What happens if I kill Jon the hunter?

  1. So, I finished the epilogue of the game. I completed it 100%. I wanted to go back to Valentine to encounter Jon the Hunter in the saloon and steal his head. I tried to make him spawn 4 nights in a row and nothing happened. The thing is, I completed the game back in november and only visited the saloon because of story missions or poker for the gambler challenges. I also remember going on an killingspree in Valentine for 250$ bounty in every state trophy. I can't remember kill him. So, even if I did back then, is it possible for him to show up again since I never encountered him and didn't talk to him? I know he has limited encounters but I only visited the saloon around 3-5 times in my entire playthrough.

    User Info: MarvelsPunisher

    MarvelsPunisher - 3 weeks ago

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