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by Suprak the Stud

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Suprak the Stud

Version: 0.95 | Updated: 03/19/19

Additional Information and Secrets


Your camp will be your home base in the game. You can rest, eat, and talk to all your pals. There's also tables for dominoes and poker here if you're looking for some recreation time. Beyond all this though, there is a lot of stuff you can do in camp that, while they don't count towards overall completion, add to the story or unlock some special recipe or item.

Companion Activities

Occasionally, while you're in camp, you'll get an alert that one of your gang members wants to join you in some sort of activity. These will only be available in one specific chapter in camp. When it becomes available, a marker will show up in camp showing who the activity is with. Some of these activities are as involved as certain missions, while others just have you sit down and play a game for a couple minutes. You will need to do one of these in each camp for one of the trophies in the game. All of these activities are shown below.

Chapter 2: Home Robbery
AvailabilityComplete The First Shall Be Last, and afterwards there will be a camp party. Javier will be available for the robbery at some point after that.
Javier accompanies you on a home robbery for this activity. Please refer to the Robberies portion of the Miscellaneous section of the guide for a full walkthrough of the robbery.
Chapter 2: Hunting
AvailabilityAs Charles is out of camp for the mission The First Shall Be Last, you will have to wait until he returns. It will be available anytime after that, though.
This is one of the longer companion activities in the game. Charles will want you to come hunt for bison with him. Travel down and you'll find a herd of bison nearby. He'll keep them in the general area, so just pick one and go for headshots to take them down quickly. After your target has been killed, climb down and skin it, and then put its fur on the back of your horse. Charles notices some bison carcasses nearby. Follow him as he tracks who is responsible, and he'll lead you most of the way without you really needing to do anything. You'll eventually come to a camp where two men admit to having killed the bisons to frame the native population. Charles will kill one, and you'll need to beat the other to get this information out of him. You can then decide if you want to kill him or not, although either way doesn't seem to have a huge change on your morality. Scavenge the camp afterwards and you'll find the poison throwing knife pamphlet.
Chapter 2: Fiver Finger Fillet
AvailabilityAny time Lenny is in camp. He will be out of camp at the beginning, but returns after you complete A Quiet Time, so once you finish that you may want to periodically check back into camp from time to time if you aren't already. When Lenny is ready to play, an icon will appear in camp letting you know.
This is just standard Five Finger Fillet with no special rules. Just play for as long (or little) as you'd like. You can find some general tips for the game in the Table Games area of the Miscellaneous section in case you're having trouble. You do not need to win at Five Finger Fillet, however, to get credit for this camp activity.
Chapter 3: Coach Robbery
AvailabilityComplete the Friends In Very Low Places mission in Chapter 3 to unlock coach robberies. Once that is completed, you can find Bill waiting for you in camp to rob a stagecoach.

Bill knows a banking coach is riding through with very light security. He needs some hep to pull off the job, though, so he recruits you and Tilly to help him pull it off. Please refer to the Robberies portion of the guide in the Miscellaneous section for more information if you're having trouble.

Chapter 3: Coach Robbery II
AvailabilityComplete the Friends In Very Low Places mission in Chapter 3 to unlock coach robberies, and complete The Fine Joys of Tobacco to get Sean ready for this specific robbery. Sean will then in camp with an icon over his head for a stagecoach robbery.

Sean actually doesn't really want you coming along, but Arthur will force his way regardless. Sorry, Sean, but we want some cash too. Please refer to the Robberies portion of the guide in the Miscellaneous section for some additional details and tips.

Chapter 3: Five Finger Fillet
AvailabilitySometime after Micah returns to camp. You will need to finish the An American Pastoral Scene mission before Micah will be in your Chapter 3 camp. After that, he will be randomly sitting at a table one time when you return and you just need to talk to him to initiate the game.

This is the variant of Five Finger Fillet where you try to complete as many laps in a set time as possible. There is more information on this game in the Miscellaneous section of the guide if you need it, but winning is not a requirement here. Just play through one round to get credit for this activity.

Chapter 3: Fishing
AvailabilityYou will first need to complete The New South mission in Chapter 3. When you get back, Javier will be waiting in camp with a fishing icon over his location.

You'll want to follow Javier to his super secret fishing spot, where all sorts of smallmouth bass are apparently biting. Once you're there, cast your line as you normally would. And then sit there for a couple seconds like a failure. Turns out you don't have the right bait yet, but Javier will toss you some. Equip one of these crickets and you should be able to catch a smallmouth bass. You can fish a little longer after that if you want to, and then head back into camp.

Chapter 3: Fishing
AvailabilityYou will first need to complete The New South mission in Chapter 3. Some time after that, Kieran will be waiting in camp to go fishing. The likelihood of this occurring increases if you've already complete the Javier fishing Camp Activity in Chapter 3.

Follow Kieran to his fishing spot, which is pretty close. You can use whatever bait you want for your first catch, and after that a naked man will jump into the water and tell you he saw some huge fish just around the bend. Since taking advice from crazy naked people you just met is such a good idea, you now need to hop on your horse and follow Kieran to the new spot. This will actually take you to the spot of the Legendary Bluegill and if you have the Special Lake Lure already, you can catch it. If not, it will at least be marked on your map now for future endeavors.

Chapter 3: Home Robbery
AvailabilityYou will first need to complete The New South mission in Chapter 3. Sometime after that, Sean will be waiting for you in camp to start the home robbery.

Sean has overheard some thieves talking about where they stashed their cash, so follow him to the destination. Please refer to the Robberies portion of the guide in the Miscellaneous section for more information on this robbery.

Chapter 4: Coach Robbery
AvailabilityPossible to find in camp at the start of Chapter 4. Also likely to pop up after finishing Angelo Bronte, A Man of Honor of it doesn't do so initially. Check back in camp periodically to see if Lenny is ready.

Lenny claims to have super good information about an unguarded stagecoach, so Arthur tags along. Follow him to the location, a spot near Catfish Jacksons. Please refer to the Robberies portion of the guide under Miscellaneous for full details on this robbery.

Chapter 4: Coach Robbery
AvailabilityThis almost always will become available after first completing the coach robbery with Lenny, so if you are having a hard time triggering it try that instead. It seems more frequent to pop up after finishing Angelo Bronte, A Man of Honor of it doesn't do so initially.

Micah has a tip on a coach robbery for you. This means easy money. This also means having to spend time with Micah. Decisions, decisions. Follow him to the location, and deal with the enemies so you can rob the coach. Please refer to the Robberies portion of the guide under Miscellaneous for full details on this robbery.

Chapter 4: Hunting
AvailabilityPossible to find after finishing Angelo Bronte, A Man of Honor. Likelihood increases after finishing any other camp activity, so if you don't have it open to you in camp yet, try finishing off any other remaining camp activities first.

Pearson is very excited to be living in a swamp like this, because that means he can hunt for crayfish. Get in the boat, and then row it to the nearby objective marker. Do this again and you'll find a good spot to disembark. Now you just need to follow Pearson as he goes hole to hole and digs out some crayfish. At the second hole, he'll invite you to do it. Walk up to the hole and press the indicated button to start searching. Now slowly rotate the left analog stick until the option to grab lights up. Do so quickly to nab a crayfish. Repeat this a second time, and then the two of you will move on to the next hole.

Before you find one though, you see something more interesting. Three alligators are guarding their nests, and Pearson really wants those eggs because they're apparently delicious. Delicious enough to risk irritating huge man eating monsters. He goes over to draw their attention, and once they're gone go over to the marked area to pillage their nests. There are three in total, and you can use your Eagle Eye to help identify them. Grab all the eggs, and then hurry back to the boat once you're finished. Be careful because there will be alligators along the way. Check your mini-map for red dots, and then avoid them as you walk back. Row your boat back to the dock and trade some eggs for some crayfish.

Chapter 4: Rustling
AvailabilityAfter completing Angelo Bronte, A Man of Honor. Likelihood seems to go up at night, although it will occasionally appear during the day, too.

Uncle clues you in to some easy cattle rustling up near Rhodes. Apparently the man is a sloppy drunk. AND he said unkind things to Uncle. UNKIND. How rude. Let's go help Uncle steal his cattle. Get on your horse and follow Uncle to the destination. Dismount when Uncle does, and then follow him as he approaches the cattle.

Apparently this guy is very easy to rob from, because when you get there you will see another two people that are in the process of trying to rustle the cattle. Sneak up behind them when prompted. You can be quiet here if you want, but there is no need to, so just pull out your gun and shoot them both in the head. Shoot open the lock on the gate and then head in. Run around the cows to scare them out of their pen. Make sure you get all twenty, then head back to your horse. The owner will come out at this time and immediately knock himself out. Turns out Uncle was right for once.

Ride behind the cows in the direction of the yellow objective mark. If one of the cows runs off, ride up over to it and herd it back to the group. You can either yell at the cows or shoot your gun up in the air to get them to move faster. Most of them will stay together in the group so it won't be too hard to get them all to your destination. Guide them into the gate where the two men are waiting for you, and once they're all in there you will get your reward.

Camp Upgrades

Once you complete Moneylending and Other Sins - II during Chapter 2, you will unlock the tithing box and the ledger back at camp. After donating to the tithing box, you will have money that you can use to purchase upgrades via the ledger. Some of these upgrades are fairly minor, but others cause major improvements to your camp. All of the available upgrades are listed below, and include their costs and some notes about their benefits.

Health Supplies - Tier 1N/AAvailable at the start of the game. Gin, bitters, and healthy cures will be available at Strauss's wagon for free, although you will need to restock them for $15 when they run out.
Health Supplies - Tier 2$30Health supplies are upgraded to include snake oil, stimulants, and potent bitters. Refills will now cost $25 instead of $15.

Health Supplies - Tier 3

$50Health supplies are upgraded to include Kentucky bourbon, miracle tonics, and Guarma rum. Refills now cost $45.
Health Supplies - Tier 4$75Health supplies are upgraded to include potent miracle tonics and potent health cures. Refills now cost $75. Of the three supply pathways, the health supplies are far and away the most useful so it is a good branch to invest in.
Provisions - Tier 1N/AAvailable at the start of the game. Bread rolls, crackers, cheese, and assorted biscuits will be available at Pearson's wagon for free, although you will need to restock them for $15 when they run out.
Provisions - Tier 2$30Provisions are upgraded to include canned vegetables, pears, apples, and assorted salted offal. Refills will now cost $25 instead of $15.
Provisions - Tier 3$45Provisions are upgraded to include canned salmon, canned fruit, and chewing tobacco. Refills will now cost $40.
Provisions - Tier 4$55Provisions are upgraded to include cocaine gum and candy. Refills will now cost $50. I personally did not find any of the provisions, even the highest tier, worth it and I was overflowing with these anyway from normal game play.
Ammunition - Tier 1N/AAvailable at the start of the game. Pistol cartridges - regular and revolver cartridges - regular will be available at Arthur's wagon for free, although you will need to restock them for $8 when they run out.
Ammunition - Tier 2$60Ammunition is upgraded to include repeater cartridges - regular and arrowheads. Refills will now cost $10 instead of $8.
Ammunition - Tier 3$90Ammunition is upgraded to include throwing knives, shotgun shells - regular, and rifle cartridges - regular. Refills will now cost $15.
Ammunition - Tier 4$110Ammunition is upgraded to include fire bottles and high velocity repeater cartridges. Refills will now cost $20. This was another pathway I did not find particularly useful. I rarely used special ammo as standard ammo always kills in a single headshot and you get more than enough ammo from looting dead enemies.
Lodging - Tier 1N/AAvailable at the start of the game. Standard lodging. I don't think anyone even has a waterbed.
Lodging - Tier 2$220Encourages other gang members to donate more to the tithing box. They never really seem to add that much so it is barely worth it, but the next level of lodging is so good you'll want this any way.
Lodging - Tier 3$325Unlocks a fast travel map in Arthur's room which lets you visit essentially any major location that you've been to before instantaneously. It is far and away the most useful upgrade, and the one you want to get to as quickly as possible. Oh, and this also unlocks cigarettes and hair pomade to your lodgings, so you can do it while looking really cool too if you want.
Lodging - Tier 4$300Improves overall camp mood and increases the rate in which gang members donate to the camp even further. It also reduces the rate they consume supplies, meaning you'll have to fill them up less frequently. This is a fairly mediocre upgrade after how good the last one was and isn't really worth the cost if you have other options available.
Horse Station$300This adds hitching posts to your camp, which not only looks cool but allows you to recall your main horse to camp if it is somewhere out in the wild. You can also swap horses from the stables at the hitching posts. Both of these things are fairly useful but you can also do both of these from any of the numerous other stables in the world.
Chicken Coop$175Stews in camp will now also refill some of your Dead Eye core. Oh, and you'll have a spiffy looking checking coop in camp now, too. Overall, it is a fairly useless upgrade and your money is best spent elsewhere.
Leather Working Tools$225Unlocks crafting tools for Pearson. This will allow him to make some cosmetic upgrades to your camp, but also allows you to upgrade your satchel and permanently improve your carrying capacity. It is one of the first upgrades you should try and purchase.
Camp Boat$450Only available starting in Chapter 3. Provides you with your very own boat in camp. It is fairly useful to have. about to go fishing around Flat Iron Lake, but other than that it doesn't really have much of a purpose. There really isn't too much of a reason to go sailing in this game, anyway.

Crafting Upgrades

Mr. Pearson can craft upgrades if you bring him the right materials and purchase the camp upgrade "leather working tools". Pearson can craft two different kinds of things. First are cosmetic upgrades for the camp that just look pretty. Second, are more importantly are the satchel upgrades. These will increase the number of items you can hold. Each upgrade typically requires a number of perfect pelts, so if you're looking to improve your carrying capacity, make sure you're hunting the right animals with the right weapons. Once you have the animal or pelt required, you will have to donate it to Pearson. Afterwards, he will have it in his inventory and you can use it to craft whatever you want. You will know if an item can be used for crafting, because when you try to donate it the button prompt will say "donate for crafting". These require a fair bit of hunting, so refer to the Animals section of the guide if you're having a hard time tracking down all the animals. And, if you're feeling lazy, you can just wait until the Epilogue as you can start buying these at a fence instead.

Satchel Upgrades
Ingredients SatchelAvailable after donating five animal carcasses of any type to Pearson. Requires 1x Perfect Deer Pelt, 1x Perfect Badger Pelt, and 1x Perfect Squirrel Pelt. This will increase your carrying capacity for almost all of your crafting ingredients.
Kit SatchelAvailable after donating three valuables (jewelry, belt buckles, etc) to the tithing box. Requires 1x Perfect Deer Pelt, 1x Perfect Elk Pelt, and 1x Perfect Panther Pelt. This will increase the number of things in your kit that you can carry (which includes things like herbivore bait or various fishing lures).
Legend of the East SatchelAvailable after crafting all the other satchels available. Requires 1x Perfect Deer Pelt, 1x Perfect Cougar Pelt, and 1x Perfect Wolf Pelt. This greatly increases your carrying capacity for all of the things you improved through the other satchel crafting. This improves everything previously improved, but now you can carry 99 of each.
Materials SatchelAvailable after crafting any three items at the campfire in camp. Requires 1x Perfect Deer Pelt, 1x Perfect Boar Pelt, and 1x Perfect Iguana Skin. This allows you to carry more animal "materials" which is essentially everything you take when you skin an animal other than the skin itself (so meat or animal related items).
Provisions SatchelAvailable after purchasing the Tier 3 provision supplies upgrade from the ledger. Requires 1x Perfect Deer Pelt, 1x Perfect Bison Pelt, and 1x Perfect Raccoon Pelt. This will increase the number of provisions (foodstuffs and booze) you can carry.
Tonics SatchelAvailable after purchasing the Tier 3 medicine supplies upgrade from the ledger. Requires 1x Perfect Deer Pelt, 1x Perfect Buck Pelt, and 1x Perfect Elk Pelt. This will increase the number of tonics you can carry at one time.
Valuables SatchelAvailable after donating $50 to the group tithing box. Requires 1x Perfect Deer Pelt, 1x Perfect Beaver Pelt, and 1x Perfect Rabbit Pelt. This will increase all valuables you can carry, which includes thing like belt buckles, jewelry, and other things you can rob or loot from people.

While the satchel upgrades all actually do something, the other crafting upgrades are just for looks. Still, if you want to make your camp look extra pretty, Pearson does have a lot of options available to you. There are seven different locations that Pearson can upgrade, and all possible upgrades are listed below along with what raw materials you'll need to craft them.

Crafting Upgrades For Camp
Camp EntranceBuck SkullPerfect Buck Carcass
Camp EntranceFur Horse BlanketsPerfect Coyote Perl x2, Perfect Bison Pelt
Arthur's LodgingAlligator SkullPerfect Alligator Skin
Arthur's LodgingBig Horn Ram SkullPerfect Ram Carcass
Arthur's LodgingCougar Pelt Covered ChestPerfect Cougar Pelt x2
Arthur's LodgingBoar Skin Table CoverPerfect Boar Pelt
Arthur's LodgingOx Hide RugPerfect Ox Hide x2
John's LodgingBoar Skin RugPerfect Boar Pelt x4
Camp TablesPronghorn Leather Table TopsPerfect Pronghorn Hide x2
ChuckwagonPronghorn SkullPerfect Pronghorn Carcass
Main CampfireMoose AntlersMoose Antler
Main CampfireWolf SkullPerfect Wolf Carcass
Main CampfireSnake Skin Banjo HeadPerfect Snake Skin x2
Main CampfireCampfire Seat CoverPerfect Beaver Pelt, Perfect Muskrat Pelt, Perfect Fox Pelt
Main CampfireCampfire Log Seat CoverPerfect Wolf Pelt x2
Scout CampfireScout Fire Ground CoverPerfect Goat Hide x2
Scout CampfireElk AntlersElk Antlers
Scout CampfireHanging BonesBuck Antlers

This should now cover just about everything you could ever want to craft in camp. I mean, sure, technically you don't need snake skin banjo heads. But, honestly, do you really want to live in a place where the banjo heads are some other material? I know I wouldn't.

Item Requests

The final camp related activity are item requests. Throughout the game, you can talk to everyone in camp and they actually have a lot of lines of dialogue that help flesh out their characters. Occasionally, while you're talking to them, they will ask for help in getting some item. These range from some common material to some unique item that can only be found in one specific spot in the map. Most of these expire very quickly and can only be completed in specific chapters. Some brief information for each of these item requests are detailed below.

The toughest part about these requests are getting the people to ask for the items. You want to return to camp as often as you can in between missions or exploring. If someone comes up to talk to you, make sure you stop and listen to them because it could be an item request. Additionally, chat with people in camp that might give out the item requests. Sometimes this can trigger something. Other times, the game just doesn't want to agree and it is possible you won't get them asking for these items until you leave and return several times. The good news is that none of the rewards for doing this is all that impressive, and you really only need to get five if you're going for the trophy. There is no reason to go for all unless you are an ultra completionist as the game doesn't even keep track of it otherwise.

Unless otherwise noted, these quests will be available to trigger between 8 am and 8 pm on almost all days. All physical rewards will be left next to Arthur's bed a couple of days after the item is delivered.

PersonAvailabilityItem RequestedNotes
AbigailChapter 2$5This is the simplest of all the requests and you should have way more than this in your savings. You reward is a small honor boost.
JackChapter 2Abigail's ThimbleThis can be looted from any random foe, but you have to wait until the quest is triggered before someone will be carrying it. Jack will give you a drawing in exchange that hangs next to your bed.
JackChapter 2Penny Dreadful Comic BookYou must first complete the main story Mission A Fisher of Men. There are five different books you can deliver as part of this quest, which are Otis Miller and The Arabian Prince, Otis Miller and The Black-Hearted Lady, Otis Miller and The Boy From New York, True Tales of Frank Heck No. 102, or Wild West Heroes No. 132. Locations from all these items are detailed in the Special and Unique Collectables section of the guide, so please refer to that for more information. Bring Jack any one of these five options and he'll hand over a candy bar in exchange.
JavierChapter 2Oleander SageOleander sage is easy enough to collect as it is a common plant, but the Plants section gives a specific location if you're having trouble finding one. Your reward will be some poison throwing knives.
Mary-BethChapter 2Fountain PenThis is a unique item that can be found at the Osman Grove shack. Please refer to the Special and Unique Collectables section for an exact location. Mary-Beth will give over a ring in exchange for your effort.
Mr. PearsonChapter 2Naval CompassPearson will only ask for this if you're sitting down playing poker with him, so try playing in a game in camp (only between the hours of 8 am and 2 pm). The item itself can be found at the boathouse of Braithwaite Manor, and the exact location is shown in the Special and Unique Collectables section. Pearson will reward you with some Guarma rum.
TillyChapter 2NecklaceNecklaces can be found randomly when looting or robbing women. If you perform a train robbery, it is almost a guarantee that one of the women on the train will hand one over while you're robbing her. You might also get this from a coach robbery or from random women in town. There are a bunch of different necklaces in the game, and Tilly will accept any of them. Your reward will be two doses of horse medicine.
HoseaChapter 3American Ginseng x2Very common plant that is found throughout the game. Please refer to the Plants section of the guide for a specific spot if you need help finding some. He will make you some Potent Horse Medicine.
KieranChapter 3Burdock Root x2This request is only available between 12 pm and 6 pm. Burdock root is one of the most common plants, so you should have no trouble finding some. The Plants section will detail a spawn spot if you are having a hard time. Kieran gives you Horse Medicine if you fulfill his request.
MollyChapter 3Pocket MirrorThis item is found at the Martha's Swain shack (please refer to the Miscellaneous section for directions there). Molly gives you a cigar, which doesn't seem like a fair trade at all.
SeanChapters 2, 3Kentucky BourbonBourbon is all over the place in homesteads you raid or enemies you loot, and if you are really desperate for some you can just go to a general store as they always have some there. This mission is only available from the hours of 12 pm to 6 pm. Sean reward you with a fire bottle after you deliver the goods.
BillChapters 2, 3, 4Hair PomadePomade can be found through looting people or houses and it is also sold in general stores. He gives you repeater cartridges if you make the delivery.
CharlesChapters 2, 3, 4MoonshineThis alcohol can commonly be looted from enemies in the Lemoyne region, although many gang members throughout the game have it. It is also found in houses and can be bought from fences as well. Charles gives you fire arrows if you give him his moonshine.
CharlesChapters 2, 3, 4Oleander SageVery common plant in the Lemoyne region, and can be found elsewhere as well. The Plants section will tell you where some can be found. Charles gives you poison arrows in exchange for the sage.
DutchChapters 2, 3, 4PipeA unique item, this can only be found in the Vetter's Echo shack. Please refer to the Special and Unique Collectables section for directions. Dutch rewards you with spurs, making this one of the best item request to complete.
HoseaChapters 2, 3, 4Shrew in The FogBefore Hosea will give you this request, he will need to see you pick up The Deceitful German, which is a book in camp. He asks for The Case of The Shrew In The Fog, which is a book found in the middle of Bayou Nwa (please refer to Special and Unique Collectables for an exact location). Your reward for this delivery is predator bait.
LennyChapters 2, 3, 4Pocket WatchLenny only makes this request between the hours of 8 am and 3 pm. Like Dutch's pipe, this if found in the Vetter's Echo shack. The Miscellaneous section of this guide will help give an exact position of this shack. Lenny will be thankful and give you some dynamite in exchange.
Mr. PearsonChapters 2, 3, 4RabbitThis is only asked for between 8 am and 12 pm. Rabbits are very common animals, and Pearson won't care about kill quality so this request will be very easy. He'll make you some nutritious stew for your trouble.
SadieChapters 3, 4HarmonicaYou will need to complete the story mission Further Questions of Female Suffrage before she will make this request. The harmonica can be found in a small home to the east of Flatneck Station. The Special and Unique Collectables section of the guide can provide more details. Sadie rewards you with gun oil.
SusanChapter 2, 3, 4Oregano x2This plant is everywhere, and while the Plants section of the guide gives you a specific location for it, it is so common you'll likely already have it on hand. The reward is a Potent Miracle Tonic.
CharlesEpilogue - Part 2Eagle FeatherEagles can be a pain to track down but are most common in West Elizabeth. Please refer to the Animals section for a bit more detail. Your reward for killing and eagle and stealing his feathers is a Horse Reviver.
UncleEpilogue - Part 2Medicinal CreamSadly, this is not for Uncle's TERRIBLE LUMBAGO. The medicinal cream he asks you to make is made up of fairly common ingredients: milkweed, Kentucky bourbon, peppermint, stringy meat, and hair pomade. You can craft the medicinal cream yourself afterwards, and Uncle will give you clothes in exchange. This is one of the best item request because of the reward.