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by Suprak the Stud

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Suprak the Stud

Version: 0.95 | Updated: 03/19/19


Chapter 4: Saint Denis

Welcome to Saint Denis. Or, if you visited the city during Chapter 3 because it is like a two minute ride...welcome back to Saint Denis! Chapter 4 has a bit more urgency to it, since you start the chapter looking for Jack, but don't let that dissuade you from exploring. There aren't as many main story missions in this chapter as there were in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, but the game more than makes up for it with optional missions, stranger missions, and all sorts of other stuff to see and do.

The Joys of Civilization

Having just arrived in Saint Denis, Dutch and Arthur ask around the Bastille Saloon for information on Angelo Bronte.

Prerequisite: None.

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Catch the street urchin before he reaches the market.
  • Complete within 5 minutes 30 seconds.

As soon as Chapter 4 opens, Dutch wants you to find Jack. First you'll need to find Angelo Bronte, the man who took him. All you know is he's somewhere in Saint Denis, which isn't a great start because it is far and away the largest city in the game. Three possible locations will now pop up on your map, all of which are locations you can go to ask about Angelo. The one towards the middle of the city that is the westernmost of the three is closest, and it also happens to be the only one you really need to go to.

Go inside and head to the bar. Call the bartender over, and once he finishes his conversation he'll come pour you a whiskey. When you ask about Bronte, he's a lot less helpful. All he'll tell you is that you should leave it before ending the conversation entirely. Fortunately, a local drunk overhears and has some sort of beef with Bronte. He doesn't know exactly where to find him, but he thinks the kids in the alleyway might. Go around the alley behind the saloon, and continue towards the center where you'll hear two women talking about some crazy old superstition. Ask them about the kids, and they'll point you in their direction. Go to talk to them, and one of them offers to take you to Bronte for the low, low price of $5. What a brat.

Follow him as he gives you a brief tour of the city. And then they'll steal your bag. WHAT A BRAT. Chase after his accomplice as he flees through the city. You won't be able to catch him, but you need to keep pace as he leads you all over town. After a little while, he'll dart down an alley and you'll lose sight of him. Ask the man at the end of the alley if he's seen the boy. He'll say no but direct you to a second group of men. Ask them and they'll point you in the right direction. The boy will flee again at this point, and you'll need to chase after him once again. While you're running after him, he'll eventually close a door behind him. Climb the wall instead and continue the chase. He will once again disappear into a bigger crowd, prompting another scene where you have to search for him. Talk to the two men loudly talking near where you came in at, and they'll tell you he's just around the corner. Follow one more time, and you'll eventually chase him into a dead end with a lot of kids his age waiting for you. WHAT A BUNCH OF BRATS.

The leader wants to know why you want to talk to Bronte, as the entire group apparently works for him. There is some tension here, but the little group of thieves eventually gives you your stuff back and tells you where you can find Bronte. Now you just need to head back to the objective marker to meet up with Dutch. Now that you finally know where your target is, maybe you can finally get Jack back.

Going For Gold: Both of the requirements here are sort of related, because in order to complete it under the time limit you will need to catch the street urchin well before he gets to the market. Fortunately, the time limit here is fairly reasonable so you should be able to hit it within your first couple of tries so long as you are familiar with the mission already. Some tips for cutting down time, including how to catch him early, are listed below.

  • After you talk to the bartender, you can start to leave and a drunk will come up and talk to you about Bronte. He points you to the direction of the urchins, but you can keep on walking. So keep walking to the alley behind the saloon as that is where he'll point you to anyway. You'll likely be halfway down it before he even finishes telling you about it.
  • The urchins are always in the same spot every time, so you can head directly to them without asking about their location from anyone else. Once you reach the end of the alley, turn left and you'll see a small wall with a fountain on the side of it. Run towards it and climb over it, then sprint under the arch to reach the urchins.
  • Stand close to the urchin guiding you when he's telling you about the church. If you stand further away, it'll trigger a second dialogue where the urchin that steals from you tells you some more about religion and wastes your time.
  • When the urchin jumps on the back of the wagon, run after him. Immediately turn right when he reaches the street where he jumps on the trolley. There is a horse here you need to get on (and you can't catch him before the trolley anyway). Ride the horse after him until he ducks into the alley as fast as you can.

At this point, you can now catch him, but its tough. There are actually two spots to catch him, so I'll provide tips for each. The first is just down the alley you run into. Turn left at the end and go under an archway and you'll see a group of three men talking. To their right is another archway, and the urchin is just beyond that. Now, you cannot hit anything as your run through here or it will slow you down and the urchin will take off before you clear the archway. But, if you're fast, you can tackle him immediately past the archway. It is very tight though, and if you miss him he'll take off before you have a chance. Hold down the attack button when going through the archway and you'll knock him to the ground. From here, you can finish the mission well within time (by a couple of minutes, at least).

If you miss him there, you still have a chance later on. Follow him down the next alley and he'll close a gate. Climb it and follow him up the stairs and around the balcony and you'll find yourself on a roof. He'll run to the left, but you should go directly over the roof to the right and cut him off at the edge of it. This one is almost guaranteed to work, so if you miss the first spot you can try here instead. If you miss him here though, you'll need to restart the mission entirely. Once you tackle him in either location, run immediately back to Dutch. So long as you took the shortcuts earlier, you'll finish it even if you have to wait to get him at the second possible spot.

No, No and Thrice, No

Susan and Arthur head to the Foreman Brothers' hideout to rescue Tilly, who has been kidnapped.

Prerequisite: The Joys of Civilization

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Kill both of the Foreman boys yourself during the chase.
  • Complete with at least 90% accuracy.

What a nice relaxing mission this is going to be! Arthur sits down to have a nice, friendly chat about Mary-Beth and the two of them get to talking about life. It is quiet, plaintive missions where you just get to - oh, wait, never mind. Tilly got herself kidnapped. Miss Grimshaw runs up to let you know that one of the men in the gang she used to travel with snatched her up and took her to some place near Rhodes. Why can't we just get one relaxing mission now and then?

Get on the wagon and follow the trail. Miss Grimshaw will fill you in along the way, and you'll soon arrive at a place called Radley's House just west of Rhodes. There is a guard waiting for you outside, but Miss Grimshaw says she can take care of him. She walks up to him and stabs him in the neck. Well, that's one way to do it I suppose. Equip your gun and run through the front door. There will be a man sitting at the table that you can kill with a quick headshot. Kick down the door to your right and you'll find another man holding Tilly at gunpoint. He'll try to pull the gun on you, so quickly activate Dead Eye and kill him before he has a chance to fire. Free Tilly, and she'll tell you that the man who took her and the rest of the gang went out hunting. You'll hear them outside, but once you open the door they'll flee. You will get on your horse now and give chase.

There will be a group of three, with Anthony Foreman out front. Pull out your gun and ride after the man in the back. Once you're close enough, activate Dead Eye and fire off a headshot to take him out. If you lose him at any point, check your mini-map as the red indication will show you what direction he's in. Repeat this process for the second rider, again taking him out first chance you get. Anthony will be next, but you don't want to kill him just yet. Pull out your rope because we're going to lasso him. Ride up close enough so you can hit him with your lasso, and then toss it over him to pull him off his horse. Hogtie him and load him onto the back of your horse. Miss Grimshaw goes back to check on Tilly, leaving you alone with Anthony. Follow the trail to find your way back to Tilly.

Ride to the objective marker, then take Anthony off your horse and drop him at Tilly's feet. She wants him to tell the rest of his gang to leave you alone, but Miss Grimshaw wants you to just kill him and be done with it. You're free to do whatever you feel is best, and afterwards the mission will end either way.

Going For Gold: This is a nice, quick easy gold medal. The 90% accuracy requirement basically means you can't miss a shot here at all, because there are only five possible enemies in the entire level. Let Ms. Grimshaw kill the guy outside the house, and then you can kill the two inside the house with a single shot. You can use Dead Eye if you need to, but they will both be really close and as soon as you aim at them you can fire and guarantee a hit. Once you're giving chase to the three guys on horseback, you will need to take out the first two yourself. Mrs. Grimshaw isn't all that great of a shot, so this really isn't all that complicated. Ride after until you see one, enter Dead Eye, and then kill them with a single headshot. Just be careful to time your shots during this chase, because you will be darting around the forest and if you aren't careful you can accidentally shoot a tree. So long as you don't miss any shots, you'll get the gold medal once the mission is over.

Angelo Bronte, A Man of Honor

John, Dutch and Arthur head to Bronte's mansion to get Jack back. Bronte asks the gang to clear out the local graveyard in return for Jack.

Prerequisite: The Joys of Civilization

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Encounter the dog and the drunk.
  • Don't get spotted by the law.
  • Complete within 10 minutes 40 seconds.
  • Get 4 headshots.

After learning about Angelo Bronte in The Joys of Civilization, you can now go pay him a visit with Dutch and the gang. Go to the objective marker to meet up with Dutch and John. The three of you head in together, and Dutch has some big plan about charming Bronte and getting Jack back. He does this by threatening a guard almost instantly to get inside. Great start, Dutch! You do get inside, though, and he talks to Bronte for a while. It isn't what looks to be a friendly meeting at first, but Dutch apparently works his magic and before long the four of you are sharing drinks. He will return Jack, but he has a favor first. Some men are grave robbing in the nearby cemetery, and he's particularly unhappy about it because they aren't even paying him his cut. He sends John and Arthur out to go deal with them while Dutch stays behind for more drinks.

Get on your horse and follow John as he knows the way to the cemetery. Both of you agree you probably shouldn't trust Bronte just yet, but there is little choice in the matter. Hitch the horses when you get there, and then follow John across the street. You'll need to search for the grave robbers once you're in the cemetery. There is some other stuff to find here, including a dog and a noisy drunk, but all you really need to do is walk straight ahead until you're almost at the end of the cemetery. You want to head to the northeast corner where there will be some noises coming from a big mausoleum. Arthur and John will kick the door open revealing...nothing. And then the grave robbers start shooting at you from behind. Oops.

There will be a handful of enemies now, and you'll duck down behind a grave for cover. Quickly pop up and activate your Dead Eye. Shoot anyone who has their head peaking out at this time. You want to clear this group out as quickly as you can, which fortunately should not be too tough because there aren't too many of them and John will be helping. Keep an eye on your mini-map to see where they're at because visibility will be low here. Locate one of them and the use Dead Eye to quickly take them out. There aren't too many foes here, so you should be able to use Dead Eye on each and every one of them and still have plenty to spare. Follow John if he leaves because he'll lead you to more targets. Repeat this process here, firing at them until they are all dead.

With the grave robbers taken care of, you'll now need to locate their stash. Go to the highlighted area on your map and the stash will be somewhere in there. Once you reach it, follow the main path until you come to a small gated mausoleum. You can open up the gates, and the money will be right on top of the tomb. The police arrive at this point, because shooting at people in a quiet cemetery in a busy town tends to draw their attention. Follow John as he tries to escape through the gate at the near side. It is unfortunately locked, so you'll have to go the other way. The only problem here is that also happens to be where all the police are at this point.

The cemetery is a mess of graves and there will be plenty of law enforcement milling about, but you want to sneak through here unseen. Your best bet is sticking as close to John as possible. He leads you out without any confrontations with the law, so stay close to him and do exactly what he says. At one point a cop will come to look at a body, and John will tell you to hide. Duck down right next to where he is and the cop will pass on by after checking out the corpse. After that, just follow him and he'll lead you out. At the exit, two of the law enforcement officers will go in different directions, but neither will pass by you. Wait for John, and then run out with him to your horse.

Follow the yellow trail on your mini-map to get back to Bronte's mansion. Dutch and Jack (!) are outside waiting for you. Huh. Not everything turned out terribly. Hooray! You will now ride back to camp. There are a couple of optional dialogues you can engage in on the way back if you want to, but other than that the ride home is thankfully pretty boring. The camp is in a very festive mood once you return and ready to celebrate Jack's return. Dutch has more plans for the days to come, but that can wait. Celebrate with the rest of the camp as long as you want and then turn in.

The Gilded Cage

The gang attend a party hosted by the Mayor of Saint Denis. While at the party, they meet with Bronte, and look for job opportunities.

Prerequisite: Angelo Bronte, A Man of Honor

Gold Medal Requirements
  • While at the party, pour some drinks, compliment a guest's attire, accept a gift and save a life.
  • Follow the servant without being detected.

After your night of partying following Angelo Bronte, A Man of Honor, you'll wake up with a new mission (and a headache). Go speak to Hosea to start it. Dutch is planning to take Bronte up on his offer, which means one thing: PARTY TIME. Dutch, Hosea, Bill and yourself all get dressed in your finest suits that you probably didn't even think they had. When you arrive at the mayor's house, follow the escort as he will lead you to Bronte. Bronte seems even more dangerous and hostile than you probably thought at first, but he does give you one good tip. The trolley station in town has a lot of money and is relatively unguarded. Bid your farewells and follow the escort again, this time back down the stairs.

When you and Dutch meet up with the others, he wants you to split up and mingle with the elites here. Everyone has a different job, and Dutch wants you to talk to the mayor. You can wander around and listen in on some conversations if you want first. When you want to find the mayor, check the fountain near the middle of the festivities as he will be right in front of it. He will be in the process of getting yelled at a man who is drunk and racist, which is a terrible combination. Arthur will grab the drunk, and you just need to steer him to the objective marker to get rid of him. Return to the mayor to get his thanks, and then watch some fireworks. Unfortunately, Arthur and Dutch hear the mayor say something about Cornwall, and you'll need to find out what.

Follow the servant as he heads back into the house. This part is fairly simple, and you just want to follow at a decent distance so he doesn't spot you. There will be a couple of times when he stops to talk to someone. At this point, you will want to stop as well. There is actually a button input to eavesdrop the first time this happens, so use it and then start walking again when he moves on. He will talk to another servant inside, and then walk into a room. Do not follow him into this room, and duck behind something because he is about to walk back out to yell at a maid. When he's done, follow him upstairs. He'll unlock a room, and then stick a ledger inside a desk. Wait for him to move to the back of the room and then go inside and grab the ledger when the game tells you to. With that in hand, hurry back downstairs to the new objective marker to talk to Dutch.

You will leave the party and head back to camp after this. Dutch has a couple of new leads on how to get enough money to get out of here, though, so the party wasn't a total waste.

American Fathers - I

Dutch mentioned that the gang might be able to help Evelyn Miller with lobbying officials in Saint Denis on behalf of Rains Fall, the Native American Chief.

Prerequisite: The Gilded Cage

Gold Medal Requirements
  • N/A

With The Gilded Cage complete, you now have a choice of three missions that unlock. The most straightforward of these is probably this one, which can be found right in the heart of Saint Denis. It will be marked as a stranger mission on your map, but it will be highlighted in yellow meaning that it is required to move on. Go there to meet with Evelyn Miller, Rains Fall, and his son. Their land is being taken from them, and they request your help stealing a document proving why it is being done. Arthur declines at first, but when they offer to pay him, suddenly he becomes interested. You will want to meet them at Cornwall Kerosene & Tar to start the next part of this mission, but you will have to wait a couple of hours for this. For now, move on and find something else to do.

American Fathers - II

Arthur meets Eagle Flies outside Cornwall Kerosene and Tar, an prepares to break in to steal a report on the oil reserves at the Wapiti Reservation.

Prerequisite: American Fathers - I

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Infiltrate the factory by hiding in the wagon.
  • Reach Danbury's office without being detected.
  • Kill all the horseback pursuers during the escape.
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy.

You must wait two in game hours after completing American Fathers - I, and then this mission marker will pop up on your map. It will be all the way over in central New Hanover, so either use fast travel or saddle up for a fairly long ride. Rains Fall's son will be there, waiting for you. He'll point out where you need to go and even give you a few helpful tips on how to sneak in. How nice! His best idea is to sneak in via a wagon, and almost as soon as he's done talking you should see a wagon riding by. Run over to the back of it and then use the indicated button press to climb up the back. You are free to use another wagon, or to just sneak in under the fence, but this will probably be the easiest way to get in.

Wait until the wagon parks inside, and then get off the wagon when the button prompt comes up. Walk straight ahead after getting off, and you'll see an open door on your right just before the staircase. Go inside and quickly take a look at your map to see where all the guards are at. The staircase is at the far end of this room, and you'll need to find your way across. Wait for a guard to walk around the equipment in the middle of the room, and then follow him. This will take you on the left side of all the stuff in the middle, and should obscure you from the rest of the guards. When the guy you're following turns to go outside, keep going straight all the way to the end of the room and the staircase. There are two other guards in here, but one of them just stands in the back corner and the other one moves but exclusively on the other side of the stuff in the middle of the room. If you don't stop walking, you should be able to get from the door to the staircase in one shot.

Once at the top of the stairs turn right. There will be a guard on the opposite side of the walkway, and you just need to wait until he moves and starts looking out a window. The door you want to get to is beyond him, marked in yellow on your mini-map. You can sneak right past him without him noticing you since he'll be so distracted by how pretty the moon is (probably). Open the door to find Danbury. He doesn't seem to keen to help at first, but if you alternate between threatening him and beating him for a little while, he'll eventually turn over the documents. Arthur scares him so bad he won't even rat you out when a guard comes to check on him.

Now, sneak out the indicated window. You'll slide down off the roof in front of three guards. Smooth. Luckily, Eagle Flies blows something up to distract them, giving you time to duck behind cover. Quickly take the three of them out via headshots through Dead Eye. After, run down to the highlighted area. There are a lot of guards that will just keep coming if you let them, but if you hurry you can get out of here with minimal fighting. Quickly go into Dead Eye and kill anyone that runs out in front of you, but try to continue to the highlighted area quickly. You want to get to the other side of the fire, because Eagle Flies will be waiting for you with your horse. There will at least be a handful of guards here no matter how fast you run. You can kill them if you want, or try to run past them to your horse. If you are going to fight, try to find some cover first. Once you're ready, use your mini-map to locate your horse and then climb on and ride out.

There will be a little chase afterwards, but they only send out a handful of fighters. Turn around while on your horse to get a better aim and then use Dead Eye and headshot to dispatch anyone following you. Once you ride a little further, the two of you will stop for a second. Eagle Flies thanks you for your help, and hands over the cash you were promised before riding off.

Going For Gold: Most of this mission is very easy. Sneaking in through the wagon and then getting to the office undetected are both quite simple, and you can just follow the strategy outlined above for both. You will need to finish with 80% accuracy, which is extremely obtainable especially considering there is not a time or headshot requirement. Go for body shots here as they are almost guaranteed to hit. Aim to automatically lock on to a target's torso, fire off a shot, and then get back into cover. It'll take two shots to kill them, but if you want to play it safe this is the way to go. You can of course go for headshots and use Dead Eye as needed to help out. Save some for the very end of the mission though as you will need it to kill the enemies on horseback.

Killing your pursuers is fairly easy, with the only hard part being that Eagle Flies can kill one of the guys on his own very quickly and cause you to fail your objective. Because of this, it is best to ride out extremely slowly so Eagle Flies gets a good head start on you. He'll tell you when pursuers are coming, and immediately locate them using your mini-map and go into Dead Eye to score some quick kills. If they get too close you risk Eagle Flies killing them, so ride very slowly on your way out and then kill them as quickly as you can. Fortunately this mission is short and simple, so if you fail once you can easily try again.

A Fine Night of Debauchery

While at the Mayor's party, the gang learned of a card tournament being held on the Grand Korrigan riverboat. Strauss and Trelawny fix a game so Arthur can win big on the tables.

Prerequisite: The Gilded Cage

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Win the game of Poker without Strauss's help.
  • After your cover is blown, escape the boat in under 35 seconds.
  • Get 5 headshots.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

One of Dutch's plans after The Gilded Cage involves robbing a riverboat. The next day, you will be able to find Trelawny in town who was sent to investigate it first. Find Trelawny at his objective marker, but he won't be ready to rob the riverboat just yet. Apparently Arthur looks like "a dirt cowboy" and "a mess" and "who's blood is that on you anyway?" so Trelawny doesn't think he'd fit in with the fine society on the riverboat and would tip them off immediately that you're there to rob them. Follow Trelawny in to the tailor to buy the fine three piece suit. It'll be free for the purposes of this mission, so you won't need to save up for it. We're going to go full Pretty Woman here, so next follow Trelawny to the barber. Get your facial hair trimmed extra close and style your hair with pomade. Now head outside with Trelawny and enter the nearby stagecoach. The coach will take you to the riverboat while Trelawny details the plans to you. Walk on board when you get there.

The crux of this robbery involves you, Trelawny, and Strauss having rigged a poker game for you to win. You'll need to watch for clues from Strauss and the dealer though to do as well as possible. When you get into the poker room, walk to the highlighted spot on your map to find your table. The game will start, and once you are dealt your first hand you can use the indicated button prompt to focus in on Strauss. When he shakes his head no, fold. When he nods yes, you can go all in at any point. If you're having trouble reading his cues, fold the first hand. Your mark, Mr. Blythe will win and bust out the rest of the table. Now, with the rest of them gone, you will play Blythe alone.

Again, you can focus in on Strauss on any point if you are not sure or want to do this yourself. However, the next hand after Blythe busts the rest of the table, you can go all in and beat him. If you just keep calling him, he will go all in after the flop. Arthur taunts him just a little bit after he wins, and Blythe tells you he can keep on playing with the value of his very expensive watch he has in the safe upstairs. Sit back down for your next hand, which again you want to go all in on. Blythe will go all in automatically, so just call and you'll win the hand on the river.

Now you'll go upstairs with a new guard (a.k.a. Javier) to collect the watch from the safe room. After the pit boss opens the safe, Javier will make his move. Walk over to the Pitt boss to disarm him, then loot the safe. As soon as you reach inside, he'll pull a second gun on you and you'll go into an automatic Dead Eye sequence. Simply move the cursor up to his head quickly and pull the trigger. Finish looting the safe afterwards and then follow Javier. He'll lead you back to the main room, and you'll have just enough time to sit down for a second before your cover is blown and everyone starts shooting.

You start the shoot out behind some really nice cover and with plenty of enemies in front of you. Take your time and make use of your Dead Eye. This is the only time all mission you need it, so there is no sense in conserving it. Go into Dead Eye quickly and lock on to a target for a headshot before dropping back down into cover. There aren't too many enemies here, actually, and after you kill four or five the rest of your gang should have finished off the rest. They'll start running this point, so quickly follow them down the hallway they enter. There will be more guards that arrive around the stairwell at this point, but you can just run past them and let Javier hold them off. Follow the rest of the group and you'll automatically jump into the water.

You'll somehow manage to swim to shore and divide up the goods when you get back. Your take will be $750. Not bad for a night of gambling.

Horsemen, Apocalypses

Dutch and Arthur discuss their plans for the trolley station, but something interrupts them.

Prerequisite: The Gilded Cage and No, No and Thrice, No

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Shoot the O'Driscoll's in the boat before they disembark.
  • Complete using only sidearms.
  • Complete with at least 70% accuracy.
  • Get 15 headshots.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

You must wait two in-game hours after completing The Gilded Cage and No, No, and Thrice, No must be completed first, but when you do Sadie will be waiting for you back in camp. Before you two can talk that much, Dutch comes back and needs to speak to you. He has plans to hit the trolley station Bronte told you about, but before he can get into that too much stuff starts to happen. Lets just say the O'Driscolls are sending a message.

You'll start off at the top of the balcony with a whole bunch of O'Driscolls baring down on you. You have great cover and an even better vantage point from up here, so pop out and take some headshots at any O'Driscoll dumb enough to be out in the open. You aren't in too much danger while you're up here, so take this time to clear out any many enemies at the bottom as you can. They mostly won't even be aiming for you, giving you plenty of time to take your shots. Using Dead Eye might make things a bit easier, particularly for any enemies that are moving in and out of cover. There will be a lot down there, so anywhere you look you should find a target. Take out multiple at once using one Dead Eye activation if you can, and keep killing them until Dutch sends you to defend the door downstairs.

Run downstairs and you'll see some camp members running inside to hide. Burst through the front door and usher the few remaining stragglers in with the others. Hurry over to the barricades over by John, or use the bannisters just outside the front door as cover. There are plenty more enemies out here, but this segment shouldn't be too bad because you'll still have a lot of help. You will be in the direct line of fire so you'll want to us cover more than during the balcony shootout, so only pop out when you have a target in mind. Dead Eye is even more useful here to prevent you from being out of cover for too long. You won't have to worry about anyone flanking you, so keep looking ahead and picking off targets whenever you have a chance. Soon, a wagon will arrive with reinforcements and when this happens you'll want to run back to the house.

Once inside, follow the button prompts to barricade the door. Dutch will put you to guarding the back windows, so run back there. You have perfect cover here, so take your time. There will only be a couple of enemies at any time, so you should be able to clear them all out without much problem. You want to make sure that you are just sitting out in the window, so duck back into cover unless you have a shot lined up. There will be two windows here, and the first time you try to aim out of one Arthur will break it open. Keep killing O'Driscolls until you hear Sadie yelling about something. She's still outside, so climb out the window and run to her position to help her.

Well, "help". She seems to have a knack for killing O'Driscolls. Now follow here as you guys clear out the last of the O'Driscolls. Keep close to her, because she's a great shot and will make this final segment a bit easier. Now is the time to use up any Dead Eye you have left because they'll be coming from every direction. Keep an eye on your mini-map here so you don't let one get too close to you, and use your Dead Eye as often as you can to pull off some quick headshots. You'll fight your way back to the front of the mansion, and there will only be a handful of enemies left by the time you get here. Find some good cover and keep on taking them out with as many headshots as possible. After you have killed enough, they'll flee. Looks like you might have to start looking for another hideout. Again.

Urban Pleasures

After receiving a tip from Bronte about a trolley station in Saint Denis holding a large amount of cash, Dutch, Arthur and Lenny meet to rob it.

Prerequisite: Horsemen, Apocalypses

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Rob all customers in the trolley station.
  • Kill 10 lawmen while on the trolley.
  • Prevent any lawmen jumping on the back of the wagon.
  • Shoot the dynamite Lenny throws.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

After Horsemen, Apocalypses, Dutch is rather eager to get out of town. Go to his objective marker in Saint Denis, and you'll find out just how ready. He wants to rob the trolley station to finance your cruise out of the country and he wants to do it now. He'll kick down the door, guns drawn and you'll just have to be ready to assist. First, rob the three people in here by targeting them with your gun drawn. They'll throw like three dollars, total, your way. Lenny finds almost nothing over on his side. The clerk will unlock his door for you, allowing you in. Pull out your gun to get him to open the safe where you'll find almost nothing. Again. Seems like Bronte set us up.

All of the cops arrive now. All of them. You can take them all on, so the three of your run into the trolley. You'll now have to fight off cops as they approach the trolley. Use the button prompt to switch from side to side, going to whichever side currently has the most enemies. Use your Dead Eye to get headshots, although you won't have to worry about killing each and every target here because a lot of them won't be able to keep up with the trolley. Prioritize any you see on horseback, as they'll actually be able to follow you. You just need to survive until Dutch tells you to stop the trolley which you, sadly, cannot. Find something to hold on to, I suppose.

After the crash, you'll hurry over to a nearby barricade. Another group of lawmen will descend upon your position, and you'll need to take out all of them in the immediate vicinity before you can move on. You will have good cover here, but the debris in front of you can make things a bit more challenging. It is possible to shoot into it while trying to hit one of the lawmen, so you may have to move around a bit to take out the final couple of targets. Once they're all dead and Lenny and Dutch start to move, run after them. You don't need to kill any enemies that aren't directly at your path now, so just run and save your ammo.

The next part will take you through a courtyard and down another street. There will be guards here, up in the balcony, but only stop to kill them if you pause for any length of time. Otherwise you can run on by and they won't pose much of a threat. After being mobile for a little while, you will approach a wagon. That is your ticket out of here, but unfortunately there will be a handful of guards surrounding it. Find some cover and take them out as quickly as possible. Dead Eye works well (as it always does) but there aren't too many here so you can probably get by without it and save it for later if you want. Once this last area is cleared out, you can run for the wagon and climb up the side.

The final part of this will be a chase out of town. While Lenny drives you and Dutch will need to hold off any lawmen riding up on you. They will actually jump on the wagon if they get close enough, so your goal is to kill them before they do that. Now is the ideal time to use Dead Eye, as everyone here will be on horseback and you won't have Lenny helping you fight them off this time. They only come in groups of two or so, so quickly activate Dead Eye and fight them off before they get close. Keep an eye on your mini-map, because it will show you if more are coming from anywhere or if you missed any and are still being pursued. You can refill your Dead Eye with provisions if needed here, because you are almost done and won't need to make it much further. Once you reach the bridge, Lenny will lob a stick of dynamite and you can shoot it out of the air if you want for maximum damage.

This is a long mission, with a bunch of enemies trying their hardest to kill you. If you're having trouble, I would recommend using any and all Dead Eye refilling items as much as possible and just abusing Dead Eye. Kill every single enemy with Dead Eye if you need to, as it will make the fight a lot easier and most of these tonics are very cheap to buy if you need to refill your stocks afterwards. You reward for completing this mission is definitely not worth the trouble it was to complete it. Take your fifteen dollars and go get lunch at Applebee's, I guess.

Country Pursuits

Before they can rob the Saint Denis bank, Dutch convinces Arthur that they must kill Bronte. They visit Thomas, a local fisherman, to procure a skiff for the assault on Bronte's mansion.

Prerequisite: Urban Pleasures

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Return Jules to the skiff within 1 minute 40 seconds.
  • Shoot the Bullgator 5 times.

Wait approximately two hours after Urban Pleasures, and then you'll be able to find Dutch up on the balcony in Shady Belle. He and Hosea will be arguing what to do about Bronte, and Arthur eventually casts his vote with Dutch and decides to "deal with him". A murder-y way, most likely. Hosea is not happy, and you and Dutch will ride out to get started on Dutch's plan. He knows a man in Lagras that is good with a boat, and with his help you can sneak into Bronte's mansion from the swamp and catch him off guard. Follow Dutch to make your way to Lagras and meet with this friend of him. He'll be more than eager to help, considering his own issues with Bronte, but he first wants your help finding his business partner and checking all the traps.

Follow Thomas around as he checks his traps. The first time he stops to inspect one, move to the trap right next to him and inspect it as well. You'll pass another trap on your left after you continue walking a bit, and you can quickly hurry over and inspect that one as well as it will actually have something in it. Keep following until you reach a small island. An alligator will pass by in front of you shortly before you get to it, and when Thomas tells you to stop you should stop moving. Start walking again once he starts up, and you'll soon reach the island. When Thomas asks for help, lock on to him and then use the indicated button prompt to help pull the trap out. Some huge animal apparently got to it first. Gulp. Keep following a bit longer, and wait for the second group of alligators to pass when Thomas points them out. Thomas will then decide that you should have seen Jules by now, so it would be best to split up. Wait, I didn't agree to this!

Move towards the objective marker on your mini-map at this point. You'll eventually get to an area you need to search, and you can now start calling out to Jules. He'll eventually respond, or you can just immediately run towards the southeastern corner of the swamp (shown as a star on the map below). He'll be up in a tree there, calling out for help. Apparently he saw an enormous alligator that tried to eat him, so he panicked and left the boat. And now we need to go and get that boat ourselves. This sounds like a terrible idea, but okay! Run over to the objective marker to find the boat, and Arthur will pull it free.

The other three meet you in the boat and begin paddling it back to shore. About halfway back, the boat gets stuck on a tree stump and Jules gets out to pull it off. Things go about how you'd expect. Dutch volunteers you to go out and save him. Thanks, Dutch. Run over to the objective marker, but Jules will get pulled under again. Turn slightly to your left and run straight ahead until you find him again. After he surfaces and you get close, you'll put him on your back and start moving towards the boat. Oh, did I mention there is an enormous alligator chasing you. RUN! RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN ARTHUR. When you get back to the boat, head towards the side where Dutch is extending his hand and you'll automatically hand Jules over and then climb up yourself.

Unfortunately, the alligator now wants to have you as his meal and he is slowly moving towards the boat. Take out your pistols and shoot it in the head as many times as you can. Use Dead Eye and unload an entire clip into him. This won't kill him, so just keep shooting him until he relents and goes under the water. You'll now need to follow the on screen prompts to treat Jules' leg. Do so, but be ready because the alligator will pop up one more time. Again, use Dead Eye here to get in some easy head shots and then just keep shooting at it until it leaves. When you get back to shore, Thomas promises to help you with Bronte when you're ready. After all, he can't be any worse than the monster you just fought.

Revenge Is A Dish Best Eaten

The gang attacks Bronte's mansion from the river to get rid of the threat of Bronte's men and take revenge for the trolley station setup.

Prerequisite: Country Pursuits

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Search every room in Bronte's mansion.
  • Carry Bronte to the skiff within 1 minute 30 seconds.
  • Get 20 headshots.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

You will need to leave and return at a later time after Country Pursuits for this mission to appear on your map. Go to the mission marker, and your new boating pal will take you all the way to Bronte's mansion. Climb over the wall with the rest of the crew, and then when Dutch splits the group up, follow John to the back of the courtyard. He'll wait for you to take the shot, although if you wait long enough he'll just do it for you. There will be two guards right in front of you, so use Dead Eye to kill them both and start off the fighting.

You'll now need to fight your way into the mansion. This is actually the hardest part of the mission because of how many enemies will spawn here. Start the fight off in the back without moving up too far as you will be relatively safe back here. It is important to keep an eye on your mini-map during this segment, particularly once you start to move up. There are a lot of enemies here, and it is very easy to be focusing on one group while someone else is taking potshots at your from a couple feet to your side. At the beginning, you can play it relatively safe and just take your shots as they become available. Dead Eye is very useful during this segment, and if you're trying to conserve it this first part is probably the best time to use it just because of how many enemies are here.

Slowly start making your way towards the front door as the fight continues. Pay close attention to the guys that start spawning up on the balcony. They can hit you from behind cover and actually have good cover up there themselves. They're the biggest danger during this fight, so kill them as quickly as you can. Go for headshots whenever you can, and make sure you use your Dead Eye on the guys on the balcony because they like ducking back behind cover quickly. Don't completely ignore the guys on the ground though and keep picking them off whenever you have the opportunity to do so. This part will last longer than you think it should, so just be patient and keep working your way through everyone you see. Once everyone is good and dead, Dutch will move towards the door and tell you to open it.

Kick open the door and you'll find two men waiting for you on the other side. You'll be out in the open, so quickly enter Dead Eye and take them each out with a headshot. There will be a couple more that pop up at the end of the hallway or in one of the adjacent rooms, so keep an eye on your mini-map to see where fire is coming from. This segment is significantly easier as the numbers inside are greatly diminished. When you get to the stairs, go up. There will likely be a guy that runs down to shoot at you, and if you kill him here you get a very dramatic scene where he falls out of the window. There are three rooms you could search to look for Bronte, but the only one you need to check is the one directly in front of you. Kick the door down or break the lock to get in. There is one final guard left in here, so kill him and then move in.

Bronte will try to shoot at you, and when his gun is empty he decides instead to surrender. Probably too late for that, friend. John knocks him out, but refuses to pick him up to go back downstairs. You'll have to do the dirty work here, but make sure you loot him first. He's carrying over $150 on him and he won't really need the money anymore anyway. Carry him downstairs, but while you're going down the cops will show up. The rest of your gang will fight off the guys coming through the front entrance by the time you get down there, but there will be plenty more out the back.

The tricky part about this final push is that you will be carrying Bronte and while doing so, you can't get behind cover. You can move towards the front if you want, but you'll need to be quick on the trigger and use Dead Eye whenever you see an enemy run in front of you. You can also take things a bit more safe and sort of stick towards the back of the group and just pick off whoever you see. This way, the rest of the gang will clear out most of them for you without you ever having to put yourself in harm's way. You will need to clear the first big group out one way or another, but after that you can run for the boat. There will be a couple more that come from the sides, but if you want to you can run past them as the cutscene will begin once you get close to the boat.

Enjoy watching the resolution between Dutch and Bronte. John and Arthur both aren't entirely sure if they like what they just saw, but with Bronte out of the way, the path to robbing the bank is clear.

Going For Gold: This mission is both short and a bit on the easy side. It isn't the easiest of all the missions you can do, but with its brevity it is definitely worth attempting this one if you're going for the gold medal trophy. This is extremely easy on your first playthrough if you know what you need to do, because you can use as many Dead Eye restorative items as you want and it trivializes the head shot requirement. Just do not use any healing items and you should be able to hit all the requirements fairly easily.

You need twenty headshots, and fortunately there are plenty of enemies. Even if you are trying this on a replay, you should fairly easily hit these requirements. Try to get at least twelve during the first fight outside, another five when you bring the fight into the mansion, and then three more (if you need them) during your retreat to the boat. You can easily hit the twenty before leaving the house but you want to save at least a little Dead Eye for your run back to the boat as it will make things a lot easier. On a replay, you will need to get a lot of these headshots manually which shouldn't be too bad as you have a good rifle to use during the fights.

Follow John at the start, and the run behind the fountain in the middle for cover. There are two guys on the left you can kill for basically free headshots. Run up past their corpse to the first little stone block you can see in front of the mansion. It is on the left side of the path, before the statue on the porch or the little stairs up to the mansion (the exact spot is shown below). This is a great spot to finish up the fight outside as it will put you close to the enemies and you'll have a good shot at just about all of them. You can use some Dead Eye here, but remember you want at least some for the end of the mission. It will recharge slowly so you can still use a good amount and still be fine. The fight inside the mansion is a bit easier, and you can really just stand out in the open and aim as targets as they run into view. Drop your aim in between shots to help lock on to targets quickly. After you get Bronte, you will want to run outside and use Dead Eye as you can to clear out enemies and guarantee headshots. This isn't just to help you with the headshot requirement either, as it will help you get through things quickly.

Once you're upstairs, explore the rooms on the right and left first. Save the center for last so you can guarantee you'll search all three rooms. The one minute thirty second run back to the boat is the greatest challenge, but it is fairly lenient on the time and you can do it in roughly a minute if you're quick. There will be two guys just past the back door, and you should be able to headshot one and let the rest of the gang take the others. Take the path to the right. There will be one more enemy here, and then several more back at the exit right before you reach the boat. Make sure you clear out the back area as you're running as they can hit you and make you drop Bronte if they're close. Once they're dead, run to the boat. You don't need to kill everyone out here, and as long as you have a clear path you can run the rest of the way to the boat. Run the entire time after you pick up Bronte, and never stop to get into cover. Use Dead Eye or fire off several quick shots to kill any enemy in your way. As long as you're quick, you'll make it to the boat in time.

Banking, The Old American Art

In order to fund their escape and retirement abroad, the gang prepare for one last job, robbing the bank of Saint Denis.

Prerequisite: Revenge Is A Dish Best Eaten

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Crack the same without making any mistakes.
  • Complete using only sidearms.
  • Get 25 headshots.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

After the last mission, you will be immediately transported back to camp and Dutch will be ready to talk to you about the bank job. Hosea goes over his plans, and both Arthur and Dutch agree. Time to rest up, because tomorrow is bank robbing time! It's basically Christmas for outlaws. You'll awake, dressed in your bank robbing finest, and then the whole caravan departs. Ride alongside everyone else as the plan gets discussed one more time and everyone separates to get to their position. You'll ride in with Dutch and the other robbers, and when you get to the bank just wait outside for Hosea to make his diversion. When that happens, follow Dutch into the bank.

The rest of the gang will herd the people inside into the room in the back, and you'll need to intimidate the bank manager. Just point your gun at him and he'll be more than intimidated, going right over to open up the vault. Once you're inside, go to the safe on the right and start opening it up. You will need to rotate the left analog stick to get to specific numbers, and then go in the opposite direction to hit the next one. You can either just get this on your own by moving slowly enough around the desired number, or you can wait for the bank manager to yell it out. He'll give you all three numbers, so just move to the number he says on the dial. If you want to do this quickly, the three numbers will always be 19 - 72 - 54. Now loot the inside of the safe to get a good deal of cash. Unfortunately, you won't even be able to enjoy it because the Pinkertons show up right after.

Move outside of the safe and go up to the front window. Things go poorly. Very poorly. A whole swarm of enemies will descend upon the bank now and you'll have to fight them off for quite some time. The good news is you have great cover so you should be able to handle this part without too much problem. You will have two windows you can look out of, one on your left and one on your right. Go back and forth between them, killing as many guards as you can. The easiest way to do this is to pop out, immediately activate your Dead Eye, kill one target, and then pop back into cover. Doing it this way will almost guarantee you won't get hit. The enemies can't hit you through the wall, so as long as you are in cover you will be totally safe. Keep repeating this process, quickly racking up kills and then going back into hiding. Keep restoring your Dead Eye as needed and you should get through this portion without even getting hit. Keep an eye out for enemies up on the balcony, because they can appear up there as well.

After killing, well, a small army's worth of men, Dutch will call you over. Run over to his position, and he will put some dynamite on the floor and ask you to blow out a nearby wall. Pick up the dynamite and run it over to the wall. Place it on the wall back up slightly, and then shoot it to blow it out. Once it is opened, you'll be tasked with running to the roof and providing cover. Jump out of the giant hole you just created in the wall and climb the ladder just on the other side. There will be a couple more ladders you need to climb on your way up to the roof, and once you reach the top make your way over to the marked area and hide behind one of the signs.

Start taking aim at the enemies down below. From up here, they will have a very hard time hitting you, especially if you stay behind the signs. There will also be enemies up on the balcony and these guys will provide a bit more of a challenge. The ones at the top can still occasionally hit you while you're hiding in cover, so always make sure the balcony has been cleared out before aiming down at the street. You'll need to hold them off for a little while, so make sure to refill your Dead Eye when needed and try not to let you usage eat into your Dead Eye core if possible. Eventually, a wagon will arrive with a Gatling gun. Drop whatever you're doing and make this your number one priority. The gun on it can tear you to pieces, quickly, if you let him stick around and there is no point tacking out the weaker guys with him on this thing. Go into Dead Eye and pick him off, then go around and finish off whoever is left. You won't have to hold off much longer at this point, so keep on going for headshots and taking out enemies as quickly as you can. With the Gatling gun dead, you won't have too much to worry about and the rest of the crew will show up on the roof shortly.

The bad news is the lawmen managed to snatch another one of the gang and arrested him before Dutch could help. Everyone else doesn't really know what to do at this point, so you and Lenny take off across the rooftops looking for an escape plan. Run after Lenny and once the automatic Dead Eye sequence is triggered quickly take out the two lawmen in front of you. After that, you'll need to keep on running. Follow Dutch and jump to the next rooftop. You finally have lost the law for a bit, so now you'll need to sneak across the rooftops without drawing suspicion. Keep following Dutch, going exactly where he goes, until he finds an empty building you can crawl into. Go up to the window and press the indicated button prompt to enter it.

There aren't many good options open to you at this point, but Dutch finally decides to try and escape via boat and then come back for everyone else in a couple of weeks. Since this sounds better than "dying immediately" the rest of the survivors agree to it. Once everyone exits the building, run after Dutch until he stops in front of a train. There are guards up ahead, so you'll have to take an alternate route. Follow Dutch into the train itself, but crouch walk your way through. There are guards outside looking into the windows that will see you if you just walk upright, so stay down low. In the final car, Dutch will quickly move behind a seat and you should get in cover behind one too. A guard will walk into the door at the front and briefly look around. Wait until he leaves, then follow Dutch out.

Dutch will keep on walking until he sees a couple of guards right next to one of the buildings he has to get past. You won't be able to sneak by these, so Dutch asks you to go out a bit further out and make a distraction. Uh, ok, I guess. Move to the marked location on your map. There will be some barrels near the front of this area. Whistle while next to the barrels, then walk around behind them. The guards will go to where you whistled at, and you can sneak around behind them from the other side of the barrels. Now crouch run back to where Dutch is and follow him to the pier. Charles will create a distraction to lure away the last of the guards, and now you can follow Dutch on to the boat.

Yikes. So that was pretty rough, but at least the rest of you can relax a bit on your ride out to...oh. See you in Chapter 5, I guess.

Going For Gold: This is certainly a nice big epic mission to conclude the chapter, but the requirements here are surprisingly easy. The combination to the lock never changes (19-72-54) so just be careful not to overshoot any of the numbers and you'll be fine. Carefully look at the lock as you're turning it to make sure you can see what you need to get to. You need to only use sidearms, so make sure you have them equipped at all times and never switch out to a rifle or shotgun or anything like that. You'll actually be tossed a rifle in the middle of the mission, and you should immediately go into the menu and equip your sidearm back just so you don't forget later on. You also need to complete the mission without taking any health items or failing a checkpoint. This is actually fairly easy for the most part, and just make sure you pay close attention to where enemies are at and don't stand out in the open for too long.

The only requirement that is even a little bit of a challenge is getting 25 headshots, because that is quite a lot. The good news is there is a point in this mission that infinitely spawns enemies. Right at the start of the shootout, Arthur will automatically take cover next to a window. Do not move from this spot. After you clear the first few waves of enemies, Dutch will call you over to him. Ignore him and stay put. He'll complain, but it doesn't negatively effect the mission in anyway, and enemies will continuously run from offscreen to some predetermined spots on the other side of the street. Just keep count as to how many headshots you have and you can stay here indefinitely. Accuracy does not matter at all, which is good because your pistol won't be great for accuracy. Stay in cover, pop out and aim to get a lock on their chest, and then move the aim slightly upwards to get towards their head. You want the reticule to shrink a little bit to help with the accuracy, so aim for like half a second before pulling the trigger. Since there is no accuracy, you can do this over and over as often as you need to. Make sure you keep ducking back into cover to ensure you don't take any damage. The initial cover spot is quite good, so do not move from it.

Optional Missions

Help a Brother Out

Brother Dorkins asks Arthur to investigate a nearby shop suspected of acting as a front for human trafficking.

Prerequisite: The Joys of Civilization

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Find the captives without threatening the store owner.
  • Complete within 2 minutes 45 seconds.

This is an optional mission that can only be done during Chapter 4, so if you're going for 100% you will want to make sure you complete this at some point before the chapter finale. After finishing The Joys of Civilization, you will find a religious man asking for alms for the poor just outside the market where the trapper and the fence are located. For some reason he thinks you're a good person, and asks you to donate a measly five cents to the poor. You'll need to do it to continue, and you should anyway because it is barely any money. He'll thank you and bemoan the fact that not only is poverty still plaguing the city, but slavery is as well. The fence here is known to be operating in some sort of slave trade and Arthur goes to see exactly what is going on. Follow the trail to find the fence.

Go inside and start looking for clues. You'll need to go inspect the small room at the back of the shop, opposite where the fence himself is at. There is a bookshelf here and some scuffs on the floor, and if you go into Eagle Eye you'll notice it glows, tipping you off that a clue can be found there. Inspect the bookshelf and Arthur will grow suspicious. Go over to the fence and intimidate him. He'll tell you he was forced to do it, but he won't open the bookshelf just yet. Target him again and this time select the "beat" option and after Arthur shoves him, he'll fold. Return to the bookshelf and pull the book the fence tells you to and the bookshelf will swing open and reveal a hidden staircase.

Walk downstairs and you'll find two men in the back of the room. Free them both and then head upstairs. Before you leave, walk over to the cash register and help relieve the fence of his ill gotten funds. You can either choose to keep the cash yourself or to give it to the escaping men, and the latter option will increase your moral standing. Walk back to the Brother Dorkins to hand the men over. He'll offer you the money from the collection plate as payment, and you can either accept it or tell him to give it to the poor. Again, it should be obvious which option is the "good" one here, but you're free to pick whatever you want. Afterwards, he'll tell you to come see him again sometime. We just may take him up on that offer soon enough.

Going For Gold: This one is essentially free so long as you know where you're supposed to go. As soon as you have control of Arthur, sprint to the fence. Quickly move to the store and look at the little room across from his desk. Use Eagle Eye to see the first glowing clue and then inspect it. Immediately go into Eagle Eye again and look at the book shelf. Inspect that as well and Arthur will bust open the bookshelf to reveal the hidden room. This will fulfill finding the captives without threatening the store owner. Go down the stairs, free both captives, and then run out of the store. Sprint back through the crowd to get back to the monk. This is one of the easiest gold medals in the entire game, and as long as you run as fast as you can and check things out immediately, you won't have to worry about hitting the time limit.

Brothers and Sisters, One and All

A street kid steals Sister Calderon's crucifix. Arthur chases the kid through the streets of Saint Denis to get it back.

Prerequisite: Help a Brother Out

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Find the kid within 19 seconds.

After completing Help a Brother Out, if you wait 24 in game hours Brother Dorkins will have another mission ready for you in the northeast corner of Saint Denis. This is another time sensitive mission, and you need to complete it by Chapter 4 or it will not longer be available. Dorkins and one of his nun friends are teaching some kids to read. Aw. While he's busy introducing himself to you, one of the jerk kids steals a crucifix and runs off. Arthur makes a very astute observation about these kids being the worst and gives chase.

Run towards the objective marker and the game will want you to search for clues. Use Eagle Eye to see where you need to go, or just run and talk to the man at the end of the street who is holding his knee. He'll point you in the right direction, so follow his directions and go down the street to the next objective marker. If you just run straight down this street, you'll find a man angrily confronting the kid about something else the little hoodlum stole. Confront the man and he'll back off without further incident. Pick up the crucifix the kid dropped at the spot of the confirmation afterwards. Arthur tries to leave now, but a prostitute solicits him and Arthur recognizes her as Ms. Downes (the wife of the sickly man who died before he could repay his loan in one of the loansharking missions during Chapter 2). He tries to talk to her, but she starts panicking and reports him for harassment to a local police officer.

You need to flee at this point, and the easiest way to do so is to call your horse and ride out of the northeast corner of town. The cops won't follow you this far and you are really close to it, making your escape fairly easy. The next problem is that this ordeal will put a bounty on your head, but you still need to sneak the cross back to Sister Calderon. Your map will highlight the area she's at, but you need to sneak in without being caught by any of the police. The way to the church is fairly safe regardless of where you go, but the church itself is surrounded by law enforcement. They'll show up as little red dots on your map and mini-map, so check those before running in anywhere. The only safe entrance is on the southeast side of the church, so take the street that leads to this entrance from the north and then sneak your way in. One good path is highlighted in red on the map below. Walk around the side of the church to the front to give the crucifix back. The mission will be completed, but you'll still need to pay off your bounty at some point so consider heading on over to the post office in town afterwards.

Money Lending and Other Sins - V

Strauss needs to speak with you.

Prerequisite: Money Lending and Other Sins - IV, The Joys of Civilization

Gold Medal Requirements
  • N/A

After completing The Joys of Civilization, another Money Lending mission will open up. You first need to have completed the two loansharking missions that make up Many Lending and Other Sins - IV, otherwise Strauss will instead direct you to finish those two first. Once these are both completed, a new mission marker will appear at Shady Belle. Talk to Strauss. Your next target is a fisherman that is located over at Catfish Jacksons, a small house south of Braithwaite Manor. Time to pay him a visit. Follow the road down to the objective marker to meet our latest debtor.

Go to the highlighted spot on the map, and then search by the south shore for our target. He'll be drunk and belligerent, which is never a good combo. He does tell you that he'll get your money if you follow him back to his house though. He'll lead you to the kitchen and tell his son to make the two of you a drink while he gets his money from under the sink. Go and grab it from him, but be wary because he is hiding a knife and he'll spring it on you as soon as you grab the box. Get into a fighting stance and block one of his attacks. After that, keep punching and kicking him until he passes out. After you kick him down the first time, you should be able to just keep kicking him while he tries to get up until he's unconscious.

To recover the debt, go into the back bedroom and find his son hiding under the bed. Question him, and he'll tell you that he's been hiding some money away from his father in the chest at the foot of his bed. Open it up and take the money clip. You can now leave, taking the cash back to Strauss whenever is convenient for you.

Fatherhood and Other Dreams - I

Mary once again reaches out to Arthur, in need of help.

Prerequisite: Angelo Bronte, A Man of Honor

Gold Medal Requirements
  • N/A

After the raging party the night after completing Angelo Bronte, A Man of Honor, the game will alert you that a letter has been placed in your room. Go up at some point to read it. It was sent from Mary Linton, who is once again reaching out asking for some help. She was rather rude the last time she asked for help, so whether or not you want to do it is up to you. Both this mission and part II are entirely optional, so you can ignore them and go about the main story if you want. Once you read the letter, and objective marker will pop up in Saint Denis corresponding to where she said she was staying at. You're free to go there any time in Chapter 4, but be warned that these two missions will expire at the end of Chapter 4. If you want to do them, do them as quickly as you can so you don't forget.

Fatherhood and Other Dreams - II

Mary asks Arthur for help with her father, who has become consumed by a gambling addiction. Arthur must retrieve a valuable family heirloom Mary's father has sold off.

Prerequisite: Fatherhood and Other Dreams - I

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Catch the wagon and take it to the secluded spot within 1 minute 45 seconds.
  • Take Mary to the theater.

After reading the letter, you can just go to the mission marker in Saint Denis to start the next part of the mission if you want. Mary is surprised you came, and the two of you go back and forth about your past together a little bit before she tells you exactly what she needs. Her father is in trouble, largely on account of some very bad habits of his. She again pleads for your help, and you will be given a choice on whether to help her or not. Refuse and the mission ends here. Accept it and the two of you will be riding down to the warehouse district together. Follow the yellow trail to get to your destination.

Once there, Mary will go inside and Arthur will get in a confrontation with some kid cleaning the sidewalks. Unfortunately, Mary's meeting with her father does not go well, and he bursts out belligerent and drunk and tells her to just go home. Mary still thinks he's in trouble, so the two of you follow him as he walks away. Keep him in eyesight but don't get too close, because even though he's crazy drunk he can still see you if you bumble right up to him. Stop walking when he vomits, and then start up again once he resumes his walk. He'll go between some crates, and you'll get a scene where he drunkenly threatens to fight some random guy. After the scene, you'll need to continue your pursuit again so hurry down the alley. Keep on following him, and you'll eventually start another cutscene where he is selling a broach to some shady buyer.

Mary is particularly upset about this because this is HER broach. Go confront the buyer while Mary yells at her drunken mess of a father. Head to the objective marker to find the buyer, who flees in his carriage when you get close. You'll now have to give chase. You can call down your horse, but he is a little distance away and can take some time to get there. If you use your horse, make sure you're running towards the carriage while you do it as it will save a bit of time. It's quicker to steal a nearby horse if you don't mind bending the law a bit. Either way, give chase after the carriage as it leaves the city and gets to the swamps outside Saint Denis. You will now be able to go fast enough to pull alongside it, and one you do you should jump from your horse to the carriage. Move your way to the front and both the driver and his assistant will bail.

You will now be in control of the stagecoach, so follow the yellow path on your mini-map to get to a secluded location. Get off the coach and interact with the door to pul the buyer out. You can now get the broach back either peacefully (and a bit expensive) or violently (and less expensive or free). Target him and he'll offer to sell you the broach for $100. You can either accept it or beat him, at which point he'll lower the cost to $50. Beat him again and he'll drop it to $25, and do it a final time and he'll drop it to "ouch ouch ok it is free just stop punching my face". You're free to do whatever you feel is best, and then call your horse back over to ride back into town.

There is still one more choice to make. You will return the broach, and Mary will ask if you want to go to the theater with her. You can refuse if you're feeling curmudgeon-y, but you really should accept because there is a nice scene afterwards. After the show, Arthur promises to run away with her some day but Mary doesn't seem convinced that will actually ever happen. Wave goodbye to Mary as she rides off on the trolley.

More Fun Stuff To Do

Most of the stuff this chapter will just be finishing the stuff you didn't do in Chapter 3. You really aren't that far away from where your camp was in Chapter 3, meaning you may have already done most of the stuff here. You're even further south, and there really isn't anything new to discover here. If you didn't fully explore during Chapter 3, you can of course poke around a bit more, and Saint Denis in particular has a fair amount of stuff to discover. One thing you may not have checked before is the theater here in Saint Denis which puts on long variety shows. Not only is this a fun diversion, but there is a checkmark in 100% Completion just for watching one of these.

This is also your last chance to get some stuff done in the camp. If you want to craft satchel upgrades, now is the time to do so as otherwise you'll need to wait a little while before you have the chance to do so again. Get in all the donating to the tithing box if you're going for the $250 donation trophy, and make sure you get a camp activity done before finishing up the chapter as well. Chapter 5 will be more story focused and won't allow the same sort of exploration really, so you'll definitely want to have your fun exploring now as well as there will be a bit of a break coming.

For actual new stuff, there are a whole bunch of new stranger missions to play. In fact, most of the remaining stranger missions become available in this chapter with only a couple more being introduced in the future. In addition to the ones you missed from the last couple chapters, you can also do Oh, Brother (found in Valentine), The Ties That Bind Us (found in Rhodes after completing The Joys of Civilization), The Artist's Way (found in Saint Denis after completing The Joys of Civilization), A Bright Bouncing Boy (found in Rhodes after completing The Joys of Civilization), The Mercies of Knowledge (found in Saint Denis after completing The Joys of Civilization), and finally Idealism and Pragmatism (found in Saint Denis after completing The Gilded Cage). This is a whole bunch of new stuff to do, and you can have your hands here for a while just doing the stranger missions. For more information on where to find these and how to unlock them, please refer to the Missions and Events section of the guide.

One final important point is the next to last collectable branch becomes available in this chapter. These are the Exotics, which are requests for rare flowers and bird plumes you can collect after starting the Duchesses and Other Animals stranger mission (which is only available after finishing The Gilded Cage). This is probably the biggest pain of all the collectables in the game, as it requires you to collect large number of flowers that only spawn in specific locations and the reward for doing so is pretty meager. Only go for this if you're going for 100% completion, and you will definitely want to refer to the Collectables section of the guide for more information on where to find these.