Why isn't my story at 100%?

  1. If I go to story completion the the pause menu it says I have the story at 99% when I have already beat it completely. Is it because I haven't watched the credits and if so how do I watch them again? (Because there are some cut scenes in the credits)

    User Info: Ratt

    Ratt - 11 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. 100% checklist

    Missions and events:
    Complete all story missions (you'll get this checkmark when you finish epilogue - you don't actually need to complete all 104 story missions)
    10 stranger missions strands
    5 bounties
    25 chance encounters
    1 bushwhacked
    6 gang hideouts

    1 point of interest
    9 graves
    144 cigarette cards
    30 dinosaur bones
    13 legendary fish
    All exotic tasks for Algernon Wasp
    10 rock carvings
    All hunting requests from train stations
    1 treasure hunter strand
    20 dream catchers

    50 animals discovered
    10 pieces of equipment obtained
    6 gangs discovered
    10 breeds of horses discovered
    20 types of plants collected
    48 different weapons used

    Reach maximum health, stamina and dead eye
    Reach horse bonding level 4
    9 challenges completed

    5 shacks found
    5 legendary animals killed
    4 table games played
    5 ranters, ravers, and campaigners interacted with
    1 bath taken at hotel
    1 show watched
    1 theater visited
    6 recipes crafted. 1 cooking, 1 tonic, 1 ammunition, 1 hunting item, 1 horse care item, 1 weapon.
    4 robberies. 1 coach, 1 train, 1 home, 1 shop

    User Info: OlendraDivine

    OlendraDivine (Expert) - 11 months ago 1   0

Other Answers

  1. Check the full list of things to do in the "PROGRESS" session of the pause menu. See if everything has a "check" mark ( ) on them. If it doesn't then find out what is and go finish what you're missing.

    User Info: Sc4rl3tT3rr0r

    Sc4rl3tT3rr0r - 11 months ago 0   0

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