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by Suprak the Stud

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Suprak the Stud

Version: 0.95 | Updated: 03/19/19

Total Completion


The miscellaneous section of the total completion menu is just about everything else the game doesn't have a good designation for. There is a lot to do here, some of which is very easy and some of which will require you to explore just about the entire map.


These shacks are sort of randomly strewn throughout the game, and the best way to find them by yourself is occasionally check your map and see if there is a random lone structure out in the middle of nowhere drawn on it. This won't always be a shack, but sometimes it is. There are 19 shacks in total, and each one has some strange little secret lore behind it if you're interested enough to dig through the letters inside the place. They also tend to have a lot of drawers to loot that have high level tonics or cigarette cards, so it is always worth checking one out if you come across it. You will only need five of these to reach 100% completion, so anything beyond that is just extra.

Bayall Edge

Western Bayou Nwa, in Lemoyne. There is a small lake just east of the Kamassa River, and this shack is located right in the middle of the lake, on the small peninsula that goes into it.

NotesOf all the shacks in the game, this one is one of the least depressing. It is a pretty little shack filled with paintings and candles and, uh, human skulls. Let's just ignore that last part. There actually isn't too much to find here, making this one of the less profitable shacks in the entire game.
Bear Claw Camp

Found in the very south of West Elizabeth, near the New Austin border. It will be just north of the Lower Montana River, and is almost directly east of the "S" from the Tall Trees text on your map.

NotesThere are a group of four cabins here, and each one of them has some poor long dead individual covered in arrows. There isn't too much to find here in terms of lore or spooky backstory (well, other than the corpses) but there is a well on the west side of the camp. If you climb down to the bottom of the well, you can find a lockbox with over $100.
Clawson's Rest

Northwest of Valentine, and west of the Dakota River. You will see this shack nearby some train tracks.

NotesThis is another in a long line of "not very happy shacks" in this game. Here you will find two children that look like they may have starved to death. Check the nightstand near the bed to find a letter from their mother, and if you check the windowsill on the opposite end of the house you can actually find two cigarette cards.
Crawdad Willies

Southwest of Saint Denis in Lemoyne. There are a series of islands to the east of Shady Belle and Crawdad Willies is off the island that is directly east of the main house of Shady Belle.

NotesThere are a couple of interesting things about this location. First, there is a random chance encounter you can get where you need to travel to Crawdad Willies to save a woman who has been taken hostage. Also, you can follow a trail of blood from the house outside to find the corpses of a couple of prisoners. And, of course, you can find another body of a man right in the middle of the shack. So all in all not a great place. There are some provisions to loot here though, including a cigarette card.
Dodd's Bluff Cabin

Directly west of Fort Wallace in northern New Hanover, and across the Dakota River. It is the only cabin in this area.

NotesThere are two dead men with weapons in their hands and a gold nugget between them. Hmm...I wonder what could've happened. Collect the gold nugget and some provisions laying around the rest of the cabin before leaving.
Dormin Crest Shack

In western Ambarino. It is west of Deadboot Creek, near the western edge of the map.

NotesYou can find a frozen corpse nearby. Probably not the best idea to build your home somewhere that White Walkers would find cold. The shack itself is fairly boring. There is a can of provisions and one premium cigarette back. Not a great haul.
Fairwale Shanty

In Ambarino, towards the northeast portion of the region. It can be found almost directly north of the "O" in Ambarino on your map, and is near the upper edge of the map.

NotesThis is one of the few shacks that don't have some sort of note serving as a bit of backstory. Although, you don't really need one here. There is a big mean grizzly bear outside and two dead men inside. I think you can piece together what happened. Kill the grizzly and then go inside. There is only a lockbox here, but it contains a gold nugget, jewelry, and a platinum watch for your troubles.
Hani's Bethel

In the New Hanover region, just above the "N" in Hanover. Just north of the Emerald Ranch. There is a small pond over the Heartland Overflow body of water, and the shack will be just to the north of that.

NotesInside is a gruesome scene of what appears to be a mass suicide. Check the note at the head table for more details as to why so many corpses are tucked into all of the beds here. Make sure you check the chimney for some special rum, and there will be a cigarette card on one of that tables inside.
Lenora View Cabin

In the West Elizabeth region, just to the north of the second "E" of the West Elizabeth text. It will be right along the left side of the road that runs north from the letter as well.

NotesThis is not a very fun shack, because you can't even break in and rummage through their trash. There is a note you can pick up from the front porch where the guy talks about how excited he is to pick up his new bridge, and along the bottom of a cliff nearby to the east you can find a crashed wagon with stuff spilled everywhere. But maybe that isn't him! Maybe he just decided to move in with his wife and they're both living happily ever after!
Martha's Swain Cabin

In Ambarino, towards the southeast corner of the region. It is very near to the border of New Hanover, and is southeast of the O'Creagh's Run lake.

NotesAs soon as you enter the cabin you'll find a corpse on the ground. Yikes. If you check the letter on the table, you'll get a good indication as to what she's doing there. Rummage through all the drawers, and make sure you hit the side table next to her bed in the back. There is some jewelry in there, and a pocket mirror that you need for one of the companion item quests in the game.
Old Harry Fen Shack

Near the very south point of Lemoyne. It is found just to the southeast of the Braithwaite Manor property.

NotesThis shack doesn't have quite as much to find as some of the other shacks. There is some ammo and provisions scattered about, but nothing really big or important. If you're looking for lore, you can find a clipping on the table in the kitchen area detailing a reward for an escaped slave. Then, if you go into the cell in the back, you can inspect the floorboard and underneath you will find a picture of a family.
Old Trail Rise

Northwest Lemoyne. It is almost directly north of the first "E" in Lemoyne on your map, right along the border of New Hanover. It will be east of Dewberry Creek and north of the stable in this area.

NotesEven as far as shacks go, this one is really shack-y. It is a dilapidated shell of a building that has no wall or a roof. It does, however, have a ladder that goes to a downstairs area. Down here you can find a cigarette card on the shelves along the back wall, a pack of premium cigarette and some Valerian Root, amongst other things.
Osman Grove

Slightly southeast of Emerald Station and almost directly north of Aberdeen Pig Farm. It is also almost directly south of the space between the "O" and the "V" of the NEW HANOVER written on your map.

NotesThere is what appears to be a dead family in this shack. The front door is locked, although you can kick it down, and the door to the side is open so you can open it in a more conventional way. There are a couple interesting things to find, as well as some fairly common goodies. Rummage through everything to find two different unique collectables that are part of item requests from camp. Sadly there is no lore tucked away in here, so you won't really know what happened to the people living here.
Shepherd's Rise Cabin

In northeastern West Elizabeth. It is just to the southwest of Wallace Station, just across the river and slightly to the west of the railroad track.

NotesThis is only unlocked during the Epilogue, and you won't be able to find it during the main game. The shack itself is completely uninteresting. In fact, it isn't so much a shack at all as it is a completely new building. It will count as a shack to your total though once you enter it.
Snowfield Shack

In western Ambarino. It is west of Lake Isabella, and is almost directly adjacent to the westernmost border of the map.

NotesAs far as shacks go, this might be the most boring one in the entire game. The entire house is destroyed, there is no special lore here, and there's nothing at all to loot. However, if you check the drawer you can find a cheat code. "You flourish before you die." Uh...cool?
Vetter's Echo

In West Elizabeth, slightly north of the "W" of West Elizabeth on your map. It is in between Big Valley and the Little Creek River

NotesA small, sleepy cabin in the middle of the woods with no one else nearby. Surely this will be a nice peaceful BEAR IT'S A BEAR EVERYONE RUN. When you approach the back of the cabin, you'll notice the door is open and once you get close a grizzly bear will wander out. Kill it. Kill it quickly. Use your Dead Eye and go for heat shots. Go inside, and you'll find the remains of the previous owner of the house. It is a very small cabin, but there are several good things to find here. The desk in the front corner has two poems in the top left drawers and a pipe over on the right side of the desk. It is a unique item (and Dutch's) so take it. There is also a cigarette card on the desk. so grab that while you're stealing everything.

Legendary Animals

There are 16 different legendary animals in the game. While there is a variety in which animals you are hunting, you generally do the same thing for each and every animal in the game. You first find an animals lair, and the game will let you know when you enter one with a notice popping up telling you that you should start trying to find it. When this happens, enter Eagle Eye and find the first clue of the animal's location. A question mark will typically appear on your mini-map to lead you to it, and if you stay in Eagle Eye there will be a medium sized pillar of light swirling around where it is. Walk over to it and inspect it, and it will give you a trail to the second clue. Keep going into Eagle Eye periodically to make sure you don't lose the trail, and when you find the second clue you will repeat this same process to reach the third. The third will lead you directly to the animal, which you should kill which whatever your most powerful weapon is.

Once the animal is dead, make sure you skin it. You'll get legendary fur or skin or coat in addition to some special items unique to the animal. These can be brought to a fence and made into a special trinket that will give you a permanent boost in some way. The coat or fur can be taken to the trapper, who can make unique clothing out of it after you sell it to him. And the carcass itself, if you can carry it, usually sells for a good chunk of cash.

There are 16 in total, but only five need to be hunted for 100% to be achieved. All animals are shown below, though, with information about where they can be found and some tips on hunting some of the more dangerous ones.

AnimalNotes and Location
Legendary Bull Gator

Unlike most of the other legendary animals, the Bull Gator is very shy and won't be available for most of the game. It isn't until you start Chapter 6 that you can find him, and his lair won't even pop up before that. Afterwards, he can be found in the Bayou Nwa region, just south of Lagras. His first clue is very frequently just to the northeast of the "O" from the Bayou Nwa text and slightly east of the road. Be prepared when coming to hunt him, as you'll want at least a rifle (or something more powerful) for the encounter. Hit him with as many head shots as you can, but be prepared for him to charge you after that. A second volley of headshots should put him down.

Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear

You'll actually hunt him during the main story mission Exit Pursued By A Bruised Ego in Chapter 2, so you will find its habitat during the normal course of the story. If you cannot remember, you can find him in the Grizzlies East region of southeaster Ambarino. He is just to the northwest of O'Creagh's Run Lake. Make sure you bring something powerful to kill him, as he can take several shots of even your most powerful rifle without flinching. Sneak up on him with Dead Eye and fire off an entire clip. Better to waste ammo than to be mauled to death.

Legendary Beaver

This is one of the easier legendary animals to hunt, primarily because it won't try to kill you when you find it. It is just west of Van Horn, along the river that runs south of Elysian Pool in New Hanover. The marks you all need to find will be right along the giant damn it built and shouldn't be too hard to find. There are few predators in this area, so hunt with your mind at ease. Any gun here works well as long as you hit it, and most of your weapons will kill it in a single hit.

Legendary White Bison

ABSOLUTE UNIT. This thing is huge, and can take damage like a champ. Dead Eye will definitely be your friend here, because you can blast it with five shots all at once before it really gets a chance to flee. To locate the bison, go to Ambarino and search just north of Lake Isabella. It is a bit west of the first "A" in Ambarino on your map, right along the shoreline of Lake Isabella.

Legendary Tatanka Bison

ABSOLUTE UNIT PART 2. He is also a damage sponge, so be sure to start firing from horseback so you can give chase when needed. He is in eastern New Austin, south of Stillwater Creek and just south of the southern bit of railroad track. His first clue will appear to the west of the bison drawing on your map, on the east side of the road in this area.

Legendary Boar

This boar is found in the Bluewater Marsh region. In fact, on your map his region will appear just above the letter "A" in the word Bluewater. He is one of the easier targets, as he is a nice combination of slow and non-aggressive. He will flee if he sees you, but he shouldn't be fast enough to escape.

Legendary Buck

You can find the buck's range in the Big Valley region of West Elizabeth. It will be directly south of the "B" of the Big Valley text on the map. There are two dotted lines on your map running east to west just south of the "B", and the region you're looking for is just south of the southernmost of these two lines. He can be kind of hard to find, considering how much tall grass is in the area obscuring the clues. His first clue can usually be found north of where his image is drawn on your map, in the Black Bone Forest. It is easiest to keep spamming Eagle Eye until you either see the yellow indication or a question mark appears on your map. Fire off multiple headshots with Dead Eye once you find him to make sure he's dead, because he is very fast at running away.

Legendary Cougar

This will be one of the last legendary animals you find, because he is in the far west of New Austin. She can be found in the Gaptooth Ridge, and her first clue tends to be just to the east of the bottom of the "T" from the Gaptooth Ridge text. The good news is there isn't much cover here so she should be easy enough to find. The bad news is there isn't much cover here so you should be easy enough to find. If she spots you, go into Dead Eye and score as many headshots as you can. Either use a rifle (which should require one or two well placed shots) or a repeater, which needs a lot more but you can just label her several times in the same Dead Eye burst for good damage.

Legendary Coyote

His range supposedly starts in northwestern Lemoyne, just west of the "A" in the word Scarlett Meadows on your map. However, you'll have greater look searching further northwest of this across the New Hanover border, and slightly north of where the railroad crosses between the two regions. His clues can also be east of this, near the "L" in Lemoyne on your map. Keep on riding around until you find the question mark. He'll be scavenging on a sheep when you find him, so take the easy shot and collect your reward.

Legendary Fox

He is very easy to find, and is just a little bit north of Rhodes in the Mattock Pond region. Unlike most legendaries, the Legendary Fox can be taken down with a single shot from a powerful gun so just make sure he doesn't flee and you should be fine.

Legendary Elk

The elk isn't particularly dangerous, but he does have annoying habit of fleeing if you get too close. It is in northern New Hanover, far to the northeast of Valentine. It shows up on the map directly east of Fort Wallace, but can spawn as far north as Bacchus Station. The elk is a bit of a tank, so don't be afraid to fire multiple round into its head with Dead Eye before it can flee.

Legendary Moose

This is another docile animal, so you won't have to worry too much about getting gored to death by it (although it can charge if you just walk up to it). It is in the far northeast corner of the map, at the very northern tip of New Hanover. There is a rive up here, and it will be just west of the river and north of the railroad that runs through here. It is quite the strong creature, so either fire off like ten shots to make sure it can't run away, or use something like a sniper rifle and go for a head shot.

Legendary Pronghorn

The pronghorn is easy enough to kill, but he will take a while to find simply because he is New Austin. This one is in southern New Austin, to the west of the Rio Del Lobo Rock area. It isn't that far from the text on your map, so just ride until the game tells you that you've entered its habitat. Check your map once you find him, and the first clue will be right around where its head is drawn. He is an easy one to kill, so just don't let him flee and you'll be fine.

Legendary Big Horn Ram

He will be hiding in the southeast corner of Grizzlies West, right along the border of Ambarino and New Hanover. To get to him early in the game, just go directly west from Valentine and cross the Dakota River. His habitat will be right around there. Another non-confrontational animal, you want to shoot him before he sees you because he will take off and make you chase him if you are careless.

Legendary Wolf

The Legendary Wolf is highly aggressive, so be careful while hunting it. It likely will jump you before you even see it after you find the third clue, so keep your rifle out an at the ready. You should be able to get off a couple of headshots with Dead Eye if you're quick on the trigger. He can be found in Cotorra Springs, which is right along the railroad track going through Ambarino. It is just west of Bacchus Bridge.

Table Games

There are four different table games you can play throughout the course of your adventure. Some of these you can wager on, and others you will do just for fun. You need to play each of these at least once.


Most people are likely at least somewhat familiar with blackjack, and there are no differences here to the standard game. To get this to count towards your Total Completion percentage, you only need to play one hand, regardless if you win or not. The earliest place you are likely going to find a blackjack table is in Rhodes, so this may be the final table game you wind up playing just because there isn't a place set up for it nearby your base camp in Chapter 2. There are a couple challenges associated with blackjack under the Gambler pathway, where some nominal knowledge of the game might help. The rules and some tips are elaborated upon below, but if you need a lot of help you likely want to refer to a more professional website.



Dominoes: In dominoes, you just need to place dominoes with the same number next to an adjacent piece already on the board. There is some strategy to this, but it doesn't matter too much as you only need to play and not win. The earliest domino table you'll come across will be in camp at Horseshoe Overlook.

Five Finger Fillet

Five Finger Fillet: COMING SOON


Some people are probably already familiar with poker, and the style of poker played in this game is probably the most popular type - Texas Hold 'Em. In Texas Hold 'Em, all players are dealt two cards at the start and an initial round of betting starts. Here, the person to the left of the dealer puts in 2 cents and the person two to the left puts in 4 cents (BIG SPENDERS). This is to get the betting going. Going around in a clockwise fashion, players can either call (put in the same amount as the highest bet), raise (put in as much money as they want and force other players to match it if they want the hand to continue) or fold (put in no money and throw your cards in, taking you out of the hand). Three cards are then dealt to the table that everyone can see. These are communal cards, and every player "has them" in their hand. A round of betting follows and then one more card in dealt to the communal group. There is another round of betting, a fifth and final card is dealt, and then a final round of betting occurs.

Your hand consists of the best five card hand possible between your two private cards (no one else will see these) and the five communal cards in the center of the table. To win, you must either have the best five card hand possible of all players, or bluff well enough so everyone else folds before players reveal their hands. Whoever wins collects all the money bet during that hand. Play continues until you leave the table, run out of money, or knock out everyone else you're playing with. At most tables, the last option won't happen because new players continuously come and sit in for players that leave or get busted out.

Below is a list of hands you can get in Texas Hold 'Em, ranked from best to worst, and with a short description of what that hand means.


Ranters, Ravers, and Campaigners

These individuals are spread all throughout the game and like to yell at you to get you to listen to whatever their mission is. Go and talk to five of them, or more if you are a particularly big fan of listening to sales pitches and time share presentations.

Anders Helgerson

In Saint Denis. He is located in a park in the northwestern portion of town, right where the "A" is on Saint Denis on your map. He can be interacted with any time between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm.

NotesThis crazy guy is trying to recruit people to join his cult - I mean..."religion". He's dressed like Colonel Sanders and talks like a lunatic, which isn't a great combination. You can take a pamphlet from him if you want to. Sadly, this isn't even the worst pamphlet being handed out in Saint Denis as you'll soon find out.
Blind Man Cassidy

He can be found in a variety of locations, and you may encounter him outside of Blackwater, Tumbleweed and Annesburg. You'll likely first run into him just to the west of Annesburg, near the northeast corner of the map.

NotesBlind Man Cassidy is willing to tell you your future for the low, low price of one dollar. That's a bargain at any price! He is the most talkative of the special characters, and he has a whopping 18 different interactions before the first Epilogue, at which point he gains 8 more. You will need to wait three in game days before he says something new, sadly, but it is worth stopping by because he usually has some weird fortune to impart upon you.
Captain Russell

New Hanover. He is slightly south of the "V" of the New Hanover text on the map.

NotesThis old man appears to have forgotten what year it is, and that the Civil War ended roughly 30 years ago. He asks you if you represent the north or the south, and after you tell him the north he'll cool off. You can come back and visit him two in game days later for new dialogue, and two new additional interactions will open up after the first Epilogue. If you climb up the ladder to the little watchtower he built for himself, you can find two cigarette cards up here.
Cave Hermit

West Elizabeth. He is located inside a cave in the northwest corner of the region. It is on the west side of the border, and the opening of the cave will be right along this western border. There is a little semicircle kind of shape that sticks out a bit into the border on your map to the northwest of the "W" of the West Elizabeth text on your map. Here you will find the hidden tunnel point of interest, and if you go inside it you will find a cave. Follow the path inside until you come to a bridge. Continue straight after passing the bridge, and once you reach a dead end, you can look to your left an find a ladder going down a bit. Climb down the ladder and wait for the crazy guy to start yelling at you.

NotesSo, no big deal, I'm sure this guy is totally well adjusted, but he will start yelling that he's the devil shortly after you arrive. Listen to his rant all the way through, and then leave the cave. You can come back three in game days later to see what else he has to say. Spoilers: it will also be crazy. There isn't anything else of note in this cave, so feel free to leave once you've talked to the cave hermit.
Constipated Man

In Valentine. He is located in room 2A of the hotel in Valentine, first arriving after you complete the Polite Society, Valentine Style mission.

NotesThis dude really needs to poop. Like, so bad. Just stand outside his door and hear him complaining about how bad he needs to poop in order for this to count towards the five.

In Saint Denis. Dorothea can be found on the north end of town, right around where the "T" in Saint Denis is on the map. She can be found between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm.

NotesDorothea is campaigning for the right for women to vote. Truly a noble cause. If you talk to her, she'll try to recruit you to her side, which sounds great and all, but I'm really not interested in doing a "press x to campaign for justice minigame". Come back one in game day later and Dorothea will have some additional stuff to say.
Dr. Macintosh

In Annesburg. He will be just north of the gunsmith in town, standing outside the adjacent building.

NotesDr. Macintosh appears to be the world's first global warming proponent. If you talk to him, you can choose to take his book which expounds upon his thoughts. If you do take his book, you will get a second conversation with him if you return three in game days later.
Eugenics Supporter

In Saint Denis. He is on the southern side of town, right across the street from the southernmost theater/show. He will be outside between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm.

NotesTopping the chart of "strangers you want to punch in the face but probably shouldn't because you're in town and everyone would just immediately report you" is this guy. He will be outside shouting about how much he hates anyone that isn't exactly like him, so restrain your urge to wallop him and instead talk to him. He will offer you a pamphlet, and you should probably decline. There really isn't a good reason to take a pamphlet on eugenics other than "you're close to a source of fire and it would serve good kindling".
Gavin's Friend

He will appear out front of one of three locations, making him a bit annoying to track down. One possible location is shown below. He also likes to wander a bit, but fortunately he is loud enough you'll know if he is anywhere nearby. He can appear outside the Rhodes saloon, Roanoke Ridge, or Saint Denis, and will be available at even more locations if you want to find him until Epilogue I.

NotesGavin's friend is looking for his friend, Gavin. What an appropriate name he has! He doesn't tell you all that much, but you can loot him to get a letter that explains his backstory. Don't do it though. Poor guy is going through enough without you robbing him for a letter.

North of Annesburg. He is near the very top of the Roanoke Ridge region of New Hanover, right near the top right corner of the map.

NotesThis hermit is pretty big on killing people that come onto his property, so maybe it is a good thing he's such a hermit. He'll yell at you and open fire at you, and your best bet is to just kill him when he's still yelling at you because his shotgun can do some serious damage. Loot the Rare Shotgun he drops, because this is the only place in the entire game you can get it. After this, go into his house and loot everything you can find. Most importantly, there is part of a torn treasure map in here. It'll be in a drawer to your right after entering the shack, so make sure you grab it before leaving.
Homeless Vet Mickey

In Valentine. His location is not permanent, but a frequent spot will be outside the building across from the saloon on the east side of town.

NotesMickey is asking for some cash, but actually seems more interested in a hug, if you'll let him. This actually isn't a scam to rob you, as he really just wants a hug. He will appear multiple times with new dialogue each time, but you only need to talk to him once to get him to count towards the total of five for the 100%.
Joe Butler

Rhodes. He will be just along the side of the general store in Rhodes.

NotesJoe Butler is a one-legged Civil War Veteran that is asking for money in Rhodes. The first time you talk to him, you can give him a dollar and he'll tell you how awful this town is. He's not a great tour guide, but it will earn you some honor for donating to him. There are three additional dialogues you can get if you come back and talk to him three in game days later, and a fourth you'll unlock once you reach Epilogue I.

In Valentine. He can be found in the large saloon at the north of town between 12 pm and 6 am.

NotesJon will be easy enough to spot because he looks like a crazy person and is loudly talking in the saloon about all his past exploits. He wears a coonskin cap and is covered in fur. Go over and talk to him once to get his interaction to count to the total. If you stay close enough to him long enough, he will eventually become agitated and attack you. Occasionally, you have the leave the saloon and he will chase after you after a certain amount of time has passed. Beat him in a fight and you can steal his hat. Aw yeah, now who is the stylish one, Jon?

In Saint Denis. She will be lounging in the saloon in the center of town.

NotesLillian is the loud, middle aged woman complaining in the center of the saloon. She'll be hard to miss considering she's talking over everyone else. You can go talk to her, but she isn't much interested in talking. You can come back three addition times to hear a bit more from her, but you will have to wait three in game days each time before she gets new dialogue.
Mad Preacher

To the northwest of Strawberry. He can be found standing in the Hawk Eye Creek just outside the city pretty much any time during the day or night.

NotesThe Mad Preacher gets his name from the fact that he is a, well, "mad" preacher. He'll be ranting about something borderline incoherent when you first come across him and you only need to get close enough to bask in his weirdness for this encounter to count towards your total. After meeting him here, you can meet him two other times, one to the west of Annesburg, and once to the west of Valentine. Each time you will need to wait at least two in-game days from your previous encounter.
Nicholas Timmins

In Strawberry. He will be on the porch of the hotel in town between 8 am and 8 pm.

NotesMayor Timmins is in full campaign mode, loudly yelling about how awesome his town is to anyone that will listen. He gives an entire speech before heading into the hotel so feel free to listen to as little or as much as you want. You'll be able to find him two more time after two in game days, so you can track him down again if you're particularly interested in hearing about the benefits of living in Strawberry.

In Strawberry. He is outside near the south side of town between the hours of 8 am and 7 pm. He'll be just past the river standing nearby the bridge.

NotesThe Revered is out there doing his best to try and save lost souls. Talk to him the first time and you can choose if you want to be saved or not. His sales pitch here isn't a great one. Must be new at the job. You can come back 24 in game hours later and talk to him again, and you'll get a s lightly different dialogue here depending on what you said the day before.

In a small shack in the Bayou Nwa region. It is located just under the "N" in the word Nwa.

NotesSonny is just creepy. Like, way more creepy than he's worth. He invites you into his shack (red flag number one, right there), and if you accept something bad happens. It isn't clear what, but you wake up all groggy while he's leering over you, and when you wake up you'll be somewhere outside with all your cores drained. Return back to his house to murder him in whatever way you find most appropriate, and then loot his shack for some goodies.
Thomas Downes

In Valentine, right across from the hotel and next to the general store.

NotesThomas Downes is trying to get you to donate to a charitable project of his, although no matter how you feel about it you won't be able to do so. Pick up his pamphlet if you want more information. You can talk to him right at the start of Chapter 2, but his dialogue will change after the Americans at Rest story mission.
Timothy Donahue

In Saint Denis. He'll be in the alley north of the saloon in the center of town.

NotesTimothy is trying to sell his book about how to get rich quick for the low, low price of $50. Good to know these sorts of scam artists have been around since before the internet. Turn him down because the book is worthless. You can buy it if you really want, and then two days later you can confront him and demand your money back. He'll flee at this point, but you can chase him down and loot him if you really want to teach him a lesson. This is a crime though, so be careful as to who sees you.


This is a remarkably easy task. Simply head to a hotel and pay a quarter for a bath. There is one in Valentine, which will be the first time you can find one of these. You can get a "special deluxe wink wink nudge nudge" bath upgrade for fifty cents more where a woman will help you bathe, but it doesn't get more sexual than that.


There are a bunch of shows around that you can sit down and watch. The first one of these will be just on the edge of Valentine, and if you check the map you will see an icon for a "show". Stop in and pay fifty cents to watch a very old fashioned short film and you'll complete the task.


The theater can be found in Saint Denis and it is similar to the show task except the theater provides "live" entertainment. There are a couple different "show" options in Saint Denis, but if you go to the one right in the center of town you will find the theater. Pay the two dollars for the ticket and then head on inside to watch the show. It probably isn't worth your two bucks, but you'll at least check this off your to do list.


Robberies are divided into four broad types - coach, home, shop, and train. Below is a list of some possible targets throughout the game. You only need to hit one of each to count towards this task.

Coach Robberies

Coach robberies are not unlocked until after the Friends In Very Low Places mission in Chapter 3. After this, you will be able to find information on coach robberies from post offices at certain points. The loot is usually very good, so it is worth the time to stop and check these out if one is close by. However, the one performed in Friends In Very Low Places count towards the completion of this objective, so you technically do not need to do any of these to hit your 100%.

Alden #1: North Scarlett Meadows Coach Tip

Found in Rhodes Post Office any time after Coach Robberies are unlocked. Costs $2 to receive the tip.


Ride to the objective marker on your map and wait a bit. A coach will come down the path with a bunch of antiques. This is a bit of a unique coach robbery, as the thing you want is actually the entire coach. Callout to the driver when he passes by, and when he asks what you want select the mislead option. You'll tell him a tire looks wobbly, and the fool will believe you. One of the men will climb off the back to check on it, and now is your chance to strike. Position yourself so you can see all four men (including the one on the horse trailing the wagon) and go into Dead Eye. Kill the two drivers and the guy on the horse quickly, and then target the poor fourth guy who is just checking on the wheel after. Climb on the wagon and carefully ride it to the fence at Emerald Ranch. The antiques are fragile, so don't go too fast and don't get in a fight while driving it as the goods can all be shot.

Reward: $40

Alden #2: South Scarlett Meadows Coach Tip

Found in Rhodes Post Office any time after the first Rhodes stage coach tip is completed. Costs $2 to receive the tip.


After reading the tip, the location marker will appear over in Bolder Glade. Ride there and wait for the stagecoach. You can callout to try and stop it, but the passenger will tell the driver to keep going so you may as well just shoot the driver as soon as you see him. The passenger will flee, and you'll need to give chase. Chase him down and tackle him. You'll need to interrogate him at this point, so beat him twice and he'll give up the location of the lockbox, which is under the coach. You can let him go at this point, but you should hogtie him if you do because you'll want to loot him. He's carrying over $13 on him, which is over half the haul of the lockbox. Go back to the stagecoach and inspect it to find the hidden lockbox. Open it up and the cash is yours.

Reward: $25

Alden #3: Coach Convoy Coach Tip

Found in Rhodes Post Office 24 in-game hours after the second Rhodes tip is completed. Costs $2 to receive the tip.


Alden actually warns you about this one when he gives it to you. Several coaches will be coming at once, and they'll be heavily guarded. Head over to the marker near the swamp area and wait for the convoy to show up. You'll want to wait on top of the bridge in this area, as the convoy will be passing right underneath and this gives you the best vantage point. It is futile trying to get them to stop, so instead we're going to blow them up. Wait until the front car is somewhat close, then throw out a stick of dynamite. If you throw it right, it will blow up the stagecoach killing the drivers and a couple of the mounted guards. You should now quickly pull out a rifle or a repeater, enter Dead Eye, and pick off as many on the back stagecoach as you can. With the front one blow up, you don't have to worry about the one in the back driving away, so at this point you just need to stay alive. Make good use of your Dead Eye and keep an eye on your mini-map to see where enemies are at.

Another good strategy is to take up the same vantage point on the bridge, but this time pull out a sniper rifle. Kill the drivers when you see them to stop the stagecoaches, and then keep on picking off the riders from afar as they try to ride up to you. Dead Eye works well here, and while you can't lock on you can at least have that nice slow state of movement where shooting them is much easier. However you do it, go up to the stagecoaches afterwards and break open the lock boxes on the back of the coach. Each one contains $100, so make sure you get them both. It is possible to let the front stage coach escape here if you aren't careful, so if that happens just ride away until the mission restarts. the extra $100 reward is too good to pass up.

Reward: $200

Bill: Bank Stagecoach Tip

After completing Friends In Very Low Places in Chapter 3, Bill will have a camp activity that is a stagecoach robbery. This is only available in Chapter 3 and if you don't do it then, you will miss it.


Bill knows of a bank coach riding through with minimal security, and he recruits you to help. He thinks he needs a woman for this job, too, so Arthur gets Tilly and the three of you ride out. It is a bit of a ride, and you'll get to hear Bill and Tilly yell at each other almost the entire time. Fun! She refuses to go through with his "plan" when you get to the destination, so Bill comes up with another "plan", which is just riding up and shooting everyone. Race after the coach, and when you get close use Dead Eye to pick off some of the riders. The coach actually doesn't stop when the drivers die, so there isn't really a priority here in who you kill first. If you ride up behind them you should be able to take out a couple with your first Dead Eye usage, and then you can start targeting whoever is close to you. Since the coach doesn't stop, you need to ride up alongside it and jump off to get on top of it. Hold down the indicated button to slow the horse, and then do this two additional times to finally bring the coach to a stop. Try to open it, but it'll be locked. Unlock it with some well placed dynamite. Grab the cash inside and then ride off before anyone comes to investigate the mess you made.

Reward: $75

Hector #1: Fort Riggs Coach Tip

Found in Strawberry Post Office any time after Coach Robberies are unlocked. Costs $2 to receive the tip.


Ride over to the indicated location right on the edge of Blackwater. This coach will have two armed guards on horses, two men driving the coach, and two others inside. Callout to the driver while unarmed and he'll ask why you want him to stop. Mislead him and you'll tell him the REAL robbers are up ahead waiting for him. He'll send his two guards on horseback to go looking, making things a bit easier. After the ride off, ride so you are directly in front of the coach. Enter Dead Eye and pick off the two drivers, and while the men inside are exiting enter Dead Eye once more and pick both of them off as well. Move along to the back of the coach and break or shoot the lock to get the reward inside. The two men on horseback will return if you take too long, so shoot them if they ride back.

Reward: $100

Hector #2: Appleseed Timber Coach Tip

Found in Strawberry Post Office after first Strawberry coach robbery is completed. Costs $2 to receive the tip.


This waiting point is to the north of the Appleseed Timber Company. Callout to the driver when he arrives to get him to stop the coach. Unfortunately, there is not method to mislead him this time so you'll just have to kill everyone. A great way to do that is to position yourself in front of the coach, enter Dead Eye, and kill all four men either driving or on horseback. Two more will spill from the coach, but they will be easy to deal with on their own.

Reward: $100

Hector #3: Owanjila Coach Tip

Found in Strawberry Post Office after second Strawberry coach robbery is completed. Costs $2 to receive the tip.


You'll need to head out just northwest of Lake Owanjila to wait for this coach. There will be four armed men on horseback and two driving the stagecoach. Ask them to stop and they'll refuse, so you don't have any trickery open for you this time. The easiest way to do this is to wait for them to pass you, then pull out a rifle and activate Dead Eye. You'll be able to hit all six in one Dead Eye usage, clearing out the entire group. Go for headshots, or, if you're having trouble with that, put two into their back to make sure they're dead. If you don't kill them all at once, you can finish any stragglers off with another use of Dead Eye. With them all dead, go up to the coach and select some dynamite. Light it, then toss it onto the little ledge on the back. It'll explode and open up the doors so you can loot it. Go inside to collect your reward.

Reward: $200

Lenny: "Unguarded" Stagecoach Tip

This is theoretically available at the start of Chapter 4, but the game can be somewhat finicky about giving it to you. It very frequently pops up in your camp in Chapter 4 after Angelo Bronte, A Man of Honor is completed. Keep checking back at camp periodically, because this will only be available during Chapter 4 and won't be at any time after that.


You'll find Lenny polishing his gun, which I promise isn't a euphemism for anything. He is getting ready to rob a stagecoach. Arthur, as per usual, manages to force his way into things so he can get a cut too. Lenny promises the tip is good and he's scoped out the area, a road around Catfish Jackson's. He begrudgingly lets you come along so get on your horse and follow him. When you reach your destination, dismount and hide behind the same rock Lenny is hiding behind. There aren't men riding alongside, and Lenny is so excited he practically bolts out almost immediately to announce that this is a robbery. The two men on top of the coach toss their weapons, just in time for three more men to ride up and for two others to jump out the back. So much for unguarded. As soon as you see the ambush start, activate Dead Eye and kill both members driving the coach. They are armed and will shoot at you if you let them. Then activate it once more and kill the guy coming out the back of the stagecoach on your side. This will almost immediately take their numbers down to four and leave things much more manageable. Now you can either get behind cover and take your chances out in the open against the fewer numbers. Dead Eye will come in handy against the men on horseback, but use whatever weapon you want as there aren't too many here. After they're all dead, Lenny will check the coach and find...almost no money. Cool. Arthur rightly deduced this was a trap set up by one of the stage coach companies to catch people like you. Good job, Lenny.

Reward: $25

Micah: Boles Overland Stagecoach Tip

The earliest you can do this is at the very start of Chapter 4 but you may have to wait as long as The Gilded Cage. Micah will need to be in camp for it to be available, and he tends to be elsewhere during the mornings. Check back later afternoon or so and he may be ready for you.


The good news is Micah has a tip for a stagecoach robbery. The bad news is you'll have to talk to Micah. Boo. Arthur will agree to help though, and Micah also recruits Bill to come with. Follow them to the bridge in the swamp. Micah will plant some dynamite, and you'll need to hide behind the tree indicated on your mini-map. Wait until the coach gets close, then pop out and shoot the dynamite with your Dead Eye activated. It will blow up the coach and cause everyone to start shooting at you. If you have dynamite on you, you can toss it after blowing up the first towards the coach itself and there is a good chance you'll kill two or three people at once because of how grouped together they are. Now just use your standard weapon of choice and pick off stragglers with headshots. Micah and Bill will help thing the heard, so you shouldn't have to do too much here. Stay behind the tree though as it will make the encounter much safer. Once everyone is dead, go to the coach and loot it to collect your take.

Reward: $50

Sean: Bank Stagecoach Tip

After completing Friends In Very Low Places in Chapter 3, Sean will eventually have a stagecoach robbery available for you in camp. It doesn't happen right after the mission, so check back periodically. You may have to wait until after The Fine Joys of Tobacco is also finished. This is only available in Chapter 3 and if you don't do it then, you will miss it.


Sean is taking Mary-Beth out to rob a stagecoach, and Arthur will sort of butt his way in since he's afraid Sean will get Mary-Beth killed. Ride with Sean until you reach the spot, and then duck behind the log when prompted. Mary-Beth will go down to the road to flag the coach down, and they're silly enough to stop. Sean's plan was to fire at them to scare them, but he pops up at this point to shoot the driver in the head. I guess they're probably scared. Go into your Dead Eye with a rifle other than your sniper rifle (or a repeater - anything with decent distance really will work). Shoot each of the guards before they get too close. If they get close, the branch in front of you can actually prevent your shots from hitting, so if that is happening move out from behind cover and shoot them that way. One of the guards will grab Mary-Beth and use her as cover, but using your Dead Eye will make getting a headshot fairly trivial. Go on down to the coach and open it up to grab your loot.

Reward: $50

Home Robberies
Aberdeen Pig Farm

This shouldn't be too hard to find, and it is southeast of Emerald Station and Emerald Ranch. It is almost direction north of the "O" in Lemoyne on your map, and slightly northwest of the Blue Water Marsh text on your map as well.


Oh boy. cue banjo music

This robbery is straight out of the movie Deliverance and it is good to know there were weird creepy hillbillies going all the way back to the turn of the 1900's. The actual target of this robbery is quite easy to get to. Go to the south side of the house and there will be a door you can enter that leads to a small room. Check the box on the right after you enter and you will find a stash of money clips. Grab these and you can be on your way.

But it is much more fun to go through the whole scene here. Go talk to the rotund man in overalls on the front porch. Yeah. It's going to be that kind of robbery. He'll invite you inside and his, uh, lady friend will provocatively invite you for dinner. Go through the scene here and drink until you can't drink anymore. Yeah, it's stupid, but do it anyway. After you wake up, return to the house and do what you need to do. Before you leave, check out the painting of their creepy mom directly in front of the door you come in from. There is a hidden slot cut into the wall, and you'll want to inspect that to get your money back.

Catfish Jacksons

The home in question here is in the very southern part of Lemoyne, to the southeast of Braithwaite Manor.


When you approach Catfish Jacksons, you can hear the father and son arguing, with the son accusing the father of being a dirty drunk that drove his mom away and his dad screaming back at him to find some work. Jeez, we have to rob from these people? I feel bad enough already. After they finish yelling, the son will go to his room and his father will recline on the couch. Walk on in and head over to the father. You can either kill him or just hogtie him, but he's slow enough that it is easy to hogtie him. The son will cower under his bed, and you only need to kill him if you're feeling particularly evil. As long as the drunk father is restrained, you free to loot everything you want.

There are some provisions here and a couple of cigarette cards on the table in the son's room. He'll complain that you're stealing something his mother gave him, but, hey, sorry kid. We're going for 100% here. Threaten the son and he'll tell you the money is hidden in the chimney. Inspect it to find a nice $50 to add to your stash. Check out the rest of the house and then head out when you're finished.

Chez Porter's Cabin

The cabin itself is in Ambarino, to the east of the Barrow Lagoon. However, to trigger this home robbery you will need to talk to Javier in camp at Horseshoe Overlook. Complete The First Shall Be Last, and a couple of days after the camp party, an icon will appear indicating Javier on the map. Talk to him to start this robbery.


Javier apparently heard something about a bunch of weird hill people that came up with their own slang and are frightening the locals, and apparently he things this will be a great target to rob. Even though there is at least a 75% chance this is going to end with them making a blanket out of your skin, get on your horse and follow Javier. A cutscene will start as soon as you leave camp, and you'll automatically be teleported to the location.

Take out your binoculars to scope the place out, and then follow Javier to a safe area behind the shed so you can spy on the group. They speak in half gibberish, which is a great sign, and there are a lot of them, which is an even better one. Follow Javier's instructions and move behind the rock indicated on the map while he creates a diversion. After he starts the fire, shoot everyone that comes to investigate using your Dead Eye and you'll wind up clearing out most of the camp. There will be a couple left in the big barn in the back that will fire from the windows. Find some good cover and fire for their heads when they pop out. If they're too hard to see, use your Dead Eye. Once they're all dead, it is time to loot the camp. Take your time to inspect the other buildings and loot the corpses as there is some decent stuff to find. In particular, make sure you go into the bigger building that was right in front of the rock you hid behind during the diversion. Continue straight through the door slightly to the left of the entrance and climb up the ladder to find a weapon case. The pump-action shotgun is in here, so make sure you grab it.

Now go to the barn in the back where Javier is patiently waiting for you. Before helping him move the cart, climb on the ladder on your left. There is a chest up here along the righthand side of the barn that holds over $100 dollars. Grab it and climb on down to help Javier. You'll find yet another source of loot which will earn you even more money. The ride back to camp from here is a little long, but your overflowing pockets should help comfort you.

Lonnie's Shack

The shack is in the north of Lemoyne, but that doesn't matter all that much. To trigger this robbery, you'll need to talk to Sean in camp during Chapter 3 sometime after the mission The New South. An icon will appear over Sean on the map when you can start the robbery.


Talk to Sean, and then follow him on horseback to Lonnie's Shack. Apparently he overhead some guys bragging about some robbery they just pulled off and how they were hiding at Lonnie's Shack, so there should be a decent haul inside. Once the two of you reach your destination, follow Sean until the house is in sight. He'll tell you to hang back, so let him go and talk to the guard outside. Sean winds up shooting him, and the other members of the gang will come rushing out. Between you and Sean, there shouldn't be too much trouble. There are only four of them, so use your Dead Eye and get some headshots as they're running out of the house.

You'll leave the last one alive, and he tells you there is a hidden stash in the corner of the bedroom. Go inside the house and start looting. Before you go get the stash, check out the rest of the house. There is a cigarette card on the mantle in the bedroom, and if you check under the beds you will find a stash that is holding a Double-Action Revolver. Finally, go and move the plank in the back corner of the bedroom to find the hidden stash and complete the robbery.

Van Horn Mansion

This area is slightly to the south of Van Horn itself. It is northeast of Bluewater Marsh and can be found right along the water that leads to the edge of the map.

NotesThe "mansion" here has seen better days. There are actually two inhabitants of the mansion, both of which will likely be sleeping when you arrive. If they are awake, it won't make much difference because there are only two of them. Go through the front door and check around upstairs for some random goodies. Head downstairs which is where you'll find the two men sleeping. Try to take the money from the table and they'll wake up, so you may want to just shoot them first. Grab the cash on the table and look around for any other loot you can find. If you go around the back and climb up the stairs, you will find a wooden walkway and around the corner will be a cigarette card.
Watson's Cabin

This cabin is slightly northwest of Wallace Station in northern West Elizabeth. You will find it north of the Little Creek River, close to the Hanging Dog Ranch.

NotesThis is the easiest robbery in the game, because the old woman here is thoroughly confused and thinks you are someone else. She basically tells you to go to the basement and take the loot down there. She's one step away from handing you her social security number. Go ahead and take the semi-auto shotgun in the basement and head on out. On subsequent visits, her sons will be home and they'll try to kill you if you enter the house. If you do kill them here, you can rob the rest of the house for some halfway decent loot. Of course, you can just hogtie the old lady and rummage through her house the first time you're here as well. You only need to take the semi-auto shotgun in the basement to complete the robbery, however.
Willard's Rest

In northeastern New Hanover. In fact, this is pretty much the most northeastern building on the entire map, so just go as far northeast as you can and you'll find it.


This home robbery is a bit different than the others in that you can only achieve it as part of a stranger mission. The house will be there, but you can't actually rob it unless you finish Charlotte Balfour, Widow - Part I, Part II, and Part III. Please refer to the Missions and Events section of the guide for notes on how to complete these, but they will not become available until Chapter 6 so you will need to wait until at least then to start them up. You can also complete these during the Epilogue if you want, so there is no rush.

After you complete Part III, she will invite you to take anything you want in her house. For some reason this counts as a home robbery. I know, it doesn't make sense. Robberies usually imply you are taking something from someone that doesn't want you do. This is more of a "giving", but whatever. Loot whatever you want from her house, and you will get credit for a robbery afterwards.

Shop Robberies

The shop robberies that count towards completion aren't really just shop robberies. Going into a shop and robbing the register won't give you credit for this. Instead, you will need to complete at least one of four special shop robberies in the game. These all have some little bit of backstory or something extra to them. Hidden rooms, shady figures, that sort of thing. There are four of these in the game, and you only need to complete one of them.

Rhodes Gunsmith

The gunsmith in the middle of Rhodes


Go to the west side of the gunsmith, and look down towards the bottom of the building just past the porch. There's...uh...there's a person down here. There are bars over the window, and some kid is down there calling out for help. Target him and question him to find out what's going on, and he'll tell you that the gunsmith has him chained up down there and makes him dress in weird outfits. It's even weirder than you think.

Go inside and pull your gun on the guy behind the register. Select the rob downstairs option to get him to open up a side door, and then a trap door leading to the basement. While he's doing this you can steal from the register, too. Go downstairs and find some guy in a sailor suit who the owner claims is his son. Ooooooooook. You know what? I'm going to let you two work this out. There is a lock box downstairs with some cash you can steal and a gun case that has a Lancaster Repeater and you can steal that while they talk. Afterwards, you can pull your gun out again and shoot the guy's chain to free him.

Saint Denis Gunsmith

The gunsmith in the middle of Saint Denis


This mission has the potential to go badly, so leave your horse right outside the gunsmith in case you need to make a quick exit. It is also probably a good idea to save right before hand. Once you're ready, go into the Saint Denis gunsmith. Walk past the gunsmith and to the little adjoining room in the back. There is a big metal door back here. Go over to it and knock on it to find some guy who won't let you in to whatever cool exclusive party they're having. How rude!

Go to the shop owner and pull your gun on him. Select the rob back room option and he'll lead you to the metal door and have the guard open it up for you. Arthur will automatically knock out the owner, and the guy behind the door will fall over. Hit him again to get him to talk, and he'll tell you there is an illegal poker game up on the third floor. There are some stairs close by, so take them to reach the third floor. The room you want to check is marked on your map. The door is open so burst in and quickly take out the guard. He'll be the one you see as soon as you enter the room, and he'll get out of his chair to yell at you. Run over to him and press the attack button several times to knock him out. Do not shoot him, and do not let him start shooting, or police will arrive and make this much harder than it needs to be.

Now you can get to the fun part and start looting everything in the room. There is cash on the table, so grab that first. Then, target the guy on the floor closest to the entrance of the room and repeatedly threaten him until he gives up the location of the safe. Someone else will open it for you, and you will get another little pile of cash. Then, check the desk next to the safe to find a gold nugget. There are other provisions around the room, and you can grab those before leaving if you want.

Strawberry General Store

The general store in northern Strawberry


Go to the north side of the shop. There is a big sign on this side that says "Cooper's General Store" at the very top. The store itself is elevated, and underneath the railing you will see some crates and stuff and a little area you can walk to underneath. Walk under the railing and porch to find the rock wall beyond it. There is a little window back here, and if you inspect it, Arthur will look inside and find what looks like some sort of moonshine operation. You'll get a note at this point that you can rob the store's side business.

Now go inside and aim your weapon at the man behind the cash register. You'll have a choice to "rob basement" and select that one for the man to open up a hidden trapdoor right next to him. While he's climbing down, you can open up the cash register for some extra money. Follow him downstairs to find his base of operations. There is some other stuff down here, but to get the good stuff you'll need to point your gun at him again. Arthur will threaten him, and the man will reveal that there is a loose brick next to the still. Walk over to the corner of the room and there is only a little bit of wall here between the still and the shelves. Interact with the loose brick to find $50. You will complete the shop robbery officially at this point, but there are some other general positions to find down here. Make sure you steal everything you can find down here before moving on.

Valentine Doctor

The doctor's office is in northeastern Valentine.


To trigger this robbery, you will first need to inspect the small room in the back of the doctors. If you go behind the building, behind where the police station is, you will see a small attached room to the back of the doctors that has a large metal door. Knock on the door and a very rude man from inside will tell you to go away. Oh, we'll go away all right. AND COME BACK WITH GUNS. Leave your horse at this back door and then go back through the main entrance.

Now go and rob the doctor. Pull your gun and aim it at him, and you will be given a couple of options to rob. You can rob the register or the back room, and you want to select the back room. He'll lead you to it and open the door, and you'll need to quickly go inside and kill everyone. There's four people in there, so use your Dead Eye and quickly clear them all out. There is a lot of cash and a gun on the table that you can steal, so do that and then hurry out. You can now exit through the back door quickly. Since you left your horse back here (hopefully), you can escape very quickly without having to go through the hordes of lawmen coming your way.