Do you unlock Blackwater as Arthur?

  1. So I know arthur dies and that you play as John afterwards. What I'm wondering is if Blackwater is unlocked as Arthur, or if you have to wait and transition to John. Other users have stated you can explore it late in the story, but don't specify if it's as Arthur and if so what specific mission, or as John.

    Just wondering since I know there are cigarette cards and legendary animals in Blackwater, and I'm unsure if you have to finish those as Arthur or not.

    User Info: DixieNormus

    DixieNormus - 7 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You will have to wait until you switch to John to access Blackwater and New Austin for those legendary animals, unless you use the glitch that lets you access those areas early.

    It's not necessary to head to Blackwater to collect the cards. All Cigarette Cards can also be aquired by purchasing Premium Cigarette packs at the general store.

    User Info: FallenRazgriz

    FallenRazgriz (Expert) - 7 months ago 0   2

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