull the trigger again to shoot him. Don't take too long during the first part of this process, because Granger will draw a knife and throw it at you if you're too slow. With Granger dead, check his body for loot and make sure you pick up Granger's Revolver as it is the only time in the entire game you can grab this weapon. Stand over his body and equip your camera. Take a picture of him and you'll finish your first target for this mission.

Your next target is Flaco Hernandez. He is a longer ride to get to as his hideout is over by Cairn Lake which is just to the east of your first camp in Colter. Back something warn and then ride on up. When you approach the camp, you will find five men outside patrolling the area. Get close enough and they'll try and shoo you away. Ask about Flaco and they respond by shooting at you, which isn't very nice. Run off and find some cover, and then take advantage of your Dead Eye to kill all five of your assailants. These guys are fairly aggressive and will run towards your position, so be prepared. Duck out of cover, use your Dead Eye, and then duck back. Since they start in close proximity to each other, there is a good chance you can kill three at once with one Dead Eye. Loot their corpses when you're done and then make your way to the indicated shack on your map.

Call out to him when you get close, and he'll tell you that he'll tell you about Boy Calloway if you just put away your gun so he can come outside. Turns out he is a LIAR. Do so and you'll get a quick scene, and then Flaco will try and draw on you. The mechanics here are same as last time, and slowly hold down the right trigger to build it up and then push down quickly to draw your gun. Push down several more times now and you'll fire off some killing blows. Like last time, take out your camera and snap a close up shot of Flaco to finish things off. Before you leave, make sure you go inside and inspect the lock box under the bed. You'll find a treasure map here, and it will actually start you off on the Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt so make sure you pick it up.

Third on your list is Black Belle. She is over in the Blue Water Marsh region of the map, and she can be a bit difficult to get to on account of the fact she is almost entirely surrounded by alligators. Make your way to the marker on the map, and you'll find a small shack in the middle of the marsh. Go to talk to her, but soon after you do an entire swarm of bounty hunters arrive. Fortunately, she doesn't want to murder you which is a first for this mission. Unfortunately, everyone else he does and you need to help her fight them off. First, wait until she gives you the signal and then detonate the charges, blowing the first target up. The rest won't be as easy. Duck behind the barrier right in front of you for some cover, and make good use of your Dead Eye to start taking out the bounty hunters as they arrive. If you run low on Dead Eye, start trying to take headshots on your own, or go into your supplies and quickly consume something that refills your Dead Eye. The good news here is Black Belle is a more than competent AI partner, and she'll begin shooting down bounty hunters as well.

Once the first wave is cleared, you'll need to move to the side of the house and duck behind cover over there. A handful of more enemies will ride in from this direction, but they're all very close and one really well executed Dead Eye sequence can take them all out. After they have been defeated, you'll need to swing back to the front of the house and quickly. Not only are more guards riding in, but one of them has brought a truck with a Gatling gun on it and he will begin firing almost immediately. Prioritize him above all else as he does way more damage that the rest of his pals. Dead Eye comes in handy here, but if you're out you want to aim just above the gun to get a headshot. Keep on killing bounty hunters as they arrive, and occasionally one of them will make a run for the Gatling gun. Try to kill them before they ever reach it to make things easier on yourself.

Once they've all been killed, Black Belle is on her way. She thanks you for your help by actually giving you an interview, and it turns out the subject for your interview is a coward and a liar. Well, that won't help sell books. She's even nice enough to pose for a photo before leaving. Thanks for not trying to murder us, Black Belle! There is no special gun here, but feel free to loot all the bodies for some decent cash.

The final gunslinger on your list is Billy Midnight, which sounds more like the name of a pornstar but either way we need to go and find out what he knows about our target. This objective marker will lead you to Rhodes, and once you get there go in to the train station and ask the man behind the counter about Billy. He'll tell you he's an old drunk now that likes to ride the trains, and in fact if we check the next train in we can probably find him.

Luckily the next train happens to be coming right this very second, so hurry outside and hop on. Billy will be in the bar, so continue through the various cars until you find one serving alcohol. Billy will be standing right at the bar drinking, so go up and talk to him. He's a drunken mess and thinks you're out to get him, so he flees. Run through the cars until he climbs up the outside of one, and then follow him up there. He won't listen to reason, and when cornered he'll want to duel. Slowly hold down the trigger and then when your ready press down all the way. Pull the trigger at least one more time and you'll kill poor drunken Billy. Go up to him and grab his unique weapon, Midnight's Pistol, and then snap his picture to complete this mission.

The Noblest of Men, and a Woman - II

The barman in Keane's Saloon gives information on Theodore Levin and Jim 'Boy' Calloway's present location.

Prerequisite: The Noblest of Men, and a Woman - I, A Fine Night of Debauchery

While you can complete the first part of this quest as early as Chapter 2, you won't actually be able to continue it to Chapter 4 because A Fine Night of Debauchery must be finished first. After, you will find an updated objective marker in Valentine. Travel there and talk to the bartender. Ask after Calloway, and he'll tell you he heard they were in Saint Denis. A new objective marker will appear in Saint Denis after that, letting you know where they can be found.

The Noblest of Men, and a Woman - III

Calloway does not want to take credit for the tracking down of his old rivals, and wants to prove himself against ex-gunslinger now State Marshal Slim Grant.

Prerequisite: The Noblest of Men, and a Woman - II

This is another very easy branch of the mission, and you only need to go talk to Calloway in Saint Denis. Follow the mission marker on the map to find him. He is drunk (not a surprise) and wants to prove that he still has his skills (somewhat of a surprise). The only name he can think of at the moment is the man who killed his cousin, Slim Grant. Unfortunately, he is now a State Marshal up in Annesburg. Looks like Arthur will have to go track him down for Calloway.

The Noblest of Men, and a Woman - IV

Calloway wants to settle an old score with State Marshall, Slim Grant.

Prerequisite: The Noblest of Men, and a Woman - III

You can start this right after part III if you want. You will need to travel to Annesburg to find information on Slim Grant. You can take a train there if you're in a hurry, or you can ride and explore some along the way. Once there, go to the mission marker. Slim Grant isn't there, unfortunately, and hasn't been for at least a week. Apparently he went looking for some dangerous outlaws and never came back. Ugh. Now we're going to have to save him so we can kill him.

Ride out to the objective marker and you'll find a camp of four outlaws. You'll be able to sneak up on them, so get in a good position with your best weapon, and take them out as quickly as you can. With so few, it doesn't really matter how you do stand as long as you aren't standing the wrong direction you should come out victorious. Once they're all dead, go over to Slim Grant, who seems a bit worse for wear and is tied up against a tree. Free him and put him on the back of your horse for transport. Ride over to the objective marker to drop him off for his epic confrontation with Calloway.

Unfortunately, the confrontation doesn't go quite as hoped and Calloway blames you for it. So much so that he insists on dueling you instead. The mechanics here are the same as before, but if you have forgotten by now just slowly hold down the trigger for a second or so before pushing it all the way down. Shoot as soon as the target is on Calloway to drop him. Well, at least we have a suitable ending for the book now. Levin promises to send you some cash for your trouble, and you can pick up Calloway's gun afterwards. It is the only place in the game you can grab it, so make sure to take it before you leave.

Oh, Brother - I

Two brothers seeking adventure in the West, Acrisius and Proetus, have bottles shot off their heads to prove their bravery.

Prerequisite: Available any time after Chapter 4 begins

Once Chapter 4 starts, you can head back to Valentine and you'll find a stranger mission in the northwest corner of town. There you will find two brothers, vying for the affection of a lady. Each one wants to prove how tough they are by...uh, letting you shoot a bottle off of their head. Maybe next they'll let you punch them in the face to prove how strong they are! Arthur will confusedly accept, so follow the two of them to the back of the store. They'll place bottles on their head, and you can activate Dead Eye and shoot them both off. Now, they want you to do it again with smaller bottles, so just repeat the process. After, they want you to try again as each one stands on one leg. Resist the urge to shoot them in the head and once again activate Dead Eye and shoot off the bottles. They'll pay you for your troubles, though not nearly enough to make not shooting them worth it.

Oh, Brother - II

In order to prove their mettle brother Acrisius and Proetus take punches in front of a local woman, Helen.

Prerequisite: Oh, Brother - I

You'll have to wait 24 in-game hours, but you can return to Valentine and find these two waiting for you again. This time they'll be behind the saloon at the north end of town, arguing over who can beat who in a fight. When they see you, they have a great way to settle it. They want you to punch them both as hard as you can and see who is still standing afterwards. I feel like at this time I should point out that the "maybe next they'll let you punch them in the face to prove how strong they are" line in the previous mission was NOT known ahead of time, and was meant to be a joke on my part. These two took it seriously, apparently. Punch one in the face. Then the other. The punch one in the stomach. Then the other. Then kick one right in the junk. Then the other. Well, this was a fun mission! You don't get any payment for this, but watching these two writhe on the ground was more than I ever wanted, anyway. Helen will help them both to their feet afterwards. Good job showing your, uh, "toughness", guys.

Oh, Brother - III

After floating over a waterfall in barrels and injuring themselves, the two brothers realize how foolish their attempts to prove themselves have been.

Prerequisite: Oh, Brother - II

Another day, another pointless and stupidly dangerous gesture by Acrisius and Proetus. This time, you will need to travel to Cumberland Falls, which is just east of Wallace Station in West Elizabeth. It will be directly on the Dakota River, and if you travel there you will find the two brothers trying to prove their love to Helen by hurling themselves over a waterfall in nothing but a barrel. Sure, why not at this point? Press the button to give each of the brothers a good shove, which sends them over the waterfall. You now have to go find either them or their corpses, so get on your horse and lead Helen to the objective marker just downriver. You'll be treated to a scene after this. The bad news is Helen doesn't get her happily ever after. The good news is you won't have to deal with these two weirdos ever again. Hooray!

The Smell of Grease Paint - I

Two members of a traveling sideshow, Bertram and Marjorie, are found arguing about the disappearance of another member of their troop in the Van Horn saloon. After intervening, a fight breaks out with Bertram.

Prerequisite: None, available any time after Chapter 2

Theoretically, you can do this mission right away as it becomes available right at the start of Chapter 2. However, it might make more sense to wait until Chapter 3 because your camp will be a bit closer. To start this mission, you will have to go all the way to Van Horn, which is in the northeast corner of the map if you haven't discovered it yet. Marjorie and Bertram, the couple that will start this mission, are arguing in the Van Horn saloon. Go on inside and watch the two "friends" argue. It is pretty clear that Majorie is exploiting Bertram almost immediately, but a side mission is a side mission and we're going to do this no matter how much we don't want to. Talk to Marjorie, and during this time Bertram will drink an entire bottle of sherry and try to choke out the bartender. He likes to party like that. You'll try to intervene and get sucked into a fist fight against the guy, who happens to be huge.

Tackle this fight the same way you have the others, and Bertram isn't really any harder than the other people you've fought already at this point. Block when he throws a punch and then just keep on punching until he blocks one of yours. You can usually get a whole bunch of hits in for each one of his you block, and as long as you are halfway decent at blocking you'll get through this fight without much problem. Afterwards, he'll tearfully tell Marjorie that his friend, the great Magnifico, ran off and is hiding in the woods. Marjorie wants you to go find him, but for now, enjoy your beverage and be thankful you aren't under Marjorie's employ.

The Smell of Grease Paint - II

Magnifico, the missing member of a sideshow act, uses some tricks to evade capture as he flees through the woods.

Prerequisite: The Smell of Grease Paint - I

At the end of the first part of this mission, Marjorie just gives you a vague "he's in the woods" hint, but fortunately your map is much more direct. Go right to where the new objective marker is and you'll find where Magnifico is camping. He isn't too keen on the idea of coming with, though, so he takes off in a puff of smoke. Literally. He can teleport somehow, so what you want to do is follow the puffs of smoke that keep coming up as that will delineate what path he is taking. He will cross a river at some point, so follow him and now he will throw up three smoke puffs. Inspect them all and he'll take off once again. When you have to investigate an area, look for him up in a nearby tree, although he'll just start taunting you if you take long enough. Keep following him all the way across the train tracks, consulting your mini-map if you get lost. At the end, he'll finally reunite with Marjorie and Bertram, and apparently things weren't as bad between them as the first part of this mission lead you to believe. They're taking their act on the road again, this time to Saint Denis. Go visit them to watch them in action, and then if you talk to the ticket taker afterwards, you'll get a cut of the profit as your reward.

Smoking and Other Hobbies

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Prerequisite: Who is Not Without Sin

After completing the Who is Not Without Sin story mission in Chapter 2, you can return to Flatneck Station. Outside, near the train tracks on a bench will be a man who is smoking. Enthusiastically. He has like 100 packs of cigarettes, so this guy may be going for the lung cancer speedrun world record. Go and talk to him and it turns out he's just somewhat interested in smoking. What he is really excited about, however, is cigarette cards. Why? Who knows, but it doesn't matter. This guy is weirdly into them and promises to send you a cool reward for every complete set of cigarette cards you send him. The rewards for each set are listed below.


A Test of Faith - I

Deborah MacGuiness has requested your help in finding dinosaur bones. The location of each bone can be mailed back to Deborah from any Post Office.

Prerequisite: None

If you go to the southeast of your camp in Horseshoe Overlook, you will find an "enthusiastic" (i.e. crazy) woman digging into the dirt. It turns out what has gotten her so excited is a dinosaur skeleton she appears to have found a piece of. She is desperate to find more pieces, and goes as far as to actively recruit you into the dinosaur bone hunting business. There are thirty of these dinosaur bones scattered throughout the map, and once you hit certain milestones Deborah will send you something in return for helping her out. The rewards for this quest are listed below.

  • 1 location sent out: Quartz chunk
  • 15 locations sent out: Skull Statue
  • 30 locations sent out: Deborah MacGuiness' Invitation

The dinosaur bones are fairly difficult to find. The good news is when you use Eagle Eye, they glow brightly with a small, yellow column swirling around them. This makes some of the searching a bit less random, but tracking down each of them is still a pain. If you're having trouble finding any of them, please refer to the Collectables section of the guide as it details the location for each and every dinosaur bone.

After you collect all thirty and send them all back, you will receive a special invitation from Deborah MacGuiness. You need to read it before you can continue, so open it up from your inventory after getting it from the post office. The next mission marker will appear on your map at this point, and you can travel to it whenever you're ready.

A Test of Faith- II

Deborah MacGuiness unveils her creation and rewards you for all your efforts.

Prerequisite: A Test of Faith - I

After mailing back all the Legendary Fish and picking up the invitation from the post office afterwards, a new mission marker will appear on your map in Northern New Hanover. This is where Deborah MacGuiness is staying, and you can ride up to talk to her once you're ready. Go to the door of door of the barn to start a cutscene where you find out Deborah is a bit of a lunatic. Back away slowly. She does hand over a rare weapon, the Jawbone Knife, for your efforts. Once the scene is over, the mission will be completed and you will earn the checkmark on your Total Completion tab for dinosaur bones.

The Ties That Bind Us - I

Arthur comes across two men that escaped from a chain gang, Mr. Black and Mr. White, just outside of Rhodes.

Prerequisite: The Joys of Civilization

After completing The Joys of Civilization at the start of Chapter 4, you can return to Rhodes and you'll find two different strangers quests waiting for you. This one can be found just south of the railroad track, and it'll be easy to find because two men will be yelling at each other once you get close. Intervene and you'll find two men in prison garb arguing over something stupid very loudly. Probably not the best way to go unnoticed guys. After breaking up the fight, they ask if you can do them a favor and take down the wanted posters in town because then they'll finally be able to go and get some supplies. You'll agree and can head back into town at any point to collect the bounty posters. There are five different bounty posters in Rhodes, which can be found in the following locations:

  • The post office. Turn to your right after going through the front door and you'll find a bulletin board with the poster on it on your right side
  • A pole in between the gunsmith and the coffin makers. There will be a man leaning on it. Ask him to move twice and antagonize him, and he'll want to fight you. Punch him until either he's unconscious or he flees and the grab the poster that was behind him.
  • Outside the sheriff station, on a small board to the left of the door.
  • Go over to the saloon, and you'll see a bounty hunter grab a poster and take it with him. Follow him slowly out of town. Wait until no one is around and you are a little bit out of town to ensure no one reports what you're about to do. Take out your rope and lasso him. Hogtie him while he's down and the loot him to get the bounty poster back.
  • At the end of the Main Street through roads. Go past the butcher, the general store and the gunsmith. At the end of this street, right around where the intersection is with a road that leads to some building in the northeast corner of town, will be a lamppost. The final poster will be on this lamppost.

All posters are marked with a red "x" below if you're having trouble finding any from the description alone.

With all of these in hand, a new marker will show up on your map indicated where Mr. Black and Mr. White are. Travel there whenever you're ready.

The Ties That Bind Us - II

Mr. Black and Mr. White's wanted posters have been taken down, but what happens next is still to be decided.

Prerequisite: The Ties That Bind Us - I

Go to camp and you can decide how to proceed. You can either kill them to collect the bounty, or you can toss their posters on the fire. If you toss their posters on the fire, there will actually be two additional parts to this mission that you'll unlock that you can complete at a later time. Killing them and getting the $80 bounty will end the mission here. You're free to proceed however you wish.

The Ties That Bind Us - III

Mr. Black and Mr. White are in need of some medicine and once again ask for your help.

Prerequisite: The Ties That Bind Us - II

After 24 in game hours, you'll find Mr. Black and Mr. White again in need of some help. They will be in northwestern Lemoyne, right near the western end of Dewberry Creek so ride up in that direction. They've set up camp here, and you'll find them both curled over in pain. Apparently they ate some bad mushrooms and are in desperate need of some medicine. They ask you to get them some, and if you have a health cure in your inventory you can hand it over to them right away. If not, you'll have to ride back into town and purchase some from any doctor. Hand it over to complete the mission.

The Ties That Bind Us - IV

Mr. Black and Mr. White get the medicine they need.

Prerequisite: The Ties That Bind Us - III

I'm not sure why this needed its own mission. After you hand over the medicine, you start part IV. And after they thank you, you'll finish part IV. Uh...ok. Congrats everyone!

The Ties That Bind Us - V

Mr. Black and Mr. White are found living away from most folks in a secluded part of Big Valley.

Prerequisite: The Ties That Bind Us - IV

After waiting for 24 in game hours, you'll be able to check in on Mr. Black and Mr. White one last time. This is quite a ways away from their last mission, and you'll need to travel all the way up to northwestern West Elizabeth to find them this time. They'll be at the Stilt Shack, a small cottage just to the west of Hanging Dog Ranch in far northwest West Elizabeth. All you need to do in this mission is walk up and talk to them. Check in on them and say goodbye. And hope they don't kill each other.

The Veteran - I

An old outdoors man and war veteran is thrown from his horse and has it recovered for him.

Prerequisite: That's Murfree Country (start of Chapter 6)

This mission won't be available until the start of Chapter 6, at which point you can find this stranger at O'Creagh's Run, directly west of your camp at Beaver Hollow. He will be slightly southwest of the lake, leaning against a rock. Go and talk to him and he'll tell you his jerk of a horse ran off with his wooden leg, and asks if you can retrieve it for him. Follow the objective marker on the map to find the horse, who will be right along the shore of the lake. Target him and then use the indicated button prompt to calm him down several times until he stops bucking up and down. Walk over to him and pat him, then target him and select the lead option to grab onto his reigns. Lead him back to the objective marker to reunite him with his owner. He'll introduce himself as Hamish, and invite you out to fish with him sometime.

The Veteran - II

Hamish takes his new friend fishing, entering an epic battle with a goat northern pike known as The Great Tyrant.

Prerequisite: The Veteran - I

After waiting 24 hours, you can return to O'Creagh's run for the second part of the mission. Knock on his front door and Arthur will invite him to go fishing. Hamish is more than eager enough to go, because there is apparently an enormous Northern Pike nearby that he's been aching to catch. Get in the boat and row to the objective marker. Equip the special lake lure and then start fishing in the direction shown on your mini-map. Slowly reel in your line if you want, but it won't matter. Hamish is the lucky guy who catches the fish. Well, "lucky". The fish drags Hamish out of the boat. Row over to him to pick him up.

Hamish now wants you to catch him, since he is sans fishing pole. Row over to the new spot, and then cast out in the indicated direction. Follow Hamish's instructions, and you should land the fish soon enough. Do not cast out too far here, because the further you cast the further you'll need to reel him in and this fish is an absolute unit. He gives a really good fight, so the less distance you have to reel him in, the better. You can't do the shortest distance or you'll need to reel it in and toss it a bit further, but a nice medium throw will be more than enough. Keep on reeling him in, following all the suggestions on screen if you haven't perfected the art of fishing just yet. You'll eventually pull the monster in, and hand the fish over to Hamish afterwards. Hamish is so pleased he invites you out hunting the next time you're in the area. I'm assuming there is some monster 20 foot long guinea pig or something running around he needs help with, but we'll have to wait until next time to find out.

The Veteran - III

Hamish and his friend attempt to track a wolf, only to encounter more than they bargained for.

Prerequisite: The Veteran - II

Wait 24 hours after part two and go back to Hamish's cabin sometime between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm. Knock on his door and he'll be more than excited to go hunting with you. But first, coffee. The two sit down for a chat, but while Hamish is refilling their cups, he spots the enormous wolf he mentioned earlier staring at you through the window, throwing up gang signs and shaking her butt in your direction. Go outside and get on your horse. Follow Hamish around until he gets off his horse to investigate, and then get off yours as well. He'll spot the wolf again shortly thereafter, so run back to your horse and follow Hamish as he gives chase.

Give chase again until the tracks lead into the woodlands, at which point Hamish will get off his horse. Follow suit. Either you can take the lead or you can let Hamish do it. If you take the lead, use your Eagle Eye to locate the wolf's tracks, then follow it through the tall grass. Keep using Eagle Eye periodically to make sure the trail doesn't go cold, and you'll find your way to the wolf. Shoot her once she turns around in the head to kill her. That's the easy part. Three more wolves will emerge now, ready to eat you. Go into Dead Eye and take them out using headshots. They're very quick, so keep an eye on your mini-map to make sure you don't get snuck up on. After they are all dead, you'll be ambushed by the biggest of them all. Mash the indicated button to fight it off you, then go for a headshot during the following automatic Dead Eye sequence. Hamish will hand over the best pelt as a reward, and invite you to go hunting with him one more time if you're up for it.

The Veteran - IV

A huge wild boar is sighted near Hamish's cabin, and a hunt begins.

Prerequisite: The Veteran - III

Wait another 24 in game hours after completing part 3, and then return to Hamish's cabin one final time. Hamish will show off some of his trophies, but when he looks outside his window he sees an enormous boar that would undoubtedly look great for his collection. His shot misses, and he tells you to give chase while he gets the horses. Run after him on foot, and feel free to fire off as many shots as you can. You won't be able to kill him here though, but at least it'll show him who's boss. Arthur will lose sight of him, and at that point you should run towards the objective marker to investigate some. Focus on the giant boar tracks, and follow them until you find Hamish and your horse. Climb on your horse, then follow Hamish as he follows the tracks.

Hamish will eventually come to a spot that has two sets of tracks coming from it, so he suggests you split up. Follow the tracks up the hill until you come to the marked area. Use Dead Eye to find the giant yellow glowing point of interest, then ride over to it. Get off your horse to inspect the wolf carcass. Jeez, giant boar isn't playing around. You'll hear gunshots, so ride off in to the direction of the new objective marker to locate them. Keep following the objective marker until you get to a large yellow area where the game tells you to check in on Hamish. Get towards the middle of it, and you'll find Hamish is bad shape. There is an automatic Dead Eye sequence immediately after. You won't have your gun drawn, but just keep mashing the shoot button over and over until your target finally dies. Yikes. At least you get a brand new horse out of the deal! Also, make sure you inspect the giant boar's body before leaving as it will nab you the giant boar tusk.

The Wisdom of the Elders - I

A collapsed, sick man is returned to Butcher Creek and more is revealed about the village.

Prerequisite: Fleeting Joy (Chapter 5)

Fleeting Joy must first be completed, and then you can travel to Van Horn and go west. You want to go to where the railroad passes over the Kamassa River. Right under the railroad, on the western side of the river, you will find a man screaming in pain about demons and how they're in him. Uh...huh. After the cutscene, pick him up and put him on the back of your horse. He wants to go back to Butcher Creek, which will be shortly north of your position. Follow the objective marker to find your way to town and then ride to the north end of town until an old man motions you over. Pick the sick man up and carry him to the porch. Put him down, and after a brief scene he'll try to attack you. He isn't really in fighting shape though, so just mash the indicated button until you knock him off. The old man on the porch will thank you and offer to repay you in love and friendship (hard pass) before the two of them head inside.

The Wisdom of the Elders - II

Butcher Creek is saved from a pack of wild dogs and details of the curse on the town come to light.

Prerequisite: The Wisdom of the Elders - I

After waiting 24 hours, you can return to Butcher Creek to check in on our friend Obediah. However, this mission is only available between the hours of midnight and 7 am, so make sure you come at the appropriate time. He will be at the same house we left him at before. Disembark your horse and go to the front door to knock. He answers, and he's yelling about how you have to leave because the darkness is here and it's gonna get everyone. I think we may have stumbled into the first act of a horror movie.

Unfortunately, his warning is cut short after a woman starts screaming that the demons are eating her pigs. Run over to the marked area and you'll find the actual source of the disturbance: giant rabid dogs. Take out one of your rifles and go for head shots to take them down in a single hit. There are two of them, so feel free to use Dead Eye if you really want to make things easy. You'll hear more barking at this point, so hurry to the marker on your map and you'll find a man cornered in an outhouse by three other rabid dogs. They won't even be looking at you, so they'll be easy to kill.

After saving him, he asks for help saving someone that was dragged away by other dogs. Jeez, how many rabid dogs does this place have? Wait on your end of the bridge, and shoot the two dogs chasing the man before they can reach your side of the bridge. Dead Eye might be handy here to make things a bit easier. Now escort the two men back to town. Keep an eye on your mini-map, because four more dogs will attacks you. It will be one, then a second, then the final two come together in a pair. Each attack will be only a couple of steps after the previous, but you can make short work out of all of them by checking your mini-map.

After you've fought off all the rabid dogs, a crazy man will emerge from the woods and claim he predicted all of this and that the "demons" are protected by "cursed charms" and only he can save the village now. Uh, sure. This is clearly a scam, but the villagers are too dumb to realize it so it will fall to you to save them if you want.

The Wisdom of the Elders - III

Arthur goes searching for the supposedly "cursed" charms.

Prerequisite: The Wisdom of the Elders - II

Immediately after part two, a new mission marker will appear on your map. You will have to destroy all the cursed charms, all of which have been placed on a tree. The game only gives you a general area in which to find them. The easiest way to do this is to enter Eagle Eye as the charms glow very brightly even from far away and you'll be able to pick up their location easily. Also, keep an eye on your mini-map. Any nearby charms will occasionally flash red on it, making them even easier to pinpoint. Go up and shoot them twice once you find them. You'll get a message each time you destroy one, so if you don't get that you'll need to shoot it again. There are 13 in total, and their general areas are given below in case you are having trouble.

  • 3 are a little northeast of center on the east side of the river
  • 1 is directly east of center, just a little north of the inlet
  • 2 are essentially dead center
  • 1 is directly west, on the western side of the river
  • 2 are southwest of center, on the western side of the river
  • 3 are south, one growing in the river and two on the southern bank
  • 1 is southeast of center, growing at the base of the inlet

Again, Eagle Eye is your friend here and will make pinpointing them very easy. Once they're all destroyed, you can head back to Butcher Creek.

The Wisdom of the Elders - IV

Arthur returns to Butcher Creek to tell Obediah the charms have been destroyed.

Prerequisite: The Wisdom of the Elders - III

Once the charms are all destroyed, you can immediately head into Butcher Creek to start part IV of this mission. The shaman is none to pleased about the charms being destroyed and now says Arthur let the demons loose! OoOoOoOoO!!! SPOOKY! Neither Arthur or the bumpkin are really buying it and Arthur chases the shaman away by threatening to punch him. Now that Arthur has opened his eyes a bit, Obediah remembers that the shaman told everyone not to go investigate that old abandoned mine nearby. Probably a good idea we go and take a look at that.

Follow the objective marker to find your way to the mine. Go to the boarded up entrance and keep pressing the indicated button to pull the planks off. Head inside to look for clues. Zoinks! Go straight ahead until your read the big room at the bottom of the mine, and turn left. Arthur will bottle some of the water here because of how very poisoned it looks. When he turns to leave, he spots a mysterious figure who blows up the entrance to the mine. How rude.

Unfortunately, the fumes will start suffocating you at this point. There will be a small gap in the wall to the left of the blown up entrance. Go into that, and then follow the river around. There will be a dead man on the other side of the gap, and you should take the time to loot him quickly because he's holding a gold nugget. After, that, keep following the stream. There are plenty of side paths here, but it isn't worth the time to take any of them. The stream will lead you out, so just keep an eye on where the water is flowing. You'll eventually exit outside, under a waterfall. Get back on your horse and ride to Butcher Creek again.

The Wisdom of the Elders - V

Deep down the mine the secret of the curse is revealed, but bringing it to light proves difficult.

Prerequisite: The Wisdom of the Elders - IV

Your final return to Butcher Creek has you revealing what really has been happening to the people here. You chase off the "shaman" and now everyone knows the truth of their situation. IT IS A CURSE!

...wait, what? Some people just can't be reasoned with, I guess. Collect the bill stacks and the letter on the table before you leave and then say goodbye to Butcher Creek. Let's never come back here, again.


Bounties will become available after completing the Good, Honest, Snake Oil mission in Chapter 2. You'll know when a new bounty is available because it will show it on the map over the sheriff station posting the bounty. It is a good idea to do these when you have a chance, because the rewards are always quite good.

Anthony Foreman

$85.00 ALIVE

Bounty LocationSaint Denis Police Department, in Epilogue Part 1 after completing the Gainful Employment mission.
Target LocationThe saloon in northeastern Saint Denis.

This bounty is only available if you didn't kill Anthony Foreman at the end of No, No, and Thrice No in Chapter 4. Can't really collect a bounty on a dead man. What until Gainful Employment is complete in the Epilogue Part 1, and then travel all the way down to Saint Denis to find this this bounty. After collecting the poster in the police station, head to the saloon in the northeast corner of Saint Denis. Talk to the bartender, and while he denies knowing who Anthony Foreman is, a guy in the back of the bar sprints like someone just set him on fire so chances are he's our man. He flees and ride off on his horse, so climb on your horse and chase him down. Fortunately, he's quite slow so you should be able to catch up to him by the time he hits the outskirts of town. Take out your rope and lasso him off of his horse. Hogtie him and put him on the back of your horse, and then ride back into the Saint Denis Police Department to collect your reward.

Elias Green


Bounty LocationBlackwater Police Department, in Epilogue Part 1 after completing the Gainful Employment mission.
Target LocationIn Tall Trees, north of Manzanita Post.

After you unlock more bounty hunter missions in the Epilogue Part I, you can find this bounty in Blackwater. Take the poster, and an objective marker will appear in the Tall Trees region. Be ready for a fight, because he runs with the Skinner Brothers and he won't come quietly. Travel to the new objective marker, and when you get to the general area look to the west of the road. There will be a camp here with people torn to pieces. Undoubtedly it is Green's work, but he isn't here. Use Eagle Eye to find some tracks, and focus in on them to get a new objective marker to appear on your map. This is deep in Skinner territory, so have your gun drawn. Run over to the new location highlighted on your map, which is another vague, generalized area. Head right over to the "R" from the Tall Trees text on your map and you'll find Elias Green and some Skinner Brothers.

Luckily, they're distracted at the moment, so you can run behind some cover and begin lining up targets. Green will flee as soon as you start shooting, so kill him first. Then, make your way through the rest of the enemies here, which shouldn't be too hard because there are only four of them. Use Dead Eye to line up as many as possible while they're still unaware, and then kill any stragglers after that. They shouldn't put up too much of a fight. Pick up Green and stow him on your horse. Ride back into Blackwater and collect your reward.

Ellie Anne Swan

$25.00 ALIVE

Bounty LocationValentine Sheriff Office
Target LocationJust off of the Dakota River, east of Wallace Station

This bounty will be posted in the Valentine Sheriff's office a little while after you complete Good, Honest, Snake Oil. It won't happen immediately, so leave for a bit and do something else until the game lets you know a new bounty has been posted. Travel to her marker on the map, which fortunately is not that far of a ride from Valentine. When you get close, she will be arguing with her husband/boyfriend/boy toy/guy who doesn't realize he's about to be stabbed. You can approach the situation one of a couple ways. You can quickly run over and knock her out with some melee attacks, but her boyfriend will attack you at this point. You can can wait for her and her boyfriend to finish arguing, at which point she stabs him and charges you with a knife. You can either defeat her through some melee combat or you can dodge her attacks and she'll run away. At that point you can chase her down and hogtie her. She isn't that fast, so just chase after her on your horse and you should be able to catch up in no time. With her tied up, return her to the Valentine Sheriff Office and get your cash.

Esteban Cortez


Bounty LocationTumbleweed Jail
Target LocationGaptooth Breach, just to the southwest of Tumbleweed

This cannot be unlocked until you completed the Gainful Employment mission in Epilogue 1. You'll also need to capture Joaquin Arroyo first, and then return to the jail a couple of days later. You'll know when it si ready because a new bounty mission will appear on your map in Tumbleweed. After grabbing the poster, go to the new objective marker on your map. He's at Gaptooth Breach, which is a short ride to the southwest. When you get there, you will find four men standing outside around a building. Approach from the east and you will be above them on a small cliff and have a great vantage point of their surroundings. Quickly take advantage of the situation and you can get the drop on them, and if you use Dead Eye you can kill all four before they even have a chance to shoot. Otherwise, keep an eye on your mini-map to keep track of them all and pick each one off when you have a chance. There will be a fifth guy just outside the entrance to the mine that you should kill as well before moving in.

Once the outside is near, head into the mine. Drop down to where the enemies you just killed were, and look to your northeast to find the entrance to the mine. There will be two more enemies a little way into the mine, so keep your gun out and kill them as soon as they pop out. You can use Dead Eye if you want to be really safe here. Once they're dead head in a bit further and you'll find Esteban trying to escape. He won't be able to, so he turns and pulls a gun. Either run out with your lasso out to tackle and hogtie him, or just shoot him. You can take him in dead or alive, so the decision is yours. Once he's either tied up or dead from a case of "I got shot in the head"-itis, pick him up and carry him out of the mine. Three more enemies will be waiting for you immediately after you exit. They'll all be on top of the cliff that is right over the entrance to the mine. Quickly use your Dead Eye to kill them all, and then pick Esteban pack up and put him on the back of your horse. Ride back into the Tumbleweed Jail and collect your reward.

Joaquin Arroyo

$60.00 ALIVE

Bounty LocationTumbleweed Jail
Target LocationSolomon's Folly, a house to the south of Tumbleweed.

This bounty won't actually appear until you go to Tumbleweed. Walk over to the jail in town, and you'll see a brief scene where the sheriff executes a prisoner. He'll go inside and tell you to join him if you want to help. After this, the bounty will appear, so head in and pick it up. The sheriff wants this man alive (well, for a little while at least), so he can grill him on what he knows about the Del Lobo Gang. Go to the marked location on your map and at the barn you will find two Del Lobos yelling at some younger guy. Kill them quickly, leaving the younger guy alive. Question him and he'll tell you where Arroyo is. You can also loot the two dead guys to find a map which will also point you in the direction of Arroyo. Let the younger guy go to get an honor boost and then ride to the highlighted area on your map.

Ride to the new location marked on your map, and follow the train tracks in the area. Towards the middle of the area you'll find three men plotting on their upcoming train robbery. Question them, and the two there guys will tell Arroyo to flee. Quickly shoot them, ideally using Dead Eye to slow the action down, and then ride over to Arroyo. If you're quick he won't even have a chance to ride away just yet. Lasso him, and then hurry off your horse to hogtie him. Put him on the back of your horse and ride back into Tumbleweed. After you drop him off in his cell you can pick up your reward.

Joshua Brown

$40.00 ALIVE

Bounty LocationStrawberry Sheriff Office
Target LocationJust off of the Dakota River, east of Wallace Station

Before you can do this bounty, you must first complete the Blessed Are The Meek? mission in Strawberry. You'll also need to clear the bounty placed on you after the mission otherwise the sheriff will start shooting at you as soon as you enter town. Once both of those things are complete, you will see a bounty posted in the Strawberry sheriff station. Your target will show up on your map to the northwest of Strawberry, and unfortunately they want him alive so you can't just run in there and shoot him. Follow the marker and you'll find your way to a cave. Go in the cave to look for Joshua, but he isn't there. Instead, he surprised you from the cave entrance. He doesn't seem to keen on "going to jail" so he instead challenges you to a duel. The duel works the same as all the ones you've done in the past, but in this instance you don't want to kill him. Instead, aim at his right hand and shoot it before he can grab his gun. Once you've wounded him, he'll run off so give chase and either lasso him or tackle him when you get close to hogtie him. Load him on your horse, and then follow the trail back into town. There is a chance you will be stopped by another bounty hunter who will try to kill you and take your bounty. As soon as he starts talking to you, use your Dead Eye and shoot him in the head, otherwise you'll have to deal with him chasing you on the way back. Ride bak to the jail and drop Josua off to collect your bounty.

Lindsey Wofford


Bounty LocationSaint Denis Police Department
Target LocationNorth of Bluewater Marsh, nearby the Kamassa River

You can attempt to collect this bounty as soon as you complete the Good, Honest, Snake Oil mission during Chapter 2. The only issue is that it is posted in Saint Denis, so you may not come down to this region until Chapter 3. Your target here is actually the leader of the Lemoyne Raiders, so you know right off the bat that this is going to be more of a fight than the last couple bounties you collected on. After inspecting the poster, you'll be alerted as to Lindsey's general location, so ride up towards him. Right in the middle of this location is a decrepit looking fort. You'll need to inspect it, and there is an entrance on its north end you can walk through.

As soon as you walk in, there'll be trouble. You'll ask Lindsey to come peacefully and, SURPRISE, he doesn't. Instead, him and seven of his Lemoyne Raiders will open fire. They even have a turret one of them will use, and if you're out in the open when it starts firing you will be killed in seconds. On top of this, they have the high ground here and can hit you even when you're hiding behind cover. This won't be an easy fight, and the easiest way through is to retreat back through the large gate as soon as Lindsey starts talking. You will be totally safe from the turret out here, and you can wait for some of Lindsey's men to come forward to the front, leaving you to deal with only one or two at a time instead of the whole gang. Lindsey himself likes to climb the tower all the way in the back, and you will have a perfect shot at him from outside. Just kill him, as it will be much easier than taking him alive. Wait for the crowd to thin out a bit, then move out so you can see the guy behind the turret. Since you're this far back, he can't hit you with the same frequency and a lot of his shots will miss. Quickly use your Dead Eye to slow things down even further, and snipe him using either your sniper rifle or a standard rifle. The mini-map should show you where enemies are coming from, so keep an eye on it and kill anyone who appears on the walkway above you. You can, of course, fight from inside, but this method is a lot easier and greatly reduces the impact of the turret. Make good use of your Dead Eye and provisions, and this fight should be very manageable.

Now you can head inside and start looting. Take goods off of any of the corpses on the north end of the fort, and before you go too far in you should enter the small house on your right. Not only is there a cigarette card in here, but if you look behind the boxes there is a latter in the back corner of the room. Climb down and you'll find a cellar that has all sorts of goodies, including a gold nugget in a chest. Climb back up and now take the ramp up towards the upper walkway. Climb up the ladder in the tower in the southeast corner of camp. Not only is there another cigarette card up here, but three more enemies are going to arrive through the entrance of the fort and the window up here gives you a great vantage point. These three are much easier to deal with, so just use your Dead Eye and go for headshots. Climb back down, finish looting all the bodies, and go and grab Lindsey.

Put Lindsey's body on the back of your horse and ride back to Saint Denis. You're not going to get too far, unfortunately, because soon after you leave the fort you are going to be confronted by three more Raiders who want the body back. As soon as you see them on your mini-map or hear them approaching, take out your gun and go into Dead Eye. Kill them from afar, because otherwise they will ride right up to you and begin shooting. It is easier to deal with them this way then to get into a close confrontation with them. With the final Raiders dealt with, you can now ride all the way back. Carry him into the police station and drop him off in the corpse cart out back. With him finally out of the way, you can collect your well earned bounty at the police chief's desk.

Mark Johnson

$25.00 ALIVE

Bounty LocationRhodes Post Office, Chapter 4 or later
Target LocationBy Bayou Nwa in Lemoyne, almost on top of where the "O" in Lemoyne is on the map.

After The Joys of Civilization is completed in Chapter 4, a new bounty will be available in Rhodes. Check the post office to find it, then travel to the marked location on your map. He's near the center of the objective marker, and once you find him he...just sort of gives up. Huh? He asks you to let him speak to his boy one more time, and you can let him if you want. Doing so gives you an honor boost, but you will be ambushed on the way back. Regardless of your choice, you now can take out your lasso and hogtie him. Stow him on your horse and then ride back. Follow the trail back to Rhodes, and once you pass under the bridge he will wiggle free and try to escape. Just turn back around on your horse and lasso him again. You'll be much faster so it'll be easy to catch up. Hogtie him and put him back on your horse. If you let him talk to his son, you will be ambushed by three men at this point. Dead Eye should make quick work of them. Finish riding back into town and drop him off at the sheriff's to collect your reward.

Otis Skinner


Bounty LocationBlackwater Police Department, in Epilogue Part 1 after completing the Gainful Employment mission.
Target LocationIn Tall Trees, southwest of Manzanita Post.

Typically, this bounty is posted after completed the Elias Green bounty in the same chapter. You'll have to wait approximately 48 hours after completing that bounty, and then this one will also be posted in the Blackwater jail. He is the leader of the Skinner brothers (as you might guess from his name) and has been doing some very bad not good things to people, like skinning them. Wait...are these guys the Skinner brothers because this dude's last name is skinner or because they skin people? Both? Was this guy like "hey my last name is skinner I might as well work this into my crimes somehow"? Regardless of the logistics of the gang's name, a new objective marker will appear southwest of Manzanita Post. Ride to it at your earliest convenience.

The target area is large and vague, but if you head towards the center of it you will find a small camp. Approach from the east as this will allow you to view the camp from a ridge above and gives you a good vantage point on everyone. Locate Otis and target him with a head shot. He has a tendency to run if you take too long, so it is easiest to just kill him outright at the start. If you want him alive (there is no benefit to doing so other than hearing him taunt you on the ride back), you'll need to kill everyone else first and then tackle and hogtie him. This is more work though, and it is easier to just shoot him and be done with it. Once he's dead, clear out the rest of the camp from your same spot. There are only three or so more men and a dog that make up the rest of the party. Keep an eye on your mini-map as it is easy to lose enemies in the trees, and use as much Dead Eye as you want to in order to clear out the camp. Once they're all dead, go down to Otis. Once you get close, three more reinforcements will show up from above. Again, these guys won't post too much of a threat because of their smaller numbers so you shouldn't have to much trouble fighting them off. Watch out for the guy with the machete, as he will sprint towards you and can kill you in a single hit. If you see him getting close, immediately activate Dead Eye and kill him before he closes in for the kill. Once they're dead, but Otis' body on your horse and ride back to Blackwater jail. Make sure you collect your reward after the drop off.

Robbie Laidlaw

$35.00 ALIVE

Bounty LocationRhodes Post Office, Chapter 4 or later after Mark Johnson bounty is collected
Target LocationJust south of Braithwaite Manor, near Old Harry Fen

After completing the Mark Johnson bounty, another bounty will be posted in Rhodes. This one is for Robbie Laidlaw, who is also nearby. Follow the marking on your map to just south of Braithwaite Manor by Old Harry Fen, where Robbie is camped out. Go into the house, and as soon as you do you'll be jumped by one of Robbie's buddies. Dispatch of him either by knocking him out or pulling out a gun and shooting him. A new objective marker will appear in the fields, where Robbie is hiding. He will now go from field to field, throwing fire bottles at him if you take to long to find him. You want to ride along the field so you can see down the rows of crops. Robbie will stick out pretty badly this way, and as soon as you find him ride over and hogtie him to restrain him. If you're not on a horse, you can just run and tackle him and you'll hogtie him automatically afterwards so long as your rope is out. He won't fight you much after this, and you can just ride back tot he station with him to collect your reward.

Chance Encounters



All you need to do for this one is to encounter a single Gang Ambush. These occur randomly, but each gang will only ambush at a handful of preset locations. You do not need to fight of the gang during the ambush, and you can simply leave after you encounter one and it will count towards total completion.

Gang Hideouts