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  1. I killed the legendary white bison but when I go to the trapper the pelt doesn't show up. Its on the horse but just says 'pelt' rather than 'perfect bison pelt' (or whatever its meant to say). The bison horn is in the horse cargo but when I visit the fence it says I don't have the horn! On the map it shows the bison crossed out but when I check the compendium it doesn't show there. It's definitely a bug and really let's the game down. Has anybody else experienced this? I hope not. Unfortunately I saved the game right after I skinned the bison and auto save was off.

    User Info: Hillman1990

    Hillman1990 - 4 months ago

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  1. It doesn't really answer your question, but just as a suggestion, I would recommend keeping multiple save slots for these kinds of situations. I have every single save slot filled, and always save over the bottom, so I'll always have a list of saves to go back to if something messes up.

    User Info: KonaBoda

    KonaBoda - 2 months ago 2   1


  1. Lucky you saved, as going back and redoing it is the only way to get passed this bug, other than opening the saved file with a saved editor.

    User Info: LawlaffTV

    LawlaffTV - 3 months ago 1   1

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