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  1. I am now at the quest where you need the oriole, robin, chipmunk and oppossum.
    I got all 4 of them the oppossum in my hand and the rest in my satchel.
    The problem here is the oppossum doesnt get checked of here and the rest does when i look at the quest log and the clerk doesnt let me mail the carcasses.
    I tried it with a skinned and a unskinned 3 star oppossum. Several times i tried after saving and reloading and hunting and stuff.
    Any advice will help
    Please thank you

    User Info: gunship95

    gunship95 - 2 months ago

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  1. You need to have the carcasses in your satchel or on your horse hitched outside. I don't believe it works (or at least doesn't work consistently) if you are carrying the carcass on your person.

    User Info: shadowgendo

    shadowgendo (Expert) - 2 months ago 2   0


  1. Is the possum's carcass in perfect condition? Meaning use a varmint rifle to get a 1-shot kill in its weakspot (head/heart)

    Otherwise, there is a glitch. Make sure you don't have any other perfect carcasses in your satchel - other than the ones requested - this can mess up your game.

    Another glitch: if you've already gotten a bigger carcass (rabbit, opossum, skunk, beaver) THEN save game and reload, the carcass will no longer be able to get checked off the list. It's therefore best to save the larger animals for last or complete the entire list in one sitting without reloading.

    Unfortunately, there are no workarounds. If your game did glitch, then 100% completion is impossible. Either start over and be mindful of the above glitches or wait for a patch - who knows if/when it'll be fixed.

    See if you're getting a perfect carcass, first. Perfect doesn't mean 3* it means 1-shot kill in its weakspot with appropriate weapon (varmint rifle for opossum)

    User Info: OlendraDivine

    OlendraDivine (Expert) - 2 months ago 1   1

  2. I registered so I could post here because I've just had something even stranger happen on the same quest...

    So I had the Chipmunk bagged for a while and came down to the riverbank to search for the two birds. I grabbed a Robin pretty quick and after an in-game afternoon of hunting I had my Oriole too.

    As soon as the third carcass was checked off, another notice immediately appeared stating that I had obtained 4/4 of the required species.

    Now, I know for a fact I have never even tried to kill an Opposum. I've only ever seen a handful of them on my travels and they always do that thing where they play dead which makes me laugh so up to now I've just let them be.

    Just so nobody thinks I must be misremembering, I even checked my Conpemdium (which took a few extra minutes as the species is annoyingly filed under 'P' despite clearly being labelled as Opposum). Progress for the species is 80% with 3 tracked but none killed nor skinned.

    I'm yet to make the trip to the Post Office to see if I'm actually able to turn them in but if I don't post a follow up here by tomorrow you can assume all went smoothly.

    As for OP's glitch, my suggestion would be to stow the carcass on your horse (while hitched outside) and then approach the clerk. I believe you are able to turn in your specimens this way as you would to Pearson back at camp or at the Trapper etc.

    User Info: Heuntar

    Heuntar - 2 months ago 1   1

  3. Don't know how to edit my post, but I went to the Post Office and tried to send the mail. However I did it without paying attention - there was only one item in my satchel for mailing so I just assumed it was the Wildlife Exhibition letter - but then a message popped up to say that I had successfully mailed a Dinosaur bone location! (I hadn't even realised I was supposed to be sending those individually, haha).

    Anyway, I don't seem to have anything else to mail as the option is now unavailable to me. I will have to try and actually catch an Opossum and see if it un-glitches the quest. Otherwise I'll have to reload a save, which will be slightly irritating as I've also been catching lots of stuff for the Trapper and keeping a checklist as I go, so it would mean a fair bit of wasted effort...

    User Info: Heuntar

    Heuntar - 2 months ago 1   1

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