Are there some things Arthur can do that you can't do at the end of the game?

  1. Okay to explain what I mean, for example

    If you don't help Charlotte as Arthur someone said that John will find her corpse or something along those lines.
    So clearly you have to help her as Arthur and can't as John. So are there other hidden quests or encounters that you can only do as Arthur?

    User Info: McBoredFace

    McBoredFace - 11 months ago
  2. And I know that there are some answers to questions like this but I'm looking for more of a list.

    User Info: McBoredFace

    McBoredFace - 11 months ago
  3. There's really nothing at all? What about helping Penelope braithwraite (it however you spell it) to the train and instead stopping at the crazy girl in the outhouse. I know when you play as John she's dead? There's gotta be some things. Easter eggs, hidden things not marked by mission or stranger stuff.
    I started a new game anyway since I miss Arthur so I'll just try to get 100% as him and make sure I do everything! Before moving on..

    User Info: McBoredFace

    McBoredFace - 11 months ago

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  1. You can go to Charlotte as John (did a quick search up). And to my knowledge nothing is cut off once you start playing as John. All your side mission lines that aren't completed will have a couple extra dialogue lines explaining Arthur is gone but that's about it. There's simply more to do technically, as John.

    User Info: neb519

    neb519 - 11 months ago 1   0

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