Pulling down Johns shack in 18 seconds? (And other general annoyances)

  1. Mission simply asks me to pull L3 and mash x for 18 seconds, but it's not physically possible, I've done this on dozens of games (couldn't beat Fahrenheit because of it tho) and it doesn't matter if I rapidly finger tap or thumb mash in every way I know how to do these types of mini game. I just want that easy gold. My anger increases and my confidence waveres. I know the trick of coming back to it later and it'll work.
    Also why is it that the team driver stops even if you stealthily take the guards out 1-by-1. Does the driver have a walki in 1900's ffs. I just want to shoot 5 birds lads.

    User Info: RedDeadRedeemed

    RedDeadRedeemed - 2 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. If you're having trouble mashing the X button with your finger, try using a coin. Rub edge of the coin across the X button, back and forth, a quickly as you can - should be a lot easier.

    As for birds, try using the cargo trains in Saint Denis. Hide behind cargo so guards won't see you and wait for a flock of birds to fly by. Use a gun that you can deadeye all 5 birds like varmint rifle or repeater.

    User Info: OlendraDivine

    OlendraDivine (Expert) - 2 years ago 0   0

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