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by Suprak the Stud

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Suprak the Stud

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/16/19


Epilogue - Part 2: Beecher's Hope

The first part of the Epilogue felt more confined, but Epilogue - Part 2 opens things back up again. You now have access to the entire map and all your weapons from the start, so you can tackle anything you haven't gotten around to yet. There are a ton of collectables to chase down and find, and some optional stranger missions that will still be available. This is also a good time to explore New Austin, the last region in the map that you possibly haven't had a chance to explore yet. And, of course, you can finish up the main missions and say goodbye to Read Dead Redemption 2.

Bare Knuckle Friendships

Uncle tells John that he has heard that Charles Smith is alive and in Saint Denis. John and Uncle go to Saint Denis to track him down.

Prerequisite: Gainful Employment

Gold Medal Requirements
  • After arriving in Saint Denis, find Charles within 1 minute 50 seconds.
  • Kill all of Guido Martelli's men within 10 seconds.

While you didn't need to finish Gainful Employment to reach the Epilogue - Part 2, you will have to finish it to unlock this mission. You'll find the objective marker right at Beecher's Hope, so go and talk to Uncle. After forcing Uncle out of his dedication to doing absolutely nothing, he remembers to tell you he's heard about Charles being alive somewhere in Saint Denis. You'll automatically travel to Saint Denis via a train, and once the scene ends you can just follow Uncle down the street. The two of you decide to slip up while looking for Charles, with John taking the saloon and the fence. Both of these will be highlighted on your map so you know where to go. Go to the fence because it is slightly closer, and the guy behind the counter actually knows where Charles is. Go into the store and talk behind the counter, and he'll tell you that he is boxing at the moment, and even gives you directions on where to find him.

Ride to the new objective marker and you will reunite with Charles. He's throwing fights for some cash, but after a brief conversation with you, he finds his confidence again and decides to make a substantial bet on himself. You can bet now too, either on Charles or his opponent, but the smart bet is to bet on Charles winning. Once the fight starts, focus in on Charles and use the indicated button prompt to cheer him on. He'll knock out his opponent fairly quickly, and then the two of you need to get out of town. Follow Charles through the streets of Saint Denis as he goes to grab his luggage and the two of you will catch up on everything that happened over the past couple years.

When you reach the dock, you'll be stopped by some men that work for Guido Martelli, and old associate of Bronte. You've been in Saint Denis for ten minutes and already a big shootout break out. Ahhh...just like old times! You'll start out behind cover, so take advantage of this spot. There's only four enemies here, and you should be able to make quick work of them using Dead Eye. They'll be very close to you, so it won't be that hard to take them out. Wait until they peak out of cover and go for headshots. Once they're dead, run to the nearby wagon. Charles will ride it out of town, and you'll be on "shooting everyone you see" duty. Fortunately, there won't be anyone else to shoot. The ride out of town will be uneventful, and once you hit the bridge you will automatically be transported back to camp.

Going For Gold: Both of these requirements can be a pain if you don't know what you're doing. Fortunately, with good routing it is very easy to meet up with Charles under the time limit. As soon as you arrive in Saint Denis, start calling your horse. This will bring it closer to you and save a couple of seconds on running over to it. Climb up, and then immediately start riding north. We want to go to the fence as this is definitely the quicker of the two options. Ride northward until you see the stairway leading to the fence. Keep an eye on your mini-map, as once you get close the area you need to go to will be highlighted in yellow.

Once you enter the alleyway, you'll want to turn right just past the first clothing stall to find an open gate and then walk straight ahead until you reach the fence's door. Enter quickly and target the man behind the counter as soon as you enter the door. You'll be able to talk to him from this side. As soon as you start the conversation, immediately turn around and walk out the door to end the conversation. Turn right down the next alleyway just past the fence's door and then you can head straight to the new objective marker on foot. You will make it in plenty of time to spare. The path you should take is highlighted below in red and below that is a picture of the alleyway you want to take after leaving the fence.

The harder part is killing the four enemies in ten seconds, as it is easy to miss a shot and then go over time. The good news is there is no accuracy requirement or requirement for finishing without taking healing items so you can restart this checkpoint as often as you need to. If you think you're taking too long or missed one of your shots, simply reload the checkpoint. If you haven't done this before, hold down the left button, then select the mission you're on and hold down the indicated button to abandon the mission. On the next screen, choose to restart checkpoint and you will start right during the gunfight again. Use Dead Eye as need, but be very quick. Go for headshots, and if you get all four headshots with only a miss or two, you should be able to complete the objective in time. It is very tight though, so if you miss a shot early you just may want to restart and try again. Pop out of cover and aim at a target, go into Dead Eye and immediately get a headshot, then drop down and repeat this process as soon as you can. It might take a couple of tries but it is doable with practice.

Home Improvement For Beginners

John, Uncle and Charles tear down the derelict shack at Beecher's Hope.

Prerequisite: Bare Knuckle Friendships

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Complete within 18 seconds.

After completing Bare Knuckle Friendships, you will unlock two new story missions. You should probably do this one first as it is right at camp and it will take all of twenty seconds. You may have noticed your house is a complete dump. We're about to try and change that this time on Property Brothers: Red Dead Redemption edition. Uncle will help you tie rope from your house to the horses to help pull it down. All you need to do is follow the indicated button prompts to tear it down. Push back on the left analog stick, and keep mashing the indicated button to motivate the horses to move. It won't take long, and the house will collapse within a couple of seconds. Hooray for completing the quickest mission in the game!

Going For Gold: There isn't an easier gold medal in the entire game than this one. As soon as you have control over John, just hold back and mash the indicated button. As long as you start right away, you'll have plenty of time.

An Honest Day's Labors

John meets Sadie in Blackwater. Sadie asks John to help her recover a bounty named Shane Finley who was taken from her by a professional rival, James Langton.

Prerequisite: Bare Knuckle Friendships

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Kill all of Langton's men during the horseback escape.
  • After choosing your approach, escape with Shane Finley within 5 minutes.
  • Complete with at least 70% accuracy.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

This is the second of two missions available after completing Bare Knuckle Friendships, and it will be found in Blackwater. Sadie is waiting to talk to you in the saloon, and she has a job for you. Someone robbed her of one of the bounties she was trying to bring in, so we're going to do the honorable thing and rob them back. Mount your horse and follow Sadie. The two of you will chat about the events of the past couple of years for a little while, and then the rest of the ride will occur automatically. Follow her again once you regain control, and she'll lead you to a cliff above Armadillo. Take out your binoculars and scope out the town from afar. You'll see four horses riding out of town. That's your bounty and the target. Time to chase after them.

Get back on your horse and follow Sadie. She'll lead you to the edge of a canyon where the men pass through. Pause when she pauses, and then follow her again once she starts moving. When she dismounts from her horse, follow her over to the edge of the canyon once again and she'll scope out the situation. You have three different options on how to proceed. You can either threaten them and hope they turn the bounty over, you can start shooting and kill them all at once, or you can sneak down the edge of the canyon and take them out one by one. Sadie recommends sneaking, but the choice is ultimately yours.

If you choose to sneak down, follow Sadie around the side of the canyon. You'll come upon two guards after climbing down a bit. Take out a throwing knife (or any silent throwing weapon) and target one of the two guards with a headshot. Sadie will kill the other. Keep following her, and she'll use another throwing knife to kill a guard on patrol a little further down. After this, you'll come up on a bridge, and unfortunately this bridge is apparently made from potato chip backs and cat's tails, because it is the loudest bridge ever. A nearby guard will hear you as you try to cross it, and a gunfight will break out. You can hit him with a throwing knife if you toss it where Sadie stops, but even if you take him out the rest of the guards will still notice so a gunfight will break out here no matter what.

The other two options lead to the same result. Threatening is the worst as they just start firing on you and you lose the drop you have on them by opening fire on your own terms. If you choose to start shooting from the canyon wall, you can kill a couple for free if you activate Dead Eye. The vantage point up here is also great, and you'll be able to kill a whole bunch more enemies without having to worry too much about them shooting you back. You're far enough away and up high, meaning their accuracy will be terrible and you can pretty easily pick everyone off without having to worry too much about damage yourself. Once you kill all the guys down there at the bottom, Sadie will start moving and you need to follow her. At this point, the rest of the mission plays out the same even if you chose to sneak around.

Once you start making your way around the edge of the canyon. This part can be kind of a pain because there isn't too much good cover and there are a ton of enemies around the perimeter and bottom of the canyon. You want to keep a close eye on your mini-map during this entire segment as it will tell you exactly where all the enemies are at. Pay especially close attention to the guys around the perimeter that are on top of the canyon. There are multiple snipers up here and they do a ton of damage if they can hit you. Any time you see a danger icon coming from a direction that is not the center of the canyon, it will either be someone on the road in front of you or one of the snipers, so make sure you deal with these first. The enemies in front of you are a danger as well, but at least they won't be able to hit you as easily. You'll want to stay close to Sadie most of the time as she will be helpful in clearing out the enemies around you.

After dealing with snipers and enemies on the outside perimeter, turn your focus on the bottom of the canyon. There are a lot of enemies down here, and they are far enough away that they can be hard to hit. Making things more difficult is the fact that any cover you find is usually too far away to have a good view on most of the enemies down there. You'll have to stand near the edge of the path, out in the open, and be quick about your target. It is easiest to locate an enemy on the mini-map, aim in that general direction, and your targeting reticule should lock on to them. Quickly activate your Dead Eye, move up to the head, and pull off a quick headshot. You'll want to use Dead Eye as much as you can during this part, and try to save your Dead Eye for this part, because it will make the mission much more manageable. With Dead Eye, you will be in a lot less danger, and as long as you are quick with your targeting you should be able to get through the entire mission only using one or two Dead Eye recovery items. The most difficult part here is the lack of cover, so make sure you're quick on the trigger and try not too leave yourself to open.

After killing a good chunk of the enemies here, you can start making your way around the perimeter to the bottom of the canyon. Again, make sure you are aware of threats on your mini-map because you don't want to run up and get caught off guard by some guy hiding behind a rock. Try to stay a bit further away from the edge, as it will at least prevent the guys from the bottom to being able to hit you as well. When you get to the bottom, there will be a handful of final reinforcements, some of which will be on horseback and will stay on horseback. Run to the back of the canyon and you can actually find a fairly large rock that will serve as good cover for this final push. Kill the guys on horseback, and then finish off any final stragglers that you see on your mini-map.

Once they're all dead (finally), you can go and pick up the target. Put him on the back of your horse (who Sadie will have called down) and climb on up. Ride out of the canyon and you'll be chased after by the last of Langton's men. There will be men on top of the canyon that you can mostly ignore and ride past unless you are feeling particularly bloodthirsty. But there are two groups of men on horseback that will ride down after you and these need to be dealt with. They get fairly close, so they should be easy enough to kill even though they will be in motion. If you have Dead Eye left, you can use it now as this is the end of the mission. You won't have to though if you don't want to, and as long as you're quick they won't be able to do much damage. Finish riding out of the canyon, and then follow Sadie to the Blackwater jail. Take the bounty off the back of your horse and drop him off in the indicated cell to finish the mission.

Going For Gold: I would recommend skipping this mission if you're only going for the 70 gold medal trophy as it is probably one of the ten hardest gold medal missions in the entire game. The timing out of here is very tight, especially combined with the fact that you have to kill everyone on the way out of the canyon. The ride to the fight also feels like it takes forever, so if you fail you will waste a lot of time just getting back to the canyon. If you're going for all gold medals, then good luck because this one is tough. If not, skip it and do something else.

You will need to keep your accuracy above 70% and you cannot use any health items or fail any checkpoints. The 70% accuracy is fairly lenient, and even getting by without using health shouldn't be too hard. This mission will be particularly tough on replays since you will only have a single chewing tobacco to help withy our Dead Eye. Because of this, you will want to try and conserve your Dead Eye if possible so you can use it during the chase out of the canyon. When the gunfight starts, use your rifle until it runs out of ammo and the switch to your repeater.

Sadie will give you an option of how to go down there, but the only way you will have a chance to finish the mission in time is to just start shooting. Kill the four guys at the bottom of the canyon and then begin running with Sadie to reach the road to the bottom. Fighting your way down can be fairly tough if you're saving your Dead Eye for the end of the fight. You can use some as long as you use it judiciously, particularly because you will recover it for each enemy you kill normally. The rifle will help kill the guys on top of the ledge on your way down the road, and you may want to consider using your Dead Eye to kill the guys furthest away from you right before the road to turn down. Sadie will run to the very bottom once every else has been killed, where you will need to fight three final guys on horseback. As soon as they're all dead, and while you're waiting for Sadie to call your horses, quickly loot the two people closest to you. They seem very unlikely to drop chewing tobacco, but they will drop fine brandy and other liquors that you can use to restore Dead Eye and stamina. Pick up Shane once you loot two and you should be picking him up just as soon as your horse arrives.

The hard part is riding out of the canyon, hitting the time limit, and still killing everyone during the canyon retreat. This may be easier once you have played through a couple of times, because you need to remember where all the enemies are at in order to kill them as quickly as possible. Once you start riding with Sadie, enemies will be found in the following locations.

  • Two enemies cross the bridge at the very start.
  • You'll cross underneath a bridge, and there will be three enemies up on the ridge to your right.
  • Three enemies on horseback ride down just past these on your left.
  • Just past the road where these three come down the canyon will wind to your right. There will be one guy on the ridge to your left and three on your right. The guy on the left and the first on the right will be around where the road first starts curving to the right, while the other two on the right will be a little further down.
  • A final group of three enemies on horseback will ride down from your left.

For clarity, the relative position of all non-horseback enemies is shown below. It is fairly easy to find the horseback enemies, but it is much easier to ride past one of these guys. For a quick summary of the information above, there are two on the bridge, three to your right on the ridge past them, and one on the ridge to left and three on the ridge to the right just past the first three horseback enemies. All of these are shown below.

Constantly use your mini-map until you have a good grasp of where all the enemies are. Use Dead Eye constantly, refilling with chewing tobacco or liquor (so long as it doesn't recover health) when needed. Don't let Sadie ride too far ahead because she can die here, so you want to be quick with each of your kills. The timing here will be tight, and you need to basically have no major mistakes from the time you tell Sadie what your plan is until after you ride through the canyon. After you kill the final enemies on horseback, gallop as fast as you can with your horse to the edge of the canyon to trigger the cutscene.

The Tool Box

John purchases a pre-cut house from the Blackwater lumberyard. Hearing the Skinner Brothers are in the area, John, Charles, and two hired guns bring the lumber home via the toolmaker at Manzanita Post.

Prerequisite: An Honest Day's Labors AND Home Improvement For Beginners

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Headshot all Skinner Brothers hiding up trees.
  • Find Mr. Wayne within 2 minutes 15 seconds.
  • Complete using only sidearms.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

At the end of Home Improvement For Beginners, Uncle will tell you about a guy that sells pre-cut houses in Blackwater. You'll also need to complete An Honest Day's Labors first, and then you can go into town and talk to the man at the new objective marker. He'll sell you a brand new pre-cut house. While you're loading stuff on some wagons, Charles shows up and tells you that Skinners have been hanging around the road and are likely to attack you for your new house. He's hired some guns to help escort you back. You'll now be on the wagon, so follow the wagon in front of you. Charles will lead you right to Manzanita Post, where you can collect the tools you need to build your house. Wait until they tell you to stop, and then you can climb off the wagon and run to the new objective marker.

Nils (the guy with the tools) will be waiting there. He says ok a lot and then hands over the tools. Charles will begin moving again, so follow his wagon once more. The guy riding with you is absolutely certain that no attack is going to occur, so an attack immediately occurs (cue the It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia theme music). This part is a bit tricky for a couple of reasons. First, about halfway through the opening sequence, the action switches to directly behind you, so you need to be prepared for this as you can get quickly flanked. The easiest way to do this is to monitor your mini-map during the fight, because a couple of enemies will run around the side to join the action behind you and they can score easy shots on you. Secondly, there are multiple machete wielding enemies that will rush you and can kill you in a single hit. If you see anyone running at you, activate Dead Eye immediately and kill them as quick as you can. You can easily get caught off guard here and wind up getting killed in a single hit, so it is important to pay attention here, even more so than you do in normal battles. Monitor both the enemies in front of you and the mini-map and make sure you always know where the enemies are at.

The fight starts off with you behind cover, and this is probably the easiest part of the mission. Skinners will run at you from the tree line and others will fire at you from behind cover. There will only be a couple of machete wielders here, and it is easy to see them coming. You may want to make good use of your Dead Eye here, and you can make it through fairly easily by keeping an eye on your mini-map to see where the enemies are hiding and using Dead Eye frequently to pick them off. You can pop in and out of cover quickly here when an enemy moves out of cover, and this first part is at least fairly straightforward.

Halfway through this fight, however, enemies start coming from behind you. You will notice some of the enemies you are fighting will begin running around the side, and at the same time Charles will alert you to the fact that enemies are coming from behind. The big danger here is it can be hard to tell who is friendly and who is an enemy, particularly because you're fighting alongside a guy you just met this mission. Be extremely careful for any machete wielding enemies here as they will have a clear shot at you and can kill you if you hesitate. You'll want to adjust your cover position , and behind one of the wagons works pretty well. Keep kill Skinners until there is a break in the action.

After you've killed enough, the Skinners will run and take the tools and one of the two hired guns with them. You'll need to give chase, and this sequence can be tricky as there will be multiple spots where they'll try to ambush you. Enemies will run out at you fairly consistently, so keep a close eye on your mini-map to find out when an attack is about to occur. The first big fight will be at a downed tree. Quickly get in cover behind the downed tree and start picking off enemies. There are actually two enemies that will be sitting up in the trees that will cause the most problems because they can hit you form behind cover. Prioritize these two, and then check your mini-map to find any other that still need killing. Charles will help some during the sequence, so you won't have to kill them all.

Keep moving as each group of enemies gets cleared out and pursue the calls from help coming from the missing hired gun. More and more enemies will pop out as you run down, and this might actually be the most dangerous section as there will be multiple machete wielding foes mixed in with the normal guys and if you aren't paying close enough attention it is very easy to get stabbed. Don't run down too fast or you risk running right into one, and instead keep an eye on your mini-map while jogging down, stopping whenever you see new enemies appearing. Be careful of enemies hiding in trees, too, as there will be a couple more instances of foes hiding in foliage. This is the last fight during this mission, so use Dead Eye as much as you need to in order to get through it.

After they're finally all dead, you will need to search a little area to find the missing hired gun and the tools. Go right to the middle of it to find the tools, and the hired gun (or what's left of him) will be right nearby. Charles will carry the man's body while you need to carry the tools. Use the bottom prompt to pick them up and then run back to the wagon by heading to the new objective marker. Run to the back of the wagon and use the bottom prompt to drop off the tools. Go to the front of the wagon and climb up, but don't ride off yet. You need to wait for Charles to finish dropping off the corpse, and once he's done he'll run over and climb up as well. As soon as he's in his seat, you can ride off. Follow the trail on your mini-map and you'll finally make your way back to your homestead with your material, the tools, and a corpse.

Going For Gold: This may be the second toughest gold medal in this chapter, but it still isn't too bad. There are probably 70 missions easier than this though so it is possible to skip if you want. There is only one challenging requirement here, but the beginning is fairly long and kind of boring on replays which will make this a bit tedious if you have to keep replaying it.

There are two requirements for gold that involve the entire mission, and you cannot use healing items (or die) during the mission. This isn't too bad, but there are multiple machete wielding Skinner Brothers here that can kill you in a single hit. You want to keep looking at your mini-map, and if you see any red dot running your way you will want to go into Dead Eye immediately and kill him before he can get to you. They can surprise you fairly easily this mission, so make sure you stay vigilant.

Additionally, you have to use pistols the entire time. This is a bit more challenging because pistols are fairly inaccurate compared to some other options. There is no accuracy or headshot requirement, which is good, but there is a timed portion towards the end so you will still need to be accurate and go for a lot of headshots regardless. You can make the mission a lot easier on replays by looting some chewing tobacco. During the beginning of the ambush, you will need to fight a good chunk of Skinner brothers but Charles will eventually yet that they're coming from the other side. Everyone else will run into cover on the opposite side of the road, but you should not follow them just yet. Start looting all of the nearby corpses. You're actually fairly safe from gunfire here so long as all the enemies have moved over, so you can afford to loot a decent number. You're looking for 4x chewing tobacco. If you can find it, the timed portion is extremely easy. Without it, you need to be skilled (and a bit lucky). Keep looting until you get your chewing tobacco and then help Charles and the others clear out the final guys in the group. I'd recommend using no Dead Eye at all during this segment because you want to save it for later, and this first fight is relatively easy.

After a brief cutscene, you will now need to find Mr. Wayne within 2 minutes 15 seconds and the timer starts as soon as the scene is over. The time limit here isn't too punishing, but made more difficult by the fact you can only use pistols. Chewing tobacco will help things significantly, so keep using Dead Eye for quick headshots and then using chewing tobacco as needed. Run down to the first objective marker which is right behind a fallen tree. Before you do anything else, look to your right and your left. There will be a Skinner brother up in a tree in each side, and you will need to headshot both. There are only two in the level, so make sure you get these guys before Charles does. Use Dead Eye, carefully lock on to the top of their head, and pull the trigger. As long as you know where they are, it isn't too hard.

From here, you need to be quick on your way down to Mr. Wayne. Again, Dead Eye will be your best friend here and you can thoroughly abuse it for the entire mission so long as you have five (four from looting and one from the start of the mission). Kill all of the enemies near the fallen log and then once Charles starts moving you should too. You'll mostly be running eastward from here, and you want to keep an eye out for more enemies. As soon as red dots appear on your mini-map, stop and use Dead Eye to kill them all quickly. You actually cannot find Mr. Wayne until all the enemies are dead, so kill each one you come across. There will be a couple machete enemies down here as well, and you need to be very careful not to run into them because you are almost at the end of the mission and it would be quite annoying to have to start over.

Keep moving eastward, killing everyone you see until a new objective marker pops up. You can now find Mr. Wayne. Walk right into the middle of the yellow area and you will find your tools, and Mr. Wayne shortly after. The time limit here is nowhere near as tight as some of the others in the game, and you can make a couple mistakes and still get to the target with time to spare. Abuse Dead Eye and the mission isn't too bad.

A New Jerusalem

John puts together his pre-cut ranch house with the help of Charles and the encouragement of Uncle.

Prerequisite: The Tool Box

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Hammer the nails in with 80% accuracy.
  • Complete within 3 minutes 35 seconds.

After The Tool Box, Uncle will be waiting for you at Beecher's Hope. It is now time to actually build your house with the help of Charles and kind of, sort of Uncle too. This mission is very straightforward, and essentially all you need to do is follow the button prompts. There are three main things you'll be doing while building your house. You will nail (or sometimes place something) by mashing one indicated button as quickly as you can. You will be moving pieces of wood from one place to another by holding down the indicated direction on the analog stick. And you'll be lifting up walls by holding down the indicated direction and mashing the shown button. That's it! If only building a house was really that easy. Afterwards, John will write a letter to Abigail and ask her to come see the house he built for her. Fortunately, there are no button prompts associated with this.

Going For Gold: You shouldn't have much trouble with this one. The time limit is generous and all you need to do is follow button prompts. So long as you are pressing the buttons that appear on the screen, you will easily make the time limit. The other requirement is to hit the nails with 80% accuracy, but I'm honestly not sure how you miss. If you don't press any buttons, you will have an issue, but I got the 80% accuracy two different ways. One was pressing the button each time John's arm starts to come down. The second was just pressing the indicated button prompt over and over again with no regard for timing. Both worked perfectly well and timing seems to not matter at all. So just keep pressing the indicated button over and over and you should be hitting the nails no problem.

A Quick Favor For An Old Friend

With his debts mounting and a barn to buy, John accompanies Sadie to hunt down the wanted criminal, Ramon Cortez, and bring him to justice.

Prerequisite: A New Jerusalem

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Force Cortez's men to flee from Rhodes within 30 seconds.
  • Get 5 headshots while covering Sadie with a long scope rifle.
  • Get 4 hip fire kills.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

With your house finally built at the end of A New Jerusalem, John still finds some things that need to be done around the ranch. Go and find Uncle, who is sleeping under a tree. It is almost impressive how lazy Uncle is. John yells at him that they need to figure out what they're going to do to make a living, and they decide that keeping sheep is probably the best bet. John needs a barn for this, and Uncle volunteers to go into town with you to help buy one that is pre-cut. Ride to the objective marker in Blackwater and go through the marked door to talk to the guy running the lumberyard. Afterwards, you'll run into a bit of trouble paying for the thing, but fortunately you run into Sadie after leaving the bank. She'll have work for you, though she doesn't seem to think it'll be easy.

After you get on your horse, she says she'll follow you to the destination. Follow the yellow trail marked on your mini-map to make your way up to Painted Sky. There's some good banter along the way, but otherwise the ride up is uneventful. Dismount from your horse when you reach the marked area and search the barn. Either break the lock or kick the door down, and once you get inside Ramon Cortez will tackle you and try to kill you. Mash the indicated button to break free and then beat him in a fight to knock him down. Simply block one of his punches and then throw several punches of your own to knock him down. Sadie will arrive to knock him out with the butt of her gun, and you'll load him on to the back of her horse.

Now you'll need to ride in to Rhodes. Start riding behind Sadie for just a bit and then the rest of the ride will occur automatically. When you reach Rhodes, follow Sadie until she hitches her horse. Hitch yours and then pick up Ramon from the back of her horse. Walk him to the sheriff's station to drop him off. The sheriff asks for your help waiting until his men arrive, just in case the Del Lobos show up and start causing trouble. And, sure enough, the Del Lobos show up. John will kick the door open and a fight will begin. This fight is fairly straightforward so consider saving your Dead Eye if you don't want to use recovery items. Shoot a couple of guys from the doorway, and the rest of the gang will flee. Run out into the town and go for headshots on anyone you can see. Utilize your mini-map to see exactly where the enemies are at, and chase them down while you can. The mini-map should show exactly where they're hiding, so if you don't see any just follow the danger indicators on your map until a red dot appears. Most of the enemies will be running out of town, so just make your way to the end of the street and kill anyone you see.

The Del Lobos will blow the jail at this point, and when Sadie tries to collect the bounty the sheriff says he won't pay up unless you can go and catch Ramon again. Get on your horse and follow Sadie to reach Dewberry Creek. She'll see a fire while crossing a bridge indicating that you're close. Don't climb down from your horse just yet though, and instead follow her around until she reaches the old saw mill. Now you can climb down, and go up the ladder. Sadie will sneak down to confront the gang, and she wants you to provide cover. She isn't too good on the whole "sneaking up" on them thing and shoots the first guy she sees. Now you will need to use your sniper rifle to kill all the men that are down there while protecting Sadie. You have no mini-map here, so it can be hard to see where the shots are coming from, but for the most part the enemies will be on the road in front of Sadie. If not, check the ridge to the right of the road as there will be a couple there that pop up as well. And, if there aren't any in those two locations, check the ridge to the left of the road. There will be one enemy that shows up here at the end of the fight, so kill him as well. Use your Dead Eye as much as you can, as it will steady your shot and make sniping a lot easier. Go for headshots, and if you ever completely lose track of the enemies, quickly go back to Sadie and check what direction she's firing in. This segment shouldn't last too long, and Sadie will call for you to come down once the final enemy is killed.

Run over to Sadie who will be under one of the bridges on the path down to the lake. This is a more standard gunfight, so equip your gun of choice. Preferably anything other than the sniper rifle, as it isn't very useful for the quick shots you'll need to be taking. Enemies will run out in front of you and also shoot at you from the ridges and bridges above you. Check your mini-map to see where the threat is coming from if you can't find them, and quickly go into Dead Eye if you have an enemy that is too close to you. Follow Sadie's lead as she will move up each time all nearby enemies are dead, and go for as many headshots as you can. There isn't a lot of great cover here, but fortunately you will not be fighting too many enemies at a time. They always seem to come in groups of no more than three, and frequently will be even fewer than that. Refill your Dead Eye as needed and methodically make your way down to the lake. Once you kill the final guys at the bottom of the creek here, start shooting at Ramon's boat. You don't want to actually kill him, but if you fire a couple of shots at his boat he will become convinced that he should row back to shore.

After you persuade Ramon to come back to shore, there will be one final little shooting segment. This one will be fairly easy as there are only four or so enemies that try to kill you this time. Stay behind the cover you start in, and pop out to pick off each one as soon as you have a good line of sight on them. It won't be that hard, but since this is your final fight, you can use whatever Dead Eye you have left in the tank. Once they're dead, pick Ramon up and stow him on Sadie's horse. Ride back into town with him and drop him off at the sheriff's station. Again. Hopefully he doesn't lose him this time.

Going For Gold: This is a fairly easy gold medal, but it is extremely time consuming. So, if you wind up failing, you're going to waste around 15 minutes or so. And, even worse, all the fun stuff is at the end. So you need to ride with Uncle for a while, then ride with Sadie for a while, then catch the guys at the barn, and then ride with Sadie again, and it is just a big, long drawn out process. So you want to be careful here and make sure you hit all the objectives, because replaying this isn't fun. You can't take any healing items, so you'll want to play it safe and use as much Dead Eye as you need during the big gun fights. If you're playing on a replay, you want to loot all the Del Lobos after the fight in Rhodes. You'll likely get chewing tobacco, which will make the final fight a lot easier.

The first objective you'll need to complete is forcing Cortez's men to flee from Rhodes in 30 seconds. This sounds tough, but really all you need to do is to get them to flee from in front of the sheriff station at the start of the fight and not from the town entirely. Just quickly peak out of the doorway as soon as combat starts and quickly shoot two or three guys with your bolt action rifle. Sadie will yell about how they're turning tail, and as long as she does this within 30 seconds of the mission starting, you'll get credit for the objective.

This first gunfight in the mission is also a great place to get four hip fire kills. The easiest way I found to do this is to equip the pistol. Hip firing is wildly inaccurate, but with the pistol you can fire off a whole bunch of shots at once and you should at least hit your target a couple of time. After you push the Del Lobos back a couple of times, there should only be a couple left in town. Equip your pistol and run right at them. Begin firing once you get somewhat close and you should hit them enough to kill them before you need to reload. Repeat this at the next target, and repeat it at any further targets that try to flee town. You should be able to get three or so just from this first fight alone which will make the end much easier.

The final requirement is to get five headshots with the long scoped rifle while covering Sadie. You'll start this segment once you climb on top of the house at Dewberry Creek. On your ride there (after leaving Rhode), make sure you use some Dead Eye restorative item so your Dead Eye is at the maximum. You'll want to use this while firing the sniper rifle. Move your view over to underneath the bridge before Sadie shoots the first guy. As soon as she does, everyone at the camp will wake up and if you start over by the bridge you can get a headshot in immediately. I'd recommend using Dead Eye at first to help secure the first three headshots or so and then saving whatever you have left for the end in case you don't quite reach the number. Sadie will be shooting at the same time and a lot of these guys tend to duck or sway in place, meaning it can be kind of hard to line up an accurate head shot without Dead Eye. If you're playing on a replay, John's Dead Eye core will be fairly low so you won't be able to use it for the whole segment. Focus on one target at a time, and take care to get a headshot and not a neck or torso shot. Sadie will be shooting, but she isn't that accurate or deadly so you can afford to take a second to line up all your shots. There are roughly eight targets you have a chance at here, so you can even afford to miss a couple.

Run down to the beach, but I wouldn't recommend getting more hip fire kills just yet. For the first part, use any Dead Eye restoring items you have and clear out enemies using a rifle or repeater. There are a decent number of guys here and you don't have great cover so you don't want to get cute with hip fire kills. Wait until you get closer to the beach as there will be four or so guys down here that are more spread out. Two will be closer to the water and two will be further up by the ridge a little ways up. If you didn't get four hip fire kills then, you can boost your numbers here as these guys are easier targets. If you still somehow haven't hit your number, there will be a final group of enemies after you get Cortez to row back to shore. Make sure you get your forth here if you haven't already, because you won't have an opportunity for more after that.

Uncle's Bad Day

Uncle, John and Charles spend the night celebrating after finishing work on the barn. John wakes to find Uncle has been taken by the Skinner Brothers.

Prerequisite: A Quick Favor For An Old Friend

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Get 5 headshots using the bow.
  • After freeing Uncle, return to Beecher's Hope within 3 minutes 10 seconds.
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

You will be automatically back at your homestead after A Quick Favor For An Old Friend, and you can go over and talk to Uncle who will be there as well. The barn will be fully constructed, so you know what that means: PARTY. Charles, Uncle, and John all get drunk and thinks are fine and fun for a whole ten seconds before it gets bad again. When you wake up, Uncle will have been taken by Skinners and you and Charles will need to get him back. Follow Charles out and he'll lead you over to Tall Trees. Once you get close, he'll tell you it is better to go on foot so ride over to the marked area to drop your horse off. Follow Charles again, this time on foot as he goes into the forest.

You'll first find two Skinners standing guard a little ways into the trees. Take out your bow and headshot one of them while Charles kills the other. Follow him a little further in and you'll come across a patrol. You can either kill them or let them pass, but it is easier to just let them walk by. They'll say something about Uncle still being alive, and then walk on. Move again when Charles gives you the indication. The next thing you'll run into is a wagon dragging someone behind it. Follow the wagon, and it will stop after a little while to pick up the body. Take out your bow and kill the Skinner with a headshot once Charles tells you to, and do it without being seen.

The Skinner camp will be just ahead. When Charles tells you to, climb up on the marked rock to get a better view of the camp. Take out your binoculars and look towards the fire in the middle of camp to find Uncle. You'll be attacked by a Skinner and Charles will save you, and Charles will be attacked by a different Skinner immediately afterwards. An automatic Dead Eye sequence will start. You have no control over the cursor for this one, so once it aligns with the Skinner's head take the shot to save Charles. The rest of the Skinner gang will attack at this point. Hurry down after Charles and grab some cover behind the cart on the edge of camp.

Fight your way through the camp to get to Uncle. There aren't all that many enemies here, so this shouldn't be as hard as you might anticipate. Your mini-map will show you where enemies are coming from, so choose one and pop out of cover to kill them. With Charles helping you, you shouldn't need to kill more than five or six, and almost all the enemies here will be located in camp around you. The only trouble might come from the fact that there is so much cover it might be hard to get off a clear shot. Still, you should be able to kill everyone you need to from the cover of your choice around the edge of camp, and once they're all dead you can go over and cut Uncle free.

They way out of camp is a little more dangerous because you won't have Charles helping you. He'll be carrying Uncle, and in the meantime more Skinners will be showing up on the rocks and fallen trees just above you. You'll need to fight your way back to your horses, killing Skinners as they show up. The good news is they tend to come in groups of one or two, and you can easily see where they're coming from if you check your mini-map. The danger indicator will be lit up pretty much your entire way out of camp, so it should be easy to predict where the next attack is coming from. They'll be both above you and on the ground in front of you, and as long as you are quick on the trigger it shouldn't be too difficult. There will be a couple of enemies with machetes, and you want to kill these guys instantly. They are the biggest threat, so make sure you kill anyone running at you before they reach you or Charles.

There will be some cover throughout this area, but you probably won't even need it. Use Dead Eye instead, and as soon as you see an enemy lock on to him and take him out with a headshot. Since they're are few enemies grouped together here, you should be able to kill them all without taking too much damage. Once you reach your horse, a handful more will appear behind you. Climb up on your horse and follow Charles out of camp, firing back at anyone that catches your eye. A little ways after being on the road, a couple of final enemies will run out at you. Between you and Charles, they shouldn't pose much of a threat. Finish your ride back to your ranch and dismount once you reached the marked area. Uncle is in bad shape, but he'll live.

Going For Gold: There are four different requirements for gold here, and only one of them may pose a challenge. To make things easier, you will want to loot all the skinner brothers at the start of the mission before you get to their actual camp. There are a total of six enemies here, and if you loot all of them you are very likely to find a 4x chewing tobacco to refill your Dead Eye. This will make the rest of the mission fairly easy, even on a replay. Of course, you can do it without the chewing tobacco, but it makes the escape a lot more manageable.

You'll first need five headshots with a bow. There are five guys you can shoot even before you get to camp. There are two you sneak up with on Charles, so pick one and get a headshot. Next, there will be a group of three enemies patrolling the area. You can just let them pass, but don't. You can score three headshots here if you're quick. Use Dead Eye to help ensure you get the kills before Charles gets to them. Lock onto their head and fire off an arrow. Finally, you can headshot the guy driving the wagon. You want to loot all of these guys to get the chewing tobacco products (hopefully) so make sure you loot them before moving on.

I would actually recommend using the bow in the fight at the camp as well. It is easy to get a neck shot when you think you're getting a headshot, so scoring a couple more headshot kills with the bow in camp will help give you a little bit of wiggle room in case you were wrong about one of your headshots. Dead Eye will make this fairly easy, and there aren't too many foes in camp so you can probably headshot them all without taking too much damage.

The hard part here is the escape. Swap out to your repeater for this and it will make things easier. Again, hopefully you got chewing tobacco from your looting as it will help speed this up. Charles will carry Uncle, and Skinner Brothers will appear on the fallen tree stump and then on the ledges around the side of the path you take. If there are enemies nearby, Charles will stop to help shooting, and you want to minimize the amount of time he wastes doing this. Keep referring to your mini-map to help you find the enemies quickly, and as soon as they become visible aim to lock on, go into Dead Eye, and lock on to their head for a one shot kill. You should be able to make short work of all the enemies here. This part is actually fairly tough if you are doing it without Dead Eye, so if you find yourself failing this a lot you may want to make sure you loot the aforementioned enemies above to likely score some chewing tobacco. Keep refilling your Dead Eye as it runs out and escort Charles all the way to the horse.

Climb on your horse when you find it and continue shooting Skinner Brothers in the area. Once Charles rides off, follow him. You'll take some damage from the Skinner Brothers behind you, but it is quicker to just ride off. There will be three more enemies that run up to you on the road as you're leaving, and you can kill them with quick headshots or just ride through them. You can't really speed up the ride back, so you need to be quick on clearing out the enemies here for Charles. The other two requirements, 80% accuracy and no healing items, will also be made a lot easier by looting chewing tobacco as you can just abuse Dead Eye the entire way through.

The Best of Women

John is reunited with Abigail and Jack.

Prerequisite: Uncle's Bad Day

Gold Medal Requirements
  • N/A

This mission will start right after Uncle's Bad Day and is entirely cutscene based. Sit back and watch the sweet reunion. AWWWWW.

Trying Again

John takes Jack fishing with the family dog, Rufus. They catch more than they bargained for.

Prerequisite: The Best of Women

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Catch a fish.
  • Finish within 5 minutes 20 seconds.

After Jack and Abigail settle back in, you will have a mission to do with either of them. They can be done in any order you want, so go and talk to who you want to first. Jack's mission is very easy, and if you talk to him the two of you will go out fishing with only minor protests from Jack. Head to the highlighted area to find a good fishing spot, and then start fishing once you reach the bank. It is not different than any of the other fishing you've done in the game, and use whatever your best bait is to start catching some fish. Jack will catch one at the same time, but he will do this automatically. Just focus on catching a couple of your own, and you can probably catch three or so before the mission moves on to the next part.

Jack will eventually stop fishing when he realizes Rufus is gone. He'll go to search for him, and once you're prompted to you should join him. After following him a bit, he'll ask you to search on the other side of the road. Run over to the marked area, which will unfortunately turn up nothing. You'll get a new objective marker after that, and run over to it to find Jack and Rufus. Rufus has been bitten by a snake, and you'll need to save him by sucking out the venom. Follow the on screen prompts to get the venom out, and after spitting it out three times the dog will be well enough to carry home. After a brief cutscene the mission will end, with only a little more complaining from Jack.

A Really Big Bastard

Sadie visits John at Beecher's Hope. They leave to hunt down a bounty, Marshall Thurwell, in Tall Trees and discuss other men who have evaded their capture.

Prerequisite: The Best of Women

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Shoot the bear 4 times as it charges.
  • Headshot both the rival bounty hunters in Dead Eye.
  • Complete within 7 minutes 15 seconds.

This is the other mission available after The Best of Women. Talk to Abigail at camp, and things go well for about all of ten seconds before Sadie shows up with more work for John (and news of Micah). Fortunately, Abigail eventually comes around without too much of an argument, and Sadie and John head off to find her newest target. Follow Sadie until she reaches a camp, and then climb down from your horse and explore a bit. After looking at a couple of things, Sadie picks up the trail. Get back on your horse and follow Sadie again. She'll soon lose the trail, so you'll need to take over.

Use your Eagle Eye and find the tracks that are labeled "bounty target". There should only be one trail in the area, so lock on to it and follow it around the forest. You'll eventually reach Bear Claw, and the trail will lead you right to a body. Climb off your horse and wait for Sadie to join you. After inspecting the corpse, a man will call from inside the cabin. It happens to be the guy you're looking for, and he starts going on about some monster out there. It sounds like crazy talk, but soon enough you see what he's talking about. An enormous grizzly bear will attack you, and it will first trigger and automatically Dead Eye sequence. Shoot the bear in the head as often as you can, but it still won't be enough. He'll tackle you and being to maul you, so mash the indicated button to fight him off. It will take a couple of tries, but once you force him off you will get a second Dead Eye sequence. Again, shoot as many shots into his head as you can, and you'll eventually chase him off.

With the bear gone, you can now deal with your far less aggressive target. Marshall will surrender himself and Sadie will knock him out. Climb back on your horse and follow her. Most of the ride back the two of you will just talk, but you will be stopped by two competing bounty hunters along the way. Let them have their say, and when they try to pull guns on you quickly activate your Dead Eye an kill them with two quick head shots. The rest of the ride will be uneventful, and once you drop your target off in Blackwater you will complete the mission.

Going For Gold: Two of these objectives are very straightforward, and you should easily be able to shoot the bear at least six times in Dead Eye. And, since the two bounty hunters are the only foes you have to fight in the entire mission, headshotting both of them in Dead Eye will be extremely simple.

The only somewhat difficult part of this mission is finishing within 7 minutes 15 seconds. Most of the mission you just need to wait or ride with Sadie and there isn't a ton here in your control. A handful of tips to cut down some time are listed below.

  • As soon as the first cutscene starts, pull up the map and put an objective marker on the Bear Claw camp as it will help orient yourself later. Put a second marker directly west of that close to the S on the map.
  • When Sadie investigates the camp, just stay on your horse. It won't speed things up to help her look around and as soon as she is back on her horse you can activate your Eagle Eye and find the trail. You want this trail highlighted immediately otherwise Sadie will locate it and you will be told to follow her.
  • Follow the trail somewhat closely because if you go too far, Sadie will stop moving. With the markers set on your map though, you will have a decent direction of where to go. Go directly south to the first marker, and once you reach it turn and go to the second. If you're good at tracking, you don't need to use this method, but if you are having trouble this will save a good amount of time. It is close enough to the actual path that Sadie will keep following you.
  • Skip the conversation with the bounty hunters entirely by pulling out your pistol as soon as they show up. You can just headshot them as soon as you see them and you don't need to waste time waiting for them to finish talking.

The last one is the most important to save time. The time limit is somewhat tight and there isn't a lot you can do to save time, so you need to take advantage of every trick you can.

A New Future Imagined

John and Abigail go in to Blackwater to spend some quality time together. John has a question to ask her.

Prerequisite: A Really Big Bastard AND Trying Again

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Complete within 7 minutes 30 seconds.

After you finish both Jack's and Abigail's missions, you'll unlock a new one, which happens to be the penultimate mission in the entire game. Go back to your homestead and talk to Abigail again. She'll be arguing with Uncle on account of him being useless, but her spirits soon improve because the Geddes boys stop by with a whole bunch of old furniture for the house. John still thinks they need a couple more things, so he and Abigail head into town. Walk over to the wagon and climb up. Follow the yellow trail on your mini-map and it will lead you to the portrait studio in town. Wait for Abigail to finish a brief errand and then head inside the studio.

You can pick both the background and the pose of the photo by cycling through the options. There is no right or wrong option, so just select whichever you like best. After you have your picture taken, Abigail will want to see a film so walk across the street to the theater. Target the ticket seller to buy a ticket, and you will head into the theater after that. Halfway through the show, you can put your arm around Abigail if you want. Once it is over, you will leave automatically and John will suggest walking down to the lake.

You'll automatically enter the rowboat, and a new objective marker will appear on your map. Row towards it. Once you reach a good spot, John will stop rowing and you can target Abigail. Propose to her, you silly man. SHE SAYS YES. Awwww.

Going For Gold: The requirement here is extremely easy, and you essentially just want to walk or ride or row to the objective markers as fast as you can. There are a couple of things you can do to cut your time down even further. When you enter the portrait studio, just start mashing the action button. You will select the first background and first pose instantly that way. When you sit down for the movie, you can leave immediately by hitting the indicated button prompt. Then hold down the indicated button to skip the show entirely. Between these two things, you will easily make the time limit. It kind of ruins the whole romance of the mission, but we can ignore that for now.

American Venom

Sadie has a clue that might lead them to Micah - Cleet has been sighted in Strawberry. Despite Abigail's protests, John, Sadie, and Charles ride there to interrogate him and track down their old enemy.

Prerequisite: A New Future Imagined

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Help Sadie catch Cleet within 35 seconds.
  • Headshot the sniper who shoots Charles.
  • Complete with at least 85% accuracy.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

After A New Future Imagined, you'll automatically make your way back to camp. The final mission will be waiting for you inside. Go in to see a nice family scene. Again, these sorts of things don't tend to last long in this game, and this time is no exception. Charles calls for you, and when you go outside you find Sadie. She has news on a lead on Micah, but you have to ride now. Abigail begs you to stay, but John views this as something he needs to do and rides off as she cries in their bedroom. Once you're outside, you'll have control of your horse so just follow Sadie as she leads you to Strawberry. Ride until Sadie drops her horse off in front of the bridge, and then dismount as well. She says she'll search one side of the town while you and Charles search the other.

Cross the bridge and search the marked area on your map. John will spot Cleet almost immediately, and once he sees you he'll take off running through the town. Follow him and chase him through whatever buildings he runs through. Sadie will eventually tackle him and start grilling him on Micah's whereabouts. He won't talk at first, so beat him when prompted. Unfortunately, the beating doesn't work all that well so Sadie decides to hang him instead. Drag him over to the gallows and then force him up the stairs by pressing the attack button. Follow the prompt to put the noose around him neck. He still won't talk, so when prompted slowly move the analog stick to start to move the lever. He'll finally talk at this point, but Sadie wants him dead anyways. You can either follow her orders or spare the man depending on what you want to do.

After, you can finally pursue Micah. Cleet told you his gang was up in the mountains, so climb on your horse and follow the path marked on your map. Most of the ride will occur automatically, and you won't have control again until you reach Grizzlies West. Go up the mountain, but a sniper will start shooting at you soon after you start. Run to the marked area to make it to cover. From here, you'll need to sneak up close enough so you can shoot him. This means moving up a bit at a time. Wait until Sadie gives you the okay each time, and then run up to the next bit of cover. A lot of these times Sadie will provide surpassing fire, so wait until she tells you to move or you risk getting shot. Move up one rock at a time, and when you're finally in range the game will tell you. The easiest way to do it from here is to go out from cover, immediately activate Dead Eye, and kill the sniper with a single head shot. Once he's dead, run back to check on Charles. He's fine for now, but can't go up the mountain. It'll be just you and Sadie from here on out.

Begin making your way up the path by following Sadie. Some of Micah's men will pop out fairly consistently along the way up. It is never more than two or three at a time, but you won't want to just run up as you'll get shot up pretty badly. Stay by Sadie, and check your mini-map for incoming danger. Stay behind cover when you can, and once you find a target pop out to use your Dead Eye. Once the close targets are dead and Sadie starts moving, you can move as well. Try to get cover whenever she stops as that is a good sign that enemies will be coming. There are a decent number in total you need to kill, but fortunately it will happen in a bunch of small groups so the fight won't be too bad. There is a slightly larger group at a small camp about halfway up, but you and Sadie should still be more than enough of a match for them.

The next little bit after the first camp isn't too bad. A couple more enemies will come out at you, but they will do so one at a time giving you plenty of time to get the jump on them. After going up a little further, a cutscene will occur where you and Abigail get ambushed. Abigail will get wounded, leaving you to finish the rest of the mission by yourself. This is where things really become difficult, so make sure you refill your cores as needed. This is your last mission of the game, so no need to hold anything back and you will absolutely be needing every bit of help you can get. Right after Sadie gets wounded you will face off against three men at once. Draw your weapon, activate Dead Eye, and kill all three of them with headshots before they can react. This, unfortunately, is the easy part. Everything past here is going to be a real fight.

You will be bombarded by enemies on the way up, and there is very little cover to use along the way. The best way to do this is to just abuse Dead Eye as much as you can. Rather than running into cover each time you see an enemy, just activate Dead Eye immediately and go for a quick head shot. The walk up is significantly harder if you try it without Dead Eye. Use it on every single enemy and the mission because much more manageable. You can keep checking your mini-map to see where threats are coming from, and this will be a very intense fight to the top of the mountain. You will burn through a lot of Dead Eye this way, but as long as you have Dead Eye restoring items this won't be an issue. Refill health as needed, although be aware that doing so will prevent you from getting a gold medal.

Near the top you will be attacked by three enemies at once again. Use Dead Eye and you can kill all three, the same as last time. Once you reach the top, you will find multiple points of interest you need to investigate. At each one, a couple of enemies will attack, so be prepared and be quick on the trigger. Your ability to quickly pull your gun and activate Dead Eye is essentially all you need to make your way through this mission, and the hardest part is not getting caught off guard by a surprise enemy. Each camp is guaranteed to have a couple of enemies, so start with your gun drawn if you're having a hard time with enemies getting the jump on you. After making your way through the rest of the camps you can run to the tower in the back. An old friend will be waiting when you get there.

After a quick scene, Micah will immediately be ready for battle. He's the best gunfighter you've encountered the entire game, so whatever you do, don't just stand in the open. He will kill you and you won't even have a chance to fight back. Essentially, all you need to do is wait for him to move over to the outhouse as a cutscene will trigger at that point. You can essentially just wait for Micah to eventually move there on his on, occasionally firing off some shots at where his cover position is. He can immediately shoot you back if you are out in the open when he pops out for shots though, so be careful not to leave yourself vulnerable. Fire at his cover, duck back down, and let him fire off some useless shots at your cover. You can make things a bit quicker by looking above his initial position to find a lantern up on the ledge of the tower. Shoot this and it will ignite the area he's at, causing him to move to his next position much quicker than he normally would. Other than this, keep shooting at his cover. Again, even Dead Eye won't be enough to catch him off guard and he'll just shoot you through it, so don't try to get into a normal gunfight with him.

Sadie will show up just in time to save you, but unfortunately Micah will have another friend with him that pops out at this time to cause some trouble. During this next sequence, move back and forth between your two targets when prompted, and John will have something to say each time you move on to a new target. Occasionally, a button prompt will show up to give you an additional line of dialogue, and you should always press this. After a good, long conversation, some fun stuff will happen via cutscene. From here, you can just sit back an enjoy. Eventually, the credits will roll and we will be forced to say goodbye to Red Dead Redemption 2 for now. There will still be plenty of stuff to see and do, but in terms of the main story, this is finally it. Thanks for following along, ladies and gentlemen. Say goodbye to John and Arthur (for now).

Going For Gold: You may think the final mission would be hard to get a gold medal on, but really it is fairly straightforward and shouldn't pose much of a problem. The hardest part here is not using any health items or dying, because as you probably know from your normal playthrough, there is very little cover to use during the final climb to Micah. There is an easy trick around this, though.

First, you'll need to catch Cleet within 35 seconds, which is extremely easy. You'll probably get this just playing normally and as long as you don't stop once you reach Strawberry you'll catch him in plenty of time. Walk over the bridge and Cleet will come out of the post office. Just run right after him, following his path. Sadie will tackle him after you follow him for a while. You'll likely get this one without really trying.

Next, you need to headshot the sniper who shoots Charles. He will be the only enemy here, so it should be too hard. Make sure you equip your bolt action rifle when you climb down from your horse. Don't try to shoot him right away, as there is a chance you miss and hit his chest instead. Climb up towards him, going from cover to cover in between his shots, until you have a nice close shot. Go into Dead Eye, make sure you lock onto his head, and then pull the trigger. Just be careful and make sure you're actually aiming at his head.

From here, the other two are tied to the long gunfight that starts as soon as you and Sadie start running up the hill. You need 85% accuracy and you need to not die or take any healing items. This doesn't sound too bad, but there are a couple of complications here. First, no one will drop any Dead Eye restoring items. I've looted every man on the mountain and got absolutely nothing, so I'd recommend not wasting your time. Second, there is no cover so you'll need to do most of this out in the open. it still isn't impossible, but these two requirements make things much harder than you may anticipate.

There is a fairly easy way to get around not dying or taking healing items. You can simply allow your health to recharge after every enemy. So long as your health core is high, this will not even take that long. The mission is divided into what is really a series of small fire fights, where you will fight three or four guys at a time and then you can stay still and no one else will arrive. So clear out each small group and just wait until you are at full health again before moving on. It'll take a lot longer this way, but it makes the mission a lot easier as you really won't need to worry about death.

So really the only thing you need to worry about is finishing the mission with an accuracy rating above 85%. Your first time through, this should be quite easy as you can use as many chewing tobaccos as you want with no penalty. On replays, it is a bit harder. You will have a single chewing tobacco and your bolt action rifle will only have twenty bullets. Your best bet is to use your repeater once your rifle runs out of ammo. There is no headshot requirement here, so don't waste your time going for them. Go for torso shots instead. Aim at a target and make sure you lock on to their torso. Fire off a shot and if it doesn't kill them, drop your aim, aim again, and fire off a second shot. Just be careful and don't rush your shots when you don't have to. Each kill will restore some Dead Eye, so plan out when you need to use it. This will likely wind up being a very slow mission, but so long as you take your time and don't rush, it is a very easy mission to get gold on.

More Fun Stuff To Do

This is it! You're all done with the story at this point, but that doesn't mean you're all done with the game. I'm sure there is plenty more you need to do to get to 100% Completion or to fill your Compendium (if you are truly a crazy person). Check the 100% Completion section of the guide and the Secrets and Other Fun Stuff sections of the guide to find things you may have missed. There are a lot of fun secrets the game is hiding if you know where to look for them, and if you haven't quite had your Red Dead fix just yet, you can find much more stuff to do if you know where to look for it.

First and foremost, finish exploring West Elizabeth and New Austin if you haven't already. New Austin actually has two towns in it, both with a bit of story. The final two gang hideouts will be in New Austin, and a couple of bounty missions are available if you haven't done these already. There are some animals and plants that are only native New Austin, so you may want to take your time exploring a bit.

Finally, there is one new collectable thread available after you finish the Epilogue entirely. You will now be able to keep track of all the gravestones of your fallen friends (or people mentioned in the story that may not really have been your friends). There are nine in total, and all of these will be listed in the Collectables section of the guide under the "spoiler collectable" header. You'll be going all over the map for these, so it will add a bit more playtime. Beyond that, just take your time and explore to your heart's content.