Accepted Answer

  1. Just a Social Call

    Arthur mets Dutch and Micah in Annesburg where they are planning to confront Cornwall.

    Prerequisite: Visiting Hours

    Gold Medal Requirements
    • Headshot 3 mounted enemies.
    • After killing Cornwall, reach the horses within 2 minutes 45 seconds.
    • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

    With Visiting Hours completed, you can immediately go into Annesburg to find Micah and Dutch plotting their next move. Micah is convinced there is a rat amongst you (which would explain how the Pinkertons showed up so quickly last chapter), but Dutch isn't interested in that at the moment because he's in Annesburg on business. That business being doing something bad to Cornwall for all the trouble he's caused. He swears to Arthur that it is just for money, and not for revenge, and tells the two of you to follow him towards the river. Dutch and Micah will lead you to the dock and tell you to duck behind some crates. Follow their lead and hide behind one of the crates within the objective marker, making sure you are hiding from the same direction as Dutch.

    In the morning, a ship will arrive carrying Cornwall and some of the lead Pinkertons. Micah gives chase to one of the men carrying orders, while Dutch comes out to negotiate with Cornwall. The negotiations will be short. A shootout will start now, and fortunately you start it behind some crates. There are only a couple of men on the boat, so kill them as quickly as you can. Once they've been dealt with, more men appear behind you at the start of the pier, so quickly change your position to provide cover from that direction. Fortunately, Dutch is very helpful during this part and will likely kill about half of the enemies himself. Just keep an eye towards the end of the pier and clear out everyone in this direction. You can move out of cover to get a better shot if needed.

    Once this group has been cleared out, Dutch runs off to find Micah. Follow him, but be prepared as you'll run into more men while you're moving. This is a good time to use Dead Eye and you should be able to clear everyone out quickly even though you aren't in cover. There will be a man up on the water tower, so make sure you take him out or he can do some decent damage to you from up here. Keep following Dutch and he'll eventually make his way to the big administrative building for the Annesburg Mine. There will be enemies down by you and also some up at the top shooting down from the long hallway. Find some cover and start shooting. Dead Eye may come in handy here as well to make things a bit quicker, but there aren't too many of them and you should be able to fight your way through all of them fairly quickly.

    Follow Dutch and Micah up the stairs, and you'll run into another group of Cornwall's men at the top. This is another fairly easy area to clear out. There isn't much room for them to hide, so just kill anyone you see silly enough to be out of cover. Having Dutch and Micah nearby makes things even easier, but the cramped area actually should make things pretty simple for you. Just duck behind cover and keep an eye on where the shots are coming from. Keep moving up as Dutch and Micah move. This seems like an epic confrontation, but at each position you only have to fight a handful of guys and it makes things fairly easy in comparison to some of the previous missions. You'll know when an area is cleared out because Dutch and Micah will start to move again, so just follow their lead and thin the enemy numbers. The only real danger is the stairs that serve as a link between two of the buildings because you will be exposed to the men outside who will be firing at you. You don't need to kill the guys down here though, so just run past them all and get to the next building. There will be a bigger group of enemies at the very top once you reach the outside, so if you've been saving your Dead Eye now would be a good time to use it. Make short work out of everyone up here with your Dead Eye, and keep an eye on your mini-map if you're having trouble finding the last couple of stragglers.

    Once the top area is cleared out, Dutch will free the horse. You'll automatically climb on top of one, and it will now be time to ride out. Because nothing is ever easy, you probably already expected there to be some men giving chase. This part is fairly straightforward though, and for anyone appearing in front of you, Dutch and Micah do a good job clearing them out. There will be several times during the chase though that a couple of enemies will appear from the side. Quickly use your Dead Eye and score some easy headshot to clear them out. They don't appear more than a couple at a time, so it shouldn't be too hard to deal with them. Keep an eye on your mini-map if you lose any of them, and after a little while they'll quit the chase. You've escaped! For now.

    Source: Suprak the Stud's Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide