Accepted Answer

  1. A Quiet Time

    Arthur takes Lenny for a quiet drink in Valentine to help to calm him down after learning of Micah's arrest in Strawberry.

    Prerequisites: Paying a Social Call, Money Lending & Other Sins - II

    Gold Medal Requirements
    • Try to make amends with an old rival.
    • Catch Lenny in the act.
    • Don't get arrested.

    After Paying a Social Call and Money Lending & Other Sins - II are completed, you'll be able to talk to Dutch in camp. He still hasn't found a buyer for those bonds you stole from the train, but that doesn't really matter at the moment because you'll suddenly have bigger issues to deal with. Lenny runs into camp in a panic, telling everyone that they got Micah and he's currently imprisoned in Strawberry. Arthur says the sensible thing of "good" but Dutch is all lame and makes us go and rescue him anyway.

    But not right now! First you need to calm Lenny down, so Dutch tells you to take him into Valentine for a drink. A nice quiet, uneventful drink. So let's do that! Follow the trial to get to Valentine while Lenny tells you all about the mess Micah got himself into. Your destination is the larger saloon in town, so dismount your horse when you get there and walk inside. Go over to the bar and press the indicated button to lean on it, which will trigger a scene where you order beer from the bartender. The rest of the night is one big, drunken (amazing) mess.

    First, some other drunk will try to talk to you and you can either defuse the situation, insult him, or fight him. Just defuse it for now, because you're out having fun and don't need this guy ruining your evening. After some more drinks, you'll lose Lenny. You can ask around for him, but head upstairs and you'll find him on the second level on the side where the entrance to the saloon is. Talk to him again, and you'll lose him again after a little while. The alcohol may have something to do with this. Go downstairs to find him on the bar about to get into a fight. You'll somehow diffuse the situation and continue the party (again, alcohol is likely involved in some way). You'll now go outside to pee and lose him a third time. Only now you're at a level of drunkenness that borders on almost being dead, so everyone in the bar will have their face transformed into Lenny. You'll need to find the real one, and if you wander around on the main floor a bit, Lenny will finally come and find you. A slap fight will ensue. No, really. Press the indicated button to slap.

    After all of this, you'll find yourself outside being surrounded by cops for being a big drunken mess. You can flee here, but you'll likely run right into the pole that is directly in front of you. Again, because of the alcohol. You'll wake up in jail and Lenny will pay your $10 fine. Head outside, regret your night, try not to vomit everywhere, and complete the mission.

    Source: Suprak the Stud's Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide