Why am I missing the Bandolier in Arthur's wardrobe?

  1. I'm on my fourth playthrough in RDR 2, and at the beginning of Chapter 2. I noticed that Arthur is missing the default brown Bandolier that can be found in the 'Bandoliers' section of the wardrobe menu. I figured it was a glitch so I decided to try and remedy it by purchasing some of the reinforced equipment at the gunsmith in Valentine, but this failed and the only Bandolier that appeared saved to the wardrobe was in fact the upgraded one. I have a lot of experience with this game now, is it possible that it will appear if I advance more in the story or more specifically, reach the Epilogue?? Has anyone else experienced this themselves? BTW I do have version 1.06.

    User Info: ChaseVazquez01

    ChaseVazquez01 - 5 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I experienced it once through out my play through it didn't appear for me through out the entire time. Although when I made a new save it was back some how

    User Info: BigBoss217

    BigBoss217 - 5 months ago 1   0
  2. By new save I mean new game

    User Info: BigBoss217

    BigBoss217 - 5 months ago

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