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by Suprak the Stud

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Suprak the Stud

Version: 0.95 | Updated: 03/19/19


Chapter 5: Guarma

You start Chapter 5 completely outside of America and the map you know and love. Welcome instead to Guarma. There is a lot less to do here, so you don't have to spend too much time exploring. You can find some animals and plants to pick up, but that is pretty much it and your main goal is going to get back to America as quickly as possible. There are, however, some missables here and certain missions will be locked off after completing later missions in this chapter. Keep that in mind, and please refer to the final portion of this section of the guide for some information on missables. Alternatively, you can check the Missables section of the guide for complete listing of everything that can be missed and when you can miss it.

Welcome to the New World

Having survived the shipwreck, and now washed ashore on a remote island, Arthur begins searching for the gang.

Prerequisite: None.

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Do not fall behind while working with the chain gang.
  • Get 10 headshots.

You're alive. Hooray! You're in pretty bad shape though, so move the analog stick to get up and then keep pressing it to keep Arthur walking. Then walk. And then walk some more. Honestly, you'll be doing a lot of walking. After the title screen flashes showing the name of the chapter, you'll finally be in less of a haze. Keep walking, and you'll see smoke. Walk towards the smoke to find the rest of your gang. At least now you won't die of loneliness. Catch up with them and find out where you're at, and shortly thereafter the local authorities will arrive and arrest you for...some reason.

The good news is you'll now be able to walk some more. Keep walking to keep up with the rest of the chain gang. You'll eventually meet up with another chain gang, and after that you'll walk some more. Finally, all this walking will be broken up when someone from the hills shoots one of the guards. Arthur will steal his keys and his gun and quickly move behind cover. There are a handful of guards ahead of you and you can take aim and get some headshots off while they're looking in the other direction. They'll eventually turn around, so don't just stand out in the open. The only mildly difficult part here is that your Dead Eye core is empty and you'll have no way to refill it, so your aim in Dead Eye will be wobbly. It is probably easier just to shoot normally here and clear out the handful of guards that way.

Some men show up just in time to save you. Well, most of you, as one of the group will get wounded while everyone is running away. You'll immediately be thrown into another shootout, where one of your new allies at least provides you with a better gun. Arthur will duck behind cover and you should stay there for the rest of the mission. It is a good spot where no one will be able to really hit you as long as you are ducking. There won't be too many enemies here, so take your time clearing them all out. With so many allies, this shoutout will be fairly easy. Again, you can't really rely on your Dead Eye so stick to standard shooting. Once they've all been cleared out, you find out more about your newly found allies. He even offers to help you off the island. If you can help him do something first...

Going For Gold: This seems like an extremely easy gold, but it is going to be more challenging than you anticipate. The first requirement is ridiculously easy, and all you do is keep the up button held and you'll be able to keep up with the chain gang. It is the 10 headshots that is deceptively tough, and that's because of a couple of reasons. First, you will have absolutely no Dead Eye restorative items at all, even on your first playthrough so what you start with is what you get. Secondly, all of your cores are completely drained. Not only does this mean you have a lot less Dead Eye to work with, but your aim will be wobbly as well because of your poor health. It can make getting 10 headshots a real pain, especially because there are only around 15 total enemies and your allies will be killing them at the same time.

First, make sure you get all four headshots during the first encounter. Use up all your Dead Eye here if you need to, because getting all four here will make things much more manageable coming up. You can definitely get by with three, but ideally you should go for four. The longer part of the shootout has more enemies, but you'll have to complete with your gang at the same time for kills. Go only for headshots, and use any Dead Eye that you have available to you as it replenishes. The gun you use will kill guys with a neck or upper chest shot as well, so be careful as that won't count. Drop your aim in between targets, and when you aim at a new target it will lock on to their torso. Your low health cores means you won't be able to quickly aim up like you normally do since that will result in a lot of misses, but you can take careful aim at their head. Fire off as many shots as you need to, as there is no accuracy requirement. Try to take advantage of the guy standing out in the open first, because your gang will absolutely kill them if you leave them there too long. There is no requirement to not fail a checkpoint, so if you notice things are going bad just restart the last checkpoint and try again, as it will bring you right back to the final gunfight.

A Kind and Benevolent Despot

With the help of a local, Gloria, Dutch and Arthur infiltrate Fussar's compound to rescue Javier.

Prerequisite: Welcome to the New World

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Get Javier to safety in under 2 minutes.
  • Get 10 headshots.

After Welcome to the New World, you can do one of two missions. Regardless of which one you pick, make sure you pick up supplies in camp before leaving. You'll find all sorts of provisions here, and since you didn't carry any over from Chapter 4 you'll want some for the upcoming missions. To start this mission, go and find Dutch. He's found the cave Hercule told you about and a guide, so it is time to go and save Javier. Shimmy along the rocks to follow Dutch into the cave. Once there, the old hag you meet will lead you to your destination. So long as you stay close to Dutch you shouldn't be able to get lost. Help him open the door once you get to it by following the button prompts, and you'll finally be out of the cave.

Once outside, you'll see Javier, who is being tormented by his captors. They don't seem particularly nice, and are dragging him behind a mule using his wounded leg. Dutch has seen enough. Follow him as he sneaks around the side, and then help him stealth kill the two guards you run into. Just press the indicated button prompt after walking behind the guard on the right, and then pick him up. Hide the body in the location indicated on your mini-map, and then keep following Dutch. He'll lead you into a nearby building, and you'll need to take cover on the opposite side of the doorway he's hiding behind. Wait for the guards to finish their conversation, then sneak up on the one to your left and stealth kill him.

Dutch will now need your help sabotaging this small factory to create an explosion. There will be two marked points of interest on your mini-map. The one closest to Dutch will be a bag of sugar you can slash open. Do that, then go to the second spot and shut the doors and windows using the crank. Go to the new marked location on the other side of the large machine in the middle of the room to release the valve and finish your sabotage. Move over to Dutch to regroup, then go out the nearby door. Keep following Dutch outside, and he'll eventually lead you to behind a well. The building will blow up at this point, giving you your chance to go and rescue Javier. Run to him and let Dutch shoot off the lock.

At this point, you'll now have to kill a whole bunch of guards while helping Dutch make his escape with Javier. There will first be a handful in from of the building you blew up and Dutch will be helping. This is the easiest part of the mission, so I'd recommend conserving your Dead Eye for later. Go for headshot if you can, and pop in and out of cover to help keep yourself safe. After the first wave is cleared out, Dutch will go and pick up Javier and you'll need to protect him as he's fleeing. Listen to what he says and watch his movement on your mini-map. When he's moving, you should be moving too. There will be more guards in front of the blown up building and more along the side as Dutch runs for the exit. Keep Dutch safe and dispatch of these enemies as soon as they appear. Dutch will also be able to help with his free arm, so you won't be doing this entirely by yourself. You won't have long to stay behind cover, but this is still a relatively straightforward fight so only use Dead Eye if you are struggling.

When Dutch runs out of the compound, follow him. Keep on running and keep an eye on your mini-map during this segment. You will see red dots running towards you, and when they get close you need to quickly turn around and kill them. They usually arrive in groups of two to three, although it can be more. Use Dead Eye to get some easy headshots, or just quickly score a couple of bodyshops using conventional aiming to take them down. You'll be running through a sugar cane field, which will obscure your visibility somewhat. This makes your mini-map even more important, so refer to it frequently to help you determine where enemies are at and when you need to turn around and fight.

Once you cross the river, Dutch will ask for your help in holding the guards off while he escapes. Look for some good cover, and the best is a large tree that is nearby. You want somewhere you can get hit from above because there will be several guards shooting at you from the cliff above. A tree will provide great cover, so find a nice thick one and hide behind it. You'll likely be almost out of Dead Eye by now, so use whatever you have left and then use conventional aiming to take out everyone else. Keep checking your mini-map, and if any enemy has crossed the river, prioritize killing them first. There will actually be a decent number of enemies here, and you'll have to do this without Dutch's help (and without much Dead Eye, most likely), making this the hardest part of the mission. Just keep picking off guards when you get the chance and never leave yourself exposed for too long. Once you've killed the final guard, Arthur will run off back to camp.

Savagery Unleashed

In order to secure safe passage off the island, Arthur has agreed to rescue some local workers for Hercule and Leon.

Prerequisite: Welcome to the New World

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Release all the workers within 4 seconds.
  • Complete within 5 minutes 40 seconds.
  • Get 8 headshots.

This is your other option after Welcome to the New World. Again, before starting make sure you get everything you can out of camp. Take all of the ammo, all of the provisions, and any guns that are laying about. Head to the mission marker northwest of camp. Look around and you'll find a body hanging from a tree. Go to inspect it and you'll be hit by some kind of dart. Cool. You pass out and when you awake you are being savagely beaten by a man trying to figure out who you are. When he goes to ask his other prisoner who you are, you can look around. Check both of your arms to pull at your bindings. When he moves to check on the prisoner against the far wall, you can begin rocking back and forth. Wait until you go as far as you can in one direction, then push back in the other to get a tilt going.

You will fall and break the chair, setting off a quick fight against your captor. Follow the button prompt to tackle him, then keep pressing the indicated button to beat him and knock him out. You'll free the other two men, who can lead you to the rest of the captured workers. Stay close to Leon during this next segment. When he ducks behind some pillars, duck for cover behind the pillar on your left. The guards he was hiding from will move, and you can follow him again. This will be a decent length stealth segment, but it isn't too tough. Just do exactly what Leon does and you should be fine. Move when he moves, hide when he hides, and if he tells you to duck behind something do it.

After you get clear of the area with all the guards, Leon will start to run. Someone will be hanging three prisoners. Leon will yell at him so you can't really be stealthy here. Quickly shoot the hangman before he can fire on you then shoot down the three men he just hung. The rest of the guards will now show up from the area you just came from. Duck behind one of the pillars as it should provide decent enough cover. Use your Dead Eye to clear out the guards as the come. You won't have a lot and likely won't have a lot of Dead Eye restoring items, so use it quickly. Pop out, go into Dead Eye and get a headshot. If you don't have Dead Eye, you can do the same thing. Pop out in the general area of a target and you'll lock on to him. Fire two quick shots to kill or quickly adjust your aiming reticule to score a head shot. There aren't a lot here, and at the end of the fight a sniper will show up from on top of the roof. He's likely the most dangerous, so when that happens make sure you take him out quickly. Use Dead Eye if you can, then finish off the rest of the guards. Leon will free the rest of the prisoners now, and they'll even hand over a little bit of a reward, too.

Hell Hath No Fury

The gang meet Hercule at the fortress of Cinco Torres, and prepare to clear the waters around the island so they can safely depart for America.

Prerequisite: A Kind and Benevolent Despot and Savagery Unleashed

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Prevent 4 boats from reaching the shore.
  • Destroy the Naval ship without missing a shot.
  • Complete with at least 70% accuracy.

After completing both of the previous missions, you will immediately start this one. Hercule is explaining to the gang that it is impossible to leave just yet because the local plantation owner knows who you are and has even called in the Cuban navy. During this talk, one of Hercule's men shows up and tells everyone something urgent is going on. Follow the rest of the group and you'll find out that "urgent" is probably an understatement. The Cuban navy just arrived and is firing on the island. Hercule gives you guys the option of fighting and running. Nobody feels like running.

Duck behind a barricade and then take out your rifle. You will want to start shooting at the men running down on the beach. You only have a little bit of Dead Eye, so unless you are a great shot you should probably wait for them to stop running. There is no need to duck back down into cover here as it is extremely unlikely that they will hit you. Wait for them to stop, then line up a head short or, if you're having trouble with that, a body shot to wound them. They will run at you in groups of three. so just keep shooting them as they arrive. You start the mission with a good amount of ammo, so there is no need to by shy about your shots.

After fighting them a while, Hercule will arrive with his cannon. Go to him and help him push it into place. Just stand to his right and then follow the button prompts to get it moving. Unfortunately, by the time you push it into place several more small boats worth of soldiers arrive and begin storming your position. Follow Dutch and Hercule when they run own to fight them on the beach. Grab the shotgun on the way out, because it is about to be very useful. Once outside, turn to your right and quickly hide behind the small concrete barrier next to the boxes. Enemies will start coming up the stairs and if you pop out with your shotgun, you can kill them with a single hit and sometimes even be able to kill two at once if they're close enough together. Use your shotgun to clear this area out, then follow Dutch and Hercule when they move on.

There will be only a couple more on the small walkway here you need to kill, and when a second group arrives the ship does you a favor and blasts them all. How nice! You can now give Dutch and Hercule orders, but it won't really matter. Select one to guard one side while the other guards the other. If you stay on the bridge, you have a good vantage point of both sides and can bounce back and forth with whoever needs help. More boats tend to arrive from your right, so go there first and try to shoot soldiers before they even get off their boat. The boats move slowly in the water, so you should be able to pick some off before they even get off the boat. Keep an eye on your mini-map and move to whichever side needs help at the moment. The good news is both Dutch and Hercule are very competent in this fight, and should do a decent amount of the work for you. Once they tell you to move, follow them down the stairs and kill any stragglers that managed to get on the beach. There likely won't be many at this point, so just follow Dutch and Hercule whenever they move.

After fighting them all off, Hercule will notice the ship is even closer now. Follow him up the stairs while Dutch stays behind. You'll need to follow Hercule around the building as the stairs will collapse halfway up. He knows the way around though, so just follow him as he makes his way back up to the top. Once you reach the top, run for the cannon. You'll be in charge of shooting, so take aim at the ship and use the right trigger to fire the cannon. You'll want to hit it near the waterline for the most damage, but you will need to take into a account that your shots fall downward a bit from where your aiming reticule is. Aim near the middle of the side of the ship and you should be guaranteed hits. Just keep firing on the ship, over and over, as there is no bonus to spreading your shots out. You'll need to reload one time, but after that keep firing at the ship again. It is so large you shouldn't have a hard time hitting it, and after seven hits or so it will sink.

With the ship down, you may now have a chance to escape. Some of you will go the talk to a ship's captain that just arrived, while others will go to collect Javier. Arthur will just survey the destruction. Walk to the end of the bridge to finish the mission.

Paradise Mercifully Departed

Arthur and the gang must destroy gun emplacements on the coast, and rescue the ship captain, before they can leave the island.

Prerequisite: Hell Hath No Fury

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Kill the first 2 sentries without being spotted.
  • Escort the captain to the boat within 1 minute 45 seconds.
  • Complete within 6 minutes 45 seconds.
  • Get 25 headshots.

After the last mission, you will once again be immediately thrust into this one. Fussar is apparently really intent on keeping you here. Not only has he captured the captain of the boat meant to sail you out, but he's placed guns all along the shore that are meant to fire on you and sink your ship even if you do leave. Jeez, obsessed with us much? You'll have to deal with both of these situations, so follow the gang as they run off towards the first artillery location. Follow them to the back of it, then sneak it with Micah. You'll want to use a stealth kill on the guard nearest to you while Micah kills the other. Walk over to where the artillery is at and use the indicated button prompt to plant the explosives.

You'll run out after towards the next artillery location. Arthur will immediately duck behind some cover. Take aim at the guard on the roof and kill him before moving on. Run to just outside the doorway and then take cover on either side. There will be three more enemies inside. A rifle or other similar weapon should make short work of them, so kill them and then move on. Hercule will run ahead, and when he moves to cover get some cover yourself on the other side. There will be two more guards down on the ground and another in the nearby tower. Kill the guards on the ground quickly and then maybe use your Dead Eye to make sure you kill the guard in the tower in a single headshot.

Hercule will motion you up the stairs. There will be one more guard up here that runs out when you get to the top, so keep your gun drawn and shoot him as soon as he's out in the open. When the rest of the gang reaches your position, Micah will start planting explosives and the rest of you will need to hold off any incoming enemies. Follow Dutch and then grab some cover behind the chest high wall next to where he stops. More guards will come out of the field, and this wall will provide excellent cover. Go for headshots if you can, and Dutch will also help thin their ranks. There aren't too many here, so take your time and score your kills where you can. Once they're cleared out, head back to Micah. He'll just be finished planting the charges, so take off running when he does.

He leads you right to where the captain is being held. This also happens to be the area with the most guards together in this mission. Find some good cover, and the wall right in front of the house you past is a really good spot. Use all your Dead Eye up here to make this part go by faster. Be quick about it, and try not to spend too much time on any one enemy. Once Dutch tells you to move up, follow him and keep picking off enemies as they arrive. You have enough allies here that you won't be in too much danger, and even if you stand out in the open when moving up very few of them will be concentrating on you. Make good use of your mini-map to locate any enemies you can't find, and work your way through all of them to secure the area.

Once they're dead you can run into the blue house marked on your mini-map. You'll get yourself in a good ol' fashioned stand off inside. Enjoy the dialogue between Dutch and the others. You can look back and forth between them using the right analog stick. At a certain point, you can look down at the captain, too, who starts moving. Look at him, and the use the button prompt to kick the gun over. He'll take out one of them, but Fussar himself will escape through a window. I'm sure that won't come back to bite us. The captain will thank you, and then you are free to run back to his ship.

Run with everyone else until you run into some reinforcements. The boxes in front of you provide some great cover, so hide behind them and deal with the guys in front of you. There are only four, so make your way through them while popping out of cover to get some quick shots in. You guys actually outnumber them here, so it shouldn't take too long to clear them out. Keep running, and along the way you should run into a couple very small groups of guards in numbers of like one to two people, total. Your allies might actually kill them before you can even get your gun out, but if you want to make things even easier just keep your shotgun on hand. A lot of these guys will be right on you and you'll be able to kill them in a single hit. Keep on moving forward, killing the guards as you go, until you trigger a cutscene and Fussar starts shooting at you.

He has a piece of artillery from a nearby tower, which make things a bit more complicated. Fortunately, he's a terrible shot. Run down with Hercule and when he points out the second piece of artillery, run to it. You need to aim at the top of the tower, and I mean very top. Not where the window is, but above that, at the absolute top where you should see some wooden platform sticking out. Aim up here and with a direct hit you will take out Fussar. Goodbye, jerk. With him dead, your way back to Lemoyne is clear. Dutch still wants to rescue the rest of the gang, so it looks like that is what we'll be doing next.

Dear Uncle Tacitus

Arthur heads for Shady Belle to try to track down the rest of the group.

Prerequisite: Paradise Mercifully Departed

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Leave Shady Belle without being detected by the Pinkertons.
  • Complete within 8 minutes.

Unfortunately, you can't rest just yet. As soon as you land at Van Horn, this mission will be immediately triggered. Dutch wants you to check out Shady Belle, so we need to make our way there. Steal a horse from somewhere around Van Horn, and there usually will be a good one to take almost right in front of where you start. Get on the horse and ride towards Shady Belle. The good news is almost immediately the game lets you switch to cinematic camera and just watch, if you want. A great song will come on to set the mood, so sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery.

Once you get to Shady Belle, go inside and check the room to your right. On the table will be a letter from 'Caroline'. Read it to find that whatever is left of the gang is looking for you (a.k.a. Tacitus Kilgore) and is at Lakay. The bad news is some Pinkertons arrive just as you finish reading the letter to search the mansion. They'll notice fresh footprints and go inside. Arthur will duck behind one of the walls, and one of the Pinkertons will walk right past you and turn to his left. You can stealth kill him if you want, or let him go. Either way, exit the room the way he came in and turn left back towards the front door. None of the Pinkertons should see you since they'll be positioned elsewhere. Go outside and take one of their horses. Ride out of Shady Belle and the game will take the liberty of automatically riding you right near Lakay. Go to the objective marker on your map for a sweet reunion.

Fleeting Joy

Arthur is reunited with the gang at Lakay. Milton arrives with his Pinkertons, and attacks the camp.

Prerequisite: Dear Uncle Tacitus

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Kill 2 Pinkertons during the Dead Eye ambush.
  • Get 5 headshots with the Gatling gun.
  • Get at least 70% accuracy with the Gatling gun.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

Once again, you won't have time to rest because this mission starts as soon as the last one ends. It is a joyous reunion all around! First you show up! Then Dutch comes back! Then Bill returns! Then the Pinkertons arrive!

...wait, what?

The Pinkertons somehow show up almost immediately after everyone else, and they've brought all the guns they could get their hands on. You start under fire with a Gatling gun taking aim at your flimsy wooden house. You'll begin crawling and you need to follow Sadie out the back of the house. Follow her all the way out as she'll lead you to a trap door underneath the other house, which will give you a chance to flank them. Climb up when you're under the trap door and move over to where Sadie is hiding for cover. After listening to the Pinkertons taunt for a while, Sadie will toss you a rifle and you'll go into an automatic Dead Eye sequence. Move from target to target, scoring head shots on each and every person standing outside. After you clear them all out, exit Dead Eye and move forward a bit.

More Pinkertons are going to be arriving. Check your mini-map to get an idea of their location and quickly get yourself into cover. Take out any in this area, and then when Sadie and Bill push on a head follow them. There will be more Pinkertons on the edges of the swamp, so look to your mini-map to see where they're at. If they're behind trees, your map won't always mark them for you so be cautious about wandering out. Take the fight to them in this segment, running around the side of trees and killing every last Pinkerton you can find. Cover is a good thing because you likely won't have much Dead Eye, but keep moving forward, finding new cover, and then killing anyone that is out in the open. There are probably six to eight enemies you'll need to kill here, so keep moving through them until there is finally a break in the fighting.

Finally, at the end of this mission we get to have some FUN. More Pinkertons are arriving, but Sadie has the brilliant idea of getting to the Gatling gun. Run over to it and jump in. From here on out, your finger should never leave the trigger. Rain death and destruction down upon everyone stupid enough to wander into your sights. Keep an eye on your mini-map to see where enemies are at because it can be hard to see in the dark. Swing the gun over to where ever the highest concentration of Pinkertons is at a given moment. Your gun will make short work of everyone, and shortly after they'll begin to flee.

Phew. The good news is the next mission does not occur automatically, so you will finally have a chance to breathe and look around a bit if you want.

That's Murfree Country

Dutch sends Arthur and Charles to Beaver Hollow to find a new location for the gang's camp.

Prerequisite: Fleeting Joy

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Deliver Meredith to her mother within 2 minutes.
  • Get 15 headshots.
  • Complete with at least 85% accuracy.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

After having your fun exploring again (finally), you can go an talk to Dutch in camp. He is, uh, not doing great with all the events that are going on. He has no plan yet, and he's ignoring Arthur's advice. The best he can offer right now is he thinks there is land up north that the gang can hold for a time while he thinks of something. Him and Micah are going to stick around to do some "reconnaissance" (which he says as suspiciously as possible), but he wants you and Charles to lead the rest of the gang northward past Butcher Creek.

Go talk to Charles and ask with him to ride with you north of Butcher Creek. He correctly identifies that as Murfree country. If you haven't met the Murfrees yet, just know you're going to be in for a bad time. Get on your horse and follow Charles. He'll suggest taking a canoe, but this will be easier if you just ride up on your horse as you'll have access to your saddle and your full inventory of weapons that way. You'll need to follow Charles for a little while as he fills you in on all the things you missed while you were away, but eventually the game will take over and you'll automatically finish your ride to Butcher Creek through a quick cutscene. Keep on following Charles while he fills you in on just how crazy this Murfree gang is.

After a bit, Charles will spot some people up ahead. Slow down and get off your horse when he tells you to. Make sure you grab whatever weapons you want before leaving. Follow Charles as he flanks the Murfrees, and when he tells you to, take out one of them, silently. Use a throwing knife if you have it and go for a headshot. Charles will take out the other, and you can continue moving to the top of a nearby hill. After scoping the place out and finding some..."interesting" artwork, you are given a choice on how to proceed. You can either try to sneak in the cave or use dynamite to lure them all out. Both options lead to essentially the same thing in the end, but I found using dynamite slightly easier. It allows you to wait in a safer location while you're being attacked. Either choice is perfectly fine though, and most of the mission will play out the same way.

If you choose to sneak in, go behind the guard at the entrance of the cave and stealth kill him from behind. There will be another man standing a bit further in and either you or Charles can go forward and stealth kill him as well. After, move towards the ledge on your right and drop down with Charles to stealth kill the two guards standing over here. No matter how sneaky-stealthy you are though, someone will automatically see you at this point, so find some cover and get ready for a fight.

If you choose the dynamite option: GOOD. Sneak up with Charles and when he hides behind some crates, get in cover right next to him. Equip your dynamite and toss it right ahead in the cave. Don't stop just now though, because a whole swarm of Murfrees are about to come running out. It is a great time to get another stick of dynamite ready and toss it right towards the same spot you did last time. They're all running out at once, and by next two dynamite throws here killed four at once and then three at once. They are coming through a very small area in a huge group, and this is one of the few times in the entire game that dynamite is super effective at crowd control. If you have dynamite to spare, it makes this part a lot easier than if you don't. You can clear out almost their entire group just by throwing in another three or four sticks of dynamite if you aim them well. If any of the Murfrees manage to get past your dynamite barrage, quickly switch to a gun because they're going to be on you quickly.

If you don't have dynamite or if you miss your throw, switch over to your gun. The shotgun is best for this part, because most of the Murfrees are melee based and will be sprinting right towards you. The shotgun is great for clearing them out once they get close and is a guaranteed single shot kill. Something like a repeater is great as well because of how many shots off you get in a single round, so you can go into Dead Eye and fire off three quick headshots no problem. The worst weapons are either your bow or your rifles because they are extremely slow and you'll need to reload all the time. The Murfrees are fast and absolutely brutal, and if you let them get close to you they can kill you in a single hit. Speed is key here, so make good use of your position behind the crates and kill them as quickly as you can. Immediately target any one you see running towards you with a melee weapon, because it will be an instant kill if they reach you.

After the initial huge wave, things get much easier. There will be a few stragglers that won't come out of the cave, so when things get quiet and no one else is running out, head inside. Make good use of your mini-map here, because it will show you exactly where the Murfrees are hiding. You will only have to fight them one or two at a time now, and the good news is you can switch out to whatever gun you are most comfortable with because it won't really matter at this point. If you made good use of dynamite, you likely will have a lot of Dead Eye remaining, so use it now. Go for headshots, and the final six or so guys that are hiding down here won't be much of a threat. If Arthur hasn't asked Charles if he sees anymore yet, that means there are still more left, hiding. Check the danger indicator on your mini-map to see where the threat is coming from, and take him out.

After the Murfrees are finally all dead, you will find a woman locked up in a cage, screaming for help. You can try to calm her down if you want, but all you need to do is move to the front of it and follow the button prompt to open it. She'll tell you she's from Annesburg, so you need to escort her back into town while Charles goes to get the others. Follow the trail on your mini-map to find your way back to Annesburg. Ride to the indicated area, and then get off your horse. Arthur will escort the woman back to her mother, who offers to pay you for your troubles. You can either accept or refuse, but there is no positive or negative effect on your honor either way. Ride back to camp to find an unwelcome guest, and you'll finish off the chapter after a cutscene.

Optional Missions

There are two missions that are classified as Chapter 6 missions by the game but can be completed in Chapter 5. These are A Fork in the Road and Icarus and Friends. If you choose to start either of these missions now, please refer to the Chapter 6 section of the guide for more info. They will need to be completed to finish the story, but they are technically optional to complete in Chapter 5. You can either go to Saint Denis to try and start Icarus and Friends right after Fleeting Joy, or you can go do That's Murfree Country instead, which will wrap up the chapter. Do so and you will need to complete these two missions in Chapter 6, instead.

If you complete A Fork in the Road, however, then four additional optional missions will appear. These do not need to be completed, and you can go to the ending without completing any of them. However, they are time sensitive and can only be completed during Chapter 5 or Chapter 6, so do not wait too long to get around to them. These are also included in the Chapter 6 section, so if you're looking for either Of Men and Angels or Do Not Seek Absolution, please refer to that section as well. It is highly recommended you do not complete Do Not Seek Absolution until Chapter 6, because there is a pretty big continuity error in the game if you do complete this mission before finishing That's Murfree Country.

More Fun Stuff To Do

There really isn't too much else you can do here until you reach the very end of the chapter. Most of your time is spent in Guarma, and in Guarma you really don't have much reason to explore. There are a couple of animals or birds that are mostly exclusive to Guarma, so you can fill in some of the missing spots of your compendium if you want. There aren't too many animals though, and there are actually a couple of islands in Flat Iron Lake where you will also be able to find some of these animals. So poke around Guarma a bit if you want, but for the most part you will want to quickly get through Fleeting Joy as that will finally open things up a bit.

In terms of genuine, new stuff, there is a single new stranger mission you can finish. You'll have to wait until Fleeting Joy is finished, but afterwards you can do The Wisdom of the Elders (found west of Van Horn). There are a couple of other stranger missions you could theoretically do, but it is better to wait until Chapter 6 because that is when we will be doing some serious exploration.