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by Suprak the Stud

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Suprak the Stud

Version: 0.95 | Updated: 03/19/19


Chapter 1: Colter

Welcome to Red Dead Redemption 2! This is a huge game with plenty of things to see and lots of things to do. That, unfortunately, does not apply to Chapter 1. This is more of an introductory chapter, focusing on some of the important basics of the game. The game will open up shortly, but for now take the time to get to know the characters in the story.

Outlaws from the West

Half frozen, close to death, and on the run, the gang find shelter in an old abandoned mining town. Dutch, Arthur, and Micah head out to look for supplies.

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Take no damage during the shootout.
  • Loot 6 or more items from Adler Ranch.
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy.

The game wastes no time throwing you into "everything is terrible" territory. As soon as things start, someone in your caravan is dying, and everyone else is in danger of freezing to death. Your caravan will soon make their way into an abandoned mining town known as Colter. It should provide you a respite from the storm, and the man in charge assures you that the people trying to find you won't be able to find you in this sort of storm, which sounds very much like ominous foreshadowing so let's just hope he's right. He orders everyone to stay inside, stay warm, and to start turning this mining town into a livable camp.

You follow him outside to try and find two missing members of the caravan, and you finally get control over your character. For now, just follow him in the snow and listen to what he's saying. Follow the onscreen prompts to learn how to ride a horse, and you can engage in an optional conversation along the way. The two of you soon run into one of the missing men, Micah, who informs you he found a homestead with a lot of activity. Follow Micah through the snow, and you can chat with him a bit and find out he's not too happy about some of the freeloaders in your group. When you find the homestead, you'll put out your lanterns so as to not drawn attention, and then you can follow everyone else down a nearby hill. You'll come to a place to hitch your horses, and the game will tell you how health works. That's probably a bad sign.

Follow them on foot now, and you'll eventually be directed to hide behind a nearby barricade. Dutch tries to secure some place to stay, but the negotiations don't go well. Micah finds a corpse and the group of men recognize Dutch almost immediately. Pull out your gun and kill them before they kill you. You should be able to get an easy headshot in while they're still talking, and then duck back behind the barricade and fire when you have the chance. This won't be a very difficult fight, so just pop down into cover in between shots and go for headshots if you can. The last of them will run off, but Dutch tells you to let him go before having you go inside to help him search.

Take your time inside, because there's plenty of supplies to find. Go through the kitchen area to find a lot of food, and if you take the ladder up you can find some ammo. Be sure to check the chest at the foot of the bed to find some cash, and then the drawer next to the bed to find some jewelry and your first cigarette card. Once you're done exploring the house, head outside to meet up with Dutch.

He wants you to investigate the barn, so head over and open the doors. You'll be jumped by an O'Driscoll gang member, but he doesn't put up much of a fight. Keep pressing the on screen prompt to knock him down and then you can interrogate him when Dutch gets there. He'll give up where the rest of the gang is and what they're planning on doing pretty easily, and then after that you can either choose to kill him or spare him. This is an important choice if you're going for maximum or minimum morality, so deal with him as you please. Once that's done, you need to pick up your hat and gun (what kind of cowboy would you be without them?). Look over to the horse and calm him down by following the on screen prompts.

Once the horse is calmed down, you can lead him back to Dutch and Micah. Micah is inside and has discovered a woman hiding in the cellar, which he responds to by running around like a madman while Dutch and Arthur try to pull him off her. She explains what happens, and eventually comes with you when she realizes you and Dutch aren't crazy like Micah. Head back to camp and you'll complete the first mission in the game.

Going For Gold: The first mission in the game has some fairly straightforward objectives. Looting six objects is very easy, as there are much more than that in the cabin. The other two objectives require you to do well in the shootout in front of Adler Ranch. Before it starts, you'll have a chance to score an easy headshot. Kill the guy closest to you on the left as otherwise he'll start firing at you. You want to make sure you don't take any damage, so wait until anyone targeting you stops firing, then quickly pop out and shoot them. If you pop out and aim, it will automatically target anyone near the center of your reticule. You don't even need to go for headshots here, and just shoot them once in the body and drop back down. Depending on what Dutch and Micah are doing, this may not kill them but it is better to play it safe. You don't want to fire off too many shots because shooting them more after they die will take away from your accuracy. Play it safe here and you shouldn't have too much trouble.

Enter, Pursued by a Memory

John hasn't returned from an earlier scouting trip. Arthur and Javier ride out into the snow to look for him.

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Kill all the wolves without taking any damage.
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy.

Don't get too comfortable, though, because you'll soon need to head back out. One of the women in camp is worried about John who still hasn't returned from a scouting trip he was on, and while Arthur isn't too crazy about going out to look for him, he is one of the few able bodied men in the group and you and Javier soon get recruited for the job. Javier will find a recently abandoned campfire and tracks down to the river, so that seems like a good place to start.

Follow Javier around for a little while as he tries to keep up with the tracks. He'll tell you a bit more about what happened at the boat, and it sounds like it was a complete mess from start to finish. You'll eventually come upon a dead horse, at which point Javier will fire off his gun to try and see if John is around. He is and he calls out for help, so follow his voice (and Javier) along the snowy path. You'll have to go on foot because the horses can't travel through this, but if you inspect your horse before leaving you can swap out your revolver for a shotgun which may come in handy here shortly.

Go along the path and you'll eventually find John. Along the way you'll learn how to crouch and climb and drink liquor (the most important of cowboy skills) in addition to being introduced to the stamina meter. Meeting John will trigger a short cutscene, and then you'll pick him up and carry him for the next part of the mission.

You will soon be attacked by a pack of wolves, and you need to distract them so Javier can get John up on a horse. Walk a bit away from them and the use the prompt shown by the screen to call the wolves over. They'll follow you, so now is a good time to have your gun drawn. Kill the wolf in the front of the pack and then be ready because the others will charge. Kill the second one as he's running towards you and the third will flee. The shotgun is a great weapon for this as it will kill the wolves in a single hit, which will make things very easy here. Once the final wolf flees, go over to your horse and climb up to start riding.

After you ride for a bit, you'll be attacked by more wolves. You'll now need to shoot at them from horseback, which can be a bit more difficult. Kill the one that is running after you first so you don't get attacked, and then move over towards the one following Javier and kill him too. Take a second to aim so you aren't just wasting ammo and kill the wolves once you get close enough. A couple more will show up as you're fighting these, but the wolves will flee once you get down far enough if you haven't already killed them. With the wolves dead, the way back to camp is finally safe. They'll help John off the horse, and it looks like he'll survive. That's probably the first good news you've had since coming to camp.

Arthur will get some rest, and now you'll have a chance to walk around a bit. You can replay old missions now if you want, so feel free to jump back into one of the ones you've already done if you're going for gold medals. You can also walk around camp and talk to everyone. Nearly everyone in Red Dead Redemption 2 can be talked to, so go around and chat everyone up if you want. Once you're ready, check your map and you will see two different mission markers on it. You can do either one at this point, so pick whichever sounds better and talk to the person there to start the next mission.

Going For Gold: For such an early game mission, it can be surprisingly tough to get a gold on this one. The hard part is dealing with the three wolves coming for you and Javier while you're on foot, as it is very easy to get overwhelmed and get bit one time. The best and most consistent way to deal with them is to walk a little towards them at the beginning and then stand your ground. Call to the wolves once they are somewhat close. You do not want these to get too close to you, but once the first wolf is in range of your shotgun, aim your weapon and kill him. You may not be familiar with it just yet, but if you pull your gun out while facing an enemy, Arthur will automatically lock on to them. So basically all you need to do is aim and it should lock on to your first target. If you hit him, you'll kill the wolf in a single shot.

Now, and this is important, you want to immediately reload. Killing the lead wolf will cause the other two to pause, and you'll now have time to reload your weapon safely. Each round only has two shots with this gun, so if you don't reload quickly you will be forced to do so after killing the second. Since the wolves will be closer now, the third will get a free hit in on you and ruin your chances for gold. If you reload after the first shot, you will prevent this and can kill the other two safely. Once reloaded, quickly target a second wolf and shoot him. Drop your aim for a second and target the third. Dropping your aim is important because it is much quicker for Arthur to automatically lock on to targets than it is to drag your targeting reticule over to who you want to kill next. Shoot the final wolf and you're almost home free.

The initial wolf attack is the hard part, and the rest of the mission is pretty much straightforward. There are four wolves that will chase you on horseback, but you can't really take damage here so you should be ok. The danger is falling below 80% accuracy. If you are 3/3 above, that essentially means you have to go 4 out of 5 on your shots during the chase (meaning you can miss one). Or, you can play it safe and just run the wolves over. You need to kill all of them, but it is possible to just ride over them with your horse. This counts as a kill and doesn't jeopardize your accuracy. You can of course shoot them, but just make sure you are close so you don't miss. It is very easy to miss even a close shot while moving on horseback, so if you're having trouble with accuracy just run them over.

Old Friends

Looking for information on the O'Driscoll' planned train job, Dutch leads the gang into an attack on their camp.

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Catch and hogtie Kieran within 45 seconds.
  • Kill 3 O'Driscoll in the same Dead Eye use.
  • Complete within 15 minutes 30 seconds.
  • Get 15 headshots.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

If you head over to the Old Friends mission marker, you'll find Micah chatting to a couple other people in your group. He'll wind up punching one of them, on account of Micah being terrible and all. Dutch will break things up, and tell everyone it is time to go out and find Colm O'Driscoll. Arthur questions him on it, but Dutch's mind is made up. You'll automatically get on your horse, so just follow Dutch and the others along the snowy path. Along the way you'll learn a bit more about the bad blood between Dutch and Colm, and you'll soon find your way to their camp.

Get off your horse and follow Dutch up to the ridge on foot. You'll take out your binoculars and see a bit of what is going on in his camp, which eventually leads to him and some others leaving. This gives you a great opportunity to get a jump on the few that are left, something Dutch is more than happy to suggest. Head over to your horse to pick up a rifle, and then follow Dutch down to the O'Driscoll camp. He still wants his revenge on Colm, but right now the group is in need of some supplies pretty badly so Colm will have to wait.

Make your way down with Dutch, although at any point along the path down you can stop and start taking shots at the O'Driscoll men waiting at the bottom. Your rifle is extremely accurate and very powerful, so you will basically want to stay as far away as possible and pick off enemies with your rifle from afar. There is some good cover down below, but the vantage point you get from on top is great and enemies will have a hard time hitting you from up there anyway, you there really is no bad way to proceed here as long as you aren't just running out in the middle like a crazy person. Keep making your way through the enemies from wherever your vantage point is, going for headshots when you can. The rifle is extremely powerful in this scenario here and the enemies are far enough away that they won't post much of a threat.

Once the camp has been cleared out, Dutch wants you to start looting bodies to find supplies. Unfortunately, as soon as you start doing the reinforcements come down through the trees. Quickly make your way over to where everyone else is and find some cover. Look towards the trees and you'll see a whole bunch of enemies start pouring down. You'll want to be a bit careful with your aim here, particularly if you're going for a gold medal, because they move quickly and will dart from tree to tree without standing in one spot long. Fortunately, this is the time when you'll also activate your dead eye skill for the first time. This lets you slow down combat, so trigger it when you can and then take out a couple enemies if you can with your skill. It automatically targets nearby enemies, pretty much guaranteeing kills when you use it. Take advantage of it here and use it copiously, because otherwise the enemies can be a bit harder to hit. Alternate between normal shots and your newfound special skill, and after you've killed enough foes here the rest will turn around and run away.

Go talk to Dutch and then it becomes the best part of every fight - THE LOOTING. Loot until your hands can't loot any longer. Check all the bodies of the men you just killed, as most of them will be carrying cash, ammo, or tonics. Dutch wants you to look in a specific building, but explore a bit first and in particular make sure no corpse goes unlooted. No point in wasting all that sweet cash. When you're ready, head to the building marked by yellow on the map and check out the big chest in the corner of the room. Explosives will be in here, and Micah will find a document detailing their plans at the same time. Dutch is quite happy with everything that has been found, and after you check the chest the rest of the party will ride out. Follow them.

After a little ways out, you'll find one of the men Colm was talking to in camp just sauntering along on his horse. Apparently he wasn't spooked off by the hundreds of bullets that were just being fired a couple minutes ago. Dutch wants you to go and get him, but asks that you bring him back alive. Select your lasso on the weapon wheel and then ride off after him. Your horse is faster than his, and even better he will just fall off his horse at a certain point. Follow the onscreen prompt to lasso him, then get off your horse and go and hogtie him. Pick him up (loot him first!) and put him on your horse. Just follow the trial back to camp now, and once you get there Dutch will make sure he feels welcome. You'll complete the mission after a brief scene.

Going for Gold: This is definitely in the higher range of difficulty for gold medal challenges, so if you are only going for 70 missions you can actually skip this one if you're having too much trouble. This requires a ton of headshots, and you have a very weak form of Dead Eye for now making things more challenging. Additionally, the 15:30 minute time limit is definitely tight, and you can play the level well and still miss it. The three head shots in Dead Eye is also challenging because of the weak form of Dead Eye you have, so this can be a pain just all around. Completing the level without taking any health items also means you cannot restart any check points and you need to finish the level all in one go. Still, with a little bit of practice and strategy, it is definitely doable.

The first challenge here is scoring 15 total headshots. The action is broadly divided into two segments. The first is right when you arrive at camp, and the second is after you loot for a bit and reinforcements arrive. This is even more distinct than action breaks in most levels, because you will have Dead Eye available during the second part but not during the first part. It is relatively easy to get headshots in the second part. If you are replaying this level, it is worth noting that your Dead Eye reverts back to its weakest form here, where it automatically targets an enemy when you move the cursor over an enemy. Now, you will target them at the specific location where the cursor is at, so it is very easy to accidentally lock on to someone's chest instead of their head if you aren't careful. If this happens, drop your Dead Eye, lower your aim, and then aim and go back into Dead Eye again. You want to get headshots so it is worth wasting a couple of seconds to recalibrate your aim. When targeting enemies like this, move from above them or near the top of them so their head is the first part you lock on to. It does take a bit of practice to familiarize yourself with Dead Eye at first, but it really isn't too bad especially since you can drop your Dead Eye is you mistarget. It is extremely easy to get 7-8 headshots during this second part since you have Dead Eye. You'll want to be a little quick because your Dead Eye core is very low this early in the game, so you don't want to waste it.

For the first part, you don't even have Dead Eye and you still need to get about half of your headshots here to have a chance for a gold medal. You want at least 7, so try to keep count to know if you are on pace or not. Without Dead Eye, it is harder, but there is a bit of a trick you can use to help make things easier. Again, when you aim at an enemy from a prone position it will automatically lock on to the middle of the target if you are anywhere close to them. This won't automatically target their head, but it will lock on right below their head. So, aim to lock on to a target, quickly move the cursor up just a bit, and you should be able to get a fairly easy headshot. This can be hard if enemies are moving, but there are enough enemies here you should be able to hit the total you need. There are two easy ones at the very start that don't really move and several more that are stationary as the fight goes on.

The second headshot related task is to get three in one Dead Eye usage. The easiest time to do this (and the only one that will be guaranteed) is during the very beginning of the second segment. Three enemies will come before the others, so make sure you rush over to the side of the map where the reinforcements come from. You want to be ready as soon as the enemies arrive. You will get your Dead Eye ability almost as soon as they get over there, and this part will be a bit of a tutorial. The Dead Eye doesn't drain during this very beginning part, so you can take your time to get all three headshots. You want to be kind of quick with this, because your allies can hit and kill targets too. So take out your repeater, activate Dead Eye, and move from head to head. Be careful not to hit a target's chest first as this will kill them and you won't get credit for any subsequent head shot. Take your time here if you need to, because you really need to get your three headshots at this time. It is much, much harder to get them after as enemies will be more scattered and your Dead Eye core drains fairly quickly. And if you fail at this part, you will essentially need to restart the level entirely because there are no more enemies after this ambush. The first three are your best opportunity, so try and take advantage of it.

The other challenge here is to hogtie Kieran in 45 seconds and it is far and away the easiest part. As soon as Dutch notices him, begin galloping as fast as you can towards him, it will take until the dialogue ends for you to be able to ride with your horse at full speed, but it will give you a great head start and you can likely get to him within 10 seconds. It is actually for the best to equip your rope as soon as you get on your horse and begin riding out with Dutch so you're ready, but if you haven't done that equip your rope at this point as well. Once you are at full speed gallop as fast as you can after Kieran. He doesn't ride too fast so it won't take too long to catch up. Aim and quickly use the attack button to throw your lasso. You won't need to hold it down for too long, and it is actually best to aim and toss your lasso shortly after so you are still targeting Kieran. Immediately climb down from your horse and run over to hogtie him.

The biggest challenge tends to be hitting the time limit. You don't want to waste any time, and I've outlined a couple of time saves I used below to help reach that mark. It is certainly doable, but you cannot waste time anywhere or take too long during the shooting segment.

  • Don't start shooting until you get to the bottom of the hill. Follow Dutch all the way down. Casually it might be easier from up top but when going for speed it is a lot easier to kill these enemies when you're down there with them. The hide in buildings or get out of sight making it extremely hard to kill them all from up top.
  • When climbing down the hill with Dutch, there are a couple of places you can walk over the ledge to get down to the path below without taking damage that will shave 5-10 seconds off of your walk. Since there are two of these, you really wind up getting a 15-20 second time save which is huge. Don't follow the exact path, and when you can see the path below you just walk over the ledge and keep on walking. Dutch will speed up to keep up with you, and it saves a lot of time because of how slow they walk.
  • Do not wait for Dutch to ask who wants to take the lead when you get to the first shootout position. Instead, run to cover and kill the two guys talking nearby. It'll save a handful of seconds this way and the rest of the encounter will play out exactly the same.
  • This first shootout is crucial and often is the place where the most time is lost. Be quick when killing enemies here. You need to get your headshots during this time, so you cannot just kill enemies blindly and will need to take time lining up your headshots. If you're good with the no Dead Eye headshot method, it won't be too bad but you can lost time and miss the deadline if you take too long. If you are having trouble, you can just run and quickly kill everyone as soon as you hit seven or eight headshots as it is fairly easy to get the rest you need later.
  • In the second shootout, advance when given the option. It is much quicker with you and your gang running out into the woods than it is waiting for them all to come to you.
  • After, quickly run back to the rendezvous point. As soon as Dutch starts talking about where everyone should loot, leave and go to your destination before he finishes. You can actually open up the box you need to in the back corner of the room before he's even done talking (essentially as soon as the "search this area" yellow marker appears) and it winds up being another 10 second or so time save.

Other than these tips, you essentially just need to be quick. Never pause, and other than securing headshots there is no where in the mission you should take your time.

The Aftermath of Genesis

With the gang low on supplies and starving, Mr. Pearson sends Arthur and Charles out hunting.

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Kill each deer with one arrow.
  • Do not spook either deer.
  • Get a clean kill on the second deer.

You can go around the camp a bit more and talk to everyone again if you want. They're mostly cold and miserable, so conversations aren't very fun here. When you're ready, go and talk to Mr. Pearson who will inform you how bleak the food situation is. Charles volunteers to help you go out and hunt, so just follow him through the snow until you reach a good hunting spot.

Charles will eventually find tracks, prompting you to get off your horse. Hopefully you remember these lessons here coming up, because you'll be hunting a lot in this game. Follow the prompts on screen to follow the tracks, and crouch and move slowly when you get close to the deer so you don't scare them. Aiming with the bow is a bit more difficult than standard guns, because if you aim for too long you'll lose your stamina and drop your aim. You can call the deer to get their attention, and they'll raise their head towards you and give you a chance for a quick headshot. Take advantage of this window, because shortly after this they'll run away and you'll need to track them again if you miss. Go for the head for a one hit kill, but take your time to make sure you don't miss or that might scare the deer away. After you kill the first deer, go and grab the arrow sticking out of their head and repeat this whole process to find and kill a second deer.

Once they're both dead, you need to go and pick up one of the two and Charles will grab the other. At this point, the compendium in your menu will become unlocked and you can check on the progress you've made so far. For example, you can check out the Whitetail Deer you just killed and see your progress on that. To fully unlock all the animals, you'll need to track, kill, skin, and study them. Feel free to look around the rest of the Compendium right now as well to see what sort of other stuff you'll be looking for along the way.

Call your horse over and then load the deer on to his back. Ride back with Charles, but your ride back to camp is soon interrupted by a hungry bear. Apparently Charles isn't to big on the whole "getting mauled to death" thing, so he advises you to just stay clear of the bear. Wait a moment for it to wander off, and then you can follow Charles again as he skirts along the side. It's best to avoid the bear entirely for now so just keep close to Charles and calm your horse when he gets spooked. The rest of the ride is uneventful, although you will learn a bit more about Charles and Arthur during the ride.

Once you get back to camp, hitch your horse to a post and grab the deer carcass off the back. Bring it over to Pearson, who then asks for help skinning it. Just walk towards the carcass and follow the prompts shown on screen. The mission will be completed as soon as you're done skinning the deer.

Going For Gold: After the last two missions, we finally get a nice easy one. Basically all you need to do here is not scare the deers and kill them both with a single headshot. Since there is no time limit here, you can slowly make your way to the deers so you don't spook them. Just don't get too close and you'll be fine. You can call the deers to get their attention, but that really isn't necessary. The deers always follow the same general pattern, lowering their head to head, then raising it to pause for a moment before eating again or walking a little bit. Wait until they start their eating animation, and as soon as they finish and raise their head you can take your shot. Go for a head shot, and you will have several seconds to aim before the deer moves or your arms get tired. Take your time and aim, and the challenges here really are fairly simple. If you miss a shot, just start over and try again.

Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall?

In need of money, and with the plans and explosives stolen from the O'Driscoll' camp, the gang ride out to rob Leviticus Cornwall's private train.

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Save Lenny when he is hanging from the train.
  • After stopping the train, take out the guards within 1 minute 30 seconds.
  • Take no damage during the shootout.
  • Get 10 headshots.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

Once you complete both of the previous missions, this one will start automatically. Dutch is ready to rob the train, even though Hosea has his objections. He wants to lay low and continue west, and not anger a powerful oil baron by robbing his train. Dutch wants to YEE HAW I'M A COWBOY PEW PEW and points out they are in some desperate need of some money. Dutch overrules Hosea and all the able bodied men ride out for the train.

Follow Dutch on your horse for now, and Dutch will brief everyone of the plan along the way. When you reach your destination, he'll send you down to check on Bill while he's setting up the explosives. He needs some help, so get off your horse and pick up the spool of wire. Head over to the nearby rocks where the detonator is at and when you get close you will be able to connect it with a simple button push. Get back on your horse and meet up with the rest of the group.

Unfortunately, Bill appears to have gotten his explosives at the Discount Explosive Emporium, because they don't go off when the train passes by. Follow the rest of the guys who are running over the ridge and you can jump off on top of the train. Javier misses the jump, leaving you and Lenny to try and slow things down. Help him off the side of the train by mashing the indicated button, and then follow him to drop down into the next car. He'll take care of the guy in here automatically, so keep on heading forward through the train.

When you reach the edge of the car, you will have the option of either taking the lead or letting Lenny take out the next guard. It is probably a bit easier to handle it yourself, so switch to your knife and sneak up behind the guard. Tap the attack button when close to perform a sneak kill, but it doesn't matter all that much as the guards in the next car will see you no matter what you do. Quickly get behind some of the boxes to your left and select your revolver. Kill the guy just beyond the door of the next car, and then with your gun out start walking out towards the next car. There are two more enemies in here, but with your gun drawn you should be able to shoot them if they ever peak out to shoot at you. Their cover also isn't great, so you have a good chance of just getting in a head shot while they're trying to hide from you. Search their bodies for some goodies and then move on to the next car.

As soon as you climb on top of the next car, a guard will climb over the other side. Have your revolver drawn and shoot him before he has a chance to pull his weapon out. Keep your gun drawn because there will be another guard down on the next train that you can shoot from up here. Don't let Lenny climb up this train before you because there is a good chance he will get himself killed if he's the first one up. Continue forward and you'll find the train conductor has Lenny and is trying to throw him over the side. Drawn your gun and wait for a chance to shoot the conductor in the head. When he gets about ready to push Lenny over the side, he'll change the way he's holding him and make himself much more vulnerable for a head shot. Wait for this and then pull the trigger as soon as there is an opening.

Lenny will stop the train at this point, and all remaining guards will crawl out of their hiding spot. Keep hidden along the rocks on the side, and use your rifle here to take out guards from afar. This is a great time to use your Dead Eye because you will be able to take out a couple guards at a time from fairly far away without much aiming. Go for headshots if you can, and duck down in cover to reload when needed. There will be a lot of guards here, but you start off in a really good position with good cover. Move up when Lenny moves up, and don't let him get too far ahead of you because he can die and you'll need to restart the checkpoint if he does. Eventually, Dutch and the rest of the gang will show up and will help you take care of the few remaining stragglers. Dutch calls you over, but quickly check some of the bodies nearby for some pretty decent loot.

There will be a couple more guys holed up in the final car, but they're refusing to open the door. Luckily, you guys have some special door opening formal a.k.a. a whole bunch of dynamite. Follow the onscreen prompts to take it and attach it to the side of the car. Once it is blown, the men inside will come out without any more of a fight. Go inside the car and start to search it. The rest of the crew will deal with the safe in the back, so you're free to search the rest of the car. Make sure you check the drawers in the center desk because there is a good deal of money in there, and stock up on some of the premium liquor sitting around the car. What you need to search is the cabinet along the wall in the front right of the car, because that is where the bonds are. Grab those, and then when you're done searching head outside to meet up with Dutch.

Dutch is ready to move on, but he needs you to take care of the train first. The rest ride off, and he lets you deal with the three surviving guards however you want. You can kill them, force them on the train, or leave them behind. Kill them if you're looking to go for the lowest possible morality, or go with one of the other options if you're playing as a bandit with a heart of gold. Once they've been dealt with, go to the front of the train to get it running again. Climb into the front car, start the train, and then ride off on your horse. Congrats on a successful train robbery!

Going For Gold: This one simply isn't worth the trouble. Skip it. This is one of the two or three hardest gold medals in the entire game because of the "don't get shot during the shootout" challenge combined with the "you need to move fast during the shootout" challenge. You only need 70 gold medals, so unless you are going above and beyond and trying to get a gold medal in every mission, this is a very good one to skip.

Still here? Oh, I like you. This is going to be a challenge, but it's fun, and it is doable with a couple of minor tips.

The first requirement is saving Lenny when he is hanging from the train. This is incredibly simple, and as soon as you jump on the train, Lenny will slide off the side. You only need to follow the button prompts here relatively quickly to pull him back on the train. I don't even know what happens if you don't pull him up, because this requirement is so simple it is almost impossible to miss unless you're trying.

The hardest part of the requirements is the "take no damage during the shootout" task. There are very few missions that have "no damage" portions to them, which is what makes this tough. It is very easy to get hit just once, and if you do you'll need to start all over. The good news is that "the shootout" does not seem to include the train robbery portion of the mission. I got shot once on the train my first time I got the gold medal, and it still gave me credit for this. So it appears to be ok to be hit during the train robbery so long as you do not get shot during the shootout after getting off the train. The train robbery is also very easy to not get hit during, though, by just letting Lenny take the lead. If you hold back after the guards are alerted to your presence long enough, Lenny will take the lead and just kill everyone while you sit back and twiddle your thumbs.

The hard part is not getting hit during the actual shootout. Try not to use any Dead Eye while you're on the train so you can save it for this section as it makes things a lot easier. Once you get out of the train, you will hide behind cover while guards pour out of the train. From this initial position, you should be able to get three or four easy kills. Go into Dead Eye, get a head shot (which will help with that gold medal requirement), and duck back into cover. There will be guards on top of the train and on the ground, and you want to make sure you kill the guys on top of the train as they are the most likely to hit you. Do not advance right away until you clear out the first wave of guards as moving up preemptively is a great way to get shot.

Once the first group has been dealt with, you can start advancing upwards. There is a one minute thirty second time limit here, so you cannot just sit back and wait. However, you do not want to proceed along the side of the train. Instead, climb up the small hill to the left of the path next to the train. It is significantly safer up here, and you can still hit most of the guards on top of the train. You want to be cautious, but not too cautious, and this elevated path makes for the best compromise between those two. Once you reach the end of this hill, Dutch and the rest of the gang show up. At that point, it is pretty much a rout and you no longer need to worry about getting shot. Head down to the ground here and shoot anyone you see that is left. As long as you don't wait too long, you should hit the time limit. Use all of your Dead Eye at the beginning of this mission, as it will help clear out the most dangerous foes right away. You won't need it as much at the end, since the rest of the gang will direct gunfire in their direction and clear out the remaining guards fairly quickly, so you want to make sure you use it when it is most needed.

The final challenge is getting 10 headshots, which is a bit easier than you may think. At the very end of this mission, Dutch will have you deal with three final (unarmed) guards. These are very easy headshots, and they count towards the total. Additionally, when you first sneak on the train there will be a guard Lenny wants you to stealth kill, Headshot him instead as the rest of the mission would play out the same way anyway. So there are four free headshots in this mission, meaning you only need six more. Try to aim to get at least two more on the train, and four in the shootout. Since you will be saving your Dead Eye for the shootout, it should be very easy to hit the target of four and you may even get more. Again, your Dead Eye is very basic (and your Dead Eye meter is very low) at this point in the game, so make sure you lock on to the heads first and not some other body part. Once you activate Dead Eye, you want to move immediately to the head to make sure nothing else is locked on to.

Of course, you cannot use any health items during this segment either, which actually likely won't come up since you can't even get hit during the shootout making this a bit superfluous. But you also can't fail or retry any checkpoint, so if you know you get hit you can just reload your game and try again so to not waste much time.

Eastward Bound

With renewed strength and the weather finally stable, the gang ride down from the mountains to set up camp at Horseshoe Overlook.

Gold Medal Requirements
  • Pick up Javier when entering Horseshoe Overlook.
  • Complete within 6 minutes.

After the train robbery, the next mission starts at a much more relaxing pace. Your crew is heading on out to somewhere safe to lie low now that all the snow has melted. Hosea offers up somewhere fairly nearby and Dutch agrees, so the caravan packs up and hits the trail. Unfortunately, your wagon breaks a wheel almost immediately and you need to fix it. Follow the prompts to reattach the wheel, and once you've done that Hosea will notice some Native Americans watching from a nearby cliff. Apparently they are not interested in attacking you and just let you ride off, which is a nice change of pace from everything trying to murder you, so you climb back on the wagon and continue on.

The rest of the chapter is easy from here on out. You'll mostly just be riding and listening to Hosea and Arthur talk. You can pick Javier up on the way back, but just focus on following the trial and you will reach Horseshoe Overlook fairly quickly. Hosea and Dutch have a bit of an argument when you get there, but for the most part things are rather uneventful. This is probably the easiest mission in the game, so sit back and enjoy the scenery. This is also the last mission in the chapter, and once it is over you will be at your second camp. Things are about to get a whole lot more interesting.

Going For Gold: This is a very easy gold mission, and there really isn't any strategy you need at all. Just keep going as fast as you can, following the trail in front of you, and you'll make it with plenty of time to spare. The six minute time limit seems a bit tight, but really as long as you keep pressing the button to make the horses speed up you won't really need to worry about the time limit. Basically, as long as you don't stop for any period of time you should be fine.

For the second requirement, you just need to stop and pick up Javier. It is very easy to find him, and he'll call out when he's close. He'll call out a second time when he's ready for you to pick him up, and just stop as soon as he tells you to so he won't have far to travel. Once he's on the wagon, speed up again and finish your travels to the camp.

Other Fun Stuff To Do

Unlike the rest of the game, there really isn't all that much else to do in Chapter 1. You can theoretically get a start on some of the challenges with even the limited equipment you have.You can't see what you need to do for these challenges though until you complete the first level of the challenge path, which the game doesn't show you. These are all fairly common easy things to do though, so you'll likely unlock them at some point on your own. If you want to see what the first level of each challenge is, you can check the Challenges section of the guide to make things a bit easier for you.

You can also do a very little bit of exploration if you want around the camp in between some of the missions. It really isn't worth it at this point though, since you will have minimal equipment. Most of the fun stuff will still be locked even if you travel as far as you can, so at this point you should focus on just doing these missions and getting them done with.