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by Suprak the Stud

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Suprak the Stud

Version: 0.75 | Updated: 01/17/19


Chapter 2: Horseshoe Overlook

After a fairly linear first chapter, Chapter 2 is where the game really starts to open up. Once you wake up in camp, you have a lot of options of where to go to and what to do, but you can just ignore all of that and go exploring for a bit if you want. There are multiple missions available at the start, and you can tackle them in any order you please.

Polite Society, Valentine Style

In search of new leads for the gang, Karen, Tilly, and Mary-Beth convince Arthur and Uncle to ride out to Valentine with them.

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Return the lost wagon horse to its owner.
  • Find Karen within 45 seconds.

This will likely be the first mission you do, although it doesn't need to be. Unlike the other missions available at the start of Chapter 2, Polite Society, Valentine Style is available right in the starting camp so you don't need to go anywhere. Go and talk to Uncle, who will be resting somewhere behind one of the wagons. Arthur is determine to force him to pull his weight, so the two of them head into Valentine so Uncle can take care of some errands. Some of the women in camp are eager to go into town as well, so Arthur allows them to accompany him in.

You'll board the wagon automatically, so just take a look at the map to make sure you know where Valentine is and then starting heading in that direction. The game will show you the path you want to take, so just follow that for a bit while the women start singing bawdy songs (which are the very best kind of songs, really). After a little bit, you'll observe another wagon just down the road that loses control and has one of his horses go darting off. The women want you to stop and help him, but you can ignore them and ride on past if you want. Returning the horse to him earns you a boost to your honor though, and you'll get more if you calm it down rather than lasso it. Target it and then follow the prompt on screen to calm the horse down, and if you do this a couple of times the horse will be relaxed and you can lead him back to the wagon driver. He'll thank you for your time, and you can continue on in to Valentine.

Continue to follow the path into town, and you'll eventually park the wagon nearby the general store. The women get out and go to the saloon, while Uncle leads you over to the general store. He'll look around a bit and pick up some whiskey, and suggests you get some coffee because you look tired. RUDE. Go and talk to the shopkeeper and then look at the dried goods section of his catalogue to find some coffee for $1.00. Once you're done, go outside and enjoy some whiskey with uncle on the porch.

One of the women will come over to talk to you at this point, and let you know she overheard a train will be passing through nearby soon and it'll be carrying a lot of rich passengers. Sounds like an easy target. The other women think they found an easy target too, and seduced some drunk men over to the hotel in order to rob them. Unfortunately, these targets do not appear to be as easy as they thought, because you see one of them violently grabbing one of them and dragging her behind a nearby building. Time to go learn that rascal some manners.

Follow them into the alley and you can either defuse the situation or intimidate him. This doesn't change much, but he's kind of a jerk so maybe intimidating him is the best way to go. He folds almost immediately either way, so now you just need to find the other woman from your party. Go inside the hotel and ask about her, and the man behind the counter will tell you she's in 2B. Go upstairs and turn right. The room at the end of the hall is 2B. The guy is getting physical with her, and when you enter the room he'll try to hit you. Block his punch and then throw a punch or two of your own. He'll go down, and you can follow Karen back outside.

Once outside, another man will recognize you from Blackwater and flee. You need to give chase here, but it isn't too hard to keep up with him. If he travels too far away you can follow him via the red indicator on your mini-map. Try to keep up with him, and urge your horse to go as fast as it can. Eventually, the man will fall from his saddle and roll over a nearby cliff. You can either pull him up or let him fall. The mission will be completed either way, but pulling him up will gain you honor while letting him fall will lose it. Either way, the mission will end afterwards. Once the mission is completed, head back into Valentine with the horse. You can return it to his owner, and if you do you will gain honor regardless of how the rest of the mission went. With the mission complete, you can head back into camp.

Americans at Rest

Bill starts a brawl in Smithfield's Saloon in Valentine as Javier, Charles, and Arthur attempt to charm the locals.

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Save Javier within 15 seconds.
  • Defeat Tommy within 1 minute 30 seconds.

This mission will finally take you into Valentine itself, so before you go and get started it is a good time to go around and meet some of the locals. There is a butcher here in town that you can sell any pelts or carcasses you've been carrying around, and there is also a general store and a doctor available. You can also go to the gunsmith to restock on ammunition or to buy some new weapons. The weapons themselves can be found later, but there are some permanent upgrades here that increase the amount of ammunition you can carry or prevent you guns from breaking down longer.

There are also some points of interest if you're going for total completion. Stop in the hotel and take a bath (assisted or unassisted) and then go to the show as both of these things count towards 100%. Also, there is a saloon on the east side of town that has both Five Finger Fillet and a special Stranger Quest called The Noblest of Men, And A Woman. It is a long one and you likely won't want to do it all right now, but you can at least start it by talking to the biographer inside the saloon. There are also plenty of random Chance Encounters here, particularly at night, and a "Ranter, Raver, and Campaigner" in town that is trying to raise money for charity. Even though the town is small, there is a lot to do so go around and explore a bit.

When you're ready, head into the saloon at the north end of town. You'll find Javier inside chatting to some very friendly women. Arthur is feeling unfriendly at the moment though and chases them away. Even less friendly is Bill, who drunkenly stumbles in and accidentally sets off a huge tavern brawl. WAY TO GO BILL, YOU SLOPPY DRUNK. You'll have to fight your way out of this, and it starts out fairly easy. The first guy you are paired up with doesn't present much of a challenge and you can just mash the attack button to knock him out fairly quickly. They do introduce a couple of new mechanics to the fighting right now though that you will want to take advantage of shortly. The first is a block, which will deflect incoming punches and will open up your opponent for a quick counter. The second is grapple, which will allow you to either choke (by pressing the grapple button again) or punch (by pushing the attack button) while he's tangled up. Neither of these is really necessary for the first fight, but if you're feeling fancy you can test out your new skills.

Once the first guy is defeated, go around the bar and punch anyone else that is looking for trouble. These fights are also fairly straightforward and you can usually catch the guys from behind which may actually knock them out in a single strike or two. Unfortunately, things don't stay easy for long and a huge brute will come down the stairs and start hulking out on your pals. You'll first be grappled by one of the other scrubs, so just mash the attack button to break free. As soon as you do, rush over to the brute and hit him from behind to break up the fight with Javier. Unfortunately, now you'll have to fight him instead. Great.

This fight is much more challenging than the easy ones that came before it. The best advice here is to hold back on attacking a bit and let him swing on you. As soon as you see an attack coming in, press the block button which will not only soften the blow, but temporarily leave him vulnerable so you can unleash a quick combo. Hit him when you have an opening, but don't just mash the attack button as he can block and then counter attack you instead. Watch out for his grapples, and if he grapples you break free by mashing the indicated button. After a while, he'll toss you on the ground and you can break free, which will the allow you to throw him on the ground automatically. At this point, keep mashing the attack button until someone comes to break it up.

You'll meet up with Dutch at this point now, who runs into an old friend and lets you know someone from your gang is still alive but being held hostage by bounty hunters back in Blackwater. Your gang has no choice but to go save him, but there are some other things you'll need to do first. Dutch sends you to go clean up while some of the others go off to prepare for the upcoming rescue mission. This will complete this mission for now though, giving you a chance once again to decide where to go next.

Going For Gold: This mission only has two requirements for a gold medal, and both of them are timed based. The first one is quite easy, and you just need to save Javier within 15 seconds after Tommy shows up. To do this, begin mashing the indicated button immediately after the cutscene to break free from the grapple. Now, head over to Javier (they'll be up front near the piano most likely) and attack Tommy from behind. This will immediately free Javier and rescue him.

The next is a bit more difficult but still not too bad. One minute and thirty seconds is quite a bit of time to deal with Tommy, so just don't get yourself knocked out by being careless. Wait for him to attack, and the block. This will allow you to get a bunch of free counter attacks in, so keep wailing on him until he blocks and then start the process over again. He'll grapple your a couple of times, so just be quick to mash buttons to get free. By focus on countering and some appropriate button mashing, you should defeat Tommy well within the time limit.

Who Is Not Without Sin

Arthur goes to find out what Reverend Swanson is doing at Flatneck Station.

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Win 2 hands of Poker.
  • Return Reverend to camp within 2 minutes 5 seconds.

This mission is available from the very start of Chapter 2, and you just need to look at your map for the Reverend Swanson icon to find out where to go. There is not a lot to the south of camp just yet, but you can do some hunting and foraging if you want to along the way. Once you get to the train station, head on inside and you'll find the Reverend playing poker. Seems kind of a strange thing for a Reverend to be doing, and even worse he is sloppy drunk. The two card sharks inside are more than happy enough to keep on taking his cash until you intervene and the Reverend passes out.

You can play poker now if you want, or you can just get up and leave. If you play poker, you may want to familiarize yourself with the rules first if you don't already know as the game doesn't exactly teach you how to play. It doesn't matter if you win or lose, and when you stand up from the table you realize the Reverend has wandered off somewhere and its up to you to find him. Talk to the two men nearby and they'll inform you as to which direction Swanson wandered off to. Follow their direction and you'll find the Reverend engaged in some sort of struggle with a man who is much bigger than him.

Seeing as you are just saving the Reverend from all sorts of trouble today, you now have to fight this man in his place. This is not a very difficult fight, and as long as you keep throwing punches he should go down rather quickly. If you are having trouble, make sure you block an attack as it is coming in and then counter for some easy hits. It won't take many punches for him to go down, but once he does a nearby witness will try and run to go get the cops. You cannot let him leave, because if he gets too far away you will fail the mission. Immediately give chase either on foot or with the help of your trusty horse, and call out to him when you get close. This will stop him from running, and if you threaten him he will promise not to go to the cops. If you're feeling evil, you can now either rob him (or murder him, if you really want to make sure he stays quiet) but that is entirely optional.

Once the witness has either been intimidated or murdered into silence, head back for the Reverend. In the two seconds you were gone, he managed to wander up to the bridge and get his foot stuck in a train track. Just in time for an incoming train, too. Hurry over to the Reverend and follow the onscreen prompts to free his foot from the railroad tracks. You want to press up and then mash the action button repeatedly, and you should be able to get his foot out just as the train is passing by. You will now yell at the Reverend because he is a hot drunken mess and you should. He sobs and then passes out. So its basically like any college party you've ever been to.

Pick him up and put him on your horse, and then follow the trial back into camp. Once you get there, hitch your horse where the game shows you to and pick the Reverend up from the back of your horse. Follow the path shown by the game to get to the Reverend's bed. Place him down and mutter under your breath what a drunken fool the man is. That last part isn't required, of course, but it might make you feel a bit better.

Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego

After spotting a huge bear up by the Dakota River, Hosea and Arthur ride out and track it.

Prerequisite: Any other mission in Chapter 2

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Track the bear within 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  • Shoot the bear at least 6 times.
  • Complete within 12 minutes.

After you complete any other mission this chapter, you will be able to talk to Hosea and he'll tell you about a bear he saw nearby that he wants to hunt. He'd like your help, and since you're a crazy person you decide that hunting a bear sounds like a good use of time. Go over to get your horse, but Hosea suggests selling the huge horse nearby that he managed to steal from someone else and that is too unruly to keep himself. Focus on your horse, and then follow the button prompt to remove the saddle. But it on the new, giant horse and climb on. Follow Hosea in to Valentine with your new gigantic horse friend. Hosea will tell you that they haven't quite found a way to sell the bonds you stole from the train just yet, but he's working on it.

Follow Hosea in to town and lead the horse to the stable. Here, you can either choose to sell it or stable it. Stabling it will allow you to keep it, so if you're in the market for a monster horse, that is the option you want to go with. After, you will need to buy a new horse. You cannot just back out, so you will need to purchase one of the three here. Feel free to buy one of the pricier ones if you can afford it, but to move on you can just buy the cheap one if needed. You can buy some stuff for your horse here as well, and when you're done the guy selling the horse will throw in a brush and some food for free.

Lead your horse outside and then climb back on. Hosea is done getting whatever he needs to help hunt the bear, so follow him as he says the trip will take you a couple of days. Follow him for a while for a brief conversation about John, and then the game will automatically take over and show you some scenery as the two of you ride together. You'll eventually get control back, and at that point you should follow Hosea down the path. He'll eventually comment that the two of you should catch a rabbit to cook, so get off your horse and start tracking one. The easiest way to do this is to use your Dead Eye skill, because the rabbits are quite fast and it can be hard to aim otherwise. Kill at least one, skin him, and then take his carcass over to Hosea.

It is getting late by this point, so Hosea suggests stopping for the night. Follow the onscreen prompts to set up camp which can be access from the item wheel. Place your camp down, and then get ready for a brief tutorial on crafting/cooking. You have a grill set up at this point, so you can add some seasoning if you want but it isn't required. Cook and eat your food, although Hosea will turn it down because he claims he doesn't like eating this late. You can cook some more at this point if you want, or you can back out and call it a night.

After a good night's rest it is time to head out and hunt this bear Hosea has told you so much about. Hosea will first ask you to help him make predator bait, and he's nice enough to hand over the ingredients before hand. Go back into the crafting menu and make the bait. You can tear down the camp afterwards. Get back on your horse and follow Hosea as he leads you towards a bear, which probably doesn't sound like a good reason to follow him. He'll lead you down to the water and ask you to help him find any sign of the bear. Use your Eagle Eye skill and make your way over to the giant glowing pillar. This is some paw prints, which is a good start. Use Eagle Eye again to find his path away from the water. Following the path will lead you to a half eaten fish, letting you know you're going the right direction.

Use Eagle Eye again and once again follow the path it shows you. You'll find some bear poop this time. Cool. You have to be close now. Again, turn on Eagle Eye and follow the indicated path once more. You'll lose the trial at this point, and Hosea suggests splitting up to hunt for the bear. Arthur instead suggests placing the bait here and waiting for the bear to show up. It doesn't really matter what option you pick here, as either way you wind up face-to-face with the enormous legendary bear. A Dead Eye sequence will immediately trigger, so just keep on pulling the trigger and hitting the bear until he flees. You'll find Hosea hiding behind a rock afterwards, so go and talk to him. He decides to head back into camp, and you can either stay out here and hunt the bear or go back with him and tackle the bear at a later time. If you choose to fight the bear, please refer to the Miscellaneous section of Total Completion to find more information on the legendary bear. If you return to camp, you'll complete the mission once you finish riding in with Hosea.

Money Lending and Other Sins - I

Herr Strauss needs some help getting money from delinquent debtors.

Prerequisite: Americans At Rest

Gold Medal Requirements
  • There is no Gold Medal associated with this quest

This mission is not available until after you complete Americans At Rest. Once you do, you will be able to talk to Herr Strauss in camp. He has already started off his money lending business successfully. Too successfully, it seems, because he's already got a list of debtors that aren't repaying the money he lent them. He thinks someone like you (a.k.a. someone that looks murder-y) might inspire these folks to pay back their debts more rapidly, so he hands you a list and asks you to pay them a visit. Inspect the document in your satchel to get a list of their names, and their icons will appear on your map so you know where you need to go to.

The closest target is Mr. Wrobel, who is almost directly west of Horseshoe Overlook. Check your map to find the icon, and then grab your horse and head on over to pay Mr. Wrobel a visit. He is located on top of a little hilly area and he lives by himself. Feel free to burst your way through the door and say hello. Mr. Wrobel unfortunately doesn't speak any English, but he does speak PUNCHING HIM IN THE FACE. Threaten him, intimidate him, and when that doesn't work start punching him in the face. He'll eventually break down and tell you that you can take whatever you want in the house to settle the debt. Shove him out of the way of the cabinet he's guarding to find a gold ring, and then make your way around the rest of the house and pilfer what you can from his cabinets. Keep on going until the debt is settled, and then go some more if you feel like it. You can even go out to the barn and take the poor man's horse. Once you're done, check them map and move on to your next target.

You actually have a choice here, as you can go back into camp and deposit what you have or you can move on to the other debtors. The rewards are better if you keep on going, so it is advisable to go to the next nearest target. However, if you are done at this point you can go back to camp and put what you just obtained into the camp funds. If you plan to continue harassing the other debtors, you will continue right into Money Lending and Other Sins - II. It is worth noting there is no official end to this mission or a description of either part on your mission log, and the only reason you will know there even is a Part II is because afterwards you will get a new mission that is called Money Lending and Other Sins - III.

Money Lending and Other Sins - II

Herr Strauss still needs some help getting money from delinquent debtors.

Prerequisite: Money Lending and Other Sins - I

Gold Medal Requirements
  • There is no Gold Medal associated with this quest

After your initial collection, you will still have two targets left. Check your map again, and you'll see the next closest target is Chick Matthews. Head over to his direction and once you get to his house, talk to the man outside. He isn't Chick, but he'll point you in his direction, giving you just enough time to see him take off on a horse. Jump back on your horse and give chase. Your horse will likely be a lot faster than him, so you should be able to catch up before too long. You can shoot him if you want, but it is probably a better idea to lasso him since Strauss asked you not to kill anyone. Pull him off his horse and hogtie him. He'll tell you that he'll lead you to the treasure if you just let him go. Don't. Instead, loot his body and you'll find a treasure map. At this point, you can let him go if you want but he was kind of a pain so I recommend leaving him there to thing about what he did.

Open your treasure map and you'll see...uh...some sort of directions. The map is super vague, but fortunately the destination will be automatically added to your map. Just follow the new marker on your map and you'll find a wooded area with a large tree right in the middle. Inspect the tree and you'll find the money stowed away inside.

This leaves you with your third and final target, and fortunately she's close. Lilly Millet is at the northern edge of Emerald Ranch on a bench talking to her boyfriend loudly about how much trouble she's in since he's not earning any money. Interrupt them to let them know just how much trouble they're in. Confronting Lilly will trigger a fight with Cooper. He isn't very tough, but if you want to make it very easy just focus on blocking his incoming punches and countering with several of your own. He doesn't take too many punches to knock down, and once he's out you can loot his body to collect Lilly's debt. If you're unlucky, someone may see you and run off to get the sheriff. Chase them down and either intimidate them or beat them up as well. You can chat with Lilly some more if you want, but for some reason she doesn't seem to be in much of a mood to talk.

Now that you have all the debt collected, go back to camp. Head over to the donation box to turn in all your collections. Doing so will not only make the camp significantly richer, it will unlock the ledger which will allow you to purchase various upgrades for the camp. Some of these are mostly cosmetic, but others will have some actual use. Purchase any one upgrade at this time to complete the mission. Strauss will stop by and thank you, and inform you that there is one final delinquent you need to deal with. The mission will end here now though, so you can go and do something else before confronting him.

Money Lending and Other Sins - III

Arthur attempts to reclaim the debt from Thomas Downes but finds him to be destitute.

Prerequisite: Money Lending and Other Sins - II

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Complete within 2 minutes 10 seconds.

After completing Money Lending and Other Sins - II, you will find a new mission has appeared on the map. Unlike the second part of this mission, this won't appear automatically and you will need to travel to get to it. Find the mission marker on the map and ride over to it. This will take you to the farm of Mr. Downes, who you may recognize as the guy attempting to raise money for the destitute in town. He will be tending to his crops when you get there, and doesn't seem all that happy to see you. He'll swing his hoe at you, so you'll have to educate him on their finer points of negotiation.

That means you should beat him up. He doesn't even fight back, so it is a bit of an unfair fight! Of course, if you are in a more charitable mood, you can threaten him, but that isn't going to really do anything other than get him to try and ask for more time. After you rough him up, his family comes out to help him, complaining that he isn't well. Arthur is unmoved and demands the money next time he comes to visit. He'll leave at this point, and you will automatically return to camp. Talk to Herr Strauss once you're back to complete the mission.

Paying a Social Call

Under the threat of torture, Kieran leads Arthur, John and Bill out to Six Point Cabin where he claims Colm O'Driscoll is holed up.

Prerequisite: Americans At Rest

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Silently kill 4 O'Driscolls.
  • Get 12 headshots.
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

After completing the Americans At Rest mission, you will be able to talk to Kieran in camp. Threatening him will trigger a scene where Dutch threatens to cut off his testicles with some rusty shears, and for some reason this finally gets him to talk. He agrees to lead you to the O'Driscoll camp so long as there is not any pain inflicted to his sensitive bits, so lead him over to a horse and then jump on your own. Follow his directions as he leads you to the O'Driscoll's hidden camp where Colm himself is thought to be holed up at. Ride along until Arthur tells everyone to get off, and then check your horse to take out your throwing knives. These will be in the same slot as your lasso, so move over to it and then swap it out for the knives. These will be really useful in sneaking around the hideout coming up.

Follow the group to the top of the hill and you'll see three O'Driscolls coming back from hunting. One of them stops to pee on a tree, and now is a perfect time to try out your new throwing knives toy. Bill will ask if you want to kill the guard or if he should, and go ahead and take the lead because it is more fun to do the work yourself. Wait until he's done talking to his pals, then take out your throwing knife. Aim at his head and toss it and you'll kill him in a single hit. Bill when then ask if you want to take out the other two guards at close range or with ranged weapons, and whatever you do he'll do the same to the other guard. Ranged is probably easier here because you can just toss it again at one of their heads from a distance for a guaranteed kill. There is one more guard just beyond them with his back to you, sitting on a log. Take the lead again and toss one more knife right at the back of his head for another stealth kill. Make sure you snatch up your throwing knives from each of the bodies as you move along.

Now you have the option of again taking the lead or sending the boys in. Sending the boys in results in an immediate gunfight, but if you take the lead you can potential stealth kill several guards around the perimeter without drawing anyone else's attention just yet. You can kill one guy to the left of your last stealth kill with another throwing knife if you take the lead, but everyone else may notice you if you are out in the open. It may be better to go around to the right. Check your map to find lone red dots and use either your boys or throwing knife to kill them one at a time. You can theoretically do this for the guards around the entire perimeter, but if you get caught at any point the rest of the guys in the middle will immediately begin shooting at you.

The easiest way to get through this fight is to duck behind one of the rocks nearby for some cover and then use your Dead Eye skill to kill as many men with headshots as you can. Your Dead Eye will likely be full going into this fight, so you can get through a lot of it relying on your Dead Eye and ducking behind cover while you're looking for new targets. There are a lot of enemies here, so to get the most out of your Dead Eye always have a target or two in mind first, pop out from behind cover and then use your Dead Eye to go for headshots on at least a couple targets at one time.

After a little while, some more reinforcements will come from the left of the path you used to come down toward the cabin. They'll be using trees in this direction for cover, so make sure you move yourself to new cover when you're able to provide some shielding from shots coming in from that direction. Use the same strategy here, and feel free to fill up on your Dead Eye using an appropriate tonic if you run out. You don't have to use your Dead Eye here if you don't want to, but it makes the fight so much easier as it essentially is a guaranteed kill each time you use it. Once you've killed enough men, the remainder will flee and you'll have a chance to loot the bodies. The other guys will be looting at the same time, so take what you can as fast as you can because a lot of the guys here will have some good stuff.

Opening the cabin will trigger a cutscene, and afterwards you'll need to check it out. Kieran tells you that there is usually goods in the chimney, but there is other stuff to find as well. There are some items in some of the cabinets, but you definitely want to check out the table in the middle as you'll find more than $30 in money clips. When you're done looting, move to the chimney. You'll first find a double-barreled shotgun, so pick that up. The game makes you clean it first because the O'Driscolls are filthy monsters and let their guns fall into disrepair. Follow the onscreen prompts to clean off the muck, and this will serve as a useful tutorial for the rest of the game. Check the chimney one last time to find a whopping $600. Half of that goes to the gang, but after divvying up the rest you'll still earn a cool $100. Not bad for an afternoon's work.

We Loved Once and True - I

An old flame tries to reconnect with Arthur.

Prerequisite: Money Lending and Other Sins - II, Paying a Social Call

Gold Medal Requirements
  • N/A

This mission actually has two prerequisites, and you must complete both Money Lending and Other Sins - II and Paying a Social call to unlock it. The mission itself is barely a mission at all, and once you're back at camp you will find a letter next to your bed. Read it and you'll find a letter from what appears to be an old flame that is living just north of Valentine. She saw you in town with, ahem, "a couple of the girls, or whatever the polite term is for them". YIKES. She wants to see you again, and asks you to come visit her if you have some time. And that's it. After reading that, the mission marker for Part II will appear on your map, and you can visit it at any point later on.

We Loved Once and True - II

Mary needs help, leaving Arthur with a choice.

Prerequisite: We Loved Once and True - I

Gold Medal Requirements
  • N/A

After you complete We Loved Once and True - I, you will need to travel just north of Valentine to start the second part of this mission. Check your map to find the objective marker, and ride on into town, making yourself look as spiffy and pretty as possible first. I mean, that isn't part of the mission, but if you're ever going in to check on an ex it is good advice to make them regret leaving you by looking as spiffy as possible. Big mistake, Mary. HUGE. Knock on the door and an older woman with a gun will answer. Fortunately, that's not Mary. She, however, says she can get Mary.

A cutscene follows where you learn a bit more about their history and how Mary broke your heart because you apparently weren't good enough for her family. Her husband died of pneumonia (YES) but she didn't call you here to rekindle old flames (BOO). Instead, she needs your help. Her little brother has been taken in by a cult, and she thinks you are the only one that can talk any sense into him. You're left with a choice now, as you can either help her or refuse. Refusing will end this storyline, while accepting will unlock We Loved Once and True - III on your map to be completed at your leisure. Note that this mission is entirely optional, and while you need to talk to Mary, you are free to turn down her request for assistance if you want to. After your decision, this mission will end and you are once again free to take any other available mission if you want rather than continuing on immediately.

The First Shall be Last

Following a tip-off on Sean's whereabouts, Arthur, Trelawny, Javier, and Charles track Ike Skelding's bounty hunters up the Upper Montana River and attempt to rescue Sean.

Prerequisite: Americans At Rest

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Silently kill the Bounty Hunters by the river with Javier.
  • Shoot the rope to free Sean.
  • Get 10 headshots.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

During the Americans At Rest mission, you'll discover one of the missing members of your gang was caught by bounty hunters and is in need of some help. After, you can find a mission marker for Javier on the map. Travel to it, but be prepared for some trouble. As soon as you enter Blackwater you'll find there is a pretty steep price on your head, and the sheriff has you wanted dead or alive. Not great. Fortunately, there shouldn't be much trouble on the edge you're traveling to, so go and meet up with Javier and crew as they scope out the scene.

Trelawny scopes out the camp and discovers that they're moving Sean to some big prison out west. In order to save him, you're going to have to free him in transit since you don't exactly have the firepower to take on a whole prison. Get on your horse and head towards the indicator on the map to find the boat they're using. You'll follow it upriver now as Trelawny slowly leads you to their destination. When the dock and go to shore, take out your binoculars by moving to their spot on the item wheel. Observe the scene and then follow Trelawny down to the river.

He will distract the guards for you here, so silently sneak across the river when Javier prompts you to. While Trelawny is doing his think, sneak up behind the guard on the left and take him out with a stealth kill. Javier will kill the one on the right at this point. Loot their bodies, and then follow Javier over a bit. There will be two more guards on the path up here, but if you get too close to them they will turn and start shooting no matter how stealthy you think you're being. Instead, grab some cover behind one of the big rocks down here and quickly try to get in a couple head shots.

Now you have to move up the canyon. Guards will start pouring out, but fortunately there is a lot of cover. To make things easiest, find some cover, find an enemy or two you want to kill, pop out and activate your Dead Eye. Quickly target them with a headshot for a quick kill, and then duck back down to locate your next target. There will be roughly ten or so down here, and you also need to keep an eye out for long range enemies on the top of the cliff at the end of the canyon. Their aim isn't perfect, but they can be annoying if you aren't paying attention and try to move up before killing them first. Dead Eye works well here too, but you can also just line up a headshot if your Dead Eye is running low. The good news is Javier is actually fairly competent and will do a decent job getting shots in during this whole encounter, and that certainly makes things easier. Once the canyon is cleared out, Javier will move on ahead and you should follow him.

There will be two more guards at the top of the canyon, so quickly take them out with the help of Javier. Follow him a bit further and you'll find the bounty hunters' camp. There will be a handful of more enemies in here, but you can find some pretty good cover behind all the logs at the entrance of the camp. You are likely almost out of Dead Eye by now, so consider taking an elixir to refill it before battle. With your Dead Eye, the fight is fairly trivial and you can one again pop out from cover and use Dead Eye for a guaranteed head shot before dropping back in. There will be a couple more guards at the top of the hill in the back towards the end of the battle, but they shouldn't really pose too much of a problem. After killing a good chunk of the guys back here, the rest will flee.

Make your way over to Sean and shoot the rope to drop him down. Walk on over and cut him free with your knife. Hooray! He's saved now and will go with Javier back to camp. Now is a great time to surveil the damage if you haven't already and loot every single corpse you see. There is a lot to steal here, so take advantage of it.

The Spines of America

To prove their business credentials to the Emerald Ranch fence, Seamus, Arthur and Hosea attempt to rob a stagecoach from Old Bob Crawford at Carmody Dell.

Prerequisites: Exit Pursued By A Bruised Ego

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Loot everything from Carmody Dell.
  • Don't get spotted.
  • Deliver the wagon to Emerald Ranch within 1 minute 10 seconds.

After Exit Pursued By A Bruised Ego, Hosea will tell you he wants to go and check out Emerald Ranch. You cannot go there just yet, but if you leave camp and come back a little while later, you can trigger a conversation with Ms. Grimshaw who will let you know that Hosea is waiting for you by Emerald Ranch. I was unable to get this conversation to trigger until after the party scene that follows The First Shall Be Last, but that might not be absolutely necessary. Ms. Grimshaw will immediately start telling you this once you get close to her, so you'll know if you've triggered the conversation almost immediately.

Check out your map and follow the marker to Hosea who is just outside of Emerald Ranch. Approaching him will start the mission, where he begins by trying to convince some shady looking individual to help you guys out. He is reluctant at first, not sure if he can trust you, but agrees tot he deal if you can go steal a stagecoach from one of his in-laws that he doesn't particularly like. Oh, and don't kill him. He wants you to rob him, not remove him from the family's secret Santa list entirely. Hop on your horse and follow the path all the way to your destination. The target is actually just outside of the ranch, so park your horse here and go the rest of the way on foot.

Hosea gives you the option of attempting to rob the place during the day or at night. Of the two options, night is easier but day is probably more entertaining. If you go during the day, Hosea will attempt to distract the family with his wild business model of really, really good back rubs. And apparently they work too, since the father comments his back actually feels better afterwards. Looks like you missed a business opportunity, Hosea. If you go during the night, just crouch walk through the house while doing your pilfering. This way is certainly easier because you can really take your time and as long as you are crouch walking you aren't going to be noisy enough to wake anyone up.

Either way, you now need to steal $45 from the house. But you're going to want to steal more. Much, much more. There is no reason to leave early and this house is absolutely brimming with cash. Make sure you check the chimney for sure, because they're hiding $150 in there. Beyond that, search every cabinet and every dresser because every single one of them usually has an expensive item and some cash hidden away. Take all their food, too. Their whiskey, their canned goods, even their last can of Hoo-Hash. Go full Grinch on them and take every single thing that isn't bolted down. You'll have to move quickly if you went during the day as Hosea can only distract them for so long, but this is a really good mission to make yourself rich.

Now, once that is done sneak back outside and head to the barn. If you did this during the day, you'll have to wait for Hosea to sneak his way back in after his performance. Once he has, ride out fast and hard and follow the path on your mini-map. You want to direct the horse back to the fence, who will pay good cash for it. This will also unlock your first fence in the game, who will buy stagecoaches you've stolen in addition to selling a lot of high quality items. It is definitely worth coming back in the future, as fences have some of the best items in the game. For now, just park your coach inside the indicated barn and collect your reward.

Pouring Forth Oil - I

John has an idea for a train robbery, and recruits Arthur to help him.

Prerequisites: Polite Society, Valentine Style, The First Shall Be Last, and We Loved Once and True - I

Gold Medal Requirements
  • N/A

When all the requirements have been met, Ms. Grimshaw will approach you in camp and let you know John wants to talk to you. Alternatively, if you get close enough to John he'll call you over himself. Head over to start the chat, where he speaks about his interest in robbing the train you learned about in Polite Society, Valentine Style. Arthur still isn't sure, but John will clue you in on his plan to stop the train with an oil wagon placed on the tracks. Arthur actually agrees that this is a good idea, and John will head into town to collect the supplies while Arthur is tasked with collecting the oil wagon. That is all you need to do for this mission for now, but two wheel icons will show up on your map that indicate where Pouring Forth Oil - I will start.

Pouring Forth Oil - II

Arthur steal an oil wagon to use in the train job being planned by John.

Prerequisites: Pouring Forth Oil - I

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Deliver the wagon to the drop o within 1 minute and 45 seconds.

To start this mission, you'll want to first check your map and find the shinny new markers that appeared after you finished Part I. You'll notice there are actually two markers here, which may look a bit confusing but it is important to note you only need to get one of these to the drop off point. Once of these is a bit harder than the other, but at the same time it is a bit quicker so feel free to do whichever one you find preferable. It is a good idea to wear a mask here, because you may get caught and this will at least make you anonymous.

Your first option is in a fenced yard belonging to the Cornwall Kerosine Factory & Tar. This will be just north of the railway, and is part of a larger factory complex. The cart with all the kerosine on it will be visible from outside, and it is a large vehicle driven by two horses. There are a lot of guards here, and even worse (if you are going for a high morality playthrough), you will lose morality for each one of these you shoot (even if they start shooting at you first). Because of this, it is probably better to try and sneak in as that will prevent you from having to fight forty guards all at once. Your goal here is to get to the cart quickly and to ride off before too many guards here notice you are gone. Because of the sheer number of guards, it is unlikely you'll be able to sneak through undetected, so this is more about just fleeing to avoid conflict.

Go to the north side of he complex, along the fence the hugs the north end of the yard. Position yourself nearby the carriage, and look to find all the guards in the immediate vicinity. They do patrols, and after a little while you will likely be able to get a sense of when your carriage is unguarded. Fortunately, even the most precise guards can get sloppy, and you want to take advantage of this by climbing in and riding off before they even really knew what hit them. Wait until there is a gap in the patrol, and then hop the fence and hurry to the cart. They'll start shooting at you as soon as they see what you're doing, so waste no time in getting out of there. Gallop as fast as you can as far away as possible, and try to aim yourself to the objective marker to find where you want to drop the cart off at.

Your second option is certainly easier. The carriage will start the mission right next to the one described above, but once you get close to it someone will arrive to pick up the carriage and take it elsewhere. It so happens to be heading to Valentine so get on your horse and begin to follow it. Once you're out of sight of everyone else, you can just shoot the guy. Or knock him out if you're going for a true pacifist run. You just need to take the driver out in some way, because after that you do you can just climb up onto the carriage and drive it where you need to go. This is certainly the easier of the two options, as you really only need to kill one guy who is kind enough to wander off by himself.

Regardless, take your stolen carriage to the indicated location. Once you actually steal the carriage, the rest of the mission is very simple and fairly safe, so you can just ride up and drop the carriage off where the game shows you. If someone reports your crime you may run into the sheriff on the way back which is particularly bad luck, but this is somewhat unlikely and your ride will likely be without incident.

After you finish dropping the carriage off, you'll need to meet up with John. Dropping off the carriage will officially end the mission, though, and you now have a bit of break if there is anything else you want to do first. Or you can jump right back into things and meet up with John to start the third and final portion of this mission.

Going For Gold: There is only one requirement for a gold medal in this mission, and that is to get the wagon to the drop off point within a minute and forty five seconds. The time starts as soon as you get on the wagon, so you want to plan this well and head directly to your target. The most important part of this is to steal the wagon that is in the Cornwall Kerosine Factory & Tar yard. The one on the way to Valentine is further away, so it will take time you don't have to ride it back a bit further. As long as you take the one from the yard and head directly to the marked zone on your map, you shouldn't have much trouble making it there within the time limit.

Pouring Forth Oil - III

With everything in hand, Arthur and John prepare for their train robbery.

Prerequisites: Pouring Forth Oil - II

Gold Medal Requirements
  • N/A

Head back into camp to find John. He'll be on the edge of camp, and all you need to do for this phase of the mission is talk to him. After you let him know you got the wagon, you'll suggest finding a third person to make this job a bit easier. John will now go and get Sean, and you'll actually be done with this mission. Jeez, if only everything was so easy! You cannot start part IV just yet as you need to wait one in game hour after talking to John, but you are free to see what else there is to do in this time.

Pouring Forth Oil - IV

Blocking the tracks with the heavy oil wagon, Arthur, John, Charles and Sean board the train and rob valuables from the rich passengers and baggage car.

Prerequisites: Pouring Forth Oil - III

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Kill all the train guards before Sean fire a shot.
  • Clear the baggage car of loot.
  • Escape the law within 1 minute 30 seconds.
  • Get 10 kills in Dead Eye.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

After Pouring Forth Oil - III, you need to wait one in game hour before the objective marker for this mission will pop up on your map. If you go to it, you'll find Sean trying to shoot at some cans and failing spectacularly. He wants in on the robbery, which sounds like a great idea considering how good of a job he was doing shooting stationary objects. Unfortunately, you won't have much of a choice, because by the time John shows up Sean has already forced his way onto your wagon.

When you gain control, follow the path on your map to your destination. You will be on a road the entire time, so it should be too hard to get where you're going. Sean won't shut up the entire time, so you're going to have to listen to him while you're navigating your way to the train tracks. Once you get close, the game will prompt you to park on the tracks so just move up a bit further. Arthur shoos everyone else away, than climbs on top of the wagon so he can look all cool while the train is coming to a stop. The conductor will get out and one of your pals will bonk hi on the head. Now it is time to rob the train.

Get up to the marker to climb on. Your job here is to look scary and occasionally punch someone. Someone else will be doing the actual robbing, but you can stop and get additional money from basically everyone on the train by targeting them and selecting the rob option. This will lose you morality, though, for some reason because apparently robbing the once is fine but going back and asking for seconds is just a bit too much. Additionally, at certain points someone will refuse to give you the cash. At these points, target the passenger and select the "beat" option. This will suddenly make them realize that handing over their money is probably the best option. Beat every passenger when they refuse to hand over the cash, and otherwise just continue through the train.

After robbing the passenger cars, you will be tasked with going and rummaging through the baggage car. Sean is trying to get the door open, but he is suddenly attacked by some guards while opening the door. You will now get a chance to learn how to do the targeted Dead Eye. Here, your Dead Eye no longer automatically targets individuals, and instead you have to move the cursor over the desired part of the body and use the right shoulder button to mark where you want the shot to go. You should be able to kill the first guy no problem, but there will be three additional enemies after him. Use your new Dead Eye skill to target each of the three and kill all three of them quickly so you don't need to run and go find cover.

With that done, you are now free to rummage through the baggage car. There is a decent amount of stuff to find in here, but you have to be quick because the law shows up really soon and your pillaging is going to be cut short. The sheriffs don't respond to well to your threats, and you get thrown immediately into a gun fight. If you have any Dead Eye left, now is a good time to use it (or to fill it back up again). There will be a handful of enemies in front of you and another group will show up after the first wave is thinned out a bit. Keep using Dead Eye when you can and aim for headshots if you can't. There will be a decent number of enemies here, but the good news is as long as you stay low on the train, you won't take too much damage. Pop up when needed and take some shots when you have an opening There are a decent number of enemies here, but the great cover you have access to and the no cover most of the enemies will be using gives you a great advantage and you should be able to make your way through all the law enforcement officials here pretty easily.

After you've dealt with everyone trying to shoot at you, you can make your way down to your horse and ride away. Be quick because more deputies will come riding after you if you dawdle. Ride as quickly as you can away from your crime and once you put in enough distance, the law will lose you and you'll be able to finish the mission. You will have a bounty on your head at this point, so it will make entering Lemoyne a bit more challenging. You can pay that off at another time though, and for now you'll want to finish up any outstanding Chapter 2 missions.

A Quiet Time

Arthur takes Lenny for a quiet drink in Valentine to help to calm him down after learning of Micah's arrest in Strawberry.

Prerequisites: Paying a Social Call, Money Lending & Other Sins - II

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Try to make amends with an old rival.
  • Catch Lenny in the act.
  • Don't get arrested.

After Paying a Social Call and Money Lending & Other Sins - II are completed, you'll be able to talk to Dutch in camp. He still hasn't found a buyer for those bonds you stole from the train, but that doesn't really matter at the moment because you'll suddenly have bigger issues to deal with. Lenny runs into camp in a panic, telling everyone that they got Micah and he's currently imprisoned in Strawberry. Arthur says the sensible thing of "good" but Dutch is all lame and makes us go and rescue him anyway.

But not right now! First you need to calm Lenny down, so Dutch tells you to take him into Valentine for a drink. A nice quiet, uneventful drink. So let's do that! Follow the trial to get to Valentine while Lenny tells you all about the mess Micah got himself into. Your destination is the larger saloon in town, so dismount your horse when you get there and walk inside. Go over to the bar and press the indicated button to lean on it, which will trigger a scene where you order beer from the bartender. The rest of the night is one big, drunken (amazing) mess.

First, some other drunk will try to talk to you and you can either defuse the situation, insult him, or fight him. Just defuse it for now, because you're out having fun and don't need this guy ruining your evening. After some more drinks, you'll lose Lenny. You can ask around for him, but head upstairs and you'll find him on the second level on the side where the entrance to the saloon is. Talk to him again, and you'll lose him again after a little while. The alcohol may have something to do with this. Go downstairs to find him on the bar about to get into a fight. You'll somehow diffuse the situation and continue the party (again, alcohol is likely involved in some way). You'll now go outside to pee and lose him a third time. Only now you're at a level of drunkenness that borders on almost being dead, so everyone in the bar will have their face transformed into Lenny. You'll need to find the real one, and if you wander around on the main floor a bit, Lenny will finally come and find you. A slap fight will ensue. No, really. Press the indicated button to slap.

After all of this, you'll find yourself outside being surrounded by cops for being a big drunken mess. You can flee here, but you'll likely run right into the pole that is directly in front of you. Again, because of the alcohol. You'll wake up in jail and Lenny will pay your $10 fine. Head outside, regret your night, try not to vomit everywhere, and complete the mission.

Blessed Are The Meek?

With Micah due to be hanged for a double murder near Strawberry, Arthur attempts to break him out of jail.

Prerequisites: A Quiet Time

Gold Medal Requirements
  • While escaping, kill all mounted Lawmen within 55 seconds.
  • Get 15 headshots.
  • Complete with at least 70% accuracy.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

Sometime after you've finished A Quiet Time, you'll need to make the long trek over to Strawberry to find Micah. His objective marker will show you where he's being held at, so travel over there and head into the jail to talk to the sheriff. He's pretty intent on hanging Micah, so getting him out won't be easy. You'll head back outside after the scene and hear Micah shouting for help. Walk down around to the window on the bottom left side of the building and you'll see Micah, a little bruised and battered but not that much worse for wear. Talk to him and he'll plead for help while you decide whether or not he's worth the trouble. There doesn't seem to be a good way to get him out, but Micah points your attention over to a nearby steam donkey complete with a cable and tether. Seems like a bad idea to keep this sort of things literally right next to a prison, but ok!

Walk over to the steam money and pick up the grappling hook. Walk it over towards Micah and attach the hook to the cell window. Go back to the lever and pull it to rip the window right off the wall. Unfortunately, this has the side effect of alerting every single person within a three town radius what you've done, and the entire sheriff department comes running.

You're about to fight a whole bunch of lawmen, and the only good news here is they come in small batches. Three will pour out of the sheriff station at the start, so use your Dead Eye to take them out relatively quickly. You want to protect Micah here, so never travel too far from him as that will wind up getting him killed. Allow Micah to lead the way once you clear out the first group of enemies, because you can't leave the town just yet. Micah has something he wants to go find first, so you need to travel through like an extra fifteen enemies or so. This had better be worth it, Micah.

Since you aren't dealing with too many enemies here at once, the strategy is fairly simple. Find a good piece of cover, and aim for headshots whenever you pop up. Dead Eye will obviously make this a lot easier, so use it as frequently as you can to make the battles a breeze. Micah will also help here bit, so there is a good chance you won't even need to kill all the enemies yourself. He's a better than average shot, and if you play really conservatively there are times he'll take out the entire group for you. Keep following Micah as he leads you towards your destination, fighting off three or so enemies at a time. Dead Eye is your preferred tool here, but you can also just pop out from behind cover and take aim the more conventional way.

Micah's travels will eventually lead you to a house, which he will promptly enter and murder the man and woman inside. They had his guns, so this was a totally rational decision on his part and not the acts of a deranged lunatic. Either way, with his guns in hand he's now ready to leave town. You'll have to fight your way through a couple more groups until you get to your horse, but Micah is even more deadly at this point and will do most of the work here for you. Get on your horse and follow him out of town. As you ride out, you will be confronted by a several pairs of enemies on horseback. Dead Eye is particularly useful here, as aiming while riding can be a true pain. Micah seems to have to problem with it, however, and if you ever pause he will be ready to kill everyone else on screen. Once you get far enough way from town, Micah will hand over the Off-Hand Holster as a reward. This will allow you to dual wield two sidearms, which is quite a good upgrade. He'll ride off to try an make some more money before reuniting with Dutch, and you are free to return to camp.

A Fisher of Men

Arthur does a favor for Abigail and takes Jack out on a fishing trip.

Prerequisites: Pouring Forth Oil - III, A Quiet Time

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Arrive at the river, catch a fish within 1 minute 30 seconds.
  • Complete within 7 minutes 20 seconds.

This will be one of the final missions in Chapter 2, as it requires you to both finish Pouring Forth Oil - III and A Quiet Time. After that, when you get close to Abigail in camp she will come up to you and ask for a favor. Her son, Jack, is feeling down and apparently John is a good for nothing deadbeat dad. She asks if you can do something with him as a way to cheer him up. Follow the marker to find Jack, and after talking to him for a bit, you'll suggest that the two of you go fishing.

This missions serves as an introduction to a couple different aspects of the game. The first, obviously, is fishing. However, on your way there Jack will comment that he lost a storybook near the old camp and wishes he could go get it. This will likely be one of the first companion requests you get in the game. These occur from time to time, where a character in your camp will ask you to do something for them or find something they need. A full list of these is included in the Camp subsection of the guide. For now though, just remember that Jack wants that storybook as there's really nothing you can do about it for now.

Climb up your horse and trot over to the river with Jack, following the path that the game lays out for you. When you reach the edge of the river, the game will teach you how to fish which will be quite handy as we will likely be doing a fair bit of this in the future. Equip your rod using the item wheel, and then go back into the item wheel and select whatever bait you want. Throw out the rod using the on screen prompts and then wait until you get a bite. Small nibbles don't mean anything, but when you feel a hard tug you want to reel it in. The fish will alternate between fighting and resting. While it is fighting, pull the rod in the opposite direction that the fish is swimming in. When it rests, reel it in as quickly as you can by rotating the right stick. Keep doing this until the fish is close and you'll pull it out of the water. Arthur will remark it is a small one, so you should toss it back to give it time to grow. You can keep it if you want, but tossing it back improves your morality.

Jack will get bored and go off to pick flowers, but you can't leave just yet. You actually need to catch a second fish, so throw out your line and repeat the same process as last time. Jack will come back and talk to you while you're doing it. Since you've already done it once, you should have the hang of it a bit more now and this one will probably be easier than the first. Either keep the fish or toss it back depending on your mood.

At this point we'll get an unfortunate visit. The Pinkertons have caught up with us, and are salivating to try and get to Dutch. They make you a deal to leave you alone if you bring them Dutch, but Arthur doesn't particularly care for these terms and lets them know it. They leave, but it is definitely a testy interaction. They look like they might be trouble later in the game, but for now you're free to return to camp. Climb back on your horse and ride back in following the same yellow trail you used last time. Once you're back in camp, you'll drop Jack off and then go tell Dutch about the Pinkertons being back on your trail. For now he suggests you all just stay put, and once the conversation is over you will complete the mission.

The Sheep and the Goats

John has a plan to rustle a herd of sheep and sell them at auction in Valentine.

Prerequisites: Pouring Forth Oil - IV, A Fisher of Men, The Spines of America

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Herd all sheep in to the pen in Valentine.
  • Get 25 headshots.
  • Complete with at least 70% accuracy.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

Very late in Chapter 2, after completing most of the available missions, you will be able to find John in Valentine. Talk to him to start the mission. He seems to have some sort of mysterious plan involving goats and sheep, but he won't tell you what it is just yet. Lead your horse towards him, following him as he heads into town. Once you get into the main section of town, you'll need to hitch your horse and then follow John across the street. John wants you to buy a sniper rifle, so head into the gunsmith and open up the catalogue to get a good look at their guns. Go to the rifles section and pick the Rolling Block Rifle. It will be free this mission, for some reason, so don't worry if you're running low on cash. Buy the rifle, and then head back outside to talk to John.

Most your horse and then follow John as he leads you to the planes of New Hanover. John finally informs you of his plan along the way, and a rancher is leading a whole herd of sheep into Valentine for auction. With your sniper rifle you can "convince" the owner to hand over those sheep and collect the sale yourselves. You'll eventually find your way to the top of a hill, where you and John plan to watch the sheep come in.

Get off your horse, and the take aim towards the ranchers and the sheep coming in. Rather than shooting one of them, John reckons you can scare them off if you fire a warning shot close enough. He's (mostly) right, and a single shot will frighten off two of the three. Fire a second shot close to the third remaining ranch hand and he'll take off as well. You'll need to herd the sheep you managed to frighten off at the same time, so get back on your horse and ride down with John.

You first need to herd all the sheep together, so drive them towards a central area. You'll know which sheep are "herded" and which you still need to get by the color of their markers. Grey ones are already herded, while yellow ones are the stragglers you need to push towards the others. This part is fairly easy to do, and as long as you get close enough to them, they'll typically run towards the larger group. Get on the opposite side of them if needed to help motivate them towards the others, but a lot of these will be fairly easy to push together. Once you have them all in one area, you need to drive them towards town. Get behind them, so they are in front of you while heading towards town and hold the left trigger and press the indicated button to shout and them and get them to move a bit faster. Occasionally, you'll get stuck with a straggler who breaks off from the group. Get up behind them and shout at them to get the to speed up and move bak towards the rest of the group. You don't have to be perfect here, and as long as you stay behind them the sheep generally do a good job of moving towards Valentine. Keep shouting at them occasionally and riding close to them (without getting too close to the point where you trample them) and you'll make it back to town quickly.

Drop the sheep off at auction and you'll trigger a scene where the auctioneer haggles for his cut. The jerk. After, mount your horse and head towards the saloon to meet up with Dutch. Don't get too comfortable though, because shortly after sitting down, Leviticus Cornwall and some of his men show up. He is quite mad about you guys robbing his train, and he has managed to capture John and Strauss in the two seconds since they left your sight. You will head outside now, and while Dutch is talking to them slowly hold down the trigger button. This will charge your Dead Eye and give you chance to shoot the two men holding your guys hostage afterwards. Quickly push down on the trigger button to start your Dead Eye, and aim for the two men holding John and Strauss hostage. After you kill them, a shootout will commence, so try and kill as many as possible during this part as it will make the next section a bit easier.

You'll now need to fight your way through Valentine to get to your horses. This is going to be one of the tougher fights so far, so do not be afraid to use tonics or health restoring items if needed. The rest of the gang will push a card and you will want to use this as some moving cover. Move from side to side on the cart, based on which side of the street enemies are currently shooting at you from. You can also hang out towards the back, but this will leave you more out in the open and make you more prone to damage. Use your Dead Eye as often as you can here, but there will be so many enemies, you will likely run out if you do not use restorative items. If you are out, go for headshots and kill as many as you can as quickly as you can. It is very easy for you to get overwhelmed by pure numbers, so check your mini-map to see where enemies are hiding at and prioritize any of those that are closest to you and the cart. If you have a decent aim, this won't be too bad but it will be the first real test of your skills in the game. Make good use of cover and heal as necessary.

Once you reach the end of the street, you'll need to pick up Strauss and run him to John's horse. The rest of the gang will take off at this point, but Dutch will ask you to stay behind and provide some cover. More enemies will show up at this time, but they'll be law enforcement. You can kill them if you want, but it will lower your morality (and you're probably already hurting a bit anyway). It is easier to just jump on your horse and ride out of town. Once you're far enough, they'll stop searching for you and the mission will end. You will unfortunately have a nice, new bounty on your head in New Hanover now, but you can head back into town and pay that off when you get a chance.

A Strange Kindness

Wanting the gang to lie low after the trouble in Valentine, Dutch asks Arthur and Charles to count out a new camp location at Dewbury Creek.

Prerequisites: Who Is Not Without Sin, The Sheep and the Goats, Blessed are the Meek?

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Return the captive to his family within 1 minute 40 seconds.
  • Get 5 headshots.
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

You will have to finish up every other mission in Chapter 2 (other than the optional ones) and then you'll be able to start this one. It'll be the last mission in the chapter, and you'll know something is up because when you get to camp just about everyone is packed up. Go talk to Dutch and he'll let you know the camp is moving on, on account of you shooting up nearly everyone in Valentine a couple of missions ago. He wants you and Charles to scout ahead and clear out the area of any troublemakers before he sends the rest of the camp. Get on your horse and head to the objective marker.

You and Charles will make conversation about the hopelessness of your situation on the way there. Thanks for the pep talk, guys! When you reach the creek, you'll find it is right out in the open and prone to flooding, but you'll go and check it out anyway. Charles will point out a body right in the middle of it. Go and inspect it, and Charles will notice a camp nearby. Time to draw your weapons. When you go to investigate the camp, though, you'll find it mostly empty. Inspect the two tents if you want for some meager provisions, and then search the crates in front of the wagon at the end of camp. You'll find a woman with a shotgun and two kids hiding underneath. Fortunately they won't shoot you. But, unfortunately, they need help. Some men came and took their father. While Arthur is big on the "this ain't our business", Charles insists on helping, so get on your horse and follow him.

Charles is a good navigator, so you really only need to follow him to find your way to your target. He'll pause a couple of times to make sure he knows where he's going, and if you quickly open your Dead Eye you can find the tracks and tell him the right way. This is optional, however, as he can find it himself if you just wait. The two of you will talk some more along the way, and Arthur will go into why he doesn't get along with John too well. DRAMA. Eventually, you'll find your way to the missing man. Get off your horse and try to free him. As soon as you cut his gag off, he'll try to warn you about a trap, but it is too late because they're already on you.

You'll automatically duck for cover behind some barrels, and this is a great starting spot. You will only have six enemies to deal with in two groups of three. With so few, you can easily clear them all out using Dead Eye without even needing to use a restorative item to fill it back up. Target one at a time and quickly go into Dead Eye, aim for a headshot, and take down your foe in a single hit. It is not a very difficult fight, and you will be in cover while you're enemies will be mostly out into the open. You can kill most of them before they even have a chance to get to cover, making this a very easy fight. After you clear out the first three, three more reinforcements will arrive. Use the same strategy here, and Dead Eye plus headshots should make short work of the group.

After they've all been dealt with, Charles rides off to meet with Dutch and let him know of this superior camp location you just found, while you'll return the German man to his family. Free him and then get on your horse. Ride to the objective marker to reunite him with his family. He'll give you a gold ingot for your troubles, and you'll wind up Chapter 2. Farewell, Horseshoe Overlook. Hello, Clemens Point!

Optional Missions

Good, Honest, Snake Oil

Following a tip from the Valentine Sheriff, Arthur attempts to capture and turn in Benedict Allbright, a wanted criminal, out near the Dakota River.

Prerequisite: Polite Society, Valentine Style

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Stop Benedict Allbright falling off the cliff.
  • Hogtie Allbright within 1 minute 15 seconds.
  • Return Allbright to the sheriff within 1 minute 30 seconds.

During Polite Society, Valentine Style, Uncle will mention that you can probably find work in the sheriff's office as a bounty hunter and after the completion of that mission you will be able to do just that. This is an entirely optional mission, but it is highly recommended you do it as soon as you can. Not only is the reward really good, but it will unlock future bounty missions as well and many of those provide you with substantial amounts of cash. This is also a time sensitive mission, and while you can do it in a later chapter if you want, you will be unable to do so after Chapter 6 so sooner may be better. Just head on over to the sheriff's office when you're ready, and as soon as you enter you'll trigger a scene between Arthur and the sheriff.

The sheriff recruits you to track down a local huckster who is selling some sort of "miracle cure" that is actually poison. Some miracle cure. The sheriff wants the man alive and gives you a wanted poster detailing some general information about your target. Inspect it from your satchel and the game will mark his most recent location on your map. If you climb on your horse at this time, the suggested path to your bounty, Mr. Benedict Allbright, will appear on the map and you can just follow it to him.

Once you confront him, he'll panic and almost slide off the cliff. If you want to collect the bounty, you'll need to save him here so follow the prompts on screen to pull him up towards you. Realizing you don't want him dead, he threatens to throw himself off the edge into the river below again, and eventually follows through on his threat just because he doesn't want to make things easy for you. Turns out he isn't to good at this whole "not drowning" thing, so he immediately begins splashing and calling for help. Jump on his horse and follow the path along the river. Keep an eye out for obstacles because it is entirely possible for the horse to buck you off if you hit a weird ledge you're not supposed to. The path winds all around the river so you just need to follow it as Allbright will eventually slow down once he reaches a shallow portion of the river.

The game will tell you when you're close enough, and tell you to pull out your lasso and toss it to him. Get a little bit in front of him so he doesn't go out of range while you're aiming and hold down the aim button with the lasso drawn. Toss it over to him and pull him towards shore. Once he's out of the water, hogtie him and place him on the back of your horse. He'll complain the entire way back into town, but just ignore him and his pleas. Or punch him if you feel so inclined. Go back to the sheriff's office and carry Allbright inside. Drop him off in cell to your right and collect your cool, sweet $50 reward.

We Loved Once and True - III

After finding Jamie in Cumberland Forest with the Chelonian religious order. Arthur tries to convince him to return Mary.

Prerequisite: We Loved Once and True - II

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Peacefully convince the Chelonians to let you take Jamie.
  • Return Jamie to Mary within 2 minutes.

While the first and second parts of this mission are required as part of Chapter 2, this mission can either be skipped or ignored. You can refuse to help Mary, and then this mission won't even appear. Alternatively, you can agree to help and then just not go to the mission marker. Once you are ready, find the marker on your map and then ride over to it. If you check the map, you will notice a little path leading up to the marker from the south and this is the path you want to take. The Chelonians are at the top of this mountain, and Arthur cannot climb up it at all from the west or the north. The path, however, will lead you directly to the Chelonians.

You now need to talk the Chelonians into letting you talk to Jamie. They are, unfortunately, less of a religious group and more of a CRAZY cult, down to the "hey you should really give us all your money" aspect of it. You can either peacefully talk them into letting you talk to Jamie, or you can just get rude with things and tell the cult leader he's crazy. If you're going for the peaceful route, you can choose either dialogue option at first, but if you pick the ruder choice make sure you apologize at the next dialogue choice. After that, guess that he's inspired by turtles, which is somehow the non-rude option. After that, he'll let you talk to Jamie.

Jamie however isn't too keen to talk to you, and rides off at the first opportunity. His horse is crazy fast, and you really just want to kind of keep up with him. It is a bit of a long chase, so you may want to use a horse stimulant or some other similar elixir to restore your horse's stamina. Luckily, you don't actually need to catch Jamie here and you just sort of need to stay close. He'll eventually cross a train track, and as long as you are in the relative vicinity, you will trigger a cutscene.

Jamie gets off his horse and shoots his gun up in the air to scare you, but instead it scares away his horse. Smooth. He now completely breaks down, says he doesn't want to live any more, and goes to shoot himself. Obviously we wan't to stop this. You will now enter a gunslinger battle, but your goal here isn't to actually shoot Jamie. Slowly hold down the trigger button, which will build up your Dead Eye, and then quickly hold it down to enter your Dead Eye state. Move the cursor over to Jamie's hand and pull the trigger again to shoot. This will knock the gun out of Jamie's hand and he'll finally come to his senses. You want to be relatively quick here, and if you take too long Jamie will shoot himself and you'll fail the mission and have to restart the checkpoint.

Jamie will now join you on your horse and you just need to ride back to the Valentine train station by following the indicated path. Keep going and you and Jamie will bond a bit more on your way there. Once there, walk him inside to meet back up with Mary. Walk them to the train, and you'll all say goodbye. And Mary will break your heart. Again. Cue the sad cowboy music.

An American Pastoral Scene

Following a tip-off, Micah and Arthur rob a banking stagecoach.

Prerequisites: Blessed Are The Meek?

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Headshot each of the mounted guards protecting the wagon.
  • Get 10 kills in Dead Eye.
  • Complete within 6 minutes.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

This is not quite optional as you need to complete it, but it is optional to be done in Chapter 2. You can either do this mission in Chapter 2 or Chapter 3, and to unlock it you must first complete Blessed Are The Meek? and the wait 12 in game hours. At this point, Micah will be ready and you can go find his camp by following his objective marker. Go and talk to him and he reveals his big plan to get back into Dutch's good graces is to rob a stagecoach he heart about that is coming into town with a lot of money. Considering how terribly everything involving Micah usually goes, this sounds like a terrible idea, but Arthur is on board anyway.

Follow Micah to the destination, and along the way you'll have to deal with Micah's ramblings. Truly, this is the most difficult part of the mission. Once you get to your destination, you won't have to wait long until you see the stage coach coming out of the forest. Ride down with Micah as fast as you can, and you'll come out right behind it. Fortunately you're going to be faster than the stage coach, so you should have a pretty easy time catching up. Switch to your carbine repeater or any similar gun and begin using your Dead Eye to score headshots. There aren't a ton of guards here, so as long as you enter the mission with a full Dead Eye meter you should not be in danger of running out. Try to take out the men on horseback first as they'll be closer and the ones further away don't have all that great of aim. Focus on one at a time unless a couple of guys get bunched up, and then you can get a bit greedy and go for two. You just want to conserve your Dead Eye, so try to aim in on headshots as quickly as you can. Once the riders are dead, aim for the two men on the stagecoach. Once you kill the driver, the coach will slow to a stop.

At this point, you can get off your horse and loot the bodies if you want. When you're ready, climb up on the stagecoach yourself. Micah will be driving, so you just have to sort of hang out for the ride. Micah will hand over a Lancaster Repeater he finds nearby, so go ahead and check out its specs to see if it might be something you'd like. You don't have too long to relax, though, because you run right into a trap very quickly. The stagecoach will be destroyed, and both you and Micah will be thrown in the water. You won't have long to gather your bearings, and you will quickly scamper your way behind a rock as the O'Driscolls all close in on your position.

This is the more challenging portion of the mission, as you are about to be swarmed by O'Driscolls. The good news is they all essentially come from one direction, and you really won't have to move from your starting position. This is actually great cover, so it is recommended that you don't move at all and just use your new Lancaster Repeater to take out enemies from afar. You can pop up, get a head shot, and drop back down. If you're having trouble, now would be a great time to refill your Dead Eye core (through booze) and fortify it (through elixers). You're about to fight around twenty or so enemies, so a fully restored Dead Eye would make things a lot easier. If you choose to utilize your Dead Eye, you can usually score two or three hits each time you pop up since so many of the enemies are going to be in really close proximity to each other. Drop back down into cover in between shots and prioritize anyone that is closest to you. A couple of guys on a wagon will ride in towards the end of the fight, and you can kill them both with a single Dead Eye before they even get down. After you kill most of them, a few stragglers will turn around and flee.

Once they're all dead, you can go back and open up the lock at the rear of the stagecoach. Use a gun of your choice to shoot of the lock, and then collect the reward inside. Micah was right for once and there is some serious loot back here. Afterwards, the mission will end, but I wouldn't leave just yet. There will be around twenty dead O'Driscolls floating in the water here. Loot them all and you will get some good rewards and a decent chunk of change to add on to what you just got from the stagecoach. You don't have to if you'd rather get back on the road (or if a nearby citizen has heard the gun shot and comes down to inspect) but it is a good way to get some extra cash quick.