Why Gun wont shoot after tagging multiple enemies?

  1. I completed sharpshooter challenge 2 but the save file became corrupted, so now I have to do it again but this time, after tagging 2 different animals the gun will only shoot once killing only one animal. Ive tried now about 20 times, with different guns. I know how to manually tag enemies using dead eye, but now it just wont work. How do I fix this?

    User Info: Turfybuscuit

    Turfybuscuit - 2 weeks ago


  1. Because your gun may do not have the bullets or your gun is only capable to kill a single enemy. These guns are called single guns. For more information www.apkstreams.com

    User Info: HORRO

    HORRO - 3 days ago 0   0
  2. I've tried using every type of gun I have, im not using the Springfield rifle, I know about single shot weapons, so thats not the issue. Im very familiar with the weapon mechanics, this is my 3rd playthrough. It just won't work

    User Info: Turfybuscuit

    Turfybuscuit - 3 days ago

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