How to obtain more than 2 of the same sidearm or 2 of the same long guns?

  1. Has anyone found a way to obtain more than two sidearms? For example when obtain two cattleman revolvers with the diamond and club icon next to each? Is it possible to obtain a third cattleman revolver and customize it. So far I have been able to get a hold of two Lancaster Reapeaters and two Double Barrelled Shotguns permanently in my inventory. Was wondering if anyone has managed to obtain duplicates of any other weapon? If so, how?

    User Info: GentleLancer17

    GentleLancer17 - 6 days ago


  1. nope. You can have two sidearms of the same, that way you can duel-wield the same gun. Other than that if you want a third, pick up the worn version of it from dead people

    User Info: Kami_Munchkins

    Kami_Munchkins - 3 days ago 0   0

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