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by Suprak the Stud

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Suprak the Stud

Version: 0.95 | Updated: 03/19/19



There are a total of six gangs that will harass you throughout the course of the game. To get them to count towards your Compendium total, you only need to discover the gang, but if you want to get their description 100% filled, there are a handful of things you need to do for each gang including surviving ambushes, finding unique encounters, and discovering their hideouts. Some brief tips for each are show below including major locations for each group.

Lemoyne Raiders

Shady Belle

The Lemoyne Raiders headquarters is in Lemoyne. Shocking, I know. Specifically, it can be found southeast of Rhodes and almost directly south of Caliga Hall. It is in the southeast corner of Lemoyne, on part of the land mass that is west of Saint Denis.


The Lemoyne Raiders aren't going to give up their hideout without a fight, so come prepared. Provisions that refill Dead Eye are what is needed the most, because you'll want to use that as frequently as possible here. The raiders aren't really a threat by themselves in terms of weaponry or strategy, but there are a ton of them and you can get overwhelmed if you just run in blindly. Take your time and make frequent use of your Dead Eye.

The best bit of cover is probably the small building in the southeast of Shady Belle. It'll give you a great view of almost everyone here. If you go towards the east end of the building, you can pop up and have a great view of the entire courtyard. There are going to be around five guys that are just standing there at the start, and you can use your Dead Eye to kill most of the immediately. There are some unfortunate wooden bars that are also in front of you that your shots can hit, but otherwise this is going to be like shooting fish in a barrel.

When they start firing back, don't run up to engage. Stay where you're at and fire at anyone that is dumb enough to come out of cover. You'll be able to kill almost two thirds of the entire camp without ever having to leave this spot, and the raiders themselves won't try to flank you or anything fancy like that. You can also go to the west end of the building to get shots at people waiting along the other side. With these guys all dead, you really will only have a handful of raiders left to deal with. Check your mini-map and your map to see there positioning, then run over and find some good cover nearby. Finish them all off with your Dead Eye and make sure there aren't any stragglers before you start looting.

The first thing to loot are the raiders themselves. There are so many of them that if you hit them all, your pockets will be filled. There are also some provisions and ammo laying around outside, but depending on when you do this that might be all you're able to get. This hideout is actually part of a story mission in Chapter 3, so you may want to wait until that point to raid it as you'll be able to do more at that time.

O'Driscoll Boys

Hanging Dog Ranch

Hanging Dog Ranch is in the northwest corner of West Elizabeth, near the border with Ambarino.


There are a lot of O'Driscolls here. Fortunately, there is even more cover. It is probably best to approach from the east side of the ranch, near the southern tip of the fence. You can probably kill a guard or two without them seeing you, as there are usually a couple of guards over on this side looking off in the wrong direction. Once the gunfire starts though, you're going to want to make sure you are behind some sort of cover. There is a decent sized building in the southeast corner of the ranch that you can hide behind either on the eastern end or the southern end, both of which will give you a great view of the rest of the ranch. Keep using Dead Eye and refilling as needed, and you can use it to take out one O'Driscoll at a time and start thinning their ranks. You can kill about three quarters of them from this position alone, and a lot of them will run somewhere towards cover towards you, and you can kill them with headshots as they run your direction.

You do not want to run out in the open here, because there is a maxim gun on the second floor of the barn on the north end of the ranch that will quickly cut you down. However, if you stay on the south end of the ranch, the gun won't be able to reach you and is wildly inaccurate if they try to shoot you. Use a rifle from back here and you can take out the gunner without much risk. Once you have done that, you're more free to run around and find cover around the ranch. There are usually a handful of enemies that are refusing to move, including one guy who stands on top of a tower and the northwest of camp. Again, use your Dead Eye liberally and check your mini-map to find and guys you're missing. It will take a while, but as long as you don't rush and use the cover to your advantage, you should be able to clear out the entire camp without too much trouble.

There is a ton to loot here. First, loot every single O'Driscoll you just killed. There are like twenty of them, and each of them will be holding a couple of bucks and a trinket you can sell. After that, there are four places of interest to check. The first is the tower in the northwest corner of the ranch. There is a cigarette card at the very top, but not much else. Next are the tents in the northeast corner. There will be some assorted goodies here, including a pack of premium cigarettes. Then look at the big barn on the north end of the ranch. There isn't much on the ground floor but the second floor will have some goodies and a cigarette card on a barrel in the northwest corner.

The most important place to check, however, is the house on the east end of the ranch. This is the living areas, and it is where most of the loot is kept. The doors will be locked but you can run and break through one of the windows by climbing through it. There is a lot on the ground floor, including a cigarette card just above the fireplace. Make sure you check all the cabinets, including the cabinet next to the stairs because there is a lot of money in there. Head upstairs once you're done and open the lockbox to find $100. There is another cigarette card under one of the beds, and a couple other goodies to grab on your way out. Take all that sweet O'Driscoll cash and ride on out once you're finished.

The Murfree Brood

Beaver Hollow

Directly west of Annesburg, right before the Kamassa River in the northeaster portion of the New Hanover region


Oh boy. What a carnival of horrors this is. It is also worth noting you'll have to tackle this hideout as part of a story mission at some point, so it probably isn't worth doing it early. In fact it isn't worth doing at all, because there is not good loot to find here prior to the mission so you'll just be murdered weird back country mutants. Which, I suppose is the reward in and of itself, now that I think about it.

When you approach it, you'll see two Murfrees outside. Along with...stuff. There are dismembered corpses, someone who has been disemboweled and stuck in a cage, and heads just hanging from poles. It doesn't look like a nice place. The two men will talk and one will go inside the cave while the other will sit with his back to you. Now, you could go and stealth kill him but things will be so much easier if you can lure all of the Murfrees to the mouth of the cave. Go forward until you are somewhat close to the cave entrance and have a good look at it, then pull out your gun of choice and shoot the guy sitting here in the back of the head.

After this, the Murfrees will come running. All of them. Usually by twos or so, they'll come pouring out of the mouth of the cave. They have absolutely no cover here, while you will be positioned behind something, giving you a tremendous advantage. As soon as you see one, pop out and use your Dead Eye to pull of a headshot. Just keep repeating this as the run out of the cave, and you can kill 80% of the enemies here without even getting shot. They'll come running out with their guns, but so long as you are quick there won't be a single one that can make their way to cover. By the time you're done, you'll likely have fifteen or so corpses just littering the mouth of the cave. Make sure you loot them all before you go inside. The Murfrees are far and away the poorest of the gangs, so they won't have much but they might have some useful provisions.

Go inside once you're ready and deal with whoever is left. There will usually be five or so in the main chamber that refuse to come out. Keep an eye on your mini-map to get a general idea of where they are hiding, and once you get close pull your gun out. Make your way through these final stragglers as they run out to engage you, and just be careful not to get too close as some of them like to use knives and they can do a lot of damage if they get near one. Kill the last of the Murfrees, and then start exploring the cave.

And for your troubles you'll get...nothing. There is nothing good here. You were warned!