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  1. NumberRegionLocation

    In the southeast of the Grizzlies West region, right next to the Dakota River. It is northwest of Valentine and across the Dakota River. If you locate Chadwick Farm just north of Valentine, the dinosaur bone is almost directly west of that. You want to be on the trail that is directly adjacent to the Dakota River, because the dinosaur bone will be visible from that. There will be a small incline off of the path that leads up to some rocks and the side of the cliff. The dinosaur bones are located right int the side of the rocks and can be found fairly easy if you are using Eagle Eye.


    This will be in central Ambarino, south of the Cotorra Springs region. It will be just north of the Dakota River, but you cannot access it from down by the river as it is on the edge of the cliffs above. Instead, get to the top of the cliffs following one of the paths that leads up from the river or, alternatively, taking the railroad westward from Bacchus Bridge. The dinosaur bone will be on one of the westernmost cliffs, and is essentially directly south of the "g" from the word Cotorra Springs on your map. When you reach the edge of the cliff, look down and you should see another ledge sticking a bit further out. The dinosaur bone will be down there. Use your Eagle Eye to confirm it if you cannot see it.


    The eastern portion of Ambarino. This one is found almost directly north of the "O" of Ambarino on your map. It is north of the northernmost train track, but south of the northernmost road that cuts through the area. There is a small hill just south of the road, and it is near the top of the hill.


    Just west of the bottom of the "I" in the world Ambarino on the map. There is a road traveling north and south just east of Donner Falls in Ambarino. If you travel off the road going east (towards the bottom of the "I" on the map) you will see a fairly steep hill with rocks near the top. Do not go to the top of this cliff, and instead inspect the rocks. There will be a dinosaur bone imbedded in the cliff wall just behind the rocks. This one can be hard to spot, so use your Eagle Eye to get the small yellow pillar of light to help you identify the exact location.


    In the Grizzlies East region, there are a couple of small mountain ranges. There is one mountain range located directly on top of where the word "East" appears for Grizzlies East on your map. If you travel to it, you can climb up so you reach the peak of the mountain that is just to the west of the bottom of the "S" in the word East. The dinosaur bone is just laying on top of it. It is hard to climb here, so keep trying angles until you find one that works for you. Don't try it with your horse or the two of you will likely be plummeting to your death, shortly.


    It is kind of hard to give this an exact region, because it is right on the border of Ambarino and New Hanover. It is just on the eastern boarder of Ambarino, to the northeast of O'Creagh's Run. Go to where the northernmost railroad hits the border of Ambarino and New Hanover and then continue following the border southward. There is a little cliff that is just past the next road, and the dinosaur bone will be on top of the northern most hill.

    7New Hanover

    Found fairly far north in the middle of Valentine. It is northeast of Fort Wallace. It is located just to the southwest of the bottom left corner of the second "S" in Bacchus Station and is almost touching it. There is a fairly large hill jus northeast of Fort Wallace you need to climb up to get to it, and the easiest way to climb it is going northeast from Fort Wallace as the other ways are very steep. It is near the top of this mountain, so keep using Eagle Eye when you get close to help locate it.

    8New Hanover

    In western New Hanover, to the northeast of Valentine. If you go to the Cumberland Forest area, go directly south of the "C" from Cumberland Forest on your map. Keep going south until you hit a ridge. There is a path underneath (represented by a dotted line on your map), but you won't need to go to it. The dinosaur bone is on the edge of this ridge. It is located on a rocky area without any grass growing around it.

    9New Hanover

    In western New Hanover, to the west of Valentine. It is almost directly north of the right end of the "A" in Valentine on your map. It is before the Dakota River, and you want to stay up on the elevated area here and not go down to the actual river. It is right near the ledge looking over the river, so you'll want to get fairly close to the side.

    10New Hanover

    In the far western part of New Hanover. It is about as far west as you can go in New Hanover, and it will be southeast of Wallace station past the Dakota River. It is almost directly east of the "O" from Dakota River, but you'll need to take the southernmost road here to get to it. It will be almost directly south of the first "A" from Cumberland Falls on your map. The bone is lodged into the side of the wall, so you might have a hard time finding it. Keep using Eagle Eye if you need to once you get close to the destination.

    11New HanoverIn the center of The Heartlands region in New Hanover. If you go just south of the gap between the "A" and the "R" of The Heartlands text on your map, you will find an oil derrick. It should be easy enough to find because it is the only building anywhere in the area. Go to the center of the oil derrick, and climb down the ladder into the well. The dinosaur bone can be found in the bottom of this well.
    12New Hanover

    Located in the southern portion of New Hanover. It is almost directly south of the space between the "R" and the "T" of The Heartlands on your map. Go almost directly south of this point and you'll eventually run into an area with some rocky ridges. There will be a little corner here where the ridges meet and you won't be able to climb up, and the dinosaur bone will be a little bit before that.

    13New Hanover

    In southern New Hanover. It is almost directly south of the first "A" in The Heartlands on your map, and will be just slightly north of the southernmost railroad track in the area. It will be slightly east of the Trading Post point of interest if you've located that previously.

    14New Hanover

    Found in the northeast portion of New Hanover, in the Roanoke Ridge area. It is almost directly east of the midpoint between the first "O" and "A" in Roanoke on the map, slightly to the east of the first road. It is up on top of a little ridge, right next to a couple small trees.

    15New Hanover

    Located in the far east of New Hanover, just to the northwest of Van Horn. Unfortunately, there isn't much around it so it is hard to give a good frame of reference other than just looking at the map. There is a stable north of Van Horn, and this dinosaur bone is southwest of that, past the railroad tracks and a couple of roads. It is also almost directly south of a small building labeled as the Roadside Brothel. If you have this spot labeled on your map, go south past the next road and the dinosaur bone will be about halfway between that road and the next one.

    16New Hanover

    Right by the Kamassa River, north of the Elysian Pool in eastern New Hanover. This dinosaur bone is located just to the east of the "I" of Kamassa River on your map. It will be right near the west bank of the river, but it is up really high on the ridges overhead so you need to approach this from the west or it'll be impossible to reach. This is in a hard spot to reach without falling a bit, so you can either just tumble a bit and take a small hit to your health, or you can approach this from around the second "S" in Kamassa River and then travel south from there to find it. You'll need to get pretty close to the edge to find it.

    17New Hanover

    This one can be found just north of the "O" in New Hanover on your map. It is close to the border with Ambarino. There is a small house here, and the bone is just south of the house in a small patch of dirt.


    Travel to northwestern Lemoyne, near the western end of Dewberry Creek. This dinosaur bone is located just south of the "L" of the word Lemoyne on your map, right near the edge of where the creek ends.


    This is also in northwestern Lemyone, nearby Dewberry Creek. This is within walking distance of the last one, and can be found almost directly north f the "D" in Dewberry Creek. It is right along the border to New Hanover.

    20West Elizabeth

    In northeastern West Elizabeth. This is to the northwest of Wallace Station. There will be a dotted trail that crosses into the Ambarino region. About halfway down the West Elizabeth portion of this line, go to the west. This bone is almost directly south of the first "L" of the Grizzlies West text. There is a rock formation here, and if you check the base on the south side of the formation, you'll find a small cave you can crawl into. Go to the back of this cave and you'll find the dinosaur bone.

    21West Elizabeth

    Towards the center of West Elizabeth, right in between the "W" and "E" of the text on the map. If you check your map, you will see a dotted line representing a trail that goes right in between these two letters. The bone is right on this path, literally right in the middle of the road.

    22West Elizabeth

    Locate the "S" of the West Elizabeth text on your map. There is a trail that goes southwest from it. Ride down this trail until you reach the Beryl's Dream text on your map. This bone can be found just to the south of the "m" of Dream, just off of the path you'll be traveling on. You'll need to ride along the path as the bone will be on the edge of the cliff up here and you cannot reach it from below.

    23New Austin

    There is a canyon that runs right around the northern portion of Hennigan's Stead and you'll need to ride down into that to find this dinosaur bone. It is just south of the first "N" of the Hennigan's Stead text on your map. There are multiple paths in this area and you'll want to take the path that is represented by a dotted line connected to the bottom of the first "N" of the Hennigan's Stead text. This will loop around to a little ledge that is further west of the other dotted line in the area. This bone is right near the middle of this ledge, behind some rocks and back by the wall.

    24New Austin

    In southern New Austin, right above the San Luis River. This bone is actually just north of the space between the "A" and the "N" of the San Luis River text on your map. It Is right by the coastline, and you will be able to see the small island just off the coast from where the dinosaur bone is at.

    25New Austin

    Also in southern New Austin, to the southwest of where #24 is found. Go southwest of Lake Don Julio to where Rio Del Lobo Rock is located. This bone is just slightly to the east of the bottom of the "K" from the Rio Del Lobo Rock text. It is not down at the bottom of the river or at the top of the cliff, but in this little mid-elevation area between the two. You can easily see it from the top of the cliff if you look over the side.

    26New Austin

    Another dinosaur bone found in southern New Austin, and further to the west of bones 24 and 25. The bone is in the Rio Bravo region of the map, just south of the "B" of the Rio Bravo text on your map.

    27New Austin

    Finally a bone in New Austin that isn't stuck on the southern shore! This one is near the middle of the region, right in between the "A" and the "U" of the New Austin text on your map. It is almost directly east of the bottom of the "A" and is to the west of Jorge's Gap.

    28New Austin

    In the far north of New Austin, right near the border. It is far north of the first "S" from the Cholla Springs text on your map, and will be near the mountains that serve as the northern barrier. It is directly west of the "H" from the Rattlesnake Hollow text, and can be found right on the face of one of the small ridges in the area.

    29New Austin

    Western New Austin, nearby Tumbleweed. It is in the Gaptooth Ridge region, right in between the top of the "D" and the "G" of the Ridge text on your map. There is a road that goes right through where the "D" is, but the bone is on top of the little hill here and you won't be able to reach it from the road. Instead, take the path up that is on the north end of the hill, right around where the "G" is.

    30New Austin

    Western New Austin, just outside of Tumbleweed. This final dinosaur bone is just south of the "L" of the Tumbleweed text on your map. It is up on the hill, and the only easy way to climb up on it is to take the small road that goes just above the "L" on your map. It will be near the ledge of the cliff, so look in that area.

    You won't earn the checkmark for completion for just collecting these thirty bones, though. After, send them all out and wait 24 in game hours to receive an invitation from Deborah MacGuiness to come visit her. Read the invitation (actually open it up from your inventory), and you'll get a new objective marker on your map in northern New Hanover. Ride up to it to trigger a brief cutscene, and afterwards you'll finish the mission and get credit for it in total completion.

    Source: Suprak the Stud's Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide