Weapon equipment glitch?

  1. Whenever I equip a saved outfit that has a bandelior on it an wear it for a while the bandelior overwrites onto my other saved outfits that didn't have it on them it's also doing it with my satchels gun belts an holsters if I have different 1s on a few outfits the 1 i wear the most the weap equip overwrites to my other saved outfits.

    Anyone know how to fix this? it's a lil annoying

    User Info: chris764

    chris764 - 1 year ago


  1. No spoilers, but keep a good amount of saves with distances apart from eachother for other unwanted changes. I am redoing my entire game to undo the natural changes from the story. I think the bandolier (spelled?) increases your ability to carry ammo, so it is engineered to stay on your outfit forever. No big deal to me, I like how the satchel doesn't stand out as much.

    User Info: Scarlet__Jester

    Scarlet__Jester - 1 year ago 1   2

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