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by Suprak the Stud

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Suprak the Stud

Version: 0.95 | Updated: 03/19/19


Chapter 3: Clemens Point

Clemens Point moves you further to the southeast of your previous camp and gives you plenty of new things to do. There is a new town within a short ride, Rhodes, and Lemoyne has plenty of new animals and plants to find if you're trying to complete your Compendium. Like Chapter 2, Chapter 3 is very open and you are free to explore to your hearts content. Full details of all the main missions are listed below, but there are plenty of other things to do, some of which are listed at the end of this section if you're interested in doing a bit more exploration.

The New South

Arthur, Dutch, and Hosea go out on a fishing trip.

Prerequisite: None.

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Knock out Anders Anderson without taking a hit.
  • Catch and return Anders Anderson to jail within 5 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Catch a fish with Dutch and Hosea.

As soon as you guys set up camp here, Dutch will wander off to the lakeside and stare off in the distance. Once you approach him, you'll start this mission, but before that you're free to explore Lemoyne a bit further if you haven't already. Rhodes is very nearby camp, and Saint Denis is not that far either. There is plenty to do in each, and a whole bunch of new animals to hunt if you haven't been to the swamplands before, so take your time getting familiar with the area. Once you're ready, head over to Dutch.

The two of you don't really see eye to eye with what just happened, and it is pretty obvious Arthur is getting increasingly worried the more men you guys lose. Dutch doesn't really want to talk to that, and instead wants to go find Hosea so he can take you guys to a good fishing spot nearby. Follow Dutch, and once he brings you to Hosea you can mount your horse and follow the two of them to the creek. Dutch really seems to want to go fishing, but unfortunately for him this isn't the kind of laid back mission you can expect that in. After following Hosea for a while, you'll run into some law enforcement with some criminals in their wagon, and one of those criminals unfortunately happens to be Trelawny. While Dutch tries to sweet talk the sheriff, the other men in the back escape, all of whom happen to be hardened criminals. Time to give chase.

The four of them will hop on a passing train, and you'll pull the deputy up on your horse and give chase. Keep riding as fast as you can, following the train as close as the game will let you. Unfortunately, the deputy wants these men alive. Fortunately, they seem to be morons. The first will knock himself off before you can even get close, and after that the train will start to slow down as it enters a station. Now is your chance. Ride up as fast as you can alongside it, up to the flat car near the middle. Press the indicated button to jump off, and you'll automatically get in a tussle with another member of the gang. Mash the indicated button to get him off of you, and you'll toss him from the train.

You'll now need to pursue the final two members of the gang, both of which are fleeing towards the front of the train. Just keep running and climbing over obstacles as they arise. Once you reach the top of one of the train cars, one of the two will stop and want to fight. This is a fairly easy fight, and after you block his first hit, you can just keep punching him and he won't be able to do much else. It is possible to end the fight abruptly by punching him right off the train, which will immediately end things. Once you're done, run for the final member of the gang, who gets himself closed off in one of the cars and pulls a knife. He is a bit more dangerous (he has a knife and all) but the fight really isn't all that hard. Block him when he first swings the knife, and then get a flurry of punches in before going on the defensive again. He doesn't have too many tricks, so if you see him start to swing his knife, just block and counter afterwards.

Once he's knocked out, pick up his body and leave the train. Put him on the back of your horse, and the follow the deputy in to the station. He gives you a brief tour of the area, telling you about some feud between the two big families in the area. Once you reach the station, take Anders off of your horse and walk over to where the marker is at to drop him. The sheriff is so happy that he just lets Trelawny go with a warning, which seems like a weird way to administer justice, but whatever, lets not complain. Trelawny lets you know he's heard about the bounties on Dutch's head before heading off to conduct more business. You'll walk back into town now, and Dutch gives you and Hosea orders to find out more about these two rival families just to see what is really going on in this town.

At this point, you'll have a choice. Dutch and Hosea want to know if you still want to go fishing. If you refuse, the mission ends right here, but if you accept there is still a little more to do. It really is a nice scene coming up between Dutch, Hosea, and Arthur, so unless you are in some sort of insane hurry I'd recommend you go fishing. Get on your horse and follow the two of them to the fishing spot, making conversation along the way. Once you get to the shore, you'll find a boat you can "borrow". "Borrow" it and row out to the deeper water. Once you reach the marker, pull out your fishing rod and equip your lake lure per Hosea's recommendation. You'll catch better fish this way, so take his advice. You need to catch at least one fish here, but beyond that you're free to fish as much or as little as you want. Dutch and Hosea have some great stories to tell that help flesh out their characters a bit more, so just keep fishing until they run out of things to say. Once you're done, row your boat back to camp and to the objective marker on the map. Once you reach it, you'll complete the mission.

Further Questions of Female Suffrage

To get her out of camp for a while, Arthur takes Sadie into Rhodes to collect supplies.

Prerequisite: Move away from camp a little bit.

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Fend off the Lemoyne Raiders in less than 1 minute.
  • Get 5 headshots.
  • Complete with at least 85% accuracy.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

There is no official prerequisite for this mission, but it won't appear on your map until you move a little ways away from camp. Once you do, you can go back into camp and talk to Mr. Pearson, who is having a heated discussion with Sadie. "Heated" in the sense that she's threatening to murder him, so it might be best to separate the two for a while. She has no interest in cooking, and wants to head out hunting and doing other tasks that aren't so boring. Arthur tells her to come along, and Mr. Pearson gives you a list of things to do. The first of which is to head into town to the store. So maybe she would've been less bored just staying in camp.

Follow the trail to ride into Rhodes, and along the way Sadie will read Mr. Pearson's letter and mock him. She'll fit in just fine. Once you reach your destination, you'll have to talk her out of robbing a shopkeeper (yep, she'll definitely fit in fine). While she's inside not shooting the shopkeeper, you need to head over to the post office to drop off your mail. It'll be marked by a yellow envelope on your map if you're having hard time finding it. Talk to the station clerk and select the send mail option. You should only have Mr. Pearson's letter at this point, so select that and head out back to the wagon.

Sadie is ready to go, and she volunteers to drive back. You'll find out a little more about her life back on her farm (before it got burned down), but that won't last for too long. You'll be confronted by a group calling themselves the Lemoyne Raiders. If you haven't encountered them before, they are one of the six gangs in this game, and they aren't too friendly to people passing on through. They want you to pay a toll, which Sadie responds to by shooting one. Like I said, she'll fit in fine.

Sadie tries to ride off, leaving you to shoot the oncoming enemies. Use your Dead Eye to get a nice steady shot, and shoot the couple of Raiders that will be pursuing you. You can try without the Dead Eye, but since you're moving it can be difficult to get a good shot off. After you kill the handful chasing you, Sadie will park the wagon and you'll have to hop off to deal with the few remaining stragglers. Fortunately, there aren't too many here, but they will attack you from several directions. Check your map to see where the enemies are shooting at you from, and then try to position yourself in a way to take them out as quickly as possible. Sadie will help here, and there aren't too many, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem to kill the handful of enemies in this area.

Once they're all dead, climb back on the wagon and head into camp. You'll need to drive it this time. Ride it back to the marked area, and you'll trigger the final scene to this mission where you help Sadie and Mr. Pearson unload the wagon. At least you stopped them from killing each other. For today, at least.

Going For Gold: The biggest suggestion to getting gold here is just to use your Dead Eye as much as you can. All of the objectives here are tied to doing well in the shootout at the very end of the mission, so this is when you'll want to be ready. Fortunately, you will have a full Dead Eye at this point and there aren't too many enemies to deal with. As soon as Sadie initiates hostilities, activate Dead Eye and pick off the two riders with headshots. You want to get headshots now, because there aren't too many enemies here so to get 5 you need to get nearly everyone. Another rider should come into view a little ways down, and once again you want to use your Dead Eye to score a headshot.

As soon as she parks, begin searching your mini-map to find the direction of your targets. Don't bother getting into cover here, because it will just waste time. Instead, locate an enemy and then immediately target them with your Dead Eye to get a head shot. There will likely be one right in front of you, and then one more to your right and left. You want to be quick here since the objective is timed, and as long as you are skilled with your Dead Eye and don't waste time finding cover, you should be able to fight them off with plenty of time to spare. Be aware that, one again, "no healing items" also means no restarting checkpoints, so do not let yourself or Sadie die. Otherwise, you'll have to start over again from the beginning.

The Course of True Love - I

Dutch asked you to sniff around Caliga Hall to see what you can find out about the Grays.

Prerequisite: The New South

Gold Medal Requirements
  • N/A

After finishing The New South, a new objective marker will appear nearby Caliga Hall. The guards up front don't want to let you in, but if you talk to them a second time they'll reluctantly agree to let you chat with whoever you want to around the plantation. Walk in and go and talk to the person in the field to your right. He doesn't have time to chat, but directs you to Beau Gray who is apparently the family chatterbox. Follow the objective marker to find him. That's all there is to the first part of this mission, and you can leave and come back to talk to Beau Gray if you really want to.

The Course of True Love - II

Beau Gray asks Arthur to deliver a letter to Penelope Braithwaite at Braithwaite Manor.

Prerequisite: The Course of True Love - I

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Reach Penelope without getting spotted.
  • Complete within 3 minutes.

You can find Beau out behind a shack in back of the plantation. He goes straight into a scene right out of Romeo and Juliet about how much he loves this woman but she's a Braithwaite and their love is forbidden. He wants your help in passing her a note (which hopefully says more than "do you like me please circle one - yes no maybe") and some jewelry. Arthur isn't interested in being a courier for star crossed lovers, but Beau offers to pay and suddenly he's speaking Arthur's language.

Ride to Braithwaite Manor by following the marked path. Once you get here, you'll need to sneak over to Penelope without being seen. There are a couple of ways to go about this. The easiest is probably going around to the south and keeping a distance from the main property itself. There are fewer guards down here and you can sneak by pretty easily. You'll want to leave our horse behind, of course, and crouch walk to make yourself a bit more stealthy. You can wade across the little bit of water to get to the peninsula the gazebo is on if you want, or you can try walking around. Alternately, you can come in from the north. You can hop the gate at the northeastern corner of the property and then make your way southwest. There is a guard by the front gate and several more by the house, but if you go mostly southwest from your entrance point (and directly towards the gazebo) you shouldn't run into too many guards. There will be one slightly west of the house that walks back and forth between the property and a second, uninteresting gazebo. Just wait for him to turn his back and begin walking to sneak past him. And then there is a second over by the pier nearby the gazebo, but he is always facing the water so you can just walk past him and to your destination.

Once at the gazebo, you'll have a brief chat with Peneople about her family, and she hands over a note she wants you to deliver back to Beau. This is why you never agree to become a courier for two lovesick young people. You now need to sneak off the property without being seen. This part is actually quite easy. There is a boat just north of the gazebo off of a pier. There had been a guard here while you were sneaking on, but he has since left. Stop by the boathouse really quick because there is a naval compass inside, which is a unique item you need for a character item request you may have triggered already. Go over to the boat and just sail out of the red, restricted area. There will be no guards here, making your escape very easy. Once you're out of the area, you will complete the mission.

Going For Gold: Getting past the guards here is extremely easy, but doing it within the time limit can be kind of tight, especially if you are trying this on a replay and are stuck with the default horse. As soon as the opening cutscene ends, ride to the southwest through the gate in front of the house, and then continue southwest through their tobacco fields (you should be almost directly southwest as in right in between south and west on your compass). There is an opening in the gate here if you planned your direction correctly. We want to continue on the southwestern direction for quite a while, and keep going directly southwest until you hit the edge of the Braithwaite property. If you did this just right, you should see a white gate (it will be just west of the "O" from the Scarlett Meadows text). Climb over this and now continue southwest a bit further.

Our goal here is to get to the south side of the house. All of the guards are on the north end of the property, leaving the south end very easy to sneak into even if you stay on your horse. Continue southwest until you see a small building with a red roof and a log cabin (see image above for buildings described here). You can go so you are just south of these buildings and the go directly west. Penelope is on the gazebo on the little peninsula sticking out westward, and we want to get to the shoreline just opposite of it. Once there, climb down from your horse and run to the gazebo. You can technically swim across, but if you're doing this on a replay Arthur likely won't have the stamina. Another important thing to note for replays is your horse won't have the full stamina for this trip. Quickly open up the menu, go to the horse tab, and feed him the first item you can that restores stamina (ginseng) when his core is about halfway gone. You will likely need to do this twice unless your route is absolutely perfect. A general path you can attempt to take is shown below.

Skip the cutscene with Penelope and then run right back to your horse. Again, just run along the coastline rather than swimming. As soon as you are on your horse, ride directly southward, This is the quickest way off the property and you should be able to end the mission within ten seconds or so after climbing back on your horse.

The Course of True Love - III

At the request of Beau, Arthur drives Penelope and the other protestors through Rhodes as they participate in a women's suffrage rally.

Prerequisite: The Course of True Love - II

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Complete within 4 minutes and 15 seconds.

When you're ready, you can head back over to Beau. He is in roughly the same location you left him in, but this time he'll be grooming a horse. He'll hand over your reward when you talk to him, and quickly read through Penelope's letter. Apparently she's going to campaign for women's suffrage, which in Lemoyne is a lot like campaigning to get shot in the face. Beau is really worried something bad might happen to her and enlists your help to protect her. You say no. He offers money. You'll say yes. I'm sensing a pattern here.

Get on your horse and follow Beau. He'll lead you to the rally, and although he pleads with Penelope to leave before someone murders her, she refuses. They compromise, and the group agrees to let Arthur drive the wagon. You just need to follow the path for now, so keep up with the yellow trail on your mini-map. The ride itself is uneventful, although some angry people will yell at you along the way, and you'll wind up in front of the bank. While the leader of the group tries to give a speech, Beau's rougher cousins show up and start making trouble. You'll persuade Beau and them to follow you around the bank.

Mount your horse again, and follow Beau to an old battlefield. There is no danger along the path there, but you will learn that Beau's family is still quite rich. Well, he thinks. They keep him out of those discussion and he doesn't have any money himself. Something to remember for later, probably! As soon as you reach your destination, you'll trigger a brief cutscene and be able to collect your reward from Beau.

Going For Gold: This is one of the easiest gold medals to get in the game. There is only one requirement, and you just have to complete the whole mission within 4 minutes and 15 seconds. This is quite simple, and all you need to do is follow either Beau or the path depending on which part of the mission you're on. Just go as fast as you can and never veer from the suggested path. You will be fine as long as you don't take any diversion or stop for some reason.

American Distillation

Arthur, Dutch, and Bill become temporarily deputized citizens of Scarlett Meadows County as they help Deputy Archibald shut down a moonshine distillery and steal a wagonload of the Braithwaites' moonshine.

Prerequisite: The New South (Must wait three in-game hours)

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Win the race back to camp.
  • Complete the mission without taking any damage.
  • Get 10 headshots.
  • Complete with at least 70% accuracy.

After completing The New South, this mission will become available in Rhodes after waiting three in game hours. You'll find the objective marker over the sheriff's station, so walk on in to find Dutch. And the sheriff. Who is plastered out of his mind. He's made you and Dutch deputies with the promise of making that position permanent if you can help him root out the illegal moonshining operation nearby (presumably because he wants to drink it all). This seems like Dutch's boldest plan yet, but Arthur goes along with it for now. Follow Dutch outside and climb up on the wagon.

The deputy will be driving, so all you have to do is sit and listen to the dialogue. You bring up the supposed gold the two families are fighting over, but he says that happened so long ago no one even knows if its true or not. Rats. You also find out the Braithwaite's are the ones running the moonshining operation, primarily because their plantation has been struggling since the end of the Civil War. Before you can get to the distillery though, the deputy come upon a wreck. Get out of the wagon and walk over to it, and you'll find two bodies amongst the wreckage. Archibald digs for some identification, and the heads back to the wagon. He asks you to drive this time so he can look at the papers, so take over and just follow the yellow trail on your mini-map.

He believes the attack was done by the Lemoyne Raiders, and the victims appear to be men that worked for the state. He'll talk a bit longer as you drive, but your destination won't be too far. Ride over to the yellow destination marker and then stop your wagon and disembark. Follow Archibald and you'll find the moonshiners just on the other side of the swamp. You'll split up at this point, and you can either choose to take the left pathway or the right. This does lead to a slightly different encounter, so the strategy will vary somewhat depending on which way you pick.

If you go to the left, you'll see the first guard on the other side of the water in the back of a wagon. Cross the water directly to get to him. You can choose to have Bill take care of it or to take the lead yourself, but why would you let Bill have all the fun. Sneak up behind him and use the button prompt to knock him out. Bill will tie him up while you go and deal with the other moonshiner. Go across the bridge and head over to the other moonshiner is standing by following your mini-map. It'll also show which way he is facing, so just walk up behind him and press the action button to knock him out. Hogtie him when he's down and pick him up afterwards.

If you go to the right, you will find two guards over here talking. Wait until the separate, then sneak up behind the one that still by the trees and knock him out from behind. The second guard will be walking towards the campsite, so quickly walk behind him as he's in transit and knock him out as well. Hogtie him and pick him up when he's down.

Either way, take your knocked out guard towards the wagon. Drop him down by the others. Archibald says the operation needs to be destroyed at this point, so go with Bill towards their equipment while Dutch chats him up about the Braithwaites. If you stay behind, you can hear Archibald tell Dutch about some of the history between the Braithwaites and the Grays, but you don't need to if you don't want to. Run over to the distillery and plant a stick of dynamite. Light it after it has been placed, and then run out of there so you aren't caught in the explosion. As soon as the dynamite goes off, Lemoyne Raiders show up to yell at you about destroying their stuff.

They're pretty mad and start shooting right away. Run over to where Bill is and help him fight them off. There is a large tree and a decent sized crate in this area that serves as great cover, so duck behind either of these two and start looking for raiders to shoot. A rifle works well here since they will be a decent way from you, so quickly pop out when you have a target and use Dead Eye to get off a quick headshot. A lot of these guys will be running back and forth from cover, and Dead Eye will make getting headshots a lot easier. If you find any stationary ones, you don't have to use Dead Eye if you prefer not to. There will be a handful you can get from here, and once you see Bill start moving up you should go with him.

Keep an eye on your mini-map to see where threats are coming from, and find some cover that allows you to keep an eye on the raiders without being in the line of fire. There aren't as many behind the cabins, but you still don't want to just wander out in the open. Keep going for headshots and you should clear out the crowd pretty quick. Bill is actually a fairly good assistant in this mission, and he'll take out a couple just by himself. Make sure you use your provisions as needed and keep in cover to make things easy for you.

Once you've dropped them all, head back to Dutch. The prisoners are waking up, and Archibald takes them (and a jug of moonshine) for the road. He leave the rest to you, so Bill heads back to camp with your reward. Dutch wants you to ride with him, so get on your horse and follow him. Arthur will tease him about seeming young again, and Dutch proposes a race back to camp to show he hasn't lost a step. You don't have to accept, but if you do you'll start the race almost immediately after. There are a couple of strategies here. You can play it safe and just follow the path. As long as you tap the gallop button in rhythm you are a bit faster than him. The yellow path will lead you right back to camp, and you can even cut some small corners when needed because you don't need to stay on the road the whole time. Watch out for trees at the end because it is very easy to hit one and go flying.

The faster, and more dangerous, option is just to make a b-line to your camp icon. That will also show on the map, and it is faster to go off-roading here. Of course, that increases your chance of bumping into something, but it really is a lot faster. Particularly towards the end, you can hop some fences and run through crops while Dutch follows the road and it takes a lot of times off your pace. I fell down off my horse once and had to get back on, but using this strategy I still had more than enough time to beat him back to camp. You an Dutch will share a nice moment once you're back, which is a good way to wrap up this mission.

Advertising, The New American Art - I

Abagail needs to speak to you.

Prerequisite: An American Pastoral Scene, The Course of True Love - III, AND American Distillation

Gold Medal Requirements
  • N/A

All three of the missions shown above must be completed in order to unlock this one. You'll find Abigail in camp, and if you go and talk to her, she'll inform you that John and Hosea are by the moonshine stash and need your help. The location marker for the next part of this mission will now pop up on your map, but you can do other things before checking it out if you want.

Advertising, The New American Art - II

Catherine Braithwaite pays Hosea and Arthur to head into Rhodes and hand out the stolen moonshine for free at the local saloon.

Prerequisite: Advertising, The New American Art - I

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Headshot 5 Lemoyne Raiders in the saloon.
  • Complete with at least 90% accuracy.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

Hosea will be found just outside of camp with the wagon of moonshine. He wants to go back and sell it to the people you stole it from which seems...well, dumb. But he can't find a market for it elsewhere so I suppose we're just going to hope they don't shoot us for trying to sell their confiscated goods back to them. John is called away by Dutch for duties elsewhere, so it will be just you and Hosea riding off with all the alcohol.

Follow the trail to get to the front of the Braithwaite plantation. Apparently Hosea's plan is to introduce himself to the man of the house, who happens to be a lady. Catherine Braithwaite runs the estate, and Hosea thinks there is money to be made if they can somehow get in the middle of these two, rich families and their feud. When you get to the front gate, the guards will reluctantly let you in after Hosea works his magic, so you can continue on directly to the front of the house.

Catherine Braithwaite comes out (with like four armed guards) and isn't too happy that you're selling her stolen liquor back to her. Hosea claims that you "found it" and are just returning it to her, and she eventually agrees to your price. She wants a favor from you though. Take it back to the saloon run by the Grays and give it out for free. She even promises to throw in some extra cash if you do. Get back on the wagon and follow the trail once again to go back into town.

Hosea doesn't think it is a great idea for you to be seen, considering your previous relationship with Sheriff Gray, so he wants you to wear a hat and smoke a pipe and pretend to be an idiot. This is apparently a good disguise in the early 1900's. Keep riding on in to town, being careful not to bump into too many thing, and maneuver yourself over to the indicated area by the saloon. Get off of the wagon and go to the back to pick up a crate. Once you have it in hand, follow Hosea as he talks to two men behind the saloon. With some minor bribery, he convinces the two to let you in, so follow Hosea with your big crate of liquor.

Hosea introduces the two of you to the bar, telling them you're his idiot brother that killed his mother (he really likes telling that story, for some reason...) and informs everyone that all the drinks will be free. You now take on the role as bartender, pouring drinks as fast as you can. If you check the prompts at the bottom of the screen, you'll see one analog stick raises the glass while the second pours the bottle. Moving the first again will allow for a faster pour, and once it is full enough you can serve it with the push of the button. Keep doing this for a little while, and you'll be throwing out drinks faster than they can drink them up. Everyone gets incredibly drunk the bar, which is what free moonshine will do to you. Unfortunately, the party is cut short when Lemoyne Raiders show up to yell at you for stealing the booze they wanted to buy. Hosea tries to charm him, but even he can't work his magic on these cretins. They pull out heir guns and start firing.

You start off with cover from behind the bar. Three of the raiders will start off right in front of you, so enter Dead Eye and kill all three of them with one Dead Eye cycle. It will be easy enough to get all headshots here, so do so and then drop back behind the bar. More men will be coming in, and there will come some upstairs where Hosea is at. Hosea will be on the left side of the balcony overhead, and he may be struggling with one of the raiders depending on how long you took downstairs. Enter Dead Eye again and clear out anyone else down by you, and then turn your focus to the balcony overhead. Once you kill the guy by Hosea, he'll call you to move on with him. Leap over the bar and run up the stairs, ignoring the shots coming at you from outside. By the time you get to the top, Hosea will be in a second struggle with some other raider, so quickly take him out to save Hosea. Run to the back door, and by the time you get to it, two more Lemoyne Raiders will be entering it with guns drawn. Immediately enter Dead Eye and kill both of them before moving outside.

Once you're outside, an enemy will tackle Hosea over the balcony to the wagon which very fortunately happens to be placed just below. Hosea will deal with this guy himself, but jump down from the balcony to land on the wagon. Hosea will drive now and your focus should be on clearing out any Lemoyne Raiders giving chase. And there will be a lot of them. If you are running low on Dead Eye, quickly refill it with any tonic or provision of your choice. Keep a good eye on your mini-map because it will let you know where enemies are coming from. You will primarily be taking aim behind your wagon, but there will be several points where an enemy will pop up from the side or in front, and you want to take these guys out first because they'll be very close and can do a lot of damage. This is a great time to be using Dead Eye, because both you and your targets will be moving. Dead Eye will make aiming much easier, so take advantage of it as much as you can. At one point, two guys in a wagon will show up and the wagon happens to be full of explosives. Take advantage of this and blow them up with a single shot by aiming at the back. Other than this, there really isn't much of a trick here. You are open in the wagon, which is rough, so you want to use Dead Eye a lot and be quick about getting headshots.

Once you're finally back in camp, Hosea will ride off to meet with Catherine Braithwaite again, and you'll go and talk to Dutch. You'll find out his big plan: rob everyone and run away after. Great plan, Dutch. I'm sure this will work beautifully. He wants to steal from both families while blaming it on the other, so we will now be focusing on ingratiating ourselves further to both families. That will be later though.

Going For Gold: This seems like an easy enough set of requirements, but that 90% accuracy requirement can be a real pain because it requires you to essentially be almost perfect. If you're playing this your first time through, this is going to be incredibly easy to get because you can just keep taking Dead Eye refilling tonics or chewing tobacco. Use Dead Eye for every single shot and you will have no problem at all hitting the requirements. Where it gets tricky is if you are playing through on a replay because you will have no Dead Eye refilling items on you.

To do this on a replay, you need to strategize when you use your Dead Eye. As soon as you get in the shootout in the saloon, kill the first five guys you see with headshot through Dead Eye assistance. Beware of the large glass bottle slightly to your left on the bar (circled in the picture below) because enemies like to run over there and if you try to shoot anywhere in that direction there is a chance you'll hit the bottle, miss the enemy, and hurt your chances for 90% accuracy.

There aren't too many enemies in the saloon, so it is for the best to get five Dead Eye headshots as soon as you can. You should be able to get all the headshots you need right away, and after this stop using your Dead Eye. You want it for the horse ride out of here, so take high accuracy body shots afterwards instead. The best way to do this is to just aim at a target to lock on to their torso and immediately shoot. Don't take any risks on guys behind cover or moving around, and just wait for them to be stationary. Drop your aim after hitting and repeat the process the next time you see any enemy. Body shots are a lot safer, so once you're sure you have five headshots immediately switch over to body shots.

When you're going up the stairs, watch out for an enemy that comes through the front door and another that comes from outside on the second story once you reach upstairs. You'll want to kill these two guys so they aren't shooting at your back and chipping away at your health. Kill the guy fighting Hosea, and then watch out for the two guys that bust through the door at the end of the room. Once they're dead, you will jump down to the wagon.

The chase out can be a bit of a pain since you don't have any Dead Eye restoring items. Keep an eye on the mini-map to see where enemies are coming from because they can drain your health very quickly. Start off the mission using whatever Dead Eye you have left over on your targets. Go for headshots to speed things up, actually locking on to make sure you are guaranteed a hit. Keep doing this until all your Dead Eye is gone, and then revert to body shots. Again, drop your aim in between targets and then aim when you have a target centered on your screen to lock onto their torso. Two shots from your rifle will kill your target, but be careful not to shoot any extra shots as it will count as a miss. To be safe, you can drop your aim between shots on the same target. There aren't a lot of enemies out here, but since you're both moving aiming can be hard. Take your time and be careful and you should be able to finishing with the 90% goal. And if you make sure you don't fail any checkpoints or use a healing item, you will achieve the final requirement and get the gold medal.

An Honest Mistake

Uncle receives a tip-off and rides out with Arthur, Charles and Bill to rob a wagon carrying payroll.

Prerequisite: The Course of True Love - II OR American Distillation

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Save Uncle when he is overpowered.
  • Get 20 headshots.
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

You need to complete either The Course of True Love - II or American Distillation to trigger this mission. You'll be able to talk to Molly in camp at this point, and she'll ask you about Dutch. Before she can get into too much detail, Uncle comes barging in with all the subtlety of a drunken horse and asks your help robbing a coach coming through the area. Molly leaves and he recruits two others to join the robbery, and Arthur only agrees on the condition that Uncle comes along. The four of your ride off after a short conversation.

Follow Uncle as he leads you to the destination. The spot is just outside of camp, and you only have to wait for a moment for the coach to show up. Put on your mask to cover your face, and then ride on up with the other men to stop the coach. The good news is they stop without a fight. The bad news is this is Leviticus Cornwall's coach and he was already very unhappy with you. Get off your horse and help Charles go through the chests in the back. The good news is there is roughly a thousand dollars back here. The bad news is the rest of the cavalry shows up and immediately starts shooting at you.

Ride as fast as you can and follow the rest of your gang. They'll be shooting at you as you ride away, but their accuracy is terrible and as long as you don't fall of your horse, they don't pose any real danger. Just keep riding and ignore them as they pester you with bullets. Eventually the rest of your gang will veer into a forest to lose them, and this is really the only dangerous part of the ride because it is easy to accidentally run into a tree. Just avoid any foliage and a safe house will be just beyond the forest. Get off your horse and the entire gang will run inside. You've lost the men for now, and you'll get some rest while Charles keeps watch.

You wake up just in time for all hell to break lose. Some of Cornwall's men show up and ask the farmer if he heard anything, and he points towards the barn. Your men will kill the first two that come to investigate once they're inside, but after that a huge fire fight break out. There are multiple windows on either side of the barn, and your best best is to duck for cover underneath one of these and pop out and aim at the men on that side. Use Dead Eye as often as you can to make things easier, and don't be shy about refilling your Dead Eye as needed. They usually will come in groups of three or so per side, and as many as three sides at once. Fortunately the other two sides won't really be able to hit you while you're underneath a window for the others, so just focus on clearing out one side at a time.

The men will come in waves, so once one side is cleared out check your mini-map to see where enemies are firing from and run over and fight from that side. You'll need to clear out a decent number of men, so keep on firing until one side is entirely cleared out for the moment before moving on to the next. This will take a while, but fortunately the cover here is quite good and so long as you have good aim (or use Dead Eye frequently), this encounter isn't as tough as you may assume. Cornwall's men will eventually burn down the barn, and when you're prompted you should escape through a hole in the back and run into the woods.

Once in the woods, the four of you will split up, with you going with Uncle and the other two going their own way. You'll be prompted to hide behind a rock while two of Cornwall's men try to track you down. You want to do things silently, so pull out your knife and wait for the two of them to walk past you. Once they have, sneak over behind the man on the right and take him out using stealth. Uncle will try to do the same but get drawn into a fight. Walk over there and swing your knife to take out the second guard silently as well.

Unfortunately, the other two don't do stealth quite as well and you hear gunfire from just a little bit away. Run over there to help them out. They'll be pinned down on both sides, with enemies both between you and them and enemies entirely on the other side. You'll run into the enemies between you first, and these will be easy to kill as they are facing the other way. You can essentially walk out in the open, use Dead Eye to score easy head shots, and keep walking until you find more foes. There won't be too many, but make sure all red dots are cleared out on your side before running to join Charles and Bill. You'll now have the final group of enemies to deal with that will be on the other side of Charles and Bill. Use your favorite weapons here to finish them off, and this final group of stragglers shouldn't pose too much of a threat. The biggest issue during this final stage of the fight is one of Charles or Bill can die if you take too long getting there, so make sure you run over once you finish the brief stealth section.

Arthur will yell at Uncle (deservedly) and tell everyone else to scatter. Head back to camp on your own at your leisure, but you'll complete the mission as soon as the scene winds up.

Going For Gold: The only objective that is going to give you any trouble is getting 20 headshots. There just aren't that many extra targets around so you're going to have to gets headshots on a lot of them. Accuracy over 80% isn't that bad, and not taking any health items (or restarting the mission) is fairly standard. Saving Uncle is also very easy and almost impossible to miss. Once you and Uncle split up in the forest, all you need to do is walk over to him after you perform your stealth kill and attack the man on top of him. Uncle will be able to struggle for quite a bit, so you actually will have a fair bit of time to walk on over and complete this.

This is extremely easy to complete if you are attempting it on your first playthrough, because you can keep refilling your Dead Eye. All you will need to do is use Dead Eye on every target in the shoot out to slow things down and ensure you are getting headshots. You can keep refilling as much as you need to, so you should be able to easily hit your target with that number. If you are playing this for the first time and plan on going for the gold medal trophy, consider going for this gold medal straight away as it will save you some headache on a replay.

Replaying it for gold is quite a bit tougher, as you'll have nothing to restore your Dead Eye. This means you'll have to do things a bit more standard and only use Dead Eye when it is available to you. During the chase away from the stagecoach, consider trying to get at least two or three headshots on your pursuers. This will require you to be fairly decent at aiming since you'll be on horseback, but if you can pull it off it will save you from having to be so perfect at the end of the mission. Don't let yourself get too far away from the rest of the group through or you will automatically fail. If you have Dead Eye restoring items, you can take out all of your pursuers here by looking back as you're riding. Use quick bursts of Dead Eye - aim at a target to lock on to their torso, go into Dead Eye, and quickly move up until you can lock on to a headshot. If you're doing this on replay, you can still likely give five or six or them if you're willing to spent up your Dead Eye which makes the rest of the mission a whole lot easier. You can also get headshots without using Dead Eye, but this requires a lot more skill and it is up to you if you think you can pull it off or not.

Once at the barn, it is very important to keep an eye on the mini-map. You don't want your partners taking any kills, so go to the sides of the barn where the danger indicators are coming from. These guys usually come in waves of four or five, so if there is a single guy hiding on one side in some hard to reach spot, just switch to a different side and you should find a new crop of guys to kill. You probably want to use about half of your Dead Eye core here, so start using it early so you can get some guaranteed headshots. After that, you will need to use the other method (aim at a target in the center of your screen to lock on to their torso, and quickly move your aim up a bit to move up to their head, drop aim, and repeat). There are a lot of enemies here, and you'll want to build up your headshot total as much as you can. Stay in cover when you cain, pop out to get the lock on to their torso, and go for the headshot. You'll need to be quick, but it is definitely doable if you have gotten good at headshots.

After you save Uncle, there is another smaller shootout. Here is a great time to use any Dead Eye that may have built up as it is incredibly hard to see in the forest. The barn at least had lighting, and out here it is quite dark. Dead Eye will definitely be your friend here, so follow Uncle until he gets behind cover. Find a spot near him and then pop out and aim at where you think a target might be. You'll lock on if they're there, so you should be able to pick them out now. Use Dead Eye to ensure headshots and move on to your next target. You'll want to be quick here too as there aren't as many targets and you'll likely need at least a couple more to hit your total. Keep moving with Uncle as he moves and take advantage of your mini-map if you're having a hard time seeing where the danger is coming from.

Preaching Forgiveness As He Went

Following a lead about the Lemoyne Raiders sitting on a pile of weapons, Lenny and Arthur ride out deep into the woods towards Shady Belle.

Prerequisite: An Honest Mistake plus two out of three of the following missions: An American Pastoral Scene, The Course of True Love - III, or American Distillation

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Kill 10 Lemoyne Raiders with a long scoped rifle.
  • Complete within 11 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Complete with at least 70% accuracy.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

This mission requires you to complete a handful of other missions first. An Honest Mistake must be completed, plus two of three other possible missions (listed above). It doesn't matter which of these two are completed, and after you finish the second you will find a new objective marker for Lenny back in camp. Lenny learned from some people in town that there is a group of crazy, armed ex-confederate soldiers nearby that is sitting on a huge pile of weapons. Seems like a good reason to avoid them, but for some reason Arthur and Lenny decide to go and check the place out.

Climb on your horse and ride with Lenny towards Shady Belle, which is their headquarters. The two of you decide to be a bit careful, on account of the crazy people and their mountain of guns, so you check out an abandoned church first that is supposed to be one of their look-outs. Before you can dismount, the two of you hear a wagon riding by and decide to go after it. Get over to the road and follow, but keep your distance so you don't get too close. The wagon is carrying explosives, so the two of you bet on them being part of the Lemoyne Raiders (and not just dynamite enthusiasts). The wagon will lead you right to Shady Belle, so ride your horse to the marked area and then disembark.

Hurry over to the new marked area after, making sure to grab a sniper rifle before you go. It is a piece of a wall that is just taller than you and will provide great cover to see the front of the old plantation. Lenny then asks you to scope out the scene using your sniper rifle. Make sure you take a good look at the dynamite, the front porch, and the Gatling gun on the second story, as Arthur will comment on all of them. You now have a choice of strategies here. You can either send Lenny up to distract them and lure them into one place or you can aim for the dynamite and blow them up from afar. Talk to Lenny to make your decision, although either option should be fine going forward. There isn't too much of a difference here, and you can send Lenny and still blow up the dynamite if you want. That is probably the best option, as it puts Lenny right near cover at the start and still leaves a good chunk of people to blow up all at once by the dynamite.

This will be a long fight, and to make things easier you can just stay at your starting position and use your sniper rifle to pick off foes. Almost all of the enemies will be somewhere right in front of the plantation, so keep an eye in this direction. When you see someone standing out in the open, quickly activate your Dead Eye and go for a head shot. A lot of guys will move from cover to cover, making them a bit harder to hit. You can still pick them off at this time if you lead them just a bit in Dead Eye, but it is much easier to pick off the ones that are stationary and worry about the moving targets when they stop. Look to see where gunfire is coming from, then move over and aim in that direction. There will be a lot of enemies here, so refill your Dead Eye core as needed.

You need to keep a close eye on Lenny, because he can and will die during this fight if you let him get overwhelmed. There is one scripted segment where a guy will come and tackle him. While Lenny can overpower him by himself if you leave him long enough, if you shoot the guy mid tackle Lenny will be able to rejoin the fight much more quickly. Periodically check back on Lenny, and if there is anyone too close to him, make sure you pick them off before they get too many shots off. One other important segment here comes near the end of the fight, as a Lemoyne Raider will run over and start using the Gatling gun. You're far enough away that it can't do too much damage, but Lenny will be in the line of fire. Take aim at the gunner as soon as he starts shooting and you want him taken down as quickly as possible.

When the final raider falls, you are now free to loot. You can loot as many of the Lemoyne Raiders as you want, and there is a decent chunk of cash her to get if you are persistent. Once you're ready, move to the objective marker and climb on back of the wagon to inspect the crate. You find a whole bunch of new rifles which should be fairly easy to sell. Climb on top of the wagon and start to ride it back to camp. On your way out, you'll be confronted by three riders who are very curious as to why you're riding out of their hideout with one of their wagons. You can try to defuse the situation, but they'll shoot at you anyway. Instead, just pull out your gun, go into Dead Eye, and shoot all three of them before they can even pull their guns out. Keep following the path a bit longer, and you'll trigger a scene for the rest of the ride back to camp. When you get back, Arthur will claim one of the rifles as his prize.

Going For Gold: This is actually a fairly easy gold medal as long as you are fairly quick during the shootout. Getting 10 kills with a long scoped rifle is very straightforward, and the 70% accuracy is extremely forgiving. Avoid taking health items or dying and restarting a checkpoint to satisfy the final requirement.

The only part you may have trouble with is completing within 11 minutes 30 seconds. This is still a fairly large chunk of time, and there are several decent sized time saves along the way. However, as long as you are moving at a decent pace you may not even need all of these. If you're looking for tips, you can use any of the ones below.

  • During the ride there, just keep pressing the speedup button on your horse. It seems to save a couple of seconds overall even though you can't really ride away from Lenny. When the coach comes, there is no point speeding up to get close to it as getting too close will end the mission. This early part is all fairly scripted without too much room for improvement.
  • Once you're at Shady Belle, shoot as soon as you get to your destination behind the gates. You can't go too fast or Lenny will stop walking and you'll have to go back for him. But as soon as you are in position, take out your scoped rifle, find a target of your choice, and shoot them. You can skip the whole introductory dialogue where Lenny discuses the best approach to confront them this way and it'll save an entire minute.
  • Count the number of kills you're getting with your scoped rifle. You need ten here, but once you have that number you can run ahead to speed things up. The rifle is very powerful and should kill almost everyone here in a single shot regardless of where you hit them, so go for the torso and don't waste your time with headshots. Keep aiming the entire time you're using your scoped rifle as it will save time since dropping your aim causes a longer reloading animation. Use Dead Eye if you're having trouble, but most of the guys here are fairly stationary and in fairly predictable spots. It is easier to keep using the scoped rifle until the guy comes up on the upper deck and begins using the mini-gun. Kill him, and if you are sure you've hit your ten kills by this point you can run over to where Lenny is.
  • There are only a handful of enemies left at this point, so keep an eye on your mini-map to help located them. If you haven't blown up the dynamite to the left of the door yet, you can shoot it to kill any guys hiding over here. Use the rest of your Dead Eye as needed to kill any of the stragglers. You likely don't even need to be in cover for this part if you are a decent shot as there should only be a handful left.
  • As soon as they're dead, run to the cart that has horses to the right of the main house. This is part of the reason why you wanted to be moving upward once you get your scoped rifle kills as you'll be closer to the coach you need to get to. As soon as you can, climb up the back and Arthur will search the crate back here automatically.
  • Climb on to the front of the coach as soon as you find the rifles and then follow the highlighted path back most of the way. There is an ambush waiting for you just outside of the Shady Belle, but you can ride right past them and they'll drop pursuit almost immediately. Alternatively, instead of taking the path when it begins to veer to the left, you can continue straight through the field until you hit the next road. This will skip the encounter entirely. I'm not sure which of these two is faster as there is a slight delay to the dialogue trigger that follows if you use the second option, but both of them should help you finish well within the time limit. If you want to skip the fight, take the red path below, and then you can follow the yellow path the rest of the way.

Overall, none of these requirements are that hard and this is a mission you'll want to do for sure if you're going for only 70 gold medals.

Sodom? Back To Gomorrah

With the heat in Valentine having died down, Bill thinks it's finally time to hit the bank. Karen causes a distraction while Arthur handles the vaults.

Prerequisite: American Distillation and Preaching Forgiveness As He Went (one hour in-game after completion)

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Loot all the safes.
  • Headshot 5 mounted Lawmen during the horseback escape.
  • Get to Downes Ranch within 1 minute 55 seconds.
  • Complete with at least 70% accuracy.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

After both American Distillation and Preaching Forgiveness As He Went are completed and one hour passes in game, Bill will have a mission for you in camp. Talk to him and he, Karen, and Lenny will want to recruit you for a big plan they've been cooking up. They want to rob the bank in Valentine, and they want you to help them do it. Well, that'd be one way to solve money problems I suppose. The bad news is their plan seems to be limited to "have Karen pretend to be lost/pretend to be a drunk harlot" and then rush in and shoot everyone. Great case work, guys. Still, the money seems worth the risk so Arthur agrees.

Get on your horse and prepare for a long ride with your three fellow bankrobbers. The ride in is a long one, but you can chat with any of your three partners along the way. Just target them and you'll be given an option to chat, and most of them have three or four different conversation trees they can engage in so they should keep you occupied the entire way there. Follow Bill to drop of your horse, and then walk with everyone else towards the bank. You get to pick Karen's routine - lost girl or drunken harlot. Pick whichever you want and then wait outside while Karen works her magic.

The game will tell you when its time to kick the door down, so wait for that and come in with guns drawn. You don't need to shoot anyone here - in fact, it may be better if you don't so you can keep things quiet. You'll work your way to the back of the bank where an employee opens a vault. You can beat him occasionally, but that doesn't seem to help his speed one way or another. He'll get the door in, but once you're inside you run into a different problem. He doesn't know how to open the safes, leaving you to have to deal with it. You have an option here now, and you can either crack the safe or blow them open with dynamite. It is significantly easier to crack the safes because blowing them open results in a huge gunfight outside while cracking doesn't if you're quick. You can blow them open if you want, but just be prepared to fight.

If you crack them, you need to go to them one by one and rotate the knobs until the controller because vibrating very quickly. As long as you aren't going too fast, you actually don't need to waste too much time figuring out what the numbers are because the game will do it automatically. Just go at a decent speed and Arthur will tell you when he finds a number. Rotate back the other way and repeat this process until you've opened all five safes. It is very simple, but if you are having trouble for some reasons the numbers don't ever change and can be found below. The safes numbers go right down the line, with the leftmost safe being number 1 and the rightmost being number 5.

  • Safe 1: 34 - 69 - 22
  • Safe 2: 16- 40 - 55
  • Safe 3: 37 - 1 - 69
  • Safe 4: 15 - 7 - 55
  • Safe 5: 68 - 12 - 38

Loot each safe as you open it and then walk back to the front of the back. As long as you do this part in under six minutes, no lawmen will be waiting outside. Walk to your horse, and it isn't until you get on your horse that people realize something is wrong and the law gives chase.

If you choose to blow it up, great, but every lawman in the area will be waiting for you outside as soon as you leave. Plant dynamite on all five of the safes before you light them, then quickly retreat to the next room so you aren't caught in the blast. Go back inside and grab all of the cash. Make your way back to the front, and as you leave you'll find that enemies are everywhere. Use the initial Dead Eye sequence to pick off two or three of the guys right in front of you. Then, hurry to cover. There is a cart to your right that works best, and you'll want to run to it immediately or you will be shot by just about everyone.

Now that you're "safe", go back to using your Dead Eye and picking off as many lawmen as you can. Try to be quick here, popping up quickly for a brief Dead Eye aim and headshot and then dropping back down. Find your target before you pop up to save your Dead Eye as much as possible, and use refill items to fill your Dead Eye back up as needed. Enemies will be both on the ground and on some of the balconies above, so don't forget to check both levels as you make your way down to your horses. You'll want to clear out as many men down here as possible as you make your way to your horse, and if you are getting shot while moving, enter Dead Eye quickly and find who is doing it. Once you're close enough, you can run for your horse and begin the chase.

The chase part is much easier and occurs regardless of which choice you made. You don't have to worry too much about the men behind you, and focus on anyone coming up on your side or riding in front of you. Lawmen will continually join the fray here, so keep vigilant by looking at your mini-map. As soon as you see someone pop up, go into Dead Eye and pick them off. If they show up in a group, you can save a bit of time by hitting both with the same Dead Eye cycle. Only two or so will show up at a time, making it a bit easier to deal with them. Keep killing them as they show up, and once your cross the train track you'll lose the last of the pursuit.

Even though you just made like 20 grand, you need to make a little more. Stauss had told you about a debtor named Downes (who you visited in Chapter 2) that hadn't quite paid back yet and had the nerve to go and die. So now you need to go hit his widow up for the rest of the cash. Follow the trail shown on the map to find your way to her. She'll pay up but both her and her son will have some choice words for you. You'll ride back to camp automatically after this, much richer than when you left.

Magicians for Sport

Arthur and Charles go to track down Trelawny at his rental caravan in Rhodes.

Prerequisite: Advertising, The New American Art - II (after 1 in game hour and moving out of camp)

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Inspect all the clues in Trelawny's Caravan.
  • While tracking, staying within 30 feet of Trelawny's trail.
  • Kill 2 Bounty Hunters in the cornfields within 1 minute.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

While this mission only requires you to complete Advertising, The New American Art - II, you can't do it right after. You need to wait at lest one hour in game and move a little bit away from camp for it to trigger. You'll see an objective marker above Dutch once it does. Go back to camp and talk to him. While he claims he isn't worried about the bounty hunters yet, he does want you to talk to Trelawny and find out exactly what he knows. He wants you to take Charles with you, so walk over and talk to him. He'll agree to go with, so grab your horse and head on in to Rhodes. Following the trail will lead you right to Trelawny, or at least to where Trelawny was supposed to be. His residence is empty and looks ransacked. Uh oh.

Go inside and use Eagle Eye to search for clues. Two things will light up, which are is table and his bed. Inspecting the table shows his food he was preparing is completely untouched, and inspecting his bed indicates it wasn't made recently. If you look at the table again you can find a note you can pick up the references a share of a company Trewalny is holding. Move into the next room and use Eagle Eye again, and two more things will light up. Check the tub for signs of blood, but the end table doesn't actually reveal anything even though it glows. Charles will see the blood on the floor, so follow him outside to where it leads.

Get on your horse and use Eagle Eye once again to find the path. Follow this, and unlike most trails this one won't disappear so you won't have to keep using your Eagle Eye after you lock in on the trail the fist time. The trail will lead you over the train tracks, and to a couple of men sitting in the forest nearby your camp. Walk over to talk to them, and while they claim not to know where he is, Charles finds his cane on the ground nearby. A fight ensues, and you'll fight one of the men while Charles fights the other. Block his first incoming attack, and then just keep punching until he goes down. Charles will overwhelm his opponent in a similar time, so just walk over and use the button prompt to start your interrogation. He'll claim to still not know where Trelawny is, but if you beat him twice, he'll spill the beans. He's over by the Braithwaite Manor, and you can either let him go, knock him out, or choke him. I'd recommend knocking him out with repeated beating, because both him and his friend are carrying over $20 on them so it is worth your time to loot them. Get back on your horse and ride to your new destination marker.

For this part, just follow Charles as he knows a good way around. You'll eventually find the shed, and Trelawny is being dragged out by a couple of bounty hunters as soon as you get there. They flee as soon as they see you, dropping Trelawny behind them. Arthur will briefly check on Trelawny, and then give chase. Follow Charles, and the three bounty hunters will eventually disappear in the cornfield. Charles will wait on the outside, but you'll need to go in and see where they're hiding. You can just randomly dash through the fields if you want, but the easiest way to do this is to look where the birds are flying away from. Their positions will be given away by fleeing birds, so if you see any birds take flight immediately run to that area of the cornfield. As soon as you find one, pull out your gun and shoot them. The third guy has actually recently ditched his gear, so after you kill the first two follow Charles and he'll lead you to the spot. Move through the fields, and unfortunately the third guy gets the jump on you. Charles chooses to save you rather than betray you. What a pal!

As soon as the third one has been killed, more shots will ring out from the nearby barn. Quickly run over to it, and jump behind the bales of hay for some cover. There are only a couple of men here, and after you've killed all but one the last guy will flee inside. Run inside the barn and finish him off. If you're going for 100% Compendium completion (you madman or madwoman), do not leave just yet as the man on the second floor has something that you want. He drops the Rare Rolling Block Rifle, and this is the only time in the entire game you can find it. Make sure you loot all these guys too, as they are all carrying a lot of cash on them. Once you've killed and looted everyone, call your horse and ride back to Trelawny. Charles will lead him back to camp, while you stay behind and ruminate about the shrinking nature of the Wild West.

Friends In Very Low Places

Trelawny causes a distraction as Arthur robs a stagecoach in Scarlett Meadows following a tip-off from a discouraged worker at Rhodes post office.

Prerequisite: Further Questions of Female Suffrage and Magicians For Sport (after one hour passes in game)

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Complete the mission without being spotted.
  • Complete within 8 minutes 10 seconds.

Once an hour has passed after completing Magicians For Sport (assuming Further Questions of Female Suffrage has also been completed), Trelawny will want to speak to you in camp. He's proposing robbing some stage coaches, and he knows someone in Rhodes that can help you do it. Talking can't hurt, so get on your horse and ride to the objective marker in Rhodes. The clerk at the train station apparently knows the comings and goings of coaches quite well, so hitch your horse outside the station and then walk in with Trelawny.

Trelawny will make some small talk, and then after a bribe on your part, Alden will tell you about a stagecoach coming through shortly that will be holding a lot of money. He also tells you about a friend of his in Strawberry that can also help you finding stagecoaches to rob, so that might be something good to keep in mind in the future. Head out with Trelawny and get back on your horse. Trelawny says he knows a good spot to wait, so just follow him until you get to the spot. He has a plan that won't require any guns, and hands over a lock pick to use on the strongbox so you can open it up without alerting everyone. He also says if things go wrong you can just use your guns as normal, but lets hope it doesn't come to that.

Trelawny will ride down and you should follow him. Keep a good distance though so you don't get spotted. He'll eventually pull aside the coach and start singing, which gets the attention of the opera singer inside. He'll try to convince her to perform in this fake shown he's putting together, and manages to convince her to stop the coach so he can hear her sing. When the coach stops, stay back a bit and get off your horse. The game will give your prompts all throughout this mission, so really you want to do what it says on screen each time it tells you to do something. At this point, a guard will be standing outside and looking in your direction, so you can't move just yet. As soon as the woman starts to sing, though, he'll move to the side of the coach and stand facing away from you. Use your quick crouch walk to get up to the coach at this point. Once you're next to it, break the lock and loot the cash inside. Fast crouch walk away from the coach at this point and get back to your horse. Wait for the coach to leave, and then ride up to Trelawny when prompted. This will be the easiest $750 you earn all game. Looks like Trelawny might've been worth saving, after all. Stage coach robberies open up at this point, so keep an eye on post offices for alerts that one is available.

The Fine Joys of Tobacco

Working with the Braithwaites, Arthur and Sean drive to Caliga Hall with the remaining moonshine and attempt to use it to help burn the Grays' tobacco fields.

Prerequisite: Advertising, The New American Art - II

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Silently kill the Gray Sean distracts in the wagon store.
  • Douse the fields within 2 minutes 20 seconds.
  • Kill 5 Grays during the escape.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

The only prerequisite for this mission is Advertising, The New American Art - II, but if you complete Magicians For Sport while this mission is available, you will have to wait one hour before it becomes available again. Ride up to the Braithwaite Manor and let them know your friends are already inside and waiting for you so they'll let you pass. Walk to the doorway, and the doorman will let you inside. Hosea is already there, and he appears to have worked out some sort of deal with Catherine Braithwaite before you even got there. He's a quick guy, for his old age. Sean will lead you outside and tells you he'll fill you in on the details along the way.

Follow the path to make your way to Caliga Hall and Sean will let you know that your goal is to burn their tobacco field using the Braithwaite's moonshine. Of course, this means actually ride up to the Gray's place without all of them shooting you. Sean says he's got a plan, and thinks he can convince them that the wagon full of moonshine is just there to deliver supplies. When you get close, Sean points out they know you and will probably recognize you if you are just sitting up front on the wagon. He's got a point, so choose to hide in the wagon by holding down the indicated button prompt.

Sean gets stopped at the gate, but manages to sweet-talk the guard with a little bit of moonshine. Hamish will ride with you, and even show you where the deliveries go. What a nice guy! Too bad we have to kill him. Once you stop and Sean gets out of the wagon, wait until him and Hamish are at the barn door and then sneak out of the wagon. Walk up behind him for the stealth kill, and then Arthur and Sean will prepare for their attack that night. They've got moonshine to pour over everything, and they prepare some fire bottles to get the fire going.

At night, Sean will sneak out towards the bard and you want to follow him at first. Move behind the barrels ahead of you and wait for the wagon to pass. This one is delivering payroll, which sounds like a tasty target, but we have a field to burn first. Wait for it to leave, then Sean will sneak out and kill the guard ahead of you. Objective markers will now show up on your mini-map, and that is where you need to sneak to with your moonshine. You need to douse all these areas by pouring moonshine on them with action button. Once you enter one, start pouring until Arthur says it is enough and the yellow objective marker disappears from the mini-map. Move on to the next one and keep doing this until you get all four. Watch out for the guards walking around, because you don't want them to see you just yet. They will be marked as red dots on your mini-map, so keep an eye on them before starting any movement.

Go straight ahead to the first couple of markers in the field on the southeast. As long as you are in the fields themselves the guards can't really see you, so you can walk around and pour in here without much worry. Once both sections are done, you'll need to move to the next part of the field. The issue is that there is a guard patrolling to your west and a guard that is stationary to the north. The stationary guard is hard to sneak past because he is looking right at you, so instead move towards the west and wait for the guard on patrol to move past you. Crouch walk past him as quickly as you can to get to the field to your west and douse both spots here. Now move to your north. There is another guard patrolling back and forth between the two fields, so wait for him to pass and then quickly crouch walk by. Douse these two spots and then move to the final spot to your east. Again, there is a guard patrolling up and down the path so wait for him to pass you before making your move. Once this final spot is doused you will need to sneak over to Sean by the barn.

The easiest way to get to the barn unseen is going to the field to the west of you, then going to the one south of that so you are in the southwest tobacco field, closest to the barn. Beware of the two patrolling guards between these fields, and crouch walk quickly behind them soon after they pass you. Move towards the barn and you'll see Sean sneak inside for the stealth kill. He'll douse the barn and then tell you to throw your fire bottle. Do so, and then prepare for a fight.

As soon as the barn lights up, every single guard in the area will descend upon you. Sean says he can hold them off while you set the tobacco fields on fire, and fortunately you only need to ignite one of them. Go to the yellow area on the mini-map and toss another fire bottle to get the fire going, then get back with Sean and help him fight his way through the Grays. Move behind some cover nearby Sean, and start firing at whoever is closest to you. This is the best time to use your Dead Eye, because it is when you'll be dealing with the most enemies. Find a target with the help of your mini-map, take aim, and then go into Dead Eye immediately so you can get a quick head shot off. There will be enemies just ahead of you, and others to your side. Watch out for those on the side because you don't want them getting free shots on you if they get behind your cover. There will be a decent number of guards here, so keep an eye on your Dead Eye core and refill it as necessary.

Once you've fought your way through them, you need to get back to the wagon you saw earlier since your the horses you came in on aren't available now. Follow Sean as he leads you through the burning fields. More guards will come at this time, but they usually come in groups of only one or two so they'll be easier to deal with. As soon as you seen one or one starts shooting at you, quickly take aim and take them out. Guards will be all along the entire path until you get to the wagon, so don't get too comfortable here and keep your gun ready.

At the wagon, Sean will go look for money while you need to cut the horses free. Target the horse and then press the indicated button to free them. Once Sean is ready, he'll jump on a horse and you should mount the other one. Ride out now, being careful for the few stragglers left. They'll shoot at you as you ride by, and you can go into Dead Eye briefly and kill them if you want, or you can just try to ride by and let Sean deal with them. Follow Sean out of the manor and to the safe spot. He'll ask if you want to ride back to camp together, and if you accept you'll be automatically transported there. If not, you'll be out in the field and free to explore some more. It doesn't matter which choice you pick so do whatever you want as the mission will end either way afterwards.

Horse Flesh For Dinner

To get back at the Braithwaites, Tavish Gray asks Arthur, John and Javier to steal prized horses from Braithwaite Manor that he claims will sell for $5000.

Prerequisite: Advertising, The New American Art - II

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Kill the stable hand showing you the horses.
  • Catch the stallion within 10 seconds.
  • Get 5 headshots.

The only requirement here is previously completing Advertising, The New American Art - II. However, if you completed The Fine Joys of Tobacco first, you will have to wait one in game hour after finishing it for this mission to become available again. Go to the objective marker outside of Caliga Hall when you're ready to start the mission. The men at the gate will tell you that your associates are already down by the stables, so follow the path to get there. Javier and John are already talking to the Gray patriarch, who is clearly none to fond of the Braithwaites. He wants your help rustling some of their prize horses, and the prices he promises are too good to pass up. Get back on your horse and follow John.

You'll be lead to the Braithwaite manor, and Javier will convince the guard that the three of you are there to meet with Mr. Braithwaite about purchasing the horses. He'll let you in (he's going to be fired later), and continue following Javier and John as they lead you to the stable. Hitch your horse out front, then go and talk to stablehand. He'll lead you in to talk about the horses, and once his back is turned go behind him for the stealth kill. The horses will be startled now on account of the murder they just witnessed (they hate being called to testify). Go to the white one in the center, and calm him twice by targeting him. Pat him once, and then lead him outside to the rest of the horses.

This is where the plan goes bad, because someone will steal you and they'll alert the entire plantation. You now need to ride out with half of the Braithwaites shooting at you. Get our your rifle or some weapon that is good in medium range combat. Keep an eye on your mini-map to see where the gunfire is coming from, and then quickly activate Dead Eye and go for some headshot. There will be several to your side at first, but once you get close to the exit some will come out ahead of you from the field. Kill any enemies as soon as they get close, and keep an eye out for riders coming up behind you because they can do some damage if you let them get too close. They'll block the exit, so follow the others as they ride towards a gap in the fence. It is usually best to stay in the back here, so just keep pace with the others and pick off any Braithwaites you run into along the way.

You'll try to sneak out through the trees on the other side, so be careful not to run into any while you're riding. In the trees is safe so you don't need to swing the camera around looking for enemies. Once you get out of the trees, however, three final enemies will ride along side of you. Use up the last of your Dead Eye to pick them off. After this final group has been killed, the rest of the ride will be safe so keep following John as he leads you to the drop off point.

Along the way, one of the horses will get spooked and try to run off. Take out your lasso and follow him. Once you're close enough, target and toss the lasso to wrangle him back. Lead him back to the rest of the group, and the follow them the rest of the way to the buyers. These men are...odd, but they'll buy the horses from you. They offer far less than promised, but John "master of negotiation" Marston takes the deal. Smooth. From here on out you can return to these two to sell stolen horses. They buy them for more than a stable would, so keep them in mind if you ever decide to steal some horses.

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Suspecting a trap, Micah asks Arthur to observe an arranged meeting between Dutch and Colm O'Driscoll from afar.

Prerequisite: Magicians For Sport, Sodom? Back to Gomorrah, AND ONE OF The Fine Joys of Tobacco OR Horse Flesh for Dinner

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Free yourself and perform self-surgery within 1 minute.
  • Recover your weapons from the O'Driscoll's camp.
  • Kill the O'Driscoll gang members that beat and shot you.
  • Escape the O'Driscoll camp without being spotted.

You need to be nearing the end of Chapter 3 for this mission to unlock. Both Magicians For Sport and Sodom? Back to Gomorrah must be finished. Additionally, either one of The Fine Joys of Tobacco or Horse Flesh For Dinner must also be finished. At that point, Micah (ugh) will have a mission available for you, so you need to go talk to him (UGH) in camp. Apparently, Mr. Pearson ran into some O'Driscolls in town. Rather than killing him, the they came to some sort of understanding and apparently Colm himself is looking for some sort of peace offering. Both Dutch and Hosea seem to think it is a trap, on account of the whole "family and loved one" murder thing that Colm and Dutch have going on, but Micah wants to at least try. With Arthur protecting them, the worst thing that could happen is a whole bunch of dead O'Driscolls, he points out. Fair point, but I still hate you, Micah.

Dutch agrees, so get on your horse and follow him and Micah to the meeting spot. It is a somewhat fare from your camp, so they'll be plenty of conversation about whether or not this is the best idea. Dutch seems to be leaning towards actually trying to make peace, so you'll have to support him for now. When you reach your destination, Micah and Dutch will break off for the meeting, and you'll ride up a nearby hill to have a vantage point on the situation. Follow the marked path to reach where you need to wait, then get off your horse and walk towards the ridge. You'll pull out your binoculars at this point, so locate Micah and Dutch and keep an eye on them.

Colm will show up, and him and Dutch will start talking. It is all very tense, and you get the sense that something bad could happen at any minute. Then it does. Someone jumps you from behind and knocks you out, and then multiple men proceed to beat on you while you drift in and out of consciousness. When prompted, try to crawl away. It goes about as well as you'd assume. From here, you have a whole bunch of not great scene for you. Someone rides off with you, you wake up at a cabin, and Colm himself comes down to talk to you. It isn't a friendly conversation. He intends to lure Dutch in using you as bait and turn the lot of you over to the law. He beats on you some more and you pass out.

When you come do, you can swing yourself back and forth using the left analog stick. Look at the prompt on screen. Hold down left until it shows you to hold down right, and then hold down right until it tells you to hold down left. Keep doing this for a couple of cycles until you have the option to grab the file. Do it as soon as you can, and then you'll automatically pick the lock. Now you have to cauterize your wound. Gulp. Follow the on screen prompts, and when you need to position and twist just keep moving the sticks around, back and forth, until Arthur finishes. The rest of the prompts are fairly simple, and once you're done an O'Driscoll will start making his way downstairs. Once he moves past you, use your stealth kill and you'll pick up three throwing knives.

Go up the stairs. You'll now need to sneak out of camp, but before you do that you'll want to collect your weapons. There will be some O'Driscolls in the area, so keep an eye on your mini-map to make sure you aren't just watering into a fight. If one starts shooting at you, they all will and it'll be hard to win in your weakened state. After leaving the stairs, turn left to find one of the O'Driscolls bent over looking at a crate. Aim a throwing knife at his head to kill him. Go around back towards the stairs again, and this time check out the other side of the cabin. There will be another guy with his back to you looking down at your weapons. Kill him, and then take out the third and final guy that should be near the back of the second building here. With them dead, you can grab your weapons and mount your horse.

You aren't quite safe yet, though, as you need to get back to your camp while avoiding the O'Driscoll patrols. Check your map and it will show you where all of them are. You don't want to ride on the road here, because they'll spot you very quickly. Go east of the road and ride underneath the railroad. One of the patrols will likely be on the road just ahead, so wait for him to pass and then book it. There shouldn't be any after him, but check your map just to be safe. Once you're past the patrols you can keep to the trail and ride back as fast as you can. You'll somehow make it back to camp. Alive. Hooray! A couple of weeks will pass while you heal, but hey, it is better than being dead.

A Short Walk in a Pretty Town

Arthur, Micah, Bill, and Sean go to meet some of the Gray boys in Rhodes to discuss a security job.

Prerequisite: The Fine Joys of Tobacco, Horse Flesh For Dinner, Friends in Very Low Places, and Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Kill 3 Lawmen in Dead Eye while saving Bill.
  • Complete using only sidearms.
  • Complete within 4 minutes 30 seconds.
  • Get 20 headshots.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

You'll need to clear out basically every other mission in this chapter to get this one, which will be found right in the center of Rhodes. Bill, Sean, and Micah will be waiting for you when you get there. The Grays want you to provide security for...something. They aren't clear what, but Micah and Bill both think they're on the level. Arthur has his reservations, which are immediately confirmed when the four of you walk into an ambush and...something bad happens. Welp. Looks like we're going to have to fight our way out.

Arthur will dive behind a barrel immediately, and you start out the fight from behind cover. There will be enemies on both side of the road, but from the position you start in most of them will have a hard time hitting you. With so many enemies around, this is a mission that you want to be in and out of cover as quickly as absolutely possible. Pop out, score a head shot, and drop back in. Using Dead Eye will make this significantly easier, and you should get a bead on a target, pop up, and activate Dead Eye almost instantly. It is good to have several Dead Eye replenishing items for this mission, so you can fill your core up as soon as it gets low.

The first phase of this fight will take place on the street. Clear out foes closest to the sheriffs station before turning your attention to the far side of town. There will be men up on the roof, in addition to others running down the street trying to get somewhere close to you. Rifles are great for this fight, so find your favorite and hopefully you have a decent amount of ammo. You will likely need to move to other cover when you finish clearing out the one side of town, so move over next to the cart closer to Micah. This will give you a better view of this side of the street, and you'll be able to kill more enemies without some debris blocking your view.

Eventually, Micah will want you to move to the gunsmith with him. He'll lead the way, but be warned that several more enemies will come out as you're moving down the street. Either stay in cover, and run up to the gunsmith quickly, or keep your gun out and go into Dead Eye as soon as a new enemy appears on screen. Once you get to the gunsmith, you'll need to kill the guy holed up inside. You can do so by firing through one of the windows. Micah will kick down the door afterwards and you can follow inside. Duck down behind one of the windows, as this will provide great cover to deal with the men outside. This wave is less intense than the previous one, and the good news is you only have to deal with gunfire coming from right ahead of you. Keep referring to your mini-map to see where the last of the enemies are at, and keep on activating your Dead Eye whenever possible to make things easier.

Once you clear this group out, Micah will notice that almost all the Grays are dead. Almost. Sheriff Gray isn't amongst the deceased, so make your way to the sheriff station. You'll eventually be successful in taunting him to come out. Unfortunately, he has Bill at gunpoint. Fortunately, you have super Dead Eye powers that the sheriff doesn't know about. You'll immediately go into a Dead Eye scene, so shoot the guy holding Bill at gun point and then move on to the other men. Micah helps out, and between the two of you, you will be able to clear out Sheriff Gray and the last of his men no problem. Not really what you'd call a "successful" mission, though. Lick your wounds, and head back to camp. It likely isn't safe to stay here much longer.

Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern

Suspecting it was Catherine Braithwaite who kidnapped Jack, Dutch, Arthur, John and the gang ride to Braithwaite Manor to get him back.

Prerequisite: A Short Walk in a Pretty Town

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Headshot Gareth and Gerald Braithwaite.
  • Get 20 headshots.
  • Complete with at least 85% accuracy.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

With the events of the last mission, it is pretty clear you can no longer stay near Rhodes. It'll be in lockdown afterwards, meaning you can't just walk into town any longer without getting shot at. Go and talk to Dutch back at camp. Things will have gone from "bad" to "NO NOT THIS BAD" pretty soon, because Jack will be missing when you return. People are pretty sure this is the work of the Braithwaite's, and Dutch promises Abigail that he will return Jack to her. Almost the entire camp mobilizes for this, so ride with everyone to your destination. There is some really cool imagery coming up, with most of your camp riding out together and you walking up to Braithwaite Manor as a unified force. It doesn't really have anything to do with the strategy here, but you should just appreciate it anyway.

Dismount your horse when you reach Braithwaite Manor, and then follow Dutch up to the front door. The Braithwaites will come out, letting you guys know how angry they are with you for messing with their business and telling you to get off their property. For some reason, Dutch doesn't like this much and shooting breaks out. You'll start out the fight right in the open, but honestly this is one of the encounters in the game where that doesn't matter all that much. There are so many other targets here for the Braithwaites to shoot at that not all that many shots will be coming your way. By now, it should be obvious what you need to do, but if you aren't sure Dead Eye will be your very best friend. There are so many targets here at first that you can just pick one, go into Dead Eye, and get a headshot. Keep an eye on your core, and take some sort of tonic to recover your Dead Eye when it starts running low.

After clearing out the first handful, it is probably best to take cover behind the cart that is right in front of you. You'll still have a great vantage point of the entire manor from here, and even better the Braithwaites are incredibly unlikely to shoot you from here. Keep an eye out on the upper balcony because a lot of enemies will run out here to fire at you. If you shoot them they do that old western thing where they dramatically tumble over the balcony, which is a nice touch. There are a lot of enemies here, but this is actually a fairly easy encounter just because of how many men you'll have with you.

Once the outside is cleared out, follow Dutch inside with John. You'll need to check two rooms on the ground floor for Jack. The room immediately on your left will be empty, but if you go to the room behind it you'll find that the door is locked. Kick it down, then immediately look to your left. There is a man hiding behind an overturned couch that will pop out and shoot at you, so be prepared and kill him first. Jack isn't in here though, so go upstairs with Dutch and help him with the barricaded door. As soon as you get close to it, reinforcements will begin to arrive from outside.

Go out on the balcony, and make sure your Dead Eye core is full or close to it. Three Braithwaites come riding in on horses, and you can kill all three of them with a single Dead Eye activation. After them, two carts will ride in carrying even more reinforcements. You can try to kill the drivers, but it might be best to wait for the guys in the back to start to disembark. If you enter Dead Eye here, you can kill all four with headshots really easily. The same goes for the second cart. If any of them manage to get off, kill them before they get too close. More reinforcements will arrive from the right now, so move down that way and begin picking them off as well. As long as you are good with a rifle, they shouldn't pose too much of a threat because you should be able to take them all out fairly quickly. The toughest part about this mission is the sheer number of enemies you have to deal with. You want to have some Dead Eye restoring tonics on hand, because if you do this fight will be a lot easier. If you do run out of Dead Eye, you'll want to be a bit more cautious and use more cover, but with it you can mow down enemies as quickly as they arrive.

Once the last of them has been killed, you will need to break the door down. Move over to where John is at and after he struggles a couple of times, you can help him break the door down. Inside will be the final two of the Braithwaites, and while they're armed, you go into an automatic Dead Eye scene. Kill them both, and the fight will finally be over. Dutch will come into the room now and break down the bathroom door where Catherine Braithwaite is hiding. She is very reluctant to tell you where Jack is at yet, so Dutch burns her house down. With her family dead and her house gone, she finally tells you. Her sons took Jack, and handed him off to someone in Saint Denis. It isn't clear that's where he still is, but you have a name and a city, at least. You'll ride off now, watching Braithwaite Manor go up in flames.

Going For Gold: Most of the requirements here are easy if you use Dead Eye as much as you can. Make sure you are fully stocked up on Snake Oil or Chewing Tobacco going into this mission, because these will both restore your Dead Eye core without counting as a healing item. You'll probably use three or four of these throughout the course of the mission, but it will make getting all the requirements a lot easier.

Twenty headshots seems like a lot, but with so many foes here you will have more than enough opportunity. You should only be going for headshots, and you should only be doing so after locking on to targets using Dead Eye. This will help you keep your accuracy at almost 100%, and it will make getting the headshots a lot easier. A good time to get a bunch is during the first round of reinforcements while you're up on the balcony. There will be three guys riding up on horses that you can tag all at once, and then two wagons with six people each. They'll all be so close to each other, that once the disembark, you can get three or four at one time per wagon. The headshots will add up quickly, so you should have no trouble hitting 20.

Taking no health items is standard at this point, and again you can use all the Snake Oils and Chewing Tobacco you want. The only unique challenge here is getting a headshot on Gerald and Gareth Braithwaite. These are the two you run into at the very end of the mission, after breaking down the door to Catherine's room. Just take your time and fire off a single headshot at each of your targets. You have plenty of time here so it shouldn't be difficult to pull off.

The Battle of Shady Belle

John and Arthur clear out the last remaining Lemoyne Raiders from Shady Belle before the gang relocate their caravan.

Prerequisite: Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Kill all the Lemoyne Raiders in Shady Belle.
  • Clear two bodies from Shady Belle within 1 minute 40 seconds.
  • Complete within 11 minutes.

If it wasn't clear you needed to head out after the last mission, it should be now. Now only do you need to go to Saint Denis to find Jack, but the Pinkertons arrive and promise to bring 50 men and kill everyone in camp if Dutch doesn't head out quietly. The entire camp sends a pretty strong "we will shoot you if you don't leave" message to the Pinkertons, but with the threat of them descending on camp, it is time to go. Arthur lets Dutch know of Shady Belle, a nice big house you ran into during an earlier mission. That seems like a decent place to settle down in for a couple of days while you're looking for Jack, so Dutch decides to move the camp there.

Arthur and John will need to check out the house to make sure no one else has moved into since the last time you were there. Get on your horse and follow the path shown by your mini-map. It is not the most direct way there, but it will keep you out of Rhodes where everyone wants to murder you at the moment. John will let you know he is not too happy with either Dutch or Hosea at this point, considering what happened to Sean and Jack. They'll talk about this the entire way, and it seems like John is losing faith in Dutch.

When you get to Shady Belle, dismount your horse and walk towards the manor. There are unfortunately a couple of stragglers here from the Lemoyne Raiders, including two on the porch outside. Go into Dead Eye as soon as you can see them and pick them off with headshot. Arthur will now go inside to clear the rest of the house while John looks for trouble outside. You'll need to check all the room marked in yellow, and there will be two downstairs. The first one will have a raider hiding behind the table, so walk into it with your gun drawn and hit him with a head shot before he can take aim at you. The adjacent room with a staircase is clear, and Arthur warns anyone upstairs that he's coming for them.

If you look to your left as you go up the stairs, you will see the first guy hiding in a room with a fairly large hole in the wall. It might be hard to hit him from the staircase without hitting the banister, so run through the door and fire off a couple of shots to take him down. The next room will be empty, but there will be one final holdout hiding in the bedroom in the back. He goes on a rant about how the government stole his land and is oppressing him and stealing his socks or something crazy, and if you don't shoot him he will grab a gun on the adjacent side table and shoot himself for you.

It is time to do a little sprucing up of the place now, as your caravan gets very particular about how many corpses are rotting about. Go downstairs to meet up with John, and he'll ask for your help disposing of the bodies. Pick up the one he's indicating and walk over to the swamp. Drop it in, and Arthur will tell John he can take the rest from here if John can go and get the caravan. Go back inside and pick up the next closest corpse, and then drop it in the swamp as well. At this point, the game will assume you learned enough about corpse disposal and it will do the rest automatically for you.

The rest of the group will arrive at this point, and after telling Mr. Pearson and Ms. Grimshaw to work their magic, he asks you to take a ride with him. He wants to see Saint Denis for himself, and he outlines his plan going forward which may or may not involves leaving the country with everyone. Uh...sure, Dutch. Sure thing. Follow him to the city, and once you reach it, you'll complete the chapter. Welcome to the big city, Arthur! I'm sure things will go better here.

Optional Missions

Money Lending and Other Sins - IV

Strauss needs to speak with you.

Prerequisite: The New South

Gold Medal Requirements
  • N/A

After completing The New South, you will be able to talk to Strauss in camp about some more of his money lending business. You haven't been here all that long, but Strauss already has two more names of people that owe you guys money. He works fast, that Strauss. There is one nearby in Rhodes and one much further away over by Strawberry. Feel free to tackle them in either order you please.

The first target is just north of Strawberry. You may want to quick travel there (if you've unlocked it already) or take a train (if you haven't). Of course, you can always just ride there and enjoy the wilderness if you prefer. The man you'll be looking for will be towards the north end of the objective marker, sleeping in a makeshift camp. Wake him up and ask for your money. Sadly, he doesn't have it, but he planning on a way to get it. There is a rare cougar up north that will be worth more than what he owes, and he's "generous" enough to help you find it. Here I was hoping he'd just give the pelt to us. You don't have any other options, so get on your horse and follow him to the spot.

You'll make your way to her den, and once inside Winton suggest the two of you split up. Gulp. The big surprise is he dies immediately after splitting up. Run to the middle of the cave after you hear his cries for help to find his body. It is now up to you to hunt the cougar alone. If it sneaks up on your from behind, it can kill you in a single bite, so be careful. Your best bet is to back yourself up into a corner and wait. There aren't any real "corners" here, but you can back yourself up against a wall and quickly scan between the different ways the cougar can come. Keep an eye on your mini-map, because she'll pop up on it once she's close. As soon as you see her, enter Dead Eye and shoot her as often as you can. If she gets you, mash the indicated action button to break free and then repeat the cycle. As long as she doesn't totally catch you off guard, you should be able to kill her eventually. Skin her to collect her pelt, and then walk back to your horse. Ride back in town and sell it at the butcher's to recover at least some of Strauss' money.

The other target is right in Rhodes. Head into town and go to the objective marker to find Gwyn. He'll be behind the funeral home, working on a casket. Confront him to make all sorts of casket related threats. He doesn't have your money either (surprise!) but he knows where he can get it. Follow him as he leads you to the churchyard. His brilliant idea is to rob a grave which, honestly, isn't the worst thing we've done so far. Unfortunately there are people in the cemetery and he won't do it until you chase them off. There are a couple of kids getting very close to making out, and you'll have to antagonize them to drive them away. There is another woman further back working on a tombstone. Charm her to get her to move, and then go back and talk to Gwyn.

Gwyn will go back and work on the grave while you go and stand guard at the front entrance to keep people from coming in. Stand at the objective marker and wait for a woman to approach you. Charm her to get her to leave and then resume your vigil. Two men will come shortly after that, and you'll need to antagonize them. Unfortunately, that makes them want to fight you. Block when they throw a punch and then counter with some punches of your own. There are two of them, but they seem to attack one at a time and aren't very good fighters. A couple of punches will knock them each out. Go and talk to Gwyn, who hands over a diamond broach. This will complete this mission, so head back into camp to turn the broach in (and wash your hands too, while you're at it).

More Fun Stuff To Do

This chapter will introduce you to Lemoyne, making it a great time to explore the region. There are a lot of collectables here, and some very unique flora and fauna that you won't find elsewhere on the map. You won't be going too far in the next chapter, so you don't have to check every nook and cranny if you don't want. If you're going for 100%, it at least makes sense to start gathering the Lemoyne collectables now. And, again, make sure you do one of the camp activities and continue donating to the tithing box in camp so you don't miss either of those trophies.

You should also be able to make some substantial camp upgrades by this point, and if you don't have the lodging tier 3 upgrade yet, try to do so now. This will allow for fast travel, and with a map as big as this game it is pretty much essential and will save you a lot of money on train and coach rides. There are other things you'll want to look into as well, including Pearson's crafting upgrades. You'll need to purchase the leather working tools first, and after that Pearson will be able to craft cosmetic upgrades to camp or actual upgrades to your satchel. The camp upgrades are just for fun, but all satchel upgrades will actually allow you to start carrying more of a lot of different items. You'll also need a lot of perfect pelts for this, so either check the Camp section of the guide for information on this or make a list yourself of what you want so you can keep track. If you're lazy and don't feel like doing all the required hunting, you can just purchase these upgrades from a fence once you reach the upgrade. So, it isn't imperative that you craft the satchel upgrades now, but they are some of the best upgrades Arthur can get in the game (carrying 99 of nearly all items, which the final satchel upgrade allows for, will make you essentially invincible).

In addition to some of the optional missions listed above, there are a handful more stranger missions that you may want to try your hand at. The most important to get starter is A Fisher of Fish which will be available after finishing The New South. This will open one of the missing collectables - Legendary Fish. You will actually get a map of all their locations, and you can pretty easily get ten of the thirteen almost immediately. The last three are behind the restricted area in West Elizabeth, and you may want to wait until later in the game to get those. And speaking of legendary creatures, you should now have a decent chunk of the map explored by now, so you can start hunting Legendary Animals if you haven't already. You'll get a map of these too in Chapter 2, and you'll need to hunt five of them if you're going for 100%. Even better though, each of these legendary animals drop special fur or pelts and unique animal related items (like a fang or an eye). The former can be made into unique outfits while the later can be made into trinkets that will give you a permanent stat boost in some way. Bring your loot to a trapper for a new outfit and a fence for a new trinket.

In terms of other stranger missions, you will find a lot in Lemoyne. This includes Fundraiser (in Saint Denis), He's British Of Course (north of Rhodes), No Good Deed (available after American Distillation in Rhodes), and The Iniquities of History (available after An Honest Mistake in Rhodes). You can even do The Smell Of Grease Paint, which isn't in Lemoyne but isn't too far north in the town of Van Horn along the eastern coast. And, finally, you may want to also do American Dreams and A Fine Night For It. These are two more complex stranger missions that will have you traveling around the map a bit as a prerequisite. They're also too of the more fun ones, so you may want to take the time out now. You should have most of the game open to you at this point, so you're likely going to spend a long time in Chapter 3 just exploring.