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by Suprak the Stud

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Suprak the Stud

Version: 0.95 | Updated: 03/19/19


Chapter 6: Beaver Hollow

Chapter 6 is a bit more of a return to the open world experience after Chapter 5 which was very linear. It is entirely possible, depending on how you've been playing, that you haven't really explored this section of the map quite yet. There are two cities up here, Annesburg and Van Horn, that each have plenty of stuff to find in them. You can explore around a bit up here before continuing the story, if you want. This chapter also has a bunch of optional missions, far more than in previous chapters. These all time out at the end of Chapter 6 though, so make sure you do them before finishing things up.

A Fork in the Road

Arthur passes out in Saint Denis, and wakes up to find a stranger dragging him to the doctor's surgery.

Prerequisite: Fleeting Joy

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Complete within 3 minutes 5 seconds.

If you walk to start Icarus and Friends, you will first trigger this mission instead. As soon as you get close to the objective marker, Arthur will start coughing heavily and pass out. The rest of this mission is primarily cutscene based, although you will have to walk and sit at one point once you reach the doctor's office. The diagnosis isn't good, and Arthur has tuberculosis. Which, while bad enough in modern days, was really, REALLY bad back then. Shucks. Keep walking forward after leaving the doctor's office, and as soon as you get far enough away you will finish the mission.

Going For Gold: This is an extremely simple one to get gold in, and basically you just need to finish it quickly. There isn't even that much you can do during this mission. Just keep holding up to make Arthur walk forward, and keep it held up so you keep walking as soon as you're prompted. Sit down immediately when the button prompt comes up. As long as you don't stand around at any point, you should get the gold fairly easily here.

Icarus and Friends

Sadie's contact, Mr. Bullard, agrees to take Arthur in his hot air balloon to scout out the Sisika Penitentiary.

Prerequisite: A Fork In The Road

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Keep the balloon at the correct altitude for the entire journey.
  • Get 5 headshots from the balloon.
  • Complete with at least 70% accuracy.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

With your medical emergency more or less tended to for the time being, you can finally head back to the saloon and meet up with Sadie. She'll catch you up on the events since you guys left for Guarma as she leads you outside. Follow her to your horse and then climb on. The two of you need to find out if John is still being held in prison, but it is unfortunately a decent way of the coast and heavily guarded. Luckily, Sadie has a plan and she leads you right to it - a hot air balloon! The balloon, uh, pilot happens to be a sexist old coot and won't let Sadie on because of her mystifying lady vapors. Which means you get to ride on this thing with just the crazy old man who admits he's only crashed twice right before taking off. Great.

Your goal now will be to keep this thing aloft. Hold down the right trigger to light the flame and start your ascension. There is a little meter in the bottom right corner that will show you how full the balloon is. There will be a slightly lighter area on the left side of the meter, and a little yellow mark in the middle of that. You want to keep it as close to the yellow mark as possible. Hold down the right trigger until you reach it, and the man you're flying with will comment that you're at a good height when you hit it. You now want to release the trigger but keep an eye on that meter. You will want to take short pauses, then fill it up again when the meter starts dropping by holding down the trigger for a little while. Keep this up to keep at a good altitude during the flight.

As you get closer to the penitentiary, the ideal meter will begin dropping as Arthur will want to get closer. Keep an eye on the yellow marker and just try to keep your altitude close to it and you will be fine. It drops very slowly, so you should have plenty of time to readjust as needed. When you get right over the fields, Arthur will hand controls over to Arturo and take out his binoculars. You'll need to locate John, and he will be the inmate standing up in the field right next to the large barn. Zoom in on him to identify him, then get ready to run as the guards don't like how close you've gotten. Hold down the right trigger all the way to elevate quickly, and the game will immediately take you back to shore once you hit a good enough altitude.

You'll fly back over Annesburg, and it is a good thing you do because you will see Sadie being chased by some men on horseback. Arturo will take over controls once again while you pull out your rifle. This part is relatively difficult, because you will be moving fairly fast on your hot air balloon and you'll need to be taking out men that are fairly far away and also traveling fairly fast on horseback. Your best bet here is Dead Eye, so hopefully you have a lot of restorative items because you'll likely need them. Activate Dead Eye and then use it to lock on to a target. Go for headshots if you can, but if you're having trouble try firing off two quick shots to the body instead. Clear out the group chasing her, but keep vigilant as several more groups will come running out of the woods up ahead. Keep an eye on your mini-map, and reposition yourself to be aiming at any of the red dots that will be popping up. It is also a good idea to keep an eye on your mini-map to check for any foes you may have missed. This is a decently long chase, so if you need to refill your Dead Eye it is a good idea to take a brief break and do so.

After a little while, you'll actually need to save Sadie by pulling her on to the hot air balloon. Keep an eye on your desired altitude. You'll need to move up to get over a bridge and them immediately let go so you can get low enough for her to grab the rope. The game will tell you if you're too high or too low, so keep an eye on the meter and any audio cues Sadie gives you. Once she has the rope, use the button prompts to pull her up. Unfortunately, this is a very short ride and you crash almost immediately after. Even more unfortunately, even more O'Driscolls show up immediately after.

Stay behind cover initially and pick off the O'Driscolls as they cross the river. Take out anyone on horseback first as they'll get over fairly quickly. This first part is probably the easiest part of the mission, so if you need to conserve your Dead Eye now is a good time to do so. Pop out of cover quickly and try to get headshots if you can. There will be a couple that hide over on the other bank, but these are lower priority and you absolutely want to go for anyone trying to cross the river first.

Once this first group is cleared out, you will be ambushed from behind. Move with Sadie during this part, and whenever she pushes ahead you should as well. Stay behind cover because there will be a bunch of enemies here and they can drain your health very quickly. Because of how many directions they come from, this is actually fairly challenging as well. Use up all of your remaining Dead Eye, refilling it whenever you get low. You will absolutely need to keep an eye on your mini-map during this part, because they will come from all angles and it is hard to see some of them in the trees. Do not stay out in the open for too long. Duck behind cover, pop out when you have a target, and quickly eliminate them using Dead Eye so you are only exposing yourself briefly before moving back into cover and finding a new target. This will be a long mission, so be patient, use your Dead Eye, and stay behind cover. Once you've killed enough, the final few stragglers will run off and things will finally be finished.

Visiting Hours

Arthur and Sadie row to Sisika Island to break John out of prison.

Prerequisite: Icarus and Friends and That's Murfree Country

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Get headshots on both Prison Guards when sniping from the tower.
  • Escape to the boat within 2 minutes 45 seconds.
  • Complete within 9 minutes.
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

While Icarus and Friends can be completed in Chapter 5, you will need to wait until Chapter 6 to start this mission. Sadie will be waiting for you northeast of Saint Denis. When you get there, the two of you will dissuade Abigail from tagging along and then head off. Row the boat to the objective marker. Start rowing, but the game will eventually take over for you and you'll be transported to the prison island.

For the first part of this mission, just follow Sadie as she'll provide a safe path. She'll lead you over to the watchtower, and there is a guard on top you'll have to deal with. Climb the ladder and then stealth kill the guard so you don't draw attention. There is a sniper rifle up on the guard tower nearby. Pick it up and then locate John. He'll be right in front of you, in the small group of prisoners over by the barn. There are two guards in the area, so you'll need to kill them before you can rescue John. Use the sniper rifle you just picked to kill the two guards. Use Dead Eye if you're having a hard time aiming, and go for headshots if possible. After you kill the first guard, the second will be alerted but strangely won't run for cover. Kill him quickly and then climb down the ladder.

Run over to the group of prisoners. Turns out the guy you saw wasn't John. Oops. You'll capture another guard during a cutscene though, so start moving towards the prison with him as your captive/meat shield. Your walk speed will be annoyingly slow here, so just keep walking towards the front of the prison while Sadie pistol-whips every single person she runs into. There will be another scene at the prison where Arthur makes a man cry and the guards eventually bring John out to you. As soon as they do, you'll throw away your meat shield and the other guards will open fire. Quickly dive behind one of the nearby crates.

Start off shooting the guards on top of the prison. They have decent cover up there, so use Dead Eye when needed. Wait until they pop up from behind the railing to take a shot, because while they're crouching there is a chance you will miss by hitting one of the bars. After you kill a couple up here, more guards will run through the front gate. Prioritize these guys because they have easy shots on you while you're aiming at other people. Keep on shooting the guards on top of the prison when the first wave of guys coming through the gate are dead. John and Sadie will run for the other side of the bridge at this point, so cover them by killing the next round of guys coming through the gate. They'll provide cover for you after, so once they tell you to run for the other side of the bridge.

Hide behind some crates when you make it to the other side. This part is relatively easy, so you might want to save your Dead Eye. Guards will run across the bridge, but they'll be wide out in the open making them very easy targets. There will also be some stragglers up on top of the prison, but these guys are far enough away that they don't pose much of a threat. You can kill them while you're waiting for more guards to appear on the bridge though. Keep killing guards as they appear on the bridge until Sadie prompts you to run again.

Follow Sadie and John through the field, and about halfway through five guards will appear in front of you on horseback. This is a better time to use Dead Eye as they'll ride by fairly quickly. Go for headshots if possible, and keep firing as they ride by. Once you kill them or they ride past, Sadie will tell you more guards are coming from behind you. Sprint after Sadie and John to find some cover at the end of the field. There will be more men on horseback riding through the field now, but as long as you stay behind cover this part isn't too dangerous. Kill a couple of guards, and feel free to use something to refill your Dead Eye first if you need to since the enemies can't really hit you from here. This will be a relatively brief segment, as after you kill a couple of guards John and Sadie will make a run for it. Provide cover for a couple of seconds and then run after them.

This part is probably the most dangerous part of the mission, as you'll be out in the open while people are shooting at you. Turn around periodically to kill any of your close pursuers as you make your way to the boat. Follow Sadie and John, and try to stay close to them. You'll trigger a cutscene as soon as you reach the boat, so once you see it you might want to sprint over to it and ignore the rest of the guards. Once on the boat, Sadie will row and you will provide cover. This is another dangerous segment as you'll be right out in the open. Check your mini-map to find the guards, and use any Dead Eye you have left to simplify things slightly. Go for headshots, and once you kill out this final group you will automatically make it back to the mainland.

Once you get back, you just need to ride your horse back to camp. You'll have to control things at first as you catch John up on all that he missed, but eventually the game will take over and the rest of the ride will occur automatically. There is a final, tense scene once you return to camp before things are wrapped up. From here on out, you will be wanted dead or alive along the east coast, so be careful. Check your map to see where this stretches to.

Just a Social Call

Arthur mets Dutch and Micah in Annesburg where they are planning to confront Cornwall.

Prerequisite: Visiting Hours

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Headshot 3 mounted enemies.
  • After killing Cornwall, reach the horses within 2 minutes 45 seconds.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

With Visiting Hours completed, you can immediately go into Annesburg to find Micah and Dutch plotting their next move. Micah is convinced there is a rat amongst you (which would explain how the Pinkertons showed up so quickly last chapter), but Dutch isn't interested in that at the moment because he's in Annesburg on business. That business being doing something bad to Cornwall for all the trouble he's caused. He swears to Arthur that it is just for money, and not for revenge, and tells the two of you to follow him towards the river. Dutch and Micah will lead you to the dock and tell you to duck behind some crates. Follow their lead and hide behind one of the crates within the objective marker, making sure you are hiding from the same direction as Dutch.

In the morning, a ship will arrive carrying Cornwall and some of the lead Pinkertons. Micah gives chase to one of the men carrying orders, while Dutch comes out to negotiate with Cornwall. The negotiations will be short. A shootout will start now, and fortunately you start it behind some crates. There are only a couple of men on the boat, so kill them as quickly as you can. Once they've been dealt with, more men appear behind you at the start of the pier, so quickly change your position to provide cover from that direction. Fortunately, Dutch is very helpful during this part and will likely kill about half of the enemies himself. Just keep an eye towards the end of the pier and clear out everyone in this direction. You can move out of cover to get a better shot if needed.

Once this group has been cleared out, Dutch runs off to find Micah. Follow him, but be prepared as you'll run into more men while you're moving. This is a good time to use Dead Eye and you should be able to clear everyone out quickly even though you aren't in cover. There will be a man up on the water tower, so make sure you take him out or he can do some decent damage to you from up here. Keep following Dutch and he'll eventually make his way to the big administrative building for the Annesburg Mine. There will be enemies down by you and also some up at the top shooting down from the long hallway. Find some cover and start shooting. Dead Eye may come in handy here as well to make things a bit quicker, but there aren't too many of them and you should be able to fight your way through all of them fairly quickly.

Follow Dutch and Micah up the stairs, and you'll run into another group of Cornwall's men at the top. This is another fairly easy area to clear out. There isn't much room for them to hide, so just kill anyone you see silly enough to be out of cover. Having Dutch and Micah nearby makes things even easier, but the cramped area actually should make things pretty simple for you. Just duck behind cover and keep an eye on where the shots are coming from. Keep moving up as Dutch and Micah move. This seems like an epic confrontation, but at each position you only have to fight a handful of guys and it makes things fairly easy in comparison to some of the previous missions. You'll know when an area is cleared out because Dutch and Micah will start to move again, so just follow their lead and thin the enemy numbers. The only real danger is the stairs that serve as a link between two of the buildings because you will be exposed to the men outside who will be firing at you. You don't need to kill the guys down here though, so just run past them all and get to the next building. There will be a bigger group of enemies at the very top once you reach the outside, so if you've been saving your Dead Eye now would be a good time to use it. Make short work out of everyone up here with your Dead Eye, and keep an eye on your mini-map if you're having trouble finding the last couple of stragglers.

Once the top area is cleared out, Dutch will free the horse. You'll automatically climb on top of one, and it will now be time to ride out. Because nothing is ever easy, you probably already expected there to be some men giving chase. This part is fairly straightforward though, and for anyone appearing in front of you, Dutch and Micah do a good job clearing them out. There will be several times during the chase though that a couple of enemies will appear from the side. Quickly use your Dead Eye and score some easy headshot to clear them out. They don't appear more than a couple at a time, so it shouldn't be too hard to deal with them. Keep an eye on your mini-map if you lose any of them, and after a little while they'll quit the chase. You've escaped! For now.

The Delights of Van Horn

Bill and Arthur ambush an army convoy transporting dynamite through Van Horn.

Prerequisite: Just a Social Call

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Headshot 5 soldiers with a long scoped rifle.
  • Complete with at least 85% accuracy.

After Just a Social Call, you will get a new mission marker down near Van Horn. Head over to it to talk to Micah (blergh). He'll yap at you for a while, but the important part is that he tells you and Bill that you need to rob a stagecoach coming out of Annesburg. It is full of explosives that Dutch needs for his no good, very bad plan. Get on your horse and follow Bill as he leads you into Van Horn. Bill hands over a nice new shiny sniper rifle, and the two of you decide that he'll go play dead and you will take out the people on the coach when they stop to see what's happening.

Go into the marked building and head to the second floor to find a window to look out of. Bill will stumble out in front of the carriage, and one of the men on horseback will stop to try and pull him to the side. Find another target while this is happening, and as soon as Bill shoots the guy checking on him, take your shot. Use your Dead Eye here to help steady your aim, and shoot the guys spilling out of the coach. There aren't too many here, and Bill will help some, so just take your time and use Dead Eye to get some easy headshots. The final guy will make a run for it, and either you or Bill can take him out.

Once everyone is dead, run for the coach. Bill will start riding it over to your direction, so just hop on board when you catch up to it. Once you leave town, more enemies show up to give chase (did you really think it would be that easy?). Keep using your Dead Eye as needed and shoot them before they can damage the stagecoach. The dynamite is vulnerable the more they shoot at it, so you'll want to be fast. Ideally, you should be able to clear out a group before the next group shows up. This shouldn't be too hard as they only come in groups of two or three, so as long as you don't miss too many shots you should have plenty of time. You do not want too many to bunch up at once, as they can absolutely blow you up if you're careless. Refill your Dead Eye with an item if you're having trouble, and keep eliminating enemies as they show up. Keep an eye on your mini-map to see where new groups are coming from. The final pair should try to ambush you near Butcher Creek. Once they're dead, the rest of the ride in is uneventful. Well, except having to deal with Micah being annoying, again.

The Bridge To Nowhere

John and Arthur plant dynamite on the Bacchus Bridge in order to create a distraction and disrupt the army's transportation.

Prerequisite: The Delights of Van Horn

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Plant the dynamite within 1 minute 35 seconds.
  • Escape the oncoming train within 19 seconds.

You will need to wait at least one in game hour after completing The Delights of Van Horn for this mission to appear on your map. Once the hour has passed, you can find John at Bacchus Station. He is strongly reconsidering everything he thinks he knows about Dutch, and Arthur gives him a little push in the right direction. But that stuff is for just a bit later. For now, we have a bridge to blow up!

Press down the indicated button to start moving the cart. Your objective here is to hold the button down while Arthur is pushing down the lever, and then immediately let go once it starts moving back up. If you get the timing right you'll move the cart more quickly, so try and learn the rhythm. It is a short ride though, and once John tells you that you're at the right spot, get off the cart and go to the side to grab the first crate of dynamite. Go over to the objective marker and press the indicated button to start lowering the dynamite. You now need to alternate between holding down either of the shoulder buttons to lower the crate down a bit further. Press down one, and then when the next one lights up hold that one down instead. Alternate until John has the crate of dynamite. Go back to the cart and grab the second case of dynamite and repeat this process with that one.

Climb down the ladder and help John plant the charges. Grab some dynamite from the box and then run over to one of the three marked areas on your map. Plant the dynamite and run back to the box. There are three total places to plant the charges, so repeat this process until you have dynamite planted at all three locations. Once you do, you'll have company. A train is coming and John needs help moving the cart off of the tracks. Run over to the cart and climb on and repeat the process from the start of the mission to move it as fast as you can. As soon as you are off of the tracks, Arthur and John will jump for their lives and just barely make it. Move over next to John and interact with the plunger to detonate the charges. Arthur and John will have one more conversation about the future of the gang and then part ways for now.

A Rage Unleashed

Eagle Flies and the gang launch a raid on an army boat, to reclaim horses stolen from the Wapiti Reservation.

Prerequisite: Just a Social Call

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Knock out 2 soldiers on the boat.
  • Round up the horses and reach shore within 1 minute 30 seconds.

Right after Just a Social Call is completed, you can find Reverend Swanson in camp, waiting with a new mission. You won't be able to talk to him for long though, because Dutch interrupts to tell you about his new plan. New York! And then a boat! And, and, dancing girls! Tropical islands! Those drinks where they pour alcohol into a pineapple and you drink them with a twisty straw! Before Arthur can even voice his concern, you'll be interrupted again. This time, Eagle Flies shows up to ask for help. The men at Fort Wallace have stolen their horses, and they can't hunt without them. Dutch is more than happy to do this as it is a perfect way to kick up some dust and get people's attention like he wants. Follow him so he doesn't get himself killed.

Eagle Flies happens to know where the horses are at, so follow him over towards Van Horn. He'll lead you to a beach, and once night falls, all of you will row out towards the boat in question. Row towards the objective marker, and then when you get close to the boat paddle up along side it so everyone can climb aboard. There will be a guard right in front of you as soon as you get on the boat. Sneak up behind him to stealthily knock him out before he notices you're there. Now, walk along the side of the boat on the same side this guard was on. Another guard will walk old from the holding area in the center to smoke. While your pals deal with the guy inside, you can sneak up behind him and knock him out as well.

Now, make your way to the back of the boat. There are three men here playing poker, and they are very rude about not splitting up and looking in the opposite direction. Take out your pistol, and with one usage of your Dead Eye, tag all three in the head. You'll be able to wipe out the entire group this way without much of a fight. Feel free to loot their bodies if you want.

With the men on the boat subdued, Dutch wants you to deal with the anchor. Walk to the marked position on your map and press the indicated button prompt to plant the dynamite. Quickly move away so you aren't caught in the blast. With the anchor destroyed, Dutch dons his captains hat and steers the boat right into some rocks. Hey, we never said he was a good captain. The boat will begin sinking and the horses will run off into the water. Charles will gather some, but he'll need your help with the others. Run to one of the three objective markers and mount the first horse you get to. The other two will follow you now, so quickly follow the others to reach the shore. Once on shore, dismount your horse and hurry to the new objective marker. Dutch is now more than happy to whip Eagle Flies into a frenzy and send him right into the army for the distraction he needs.

Charles will ask for your help at this point, and he wants you to talk to Rain Falls. You can refuse if you want, but you'll miss out on two optional missions entirely. If you do choose to help him, these missions will become compulsory and you will need to finish them before wrapping up the chapter. Check the Optional Missions section of this guide for information on Archaeology For Beginners, the first of these optional missions. If you choose to refuse though, you can ignore this entirely and move on to whatever other mission you want to tackle first.

Going For Gold: There are only two requirements here, and they are both fairly easy. The first requires you to stealthily knock out two guards, which is very straight forward. When you climb on the boat, just walk behind the guy right in front of you and knock him out. Now, stay on this edge of the boat and start moving towards the front. Once you get near the open area in the center, wait for a guard to loudly announce he's going out for a smoke. He'll move out, and you can sneak behind him for your second stealth knock out.

Once the boat crashes, you'll need to round up some horses. Immediately move to one of the objective markers to locate a horse. Go to the one closest to you and climb on it. The other two will follow. Gallop as fast as you can in the water to the shore by following the rest of the gang in front of you. 1 minute 30 seconds is more than enough time to get back, so just move as fast as you can and you should make the deadline. Once you get to the shore, get off your horse and quickly move tot he objective marker to wrap things up.

Goodbye, Dear Friend

With Colm O'Driscoll under arrest, Sadie, Arthur, and Dutch head to Saint Denis to watch him hang.

Prerequisite: A Rage Unleashed

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Find Colm's backup within 45 seconds.
  • Get 8 headshots with a long scoped rifle.
  • Complete within 6 minutes 30 seconds.

This mission is available immediately after A Rage Unleashed, but you'll have to travel way down to Saint Denis to start it. Dutch and Sadie will be waiting for you. Your old friend Colm O'Driscoll is set to hang, and it is just too good of a show to miss. So the three of you disguise yourselves to attend the hanging in person. Follow the two of them to the gallows while Dutch and Arthur have another little argument. Once there, you'll see some of Colm's men motioning to a nearby window, and one of them leaves to cross the street. Follow him as he crosses the street, and when he ducks into an alleyway go into it behind him. You'll overhear their plan, which involves a man on the roof shooting into the crowd as a distraction to free Colm.

We don't want that, so we'll have to find a way onto the roof ourselves. Go over to the objective marker and you'll find a ladder leading up to the next story. There are two places to climb, but the easiest one is to climb up the ladder that leads to the southern building. Climb the ladder, and then enter into the building. There will be a stairway here, just to your right, and if you climb it you'll find your way to the top of the building. Exit through one of the open windows and jump over to the roof on your right. Go straight ahead and climb onto the roof in front of you, and then continue forward to the objective marker. Drop down on the roof where Arthur spots the gun case. Someone will come running through the nearby door with a knife. He'll tackle you, so mash the indicated button prompt to break free. Just keep mashing the attack button after that and you'll kill him fairly easily in the ensuing fight.

You're just in time for the show, so enjoy Colm's walk up to the gallows. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances, a gun fight will break out at the end of things and you'll need to cover Dutch and Sadie. You'll automatically be using the sniper rifle, so take aim at everyone you see. You won't have access to your mini-map, but essentially everyone you need to kill is in the courtyard and you can follow the shots to their source to help locate everyone you need to kill. Use Dead Eye as much as you can to help stabilize your shots and a single shot to the head or chest will be enough to kill anyone here. Dutch and Sadie will move up each time you kill a small group, so keep clearing out enemies as they arrive. With Dead Eye, this shouldn't be much of a challenge. Once you kill the last of Colm's men, Sadie and Dutch will get on a wagon and Arthur will be free to sneak out some time later. You'll automatically return to camp at the end of the mission.

Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow - I

Sadie needs Arthur's help clearing out the last of the O'Driscolls.

Prerequisite: Goodbye, Dear Friend

Gold Medal Requirements
  • N/A

For this mission, you must first complete Goodbye, Dear Friend and then have only one other mission available to you. It doesn't matter which mission this is, but this one will not trigger if there are multiple other missions to be done. Sadie will be waiting at camp afterwards, and once you talk to her she'll ask for your help. She wants to go and kill the last of the O'Driscolls, and she knows where they are hiding out. You can either choose to help her or refuse, and after some additional dialogue, this mission will end either way. If you do choose to help, the second part of this mission can be found in the Optional Missions section of this Chapter. She'll offer to ride with you ride now if you want or to wait for you at the spot if you want to come later. It is best to just ride with her, as the spot she's going to is all the way on the other side of the map and this will save you the hassle of getting out there yourself.

Favored Sons

In order to draw attention away from the gang and onto the Natives, Dutch convinces Eagle Flies to ambush an army patrol.

Prerequisite: Goodbye, Dear Friend

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Kill the soldier on the cannon within 45 seconds.
  • Get 35 headshots.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

After Goodbye, Dear Friend, you will find Eagle Flies waiting for you over by the Cumberland Forest. Dutch is there too, and he has a plan to capture some soldiers and tar and feather them as retaliation for taking the Wapiti horses. Follow Dutch down to the valley as he gives you a bit more detail into his thinking, and when the game directs you to pick up the spool of wire he left near the bottom. Dutch will plant dynamite, and all you need to do is walk behind him and attach the wire by following the shown button prompt. If you lose sight of Dutch, the game will mark each of the dynamite locations with an objective marker on your map. There are four in total that Dutch will plant, and after you attach the wire to the last one, Eagle Flies will call you back up. Run up the hill and get back to where the mission started.

The soldiers will start arriving at this point. Wait until they pass the first charge and then detonate the explosives. A brief conversation will follow. It doesn't go well. Take aim at the soldiers below. This part is fairly easy, so you may not have to use Dead Eye unless you are having issues aiming. They won't be in a good position to fight back, and you can just systematically make your way through them from above. The bigger issue is a group of reinforcements that will make their way up the hill from the side. You won't be able to hit them from your current position until they are all the way up, so you may want to run over to the ledge right by the hill so you can shoot at them as they move towards you. Dead Eye is useful here, as you can clear out most of this group before they even have a chance to shoot at you if you're quick. This whole portion is fairly easy though because of how many allies you have with you and how few total enemies there are in comparison.

Once they're all dead, run down to the men that you trapped during the explosion. Start looting corpses until you trigger a quick scene. More reinforcements arrive right after this, so take cover under the ledge that Arthur runs to. You aren't in a great position here, and depending where certain enemies are you may actually shoot into the ledge instead of hitting them. This is another good time to use Dead Eye because you will be outnumbered and a lot of the soldiers will be running right at you. Keep an eye on your mini-map to make sure no one is trying to flank you, and kill anyone that gets close to your position on the ridge. There will be a lot of enemies here, and most of them stay fairly mobile, so go for headshots on anyone that is out of cover. Eventually, Dutch will want you to take out the man using the cannon in the back. Run around from the side, shooting any remaining enemies, and come around from the side of the cannon. Shoot the gunner and you'll finish this part of the fight.

Arthur and Dutch will flee now, so run over to your horse. Climb on and then ride after Dutch until he comes to a narrow path he doesn't think the horses can fit down. Climb down and cause your horse to flee. Follow Dutch down the trail until another fight is triggered. Dutch should take care of the first guy, but after that you'll want to run down to where he is to get some cover. There are only four enemies here, so quickly pop out of cover and take them out. Dead Eye probably isn't needed, and you can just pop in and out of cover to lock onto a target and make shooting fairly simple. Once these four are dead, follow Dutch a bit further and another group of four will attack. Get cover behind the fallen log and use the same sort of strategy here. It is a fairly easy fight, so try to save your Dead Eye if possible.

You'll now make your way down a trail and this is where you want to make frequent use of your Dead Eye. Men will keep attacking from the top of the cliff and you can take a lot of damage if you don't clear them out quickly. There will be one man over and above you to your right that can hit you behind most cover here, so kill him first. Then, use Dead Eye to quickly kill anyone else you see at the top of the hill. It is usually best to pop out, use Dead Eye to quickly kill one target, and then drop back into cover. Repeat this process until Dutch tells you to fall back. Run all the way to the back of the trail to find a Dead End. You'll get surrounded at this point, and things don't look to good. Press the indicated button to hold up your arms, and then while Dutch stalls for time walk slowly backwards. Once you're close enough and the game prompts you to, jump down into the river below. Just keep swimming at this point, and make your way to Dutch when he reaches out his hand from shore.

Well...that didn't go well. You're safe at least for now, and Dutch says he'll go tell Charles to help you save Eagle Flies, who was probably captured in the chaos that ensued. This mission will end for now, though, and you'll earn some much needed rest.

The Fine Art of Conversation

Arthur attends a truce meeting between Colonel Favours and Rains Fall, where Rains Fall hopes to negotiate peace.

Prerequisite: A Rage Unleashed OR Honor, Amongst Thieves

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Kill a pursuers horse during the escape.
  • Complete within 9 minutes 30 seconds.
  • Complete with at least 75% accuracy.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

The requirements for this one are a little muddled, depending on what you did during A Rage Unleashed. If you refused to help Charles, then wait six in game hours and the mission will appear in camp. If you said you would help, then you will be given a choice to help Captain Monroe during the new mission Archaeology For Beginners. Refuse, and again this mission will pop up after a six hour delay once that mission is finished. Agree to help, and instead the mission will be available as soon as you finish Honor, Amongst Thieves. Regardless of your choices, go and talk to Trelawney in camp once the mission becomes available. Trelawney won't be around long as he's just saying his goodbyes, and once he is done Rains Fall will visit camp. He needs someone to guard peace talks between himself and Colonel Favours, and Charles volunteers you for the job.

Get on your horse and follow Rains Fall. After he talks about the situation a bit, the game will quick travel you the rest of the way to your destination. Follow Rains Fall just a bit further to reach the meeting. Arthur will have a coughing fit during it and be taken to a nearby tent, Follow the button prompt to move once Arthur hears talking, then follow it again to peak outside of the tent. Arthur will hear that Colonel Favours is planning to have Captain Monroe hung for treason, which is not a particularly nice thing to happen to our pal. Arthur will get brought back to the meeting (which has already fallen apart), and then takes a hostage when Colonel Favours tries to have Monroe arrested. Walk backwards to get to your horse, and then climb on when Arthur pushes the soldier away. Ride off as fast as you can behind Charles and Monroe.

They'll give chase, and you'll have to fight a handful of men on horseback. Use Dead Eye as needed to clear them out, as there will only be three or so. Keep an eye on your mini-map to see where they're coming from, as they will ride alongside you and make life very difficult if you do not kill them quickly. Unfortunately, once you kill the first group a second ambush awaits and takes out Monroes horse. Kill the men here and then run with Charles and Monroe into the forest. Once they stop for cover, find a nearby rock to hide behind and prepare for a fight. Check your mini-map and you'll see men coming out of the forest in front of you. Go for headshots, and keep track of where new enemies are appearing via your mini-map. Try to be quick here, as more enemies will be arriving from behind you shortly. This is the easiest part of the fight, so if you want to conserve Dead Eye and minimize item usage, this is a good time to try to do it.

Once the group in front of you is dead, change your position so you are instead taking cover in the opposite direction. More men will begin attacking from where you just ran from, so begin firing as soon as you have a good target. There are a handful of men that will be on foot, and once these are mostly cleared out a wagon of reinforcements will arrive. Once you see it, activate Dead Eye and try to kill everyone on the front of the wagon. You should be able to mostly remove this threat before they can even disembark. After the wagon has arrived, you should only have a couple more enemies to kill before Charles tells you it is time to move again.

Run over to your horse, and Monroe will join you on the back. Ride after Charles, and on your way out you will have to deal with one more group of enemies on horseback. Use up your remaining Dead Eye here, and keep checking your mini-map if you lose one of them during the fight. A couple quick headshots will neutralize this final threat, and you can follow Charles the rest of the way in peace. Once you get to the train station, Arthur will immediately climb down and escort Monroe to the train.

The King's Son

Upon learning that Eagle Flies has been captured by the army, Arthur and Charles infiltrate Fort Wallace to rescue him.

Prerequisite: Favored Sons AND The Fine Art of Conversation

Gold Medal Requirements
  • While infiltrating Fort Wallace, headshot every soldier blocking your way to Eagle Flies.
  • Kill 15 enemies while escaping in the canoe.
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy.

This missions starts the "almost at the end of chapter" string of missions, and you'll need to complete both Favored Sons and The Fine Art of Conversation to trigger this mission marker. So now is a good time to start wrapping up anything you haven't done yet that you want to, as a lot of time sensitive missions are about to end. Talk to Charles in the Wapiti Indian Reservation when you're ready. Walk with him until he directs you to Rains Fall's tent, and go to the objective marker to go inside. Arthur will have a brief conversation with him, and decides that he and Charles will go and try to save Eagle Flies. Go outside to meet back up with Charles and then climb on your horse. Follow Charles as he leads you to the fort. Once you reach your destination, the two of you will wait until nightfall to sneak in.

Follow Charles as he sneaks around the side. He'll notice two guards out front. Take out your bow and shoot one in the head, and Charles will kill the other. Charles will move again, so follow him and stay close. Keep close to the wall so patrolling guards don't see you, and follow Charles' movements, stopping when he stops and moving when he moves. Around the back, you'll run into two more guards talking to each other. Take out your bow again and kill the target of your choice with a headshot while Charles takes out the other. Charles will now lead you to the back point of the fort, and he'll throw a rope the two of you use to climb in. There is one more guard at the top, and you can either send Charles to kill him or take the lead yourself. If you take the lead, pull out your bow and kill him with a single headshot.

Move through the tower now, and Charles will spot another guard just on the walkway ahead. Walk up behind him and stealth him kill with your knife, or send Charles to do it if you're feeling lazy. Go forward a little bit more and you'll find two more guards. Use your bow to headshot the one of your choice and Charles will kill the other. Follow Charles again and let him check the tower before moving in. There is yet another guard just past this tower and you have the same options of going in for a stealth kill or letting Charles do it. None of these guards are very good about turning around, so just make sure you aren't jumping around like a crazy person and you'll be fine.

Move down the stairway behind the crates with Charles. There are too many guards in front of the cells, so he needs you to cause a distraction. Go into the tower marked by the objective marker on your map and climb the ladder to reach the top. Move towards the objective marker once you reach the top level, and you'll find a guard on the walkway. Kill him with an arrow, then move to the center of the walkway. The lantern you need to shoot will be marked on your map. You will likely need to stand up to shoot it so you don't hit the railing, and a single arrow will be enough to cause a huge fire right where all the ammo is. Continue down he walkway and then climb down the ladder at the end right before the stairs to reunite with Charles. Follow him and he'll lead you to the cells. Search the body of the guard he kills and then open up the cell door to free Eagle Flies. Unfortunately, the rest of the fort is now on to you and as soon as you leave the building they'll start shooting.

Once you're outside, Arthur will automatically get in cover. There are only three enemies here, so quickly kill them with headshots. They aren't in particularly good cover, so this beginning part shouldn't be too hard. Charles will move at this point, and you'll want to move with him. The cover in this area is less optimal unfortunately, so try to find a crate and take cover on the south side of it. There will be a lot more guards now, but not so many that it is unmanageable. Make good use of your Dead Eye, and keep moving with Charles as he advances through the fort. Watch out for guards on the towers or the walkways above as they typically have the clearest shot at you. Charles will do a decent job helping you here, and as long as you use your Dead Eye well you should be able to make it through the entire section with minimal damage.

After clearing out the fort, Eagle Flies leads you to the back wall where he remembers there being a hole. Unfortunately, they covered it up. You'll need to break it open now, and you can either go to the cannon they point out to you and fire a shot at the wall or you can just take out a stick of dynamite and toss it to the weak spot to blow it up. Run outside to get on your horse and then ride after Charles as he'll lead you to the canoes. Ride as fast as you can, but keep an eye on your mini-map. If any enemies are getting close, quickly turn around and kill them before they can cause too much damage. Use Dead Eye here for sure, as it will make it a lot easier to deal with foes on horseback (and turning around and aiming for too long is a great way to accidentally run into a tree while you're not looking). Kill only the ones that are close by and focus on riding as fast as you can. Once you get to the canoes, Charles will ask you to provide some cover. Kill anyone nearby with headshot, using Dead Eye as needed. Jump in your canoe when Charles prompts you to.

Once you are in your canoe, you'll have one final chase sequence. Enemies will pop up along the river banks and fire down at your canoe as you're rowing, and you have one of two options here. If you have full health going into the canoe segment, you can just power through and row as fast as you can. You will take damage, but as long as you constantly row and don't stop in any spot, they won't be able to do enough damage to actually kill you and then don't run along the side of the river bank to provide a constant threat. Alternatively, you can kill all or at least some of them to make the rowing a bit less treacherous. Enemies will appear as red dots on your radar, and you can take out your pistol and kill each one as they appear. Don't worry about getting headshots if you can't, and just fire off several rounds towards their torso to take them down. At the end of the river, Charles will see two more men on horseback. Kill these two from your canoe, and then ride to shore. Charles will take one of these horses and ride Eagle Flies back to his father. Consider setting up camp and taking a rest before continuing on to the next mission. You've earned it.

My Last Boy

Eagle Flies rides into Beaver Hollow to rally support for a final attack on Cornwall Kerosene and Tar. Against Rains Fall's wishes, Dutch and the gang accompany Eagle Flies into battle against the army.

Prerequisite: The King's Son, The Bridge To Nowhere, AND Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow - I

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Save Paytah.
  • Get 30 headshots.
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

Now we are really heading into the end of Chapter 6, and you need to essentially have every other possible mission complete before this one becomes available. The money lending missions will close after you start this mission so if you have any left outstanding, do them now. You may want to explore a bit before this as well, because once we start this you may want to go on through to the end of the chapter. Once, you're ready, talk to Dutch in camp. If it wasn't clear we are now barreling towards our epic conclusion, it soon will be. Eagle Flies arrives in camp, asking for help as they go to war against the army. River Falls is unable to stop them, and begs Arthur for his help. Dutch, unaware that Arthur had been helping him, says he'll come along, but he doesn't seem too happy about it. Soon the whole camp is rallied. Ride off with everyone else to war.

After several long, tense cutscenes, the battle finally arrives. You'll now need to ride in to save Eagle Flies. You'll start the fight galloping straight towards the chaos. There will be several soldiers out in front, usually scattered by themselves. Aim for headshot and take out as many as you can, although your little calvary will help you in doing this. Once you get close enough to the oil fields, everyone will automatically disembark from their horses. Run up to the nearest cover and start finding some targets on the battlefield. First, you'll want to kill the two snipers up on the tower directly in front of you. These guys are the most dangerous, so use Dead Eye to lock onto headshots and make sure you kill them. From there, you will need to start making your way forward with the rest of the group. You'll want to keep an eye on two things. First, your group, and once they start moving up you'll want to move up as well. They'll tend to only move when it is safe to do so and when all enemies in the immediate vicinity have been eliminated, so use their cues to find when it is safe to move. Secondly, keep a constant eye on your mini-map. There are a ton of enemies here, so stay vigilant and make note of those close to you.

There are a couple of ways to get through this portion of the fight. The first requires a heavy use of Dead Eye, but is very easy. Just keep using Dead Eye, making sure you refill your Dead Eye core as needed. Your other option is to rely on standard shooting. Duck into cover, locate a target, and pop up with your camera roughly centered on their position and you should automatically lock on to them when you draw your gun. Move up slightly for a headshot, and repeat this process. There are a lot of enemies here, so you may want to use a mix between Dead Eye and non-Dead Eye assisted kills depending on the situation. Keep moving up when the rest of your group moves, and run to whatever cover is nearby. Move from cover to cover and you should be able to keep yourself relatively safe, particularly if you are following the rest of the group.

You'll eventually need to run across a bridge that is surrounded in flames, and once you reach the end of it you'll find Eagle Flies wrestling with a soldier. Kill the soldier, and then when the cutscene ends run over to some of the nearby boxes. There will be enemies on the walkway above you and several on the group below, so take your choice on who you want to kill first. Keep things quick, and make sure you don't stay out of cover for too long. You'll next run over towards some small buildings in front of the railroad tracks. Again, keep close to the rest of the group and stay in cover to ensure you are receiving minimal damage. Keep using Dead Eye as needed and keep a close eye on your mini-map to see where enemy soldiers are hiding. There aren't a ton of enemies here, but soon after you arrive more reinforcements will arrive by train.

Once the train arrives, make sure you are not out in the open because they will have a Gatling gun. You want to kill the man operating the Gatling gun as soon as you seen him, so either target him immediately or hide around the side of the one of the buildings so you are out of sight and kill all the other minor enemies that spill out from the train first. You just don't want to be out where the gun can hit you, and as soon as you see where it is firing from, immediately go into Dead Eye and kill him as quickly as you can. Help the rest of the group finish off the rest of the stragglers, and then move through the train when the rest of them do. There will be a handful of enemies on the other side of the train, and then after that you can make your way to the courtyard behind the main building. Dutch and the others are waiting for you there.

This will be the final portion of the fight, and enemies will be coming from every direction. It isn't as dangerous as it sounds, however, because your whole crew is here and they do a great job taking out their fair share of foes as well. Again, your mini-map will be your best friend here and you want to make sure you don't let people get behind you. There will be several that ride down the hill almost as soon as you enter the area, so kill as many as you can with headshot (assisted by Dead Eye) before they even reach you. There will be others coming from this direction as well, but only a couple and the rest of your group is pretty good about keeping them out of your hair. More are coming through the eastern side of the area at the same time though, so find some cover and turn your attention that way. Keep using Dead Eye whenever you need to and aim for as many headshots as possible. If you're quick, you should be able to take out most of this group yourself, but if you find yourself in trouble you can always just hide in cover and let the rest of your crew do the work. This final push is actually one of the easiest parts of the mission because of how many allies you'll have with you. Keep your head down and plan out your shots and you should be fine.

After the fighting finally ends, run over to Dutch. He'll take you inside the main building here, so follow him. He goes all the way upstairs, looking for the mythical money that will finally buy you guys your freedom and your safety. He seems to know where he's going, so go into the office with him. Search the cabinet in front when he tells you to, and he'll wind up finding the bonds he's looking for himself in one of the desk drawers. Follow him back downstairs. There will be an ambush waiting for you at the bottom of the stairs. From cover, you can probably kill three or four enemies without having to move from your starting position. When Dutch makes a run for it, follow him using the same path he uses. You'll be caught off guard by steam at the end, allowing one of the enemy soldiers to climb on top with his knife. Dutch just sort of leaves you there (thanks, pal!), but with some help you'll manage to get out.

Dutch wants to get back to camp, but Arthur wants to take Eagle Flies back to his father first. Follow the trail to make your way back to the Wapiti Indian Reservation. Once you return, there will be several cutscenes you need to wait through, but eventually Arthur will find himself back in Annesburg. Time to go talk to Dutch.

Going For Gold: There is really only one objective here that likely isn't completely obvious, and that is saving Paytah. There is a sequence in this mission where a train arrive with a Gatling gun. Right after you finish this fight, you'll cross over the train to the other side of the tracks. As soon as you cross over, check to your left. Paytah will be in the general direction of a wagon fighting with a soldier in hand to hand combat. Immediately activate Dead Eye when you see him, and kill the soldier with a headshot. Paytah will be considered saved after this, so you can focus on the rest of the objectives.

Hitting 80% accuracy is a very reasonable target, and completing the mission without using health items shouldn't be that difficult so long as you make good use of cover, as described above. The hardest objective is probably securing 30 headshots, but that is easily obtainable if you are spamming your Dead Eye as frequently as you can. Lock onto your target's head to ensure you really are getting a headshot, and try to keep a running count. There will be more than enough targets here, and you should easily hit 40 if you are abusing your Dead Eye. Refill it as often as you need to, making sure to use stuff like chewing tobacco and moonshine as these won't count towards health items. If you're skilled enough without Dead Eye, you won't need to worry about this technique as you can definitely do it without it. It certainly makes hitting 30 headshots much more trivial, though, so don't be shy about using it if you're having troubles at any point.

Aim to hit the following numbers: 3 on the horseback ride down, 4 in the small section after climbing down from your horse, 4 right after the bridge, 4 in the houses before the train arrives, 4 after the train arrives, 3 on the other side of the train, 7 in the back courtyard, and 3 in the ambush at the bottom of the stairs. That'll put you over the total number you need and none of the numbers are unreasonable considering the number of targets you'll be fighting. Try to keep a running total in your head so you know if you are running short by the end, as you can stay in cover during the final ambush and you should be able to get more headshots in before running off to end the sequence.

Our Best Selves

As their final job, the gang ride to Saint Denis to intercept and rob a train carrying army supplies and payroll, headed for the recently destroyed Bacchus Bridge.

Prerequisite: My Last Boy

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Get a headshot in Dead Eye after jumping from Dutch's horse.
  • Complete within 11 minutes.
  • Fight through the train with at least 80% accuracy.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

This is absolutely your last chance to finish off the optional honor missions in this chapter, so make sure you tackle them before going back to camp and talking to Dutch. The camp is a bit lighter since the last you left it, with multiple people deserting. Dutch wants to rob the train carrying the army payroll and supplies, a score he thinks will finally let all of you escape. Arthur insists that John and his family be let go as well as part of the agreement. Dutch gets really caught up on that word. "Insists". But he agrees and the rest of the remaining camp rides out for the train. Just follow Dutch at the beginning of this mission until he sends John out to get the dynamite. Arthur says he'll go with him, so follow John to get the dynamite. Climb down from your horse when you get to the wagon, and then climb up the back of it to get the dynamite from the crate. Move back over to your horse and follow John to your new destination.

Once you're in Saint Denis, slowly follow the rest of the group to the train station. The plan is, one the train stops, for you and John to board on the back, and then Sadie and - whoops, there goes the train. Apparently it isn't making its regularly scheduled stop for some reason. Gallop after it as fast as you can once you're back in control of the horse. Once you're alongside the train, press the indicated button prompt to jump over to it. You'll immediately be in cover, and there will be two guards at the back of the train that start shooting. Kill them both with headshots, and then move up as soon as John starts moving up. There will be two more once you reach the edge of the next car. Use the edge of the doorway as cover and line up a quick shot once they move out of cover.

Most of the train will play out in this way, with groups of two or three showing up at a time as you move forward. There is plenty of cover on the train, so find a good spot and use it to take out any guards you run across. Patience is important here, and as long as you don't just run out in the open you should be fine. The groups here are small, and you'll never be fighting more than three at a time. Use Dead Eye whenever you feel the need to. There are a couple of enemies that only peak out of cover briefly, and these are your best targets for Dead Eye. As soon as you seen them moving out, activate it and then lock in a headshot before they can duck back in. After moving forward a while, you will notice an enemy on top of the car in front of you. Quickly dispatch of him before moving on.

At this point, you can climb on top of the train. Move forward until you can jump back down. There will be several guards down here in a slightly larger group. You can jump down and get into cover, or you can pick them off from the top of the train. You are much more open to getting shot up here, but you have a great vantage point so if you're quick you should be able to kill them all without taking too much damage. Jump down when you're ready, and continue moving forward as before. The cramped confines of the train will really work to your advantage here, as most of the enemies are largely stationary or just jump in and out of the same little bit of cover. Move car by car, eliminating everyone you come across, until one of the guys you shoot accidentally sets the whole train on fire. Oops.

Move to the railing when this happens and follow the button prompt to get over to Dutch's horse. Jump back onto the train when prompted. There will be a couple of cutscenes here, and an automatic Dead Eye sequence. Move the cursor over to the guy's head for a clean headshot, or fire off a couple of rounds into his chest. After the cutscene wraps up, you'll be in control of the Maxim gun and a whole bunch of reinforcements will be riding alongside the train. Time to have some fun. You aren't in too much danger here, but follow the prompts from Sadie and keep an eye on your mini-map to see where the enemies are coming from. Hold down the trigger and mow them down whenever they get too close. There are a decent number of enemies that will be pursuing you here, and always focus on whoever is closest. Bursts of gunfire should be more than enough to mow down any target, and once they fall off their horse or slump over, you know you're good to move on to the next target. Keep on firing until the others tell you its time to move to the front car. Exit the Maxim gun and follow them.

Move to the front of the train now, climbing over the car in front of you. Run to the door of the front car and equip the dynamite. Plant it (don't throw it) using the indicated button prompt. Then ignite it and run back. With a hole now blown open, you can enter and collect the sweet, sweet loot. When prompted, jump off the train before it goes careening off the tracks. Dutch arrives just in time to give you the bad news: John is dead. Seems a bit suspicious considering he was alive and well in the original Red Dead Redemption, but ok! The rest of the crew will ride back towards camp, and the final mission in this chapter will begin automatically.

Red Dead Redemption

With John assumed dead, and Abagail captured by Pinkertons, Dutch cuts them loose, and rides for Beaver Hollow. Arthur and Sadie head to Van Horn to rescue Abagail.

Prerequisite: Our Best Selves

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Get 7 headshots while covering Sadie from the lighthouse.
  • After Sadie is captured, reach Abagail and Sadie within 1 minute.
  • Complete with at least 70% accuracy.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

Tilly rides in to give everyone the bad news. Abagail has been captured by the Pinkertons, and they'll execute her if Dutch doesn't go to Van Horn. Dutch and Micah take the "nope" route and just leave. Saving her falls to Arthur and Sadie. Arthur gives Tilly all of the money he just earned and tells her to wait with Jack for you two to return. Follow Sadie into Van Horn. She'll want you to cover her from the lighthouse, because you're the better shot and not because you sound like you're dying and your coughing is going to alert every Pinkerton within a five mile radius. Definitely. No fibs. Run to the top of the lighthouse to get into position. Go in through the door at the front of the lighthouse, then take the stairs all the way up to the top.

Initially, we'll just need to cover Sadie. Keep an eye on her through your scope as she runs. Once she stops, you'll see two Pinkertons just to the right of her. Shoot one, quickly enter Dead Eye, and then shoot the other. From here on out, you need to track Sadie as she moves through Van Horn. Always keep your scope close to her, and when she stops locate anyone nearby that is shooting at her. This is usually only groups of two at a time, and you can follow the bullet to see what general direction they're in. At first, do not use your Dead Eye. You cannot refill it during this segment, so you want to save it until Sadie is further away. The biggest challenge here is the fact that the visuals are not quite as crips through your scope and some of the enemies here can blend in with the background. Use Dead Eye as their glowing weak points can help locate them if you're having trouble. Another bit of advice is you do not have to go for headshots here, and shooting for the chest provides a bigger target and will also kill them in a single hit. Follow Sadie to the end of the dock, at which point she gets captured by Pinkertons herself. Looks like we're going to have to do this the hard way.

Arthur will climb down and immediately get himself in cover. From this end of the town, you should be able to kill five or six Pinkerton agents without having to move. If you saved your Dead Eye during the previous segment, now might be a good time to use it as you move through town. Whenever you clear out a segment, run forward to the next bit of cover and wait to see if any more enemies pop out. Your mini-map is crucial here, as enemies will appear above you, in front of you, and to the side of you. Use Dead Eye whenever you get yourself in a bad position, and go for headshots if possible. You can equip your shotgun and let enemies come to you, but it will be easier to just use your pistol and Dead Eye in combination. Keep pushing forward through town whenever there is a lull, and refill your Dead Eye core whenever you start running low.

Once you reach the building at the end of town, kick down the door. You'll enter an automatic Dead Eye sequence. Target both agents with headshots before the get a shot off at you. While freeing Abagail, unfortunately Milton will get the drop on you. He'll reveal that it was Micah, and not Molly, that had been feeding him information. Arthur will now get in a struggle, and you'll need to mash the indicated button prompt as long as you can to fight him off. Afterwards, Abagail and Sadie will both be freed and the three of you will need to hightail it out of town.

Run over to your horse and climb on after Sadie mounts it. You'll be riding in the back this time, which is a good thing because it will make the ensuing chase sequence much easier. The Pinkertons will give chase as you flee, and you'll need to fight them off. Fortunately, this is a fairly simple chase. You'll be on the back so you only need to worry about aiming, and these guys always come at you in groups of two and no more. If you're having trouble hitting moving targets, use Dead Eye and it will make this sequence extremely easy. Activate Dead Eye, get a quick headshot, and then repeat it for the next target. Focus on your mini-map to see where enemies are coming from, and try to kill them as soon as you have a good shot. It shouldn't be too difficult, and after several groups of these you'll finally be free from the Pinkertons.

Arthur will part ways with Sadie and Abagail now so he can go have a nice friendly chat. Just keep pressing the indicated button to make your horse go faster during the ensuing song and flashback sequence. Things get really tense back in camp, just in time for the remaining Pinkerton agents to show up and crash the party. Arthur will get behind cover automatically, and you should wait here for a moment. There aren't too many of them, and your initial position provides great cover for the gunfight. Use Dead Eye as needed, but this is a fairly straightforward fight so you might be fine without it. Most of the enemies will stand out in the open or slowly move towards you, making them very easy targets. Now is a good time to refill your Dead Eye as you'll need it coming up. Keep on killing Pinkertons as they arrive until John tells you to move into the caves. Follow him in and run with him to the back of the cave. You shouldn't need to fight anyone in here as long as you're quick. Climb the ladders at the back to get out, and your horse will be waiting for you on top.

During this next chase sequence, you can ignore enemies entirely. Just ride as fast as you can and no one will catch you as you try to escape. John will be stopped by a barricade, so quickly kill these two and he should continue riding again. There isn't anyone else that can even slow you down, so focus on riding as your pursuers won't be fast enough to catch you. Eventually, you'll be knocked off your horse. There are only three Pinkertons at the top of the hill, so dispatch of them as quickly as you can. You'll now have a choice, and you can either go back for the money or held John get to safety. This has a fairly significant effect on the outcome of the story, so make sure you choose whichever feels best to you.

If you choose to help John, follow him up the nearby hill. Enemies will be firing on you the entire way, but you can focus on just climbing to the top. Once you reach the very top, John will stop for a moment to try and fight them off. It doesn't matter how many you kill here, and in a couple of seconds John will try to continue. Unfortunately, Arthur appears to have had all he can take and can't push any further. He hands John his stuff and decides to stand his ground as long as he can. Kill the Pinkertons as they come over the hill. You can mostly ignore the ones further away until you run out of ones close to you to kill. You won't need to kill them all, as your gunfight will be interrupted with Micah tackling you before you can wrap it up.

Going back for the cash is much more difficult. You will find yourself without your best weapons against a horde of Pinkertons. You'll want to move slowly to the objective marker, killing everyone in your path. Don't waste too much time trying to eliminate every single target, as that will only slow you down and make things harder. Use cover when you can, and refill your Dead Eye as much as you need to. This will be the last major fight of the mission, so feel free to exhaust whatever items you happen to have. Fight your way back into the cave and go to the highlighted area to find the chest. Now, get back outside the way you came. You'll have to fight Micah here as well, so be prepared.

Micah is a much tougher opponent than you're probably used to. Just mashing the attack button won't do much. Block as often as you can and Micah won't be able to hit you. As soon as you successfully land a block, you can counter with two punches of your own. Any more than that and he'll be able to launch a counteroffensive of his own, so don't get greedy. This is going to be a long fight, so just keep blocking and countering his attacks. If he gets on top of you or pushes you against a wall or begins to choke you, begin mashing the indicated buttons to block. After you block a couple of his attacks, you can attempt to break free and get back into the fight. After a long battle, you'll finally trigger a scene. Mash the indicated button to make Arthur crawl, and after that all we have left to do is watch and resolve the story. Get some popcorn. Cue epic cowboy music. And move on to the epilogue.

Optional Missions

Of Men and Angels - I

Sister Calderon is outside the church, looking for donations for the poor.

Prerequisite: A Fork In The Road and Brothers and Sisters, One and All

Gold Medal Requirements
  • N/A

This is a time sensitive mission that can be completed either in Chapter 5 or Chapter 6. You will need to complete A Fork in the Road first, and it will only be available if you completed Brothers and Sisters, One and All back in Chapter 4. If both of these were finished, you can find Sister Calderon in front of the church in Saint Denis asking for some food for the poor. Talk to her for a nice conversation about goodness and philosophy. The first part of this mission is only dialogue based, and once she's done talking you're free to leave. She does ask you to help donate some food to the poor when you have a chance, though.

Of Men and Angels - II

Return to Sister Calderon with any donations.

Prerequisite: Of Men and Angels - I

Gold Medal Requirements
  • N/A

Right after Of Men and Angels - I, you can either leave to gather some supplies or talk to her immediately after the first mission finishes. If you talk to her again, you can either give her some food or $10.00 in cash. Either way, after you make your donation she will thank you for your generosity and you will be free to leave. Doesn't donating feel good?

Do Not Seek Absolution - I

Edith Downes tells Arthur that her son, Archie, is working at the Annesburg Mine. Arthur heads to the mind to find Archie being goaded by the foreman, Mr. Dockey.

Prerequisite: A Fork in the Road AND high honor level

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Complete within 1 minute 20 seconds.

This mission is a bit different than a lot of the others in terms of prerequisites. A For in the Road must be finished first, and you need to complete this during Chapter 5 or Chapter 6. However, you also need to have a high honor level. Meaning, if you've been going around shooting everyone in the face, this will not appear. If you have been playing as a bandit but still want to do this side missions, you can boost your honor fairly quickly by going to Saint Denis and saying "hi" to everyone. Because a whole life of murder can be offset by some friendly waving. It will take a while, but it is undoubtedly the quickest way to do this as it is easy to boost and there are a lot of people in Saint Denis. Your honor level must be fairly high, so keep checking the map after you get a decent boost to see if you can see the mission marker in Annesburg. It will appear on your map no matter how far away you are as soon as it is available, so it is an easy way to check when your honor is high enough. When you can, go to Annesburg and head to the mission marker to start things.

Go and talk to Edith Downes, who is even worse off than the last time you saw here. There is something terribly wrong with her skin now, and even her son is caught up in the mess. To make ends meet, he's working in the mine and she's afraid they're working him to death. Arthur offers to help and she tells him to just go away. Ignore her because you've already done worse anyway and go to the objective marker to find the mines. When you get there, you'll find him being taunted by his boss. Arthur steps in and tells them to stop, which for some reason they don't respond well to. The foreman and one of his burlier assistants decide to teach Arthur a lesson in his weakened state.

You need to fight both of them here, and the bad news is Arthur is not nearly as healthy as he usually is due to his recent illness. They're also fairly decent figures, so don't just swing randomly. Instead, block, and only counter attack after a successful block. They won't attack you at the same time, so fortunately you'll only need to deal with one at a time during the fight. Keep blocking, and then swing back until they block one of your hits. Don't get too greedy or they'll launch into an attack of their own. It takes a bit longer this way, but it is safe and ensures you don't take too much damage. After hitting them enough times, Arthur will eventually knock them out. The rest of the men will flee, and Arthur will give Archie some cash and a horse to get away on.

Do Not Seek Absolution - II

Unwilling to accept Arthur's money, Edith Downes continues to sell her body. Worried for his mother's safety, Archie Downes asks Arthur to head to Willard's Rest to look for her.

Prerequisite: Do Not Seek Absolution - I

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Find Edith Downes within 1 minute 10 seconds.

After completing the first part of this mission, you must wait four in game hours and then a new mission marker will appear in Annesburg. You will be able to find Archie in the alley behind the newspaper salesman, but without his mother. Apparently, Edith says Arthur's money is dirty (she's not wrong) and refused to take it. She's still "working" and left with some man from the railroad tracks that Archie thought looked dangerous. Arthur says he'll look into it for him, so follow the objective marker to the spot north of Annesburg.

This will lead you to a bridge, and you'll need to find the trail from there. Go underneath the bridge and you can find a trail from a horse that leads westward. You can follow the trail northwest of here (which mostly follows the road), and you'll eventually find Edith at a secluded spot in the woods just north of the road. Just walk over to her client and it'll be enough to scare him away. Arthur starts working on convincing her to return to her son, and eventually you can either ask or demand that she come with you. Asking is nicer, so select that response and then get back on your horse with Edith. Follow the marked trail to get back to Annesburg and Archie, and then walk over to Archie to get a final scene between the three of them. Sorry we ruined your lives!

Money Lending and Other Sins - VI

Strauss gives Arthur the names of two more debtors.

Prerequisite: A Fork In The Road AND Money Lending and Other Sins - V

Gold Medal Requirements
  • N/A

Assuming you've been keeping up with the money lending side missions and have already finished A For in the Road, Strauss will have another mission for you waiting in camp. He gives you two more names you need to go shake down, although he wants you to go get J. John Weathers first. He's over near the Three Sisters, which is just west of your camp. Ride up to the objective marker on map, and you'll fin Weathers just north of the center of the objective area. He'll be fixing his broken down wagon. Talk to him and he'll tell you that he'll pay, but he needs help because men are after him for deserting. Arthur doesn't really want to help, but he won't have any choice because men show up in the middle of the conversation and start shooting.

You'll start off the mission hiding behind the cover of the wagon, and you can stay here for most of the shootout. Feel free to use as much Dead Eye as you need. There aren't too many enemies here, but they may be somewhat hard to locate because they are going to be shooting at you from a forested area with plenty of big rocks around as well. If you pop out quickly your aim will center on anyone nearby, which might help locating enemies. There are only six enemies in total, so it won't take too long to make your way through them. They will hit the wagon, setting it on fire (Weathers must've been carrying some extremely flammable ham sandwiches). You'll have to move out from cover then, but there should only be an enemy or two left. Kill the last of them, and you'll trigger a cutscene. Weathers will call out his extremely pregnant wife, and Arthur will suddenly have some doubts. You can either choose to collect the debt by taking the locket or absolving the debt and gaining some honor. The choice is yours.

Next you'll need to Annesburg to talk to other Arthur. Other Arthur works at the mines, so go and talk to the guard out front. When you ask about him, he'll tell you to go in and talk to the foreman. Head on down now, and feel free to explore the mine a bit as this is one of the few times you can go in without the guards getting all angry at you. There are a couple cigarette cards down here, so this is a good time to grab them if you're going for 100% completion. Head down to the new objective marker to talk to the foreman, who has a major case of the giggles. He'll tell you Arthur is dead, but you can probably go and hit up his widow for cash if you're really that desperate.

Travel south to find the new objective marker. Other Arthur's widow is trying to pack up the house to move, so you'll need to talk to her before she leaves town. When Arthur sees her son, he once again has a change of heart. You can choose to either absolve her of her debt or absolve her of her debt and give her some cash on top of it. The later option will give you an honor boost, but it'll cost you $55. Either choice is fine though in context of the story. After you finish talking to her, the mission will end.

Money Lending and Other Sins - VII

The debtors have been dealt with, and Strauss needs to be talked to.

Prerequisite: Money Lending and Other Sins - VI

Gold Medal Requirements
  • N/A

This is solely a cutscene based mission, but it is definitely worth doing. You'll want to see how this story thread wraps up, at least.

The Course of True Love - IV

Arthur receives a letter from Penelope Braithwaite, asking for help escaping the clutches of her morally depraved family.

Prerequisite: Visiting Hours

Gold Medal Requirements
  • N/A

It can be kind of annoying to get this to trigger. First, you'll need to complete Visiting Hours. Then, take a nap in your bed in camp. When you wake up the next morning, you will find a letter next to Arthur's bed. Read the letter to finish this part of the mission. A new mission will appear on your map at this point, next to where Braithwaite Manor once stood.

The Course of True Love - V

Arthur tries to help Penelope Braithwaite and Beau Gray escape their families.

Prerequisite: The Course of True Love - IV

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Headshot 5 of the Braithwaites as they pursue the train.
  • Complete within 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

After reading Penelope's letter, you can ride all the way down to Braithwaite Manor to find her. Penelope is ecstatic to see you and begs you to help her get to the train station. She's moving on to Boston, but her cousins don't like the idea and will stop her if they see her leaving. Beau will be waiting for her there, but you'll need to get her there first. Get back on your horse and she'll climb on. Follow the trail on your mini-map to the train station. The ride is uneventful, so dismount from your horse when you get there and walk over to Beau. They want you to accompany them for the first part of the ride, so go to the ticket booth and buy three tickets.

While you're doing this, two of one of their no good family members show up and grab Beau. Arthur will head outside to fight them. This won't be particularly tough. Start by blocking, and once you block a hit you can counter with three or four punches. There are two of them, but one of them will be preoccupied with Beau for most of the time. Just keep beating on one of them until he goes down, then focus on the other. When both of them are unconscious, you can board the train.

The fun isn't over here though, because it turns out Penelope took a good chunk of the family jewels and her cousins (more cousins?) give chase to the train. Run back one car to the long flatbed car and find some cover. There will be a couple of guys riding alongside the train, so pop up and use your Dead Eye to lock onto headshots to take them out. Fortunately, the pursuit here isn't very intense and you can probably handle things without using too much Dead Eye. You don't even need to kill them all, as they'll quit giving chase right around the time the train slows to a stop. Still, killing more Braithwaites is always fun so take out as many as you can.

Turns out you stopped not because you reached your destination, but because the conductor fled out of fear. Go to the front of the train, climbing over whatever you need to in order to reach the conductors seat. Arthur will have to drive the train from here on out. Choo-choo! Fortunately, this is very easy and all you need to do is hold down a single button. Feel free to ring the bell or sound the whistle as often as you want to, though. Once you reach Rigg's Station, Arthur will take Penelope and Beau out and find them a stagecoach for the rest of their trip. As a reward, Penelope will offer her priceless family heirloom to you. You can either take it or refuse it and gain an honor boost. Either way, wave goodbye to the lovers as they leave. Hopefully no weirdo family members follow them up north.

Archeology For Beginners

Arthur visits Rains Fall in Wapiti and they travel to a sacred Native American site in the East Grizzlies.

Prerequisite: A Rage Unleashed

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Recover the relics without being detected.
  • Recover the relics within 1 minute 30 seconds.

At the end of A Rage Unleashed, Charles asks you to talk to Rains Fall. If you accept, this mission will become mandatory and appear on your map. If you don't you'll skip this entirely and move right into The Fine Art of Conversation. If accepted, you can find the mission marker up in the Wapiti Indian Reservation. Head over to the center in the center of the mission marker and enter it to find Rains Fall. He'll catch you up a bit on the goings on since the raid, and invites you to take a ride with him to help explain things to you a bit better. An friendly officer from the army comes in with news from Saint Denis, so he comes with for the ride as well.

After starting the ride, Captain Monroe will regrettably tell Rains Fall that the oil company got the go ahead to start drilling on their land and he wasn't able to help. He wants to keep trying to help though, and to that end he recruits Arthur to maybe provide assistance whenever he can. Refuse and the conversation will end. Accept, and you will have a new optional mission to complete after this one called Honor, Amongst Thieves. You'll also get an honor boost for your trouble. Captain Monroe will ride off after that, giving you the chance to complete the mission with Rains Fall first.

Rains Fall will point out several things along the way. When you see wolves feasting on a horse, you can ignore them and they'll run off. He'll compliment you for not shooting them if you go the non-violent route here. Next, he'll stop to pick an herb he needs. Follow him off the trail, and let him go down to pick the herb. He'll return to his horse when he's done. He'll repeat this another time during your ride, so just do the same thing and wait for him to return to his horse. After picking the second herb, he'll continue the rest of the way to the sacred spot without any further distractions. Follow him, and dismount your horse once he does.

Unfortunately, the whole place is destroyed, and Rains Fall is very distraught once he sees it. The ceremonial pipe is also gone, and he asks for your help tracking it down and figuring out what happened here. Immediately go into Eagle Eye and you'll see a whole bunch of points of interest marked by bright yellow, sparkling pillars of light. Go and inspect these and Arthur will find a mixture of empty bottles of alcohol and empty flasks. Rains Fall himself will pick one of these up and once he does you can go over to him while he comments on it. He'll see a big pillar of smoke right afterwards. Run over next to him, and he'll ask you to check it out with your binoculars. You'll find an army camp, where the men look to be drunkenly celebrating something. Rains Fall knows they have the ceremonial pipe, and his people will go to war to get it back. Arthur promises to attempt to stop this by going down and retrieving the pipe for him. Rains Fall nicely asks you not to hurt anyone if you can avoid it.

Sneak down to the camp. You can either try to do this by stealth or by just shooting your way through the place. There are only a handful of guards here, so the combat is fairly simple if that is the route you want to go. However, Rains Fall will actually give you a very good reward if you choose to use stealth and recover the sacred items without killing anyone. Your goal is to get to the center of camp, right next to the cooking pot and chest. The sacred items are here, so if you can sneak into camp to grab them. The easiest way to do this is to approach the camp from the east as there is only one guard that patrols around here and another one that sleeps nearby. Wait until the patrol moves past you (he sort of circles around in a counterclockwise fashion), and then move towards the middle of camp. Don't walk on the sleeping guard and you should be able to grab it without incident. You need to crouch walk during this entire segment, as they will hear you otherwise almost immediately. Grab the items, then sneak back out the way you came in.

If you do get caught, you'll need to fight your way out. There are only six enemies here in total, so simply pull out your gun of choice and clear most of them out with a good use of your Dead Eye. There aren't any enemies after this, so there is no need to be stingy with your Dead Eye. Kill the six guards in the camp, and then grab the sacred items. However you do it, return to Rains Fall by following the objective marker on your map once you are finished. He'll thank you for your help, and give you an extremely useful item if you manage to complete the mission without killing any of the soldiers.

Honor, Amongst Thieves

Colonel Favours is redirecting smallpox vaccine away from the Wapiti Reservation to punish the Native Americans for the recent unrest. Monroe requests Arthur's help to steal the vaccine from the army.

Prerequisite: Archaeology For Beginners

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Recover the vaccine without being detected.
  • Complete within 5 minutes.

Assuming you agreed to help Captain Monroe during Archaeology For Beginners, this mission will be available immediately after completing it at the Wapiti Reservation. He needs help recovering some vaccinations that were promised to the Wapiti by the federal government. Colonel Favours appears to have had other ideas, and sent them south instead. Arthur, seeing the effect this is having on the tribe, volunteers to help immediately. Get on your horse and follow Monroe as he leads you to a vantage point overlooking a road. Get off your horse when prompted and wait for the wagon to come around the corner. Once you see it, you need to get down to it a retrieve the vaccines.

There are a couple of ways to do this, but either way you want to get this done quickly. The wagon will eventually reach Cornwall Kerosene and Tar, and once it does there will be a lot more enemies to deal with and the mission will become much more difficult. Instead, immediately ride down with your horse and get near the wagon. If you want to just shoot the drivers, you can. Go into Dead Eye and you can kill them both without any fight. This will lose you some honor, though, but the wagon will now come to a complete stop and you can easily board it that way. You can also just ride alongside the back of the wagon and jump over to it. For some reason neither driver will notice you climbing on the back. Either way, once you're on the back of the wagon inspect the small box to recover the vaccine. Once you have it in hand, jump off the back of the wagon and get back on your horse. Follow the yellow trail on your map to get back to Captain Monroe and deliver the vaccine.

Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow - II

Arthur and Sadie travel to Hanging Dog Ranch to finish business with the O'Driscolls once and for all.

Prerequisite: Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow - I

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Headshot the sniper in the barn.
  • Secure the barn without taking any damage.
  • Complete within 5 minutes 30 seconds.

You will start this mission right outside Hanging Dog Ranch if you chose to ride with Sadie, and she wastes no time launching into her assault. Follow her as she heads to the ranch, and once she gets close she will toss a fire bottle to announce her presence. So much for stealth. There is a large rock nearby where she first starts firing, and this makes a great starting spot for cover. There will be a lot of enemies here, so just pop out and start picking whichever looks the most shootable. Feel free to use all the Dead Eye you want, and keep restoring it during the course of the mission. It isn't absolutely necessary, but there are a lot of enemies here and it will make things very easy. Keep activating Dead Eye, picking off a target, and then getting back into cover to give yourself a brief break and you shouldn't have too much trouble.

Sadie is very aggressive during this fight and keeps moving up. You do not need to follow her if you don't want to, and for example the very start of this mission will be much easier if you hang back behind the large rock in front of the ranch. There is cover inside, but you'll have to deal with a lot of incoming fire if you don't thin the group a little bit first. Try to kill five to ten enemies here before moving on, which should be fairly easy. No one will be able to hit you, so just make sure you are getting off clean shots and not hitting any of the debris that is laying around. Once you feel a it safer, you can move up to where Sadie is. As soon as you get close to the entrance, a sharpshooter will appear at the top of the barn. Prioritize killing him above all other, and use Dead Eye to make sure you get a quick guaranteed headshot. With him dead, just keep an eye on your mini-map to identify where the final enemies are at. Get behind some of the boxes for good cover, and refill Dead Eye as necessary. It feels overwhelming at first, but this really isn't all that difficult with a good use of cover and Dead Eye.

Once Sadie directs you to clear out the barn, the rest of the mission is fairly straightforward. She tells you not to kill any fat guys with bears as she wants that target, but you don't have to worry about that as the person she's looking for will be in the building she goes into. Go into the barn and kill the three men in here. Just keep an eye on your mini-map to see where they're at and don't let yourself get shot too much. This is much easier than the first part of the mission because of how few enemies you have to deal with, but you can still use up any remaining Dead Eye you have if you want because you won't need it after the barn. Run over to the small house when you're done. Go in the door and head upstairs to find Sadie, and you'll trigger a final cutscene as she gets her vengeance. Watch the scene, and then ride back to camp after Sadie heads off.

More Fun Stuff To Do

By the end of this chapter, you should have most of the map explored and most of the collectables gathered if you're going for 100%. Of course, you can wait until the Epilogue to finish things off, but there will be new things to do in the Epilogue as well so you may want to wrap things up now for the most part. Finishing exploring New Hanover, Ambarino, and the northern part of West Elizabeth (leave the southern part of West Elizabeth and New Austin for the Epilogue). You can find almost all of the collectables from these sections alone, and if you refer to the Collectables section of the guide you can find everything divided up by region so you know what you should have remaining.

Also, by this point you likely will have hit almost all of your goals for the compendium outside of the weapons and gangs. Both of these should be easy to hit by the Epilogue, but you want to make sure you are at least close on the others. You can't really miss any of these, but just by playing you should have already found all the plants and animals you need. If you are going for a complete compendium (*gulp*), you should have made significant progress by now and should have ticked off around 3/4 of the entire thing if not more. There are some things that are missable, so you may wind up with a nearly complete compendium unless you were checking things very carefully along the way.

There are a lot of things (mostly some of the optional missions) that will be unavailable by the end of Chapter 6. This includes all bounty missions that have been available up until this point. There are a couple new ones coming in the Epilogue, but if you want to see and do everything make sure you finish off the bounty mission and optional honor missions, preferably as early as you can.

There are also a couple of new stranger missions you can do in Chapter 6. This includes The Veteran which will be available at the start of the chapter by O'Creagh's Run in Ambarino and Charlotte Balfour, Widow which is found in the northeast corner of the map and will also be available at the start of the chapter. If you complete these (and have been keeping up with the others) you should only have one more stranger missions left waiting for you in the Epilogue. Chapter 6 should see you wrapping up a whole bunch of stuff as you prepare for the endgame. Anything you don't want to finish just yet can absolutely be finished in the Epilogue (well, outside of the things with time restrictions), but we are quickly reaching the end of the game.