Is it possible without glitches or cheating to get Legend of the East for Arthur?

  1. currently on my chapter 4 save and I have a digital copy. Finished almost 3/4 challenges and have ignored herbalist because I want to know if it is worth pursuing.

    User Info: GoldKeeper05

    GoldKeeper05 - 4 weeks ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. No, you cannot.

    One of the Herbalist challenges (#9 i think) requires you to gather 1 of each type of herb (there are 42 total i think). There are at least 2 or 3 that are only found in New Austin.

    There is also a horseman challenge that requires you to ride from Van Horn to Blackwater without touching water within like 9 minutes (so requires you to take the long way round).

    User Info: khain37

    khain37 - 2 weeks ago 5   0
  2. You can easily get to new Austin as Author - just avoid the patrols.

    User Info: SythisTaru

    SythisTaru - 1 week ago

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