How can you make that white Arabian horse to spawn and how to tame it??

  1. So I already found the horse but it bucked me off and ran away I lost track of it because of the fog and I slept and it didn't spawn and I waited for 2 days and it still didn't spawn pls help.
    When it spawns how do I tame it without being bucked off???

    User Info: Ajbcgadved

    Ajbcgadved - 11 months ago
  2. Try leaving the state(Ambarino)for 2 or more in-game days, then come back to the location of the horse. It should respawn.

    User Info: ShadowJMF

    ShadowJMF - 10 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. go do some missions and then go back when he spawn just follow him on foot SLOWLY and talk your way to his heart, (lock on him and calm him while approaching AND stopping when the controller vibrates)

    User Info: Kruel-Ken

    Kruel-Ken - 11 months ago 3   2


  1. I bought the horse

    User Info: jcgonzmo

    jcgonzmo - 10 months ago 3   3
  2. When you see the horse for the first time, approach while crouched, when you a little close start spamming square and don't stop until the on screen display tells you how to control it.

    Trust me, spamming square works and the horse will not run away unless you get kicked off.

    User Info: Yarg

    Yarg - 7 months ago 0   0

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