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by Suprak the Stud

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Suprak the Stud

Version: 0.95 | Updated: 02/18/19


Epilogue - Part I: Pronghorn Ranch

We're in for some fairly major changes in the Epilogue. Several years have passed since the events in Chapter 6 and Arthur is no longer our main character (for obvious reasons). However, we carry over everything that Arthur had, stats and all. The Epilogue also finally takes away your wanted dead or alive status in Blackwater, meaning you can finally explore southern West Elizabeth without being immediately murdered. The first mission here is an immediate continuation of Chapter 6, but once you finish that you'll be free to explore once again. There isn't as much side stuff to do here in comparison to Chapter 6, and those optional honor missions we ran in to won't be popping up any more. You can just go through the missions, or explore and hunt for more collectables at this point.

The Wheel

Several years after fleeing Dutch and the gang, John, Abigail, and Jack look for work in the town of Strawberry.

Prerequisite: None

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Reach Pronghorn Ranch without dropping any supplies.
  • Reclaim the wagon within 1 minute.

This mission is pretty much a continuation from Red Dead Redemption, and you'll start it automatically. John, Abigail, and Jack will all be riding in a wagon, and after a brief cutscene you'll regain control. Follow the yellow trail on your map until you reach your destination in Strawberry. Go to the new objective marker in the general store when it appears and talk to the shopkeeper. He'll offer John a job (the non-murdery kind) delivering goods to a nearby ranch. Head to the new objective marker to talk to Abigail, and then return to your wagon. The goods are already loaded, so you'll just have to deliver them.

Follow the yellow trail on your mini-map to reach the ranch. It is a little ways away, but the ride itself is uneventful. When you get there, John will ask if there is any work available. Some jerks show up right after to steal the wagon you just brought, and we'll need to chase them down. Jump on the nearby horse and ride after the wagon. Chase it down until you get close, and then target the stranger. Select the option the threaten him, and the two goons will immediately back down. Climb on top of the wagon and ride it back to the ranch by following the trail on your map. Once you drop it off, the mission will end. The good news is John will have a new job, too. Hooray!

Simple Pleasures

Using the pseudonym 'Jim Milton', John has secured a job as a hand at Pronghorn Ranch, and gets to work.

Prerequisite: The Wheel

Gold Medal Requirements
  • When milking, fill a bucket within 10 seconds.
  • Complete within 5 minutes 15 seconds.

You are now technically free to wander around and do whatever you want. However, you don't have a weapon, most of your items are gone, and you have roughly ten dollars to your name. So, uh, maybe wait a bit before venturing back out. Instead, head over to the mission marker. They'll want you to get started on your ranch chores right away, so follow Abe on out. You'll stop in to chat with Abigail briefly, and then after that you can follow Abe again.

He'll lead you to the cows. Milk them by alternating between pressing down on the two analog sticks, first the left then the right. Keep doing this until you have a full bucket of milk. Repeat this a second time when prompted to get a second bucket. Next, we'll have to clean the stables. Not quite as glamorous as last chapter, eh? Go to the objective marker to pick up the pitchfork, then walk to the nearest pile of horse crap. They'll be marked on your mini-map. Press the indicated button to pick it up, then move over to the wheelbarrow to drop it off. Do this again to the next closest pile, and after the second drop off the game will go on autopilot briefly. Pick up the last pile and drop it off in the wheelbarrow. Return the pitchfork by going to the new objective marker on your mini-map. Jack will finish the job from here, so run to the new objective marker to talk to Abigail and finish off the mission.

Going For Gold: When milking, just alternate between the two analog sticks as fast as you can. As long as you make sure you alternate between the two analog sticks, you will have more than enough time to fill the bucket. As long as you see the animation start, you can move on to the next stick. Do not wait too long in between tugs as it doesn't help fill up your bucket any faster.

For the general time limit, just don't waste any time at any location. When shoveling crap, go to the nearest objective marker and pick it up and drop it off immediately. At the end of the mission, make sure you sprint back to your home to talk to Abigail instead of walking. Most of this mission is very straightforward, and 5 minutes 15 seconds is a generous time limit. Focus on finishing off each objective as it pops up and you'll be fine.

Farming, For Beginners

John works a day at the ranch, helping Dickens build a fence, and looking after livestock.

Prerequisite: Simple Pleasures

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Fix the first section of fence in 1 minute 30 seconds.
  • Avoid being hit by the bull.

Once Simple Pleasures is finished, you'll have your choice of two new missions at the ranch. Talk to Tom Dickens to start this one and get back to work on your chores. This time you'll be building a fence. Hey, at least it isn't shoveling crap. Follow the on screen prompts for this one. When nailing in the post, you just need to hit the indicated button. Next you'll need to put in the rails. Move the left analog stick up or down to get the rail aligned with one of the holes (it doesn't need to be exact, just close) and the press the indicated button to slide it into place. Now, move the other side of the rail to be aligned with the other hole and press the indicated button to finish installing that rail. Repeat this process every time you are putting in one of the rails. John will do a lot of the fence automatically after you get the first couple portions started.

Eventually, someone else will call you over to help. Quickly finish the final rail you're working on and then run over to the new objective marker. Dickens and Geddes' sons need help moving a stubborn bull. After a quick smack, the stubborn bull turns into an angry bull and takes off. Chase him down and lasso him when he stops. He'll break free the first time, so get back up and chase him down again. This time when you lasso him, you can press a button to get him to calm down. Keep pressing this button until eventually he becomes docile. If at any point during this process he tries to charge you, quickly jump out of the way so you don't take damage. Once you have the bull calmed, you can lead him to the new objective marker to get him to the barn. Keep calming him as needed. Once you're in the barn, you'll drop off the bull and finish your work for the day.

Fatherhood, For Beginners

With the other ranch hands busy, and Geddes heading in to town, John takes on more work on the ranch.

Prerequisite: Simple Pleasures

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Tire out Jeremiah within 45 seconds.
  • Feed Jeremiah a treat.
  • Teach Jack to ride without his horse bucking him off.
  • Win the race back to Pronghorn Ranch.

This is the second mission you'll unlock after finishing Simple Pleasures, and the two can be completed in whatever order you prefer. You'll chat with Mr. Geddes briefly, who gives you a couple of chores, both involving horses. First, you'll need to help his youngest son Duncan with a particularly energetic horse. Follow Abe to find the horse, and then walk over to meet Duncan. You'll need to calm the horse before Duncan has any hope of riding it. Target it and keep pressing on the indicated button prompt to calm him, and eventually pat him. Once he is soothed enough, Duncan will ask for help in riding it. John will want to tire him out first, so climb on top of him and ride him around for a little while. Ride just north of the ranch and gallop as fast as you can in circles. Once his stamina is depleted, you'll get a new objective marker in camp. Ride to it to hand the horse off to Duncan. He'll want a brief lesson in riding the horse, so climb down and let him get on. You don't really have to do anything at this point, other than watch the little scene that follows. After a little while, Mrs. Geddes will show up and ask for help.

Follow her to the barn to get your next task. You'll need to help birthing a foal. Uh...any chance we can just go back to shoveling poop? Follow the on screen prompts to get this done. First, you'll want to rotate the analog stick until it vibrates a lot. Then, when the prompts change, press up on the analog stick. Once that is full, immediately begin mashing the indicated button to pull it out. And that's it. Birth will always be this easy, I guarantee it. Mrs. Geddes makes a pass on you, but John loudly talks about his wife and kid and she runs off. Run back to your cabin to talk to Abigail.

Abigail will ask you to take Jack out for a bit since he seems withdrawn, so the two of you will go out to ride horses. Ride a bit northward, and follow Jack when he says he wants to go out to the stream. If you target him at this point, you can have him go faster or slower. Make him go a bit faster, but not too much. Go too fast and he'll be thrown from his horse which probably isn't what you're going for. If you see the horse slow down to a trot, tell him to have the horse speed up again to get a better pace. Keep this up until you reach the stream. At this point, you'll tell Jack you want to race him back. You can either go easy on him and let him win, or crush him and leave him in your dust. For some reason, the gold medal objective here has you beating your son in the race, so go for that if you don't mind destroying your kid's confidence. Ride back as fast as you can to the objective marker. Once you have finished winning your race against a little boy and his pony, you'll move on to the next mission.

Old Habits

A gang of hired-guns cause trouble on Pronghorn Ranch.

Prerequisite: Fatherhood, For Beginners AND Farming, For Beginners.

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Defeat the Laramie without taking a hit.
  • Defeat the Laramie within 25 seconds.

As soon as you finish both Fatherhood, For Beginners and Farming, For Beginners, this mission will begin automatically. Whichever on you complete second, you'll immediately go into this mission after finishing that one. Run over to investigate the disturbance and you'll find Abe being picked on by the Laramies again. John will intervene and get into a fight with their boss. This fight is quite easy, and for the most part you can just keep mashing the attack button as our friend here seems averse to blocking. If you want, you can wait for him to throw a punch and then just keep wailing on him until he goes down. After you've beaten on him for a little while, you'll climb on top of him while he's down in the dirt. Keep pressing the attack button to keep punching him in the face. Abigail will run over to stop the fight. He promises you that you'll be seeing him again, and soon. I hope so, because that will at least be a mission where we aren't dealing with large amounts of horse poop.

Fatherhood, For Idiots

John juggles fatherhood and his multiple identities as he heads to Strawberry with Jack to collect mail for Geddes, and a package for Abigail.

Prerequisite: Old Habits

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Kill 3 enemies in Dead Eye.
  • After the confrontation, return to Pronghorn Ranch within 1 minute 30 seconds.

There are two mission options after Old Habits that can be completed in either order, but this one is much easier so you might want to tackle it first to get it out of the way. Go and talk to Abigail, and after a brief scene Dickens will come in and ask you to stop in to Strawberry to pick up some mail. Abigail asks you to pick up a couple of dresses while you're there, and John decides to take Jack with him. Once you're in the wagon, follow the yellow trail on the mini-map. After a little while, John will hand the reins over to Jack and the rest of the ride into town occurs via cutscene. Once you have the controls back, maneuver through town to the indicated spot in front of the post office.

Dismount once you're here and go inside. Talk to the clerk and John will almost immediately let it slip that his name is actually John Marston. Oops. He'll hand over the packages and you'll get back inside the wagon. Jack will control the wagon for now. Target him, and you can either get him to speed up or slow down if you want. You'll notice a couple of men trailing you after a little while, and John will tell Jack to stop and hide him behind a tree. Go over and "talk" to the men. No matter what you say here, a shoot out ensues. Quickly take out your gun, activate Dead Eye, and go for as many head shots as quickly as you can. There are only three enemies here, but without cove you can still take a decent amount of damage if you aren't quick. Once they're all dead, get back in your wagon and follow the yellow trail to find your way back to the ranch. Once you park it, the mission will be completed (and your son will be scarred for life).

Jim Milton Rides, Again?

John is thanked by Mr. Geddes for his help with the Laramie Gang, and he turns in for the night, only to be woken by a raid on the ranch.

Prerequisite: Old Habits

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Get 10 kills while dual wielding sidearms.
  • Get 15 headshots.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

Once Old Habits is completed, you will have an option of two different missions. If you want to do this one first, go and talk to David Geddes. He thanks you for protecting his ranch, and you promise to keep him safe. The good news is you can make good on your promise in like two seconds because right after you fall asleep, a whole bunch of Laramies descend on the ranch. Run over to the objective marker to find a couple of Laramies beating up on Dickens. Luckily these guys won't try to kill you and just want to fight. Block the first guys punch, and then keep mashing the attack button until he goes down. If he blocks one of your punches, wait for him to throw a punch so you can block it and then return several more punches to his head. Repeat this for the second guy until you knock him out as well. Again, these two won't be too keen to block so it is entirely possible you can just keep mashing attack and knock them both out within 15 seconds or so.

Geddes needs your help getting his cattle back, and tells you to go and get your guns. He doesn't care what you used to do and just wants your help fighting off the Laramies. WOO HOO. You'll automatically go back to your cabin and finally have your guns back again. Ride to the objective marker, and once there you'll tell Abe and Dickens your plan. Go out and talk to the Laramies standing outside the front gate. A shootout will break out no matter how nice you try to be, so be ready to shoot. There are four guards at the front of the gate. Kill them as quickly as possible as you won't be in cover. Use Dead Eye immediately here, and pick off each one as quickly as you can with a shot. Go immediately back into Dead Eye after, repeating this process until all four are dead.

With the front gate cleared out, you can now run into cover. Run straight ahead and get cover behind the rock just past the gate. This is a great spot to begin your assault. In general, you will be in a bit of luck because you'll have two allies that will make things a bit easier. Throughout this fight, you'll want to keep a close eye on your mini-map. You may not always have a red dot, but you will at least have some red around the perimeter showing you where the danger is coming from. Use this to locate enemies, and keep glancing down to help you keep track of where you should go next. Once shooting stops or you run out of clear targets at whatever position you're at, you can move up to the next bit of cover. You'll want to try and keep moving towards the barn, so move towards that direction when you have an opening. Keep an eye out for enemies above you, as there will be one on top of the tower and one on top of the barn. These two can hit you from behind most of your cover options, so make sure to kill them as soon as you spot them. Keep moving up, killing enemies as you come across them. It seems like a lot of enemies here, but with your two allies it actually is not all that bad. The most difficult part about this is your Dead Eye restorative items will be extremely limited so conserve it as much as possible. Outside of the four guys outside of the gate, there really shouldn't be a portion where using Dead Eye is absolutely necessary.

After killing the entire gang, someone will start taunting you from the barn. Abe and Dickens will take the cattle back while you go inside to confront the jerk making threats. Walk towards the center of the barn, and he'll run up from behind and tackle you. While you're pinned, mash the indicated button to break free. You'll now face him in a fist fight. He'll be significantly tougher than the last couple of opponents you faced off against. Be more cautious in this fight, and always wait to block one of his incoming punches. After a successful block, you can get off a couple of punches of your own before going back into defense. Keep blocking, and then countering, until he goes down. He'll keep taunting you then, so just pull the trigger when the prompt comes up.

Before heading back, you may want to explore the ranch a bit. There are plenty of corpses to loot now, and the ranch itself has its fair share of loot as well. If you check the second story of the house on the east side of the ranch, you can find a lock box on the top floor with over $100 in it. There will be some jewelry and stuff you can sell in the same house in a cabinet right next to the stairs on the first floor. Since you won't have all that much money yet, it is probably a good idea to look around some. Get back on your horse and ride back to the objective marker to finish the mission once you are ready.


John receives a telegram from Sadie Adler

Prerequisite: Fatherhood, For Idiots AND Jim Milton Rides, Again?

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Complete within 1 minute 30 seconds.

After finishing both Fatherhood, For Idiots and Jim Milton Rides, Again?, this mission will begin automatically. A telegram will arrive for you, so go to the objective marker to find the carrier. It is Sadie Adler, who wants to meet you in Valentine, which is probably a good sign that your cover is pretty blown if people know who you are one state over. Run to the new objective marker to talk to Abigail. She's gone, but has left you a literal and figurative "Dear John" letter. Dawkins comes in asking all sorts of things that AREN'T HIS BUSINESS, and the two of you decide to just let things be. That means John getting back to work, though.

There will be three new objective markers on your map at this point. Go to whichever one you want to repeat one of the chores you did earlier. Going from north to south you'll find cow milking, poop shoveling, and fence fixing. I know which one of those I wouldn't want to do, but the choice is yours. You'll only have to start one and then the rest will happen automatically. Follow the button prompts on screen, and once you've started the game will take over and time will flash forward a couple of months. Once the montage is over, run to the new objective marker to talk to Geddes about helping you get a loan. He promises to talk to the bank in town and put in a good word for you. The mission will end after that, and the best news is you'll finally have access to your guns in between missions again. If you've been wanting to explore, now is a good time to do it.

Gainful Employment

After receiving a telegram from Sadie, John meets her in Valentine and helps her with some bounty hunting work.

Prerequisite: Motherhood

Gold Medal Requirements
  • After arriving Strawberry, locate the bounty within 30 seconds.
  • After mounting your horse, catch and hogtie the bounty within 1 minute 15 seconds.

After Motherhood is finished, you'll have your choice of two missions that you can do in either order you want. This mission actually does not need to be completed in this chapter, and can be done at the beginning of the next one instead if you want. It will, however, open up bounty hunter missions again so you may as well do this as quickly as you can. This mission takes you back to Valentine where you can meet with Sadie. Go into the saloon to talk to her. She wants your help chasing down a bounty, and since you're currently in need for some money you agree to help. Follow her on horseback, and after riding for a bit the game will fast forward through a quick cutscene and you'll be in Strawberry. Get off your horse and start looking for clues of Nathan Kirk, your target.

You can ask around town a bit now, but the people on the street won't be much help. One of them will direct you to the post office, but if you go there the clerk will tell you to go ask someone at the welcome center. You can just go to the welcome center immediately, which is at the west end of the street you start on (it doubles as the hotel in town, so you've likely been here before). Ask the owner, who will be on your right as soon as you enter the building, and he will tell you that Kirk is upstairs in room three. Go up to the room and interact with it to knock. Kick down the door when prompted and you'll see Kirk fleeing over the railing.

Run over to the railing and you'll see him riding off on horseback. Jump down over the railing yourself to save some time and climb up on your horse. From here you just need to follow Kirk as closely as you can. His horse is quite fast, so you'll be doing this chase for a while. Do not worry about catching him right away, and just ride as fast as you can while following his marker on your mini-map. If you lose track of him just check your map and it will at least give you a general indication of where he's at. After a while, he'll finally ride his horse out and you'll be able to ride up close enough to him. Target him and lasso him to knock him off your horse. Get off your horse at this point and tackle him to finish the job and hogtie him. Loot him if you want, and then place him on Sadie's horse. She says she'll have more jobs for you, if you're interested, and rides off with Kirk in tow.

The Landowning Classes

John meets a banker in Blackwater to secure a loan in order to purchase some land at Beecher's Hope.

Prerequisite: Motherhood

Gold Medal Requirements
  • N/A

This is one of two missions that opens up after Motherhood, and it requires you to travel into Blackwater. Remember Blackwater? That mythical town that got mentioned over and over again throughout the game? Well, we can go there now! It is kind of boring. But, Mr. Atherton can be found in his office at the bank, and that is who we need to talk to. Despite John's horrendous pitch, Atherton still agrees to give you the loan, assuming you can clear out the squatters that are currently occupying the ranch. This mission is essentially just a cutscene, and you'll complete it once it is over.

Home of the Gentry?

Before he can purchase Beecher's Hope, John must inspect the land and move on any illegal tenants. Back in Blackwater he runs into an old friend.

Prerequisite: The Landowning Classes

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Complete within 2 minutes 30 seconds.

As soon as The Landowning Classes wraps up, a new objective marker will appear right over Beecher's Hope. There are squatters here we need to clear out, so ride over with your very best shoo-ing broom. When you reach Beecher's Hope, you can deal with the squatters in one of two ways. You can give them $10 to make them get off your land (and gain some honor). Or you can just shoot them and call it a day. The latter option will lose you some honor, but you can make really quick work of the squatters and save a bit of cash. Activate Dead Eye if you want, and you should be able to kill all three of them within a couple of seconds. If you do choose this route, you can actually shoot them all before you even walk up and talk to them, which would make things even easier. You'll ride back to town immediately afterwards and get treated to a brief scene where you become a homeowner. Hooray for debt! As you leave the bank, you'll bump into Uncle who does his typical Uncle thing and decides to bum off of you for a while. Ride with him back to Beecher's Hope. Uncle will call the new place a dump, and he's totally, 100% right. You'll now have a montage where you and Uncle try to make the place a bit less dump-y, and once that is finished you will move right in to the next chapter.

More Fun Stuff To Do

This is another chapter where extra stuff to do is somewhat limited. You start this chapter off without your weapons and most of your items, and it really is a bit like starting over again. In fact, until the end of this chapter you won't even be able to have your weapons in between missions. Until this point, you want to just focus on the story. You'll have plenty of time to explore coming up, but for now just focus on getting through this chapter.

The final stranger mission will be available this chapter, and you can find The American Inferno, Burnt Out southwest of Strawberry (available after finishing The Landowning Classes). This will pretty much wrap up the extra stuff you want to do in this chapter though. You could theoretically explore all of West Elizabeth and New Austin if you want, but you will want to wait until after Motherhood is finished as you won't have access to your guns in between missions until that is completed. At that point though, you will almost be done with the chapter and it probably makes more sense to just clear off the remaining couple of missions before you start really exploring. In particular, New Austin will have a couple of new bounty missions to do but they won't be available until after you finish Gainful Employment. So explore a bit if you want, but it might make more sense to just wait until you start the Epilogue - Part 2 to wrap that up.